some random quotes


“do you still hate me? my brother got all of our parents’ attention and love…

he was superior! but god’s fair. and you couldn’t inherit that from him because… he was being punished for his sins… you’re the product of that. serves them right.

yeah… serves them right…”  

When many people are asked who their role model / idol is they often think of celebrities and I’m sat here like…

This is the kinda thing people should look up to

This is something we should always remember but often forget

Life is a challenge, ya gotta live it and love it

It’s things like this that have made me into a better person the last 10 years. 


Get to know me meme: [12/12] ships
Greg & Rebecca (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) “I couldn’t say goodbye. If I did, I would never leave.” “That means you love me!” “Of course I love you.”

I took a nap a while ago and had this dream where Saeyoung was looking at his face in the mirror complaining that he’s getting wrinkles and I told him that he’s getting SaeOLD and Saeran smacked me upside the head and started to leave so I said he can’t SaeWALK away from me and i woke up crying ~Admin 404

I am that kind of girl that will randomly kiss you because your lips are unrealistically beautiful, I will randomly hug you, or kiss your hand, or do silly noises before kissing you, the kind of girl who will make you dinner and buy you flowers. Because I am that kind of girl who needs someone to love and to take care off cuz more than just having a girlfriend I love having someone to take care off, someone to love.
—  I need a girlfriend ASAP

So… imagine Lavi and Allen wearing matching shirts with the following text:

Lavi: I’m A Weirdo
Allen: He’s My Weirdo

Lavi: My Best Friend Is Awesome
Allen: He Thinks I’m Awesome

Lavi: I’m The Wild One.
Allen: I’m The Mild One.
/Back/ Both: Together We Are Dangerous

Both: We’re Partners In Crime

Lavi: We Solemnly Swear That
Allen: We Are Up To No Good

Allen: I’m With Stupid
Lavi: Guess I’m Stupid

Lavi: If Lost Return To Allen
Allen: I’m Allen

Lavi: My Bae /arrow towards right/
Allen: My Boo /arrow towards left/

Allen: My Best Friend Talks A Lot
Lavi: I Talk A Lot

Lavi: He’s The Short One /arrow towards right/
Allen: He’s The Tall One /arrow towards left/ [miniature letters] Though I Hate To Admit It

Lavi: He’s A Keeper /arrow towards right/
Allen: He’s A Catch /arrow towards left/

Lavi: Positive +
Allen: Negative -
/Back/ Both: Opposites Attract

Okay, we’re done.








Lavi: Mr. Broke It
Allen: Mr. Fix It

…We are really  not  sorry. 

Every ending has a new beginning.