some sweet style

if vicchan’s own version of a katsudon™ as yuuri’s birthday present isn’t the purest thing ever then idk what else is


Anise: “Wait so…’The person I love’? What did you mean by that?”

Fog: “Did I say that? Well..”

Anise: “You think I love you?”

Fog: “Don’t you? I love you!”

Anise: “You- Wait, really?”

Fog: “Absolutely pumpkin. You’re the best thing I have.”

Anise: “I’m…Speechless.”

Fog: “Huh, I can’t believe that’s the first time i’ve said it. It’s true, okay?”

I’m just guessing but I think that gravity probably going to have a beachy and chill sound, something calm and weavy like “need u” or “miss you” or be a little more dope but maybe kind of style like BTS “Save me”???


Getting caught smoking in the house.

Have you considered… Amari with a ponytail? 

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hey I was wondering if you could tell me about the 'lolita' sub-style of larme kei and if you could show a few photo examples of this style

Do you mean himekaji?? If that’s what you mean then I don’t believe that it’s technically part of larme. It’s a sub style of gyaru! And there’s a bunch of different types of that, so I’m not sure how to explain it (I don’t know very much about gyaru, I’m sorry!!). Himekaji is like some of the sweet styles you’d see in some of swankiss’s clothing and pretty much all of liz Lisa’s! (though swankiss is a larme brand, I’m not sure if everything is actually larme style. Since larme is supposed to be something more sophisticated). “Himekaji” is kinda supposed to be like a princess off duty kind of style.

I hope that helped a little bit? Sorry if I misunderstood what you were saying. If I can I’ll try to figure out something different for what you were trying to say!!🎀

The Signs as Alcohol

Aries: Sangria - bright red and colourful, made with sweet fruit juice and robust red wine, full of life and enjoyed in the sun with friends.

Taurus: Sherry - traditional and sweet, something you have at home at family dinner parties or in desserts as a little something evil  (◕‿◕✿)

Gemini: Gin - dry just like your wit but also subtle and refreshing, you mix with a wide range mixers (and people). You’re often considered classy and expensive ;)

Cancer: Baileys - warm and cheeky, you’re the happy secret in a cup of coffee, the cup of brandy cream by the fire with family when it’s snowing outside, or even poured on top of some ice cream; you’re always welcome and heartwarming.

Leo: Alcopops - some may consider you cheap, but you were the first taste of sweet rebellion, and people still want to get drunk on your vibe.

Virgo: Red wine - bold, classic and sophisticated, you shouldn’t ever be underestimated. You embody the ancient history and soul of civilization and are considered superior to most. People devote themselves to trying to figure you out, layer by layer; you favour the patient and the perceptive. 

Libra: Disaronno - this drink has some style: it’s sweet yet tasteful amber liquid often balances both sweet and sour mixers. Always served chilled. 

Scorpio: Tequila - go hard or go home, but make sure you go home with a scorpio ;) 

Sagittarius: Dirty pint

Capricorn: Whiskey - straight up and not for people who prefer something over the top and floozy. Down to earth yet layered with a world of flavours, it takes an acquired yet refined taste.

Aquarius: Absinthe - fucking mental, like what even are you? Drink with caution. Seems pretty normal until you wake up the next day wanting to go to church to repent for sins you don’t even remember.

Pisces: Vodka - from depressed alcoholics to social drinkers to first time drinkers, a lot of people tolerate vodka because it’s the experience that matters.


If you are ever sad, just watch hat films and strippin hanging out and free styling some sweet tunes