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 Ok. I shared this in the tags but I thought I’d share properly in case people cba to read them.

So basically a while ago I was talking to someone who is a pretty credible source within wrestling. He told me that Pete Dunne told him a story about when he was at a signing and a girl asked him to bite her. Yes we get it that’s his thing and UGH IF THATS YOUR KINK THEN FINE but the whole thing really creeped him out and bothered him and to be frank, turned him off completely. Then she got upset when he wouldn’t do it and asked for him to bite her t-shirt.

Like 1.. ITS FUCKING CREEPY AS HELL. You don’t just ask someone on the street to do something like that. 2. Dude has a girlfriend, how would YOU feel if your partner bit some random girl who was thirsting after them (you can imply it’s non-sexual all you want but come on!)  and 3. ITS FUCKING CREEPY

It’s literally the same as being cat called or asked to do things by men who think you are hot. “Give me a hug? Oh why not!” Think about how you feel when a man says stuff like that to you and how cheap and vile you’re made to feel by another person when they say sexually suggestive things to you without your consent.

Why can’t we start thinking of wrestlers (or any male celeb) as a person, who has feelings and emotions and aren’t just there to satisfy your never ending thirst? TREAT THEM AS NORMAL PEOPLE. You would NOT every say that to someone you know, why don’t people have filters? 

I’m all for the private thirst train, I have no issue with people saying shit like that in private/on Tumblr but don’t tweet it to them and DONT say it to them in real life. Have some respect for yourself and that person. It’s not cute and it’s not endearing, it’s weird. Honestly, how do you expect thm to react to such unsolicited sexual advances? Probably the same as you would if a guy said it to you out of the blue.

BOTTOM LINE. Learn some boundaries. Female fans have a bad name in this business enough as it is without your thirsty ass ruining it for everyone because quite frankly, Im sick of going to shows and feeling like all the male wrestlers thinking I’m a ring rat when I just wanna talk to them because even though they are HOT AS FUCK I also quite like that they can do the wrasslin’. 

quick rant

i’ll be honest i’m pretty dam tired a lotta tumblr peeps newfound disdain for actual debate. like real, i think debate can really be one of the most effective ways of spreading ideas yet it seems so many people dont even give a shit about doing it anymore. like nobody even bothers, a majority of yall just fuckin say some shit like “pee your pants” or make fun of the other person’s blog content/icon or some shit instead of actually giving reasons for your beliefs, and quite frankly, if u dont do that, then they honestly probably wont listen to y’all at all because guess what, they have no fucking reason to. If any of y'all like who I am and the stuff I support and believe in, I want you to know that I was not like this at all a few years ago. I was another “anti-feminist” “anti-sjw” blogger who didn’t care what slurs were being thrown around or what offensive “jokes” were being said (I even once even made a post trying to ridicule literally anyone for being offended by any joke). But over time, after reading so many arguments and so much shit about peoples experiences, I began to understand more and more about how wrong i was, and there was this ONE COMIC (I don’t remember who made it but I remember it was mostly pink and had this axolotl character explaining everything) about why all this anti-sjw shit is wrong and that was a HUGE turning point for me and i think to myself often that if it hadn’t been for people like that , who actually took the time to explain the reasons for their beliefs, I probably would have stayed mostly the same. I feel like we need more of that now tbh, i think we need more peeps who are willing to show others why they believe what they do, because you can’t always automatically assume how close-minded a person is solely because they believe the wrong thing. So this is MY suggestion u can take it or leave it, if someone you dont know well enough comes to your inbox and tries to refute something you believe, i think you should let them know why you think the way you do. I don’t give a shit if they like mlp or hentai or have some weird ass fetishes or whatever (besides, i think a lot of you [my followers] have respect for me, check my blog background and the blogs i follow [on mobile], y’all don’t think i like hentai? I just dont post it on this blog [anymore, used to occasionally] and most of y’all dont even know half of the weird ass shit im into) just tell them and see how they react, they might not always come around, especially not right away, but your argument could strike a chord with them in the future, they might remember it as something they should have listened to earlier. This is what I will do from now on. Y’all don’t HAVE to do it but i think it’s a much better and more productive thing to do than most of the glorified trolling y’all pull off, it was kinda funny at first, but i think its goin a bit too far by now. I think our political beliefs are important enough to be spread to as many people as possible, and in order for that to happen, minds are gonna have to be changed, and in order for THAT, we’re gonna have to actually try to debate with some people.

me: wow i really want to write a book some day :)

my brain: you haven’t had a truly original idea that worked out in years, when you do have an original idea you don’t get past four pages, you can barely hold onto projects for a long period of time, and the chances of you writing a book and it actually getting popular are probably slim

me: wow,,,, i really want,,,,,, to write a book,,,,,,, some day,,, :)

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ok i have a How To Watch Yu Gi Oh question while the other anon got on the subject HOPE THATS ALRIGHT but do u think it ok to skip some episodes that are just Duels or is that a Bad idea ,, bcus sometimes i get a lil bored if they r dueling someone that i dont Care about unless theres loads of character interaction which there usually isnt in those eps ,, basically would u say every episode is important in some way or are there definitely 'filler' episodes

this is hard to say… every ep is like… at least a little bit important? the problem is that the duels aren’t “filler”, they’re all the same stuff that they show in the manga, but in the anime they just. STRETCH EM. 

there are filler *seasons*, but interestingly enough. these are some of the best and most fun for character interactions LMAOGHFD I think I found a way to make it through the superlong less-interesting duels by living off of the stupid dumb subtext of everything every character says

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I'd just like to say. I feel so attacked that I can't find anything on Tumbles about BtoB LUV, like that is some good shit. THE DEFINITION OF THE WORD MASTERPIECE. LIke I just need some gifs :'(

auntie nellie as The l.u.v enthusiast gotchu 💕

emoji movie predictions

- message is ‘dont sell yourself out/be yourself’ despite being a quick cashgrab with no other purpose than to make money
- at least 1 eggplant emoji joke for some ‘adult humor’
- at least one ‘middle finger’ joke with the hand emoji for some ‘adult humor’
- girl emoji has a tragic past
- forced romance
- theres a wacky misunderstanding of the emoji the kid in the real world sent and the girl hates him for half the movie for no reason
- saying “HOLY _____” in reference to holy shit but instead replacing shit with something that rhymes
- lost of fart jokes despite them being emojis and not needing to fart. or shit. or literally ANYTHING a human has to do.
-girl emoji has a ‘liar revealed’ plot where she 1. has ulterior motives she lies about or 2. is working with the bad guys but has a change of heart
- after said liar reveal, guy emoji storms off and gets in trouble/is captured and she shows up last minute to save him + hand emoji
- girl emoji says ‘you made me learn to be myself’ to guy emoji
- girl and guy get interrupted when they’re about to kiss
- the guy emoji ‘sacrifices’ himself and then gets brought back and the movie REALLY WANTS YOU to BELIEVE they’re going to kill a fucking emoji
- hand emoji dabs or whips & nae naes at one point
- ends with everybody dancing
- girl and guy in real world get together despite the wacky misunderstandings
- end credits have 5 poop emoji jokes they showed in the trailer but saved them for the end


infodumping about the ocean

preview of the next comic idea, Black Hat’s backstory. i work a lot this week so comic will be slow but here’s how i work: sketchy lines, colors underneath, then merge and paint! and lots of color correction, filters.. so this is very early stage///

but anyway lots of people have different ideas on what under flug’s mask, my headcanon is there is nothing unique about flug’s face but he starts to wear the mask for psychological problems (I actually waiting for the tv show if we get more info on this). In my previous comic perhaps BH’s evil drives Flug to insanity… just some ideas. 

riverdale spoilers

Wait… You all saw the evil look in Cheryl’s eyes right? The same look she had when she was scribbling on the photo with Archie and Polly (which, still is concerning) and then march down the stairs to confront her father. 

You all saw how he conveniently ‘killed himself’ before the police came…


Pretty sure Cheryl and her mother killed their father.

 Just, saying. 

Also the fact the mom and Cheryl knew where the dad was is like?? 

Cheryl loved Jason and would definitely stab a hoe for him.. or in this case, hang a hoe.

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  • companion: sole is the most bravest, strongest, and kindest person i know. they wouldn't hurt anyone without reason or for the fun of it; their heart is in the right place.
  • player: [pulls out a fat-man and quicksaves before planning to slaughter own settlement] did you say something, i didnt catch it
Love potions but like nothing happens

♡Don’t imagine Keith or Lance accidentally drinking a love portion
♡They don’t know it’s a love potion just a tasty drink
♡Shiro rushes over to tell them but is stopped by the fact that neither of them are really reacting? ??
♡they look to be fine? Pidge what the heck u said they both just took a super strong love potion that would have them heads-over-heals for each other????
♡they. .. did ??? They should be smitten as kittens right now? ??
♡they decide to step back and just watch the two for side effect
♡they wouldn’t let their teammates suffer under the lack of control of a love potion but… if it was a dud or something???
♡then no need to worry them right?
♡so the days go on and. ..
♡the Red and Blue paladins argue, bicker, make fun, and spar with eachother as they do everyday
♡pidge and Hunk keep a close eye on them tho
♡"so like??? Did the potion not work???“
♡"or maybe they already???”
♡"they already like eachoth–!“ Pidge has to practically climb Hunk to throw a hand over his mouth so Lance and Keith don’t hear him
♡this was in fact not needed as it seemed the Red and Blue paladins where completely 100% focused
♡on eachother
♡the day comes to an end along with the timer pidge set for how long the potion would last and…
♡nothing changed
♡and nothing happened