some say they harry's are not swallows


Ok so 2016 has been one hell of a year, and with a new beginning only hours away, I’d say it’s time to shoutout to all the people that held 2016 together!

Due to the large amount of you guys, this will be a broad thanks to my followers and some of my favorite blogs to check out!

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-For the lovely people who I’m happy to have come in contact with!

Your blog is amazing and I adore your writing. Everything about you caught my eye, and no lie, ¾ of my phone battery is shamelessly spent rereading your writing! I actually screamed when you followed me. You inspired me to continue writing myself!

I know we haven’t talked, but I hope you have a splendid 2017 and I wanna let you know that even though I don’t tell you, I smile every time your name pops up on my notifications.

It’s safe to say that you were the absolute FIRST Harry blog I ever followed, and I’m grateful for that. Not only seeing everything that you wrote, but seeing how amazing and sweet you are to everyone motivated me to join the fandom. Your DHWIs are spectacular and p.s- (You’re amazing at writing smut! Don’t ever doubt that!) p.p.s- I love it when we talk!

Although we just met via message, I wanted to say thanks for coming my way and spending some spare time to talk to me. You didn’t have to do that and it made me so happy. I even got a little nervous? But your blog is so funny and I’m glad I found somebody to talk to!

From your perfect Hades!Harry writings to our messages, I’m in love with your blog! You’ve given me such kind words and it’s hard to repay them through post, but I’m ecstatic that we’ve met and I hope that never changes!


Once again, I wish you the best of luck throughout the year and hope that things swing your way. I want to appreciate all my followers who help me stay happy, and all these wonderful people who fill my dash with love every single day.

HERE’S TO 2017!!!🎉❤️😜🎁💕💯🆕

So, I still can’t really believe this but here we go. After I posted my first Drarry Drabble about a month ago, some of you asked me to continue it and I did just that to say thank you for 4k followers! The sequel starts where the first one ends, now from Draco’s point of view. Or: Draco’s reaction to seeing Hagrid carry a lifeless Harry. 

~2,5k words, no smut, angsty. 

He kept staring at the spot between two fir trees, the spot where messy, black hair and a ragged jacket had been swallowed by darkness just minutes earlier, until bridge and trees and sky were indistinguishable and the sting in his eyes forced him to blink. 

The tears came automatically, ran freely down his cheeks and didn’t care that he hadn’t asked for them. They didn’t give a damn about him being a Malfoy.

The crying drained the little energy he had left, but trying to hold it back made it worse, so choking on his tears and letting his shoulders shake with every sob was all he could do for several minutes. Wishing his feet would just give in under his weight and let him faint, he took in a deep, unsteady breath, and wiped his face with his dusty sleeve when he realised they wouldn’t do him this favour.

He was completely at a loss. Didn’t know where to go from there. His hand ghosted over his lips, just where Potter had touched them, where his breath had tickled them, and Draco felt like throwing up. A humiliating sound escaped him when he imagined the curse hitting Potter’s chest right where his hand had rested, the racing heartbeat he had felt then having probably fallen silent already. 

He couldn’t keep standing there, he then decided, it was impossible to stand that kind of torture even a second longer. Swallowing hard even though it hurt his dry throat, he turned around, his breath still uneven from his breakdown, and made his way back to the castle. Only then did he feel the headache and the sting in his cheek, his vision blurring again when he remembered that Potter had done that, for reasons he could not yet bring himself to think about.

Sudden noises made him look up, and he found himself standing in the empty entrance hall. Breathing, and the shuffling of feet. He hadn’t been walking for very long, so whoever it was, they must have been nearby earlier. Draco’s pulse quickened and he felt like he should think of something to say, but his head was empty and all sane thought had left it on the bridge to the forest.

Then, when he let his eyes flick over to the stairs, he saw them: Holding hands, trembling, eyes set on him accusingly, waiting for something to happen – maybe for him to speak? To explain himself? Whatever it was, their eyes seemed to grow bigger with each second that passed, and even though Draco might have felt uncomfortable or embarrassed otherwise, he didn’t feel anything at all. 

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Closed || A Very Sorry Affair

Harry gaped sadly at his wife before he flinched at the other woman’s touch. This was too much for him. His head hurt. It was in overdrive. He didn’t understand.
Those boys did look like him but…but how? It was too much…too much…
“Jane…” Harry breathed, looking at her, memories of their times together when they were kids, “Jane, I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t understand. I haven’t seen you since I was eighteen. I don’t…know what this is.” He looked around helplessly.


"You had a stroke, Harold,” Theo supplied, his voice as dark and as slick as oil. “Do you remember that? You’ve been very ill for weeks and the doctor did say you might experience some loss of memory, some brain damage. Didn’t they, Alexandra?” He fixed his eyes on her and she shivered, swallowed, but eventually she had to admit that he was right; they had said that, over and over again at every consultation.

“Yes, Theo,” she rasped. “Yes, they did, but-”

“-Oh, darling, you poor, poor thing.” Jane cut her off once again, her expression sickly in its sympathy. “You poor thing. Never mind, I will look after you. I’ll look after you now. I wish you’d just come home instead of staying all the way out here.” She didn’t seem to quite grasp the situation that she was faced with.

Xandra did not let her linger in ignorance for too much longer. “No. No you will not! What on earth do you think gives you the right to just come in here and- and say that? Who do you think has been taking care of him for months on end? Who do you think I am? I am his wife! I am his wife, we have been married for almost eighteen years, and I have always and always will continue to take care of him. Do you understand? Now get your hands away from my husband before I see to it that you no longer have hands.”


Hartwin size kink recs

@theanisplanet asked for some hartwin size kink fics, so here are some of my faves.

Candlelight by HumsHappily 

Eggsy parted his lips gratefully as Harry pushed his cock past his lips. Harry set up a grueling pace, humping Eggsy’s mouth. Eggsy moaned, low and wet as drool pooled in his mouth, setting his hands back on Harry’s thighs, just letting Harry use him.
Harry’s breath began to come in short pants, and Eggsy started to swallow around him, wanting nothing more than the taste of Harry filling his mouth, to please and obey, even as tears filled his eyes at the rough treatment.

Really hot daddy kink with wax play and facefucking.

the singularity of desire by @persephoneggsy

Eggsy is dragged to a sex club by his “best friend” Charlie and meets the gorgeous and charming man who calls himself Galahad.

For self-described “smut written by an asexual virgin,” all I can say is WHOAH. More daddy kink, and some BDSM.

Desperate Times by Calico and Habernero

The most inopportune moment, and the best.

Ok, THIS FIC Y’ALL. Basically Harry has had it up to here with Eggsy sleeping with everyone but him and the smut is AMAZING. Also if you want to talk about size kink, this fic really makes you *ahem* feel it (pun totally intended) the most.

Squeeze by @rageprufrock

From the start, Harry’s read Eggsy all over, seen right through him, so Eggsy’s not surprised that he’s barely had time to think about how he wants to feel ruined that Harry gives it to him — just like that.

Probably the best facefucking fic out there, but then rageprufrock is always amazing. It has some breathplay in there too.

Hung Like a Horse by LegoLock

“Prompt for Hartwin: On one of his visits Eggsy walks in on Harry changing at HQ sickbay (he never knocks) and now he knows: Harry is hung. Problem is: he can’t stop thinking about it.”

This is drabble-length and not really smutty, but it certainly does fit the size kink bill.

And bonus body worship fic since that was also requested:

dig in your fingers and soft by @kirkaut

The lack of a silver suppository has set Eggsy upon a certain path. The way that Eggsy looks, dripping wet and half naked, sets Harry on another.

(Or: Total Canon Re-Write, aka The One Where Harry’s Libido Saves His Life)

The flesh about his waist and hips seems more forgiving, too, less severely jutting bones and carving muscle. Harry wishes to sink in his fingers there, pull Eggsy to him.

This fic is probably the be-all end-all of body worship. Soft was the original epilogue featuring chubby!eggsy, but it got rewritten and posted separately after complaints from readers :/ Can’t recommend this one enough though!

Easy Like Sunday Morning (Sex for Breakfast)  by stereokem

Exactly what it says on the (unimaginatively-labeled) tin.

Harry awakes one Sunday morning to find that his lover has taken it upon himself to prepare breakfast. The fact that he is cooking in nothing more than Harry’s button-up and a silly apron means that, inevitably, breakfast will have to be postponed.

Anyway I hope you enjoy these, and send any requests for rec lists here