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Sometimes watching movies is just the most horrible thing you could do. I know those storys are not real, they are shining rainbows on which sparkling unicorns dance to 80’s music, seeming like everything is possible, but the truth is, that the real life, the real love right here is like a battlefield most times. We get our heart ripped out by the people we love, we ponder of something great, we ponder of something real, but let’s face it, most times life spits us in the face, smiling. Real life is not meeting each other at some random place, falling directly in love because we feel understood, because we found our soulmate. Real life is working your way through meaningless sex and kisses, broken hearts and 3 am sobbing on the floor, through too much alcohol and too little truth. I know I sound negative and I also know that there are nights, moments, when your life is perfect like in a movie, that there are nights you will never forget because they shape you, because, to quote from Stephen Chbosky, we feel infinite. But real life stories don’t always have a happy-ending. Real life storys end most times with feeling exhausted, tired, with missing someone, with regretting things you can’t change, with occurrings that make you feel like someone took a part of you away - leaving you incomplete, broken. Sometimes life’s a bitch.
—  i was so damn sad when i wrote this