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Despite all the incredible previews, I’ll admit I was a little wary going into Moo Moo, only because racial profiling is a really heavy topic to cover in ~22 minutes, especially in a comedy. I spent a lot of time thinking about how the conflict between Terry and Holt might play out. My fear was either the episode would slip into “after school special” territory and ultimately present a superficial, overly simplistic depiction of the issue, or veer all the off to the other end and give us a dark, bleak ending devoid of that hope and optimism that makes B99 so special. Nothing against B99 – I’ve just been burned by many a show before, and this is a topic that could be an absolute disaster in the wrong hands. 

But then there’s this? A show that is thoughtful and nuanced while showing us the horrors of racial profiling and the complexities of reporting it, that doesn’t shy away from the fact that we still have a lot of work to do but also allows Terry and Holt to have their own personal victory? That covered a super serious subject, including a conversation where two beautiful young black girls asked questions they should never have to ask, but still allowed for moments of joy and laughter that felt genuine? And that did it all in about twenty minutes, wrapping up on a beautifully bittersweet note that was just the right tone for an episode of this level of importance?

I’m just in awe. And I feel really, really lucky that we have so many incredible people involved with this show who share it with us. 

It’s the Magical Girl whose Boyfriend is a Sword from Outer Space!!!

Her name is Romy Lapointe, this is her Magical Girl form and that sword of hers is Prince Zweihander aka “Ymir” . Romy’s fingers are made of glowsticks and her favorite food is sushi. Ymir has scary eyes and he does not eat.

I was going to make something really nice for your birthday, @markiplier, and I spent hours working- working on a drawing of your face, and then one of Chica, and then I tried one in an Animal Crossing style for some reason, and then at one point I think I had a Darkiplier phase- but everything just looked horrible.

Then I panicked and drew a pigeon. 

Sorry Mark.

I hope you like the pigeon anyway. His name is Henry. 

hellsing characters i’d still really love to see:  integra f.w. hellsing, walter c. dornez, pip bernadotte, alexander anderson, heinkel wolfe and their gf yumie takagi, enrico maxwell, schrödinger, tubalcain alhambra, rip van winkle, zorin blitz, the captain, the doktor, do you see where this is going,

Alright friends, this is my last post on this blog (for now at least)

Takeaways from my time here:

- you all are the loveliest fandom there ever was
- this fandom hands down has THE best artists and writers
- there are more compassionate and kind people in this space than there are trolls and that shines through so much
- the creativity in general is just… astounding. Truly.

The legacies I hope to leave behind:

- Maybe it’s my ego talking but let it be remembered that I started Sin Night
- “Tarquin always knows”
- The legendary Jean-Ralphio as Rhys post… I beg of you friends, never let that die
- The Renan Pacheco as Cassian fancast
- The Illyrian boyband post that never seemed to end
- And of course we can’t forget the Daddy Gavriel choking kink… you’re welcome

My blog will remain up even though I’m departing, so here are the main tags I’ve organized my content in for you guys to peruse:

- “my writing”
- “prompt writing”
- “sin night” (you also have subcategories in Sin Night with characters and ships, but also “Tarquin always knows,” “oh look another threesome,” “have an orgy,” “daddy gavriel,” and “commander cassian.” Sin Night tags are the most organized and there’s a LOT of them. Enjoy.)
- “fuckyeahazriel replies”
- “discussion time”
- “get some moe wisdom”
- “to read again” (some of my favorite fanfiction)
- “saved” (some of my favorite fanart)

Parting words:

To my 1,343 followers, you all are so very lovely. I’ve enjoyed every moment here and have been genuinely moved at the consistent support you guys have shown of my content.

It’s my hope that every one of you finds your own Rhys, Feyre, Mor, Rowan, Aelin, Azriel, Cassian, Lucien, Manon, Dorian, or WHOEVER it is that will support you and uplift you and help you realize your true strength.

But beyond that, I hope that you yourself become that hero you relate to so much. Every character we love in this fandom has suffered pain and so have you. And just like them, you can overcome. You can grow stronger. You can see your own astounding beauty. You can help uplift others in the process.

So keep creating, keep working hard, keep dreaming, and keep being. And love relentlessly all the while.

You are all so lovely and I will miss you. But always remember I am rooting for you, friend.

And who knows. Perhaps I’ll pop by again on May 2nd. 😉.

hiya ♡ my name is ellis and welcome to my little simblr ( ・ω・)ノ ✧*:・゚

i plan on sharing mostly gameplay and edits, but tbh i’ll probably end up reblogging some of my favourite cc too! i plan on tagging everything tho, so hopefully things stay organized hehe,,

im strictly maxis match, and i’d prefer my dashboard to be the same (;´ ω `) please reblog this if you are a maxis match simblr so I can take a look at your blog!

i hope to make some friends here in the simming community, so don’t be shy! i’d love to talk ♡

Hey everyone! I’m chelle (the-jedi, formerly known as supermah). I just unfollowed a lot of inactive blogs, thus emptying out my dash, so I’m looking for some new people to follow! Please reblog this if you post the things below, and I’ll check out your blog!

bolded items are my favorites:

  • dc comics and movies, especially superman-related stuff
  • star wars movies, tv shows, and comics (luke skywalker, star wars rebels, and the clone wars especially)
  • movies and animation
  • marvel comics and movies (especially x-men and spider-man)
  • themes, psds, etc
  • cute animals
  • colorful gifsets and edits because i adore bright colors
  • I also prefer if you have an organized tagging system

You don’t have to be following me, or follow me back, but I’d appreciate it  – I’m definitely looking to make new friends. Remember to put which things you post in the tags! Thanks!

Welcome to Solavellan Hell – an organized list

This is a recreation of the original “Welcome to Solavellan Hell” list started by @Solemis. I wanted to attempt organizing the list to make it more accessible, so we now have categories (listed according how blogs were recmdd). Not everyone tagged is listed. Some people just linked dumped and that’s cool but it’s a lot to shift through.

All your hurt and comfort below the cut.

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anonymous asked:

Could you make a list of your fav inspo blogs?

no1sey: my main blog where i reblog things that inspire me at that moment

Azertip: one of my many fav blogs that reblog allot of insp artwork

breathingink: they color code their tags its amazing!!! super organized insp blog

priincely: they reblog some awesome stuff and they themself is an amazing artist !!! 

noisy-pics: another amazing insp blog that i follow and like 

karl-shakur: he does allot of amazing photographs 

wannabeanimator: amazing blog also one of my fav

fuckyeahillustrativeart: their username speaks for itself !! amazing blog

theartofanimation: amazing art insp blog

Hart: Fashion and people 

Browngurl: more fashion and people

blackfashion:  fashion and people 

koreanmodel: fashion and people

im missing allot so ill slowly update this list

I love how there are some blogs with like, pastel colors and lighthearted posts that have a whole aesthetic and tagging system to them with heart emojis and inspiring quotes and all that, while I’m sitting over here with my train wreak of a blog with random shows and shitposts and it’s a mishmash of depressing, funny and gay posts like… How do those people keep up an aesthetic???

anonymous asked:

Hey Richtor, did you ever post anything in your resources about tips for storing and organizing spells and supplies?

Yo anon.

Most of what I have for storing spells is all about grimoires and the like - compiling them in books or folders or digital archives, etc. I talk about that (how one might organize spells for a grimoire) specifically in [this post].

I’ll try to throw together a quick list of tips for things for you, though, because yeah, don’t see a lot of that.

For spells:

  • Firstly, decide if it matters to you. Because for some people, they’re happy to flip through their stuff looking for things, but me, I like being able to find what I need when I need it super fast. If you don’t wanna put any time into organization like that, that’s fine, it doesn’t need to be that way; your grimoire, you do you. So decide, first of all, if you care about spells being in a particular order or categorized or whatever, and then go from there.
  • Me, personally, I try to keep things grouped by intent. So, I try to keep all the protection spells together, followed by cleansing, then banishing, etc. I do it in a order of importance that I find significant; the more “frivolous” spells go in the back of the book, and curses at the very very back. But that’s just my personal preference; you sort (or not sort) however your magical heart desires.
  • If you want to be able to arrange your spells exactly as you want, a three-ring binder is a good choice; if you want aesthetics for your grimoire, they may not seem the obvious one, but they’re wonderful for their ability to allow the moving of pages to wherever you deem necessary, and also discreet if you need that. There are also those binders that kinda look like sweet magical textbooks, I think they’re on Etsy, if you’ve got a bit of extra budget to spend on something like that. Otherwise, Sharpies and sigils can go a long way to making any book look magical, but that’s an entire other post lmao.
  • Another good system for storage is loose leaf paper in those accordion folder things. Whatever they’re called. These mother fuckers:
  • Again, not exactly the best for aesthetic, but super great for easy labelling to find exactly what is where. You can rearrange things at a whim, and not worry about having to tear a page out of a fifty dollar leather-bound book because you misspelled a single word. (Me, I cry.)
  • For most other books, it could be useful to keep a table of contents somewhere at the front or back, or wherever you can, if you happen to add spells in whatever order you find them in, and not section them off based off intent or purpose. I see a lot of bullet journal style grimoires with a theme much like this, so if that piques your interest, I’d suggest doing a search on bullet journals. Particularly, I believe I have a post about bullet journaling, magic-styles, somewhere… Boom, [here].
  • We haven’t even started on digital grimoires yet. Probably the easiest to organize and maintain, in my personal opinion in any case. It can be online or off, in a blogging platform or on a cloud, saved as a word document on your phone or PC, broken up into separate files and folders… Almost endless options for this one. And the best part? Password protection. (I’m a tech kid.) I could honestly go on and on forever about this particular point, but there are so many options, feel free to try some yourself if you’re looking for a discreet, easy-access and organized way to sort your spells.

If it helps anyone, I have four binders, like four or five notebooks, a blog, a OneNote, and folders on my computer all dedicated to witchcraft. This blog literally acts as a digital grimoire for me - it’s also why I spend so much time tagging and hating it, so when I need to find something for my own reference, I have that easy access. I have a huge list of herb correspondences in its own cute little notebook, just because it would take up so much damn space in a binder on its own anyway. My tarot spreads have their own notebook, as do a set of very detailed interpretations for the card meanings, because some of my books are, super lacking to say the least. 

So, like, it’s clear I put a lot of time into my witchy notes and how I keep them, but that is just me. If it sounds like too much work and you don’t wanna bother, honestly don’t. I do it because it satisfies me, because I feel it adds to my craft, because I enjoy it. That’s what it should be like for all y’all too. So, again, if you don’t feel like having your stuff in any particular order or manner is relevant to how you do your magic-y biz, seriously don’t bother - your grimoire is no less a grimoire (or whatever term you use to call a book of magic) because it’s not organized, or doesn’t look witchy, or you just write the notes and not bother with designs. I will say it as many times as it takes to run it into the ground - you do you in your own magic.

For supplies:

  • This one I might have less to say on, because my stuff is, heh, not so organized lmao. 
  • I guess mostly, again, it comes down to what works for you, or whatever keeps your supplies safe from harm.
  • Some people keep boxes for their supplies - I’ve painted a shoe box and kept witchy biz in it. If you want to line it or not to keep things safe, probably depends on you or what you plan to put it in.
  • Sometimes things don’t need to be stored - if you have space and you are able, you can leave them out on a shelf or even tucked into a drawer. Seriously, wherever you can put them, wherever they will be safe, I think that’s mostly what matters for that.
  • Crystals might need the most special treatment, especially more fragile specimens. I know, when I moved, I had to wrap all my crystals into shirts and socks to make sure nothing damaged them on the way. And, quite frankly, they’re still all like that. Mostly because I don’t have a lot of other place to put them right now, but it really is keeping them protected too. So while it may not look the most witchy, it’s pretty damn functional.
  • Labels are helpful, particularly with herbs that look veeery similar. 
  • On the topic of herb containers, as long as the herbs are dry, they are safe to store in whatever container you want to put them in. I have herbs in a mixture of glass jars, plastic containers, and sandwich bags. So yeah.

Like I said, not really so much experience on supplies - most of my stuff is practical, not necessarily done because it looks good but because it works. And a lot of my more important supplies are just, chilling on a shelf. I know not everyone has the ability to be so open with their craft, but based on my scope of perspective and experience, I can only talk about things that I have done or encountered, and so I may not be able to give accurate advice for every situation. You know? 

Regardless, I hope that helps you anon! If you have any more questions about more specific things I may have mentioned here, feel free to shoot more asks. Hopefully I will be on a bit more frequently here, now that I can see again, though my PC is still, so, so slow. Good luck!

viktornikiforow’s following spree!

Hello, everybody! So I’ve just unfollowed a bunch of inactive blogs and blogs which I don’t find relevant to my interests anymore and thought that I should find new blogs which would brighten my dash. And new people, of course!

So if you could reblog this post and spread the word, I’d be grateful. It doesn’t matter how many notes it will reach. I will go through all blogs if necessary.

You get 100% follow back from me if you:

  • post Yuri on ice mostly
  • ship Victuuri/Otayuri and doesn’t hate on ships
  • Make your own edits, I love seeing people’s works!
  • Have a good tagging system, being organized is key!
  • Are up to talking with me and screaming about YoI because I do it A LOT
  • Are fine with me tagging you in edits. Ye, sometimes I need attention, lol

Other fandoms I’m in?

  • BNHA
  • Bungou Stray Dogs
  • Orange
  • Naruto
  • Onepunch Man
  • Hunter x Hunter
  • KHR
  • Killing Stalking

I just don’t reblog that much of them but I still enjoy seeing it on my dash.

waaahh!!!! i never thought i’d make it to 1k followers … but i did! and it’s all thanks to you guys ;//v//; thank you so much, honestly. i created this studyblr as a way to motivate myself to do better for myself and my education, and thanks to you guys, i have! i even made some lovely friends here, too; thanks y’all for being such kind, wonderful people - all y’all are the sweetest ∩(´∀`∩)

as a way to show my appreciation for all y’all, i’ve decided to do blog rates! thank you so much again, i just want to give each and every one of you a nice, warm hug. okay aNYWAYS, to be eligible for a blog rate, you:

  • must be following me (checking!)
  • must reblog this post (checking!)
  • preferably be a studyblr *leave your url in the ask if your studyblr is a side-blog!*
  • send your ask with this emoji 🌻 so i know you’re asking for a br :)

oh and tell me literally anything you’d like, too! favorite songs atm, how your day’s been, how’s school treating ya, some celebrity crushes/biases (heheheh), and all that other good stuff ;DD

that’s all :D blog rates will end on 5/8

also, i’ll be tagging my blog rates with hobifulstudies’ 1k blogrates :D - just in case you wanna blacklist it

here’s my blog rate outline:

icon: very cool! | this is so cute, what even | i really really like it ahhhh | i love it so much oh my gosh

desktop theme: just a little difficult to navigate thru | omg i love how organized it is | this is so aesthetically pleasing, i’m floored | oh my gosh, can i please get the code for this?

url: interesting | nice, i dig it | it’s too cute oml | i love it and i want it, please let me have it for a lil while ;v;”

original content: i couldn’t find any D: | i really like your handwriting oh my | your content is heavenly, bless | you are a legend, #goals

overall: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

following: no but i still love you ^^ | i am now :D | already was ;v;



 I am officially rebooting my blog, I’ve deleted almost all my posts. Don’t worry my content will not change much, I’m still going to post about the same fandoms as before. However, there are gonna be some small changes such as:

  • I’ll start making edits for other fandoms as well, not just Harry Potter. 
  • more black and white & monochrome gifsets and photosets.
  • more aesthetic stuff.
  • I’ll post & make more dark ( kinda halloween-ish ??) edits
  • I’ll post more of my writings ( mostly headcanons and one-shot fanfics)
  • My blog will remain  multifandom with 60% Harry Potter related posts.

As always my inbox is always open for you but my replies might be late sometimes. I’ll also have an organized tag system, I’ll soon make a navigation page. Lastly, I will still have a queue of 5-10 posts running everyday but I’ll not have a queue tag! Thank you for following me and for your patience. 

Mutuals I’d appreciate if you’d signal boost this. Stay awesome ♥

im rewatching some of atla and im still not over zutara not being canon. i honestly didn’t even think much of it when i was a kid, or any atla ships in fact, but whenever i rewatch it it just becomes glaringly obvious how they should have ended up together. and i don’t even mean in a fangirl, “omg theyre perf!! otp!! don’t like don’t read” kind of way. i mean in a “they fit together and fix each other perfectly” kind of way

anonymous asked:

Hey just wanted to point out that being pagan literally means worshipping more then ONE god or goddess so technically someone can be a Christian pagan. If Christ is one of their gods and they identify most to a Christian. The witchcraft side is non of anyone else’s opinion and I don’t think it’s right to police the Christian community because Christ definitely wouldn’t have.

No you cannot. The Living God of the Bible makes it clear that He wants worship for Himself and Himself alone:

“I am the Lord, and there is no other, besides me there is no God; I equip you, though you do not know me, that people may know, from the rising of the sun and from the west, that there is none besides me; I am the Lord, and there is no other. I form light and create darkness; I make well-being and create calamity; I am the Lord, who does all these things.” - Isaiah 45:5-7

Every account of people worshiping other gods and not giving their worship solely to Him always demonstrate His wrath toward those who do so. He doesn’t want divided attention. If you are worshiping any other gods, you are not a Christian - even if you attempt to toss Christ into the mix. It’s just not how it works.

And yes, Christ most definitely would have. Why do you think Christ was beaten to the point of His bones, muscles and organs exposed, paraded around like an animal as He was spat upon and mocked, nailed to a cross, and died in one of the most humiliating ways possible? It wasn’t because He said what people wanted to hear. It wasn’t because His words were embraced by everyone. A lot of people were offended by the things He said. I’m getting real tired of people promoting this watered down fluffy bunnies and clouds “you can sin all you want and live how you want, I don’t care” worldly version of Jesus that isn’t Biblical. The precise reason the Pharisees called for Christ’s death is because He called them out for sin, hypocrisy, and wrongdoing. If He came across people claiming to follow Him yet they were embracing the sin of witchcraft, Jesus would definitely have said something about it without hesitation.

Also, I’m not “policing” anyone. I’m not tracking down people who identify as witches and hounding them with messages. I get questions on this blog and I answer them completely honestly, even if the answer is hard to hear and I know it’s going to inevitably cause some people to get their feathers ruffled. And I don’t enjoy that aspect of it, but the truth has to be said even it’s not easy because people’s very souls and eternal life are at stake here. I use tags to organize my posts and sometimes a lot of people reblog my asks, so it’s inevitable that people who disagree with my post will eventually see it. But it’s just life that people will hold different views/opinions. And it’s their choice if they wish to comment on the post and engage in a debate - they don’t have to comment, they can just block me if they are bothered by my beliefs and don’t want to see my posts. Atheists often post anti-religion posts, most commonly anti-Christian from what I have seen, and if I happen to come across it on a public website like Tumblr, I just deal with it and move along with my day. I don’t deem it as “policing”. People have a right to say what they believe, even if I completely disagree with it. I don’t expect to be shielded from differing opinions and neither should you.

New posting style!

Soo hello all!

Thanks so much for all the follows! I appreciate all of you ahh.. anyway! I’m gonna continue posting designs here. But! I’ll probably turn each post into an archive for specific cats and my designs for them. So that means some cats will have many pictures and reference images attached! I’m sorry if this confuses anyone or breaks any off site links, but I use this blog personally as an easy way to store all my references, so it’s just easier and more convenient to keep all my reference images in a single posts/place!

I’m also going to be tagging more specifically, so it creates an easier way to organize a search. 

Thanks for understanding!