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Waverly: “Nicole, can you use police records and track a number for me? I got around 40 really strange texts ranging from "I love you you’re the light of my life” to “Waverly plz wife me” at around 1 AM from an unknown number.“

Nicole: "Sure, give me 5 minutes and then I’ll find out who’s trying to hit on my girlfriend, but I need to look into some security tapes first; some guy got his phone stolen in a bar.”

Nicole: *Watches surveillance tape and sees herself taking a phone that was on the bar counter*

Nicole: *Vague flashback to her texting Waverly while severely intoxicated because her phone was out of power but she felt the urge to drunkenly rant to Waverly about how much she loves her*

Nicole: *Is in denial* *Finds the stolen phone in her jacket pocket* “Ohhhhhhhhhh shit.”

Nicole: *Awkwardly hands stolen phone to owner mumbling something about someone turning it in*

Nicole (to Waverly): “Funny thing about those texts…”

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can you just forget about “Sherlock” and back to normal life?


One More Chance

Request: Y/n is a surgeon and she and shawn had broken up but then he gets into an accident and she sees his security at the hospital and they talk and it’s fluffy and a happy ending where he asks her for another chance

a/n: I don’t know much about doctor stuff and I don’t watch any medical dramas so any doctor-ish information is from a google search…And this is kinda fluffy? More fluffy towards like the end end 😂 cut me some slack it’s a hospital and I had to make it a little tense😂😂

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You never did understand the whole throwing yourself into work when something drastically changed in a person’s life.  Everything was fine and dandy with your life; you had an amazing boyfriend who was out living his dream, finished your medical school and almost done your year of an internship at a hospital so you were about to start your residency.

           You loved your job.  And one of the things you loved the most was how supportive Shawn was. On the nights he was home, he would be your personal study cheerleader, staying up with you drinking coffee into the early hours of the morning, and encouraged you through your doubts.

            But then one day, when you thought everything was fine, Shawn broke your heart and broke things off between you two.  Almost three and a half years together and he called it off because he felt like he couldn’t devote enough time to you.

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The Bodyguard ch. 6

Newest installment of The Bodyguard written by @alittlemissfit and yours truly!! 

If you haven’t read the others here they are:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
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Chapter 4
Chapter 5


“What’s the password?” The disembodied voice asks over a speaker as Mulder rolls his eyes.

“I’m not saying it, Frohike. Just let me in,” he sighs, rubbing a hand down his face.

“I can’t let you in til you say the password.”

“I know you’ve got video surveillance. You know it’s me! Just let me in!”

“Video cameras can be tricked and shapeshifters are a documented phenomena. So I’ll say it again. Password?!”

Rolling his eyes, Mulder groans. Looks straight up into the camera.

“Riding the 5-legged pony,” he says flatly. Shakes his head at the laughter he hears over the intercom as he’s buzzed in.

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festival giriboy au!
  • okay so this bitchass doesn’t go to many festivals,, liKe hE waNtS to ,,,,,, but he’s brOkE aS fUck
  • like he’s got money,,,,,, but he’s an impulsive buyer (his shoe collection is proof)
  • tHIS MeAns he’s got a shit ton of mediocre camping equipment but he blows most of his money on festival clothes
  • not even nice festival clothes, like he thinks it’s “hip and trendy”,,, it’s a fashion disaster half the time but he ??always ?? works ?? it ????
  •  and he almost always begs daewoong or sungmin to come along w/ him to festivals,,,,,,,, he’s an introverted mess
  • and if that doesn’t work, knock knock to wbyh (that’s unlikely because daewoong’s his lap dog lbr)
  • he’s definitely the kinda “muso” and at a festival,,,, meaning he’s that one guy who’s always hyping up the lesser known bands and always talking at length about some band no one has even heard of
  • “okay but like ___ is so much better and the fact that they have a small fanbase makes it so much better but they’re so talented and deserve a lot of recognitio-”
  • he’s also the type of guy who will not go out of the tent until the first band he wants to see goes on,,, unless it’s for like bathroom trips
  • which is how he met you, a tired, annoyed devil, who is ready to kill someone
  • you guessed it you’re ready to kill siyoung,,,, the bitchass who cut in front of you in the toilet queue
  • and you’re like half dead, but running on 5 red bulls, 6 coffees, 8 packs of haribos and other sugar filled sweets so you didn’t really focus on the guy who rudely cut in front of you until you realise you’re almost at the front
  • and then suddenly,,, you’re like,, where’s the drugged up, pda couple?????? why is this hermit looking guy here???? what????? the??? fuck????
  • so you tap this, shrimp ass, floral, rude fucker on the back and you’re like “yo dude wtf???? why you cuttin in?????”
  • and he’s like :) sorry :) i :) didn’t :) mean :) to [he really did] :) but :) oH :) lOok :) iM :) nExT :) bYe
  • and you’re practically seething in rage because a) this shit head cut in line b) someone with that cute of a face shouldn’t be that rude c) someone wearing some floral “hawaiian” shirt as ugly as that shouldn’t look so attractive
  • so being sleep deprived, grumpy, desperate for the loo aNd nOW PISSED,,,, you’re all “this prick is getting payback”
  • so you quickly leave the line and thanks to the experience from many pranks from the past, you manage to lock this idiot into the port-a-loo (:<<<
  • and that’s how the iconic loo war started
  • no one but you two called it that, actually no one but you two cared
  • buT bAcK tO tHe cAsE aT hand this lil shit is taking a shit lmaodbsjs and he’s tryna get out now but oh shit! the door won’t open!!
  • and by now you’ve successfully pissed and you’re waiting outside this port-a-loo to watch this hobo lookin dude struggle
  • and you can hear him groaning and calling out for help,,, yet,, you,, just,, stand,, there,, laughing (me too)
  • BUt oH nO,, he can hear you and he’s all “please help me!!!” and you’re all like “well you pushed in front of my dickhead suck it up” and this goes on for around 20 minutes until some buff ass security guy is all “tf???”
  • and then he realises what you’ve done and starts laughing (what a g) and he soon enough goes to help poor siyoung
  • however by the time he’s out you’ve disappeared and he’s like “revenge will happen” but is lowkey lazy to do it
  • so y'all both are enjoying the festival,,,, doin festival stuff
  • until your favourite band is about to perform and you’re hella excited bc it’s the first time seeing them on a “massive” stage since they normally do small club gigs so you’re “!!!!!!!”
  • but guess who also loves them???? blacknut fhdhcgjh im kidding it’s siyoung
  • and on the way there he sees someone familiar up ahead and he’s like “toilet girl >>>>:(” and runs towards you and you hear fucking elephant feet stomping towards you and you glance back and you’re like “toilet boy :0000”
  • so you run (like sonic) away from the crazy hobo looking man towards the crowd hoping that you can lose him
  • but he catches up and tackles you, before you can make it into the forming crowd
  • leaving you both in that cliche, compromising position™
  • and he doesn’t really notice and he’s going to roast you as hot as the sun but you’re just looking at him correction: admiring him 
  • and he’s like “yo you bully im wasting some good quality time on insulting you, that i could be using watching ________”
  • and then you snap out of your daze and you’re like “yeah well me too loser!! so get off me so i can look at the lomls on stage being legends!”
  • and he notices (finally) and he gets all blushy and stuttery “s-sorry i d-didnt realise”
  • and he’s lowkey got heart eyes for you because a) he’s realised how cute you are b) you have some good ass taste in music c) you’re literally his ideal type personality wise
  • and you’re embarrassed but pissed so you give him evils whilst also blushing profusely and you’re about to shove him off but he’s a dumbass
  • so what does he do???
  • he kisses your cheek and runs off
  • leaving you awe struck and kinda falling for the dork, until you get the fuck up, to fight him for kissing and then ditching you

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First Timer's Guide To Meeting Ghost Unmasked!!!

I’ve only seen them once myself this past October but I’d like to help other first timers! This is all based on my experience tho

1) Firstly, right after the show, find the band’s bus (theres one for crew and one for the band. Usually the one with a little equipment trailer thingy attached to the back is the crew bus??) Usually there will be a little section right by it where you will be able to wait. Park your ass there and DO NOT MOVE.

2) A security/crew dude may or may not come out to warn you of the No Photo rule. Pray to Satan that no idiots ruin this for you because if previous rituals are any indication, the band members WILL leave even if they are in the midst of signing stuff. I was fortunate enough to be with some super rad people instead of dumbasses.

3) Better safe than sorry: put your phones away and any other camera looking doodads

4) Now, it’s my understanding that band members will sign stuff before or after their post concert party thingy, if it’s the latter like it was in Seattle, be prepared for a long ass wait but DO NOT LOSE HOPE I mean they gotta come back to their bus eventually! 😆

5) If someone comes out and tells you that they are gone or that they will not be coming out etc unless it’s one of the crew people maybe DO NOT LISTEN some security guy came out right before 1 am-ish and told us they’re gone blah blah like WE KNOW they are at the bar the point is they will come back to the bus have faith!

6) Bring a sharpie!

7) Ask them for hugs! They will give you some if you ask!

8) The less people the better because it’s more time with your fave also less of a chance for someone to be a dingus and try to snap a pic so the band members will be more at ease I think.

That’s all I can think of! Please add stuff if you have had a different experience!

anonymous asked:

Any tips for writing Dimple's character?

hmm… the real dimple, the one who isn’t pretending to be anyone else (i.e. isn’t taking on the role of a cult leader) is like… ok let’s make this a bulleted list because those are way easier to read than some convoluted paragraph

  • he talks in a pretty coarse way and isn’t polite to anyone
  • he has a low-key cocky attitude (as an upper level evil spirit) but isn’t afraid to act pitiful in order to manipulate someone
  • he’s good at manipulation but somehow not very good at acting, i.e. he’s kind of an open book when it comes to facial expressions (so he might also act pitiful for non-manipulations reasons, such as being terrified)
  • he doesn’t hesitate to call someone out for doing something weird/dumb (unless he fears for his own safety)
  • he is not good at estimating the power level of his opponents (e.g. first encounter with mob, first encounter with teru, distant past encounter with mogami, the beginning of his encounter with shibata)
  • he may tease people in an elbow-jab-in-the-side kind of way but doesn’t really mess with them too much otherwise
  • he’s very passive and almost always plays the role of an observer unless he feels he has no choice but to intervene
  • he doesn’t really care about actively helping people achieve their goals, but if he’s bored he might play along because why not (e.g. helping reigen on days when mob is busy, following mob and reigen with a megaphone as they jog in training for the marathon, etc.)
  • he generally doesn’t start shit unless he’s Very Upset with someone or feeling extraordinarily confident
  • he seems to be unwilling to actively hurt someone but not particularly concerned about letting people get hurt if he’s not directly involved
  • he’s smart and good at analyzing people… but mob is kinda in his blind spot in that respect, even now
  • he does not possess some random guy (security guard) and hang around reigen’s office with a smug grin on his face
  • he does not keep tabs on random security guards whom he possessed several months ago for a total of like 1 hour so that he can track them down and possess them when he decides he needs some meat hands to touch reigen with
  • if he does possess someone, he’ll most likely go for whoever is most conveniently nearby in that situation
  • he can interact with physical objects (e.g. that omake where he’s like “i can’t possess shigeo, can i carry him with my strength?!” and tries to pull him, e.g. dropping a single piece of rubble onto serizawa’s head) but he can also phase through walls and stuff
  • he is not used to being trusted or relied upon

With bands like Rise Against and Anti-flag (not just cuz of the songs but cuz of the band members) you sometimes forget there are people who are assholes in this world

Today has been a surprising, mind-blowing, very everything-is-awesome kind of day!!

Which means I ended up not drawing very much, so let me share some fluff I’ve had in-progress with you all to celebrate!

Unexpected turn ( nate maloley)

 this was requested by an anon about the situations that happened in webster hall . this isn’t exactly like what happen i made some changes and it kind of long .. but i really hope you like and enjoy it !  



“Hey lil ma you ready? we have to go!” 

“ Im coming papi” todays was Skates concert in the big apple and we has supper excited. This was always his dream, to be a big artist and to do what he loves most, Music. He is on tour with Derek Luh another great Rap artist 

“ damn Lil ma.. you look stunning, I mean look at you” 

“ stop it Nate, we have to go. You have a concert to attend remember”  I say teasingly 

“ I think I just might be late” 

 ‘oh no you are not” says Derek  “we have to go now you to love birds need to stop we have to go now” 

“ Derek you’re no fun” 

“ Y/n you have no idea how fun I can actually be”  says Derek teasingly 

“ hey hey back off bro she is mine, her body her lips her heart and her ass its all mine and mine only” I love it when Nate get defensive 

Nate was always the protective type. It didn’t matter who it was, he would always make sure people knew that I was his and only his. I was his princess and no one was allow to touch or mistreat his princess 

During his shows I was always back. watching him perform always brings me so much joy. He raps with so much passion and the way he moves on stage is so hot. 

“hey girl come here lets dance” 

“ I don’t think so” 

“ well i didn’t ask what you thought, Im telling you I want to dance with you” 

“ Im sorry aren’t you supposed to be doing i don’t securing the damn show, so please leave me alone and go do your show” 

“ hey ma i said I wanna dance” said the security 

“ Hey back the hell up from my girl” 

“ Nate dont!” 

and just like that… things take turn for the worst.. Before I even get any words out Nate throws a punch to the security guard and before he could throw another he is on the ground and 5 security guards are kicking him. I tried to make them stop but when I touched the big bold guy he threw me crossed the room

“ DONT YOU FUCKING TOUCH HER”  I can hear Nate yelling and Derek fighting them off as well. and suddenly the stage that was once where Nate and the crew were performing turned into a battle field. The fan joined the stage and tired to get the security guys of they boys, while to other fans helped me get up. 

“Y/N WE HAVE TO GO NOW”  i feel Swazz trying to help me and get of stage 


“DEREK HAS HIM LETS GO”  you can tell in Swazz 

I can’t believe this is happening, I can’t believe it, everything was perfectly fine just a couple a minutes ago and now everything is ruined because some asshole security guy wouldn’t take no for an answer. oh my god the fans, those fan who trying to protect us what are we gonna do about them. we have to help them, the fans–


“ IM HERE.. Im here baby I’m right here..”

“OH MY GOD Y/N your forehead your bleeding, I swear I’m going to KILL that asshole” 

“ Don’t worry about me, we have to help the fans, some of them got hurt really bad trying to help us.. but where is Luh? “

“ he left for the hospital, he’ll meet us at the hotel but i have to take care of you, you  have a deep cut–”

“forget about me help them” I was more worried about the fans than myself 

“ fine but I’m taking care of you, okay? I love you y/n”  the way he tells me those three words, so soft and yet so sexy. Always leave me with butterflies in my stomach as if I was in third grade all over again. 

“ i love you too”

as I am sitting on the curb talking to fan and making sure they are okay, a girl named amanda tell me how everyone is posting on every social media about what happened and praying for us , making hashtag and how how every one is talking about it an supporting us. and the only thing I can thinks is … So this is what a family feels like.


Quick story: I was writing two college papers while i was writing this story and i typed Nate like 5 times lol and I almost submitted it like that, lol but I hope you enjoy it ! 


Waiter Ashton always looking at your table where you and your your date are sat, knowing that he is a douche and that you don’t deserve something like that. So when he starts to act disrespectfully Ashton interferes and asks your date to leave but he won’t and starts a rant and even tries to hit Ashton. After that he makes some security guys throw your date out of the restaurant and upon seeing how distraught you are he promises to drive you home after his shifts ends in ten minutes.

HANNIBAL SIGHTING! I met Hugh Dancy & Mads Mikkelsen & I saw Laurence Fishburne!

Okay I will try to keep this as coherent as possible but I can’t promise anything!

So yesterday (January 30) I saw this image on Tumblr:

It’s a notice mailed to residents in the area to tell them that the street parking will be used for crew/cast vehicles. I’ve never seen a Hannibal one before! It just so happened that my work shift ended at 6pm that day in the same area, so I figured I’d head over after work to see what was up. I wandered around for a good 2 hours trying to see what was happening, but all I could really tell was that the crew were there setting up lights and whatnot. There were pylons set up next to the ROM so I thought the cast trailers would go there, but they didn’t show up. I circled the block a couple of times but nothing much happened. Then I overheard some security/control guys talking about the AD dept./vehicles being down on St. Joseph street so I walked over there to see what was up - and as soon as I turned the corner BAM!


Thankfully there were some other fans there taking photos, so I got to take one too despite being super shaky and nervous haha (you can tell the photo is blurry). He is so nice oh my gosh and so handsome! He was really lovely! I congratulated him on his awards and he said thank you ^^ Also, some really cute Chinese fans were telling him about how he’s super popular in China, and he was all “Well I’ll have to go sometime!” AUGH SUPER CUTE.

After that I went outside and there were some more fans (about 8-10), so we all huddled together and talked. I also got to talk to the security guards who were WONDERFUL and so kind to us silly fangirls! I also met Abby/Abbie (not sure of the spelling, I’m sorry!) - I’m not sure of her exact job title, but she seemed to be in charge of coordinating everyone and she was also so nice!! I was really blown away by how close they let us be to the trailers/actors and how they put up with all of our silliness. The Hannibal crew is perfect in every way! ;;

So after waiting for a while, we saw Laurence Fishburne come out of his trailer! Unfortunately we were all a bit intimidated by him so we didn’t manage to get pictures T_T Sorry guys! But seriously he just exudes an aura of coolness @_@


So I wanted to get photos of the names on the trailers, so some of the girls went over with me to the one that said Will Graham and we ended up just staying there and talking (we were all half frozen by then haha). AND THEN HUGH CAME OUT!!! Some of the girls had gone inside a nearby building to warm up so I dashed back in to get them and we ran out and oh my goodness HUGH. What an angelic perfect amazing human being! He took his time and talked to all of us and took photos with all of us and he was basically wonderful in every way and also British and!!!!! AHHHH HUGH.

So of course I talked his ear off but the best part for me was when I handed him my sign to sign (the same one I took when I met Bryan Fuller) and he looked at it and said in this adorable voice, “Bryan Fuller, can you see me?” HE WAS SO CONFUSED HAHHA IT WAS AMAZING. So I half-explained the story and told him about the recipe box, and the producer (I didn’t get his name!! D: ) was right there so he went “Oh I saw it! Bryan showed me!” and AHHH. It was awesome! My selfie with Hugh turned out a bit badly, but thankfully my wonderful new Fannibal friend Nadia managed to get a really good one!! Thank you Nadia!!! ;_; <3

(this selfie is so bad lol I suck. BUT. At first I was like “oh no the lighting is bad!” and Hugh went “WELL LET’S DO THIS” and turned me around with his arm on my back ahahahah omfg WORTH IT)


And then Hugh had to go, so all of us fans went inside to warm up and we took some pictures together! It was a really awesome experience and, once again, I’m amazed at how a little perseverance can go such a long way. I didn’t think I would even see the cast trailers, much less ALL OF THE CAST! Everyone was so kind and welcoming and wonderful and hardworking!! I really wish I could give the crew a gift because they work so tirelessly to make the show amazing and to help the cast do such a brilliant job. UGH I LOVE THIS SHOW.

I think one thing that I like the most about Hannibal isn’t getting to meet the celebrities, though - I mean, it’s really amazing and I’m super thankful for it! But for me every time I’ve done this I have met so many passionate, interesting, dedicated fans who become my friends, both on and offline. I think the Fannibals are what make me love Hannibal. We’re a family! ;_;

OKAY SAPPY TIME OVER. Here’s my signed sign! (Hugh is in the top corner, Mads is on the bottom, and Bryan’s in the middle from before.)

AHHHHHHHAPIJSDGAJDFhjsdmaksdjkfj okay I’m done



Well. I’ve always seen these meeting Taylor experience posts and never thought I would be writing one. It all started on Monday night when I got an email from Taylor Nation saying they love how I support Taylor and would like to know a number to call to speak with me about something. Of course I freaked the heck out. My mom and sister were mocking my freak-out. All Tuesday I was waiting for the call but did not get it until my last class. I urgently had to keep leaving the room making up excuses such as I needed to go to the bathroom then I needed to ask my sister something then I needed to go get Advil from the office. I’m sure my Physics teacher had some major worries as to what was going on. I got on the phone with Kevin from who said Taylor requested I be at an event in NYC on Monday evening and after talking to my parents and figuring out the flight and hotel expenses, we called back and agreed to go. MOST EXCITING THING EVER. All week it was hard keeping the secret. I only told a select few people that I trusted. A few family members and a couple friends. They were sworn to complete secrecy.

  I was freaking out all week until 4AM on Saturday when I had to get up to go the airport. It started getting really real. We spent Saturday evening and Sunday roaming the city, visiting landmarks, and Taylor’s apartment. It was very exciting to be in my favorite city knowing I was going to be meeting my favorite person. My sister, mom, and I enjoyed getting to explore so much. As if the trip to NYC wasn’t exciting enough, I woke up early on Monday morning to hear the album, loved it. We shopped a little bit in the morning then went back to our hotel to get ready. We took the Subway downtown to the address we were told to meet at and it was getting more and more real as time went on. 

When we got to the address, I only saw one person outside with a Taylor shirt on and was pretty confused. We went in and asked some security guys where we needed to check in for the Taylor Swift event. They claimed to have no clue what I was talking about. We went to the Starbucks next door where everyone was waiting. I met a ton of people including my fav Emily! We went outside and just all hung out and talked for a while until about what we thought was happening though no one knew what was in store for us. Finally, Karli came out and got us all and we she asked our names and I was like “Well I’m Lettie” and she goes “Oh yeah! The video with Grayson!” It is crazy how well all of Taylor’s crew know about us. We went in and they took our stuff and we got signed in and all that stuff then we were moved into this room with a small stage with a drum set and piano. They had cookies and cupcakes and drinks and we were all just going crazy waiting. Then, a girl working for Taylor got on stage and was like “Ha sike we’re moving location.” Everyone was freaking out and some people thought we were going to her apartment. It was crazy. We were taken down the street to this random building that I still have no clue what it is and we stood and waited and re-checked in and we were led upstairs to A FREAKING ROOFTOP WHERE THERE WAS THIS HUGE STAGE AND THE VIEW WAS FREAKING GORGEOUS AHH I LOVE NEW YORK. It was so surreal knowing what we were there for. They were playing the album over speakers and the sun was starting to set over the city. Truly incredible. 

We waited and waited and waited listening to the album until her band came out which was really cool and me and my sister were appreciating how cute the backup singers’ outfits were. About 10 minutes later, some guy got on stage and was like “Alright start screaming showtime in 5 seconds!” and then the band started playing WTNY and since I was on the side I couldn’t see Taylor walking up but she came up through the center of the crowd singing. When she was on stage I just started jamming and freaking out and I kept having moments where I had to tell myself “That’s Taylor Swift” and like I mentally could not process it. I loved all 5 songs she played live: WTNY, OOTW, Shake It Off, Blank Space, and Style. It was cool seeing the behind the scenes stuff like after a song she’d be like “Yo crew was that good or do I need to redo that.” Then she was like listening to her crew and she goes “DAD you do not have the authority to tell me that was good. Can I get some sound people?” She had to re-say a few things and then after her performance she was like “Alright guys, thank you all for coming! I’m gonna go change and then we can take some pictures and hang out!” She left the stage and her people took us down a few floors to this party room with pizza and drinks and stuff. We hung out there for a little while until Taylor came out!!!!!!!!!! 

It was a girl’s 21st birthday so Taylor had a little gift for her and they talked first. There was sort of a line that formed to meet her but like some people weren’t in line and it was just all very casual. I got in line and just watched in awe as other people met her. She took some pretty hysterical pictures with some people so it was very entertaining to watch. I talked with her mom a little bit about how much Taylor really appreciates all of the scrapbooks and fan gifts. It was incredible to meet her and she was just so sweet. I got in line after a while with Emily. I got to watch Jenna and Cassie meet her which was really cool. While she was talking to Jenna(I don’t remember the context) but we like got in her conversation from across the room. She said that Jenna needs to post more selfies and we were laughing about how Taylor only likes Jenna’s posts when she curses. We ensured Taylor that Jenna is a good girl :). Finally it was my turn and I walked up and just hugged her and cried and said “I just love you so much! I can’t believe this is happening!”. We first started talking as she caressed my sister’s fur vest saying how soft it was. I don’t even remember the conversation clearly because I was in such awe. I remember talking about Grayson and she said for him to come with me to a show on the next tour so they could meet so fingers crossed my precious little brother who basically got me this opportunity will meet her. She said how cute we were in that video and how she just “couldn’t stand the level of cuteness” Then we talked about how like sketchy the whole getting invited process is. She was like “Yeah a lot of parents called and were like *country hick accent* ‘Is my child gon’ be sold into some kinda sex trafficking?’” It was absolutely hysterical. At some point she slipped my name into conversation and I realized that when I first walked up to her I hadn’t told her my name. I was like “wait. hold up. you knew my name?!” She was like “Of course you’re the only Lettie I’ve ever met!” which is so totally the coolest thing in the entire world. Then my sister was like “Yeah I bet you’ve never met an Anne Mary Caroline” She was like “Oh my gosh you have so many middle names. When you are in trouble your mom must be like "ANNE MARY CAROLINE SARAH KATHERINE ANNA ELIZABETH MARGARET GO TO YOUR ROOM.” Once again, absolutely hysterical. My sister was like “Nah I’m a good kid I don’t really get in trouble a lot.” And taylor was like “Yeah I’m the same way I’m totally deathly afraid of getting in trouble.” Then somehow it came up that I told her about where I am in the picture of Taylor and the crowd at the Dallas Red show and she was like “HAHA wait are you in that? I’m gonna have to go look at it and find you.” I don’t even remember when but at some point in the middle of the conversation we took our Polaroids and I was like “okay I have an idea y'all are gonna hold me but I don’t know what kind of face we will make.” Taylor was like “AH let’s act bored!” so we took that and then my sister and I took individual ones hugging her. Then her people came up and were like 'let’s wrap it up’ because we were talking to her for so long. Then I was like wait I need to hug you again! And we hugged and I told her I loved her and we got our polaroids and key chains and left. Some guy interviewed me on the way out and I really hope it sees the light of day because I wanna see how hysterical I was. My polaroid did not come out the best but I scanned it and edited it so it’s better on my computer. Anyways, I’ve cried numerous times since about the fact that I WAS THERE and absolutely just cannot believe that I got the experience to do this. I miss Taylor and all of the beautiful people at the event. It was truly the best night of my life and I cannot wait to see what else Taylor has in store for us.


This is gonna be longer than fuck so… brace yourselves.

I’m gonna start off with the show, literally the best show I’ve ever been to in my life. It was a mixture of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s past tours with a bunch of extra beautiful shit added on top. Y'all saw the pictures, Beyoncé slayed so hard I cried twice and Jay was like the cherry on top. It was so overwhelming. You can really tell her and Jay are really the best of friends and you can see how deeply they love and respect one another. And they emphasized that they are NOT perfect and that bad things happen between them but love concurs all. It all had me caught up in the rapture of feels.

Now. To the really good stuff that y'all came here for.

I made sure to make nice with the security girl of our section, she looked familiar tbh, I think she goes to my school. Anyway, after the show I kinda sneak over to her and ask “Hypothetically, if I were trying to meet any certain dancers or other important people… where would I go?” lol Needless to say she told me where the trucks were going to be and where everyone would be leaving from and I hightailed it in that direction. 

First of all, I should let you all know that Miami, Fl is the city of thirsty and niggas who wanna be famous, say they know someone famous, or catch their big break so it came to no surprise that when we got out there there was a ton of people already  trying catch a glimpse of Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

It was chaos.

But chaos did not stop me from seeing my baby daddy Larry as soon as I walked up, followed by my side nigga Laurent. I screamed, “LARRY!” and his head turned in confusion like he wasn’t sure if someone called him or not. I waved like a maniac and he smiled and kept it moving. They were on the complete opposite side of the barracks from us so I just watched as they talked to some people on the other side. They looked like they were politely curving them because not too much sooner after they started walking back into the darkness, I’m assuming back to their bus. So I sat and waited. Eventually Beyoncé and Jay-Z came, hopped in their car and dipped, I saw her flip her glorious hair through the window—it was magical. After they left people like Bibi and The Mamas and some of the dancers started coming out to get on their busses. I saw Dnay and Ksyn talking to fans a little further down so I made my way over there. All of them were so nice, soooo freaking nice and I got to take pictures with most of them and I talked to Kimmie and Ashley and Ksyn for a little while. They’re really all so sweet and down to deal with crazy fans. Hajiba is the cutest thing on earth! I asked her if I could take a picture with her and she looked around and was like “Me??” and I was like “Yeah you! You don’t wanna take a picture with me Haji?” I think I scared her with my creepiness, so I apologized for being crazy but she laughed it off and said “look at me, I’m crazy too.” Her accent is adorable. My friend took a group picture of all of them but Dnay, she kept wandering off. Lol

NOW!! To the meat and potatoes.

I’m gonna start this off by saying Larry was the mission. I already met Laurent and so getting another picture with him was not my priority.

After waiting for what truly felt like forever, the twins finally decided to grace us with their presence again and it was kind of a mess. Me and one other girl specifically were BEGGING for a picture and Laurent kept saying no until Larry pouted and pushed him for being mean. So Laurent kind of discretely did a head nod in a direction away from the crowd that only a few people saw. That girl got chose and I was so jealous. She hopped over the barricades even when they told her not to, but some security guy allowed it and I just watched in envy. I asked if I could to and Larry said it wasn’t up to him so I sat and stewed while she got her moment.

When she was finished, I said “what about me?” and Larry said “I come back.” I said, “You sure?” he said “Yeah, I come back,” I said, “You promise?” he laughed and crossed his heart and said “I swear of God, I promise. Give me one second and I come back.”

Y’all Larry was looking so immaculately perfect. The man put a snapback over his twists I was telling you about and both of them were wearing all black. He looked so amazingly amazing.

So by the time he comes back out people started realizing they were over on our side and started crowding, so Larry was getting called in every direction and I kept getting skipped. So when he got to me I said, “You promised!” like a brat, and he said, “I know I promise, I’m here right?” so we took our picture and I told him how I was huge fan and he gave me a nice little hug and I nestled my face into his chest and continued talking about how I’ve been following them since world of dance until he pulled away and thanked me “for the love.” I was so content laying in his chest y’all. It was a short hug, but it was a beautiful one. Later on my friend was telling me that when he started showing me love everyone around me started grabbing and calling his name so that’s why he cut the hug short so he could move along, but I was not even paying attention to that. I got a little hug from Laurent and asked them when they were gonna do a workshop in Miami and Larry said never! Lmao. Laurent said all the studios in Miami are too small for a workshop, which is true, and that there’s bigger ones in Ft. Lauderdale, and I said “so do it in Ft. Lauderdale!” and they both shrugged and Lau said “Maybe.”

All in all they were both pretty nice, you could tell Lau was tired and y’all know how he gets irritated and blunt as hell when he’s tired, especially when he’s gotten to the point of verbalizing how tired he is. I will say for sure that your LT experience will vary based on how they’re feeling and how many people are around—the bigger the crowd the more closed off they seem to be. Which is expected, they really are some regular ass niggas and I don’t think I fully understood that until then. It hard to fathom that this super human insanely cute dances are ultimately just two regular guys.

They were both really playful with the rest of the crew, a lot who people pick on them for being so popular. One guy who looked like a roadie walked up to Larry while I was sitting near him and said “Hey, really amazing job I’m a huge fan,” before they both started laughing and play fighting. Larry told him to shut up or something to that effect and then immediately turned to me and felt the need to assure me that he knows him and that he wasn’t being serious. I just told him I believed him.

Omg I’ve written so much and there’s still more to go! Ugh.

I’ll sum it up with little side things that happened. After Larry and I took the picture I told him I’d put on Tumblr and I asked if he ever went on and he made a funny face and whispered, “Never” but we all know he was lying. Also when I was telling him for like the 3rd time how much of a fan I was he gave me a weird low five and told me they had some videos coming out soon, idk if that was confidential information or not but I trust y’all. And one time while he was walking around talking on the phone he saw me and I cheesed so hard and he smiled back and did that thing he does with his lips, when he pushes them out? Y’all know.

ALSO when I THOUGHT (thought because he really kept leaving and coming back even after Laurent stopped coming out. But I was there every time) he was leaving a I blurted out how much I loved his hair twisted and he chose that golden opportunity to come for my life y’all. I said “I love your hair twisted like that!” and he said “Thank you, but you see its’ my hair I twist.” I immediately got offended when I realized he was talking shit about my Marley twists. I said “so! My hair is twisted too, you ain’t special!” and he said, “But that’s not you real hair,” I was officially appalled y’all. I said “So?? I have just as much hair as you (I probably don’t) I could twist it if I wanted to.” And he smiled and said “Next time you show me.” And all my anger melted away, I just smiled like a goof like he didn’t try my weave and said, “Yeah, next time.”

I will say that Larry very much gave me the regular ass nigga vibe and, even tho I was being thirsty, I wasn’t being a spazz like last year when I met Laurent. Larry’s just easier to approach. Overall, it was a great ass night and I know I’m a creep for saying it but I just want to chill with Larry one time, he’s really laid back and seems so cool to just hang out with.

I think that’s everything. I still left some stuff out despite the longness. Sorry about that btw. Heres me and my future husband’s pictures.