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Grunting, I rolled over in confusion when I didn’t feel Cyn in her usual spot, which was attached to my side. Opening one eye, I lifted my head to peak towards her side of the bed. The sight immediately made me drop my head in exhaustion.

There were at least four feet of space between us, as she sat propped up on the head broad, scrolling on her laptop. She had changed, and from the looks of her wet hair, taken a shower.

“Why are you still up?”  I asked, eventually turning to face her

“It’s only five in the afternoon, Alex, ” she said never taking her attention from her laptop

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How the chocobro will respond to the s/o, which has something like "explosive" and loud laughter, but one day someone told her that her laugh is ugly or terrible or something of the sort, since she is very upset and trying to hold back? thank you in advance!

So somebody told her that her laugh was bad and I’m imagining she accidentally laughed in front of the chocobros and got upset because of that? I hope I understood correctly and I’m sorry if I didn’t!


  • The initial burst of laughter catches him off guard but he quickly finds himself joining in with whatever she’s laughing at even if it wasn’t that funny; such a boisterous laugh is contagious and wipes the grump right off his face even if it’s a little goofy
  • But when his girlfriend suddenly quits laughing and turns away to hide her face, Noct is very confused and asks what’s wrong all of the sudden
  • After she tells him that she hates her laugh, he lays his hand gently on hers and looks into her teary eyes with brows cocked
  • “I don’t get why you’d hate it, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. It… it makes me smile…”
  • Noct hesitates with that last bit and he’s made himself blush a little, but finds a smile spreading across her lips already and she wipes a stray tear from the corner of her eye


  • When his girlfriend busts up laughing at one of his jokes, he’s grinning from ear to ear with pride
  • That grin disappears immediately when he realizes that her laughter has died off and devolved into sobs while she hides her face in her hands. Prompto quickly comes close to touch her arm and ask why she’s crying, hoping it wasn’t something he said
  • She tells him that she knows her laugh is ugly and felt really embarrassed, but Prompto’s got a dumbfounded look on his face
  • “Ugly?! No way! I totally love your laugh!” He practically shouts, with complete honesty in his voice
  • He pulls her close and tries to wipe the tears from her face, telling her that she has nothing to be embarrassed about because he legit thinks her laugh is the best


  • One of Ignis’ comrades does something stupid and that gets her going. He’s surprised that such a big laugh can come from his partner, especially since he only just heard it in the decent amount of time they’ve been dating
  • By the his partner realizes he’s heard her laugh, she swiftly apologizes for her noisy laugh and walks off to be alone
  • Ignis follows her so that he can talk to her about it in private because he realizes she’s embarrassed
  • “There’s no need to feel insecure about how you laugh. Everyone expresses joy differently, and yours is unique. Besides…” He gestures back toward the direction of the other guys and mutters, “I can assure you I’ve heard much, much worse.”
  • He stands by her side and affectionately touches her shoulder as she chuckles


  • Gladio has a big laugh, so he doesn’t mind at all when she laughs out loud or even snorts in the process. He’d just find that all the more amusing
  • Then she hunches over and begins to cry and Gladio gets ???? who hurt you
  • But before he can as she’s going on about whether he thinks her laugh is awful like the people who told her that–
  • “What? Who told you your laugh was awful? Sounds to me like a couple of jerks who have no happiness in their lives.”
  • He kneels down like he’s giving a kid a talk, holding her arms and telling her that some randoms don’t have the right to tell you that their laugh sucks and hey, he just loves hearing them happy himself. He’ll stay by their side until they understand

bloodshedwhisper  asked:

Serious question: What kind of blogs would the DCMK characters have if they were on tumblr?

Shinichi Kudo: Holmes fanblog, no question, with a sideblog about forensic theory. Before getting shrunk, he would’ve totally run a fanblog dedicated to himself and pretended that it wasn’t him running it.

Ran Mouri: Probably a mixed blog sharing recipes, talking about her workout regimes and tournaments, random history reblogs and probably reblogging her friends’ selfies with comments about how great they look

Sonoko Suzuki: She has both a fashion blog and the #2 Kaitou Kid fanblog. Her main is selfies like nobody’s business and fandom reblogs of whatever she’s into just now.

Ai Haibara: ALL of the animal photos and posts. (And you’re right that she probably has some self-care stuff, plus occasionally healthy eating stuff that she always tags Agasa-Hakase in) Also a Higo fangirl sideblog

Shonen Tantei-Dan: Just altogether they totally have a blog where they share news articles about their cases and have an askbox for people to leave case requests in (Conan and Ai probably run the blog and keep anon turned off and have also banned the kids from investigating their new followers because somehow porn blogs happen to everybody)

Kaito Kuroba: I totally agree on the indie/hipster music blog, but his sideblog is absolutely the #1 Kaitou Kid fanblog. (Totally agree that he uses xie pronouns online, though, and probably occasionally posts selfies with more genderfluid looks that xir trying out.)

Aoko Nakamori: #1 Kaitou Kid hateblog and gets in a lot of fights with Sonoko’s blog, but Kaito never rises to the bait. Otherwise, though, I bet she has an activist blog. She doesn’t take anybody’s shit lying down.

Saguru Hakuba: Probably a travel blog as well as a bit of detective nerding and Holmes fanblogging (he and Shinichi probably wind up fighting about how canon Sherlock/Irene is a lot and what the best modern adaptation is). I bet he leaves accusatory anon messages on Kaito’s blog all the time that are obviously him.

Akako Koizumi: Ultimate level goth/witchcraft aesthetic blog

Masumi Sera:  You are 100% right when you said “GAY BLOG (with a bit of detective stuff but she loves loving girls and fighting for her rights, #sorrynotsorry)”

Heiji Hattori: Probably all about the Japanese aesthetic and great Osaka is, but he also nerds a lot about Ellery Queen and is probably always reblogging Holmes posts from Shinichi with paragraphs on why Ellery Queen is better

Kazuha Toyama: Probably all about the soft spiritual aesthetic and reblogging positivity posts. She also ALWAYS reblogs the “reblog the bagel for good luck” type of posts.

Vermouth: Probably some kind of high-femme aesthetic blog that’s all about gorgeous makeup and cool hair with cool motorbikes thrown in. Except occasionally she reblogs something SUPER DARK AND NIHILIST and her followers have no idea what to make of it

Gin: Doesn’t know that he has a blog. Vodka keeps reblogging 2edgy4u aesthetic stuff.

Chianti: Goth aesthetic, tattoos and relentless vagueblogging about her hate for one person that she will never name but she doesn’t STOP hateblogging about them

Korn: Some really amazing cityscape photography. Always from a high vantage point, for some reason.

Bourbon: Probably the hipster-est of hipster blogs, usually cheery but with random interjections of the least subtle hateblogging you’ve ever seen

Kir: Nobody at the BO knows the blog they follow, full of artsy pictures of guns and knives and vagueblogging, is actually her side and her main blog is a health blog

Shuuichi Akai: Goes without updating for so long people start inboxing him to ask if he’s still alive

Shuukichi Haneda: aesthetic posts about Go, probably, but also a video game sideblog

Akemi Miyano: Flowery aesthetic and probably loads of upbeat posts about how wonderful sisters are and happy couples posts

Sato Miwako: Totally agree about the ace-focused sideblog. Her main probably doesn’t see that much activity but she’ll probably reblog stuff about shows she watches or car pictures. She absolutely has a sakura emblem avatar.

Wataru Takagi: Cheesy cop movies? Cheesy cop movies.

Shiratori Ninzaburo: Probably like “shitrichcollegekidssay” except he’s deadly serious when complaining about the quality of the wine at dinner tonight or the state of his summer home

Isshin Chiba: Heavy-duty fandom blog. He gets WAY into meta discussions and always posts photos of his convention swag.

Yumi Miyano: Agreed on the kawaii and probably also jewelry, which she often tags Miwako in. She also sends FILTHY anon messages to Shuukichi which he never ever publishes

Naeko Miike: J-pop and K-pop fangirl who reblogs kawaii stuff from Yumi all the time and sends anon crush messages to Chiba.

Sumiko Kobayashi: Definitely agreed that she’s always making cute manips, backgrounds and photosets and is always sending encouraging anons to the Shonen Tantei-Dan (her sideblog is their top fanblog)

Yuusaku Kudo: writing blog that’s always reblogging quotes from famous authors and posts about the writing process. He’s careful to only ever post things through a regular queue so if his editors start stalking they can’t tell when he is and isn’t online.

Yukiko Kudo: Seconded on the theatre/Broadway blog and always tagging Shinichi and Sharon in her travel photos. She has a sideblog that reviews and shares Night Baron fanfic, which she always tags Yuusaku in.

Eri Kisaki: Cat and handicrafts blog. She conscientiously avoids blogging about her job or posting anything that could identify herself. 

Kogoro Mouri: Reblogging ALL of the Yoko Okino fanposts with comments like “OMG YOKO LUV U!!!” and often drunkblogs nonsensically. 

Cameron Dallas - Kids

Request: Can you do an imagine where Y/N and Cameron have a 3 year old girl names Madelyn and 1 year old boy names Marcus and one day the Jacks where over filming a video and Marcus falls and bust his head open so the Jacks take Mady and they rush to the hospital and it’s really scary but cute how Cam is there for Marcus and Y/N?


When you have a family you don’t have much time to do things you used to while you were young. Don’t get me wrong, I’m the happiest woman alive to have a family with Cameron, he is the love of my life and I couldn’t ask for more. But I could tell Cam was missing the good old times when he was hanging out with the boys. They also have their own life now, Aaron is about to get married, Gilinsky is planning on having a baby with his wife, but I knew they would love a reunion.

So I talked to some of the guys and asked if they are free to come over sometimes, and the Jacks could make it. I kept it as a surprise for Cam until the last minute.

“Cam, our guests are here!” I happily yelled upstairs when I opened the door for the Jacks. “Hey guys, come on in!” I told them while I tried to balance Marcus, our one year old son on my hip.

“Hey Y/N, you look stunning!” Johnson smiled and hugged me.

“Thank you, Cam will be here in a minute.” As I said that Cam appeared on the top of the stairs and when he saw the guys he immediately rushed down.

“Oh my God, guys!” He laughed hugging them both.

“Good to see you bro,” Gilinsky said patting his back. I just watched them happily. Madelyn run into the house from the backyard and blinked up at the guys with big eyes.

“Hey little princess.” Johnson kneeled down so he would be on the same level as Mady and he shook hands with her. She was a bit too shy around strangers and since she didn’t remember Jack she just hid behind my legs. But other than that she was a hyperactive three year old all the time.

We all moved to the living room and the guys just couldn’t stop talking about things that happened lately with them. I had Marcus in my arms while Mady started to play with Gilinsky and Johnson. Cam talked about his latest projects and the Jacks told us about their latest tour that was a huge success.

“Hey, you know what would be awesome?” Gilinsky gasped suddenly.

“What?” we all asked in union.

“We should do a YouTube video! Like, a reunion thing, I think the fans would love that!”

We all agreed on that it would be a sweet thing to do and Mady also wanted to do it, even though she didn’t really understand what it meant. Gilinsky took Marcus to his arms as Cam set the laptop and started to record.

The guys started to talk about random things, Marcus was babbling in Jack’s arms and Mady was dancing around like a little ballerina. I went out to the kitchen for a minute to get some snacks for the Jacks and the kids, when I heard Marcus terribly cry. I run back immediately and saw Cam holding him, and his head was bleeding.

“What happened?” I asked totally keeping calm, because no one needed a freaked out mom at that moment.

“He just started to crawl, and then Mady told me to watch her dance, I swear it was just a moment, but he banged his head into the table,” Jack stuttered totally freaking out. Cam grabbed some tissues and carefully tried to wipe the blood off.

“Alright, no problem, let’s go to the hospital to check it out,” I said grabbing my keys and my purse. “Can you guys look after Mady until we get back?”

“Sure, of course,” they nodded.

I drove while Cam managed to calm Marcus down, but I knew he would get sutures, it looked too bad. We rushed inside and a doctor immediately took him to check him out.

I was nervous even though I knew it wasn’t that bad. Cam pulled me close to him as we were waiting.

“It’s nothing serious, okay?” he murmured into my hair. I nodded any buried my face into his chest.

“I can’t believe he is in the age where he does this and I have to look after him more carefully,” I sighed remembering the time when Mady started to explore the world and she always did things that ended with hurting her.

“He is a real adventurer,” Cam chuckled.

Soon enough the doctor came back with Marcus who had a bandage on his head. He told us it’s nothing serious, and we have to come back to take the suture out. As we returned Gilinsky immediately jumped to his feet.

“Oh my God, is he okay? I’m so sorry, I really should have watch him, I’m so sorry guys,” he gabbled, but we both stopped him.

“Jack, it’s okay, he is fine,” I said smiling at him. We walked into the living room where Mady was playing with Johnson and her dolls were all over the floor.

“It’s not okay, I feel so bad, I want to be a father soon and I do this, I really should not have a child,” he continued, but Cam cut him off.

“What are you talking about, Jack? Kids always do this, do you know how many times we took Mady to the hospital? You can’t be always by their sides and the do crazy things,” Cam told him as we sat down and put Marcus down so he could join in to the play with Mady and Johnson.

“Mom told me I once almost cut my ear off!” Mady said proudly. I wasn’t that proud of her for that, it scared the shit out of me, but thankfully nothing serious happened.

“Jesus,” Gilinsky sighed.

“Yeah,” I chuckled. “It’s okay, really.”

“I can’t believe how calm you two are. I mean, I’m a train wreck and I’m not even a father yet.”

“You will learn to keep calm, I guarantee it,” Cam told him smiling and then he looked at me. “Especially when you have an amazing wife.”

lemonade mouth sentence meme

feel free to change the pronouns and things to fit your muse!

  • “check out the new girl!”
  • “when guys go through midlife crisis, they buy a sports car, right?”
  • “what about freedom of expression?”
  • “but at least we’ll be together, right?”
  • “unless you’re wearing a varsity jacket or a cheer skirt around here, you’re basically invisible.”
  • “______, you have a beautiful voice!”
  • “you don’t have a moment like that and just ignore it!”
  • “the last time i performed on stage was my first grade recital and five minutes into ba-ba blacksheep, i threw up down someone’s back.”
  • “i could start a revolution!”
  • {text}: flux or destiny? we need to talk.
  • “i don’t know about you, but i don’t want to be some random face in a yearbook or a kid people vaguely recall passing in the halls. i wanna be heard.”
  • “so…how’d you get out of the house?”
  • “if a guy doesn’t call for a few days, should the girl worry?”
  • “come on, just leave her alone.”
  • “wow, that’s an old cat.”
  • “i like when you smile.”
  • “we believe in you, okay? i believe in you.”
  • “maybe we do matter.”
  • “sometimes i think i’m too stupid to be in my family, like i’m some big let down.”
  • “they’re playing our song on the radio!”
  • “you are too young for boys.”
  • “just because ____ wormed her way into my family, doesn’t mean i have to be happy about it.”
  • “fine, go ahead, give up! see if i care!”
  • “i did it for you, you jerk!”
  • “you’re lucky i picked up the phone instead of mom.”
  • “i really miss you.”

Hank: Did you get to talk to Silvia? 

Roosje: I did. I also looked up some background info on the boy. I don’t know what he did to our little girl but I think we should-

Hank: We can’t hurt a kid, Rose. 

Roosje: But he hurt our kid. He broke up with her right?

Hank: Wait, she had a boyfriend? How did I not…

Roosje: Guess that’s what happens when we have teenagers and we don’t hack into their mobile phones weekly like I suggested, Hank.  

The Signs as stereotypical teen movie characters
  • Aries: the rebellious bad boy who wears a motorcycle, has flippy hair, gets detention a lot, and receives almost too much attention from the "popular" girls despite being an apparent social reject
  • Taurus: the sweet, loving teacher who cuts her class a lot of slack in comparison to the stricter teachers and ends up talking to her students about stuff like their home lives and relationship issues
  • Gemini: the "queen bee" who rules the school and wears really ugly clothes that everybody else thinks are awesome as fuck. probably super rich and talks about her dad a lot
  • Cancer: the overweight girl who gets bullied a lot because she is overweight but is actually really pretty and creative and has a great personality and becomes "unlikely friends" with the protagonist
  • Leo: The "adorably weird best friend" who wears glasses and has random colored streaks in her hair and talks a lot about stuff like bands and robots even when nobody is listening.
  • Virgo: the well-rounded, put together protagonist who has a pretty adequate life despite being involved in some wild shit and somehow always involuntarily getting into trouble
  • Libra: the goofy single dad who is trying to raise his teenage daughter on his own and is always giving her valuable life lessons when she first comes home from school
  • Scorpio: the weird kid with a camera who walks around and takes pictures of all his fellow classmates at super inappropriate times
  • Sagittarius: the kid who gets mentioned several times in the movie but isn't seen much (and when you do see him he's probably bungee jumping or trying to skydive and text at the same time or some other crazy shit)
  • Capricorn: the old foreign neighbor lady who is super religious and speaks limited English but is still pretty nice and has a lot of cats
  • Aquarius: the friendly shopkeeper who lets teenagers hang out in her store and even gives them free ice cream and stuff like that because they're just always there
  • Pisces: the family dog

anonymous asked:

For the ship meme: sam/josh

Who asks the other on dates: In a way, Sam. She offers to go out with him some nights and they start spending a lot of time together. It takes Josh a little while to realize that all these “hanging out sessions” are actually dates, and he’s stupidly smug when he does.

Who is the bigger cuddler: Josh loves nothing more than forcing Sam down on the couch, the bed, whatever piece of furniture is near, and hugging her just a little too tightly. He likes to hear her laugh as she scrambles to get away, pretending she doesn’t the close contact.

Who initiates holding hands more often: Josh gets tense sometimes, or he just starts to get in a really bad place in his mind. Sam will always sneak up and just carefully take his hand, which tends to work like a charm… usually.

Who remembers anniversaries: Just because Sam’s so obviously not interested in making a big deal out of them, Josh. He goes way over the top, making it his mission to take it to a new level every year.

Who is more possessive/jealous: Josh. He thinks Sam deserves better, someone more mentally stable, so he likes to make it clear that they’re an item whenever they meet someone new. He’s not overly aggressive about it, he just shows more PDA than usual.

Who is more protective: After everything he’s been through and everything currently affecting him, Sam sees it as her job to look after Josh more. She doesn’t quite want to say he necessarily needs it, but he can appreciate a little guidance.

Who is more likely to cheat: Neither. Sam’s a loyal, honest girl, and Josh just can’t picture getting close to anyone new.

Who initiates sexy times the most: Josh tries to, but if it’s ever going to go anywhere, usually Sam has to.

Who dislikes PDA the most: Josh is way way too comfortable with it, and it’s earned him a good number of slaps on the wrists from Sam.

Who kills the spider: Josh again tries to, but Sam doesn’t want him to kill them, so she just takes them outside.

Who asks the the other to marry them: Being the one who leads them through most of the bigger steps in their relationship, I’d say Josh.

Who buys the other flowers or gifts: I like to picture Josh doing it, but only buying her really random, absurd things she’d never ever need as some sort of running gag. And then one day she surprises him, by getting him something just as weird and crazy. Maybe that’s even Josh first says I love you?

Who would bring up possibly having kids: Josh, but he’d be so unsure and hesitant about it, that Sam wouldn’t dare shake him off and avoid the subject with a “let’s talk about it later”, like she usually would.

Who is more nervous to meet the parents: I feel like I’m being somehow biased answering Josh for so many of these, but it’s just what I think, okay?? After the whole mountain show down, he’s doing to be a little anxious about coming off as pure cray-cray to Sam’s parents.

Who sleeps on the couch when the other is angry: I don’t think Sam would send Josh to the couch… but I don’t think Sam’s just going to go marching out to the living room either. So, they’ll probably lay in bed with Sam’s back to Josh as he unsuccessfully tries to sweet talk her into forgiving him the rest of the night.

Who tries to make up first after arguments: Joshy boy, obvs. He’s a people pleaser.

Who tells the other they love them more often: Whether or not she can always hear it, Josh. In this relationship, he’s more so the declare it loudly and obnoxiously or mutter it inaudibly kind of guy. Either way, Sam loves him too.

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you…

'Those years' and the mannequin family: an awesome submission by degreeinsass

“Just wanted to get your opinion on a couple random things that stuck out to me! So, 5x2… Ali returns home and talks to her dad. Kenneth says something like: “I can’t give you those years back, Alison. I can’t, but I promise I’ll do everything I can to help you forget them.”

This line is one of several PLL lines that don’t seem as straightforward to me as they appear. Kenneth could be talking about Ali’s kidnap story but the line is kind of ambiguous. Could he be referring to some other time? We don’t know much about the Dilaurentis kids before they came to Rosewood and now that we know about Charles, I think that line could have been about something else. Thoughts?

Also, the photo from Keegan Allen’s Instagram with the four mannequins… A lot of people looked at that image on the wall of two girls and brought up the twin theory. One of the things I noticed first was that the boy mannequin looks like he’s trying to hug the girl mannequin and the girl mannequin looks like she’s pushing him out of the way. Could this set up be related to a particular brother and sister? Jason or Charles and Ali (even though the sister figure appears to be the older sibling)?

These points could’ve been brought up a hundred times before but let me know your thoughts if you like!”

My thoughts (redcoatblackveil)
Great ideas here!
1. The Dilaurentis thing- you are definitely onto something. The writers/producers just released info via interviews that the Dilaurentis home might have a lot more trouble than we ever suspected, like we always thought the trouble was at the Hastings home… and apparently whatever happened to Ali & Jason & whoever (maybe Charles) was way worse. I think something very nefarious was going on there… Jessica buried her own daughter alive (if Ali told the truth) to protect someone else (presumably someone else she loved just as much, especially if she thought Ali was dead and it was hopeless- her only hope was to protect the person who hurt Ali, because she couldn’t lose both of them in one night). She taught Ali to lie about things as simple as Christmas presents at a very young age. She had multiple affairs and then still seemed shocked and saddened by a divorce from her clueless husband. Shortly after, someone wanted her dead- and accomplished their goal. Kenneth seems constantly angry and torn apart by his own guilt. Jason spent half of his teenage years drowning in substance abuse while trying to blackout from reality. Ali faked her own death rather than tell the truth. Something terrifying was going on in that home, that’s for sure.
2. Love the mannequin idea!!! It could certainly represent the rejection from one sibling to another- even if it’s not Jason and Ali. 
Loving your fresh and insightful perspective on all things Charles, degreeinsass !! Thanks for the amazing submission! Send in more whenever the mood strikes ya :-)