some seriously awesome timing there guys

I’m not gonna make this long and I’m just gonna say one big thank you to all of you for following me! I recently hit 20k followers in less than a year and I’m honestly blown away by that. I ‘lost’ my previous blog so I had to make this one and start all over again and honestly at that time I didn’t take it well. But oh well, I’m kind of glad I did now. All in all, thank you all once again, for following, for all nice comments and liking my content, it really means a lot. So here are some awesome blogs and people, you guys are seriously amazing~❤️ I know that I maybe don’t talk much and I really wanna talk to some of you but I’m kinda scared to say hi and all 😅 *Also I’m trying to be more active on my twitter and I wanna follow more people, so yeah, my twt is @yoochiim *


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  • Sirius x Hermione - optionally time travel or Ron fucks up, que to a hot, more age-appropriate Sirius back from the veil

“Wazzaaaap? And who’s that hot, fucking beautiful - oh hey, Hermione!” 

  • Tom x Hermione - time travel fix-it, cause you know you’re tempted and geniuses are hot, especially if you have to show them the power of first sexual attraction and some fuzzy, warm moments and fuck it

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(Tom inwardly cooking in a slow fire)

  • Dramione - CAUSE HEY HE’S SMART AND HONEST AND HAS A MANOR AND IS FUCKING HOT, THAT’S WHY (especially if it’s Draco turning to the good side after some serious angst and off-screen shit happening)

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  • GEORGE x HERMIONE - cause contrary to the more popular Fred x Hermione, it’s Hermione helping a seriously awesome guy find joy in life again and George was the shier, more insecure guy and that just made him more adorable even before the book 7 angst

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  • Remus x Hermione - there was a time when Tonks was too old for me to relate to and a time travel Remione seemed like great stuff

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Sigh.. Sorry Tonks. I was young. You’re awesome and now I’m older than you.

  • Seriously I fucking loved a PERCY x HERMIONE fic and it was called Igniting the Sea and they were seriously rocking it in a hidden impossible love found in comforting, deep conversations in the library, occasional sex and Hugo was actually their kid, they named it after their favorite writer.

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Ron x Hermione? Nope.

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Izuku × Uraraka in Chapter 102.

You know what I like about this chapter? The way it shows crushing.

I mean, seriously, guys, usually in shounen manga authors tend to let fans ship whatever they want and don’t really dedicate much time to relationships between a boy and a girl. But here…

I can’t even describe this warm and pleasant feeling inside. We are not seeing here some megadramatic moments or overplayed love! We see simple but beautiful TEENAGE crushing!

And that is awesome! We see how Uraraka is obviously jealous (?) when Izuku and Mei talk so excitedly. And for the rest of the chapter, Uraraka is in some deep thought about what is going on with her. She is still only 15 and she is so adorably confused by her own feelings!

It’s just so beautiful in its simplicity! I just love it!!!


Welp it finally happened, i tooks some time off before commissions to make humanized designs of these awesome guys!

For some weird reason i actually took these designs very very seriously, they where actually hard to make. I wanted to keep both there proportions and shapes from there monster designs, and it turned out to be one hell of a hard job (specially sans…) but here they are!

Also I was greatly inspired to make these thanks to @tinycurlyfry​ Fanfic Chasing Fire. I am in love with this story! all of the small sketches beside sans and grillby’s full body designs are from that fanfic, i love the way they write sans and grillby, there so cool!.

i’ll be drawing undyne and alphys later on too.

Now i’m off to work!

During a 5e one-shot I was in a few months ago, the party had to protect a village from a goblin horde and do some other stuff I don’t remember. After attacking the goblins in a large cave a while away from the village, they reach the village gates being chased by the goblin horde, when this happens:

*please note, our fighter was a new player who wasn’t taking the game really seriously at the time*

Fighter: Alright, I got a plan, I’m gonna distract them so you guys can get inside safely!

Everyone else: Alright thanks! 

DM: alright, what’re you gonna do to stop these goblins from attacking?

Fighter: I’m gonna whip out my dick and shock them with its awesome size!

DM: … Alright then… *fails saves for entire horde* oh god… wanna roll for size while you’re at it?

Fighter: Heck yeah! Check out this natural twenty!! *crit fails*

The entire part is bursting out laughing now, and the DM keeps it going

DM: The goblin horde stops dead in it’s tracks as you whip out your dick and start to laugh uncontrollably

Fighter: F*** YOU!!

DM: A few of the goblins begin taking out theirs to show you what a real dick looks like.

Fighter: *death glares at everyone, especially the DM*

DM: Now a few townspeople are laughing! And members of the guard too!

*DM mocks the fighter, doing several voices for every NPC who’s laughing at his tiny wiener*

@mid-childan-puella-magi, Dalish folksongs would likely take the bent of Irish folksongs, i.e.,

  • Haha wasn’t it awesome how many Orlesians we killed that one time before they crushed our rebellion (fuck those guys)
  • Orlesians killed all my friends and I want to Fight
  • Menial tasks as overwrought euphemisms for sex
  • Shemlen keep enslaving our people and it seriously blows (a slow air)
  • How fucking rad were the Dales, I wish I could go back to the Dales (and fuck Orlais)
  • How fucking rad was Arlathan, I wish I could go back to Arlathan (and fuck Tevinter)
  • Shemlen killed all our halla
  • *long strings of vocables sung with great rapidity*
  • Okay, now that we’ve scared off the shems let’s talk REVOLUTION
  • A reverent song about Shartan
  • A dirty song about Shartan
  • The halla have sickened, winter is coming, life is terrible, this is probably the fault of Orlais/Tevinter/The Shems
  • I don’t care how hot he is, humans are bad news marry this nice elven boy instead
  • *incomprehensible pidgin elvish/tevene/trade mashups sung with great rapidity*
  • Questionable and moderately sacriligeous euphemisms and puns about the Creators

Hi guys! I thought it was about time to do another one of these because I follow and have gotten to know some really awesome people and blogs! 

Whether we may talk or not, I just wanted to show my thanks and appreciation to my mutuals. 😊 Thank you for continuing to follow me and for keeping my dash fun and entertaining. Some of y’all create some seriously amazing content, from writing to gfx to gifs to fanart to hilarious shit posts, and I envy your kick-ass skills! And thank you to those of you who tag me in stuff that always make me happy. Love you all!!  💕 💕 💕

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I just want to take a minute to tell the Joker fandom how awesome they are. You guys seriously know how to treat your fan fic authors.

The comments I get on AO3 and on here, are giving me life.

A lot of readers don’t realize how important feedback is. It’s inspiring and it keeps the authors writing.

Idk if it’s laziness or it’s just that they’re embarrassed they read a smut fic and won’t leave kudos or comments, so they won’t be tied to it in any way.

I’m not a mind reader. But whatever the reason, some fandoms have a hard time with feedback. But not this one. Y'all are spoiling me rotten.

I just wanted y'all to know, it doesn’t go unappreciated. I love you guys. It makes me wanna write for y'all forever 💕

It’s that time of year again! As 2015 winds down to a close, I just wanted to thank all of these amazing people who make my tumblr experience so much fun.  (p.s. some of you may know me as my side blog @g-dragon-and-top-love)

Italics are blogs that I can’t get enough of, like seriously why so perfect all the time, bold are mutuals, and bold-italics are of course a mix of the two.  ✿ are for the blogs that really stand out for their friendliness and all around awesomeness . Thanks for all that you guys do!

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Also a quick shout out to Archibald…whoever you are, you deserve all the awards and more!!


I was tagged by @2015-icoulddobetter to post 6 selfies from 2015,

starting off is when i took my mum on a day trip/meal at the ice bar in london, after some super amazing tumblr followers helped with funds i took her to have a nice time after she defeated cancer as a big “fuck yeah you did it, i love yu and you deserve the best”. I seriously love you guys for helping me do that. 

my she-hulk photoshoot with @carlosadama, first time doing a proper shoot with him and holy shit that guy is fucking awesome, one of the nicest people you could meet and has a really stunning photography style. Good dude, #gainsbro #banter

Next was download. download was fucking awesome. budget lyfe, it is possible to live off of pringles for 4 days 

rugby 7s this year at fat blokes, spent the entire time drunk af and covered in bruises. will be going again hopefully, made some good friends that weekend.

My 21st birthday, a flattering photo of me and @nicewizard who iv known for years now, homestuck bros 4lyfe. also this photo doesnt show that i was down 3/4th a pint vodka, i dont remember getting home. I had the best time. 

last was one of me at the beach, nothing special about it but look at my freckles. yeah buddy. 

i tag @carlosadama @nicewizard @paintbucket @isabellewoody and all of my mutuals. do eeeet 

Thank you!!!

SasuHina Month is officially over, and I to say some things about it.

I absolutely can’t believe how many quality posts we had this year. You guys are amazing. The fanarts were charming, you are all so talented! 

And there were so many fanfics that honestly I couldn’t read them all. You guys have so much inspiration, I feel envious… hehe


I really want to thank everyone that participated in producing things, thank you. You have give us your precious time and talent, and I appreciate all the effort you put into making these masterpieces of fanwork.

But I can’t forget to mention everyone of the followers of this blog for constantly showing your support by liking and reblogging the posts. You keep this blog alive, and I’m really grateful for that. 

For SasuHina Month this year, we had more than 200 posts (that I saw and reblogged), and only in August we welcomed 118 new followers. I was so thrilled by that.Seriously. I hope you all feel comfortable in coming to me for questions and comments; mentions and submits. 

Activity on this blog will probably decrease, but I’ll always be here for you guys. You can send messages and asks, and I’ll try to answer them the best way I can. 

Again, I want to thank you all that have contributed for making SasuHina Month 2015 this amazing event, and I hope you all participate again next year.

Thank you. I love you. We’re all a big family.

SasuHina Love.

The miracle of Miraculous

I’m a fan of Miraculous ladybug.

Some might say it’s childish

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Some might say it’s repetitive

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Some might say it’s cliché

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But that’s what they say when dismissing anything that doesn’t look ‘adult’ or ‘refined’. They might say things, but there are things they don’t see because they don’t give it a chance.

They don’t see the strong female lead.

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Who has dreams and works to achieve them

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They don’t see the guy, sensitive but strong

Originally posted by chassecroise

Who’s flirty but respectfull of boundaries

Originally posted by hikayagami

They don’t see a show that knows the audience isn’t mindless. That they deserve to be treated like the thinking beings they are.

Miraculous is more than it looks.

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Give it a chance, it and you deserve it :)

Since it’s the new year and all I thought maybe I should write some words - so here they are:


Seriously. All my Tumblr peeps: you guys are awesome.

Tumblr staff: thanks for all the times you’ve featured my stuff on here and for actually giving a dang.

Tumblr homies: thanks for just hanging out. If you’d have told me three years ago that a bunch of people would like all the dumb doodles I do, I’d have said you were crazy. Thanks for laughing at my dumb jokes. I’m basically the worst at answering asks, but thank you all so much for your kind words this year. It means a lot that some of you would take time out of your day to offer words of encouragement.

Most of all, thanks for making stuff. This community inspires me so much and every day I find new art to drool over. I’m so proud to be a part of Tumblr and I can’t wait to see what we get up to in 2015.

Happy New Year!

So this past Blizzcon the best Blizzcon i’ve been too thus far, and i have been to every Blizzcon but the first.

There are a couple reasons it was, first and foremost because I got to meet and spend some time with some of the coolest fucking amazing nerds on the planet:

Seriously, these guys were so fucking rad and down to earth and just really cool and it made my blizzcon meeting them. Not pictured is Liam, being that he is the voice of Illidan and that is like, idk, kind of a big deal or something, he spent most of his con bouncing back and forth from the panel to the signing line to the panel. We didn’t get a picture with him, but we talked with him and that too was awesome.

But something else happened. before I got into Critical Role, I never put much thought into the voice actors that are part of my video games and cartoons and stuff, like I obviously knew that it was a thing that happened, but like it never dawned on me to look into them, the way you would a live recorded actor.

Because of our Critical Role actors who are also Blizzard actors, I found myself literally doing nothing but camping the voice actor stage for both days. and I found myself sad that I had for so long missed how amazing not just they were, but EVERY. FUCKING. VOICE. ACTOR. was. I’ll always have a special favorite spot in my heart for my CritRole actors but, jesus, I fell in love with so many new voice actors. but I also fell in love with the industry. like I know we’ve recently seen the #performancematters stuff and we know there are some pitfalls of the voice actor industry, but the COMMUNITY of these wonderful adorable nerds is amazing. The people. and as they described the work they do, how they do it, how they found it. I fell in love. I have never heard a job that so… embodies who i am as a person. My Fiancee thought the same thing, after 13 years of dating me, they described what being a voice actor entailed and she thought “that sounds like the perfect job for Dyer.”

I entered in the “so you think you can monster?” contest, of the 60 auditions, i was one of 12 called back. I didn’t win top 3, but i definately felt my audition went better for alot of different reasons than my final product. 

I want to be a Voice Actor.

I know ive heard lots of other people say so too, via Critical Role messages and notes and Q&A.  So what I propose is a new tag #CritterVO.

In this tag will not only be videos, streams and audio of Critters as they practice their VO, learning to use their voices and to accept the limelight of others hearing and seeing them. But will be prompts too.

We should all take turns playing Voice Director to each other, send someone a picture or a description of something or someone, along with it send some direction, tell them the story you want told, or the emotions you want to hear.

Lets do this.

I’ve been feeling really solemn since 2016 began.
I never want to draw anymore, and whenever I start something it takes everything in me to finish it. 
I’ve lost interest in my daily life as well. Work is really hard to get through, going out to see friends takes a lot, it’s just a gross mess.
I’m in an awkward slump that I desperately need to get out of. 

I wanted to thank you lovelies for being so supportive of the little things I create during this time :) 
I make sure to keep making little posts for all you super stars that are sticking with me.
It means so much!

Thanks for being such a great community.

I’ve been wanting to do this for quite some time and since I hit 800 followers a while ago I decided, why not



itsbrilliance (it’s cuz your fab)