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some stranger: how’ve you been? ( :

me: hands them a copy of Stomachaches, the debut studio album by Frank Iero, former rhythm guitarist of the American alternative rock band My Chemical Romance, released under the moniker of frnkiero andthe cellabration

Mia is livid at Lucien, telling her what to do and then instructing the bartender to stop giving her drinks.  Well, she’ll show him!  She will flirt with him and wrap him around her little finger and then get her way.  Yep….perfect plan!  What could go wrong?

Lucien stares at Mia in shock, is she actually flirting with him?  For a moment, he feels a surge of hope and then realizes that she’s drunk and toying with him.  Now he’s the livid one.

Lucien:  “You need to grow the hell up…”

Standing, he glares at her and then looks at the bartender.

Lucien:  “Call her a cab and send her home.  I need to get away from here.”

Lucien hangs out with his friends and neighbors and has no idea that downstairs that Mia has decided to flirt with some random stranger while waiting for the cab.

Their good friend and neighbor is shocked that she’s doing that and even more shocked that they had such a public spat.

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Lately I have been struggling with my writing. Every time I write I think of a reader and it paralyzes me. How the story will be understood or seen, much like Goodreads in fact (and I like Goodreads). I imagine the reviews and it does not help me, it scares me and in the end, I find myself incapable of writing anything. Do you have any tips?

So, this is going to be hard to do, but literally DO NOT WRITE WITH A READER IN MIND, unless that reader is yourself. You can’t please everyone, and trying to write something that some undefined potential stranger on Goodreads will like is a recipe for crushing disaster. Write what you want to read. And if you stick to that story, chances are someone else will just happen to like it anyway. (But not everyone. There is literally no piece of writing in the world that everyone likes, and that’s okay. Variety is the spice of life.)

The other thing is this: You are making the Number 1 mistake I see among new/young writers, in that you are putting the cart way before the horse. Like, so far that I don’t think the horse can even see the cart anymore. I don’t know what it is that makes would-be writers do this, but they seem to spend a lot of time worrying about readers and editors and agents before they are anywhere near a stage where those sorts of things should even cross their minds. It’s like going on one date with some guy and then going home to plan your wedding and name your kids and buy a house. It’s crazytown. So here’s a piece of advice for all the hopeful writers out there: Slow the fuck down. Do not even think about readers or agents or editors or anything else. If you are worrying about all this shit while you’re trying to write, you’re never going to write anything good. Your writing needs your full attention. Take this time to get to know the characters and discover the story. This is the fun part. Don’t take that away from yourself. Trust me–if you waste your writing time worrying about agents and editors and readers, you’ll never actually make it to the stage where you should be thinking about those things.

Take your time. It’s not a race.

Eve Myles’ Q&A was the first we attended at the con and also the first time I’ve seen Eve Myles. There was a pretty good turnout, although we later learned we were in one of the smaller convention rooms – still a couple hundred people, I’d say.

I found Eve really charming and really approachable – she was very frank and honest in her answers and it felt like she kind of forgot that she was talking to hundreds of strangers in some of her answers, which was both good and bad. She was so warm and open that I decided to ask a question, which is a first for me.

I asked something along the lines of “how much did you know about Claire when you were shooting, and as an actress would you rather know your character’s secrets or discover them as you read the script?” I don’t have her verbatim answer, but she said that she was given two scenes to audition with, one which was never in the show and one being the scene where Claire talks to Ellie on the beach. She knew going in that the role would require her to “go to some dark places” and that Claire was involved in the murders, but not the details. She also said as an actress she liked not knowing the details, because it means she has to really focus on what’s in the scene and being true to it rather than trying to predict where it was going to go.  Overall I was really pleased, it was a really insightful answer in a panel that was mostly filled with Barrowman stories and boob jokes.

The other important takeaway is that she confirmed (probably to the surprise of no one, but still) that she will be in Big Finish’s Torchwood series. (I also took from it that she’s in Jack’s audio as well, but that might not exactly be what she meant.)

breathingbarduil’s fic list

-4k fics

Bard, zookeeper at Greenwood Reserve, thought his night would be as boring as all the others; he was wrong.

In which Thranduil kisses some stranger in the street in order to make his ex-boyfriend believe he’s been moving on perfectly well. Said-stranger happens to be Bard.

Thranduil enters the bathroom to find his husband Bard, who’s only wearing underwear, dancing to YMCA.

Bard and Thranduil enjoy a bath and staring at the stars together.

10k+ fics

Bard Bowman is the not-so-common humble owner of The Esgaroth, struggling to pay the bills and keep his place on tracks. Until someday a student from the Mirkwood Academy brings his father to his restaurant, a beautiful man who might just change Bard’s life, more than he could ever have imagined.

  • Petrichor (Regeneration!AU, Modern!AU, completed)

It’s been six thousand years since Thranduil last laid eyes on his husband - Bard. The world has changed and the great Elvenking with it, lingering in the shadows of Men; as hope for a miracle festers within his heart that grows weaker with every passing day, the only thing keeping him going is a promise he made, many moons ago.


Thranduil steals flowers from a pretty garden on his way to the graveyard.


Why I Hate Fat Activists

Preamble: it’s important to understand that there is a clear line between fat PEOPLE and fat ACTIVISTS. Not all fat people are fat activists, but almost all fat activists are fat people. For example: I am a FAT PERSON, but not a FAT ACTIVIST. 

It’s also important to note that no, I DO NOT CONDONE HATRED BASED ON WEIGHT. Never, ever, fucking never. That shit is wrong, it’s disgusting, and if you do it, you’re a disgusting person.

I hate fat activists with a burning passion. I really, really fucking hate them, because as a fat person, they do more shit to harm me and others like me than anyone else I meet. 

First off, you fucking arseholes, it’s not okay for you to call me a “fatty” just because you are fat. That word is fucking hateful, it carries with it the weight of a hundred thousand bad memories and I REFUSE to have it forced upon me by some stranger on the internet who thinks it’s totally okay when they say it because they’re fat too. No, you cannot arbitrarily decide that word is positive and stick it to me like some kind of hipster label. Fuck you, and your clique. 

Second, how dare you try and tell me that I’m wrong to attempt to better myself. I know that I am not healthy at this weight, and I want to change that, and fuck you right in the ear for attempting to discourage that with lies, with hatred, and with accusations. Fuck you for every time you’ve posted “losing weight is impossible/unhealthy/morally wrong/etc”. 

Thirdly, you blame all your problems on society but the problem is YOU. Unless you are actually paralyzed or have some sort of chronic pain condition, there is no excuse for not at least trying. The problem isn’t society, it’s YOU. YOU are lazy and unhappy and you blame it on everything but yourselves. 

Fourth, I hate you because you try to tear down anyone who doesn’t fall in line with your bullshit. You claim anyone who tries to lose weight is a self hating sadsack or is “just after privilege”. Honestly, you’re the ones full of self hatred, because if you were actually confident in your looks or believed your bullshit, you wouldn’t be so angry and threatened by other people trying to lose weight.

Normally I wouldn’t be this angry, but months of people telling me I need to “love myself” when I reject their rotten, decaying movements is starting to wear on my patience. 

I reject your movement because to an extent I DO love myself enough to want to be healthy and it’s taken me so long to get here, to get to this point, that I refuse to let a bunch of lazy, pathetic, self centered, asshat naval gazers  spew tired “love yourself” rhetoric at me in an attempt to drag me back down.

Take the beam out of your own eye before trying to get the mote in mine.


“That, is a she, for one and if her parents wanted her they wouldn’t have left her for DEAD on some stranger’s doorstep.” Beca realized there was only one thing left to do… Hard. Core. Pouting. She even quivered her lip for dramatic effect while she cradled the- her- baby.

“Darling, be reasonable. We can’t have a child. We work full time, who will take care of i.. her?” Unfortunately the having no money excuse wouldn’t work. DSM made a lot of money these days and not that they were swimming in it, but they were well off. Kommissar narrowed her eyes, she wasn’t going to give into Beca’s pouting. “Scheiße.” She muttered. “Fine.. tonight only.”

There’s a post talking about girl code and protecting each other and yes I’m all for that but also last year at RTX the girl I was rooming with and I were walking back to our hotel and this old drunk guy kept propositioning her and bothering us and this group of guys ahead of us heard so they shuffled us into their group in an effort to get us away from him.

Forever grateful for that group of strangers on some corner on sixth street.

drowtraxex replied to your post:real talk why is tom…

I am really sorry that I was friends with him ): I’ll fight him

tbh i found your blog through both oli and tom’s blog after we’d broken up but

i remember when we were new mutuals and he was still blogging you were talking about marshmallows and i was like ‘wtf!!!!’ i was so mad but i was too scared to say something in case you didn’t believe me because I was some new stranger and tom was your friend :’) 

but not too long ago jack said they’d stopped speaking to tom around that time cos tom kinda just dropped off the face of the internet. 

let’s fight him together!!!

So here's what I'm thinking...

Based on this week’s episode, this is what I think:

1. Spencer was admitted into Radley as a child. She was given a lot of medication there. And that’s why she is prone to drug abuse in adolescence.

2. Aria was the one who hit Bethany that night. This could be why A is obsessed with her.

3. Leslie hated the liars because somehow they are responsible for her roommate’s death. Possibly her best friend. She befriended Mona and bonded over their mutual hatred for the girls. It is possible that Leslie was the redcoat that Mona spoke to the end of the season 2 finale.

4. Sarah Harvey is NOT some randomly picked stranger. What her game is? I’m not exactly sure. But she is not to be trusted.

5. The same way Aria is trying to block out the dollhouse is the same way she blocked out “that night.”

6. Maybe Mona is right and Ali really hasn’t changed. I got the strange feeling that she really was just using Lorenzo…especially after he was able to make the cop switch for her.

7. I think Spencer should try something new and get together with Dean. I really enjoyed seeing her with someone new, someone who understands her ticks.

8. No Ezra…I wonder wonder wonder where he could be. 😮

9. Mona has never been on the liars side. And showing Leslie hitting the car was extremely weird. That scene in general was weird. It was exactly like the A scene where A is looking for the cassette in Mona’s book and can’t find it. To me it confirms the fact that Mona has ALWAYS been working for someone else.

10. I think the scene where Hanna and Spencer find the doll in the water and it looks like a drowned person, foreshadows how Charles could have killed himself.

Overall, it was a solid episode! What did you guys think?? I’ll have to rewatch again tomorrow!

Let me know! Xx

Can we talk about how Liam was ready to protect Stiles and fight Theo when Theo approached them from the trees? I know the situation is weird for obvious reasons, but it’s more of the fact that Liam isn’t about to let some supernatural stranger approach his friend/s(especially a human one) without first going through him. I just really liked that moment in particular.