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Okay, so this one has been in my drafts since…. November?? idk but I don’t have any new (finished) fanart to show you so have this at least ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

For some reason Shutora looks different each time I draw her and I never found out why?? Like it should be pretty easy to draw her since she looks pretty much like a smol Levy but without curly locks and yet I still manage to screw it up?? amazing

I Need You to Trust Me

It was never quite explained how or why Scott ended up getting Liam back to his house after biting him, let alone the part about duct-taping him. So…

[for my angst war, with velociraptervevo]

Biting someone doesn’t feel like Scott thought it would. Actually, he never really gave it much thought. He never planned on creating any betas, especially not after the stunt the Calaveras pulled. He knew there would be a bond—after all, he has one with Stiles, with Lydia, with Kira. This is different, though. For the others, it’s just a certain, indescribable feeling of closeness when they’re in a room together. With Liam, it’s like he’s drawn to him. Like he needs to protect him.

“What did… you… do?” Liam grits out, between labored breaths. He’s writhing, shoving his back as far as he can against the wall. “What… the fuck… was that thing? What are you?”

“You have to come with me,” Scott says, instead of answering. He lets his wolf features melt away, but there’s nothing he can do about the taste of Liam’s blood on his tongue. It should be disgusting, but it’s just… he doesn’t know. It’s just right, somehow, and the thought is terrifying.

“I don’t need to go anywhere… with you,” Liam says, still gasping as he tries to staunch the bloodflow from his wrist. “We’re on the roof of the hospital. I just- I need to go downstairs. My dad works here, I just- downstairs.”

“What’re you going to tell him?” Scott asks. He remembers Liam’s talk with his dad earlier, the way he’d sounded so nervous about getting in trouble. ‘You mad at me?’ He doesn’t quite know what the situation is, thinks of Isaac and feels like absolute shit for playing on what could be a situation like that, but… “A guy with two rows of teeth almost threw you off a building, and another guy grew fangs and bit you? How is he going to believe that?”

“I- I don’t know how you did that. But I don’t- I don’t care!” Liam yells. His heart skips a beat. “They’ll believe me. They have to. They have to believe me.” It skips there, too, and something twists in Scott’s chest.

“Liam, I want to help you,” he says, as calmly as he can. “I need you to let me help you.”

“Help me?” Liam roars, and even though it’s still completely human, it’s vicious. “You did this!”

“I know,” Scott says, slowly taking a step closer, hands raised placatingly. “And I’m sorry. But you have to let me help you. You can’t show your dad, okay? But you can show my mom.”


“She works here, remember? You saw her before, and she’s friends with your dad. She knows about this stuff.” True. “She just got off her shift.” Lie. “She’s on the way home.” Lie. “She can patch it up for you, and explain what happened, and help come up with a story.” Kind of true. “I promise no one’s going to hurt you.”

“Why should I trust you?” Liam demands.

“You don’t have to trust me,” Scott says. “You just have to trust my mom.”

“Then call her.”


“Your mom. Call her, or I’m-” he stops, heaves a pained breath, “-or I’m going to get my dad and figure out what the fuck is going on.”

“Okay,” Scott says, pulling out his phone. “Hold on.”

He dials Malia’s number, praying she picks up. On the fifth ring she does, and it takes everything in him not to breathe a sigh of relief.  

“Hey, Mom,” he says. “I have a problem.”

“What? Scott, this is-”

“Put it on speaker,” Liam interrupts.

Reluctantly, he does. God, he needs her to play along.

Mom,” Scott says again. “It’s Scott. I’m on the roof of the hospital with Liam Dunbar, Dr. Dunbar’s son. I bit him.”

“Scott!” Malia scolds, in a not-so-great, not-so-terrible impression of his mother. “What are you going to do?”

“I’m gonna bring him home. You’re on your way, right? And you can patch it up?”

“Soon. There’s a little traffic.” Oh god, she needs a hug later for buying him time. “I can fix it up when I get there, though. You get home right now, Scott. Do you understand me?”

“Yeah, Mom,” he says, dragging a hand over his face, and the worry is only half for show. “We’ll be there as soon as we can.”

“Good,” she says. “Love you.”

“Love you,” he says, hanging up, and shoving the phone back in his pocket. “Can we go now?” 

Liam is still looking at him uncertainly, but the pain and shock must win out, because he nods.

“Good,” Scott says.

He walks closer, but Liam jerks away.

“Your leg must still hurt,” Scott says. “I can help you walk.”

“Don’t touch me,” Liam snaps. “Don’t even come near me.”

He shoves off from the wall and limps towards the door. When he reaches it, he stares for a moment, but rather than asking Scott for help, he releases his wrist, and pulls the door open with a bloodied hand.

Sheriff Stilinski is going to have one hell of a mess to cover when he gets here.

Scott is barely breathing by the time they hit the parking lot. It was sheer luck that they didn’t run into anyone on the way back to Liam’s room, sheer luck that one of his mother’s coworkers had believed him when he’d said Melissa gave him permission to take the car keys and gave them to him from behind the front desk, sheer luck and sheer incompetence of the hospital staff that no one asked exactly why a seventeen-year-old was rolling some kid straight out the front door in a wheelchair. Enough of them must know his mom to think he’s helping out somehow—how, he has no idea—and decided to let him be.

He ditches the wheelchair in the parking lot and ushers Liam into his mom’s car.  

The first five minutes of the ride are silent, but finally, Liam asks, “Why’d she leave her car?”


“If this is your mom’s car, why’d she leave it at the hospital? You said she was on the way home.”

Liam’s glaring at him accusatorially, and Scott’s suddenly very glad he locked the doors.

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Joker and Harley Quinn: *have an obviously abusive and unhealthy relationship*

Some delusional teenagers who probably don’t know better: Omg these are my relationship goals!

An actual buttface on Tumblr: Do you see that? This is what The Straights see as an ideal relationship! They literally want an abusive relationship with a gross assclown! This is why gays are so much better!

My big sketch book had a giraffe on it….I made it a better giraffe.

And yes I may have originally gotten a selection of these purely because they had giraffes and foxes on them, but they’ve turned out to be the nicest paper I’ve had (and ridiculously cheap)

ya i actually am happy about same sex marriage being legalized believe it or not like ya duh that’s a good thing but it isnt gonna do much for trans people being murdered or not allowed to use the right bathroom it isnt gonna make asexual or apparently even bisexual people more visible it isnt gonna do anything for homeless LGBTQIA+ youths it isnt gonna help make mental health care more accessible to the LGBTQIA+ community and i cant believe i have to explain myself on this but the fact that i even have to makes it clear that many straight allies don’t understand any of the struggles of this community. and that’s just reinforced by the fact that SO MANY straight people have the nerve to tell me and other young queer people who are upset and frustrated in the face of this self-congratulatory straight ppl circle-jerk that we should “be more grateful” and that we “couldn’t have done this without their help” as if their help is a carrot being dangled in front of us and if we dont behave right they’ll jerk it away. one of my best friends is afraid to dress in the clothes that they feel happiest in bc they run a risk of being LITERALLY MURDERED if they go outside dressed like that. my parents dont believe people like me exist because the media has never shown them one single human being like me EVER. and all this fucking news coverage isn’t gonna do shit for us. and the majority of straight allies have never done shit for us. yall are out there fighting for rich pretty cis gay people. the media shows you rich pretty white gay cis people. there’s a lot more to it than that/ mentally ill people, homeless people, poor people, people who are being denied jobs and health care, they’re not worried about getting fucking married they’re worried about staying alive. LGBTQIA+ kids and adults are committing suicide every day, and it’s not because they cant fucking get married. so yes, same sex marriage legalization is a step. but it’s just A Step. I am not going to let some straight kids call me ungrateful because im not on my hands and knees praising straight allies who have done nothing for a ton of the LGBTQIA+ community. dont tell me i should “just be happy” because this step has been made. it’s good. it needed to happen. but this is the most elementary standard of human decency and im not about to be sobbing tears of joy, bc the people I love arent any safer than they were before this. this is like the straight equivalent of a man holding a door open for a girl and “being a gentleman” and then throwing a fit when she doesnt wanna date him. to all the straight allies: ya, its cool that u dont hate gay people. but that doesnt make you a saint or a savior or a hero or a fighter. we’re the ones fighting. and we’re still fighting and nothing has really changed for most of us. we dont owe you thanks just for being not evil, and i dont wanna hear your “not all allies” speeches because i KNOW that. we know that. but we are the community that is at the center of this, we should be allowed to speak about how we are still hurting without being told to stop and be grateful by people who aren’t us. Im not just gonna stop and be grateful. Im gonna keep moving forward. 

anonymous asked:

I was talking to my mom about gay marriage and she said she wasn't for it because they can't reproduce but??? Old straight people can get married?? And some straight couples don't want kids?? And there's plenty of kids who can be adopted and raised in a safe, loving environment??? Idk man she just doesn't want to admit she's homophobic

Yeah, there’s a million types of couples that can and can’t get pregnant, and that doesn’t affect their legal right to get married. I’m so sorry that your mom is being awful.