some summer fluff

luke is the type of guy to bring you to a fancy dinner and at the end of it when you’re eating dessert he hands you a small velvet box but instead of an engagement ring it’s a fucking pair of earrings

4.0 | acid wash jeans (the8)

a late summer, late night bonfire by the sea

w.c. 708 | fluff | listen

the bonfire was dug into the sand, secured and safe from the sea breeze.  the red and orange and yellow bits of flame crackled off and rose into the air, disappearing after a while.  the smell of fire filled the area, mixed with the sharp contrast of salty seawater.  stars hung low in the sky, side by side with the full moon.  heat rose up from the white sand but the chill of the ocean waves and winds were quick to temper the warmth down.  messy platinum locks shoved into a beanie.  your head on his shoulder, his head on yours.  one hand interlaced with the other’s.

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Beronica fic rec


should have worshipped her sooner by oceanofchaos

Anyone ask for hopelessly in love Veronica and some summer time fluff? 

honey, we’re meant to be by gxxlupi

Pretty much just fluff, uses veronica’s “fate throws us together” line a lot and it’s adorable. 

tangled up, so in love by guitarstrings

This one is just Betty pining after Veronica, a lot of fluff. 

you got a fast car (I got a plan to get us out of here) by brightsee

Cute Betty and Veronica in a relationship, lot of fluff, very cute ending.

feels like forever by wvlfqveen


no doubt in my mind where you belong by EllieLovesYou

One of my faves, fluff for days.

Followed the Signs to You by hcwlingnights

 Super cute and short soulmate au. 

Multi Chapter

there are no happy endings here and everyone deserves a happy ending by brightsee

The first part will make you cry, and the second part will also make you cry, overall its some sad stuff, but very well written, and very cute at times too. 

Gray-Colored Lenses by beranica

SOULMATE AU. One of my faves for sure, like it’s seriously so well written and just soooooo good.

you’re going to watch me disappear into the sun by erce3

Lots of angst, but still a super good read.

hear you like a whisper (in the corner of my lovesick thoughts) by crayonboxhearts

This one is sooooooo good, it’s such a slowburn but it’s amazing.

i won’t say (i’m in love) by pizzaoctavia

Basically Betty being completely oblivious and Veronica being totally in love.

anonymous asked:

Some fluff summer scenario with Junkrat, Genji and Reaper pleeeease <3

I do one char per request so I will be picking Junkrat as I am most comfortable writing him, I hope this is ok for you!


- Heat never bothered Junkrat since he had grown up in one of the worst places for it. You still insisted he wore sunscreen but he hated the stuff, you’d often have to give him a rub down while he squinted in annoyance but enjoyed the closeness.

- When you two would go swimming he would have to stay in the shallow end due to his missing limbs and his fake parts not being great with water. You’d sit with him in the shallows just to enjoying cooling off.

- He didn’t wear alot of clothes anyway so you were used to seeing him in a pretty undressed state, you however wore clothes alot and when you decided to strip to the bare minimum for the heat, he was all hands, getting ahead of himself at seeing so much skin on show.

- He would INSIST on having a BBQ almost every night in the summer, Roadhog would join you guys as you would stay out pretty late into the night while Junkrat went on and on about stories of his and Roadies summers.

- Being used to the heat he wasn’t bothered by it at night and would cling to you and give you far too much extra heat.

- Junkrat would be more then happy to go with you and get cold drinks. He would be the sort of prick that would put the cold can against your skin or drop icecubes down your back/pants and laugh like a hyena at your squeaks of discomfort.

- When you introduced him to water balloons he went OTT and made a water bomb shooter, everyone would hit the deck when they heard that loud giggle as he brandished the weapon and catapulted large water bombs at everyone, including you.

- Going to the beach was more fun for you then him, he hated to sit still for very long so he would either go for a wounder, herass someone or just nag to see how far he could make a hole or bury Roadie.


- Requested by @brendonbeebourie - Feels quite fitting today, considering I like many others are ill - Request here


Trying to cough loudly caused more pain to occur in the back of my throat, my nose continued to run no matter how many times I blew or rubbed it harshly with the mountain of tissues that formed next to me. Groaning I tried to adjust my position as I had managed to collect every pillow and cushion in my apartment to form some sort of support and avail this blockage in my sinuses.

My phone continues to ring just across from me but the ringing etches into my mind like a drill and all I want to do is throw it away but with the little energy I have I’m unable to even glance at it to see who is calling. A Tuesday morning, most are at work or studying which leaves few options to whom my mysterious caller could be, and if luck should have it the one I’m suspecting then today may slowly get worse. Struggling to fight the urge to close my eyes the ringing continues to deafen me as I drift off back into sleep, barely able to breathe through my nose resulting in awful snores that sound like thirty zippers being done up before entering the outdoors, something I won’t be doing for a few days at the least. 

A vague bang interrupted my less than peaceful sleep, and my head continued to spin as I tried multiple times to get my legs out of the tangled mess of sheets that continued to circle around me. Eventually my feet felt the cold floorboards beneath them, spreading a chill through my body as I groaned and forced myself up, clinging to the wall as I did just to catch my breath. The walk that usually took less than a minute felt like it would never end, the knocking continued but I had barely any energy to tell them to stop. 

Just as I got out of my room the door began to move, and before I had the chance to respond he walked in, looking around with concern before his eyes landed on my current state. Sighing I began to wander back towards my one source of comfort but his following footsteps meant the walk would be less pleasurable. A soft hand met mine as I held the blanket around me with one hand whilst the other was held in his causing me to have to look him in the eyes. His soft brown eyes were filled with worry as he examined my face, the redness around my nose, how raw my mouth had become, how sunken my eyes appeared and the birds nest that was called hair on top of my head. Half smiling to him I tried to let out a laugh but failed due to the coughing fit that followed, draining me of the energy that remained. 

Holding the blanket closer my legs began to feel weak and he could tell, the way he looked at me said more than words could’ve. “You’re ill, aren’t you?” Raising his eyebrow to me as I shook my head in response, he wasn’t falling for it, who could? 

“I’m, I’m” Struggling to speak through a blocked nose everything sounded mumbly, unclear syllables. Exhaling loudly to attempt talking like a normal person he shifted his weight from one foot to the other, “doing okay.” Nodding, I tried to convince myself, more so than him. “I’m alright Cal, just get on with your day as I know you have things to do.” Again I nodded, motioning for him to go but he stood his ground, he hesitated as he glanced to the door but then back at me. 

“You’re ill and as your friend it is my duty to look after you.” My legs could barely support me and I fell down, collapsing into the ice cold floor. He swore under his breath and I felt a pair of arms around me, supporting me. Holding me close I wrapped the blanket tighter around myself, trying to hide the shivering from him even in this close of a proximity. 

I could hear his footsteps as I shut my eyes, wanting nothing more than to sleep now, rest alone and wait for this to pass. “I don’t want you getting sick.” I kept mumbling to his chest but he protested continuously, and eventually we came to my room. 

The smell of cotton was evident, I could barely smell anything but his mumbles and vague glances to the mountain of tissues, the unmade bed and the collection of mugs that grew on my shelves was enough for him to see and understand. “You could’ve called.” He spoke up as he placed me down in bed, moving the sheets away before wrapping me back into them, feeling the warmth creep back into my skin I sighed with contentment and saw he was still watching me. 

“Like I said, I didn’t want you to get sick.” Yawning I curled further into my cocoon. “Plus, you have too much to do as it is, with the band and all.” Weight was added to the bed and I felt it dip slightly and turning he sat nearby, his arm outstretched towards mine beneath the covers. 

He smiled softly to me before proceeding to lie down by me, no matter how much I protested. “You’re my best friend, I’m sure I can justify getting sick for a short while.” He laughed and opened his arm for me. 

Eventually after some dither I moved closer to him, opening the layers of fabric for him to join me. Resting my head against his chest I felt at ease, I focused on his breathing in hope I could loosen my throat. Sniffing I heard him mumble my name and he passed me my tissues, thanking him I blew my nose before closing my eyes. 

Some lyrics were sang sweetly as he stroked my mess of a hair style, smiling I silently thanked him before drifting off to sleep. “I’m not going anywhere,” The last thing I heard him mumble. “because I love you.” 

Luke is the type of guy to continuously poke your shoulder and say your name over and over again until you get fed up and pay attention to him but all he says is “Hi” or “I love you” then giggle and run away

Because with all the drama going on right now, I just needed to see this💕

Sizzle, Pop, Boom

Some Johnlock summer fluff

Originally posted by butnobodyknowsher

“Fireworks,” Sherlock grumbles. “Ridiculous.”

“Might as well make the best of it,” John says. “C’mon, it could be fun.”

“Fun?” Sherlock counters sarcastically. “As much fun as that atrocious parade with tractors and the Cattle Queen?”

“You chose the case,” John reminds him. “Wasn’t my idea to fly to the middle of U.S.-fucking-nowhere on the Fourth of July.”

“It was a missing rabbit…” Sherlock mutters, then capitulates. “Fine. Fireworks.”

They drive to a park and find a grassy slope under an oak tree. John spreads out a blanket and produces a bag filled with sandwiches, crisps, and several bottles of beer.

They eat, watching the sunlight fade. Cicadas drone and fireflies appear above the dewy grass, lazily blinking out their luminescent signals of seduction.

They stretch out alongside each other, gazing up through the leaves at the now dark sky.

Sssssssssss Pop!

They both sit up, catching the trails of a giant sparkling bloom filling the horizon. They watch silently, shimmering stars, streaks, and blossoms hissing and shrieking and sizzling in hot reds, electric blues, sulfurous greens, incandescent whites.

Their shoulders nudge closer, knees touching, fingers brushing. John tilts his head up slightly, Sherlock slowly lowers his mouth.

Intense bursts of light, a cacophony of reverberations in their chests, their eyes drift shut, their lips meet.

Boom. Boom.


Happy summer!

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A very late birthday gift for my little potato, @protectcastiel! I call it Cas-bee-el!! I HOPE YOU LIKE IT, YOU BEAUTIFUL FLOOF!!! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ ♡♡♡♡

anonymous asked:

Have you written anything that was like having a flirty relationship with calum but you weren't dating him until you were standing in the kitchen with him and asked him if you were after Ashton had cornered you about it?

“What’s for dinner?” You asked Calum, creeping up behind him in the kitchen.

He threw an arm around your shoulder. “Just got to finish up my balsamic reduction for the chicken, and then we’ll be ready to eat.”

Balsamic reduction,” you repeated teasingly. “Look at you, throwing around cooking terms.”

He turned to you, a lazy smile on his lips. “Yeah, you like that?”

You blushed, and wrapped your arms around his waist. “Cal, can I ask you something?” He nodded, not really paying attention to you, focusing back in on his cooking. “Are we a couple?” He turned to you in confusion, his eyebrows knit together. “I mean, Ashton asked me the other day, and I-”

“Wait,” he interrupted you, “were we not a couple before?” You looked down at the ground in embarrassment, your words dying on your lips as you grinned. He took your face in your hands, and kissed you chastely, laughing a bit. “Well fuck, why have I been cooking for you this whole time?”

pretty boy, pretty girl

AN: warning, some drunk ppl and barfing in a modern school AU, as if I’ve ever been to a party in my goddamn Big Nerd life. hopefully will have sequels.

Sakura meets Pretty Boy on a Friday evening, when finals are over and Ino knows a guy who knows a guy who’s having a party.

“Casual,” Sakura clarifies when she peers at Ino’s floral skirt and chiffon blouse. “Wait, casual?”

Ino snorts, and throws on a modified blazer. “Don’t worry. You know I just like to look nicer than everyone, all the time.”

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Title: Sunshine

Length: 314 words

Rating: K

Warning: NONE!

Original Request: Could you write some scott summers fluff?

A/N: I wanted to put something out even if it was short!

Scott’s hand was laced with yours as you walked though the school grass. The air was crisp and smelled clean. The grass was greener than usual for the day. It had been raining today but it was light enough that no one noticed it. The rain hadn’t started its second wave yet so Scott had suggested a quick walk. Your clothes fluttered in the light breeze as you two walked through the grounds. No one else was out so you were all alone. You two ran for the trees and he followed you when you separated and hid behind a tree. You grinned ear to ear as you hid behind the tree. You peeked around and saw Scott mere inches from your face.

“AH!” you screamed and then burst out laughing. He threw his arms around you lifting you and spinning you around. “Scott! Put me down!” You laughed and screamed in delight. He carried you into the field as the rain began coming down. You both looked up and laughed. The water rolled down his glasses.

“May I have this dance?” he asked holding you hand.

“I’d be delighted.” You wrapped your arms around his neck as you two danced to the sound of the rain pouring. Within minutes you two were soaked to the bone.

“You are my sunshine~” he sang as you both began to shiver. “My only sunshine~”

“You make me happy when skies are gray~” you continued. He twirled you around quickly with his feet splashing in the squishy grass.

“You’ll never know dear~” he set you down and kissed your forehead.

“How much I love you~” you sang with a laugh coming thought your voice. Both of you sounded terrible.

“Please don’t take my sunshine away.” He said instead of singing.

“Never.” You replied. He held your face in his hands and kissed you firmly, warmly, and deeply.

angel - luke one shot

pairing: luke + y/n

word count: 2,424

summary: loosely based off of angel by the weeknd. basically, luke tries to leave you in his past but the both of you realize that you can’t be without one another. angst/fluff.

You were his entire world. Every thought, every action, every move he made, held traces of you. The words he spoke and the lines he wrote were about you. Every shift of his pen and every drop of ink were made with your face in his mind. He pictured your eyes and their light. He pictured your lips, soft and smooth against his own. He pictured his hands on your thighs beneath his bed sheets back home and your hair sprawled out across his pillows.

And in the beginning, imagining you was enough. Luke loved you. He let you live as a ghost in his head while he woke up in a different city each morning. But when months passed without feeling your skin against his own, it seemed as though you were only ever there in his mind, as an angel he had thought up when the endless, looming nights on tour got lonely.

He knew you deserved better. He wanted you to find someone who could truly be there for you, who you didn’t have to perpetually miss. So he let you go, but there were parts of you that he still carried within him, still lived in his brain. Maybe the two of you weren’t officially together anymore, but the thought of you never left him.

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Falling Off

(Requested- Hi! Whenever you get the time could you do an imagine with either Michael or Ashton where you’re a singer and you end up getting hurt during a performance and they freak out?)

(Using Michael for this because it’s kind of his thing ;) )

Being the opening act for 5sos had it’s perks, the best one being that you got to spend so much time with your boyfriend Michael Clifford and the two of you were able to watch each other perform every night.

Tonight was the second night at the current location, you couldn’t even remember where at this point. Tour was a whirlwind and it was all you could do to stay on time with rehearsals and shows. You were tired and worn down and just wanted to make it through tonight’s show so you could have three days off to relax and rest up with Michael and hide from the world.

You sang your heart out on the stage, like you did at every show. The fans cheered and you silently thanked God for allowing you and Michael to have so much support from them. You could definitely feel the fatigue settling in as you started the last song of your set, your head starting to ache as you focused hard on completing the song. As you closed your eyes and sang your last long note, you stepped forward, not realizing how close you were to the edge, and tumbled right off. You felt a harsh pain and heard loud screams and suddenly everything went black.

You blinked several times as light flooded into your eyes, slowly coming back into consciousness. “Oh my god you’re awake!” you heard Michael’s excited voice exclaim. You groaned, hand coming to your now pounding head as the noise just intensified the feeling. “Keep it down, please, my head hurts” you whined to whoever was around. Michael laid his hand on your arm, rubbing comfortingly as you got your bearings. “You’ve been unconscious for about fifteen minutes. You fell off stage and hit your head pretty hard, the paramedic said you need to go to the hospital to get checked out as soon as you woke up and are able to walk.” Michael told you as you sat up and held your head in your hands. “Give me a minute.” You mumbled without looking up. You felt his arms around you pulling you close to his warm body. “Don’t you have to go on stage soon?” you asked as you leaned your head on his shoulder. “They’re playing videos on the big screen for the fans so I could be here for you a few extra minutes.” he answered. Just then, Ashton came through the door, “Hey guys, Dave is ready to take (Y/n) to the doctor and we need to go on stage.” Michael pouted, giving you a kiss on the forehead, “Are you okay going without me?” You nodded, giving him a tired smile, “yea Mike, I’ll be fine. Go do an awesome show.” You stood with his help and followed him out of the dressing room where Dave was waiting. Michael let go of you and gave you a big grin, “One more night and then it’s me, you, and one large bed and plenty of food.” You smiled back at him as you started walking out with Dave, “I can’t wait!”