some sim i made


Lipstick Collection by Cualquiere

Here are my first attempts at making lipsticks. They’re not flawless, but they’re good enough to share! They might look different depending on the sliders and color you choose. Please check the README file for more information and tips!

If you don’t mind this then here’s the download link, hope you’ll like them. ✌


Feel free to edit them however you want! Contact me if you’re facing any issue.
Special shout-out to @kurasoberina​, I used her Ruby as base sim. o/

*waves* I made some more maxis match. These were a request from an anon. They have 22 colors from my ThisIsSoManyColors Palette. –I will be doing all boots in these colors only– They’re the more neutral colors. Umm.. so.. as per usual there is a custom thumbnail. Mesh Included. Please go check out @madlensims because if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be able to make all of these awesome retextures. 

Please like and reblog. <3 thank you. 

Also, keep the kind words coming, they keep me motivated. 

Download: HERE


I made some recolors of @simmingwithabbi ‘s desktop art picture from her clutter set. That set is awesome btw, and you should definitely go download it. ;) You can find it HERE. You do not need the mesh though. These are selective clones so they work on their own. All credit for the original mesh goes to simmingwithabbi. :) 

The set above is all in one package. Download it HERE

I also made some boho inspired recolors. Pics below.

You can download those HERE .

As always, let me know if you have any problems. Have fun!


I made some arm tattoos for males because there really aren’t any. Anywhoo.. nothing special.. just some triangles. They are pictured above ^^ 

You can download here (SFS) or here (Mediafire)


I added the icon for females and added it to be allowed for females so it shows up and stuff :) I also added tiny thumbnails so it’s easier to tell which ones you’re picking out – thank @deelitefulsimmer for that one :)


I’ve been posting lots of rambling text posts lately, but anyways!

So! The starter families are officially created and sitting in lots in Sedona! Yay! I made some and some of the others I randomized from all of the sims I have made and have on my box account (hello super old sims.) I just downloaded 8 townies from some simmers! And lots of alienpod’s houses since I just want to jump into playing!

Just have to edit some things in simpe and I can start playing. :)