some security guy

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can you just forget about “Sherlock” and back to normal life?


*whisper* shoot him
  • Deachil: *back turned to Takeo and Tao* You guys are a shame to our school. Tao looks like a woman!
  • Takeo: *raises gun*
  • Tao: *puts hand over Takeo's and pushes gun down*
  • Deachil: And Takeo's hair is inappropriated!
  • Tao: *pulls Takeo's hand back up*

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have you ever heard the thing about some security guy who was a fan of fifth harmony. and apparently he caught Camila going into lauren's room in a lace night gown??? I was reading a fanfic called "letters she never sent" and it was was like explaining camren moments that happened in L & C's POV (it was actually really good) and it someone asked if that actually happened and they said yes. I'm not sure if that was a real rumor or not.

i think i read about it somewhere. i’m not sure if it’s legit.

Posts saying it’s okay for trans men to be feminine are great. But posts saying trans men can be masculine, without automatically equating that to toxic masculinity, would be great too. It’s great that some trans guys are secure enough that they can have the whole pastel, floral, ultra-feminine, uwu flower child thing going and still feel secure and not feel like society needs to accept that they’re men no matter how feminine they seem. But for some, that just isn’t who we are. Some of us just like more traditionally masculine things. And for some guys, there’s a need to feel validated by society and a need to pass and be treated like any other guy because being trans is hard and it makes you insecure. There’s nothing wrong with that. I love that more people are saying we aren’t trying to imitate cis people or their bodies. But some people have to be stealth for safety or other reasons, and some people just wanna be treated like any other guy. Let boys be feminine. But let them be masculine, too.

With bands like Rise Against and Anti-flag (not just cuz of the songs but cuz of the band members) you sometimes forget there are people who are assholes in this world

ok i remember i went to see an R rated movie alone one time and some security guy wanted to make sure i was over 18 so i gave him my id and he looked at it and was like “born 1995…. so ur like, 12???” it’s 2015. who hired this guy

some security guy came over to me and told me if I continued to drink alcoholic beverages on the premises i would be escorted off. i then had to explain that what he thought was alcohol was actually apple juice in a glass bottle jfc

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Why is Olivia Pope, held to different standards than other TV characters? Alicia Florrick on The Good Wife is married and she sleeps with other men but no one calls her a slut or whore. Carrie on Homeland sleeps around a lot but no name calling is done. Actually, Annalise Keating on HTGAWM also cheated on her husband and she is not called names. Then we have Cookie sleeping with her ex-husband who is engaged and some random security guy but she is not called a slut or whore. So why Olivia?

But then again, I’m not in those other fandoms, so I’m sure some folks have a problem with the behavior of those women. But Liv really does bring out people’s…passion, shall we say.