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A Year Later

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 3.5k

Warnings: A little bit of kinky stuff, but nothing too extreme. Mostly just fluff.

Summary: You met Tom one day on the streets of New York City about a year ago. Now you travel with him almost anywhere he goes and he’s fallen for you.

A/N: I’ve been working on this for a bit. I just love Tom so much. By the way this imagine is written in both the reader’s and Tom’s perspective and it begins with the reader’s. I hope you enjoy. :)

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Last Night

Someway after an AMAZING concert you and your friend ended up on Machine Gun Kelly’s bus after the show.

Your friend had been hitting it off with Slim, she was the type of girl that did stuff like this every other weekend. Hook ups and A list parties, she was a damn model/video girl.

You and her had been friends for a while and she always invited you to these parties, but you usually declined. But when she said she had MGK VIP tickets you couldn’t say no.

You had been on the bus for a while just kinda there and taking it like the wallflower you were, blending into the surrounding environment.

‘Yo, you want a drink?’ you look up at Dub who was offering you a bottle of Ciroc.

‘Oh um thanks, but I-’

‘Will be taking that whole bottle.’ your friend interrupted getting up from Slim’s lap, she took the bottle and gave it to you.

‘Come on, it’s Friday, we are literally in the presence of party heroes. Pull that stick from your ass, put it back in tomorrow.’ she smiled.

You thought it over, it had been a while since you really let go.

‘Fuck it.’ you said as you threw the bottle back and started to down the whole bottle.

‘Oh shit, she is letting it loose!’ someone cheered.

You nodded as you continued.

‘CHUG CHUG CHUG! YEEEAAAHH!!’ the whole bus screamed as you finished the bottle.

‘WHOOOOO!’ you shouted as you stood up.

‘And here comes the beast.’ your friend smiled.

‘Damn right.’ you said as you pulled her into a deep and rough kiss, it lasted for a minute or so before you pulled away.

‘I needed that drink.’ you sighed.

‘Hell yeah you did.’ Kells said.

You look over and see him, you had been shyly looking at him minutes ago, but now you had liquid courage in your veins. Now you can really party with the guy of your wet dreams.

‘You have no clue, it’s hotter than the sun’d vagina in here and I’ve been in this shirt for half an hour. All these damn models in here, fuck that, deal with my normal people body.’ you said as you remove your shirt.

You looked down at yourself and giggled.

‘Why am I so lame when I’m sober? I put a on bra!’ you laughed.

Everyone was laughing and having a great time watching you ramble and flail drunkenly.

‘W-Why in the- what the hell are we doing in this bus? You cant do shit in here.’ you said as you headed to the door.

‘Where are you going?’ Kells asked.

‘Outsside to do outside stuff like…flips. oohh hopscotch lets all go hopscotch!’ you said excitedly as you pulled your friend along.

Right Now

Your head was pounding and you were sore as fuck from the neck down. You were in some random hotel room in bed, guess your friend dropped you here to sleep off the liquor.

‘What the hell did I do last night?’ you groaned as you pulled the covers over your head.

‘What didn’t you do last night?’ a deep voice said from behind you, followed by a arm being draped over your waist.

That sobered you up real quick.

You turned and what you saw nearly gave you a heart attack.

‘Kells?’ you gasped.

‘Mmmhmm.’ he hums as he pulled you closer.

‘U-um did we um…you know?’ you blushed.

‘We did, a few times.’

You looked anywhere but at him, your eyes landed on some handcuffs on the headboard.

‘Did you handcuff me?’ you asked.

‘You cuffed me.’ he said as he sat up a little and looked you, he lifted his hand and showed you the marks the cuff left.

‘Oh God.’ you groaned as you flopped back down, holding the covers close to cover you bare chest.

‘Leave it to me to have wild sex with a star and be too drunk to remember it.’

‘Well, I don’t need to be back to the bus for another hour, how about we try it again and I make sure you don’t forget.’ he said as he climbed on top of you.


Samoa Joe/OC: You and Joe have been dancing around your feelings for each other, they’re obvious, but you won’t do anything about them. Until he wins the fatal five way at Extreme Rules. Smut.


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Mafia!Jungkook Imagine Pt.3



Imagine your a police officer trying to arrest a mafia boss… A quite special one. In the end, nothing goes like planned… And suddenly he’s your boss.


Mafia!Au, and a little bit of everything?

Part 1// Part 2// Part 3// Part 4

The brown haired guy stood up and slowly walked to the door. You shuddered,  finally noticing how cold it actually was. You tried not to think of anything. You tried not to think about how your life as a sniper would be. Suddenly, you saw that the Mafia guy had turned around and was looking at you with a strange expression. Now you where the one raising one eyebrow.

“Ah, and (Y/N)… I’m not supposed to tell you, but… As soon as I leave this room and tell my boss about your decision, the bomb in your parents house will be activated.”

You felt your heart drop as your eyes grew wide in shock. He walked on, grabbed the doorknob and opened the door…


“Wait. WAIT!!!”, you screamed in panic.

The guy turned around, smiling in triumph.

“Welcome to the Mafia, (Y/N). I’m Jungkook and I’ll be your teacher for the next months.”


The next thing you knew, you woke up in a quite normal, clean room. No weapons, no dangerous looking people, and- at least seemingly- no cameras. Not that you expected all those things, but you had to make sure. You didn’t remember how you got here, maybe they used drugs… In the end you probably didn’t even wanna know. There was nothing you could do- Besides then waiting for someone to get you out. And it wasn’t going to be the police, even if you hoped so. You stood up and walked up and down in the small room. Maybe it was like a hostel room or something, they wouldn’t bring you to an actual Mafia building, would  they? In the end you still were an police officer! You searched the room for anything suspicious, or at least a hint, but you couldn’t find anything. Just an average hostel room. Without a phone, of course. That would’ve been way to easy. 

You thought about Jungkook and his words. Teaching you? What the hell was he going to teach you? You already knew how to handle a pistol and you weren't going to let him teach you how to kill people. Definietly not. You sighed. It’s not like you were actually going to be a part of the mafia… Right? Hopefully you would know soon. Right now there were way to much questions flying around in your head. But even more importantly, you had to find a way to escape.

Suddenly, without any warning, the door swung open with a loud bang. You jumped. What the hell!? Didn’t that person know how to knock? Did they come to hurt you?  You turned around,a little bit scared but also curious about the person. You somehow expected Jungkook to be standing there, but that wasn’t the case. In fact, a blonde, young girl was standing in the doorframe. She seemed way to young for the mafia, not even the tons of dark make up would hide that. But there was something about her that seemed strange-  like, really out of place. She was smiling widely. She didn’t seem dangerous at all, not like someone who’d kill people. More like… a bunny? Before you could say anything, she spoke up.

“Hey there, I’m Lisa. So your the newbie? I’m kinda new too!”, she said, still grinning. You didn’t know why, but she seemed quite nice. You couldn’t help it, you instantly liked her. You stared at her until you realized she was probably expecting an answer. 

“Yeah, I guess? I don’t really know…”, you answered, shrugging your shoulders.

Lisa just kept on smiling. She probably knew everything about you anyways. At least she seemed to know why you were here.

“So, (Y/N)! Jungkook told me to get you. Your lesson is going to start soon. But, If I’m honest…”, she said while eyeing you up and down,  “You can’t go like this. I’ll give you better clothes.”

With that, she simply walked to the closet, leaving you perplexed. You hadn't even checked the closet yet, thinking about it. She took out a black, tight jeans and a black tank top. Without saying anything she gave you the clothes. Then, she motioned you to change. However, Lisa didn’t turn around. She was just standing there, looking at you with a more and more confused expression. Would she be, like… watching you? That was quite strange. You didn’t even know her.

“What are you waiting for? Jungkook’s waiting. Can’t say he likes to wait.”, Lisa said with furrowed eyebrows.

“Can you just turn around?”, you asked awkwardly.

Lisa laughed quietly, making her nose crincle a little bit. She was getting kind of strange. But what did you expect? This wasn’t just some random hotel and she wasn’t just some random girl.

“I mean, sure, I can! But the two of us will be getting pretty close. There’s simply no other way. So why don’t why start right now?”.

Luckily, she turned around anyways and you  quickly changed your clothes, checking them for anything strange before wiggling into them. You were happy to finally have fresh clothes, you definietly didn’t expect to get some. They were quite tight, but that was probably normal, looking at Lisas outfit.

“I’m ready, Lisa… So, what now?”.

Lisa just nodded and took your hand, pulling you out of the room. You didn’t make the effort to close it, there wasn’t anything in there anyways.

She leaded you trough a row of lonely corridors. You were actually in a small hotel, but it appeared to be abandoned. The wallpaper was already removed from some parts of the wall and the carpets were stiff from dirt. Great. That wasn’t helping you at all. You couldn’t remember any abandoned building in your city. At least you knew it was evening, since the sun was just going down and the last golden sunbeams were drawing flickering patterns on the floor. If your heart wouldn’t pound like crazy, maybe it would’ve been pretty. But in the end you were being kidnapped and some strange mafia guy was probably trying to make you kill people. You weren’t looking forward to meeting him at all. Yes, maybe you should just try and run from Lisa. But she really seemed to know this building, there was no way you could escape right now. Maybe you should try and get her to trust you. Maybe she could help you out.

After what felt like an eternity, Lisa and you entered a big hallway. At least it was big compared to your room. The dark red carpet here looked way cleaner than in the rest of the hotel and warm, yellow light from some plastic candlesticks made the room appear somewhere near cozy. You heart was still pounding. It was so loud, there was no way Lisa wouldn’t here it. She turned around to you and pointed at a big wooden door.

“This way. This room once was the dining hall, now rookies get trained there. Jungkooks waiting. I think he’s alone, the others are already outside or in their rooms. Just in case you need me, my room is number 233. You’ll… find that somehow I guess. Bye, (Y/N). Good luck.”

You quickly nodded, and before you could ask anything or say thank you, she ran off. Amazing. Now you truly were alone. But you were quite sure running away made no sense. Especially since they didn’t make a big deal out of the black cameras that were installed everywhere.You would’ve no chance. And with that, there was only one option left.

Go trough that door. Face your kidnapper. And let him teach you god knows what.


The door was quite heavy, but you were able to open it. You closed it behind you, trying to be as quite as possible. You didn’t want to to get more attention than necessary. You looked around the big room. It was painted white and the floor was made out of dark wood, but the walls seemed to be isolated with a soundproofing material. God, you never knew the mafia was that advanced. The police didn’t even know half of the truth. They actually thought, the mafia was only hanging around in dilapidated, old houses near the city. That’s what you used to believe. But in fact, they were training rookies in proffessional soundproof rooms. Nobody would believe you, even if you told them!

Besides a few chairs at the side of the room, it was completely empty. No tables, no sofas, nothing. It didn’t seem like a place to learn shooting. And you couldn’t spot any blood on the walls. You had to check, just in case. Maybe you were a little scared too. Who wouldn’t be? The scariest thing was, that the room was completely lonely. No people. Especially no Jungkook, even though he was supposed to be here. You stepped further into the hall. Where would he be? He couldn’t hide in here. Should you go and search for Lisa? Or try to run away?

“GOT you. Watch out, cop girl. Your potentially dead now.”

You couldn’t restrain a high pitched scream as a cold hand landed on your shoulder. You spun around and jumped away, just out of reflex. Now your heart was truly going wild. Where the hell had he come from?

“Jungkook. Damn, can’t you announce yourself like a normal human being?”, you asked, still a little bit out of breath from the shock. He just watched you with an amused expression. His hair was messy, and instead of the suit he was wearing at the bar, he was know wearing black sweatpants and a white shirt. You had to admit he wasn’t even that intimidating, and he was actually really handsome. He looked like a normal young adult. You just wished you could punch that evil smile out of his face.

“Where did you even come from? Did you stick on the ceiling?”, you asked, trying to hide the fear that was still lingering in your bones.

The smile on his face grew even wider.

“Maybe. So, (Y/N). I see you already grew some confidence. But for the next few hours, you better just forget about your funny little attitude. Your head needs to be free from thoughts, you need to concentrate.”

You silently scoffed.  Was he actually telling you to not be confident?  Not like you were in the beginning. You just acted like it.

“What if I don’t?”. You didn’t even know  where those sassy words came from. They just came to your head. Considering the situation you were in you should’ve probably stayed silent. Maybe it was because you hated to be bossed around. Maybe because you were scared for what was to come.

But Jungkook wasn’t really angry, he just shrugged his shoulders.

“Not my choice. May hurt a little bit though, sweetie.”

Oh god. What in the world was he planning to do? You didn’t want to concentrate, right now you just wanted to get out. And get away from him. You took a step back. Jungkook just came even closer and started talking.

“As you already know, your training as a part of the mafia starts now. And since I’m not dumb enough to give you a weapon, we’ll start with physical training. You need to be prepared for everything, even as a sniper. Well, I just don’t know how advanced you are. So shall we just start and test that? It’s easy. Just try not to get hit.”

You gulped. Was he joking? Physical Training? Like, punching and kicking and stuff? You eyed his arm muscles. Jesus. There was no way  you would even last 5 seconds fighting against him. Your eyes grew wide as he slowly came closer. He wasn’t joking at all. You didn’t need to think about your next step. There was only one way for you. Ignoring the fact that you were really making a fool out of yourself, you just tried to run away to the other side of the room. He may be strong, but was he faster than you?

“Oh come on, that’s not fair. Don’t act like a scared bunny.”

The next thing you knew, he had thrown you over his shoulder. Damn. He WAS faster than you.

“What the hell are you two doing? Play tagging? Can I play along?”.

The sudden deep voice startled you and you wiggled yourself out of Jungkooks sharp grip. A young man was standing about 5 metres from you, holding a file. Big glasses were laying on his nose. He looked like a scientist. A big, boxy smile made him look really cute.

“No, Taehyung… I told you I have to train her. What are you even doing here, aren’t you supposed to mix drugs or stuff?”

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Back Out Now

Archie Andrews x Reader

Part: One, Two, Three, Four, Five

Words: 2397

Summary: Y/N tells Fred everything that has happened to her, including her mother’s murder. Fred tries to convince her to tell Archie that she is alive, but she fears that she’ll put him in more danger. Archie reminisces over Y/N and his first date. FP warns Betty to cut her connections with the Serpents before things get out of hand. As Halloween quickly approaches, there are much scarier things than what lies under the bed.  

Note: Even more emotions and betrayal in this chapter so I hope you guys enjoy! @side-angel

You set the mug down on the table, letting the coffee spread its warmth through you. You stared down at your shaking hands. Fred just sat across from you, waiting patiently until you were ready to talk. After everything that had happened to him and Archie because of you, it felt like you didn’t deserve to be sitting in front of him, asking for some kind of guidance through this mess.

“I guess this all started when my mom started working for Hiram Lodge.” You began. “She, uh, started the affair a few weeks into her job. She met with him whenever he had a business trip, only for one night, at some random hotel.” Your fingers tapped rapidly against the tabletop and you tried to focus on their rhythm. “My dad had no clue. He was so wrapped up in the cafe he didn’t even notice she was gone.

“After a few months she left him, but not before stealing fifteen million dollars. Money he got from clients. Well after he found out, he told my mom to pick up one last gift from the jewelry store. He arranged for a staged armed robbery and killed her. I guess in some screwed up form of karma he was charged with fraud and embezzlement because of the missing money that she stole.

“Of course, being in prison didn’t stop him from harassing me. He had figured out that I knew he killed her and he couldn’t have me telling anyone. Weekly threats, people showing up at my house; it was awful. But eventually he came up with a more permanent solution. But of course, Hiram doesn’t like to get his hands dirty, so he sent me a note. It said that my secrets either die with me…” You took a shaking breath. “Or with Archie. That’s why I tried to drown myself at Sweetwater River. I thought that I could protect him. Protect all of you. But Hiram wouldn’t even let me do that.” More sobs threatened to escape and you tried to choke them down.

“The doctor was able to bring me back, but Hiram bribed or threatened the nurses that were looking after me and took me out of the hospital. He took me to so kind of garage and tried to get information.” You winced and tugged up on the sleeve of your sweatshirt, revealing that the wound had bleed through the wrapping.

“Dear god,” Fred sighed. “What did they do to you?” He moved around the table and grabbed some new bandage. He gently removed the wrapping and he closed his eyes when he saw the deep cut underneath, trying to keep from losing his temper completely and tracking down Hiram himself.

“You can probably tell that they didn’t ask nicely.” You pulled the sweatshirt over your head and the pill bottle clattered to the ground. You grimaced as Fred’s eyes grew wide looking down at it.

“Y/N… what are you doing with those?” He asked quietly. Your lip trembled as you tried to come up with an explanation.

“You weren’t supposed to find me. No one was going to find out. Hiram would never find the money. I was supposed to just go into the woods an-and disappear. For good this time.” You rambled on, the cries getting harder to keep down. “I can just disappear.”

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anonymous asked:

What was the Paris incident?

//I’m terrible at taking screenshots//

Mulligan: Oh gosh… I’ll give the people what they want… okay so…

Lafayette: Hercules and I went to Paris to visit some of my family for a month. So, we got a hotel room and stuff. We decided we wanted to spice things up.

Mulligan: Basically, we had sex everywhere we could. *Mulligan starts listing off the places* Disneyland, restaurants, the roller rink, the museum, the roof of the hotel, some random ass field… it was fun! I think I missed a few places.

Lafayette: Oui, you did, mon amour. Don’t forget about the airplane on the way back!~

555 Days || Kim Yugyeom

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Genre: FLUFF

Yugyeom x Reader

A/N: I tried really hard on this, anon, and I am sooooooo sorry for the wait but I hope you enjoy this very much. 



You had a strict rule about not being bothered past 9 p.m., 10 at most, it wasn’t exactly because you would be going to bed early –‘cause that certainly almost never happened– but more due to the fact that in between school and your part time job, you never got to have alone, relaxing time during the day.

Said rule applied to everyone, from people you had just met to the closest of friends and, of course, Yugyeom. He had a bit of a hard time with this boundary of yours but reluctantly came to terms with it over time. You had to admit, though, that sometimes you felt a spark of regret for keeping him at bay but the feeling washed away when you remembered how clingy and energetic he could be.

You were having a blast with your friends the saturated fats and the always-unconditional Netflix when someone knocked on your door as if trying to knock it down. You growled, glancing at your phone to confirm that, indeed, it was well past 11 o’clock. Your brain drifted for a second, worrying about a gas leak or something that would get the firefighters up to your apartment but then shook it off when you heard his whining.

–Open the door, pleeeeaaaase–.

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You’re My Home

Summary: It pains you when you see Barry with Linda Park. You have had a feelings for Barry ever since you and your brother, Oliver Queen, met him in Starling City. When you’re visiting Central City with hopes of telling Barry how you feel, you realize that you may have lost him. (Set in Season 1 of The Flash, Season 3 of Arrow)

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Universe: Flarrow Universe / The Flash / Arrow

Warnings: Slight violence, that’s it….

A/N: I’m watching Season 1 of the Flash again and Dr. Wells/Eobard Thawne said this quote which gave me the inspiration to write this. buT I WANT TO APOLOGIZE BECAUSE THE FLUFF ISN’T REALLY UNTIL THE END.

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The Shield was a three man unit: Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins.

Dean was the unpredictable brawler. Roman the Powerhouse. Seth the architect.

Without any of the guys, there would be no Shield.

Dean/Roman, Dean/Seth, Roman/Seth….no Shield.


It’s either all three or none. Stop excluding members from the group because you don’t like them.

perrie & selena {dirty imagine}

“hey sel thanks for letting me crash here tonight.” perrie says as she gets comfy under my huge blanket covering my queen sized bed. “no problem perrie couldnt let you spend the night at some random hotel.” i say laying with her. “wanna watch some tv?” she smiles picking the remote up. i nod. perrie was visiting with her boyfriend zayn but he had a appointment to attend back in london and perrie didnt wanna leave just yet so shes crashing here tonight which iam perfectly fine with. perrie and i have been friends for about 5 years yes, longer then her and zayn have been together. i had her first. just between me and you i have a lesbo crush on her, yes yes i know iam straight but shes the only one i want shes the one i want forever.  we always hang out together but since her and zayn became a thing she doesnt really hang with me anymore or talk even. “so how have you and zayn been?” i asks innocently. “we’ve been good.” she smile looking at me then back to the tv. i nod trying to think about what else to say until she breaks my thoughts. “well i really miss hanging out with you selena.” she says. “same.” i smile. as the night goes on we watch mean girls and two other movies i cant remember because i cant stop looking at perrie. shes facing away from me laying on her side we both decided to change into some pjs shes wearing some of mine. about 40 minutes went by and perrie hasnt said anything “perrie.” i whisper leaning over her shoulder. “perrie.” i whisper again. her eyes are closed and now that iam this close i could hear her steady breathing. she feel asleep i get a naughty idea. i smirk flickering off the tv. peeling the blanket off, i come in view of her tiny shorts that pretty much show her panties and tank top that hugs her breast perfectly. i run my fingers up her leg, she flinches. i giggle hooking my finger in the shorts pulling them down super slowly. i rub my finger against her pussy making her whimper unconsciously. i smile going on. i spread her legs in front of me letting me look at her core. i kiss her inner thigh leaving sloppy kisses. “mmmm” perrie hums moving arching her back. “thats it perrie.” i whisper nibbling on her covered pussy. “mmmhm.” she hums waking from her sleep. “selena! what are you doing?!” she says sitting up.  "perrie i cant stop thinking about you i want you perrie.“ i say pulling her to me. "selena i cant iam with zayn.”  she says still letting me pull her against. she straddles me looking down at me rubbing her covered pussy against me. “mmmm.” i moan as i feel her pussy rub against my lap. “i want you.” i whisper grabbing her ass in both my hands. she bites her bottom lip leaning in closer to me. “you really want me?” she teases grabbing my hand and laying it on her breast. i nod squeezing her breast roughly. she leans in and whispers,“ then take me.” i smile throwing her back against my bed. i crawl on top of her kissing her neck up to her lips. she smiles as i try and push my tongue in her mouth. “open.” i mumble sucking on her soft skin on her neck leaving a small purple spot. “no.” she says sounding more like a moan. i run my hand down trailing across her stomach and on top of her covered pussy. she hums biting down hard on her lips taming her moans. “open.” i whisper again. she shakes her head smiling at me. i smirk slipping my hand in her undies. i rub her clit playing with it a bit. “damn it selena.” perrie mutter throwing her head back against my pillow. i smirk feeling her wetness drips through my fingertips. i rub her clit slowly. “you know what the clit it for?” i ask seductively rubbing her harder. “what?” she says breathless. “plessure.” i reply leaning down pulling her undies down and giving her clit a long lick. “mmmm god selena!” she moans out.  spreading her legs for me. “fuck you taste good.” i mumble ripping her undies off her. she smiles reaching down for me. i hover over her again kissing her softly. this time she pushes her tongue in my mouth. i smile fighting with her soft tongue. she lets me win and i kiss down her neck nibbling on her breast kissing each one. she smiles closing her eyes. i move south to her pretty wet pussy. i bite my lip before kissing her pussy lips softly. she whimpers arching her back. “please selena.” she moans grabbing a hand full of the sheets. i blow my cool air then digs into her sticking my tongue into her. “yes!! selena oh yes baby!!” she screams out. i smile,“ you like this baby huh?” i take my finger sticking it in her. she nods rubbing her clit. “you little slut.” i laugh moving away from her. “where are you going?” she wines. i run to my closet grabbing my special bag and bring it to the bed. i pull out an 9inch dildo and place the bag on the floor. “mmm what are you gunna do with that baby?” perrie asks biting her lips. “jeez i dont know? what do you want me to do with it?” i tease placing the last strap around me. she spreads her legs open. i crawl over to her planting myself infront of her pussy. “what a good whore.” i mutter licking her from top to bottom. “damn it selena just fuck me with it.” perrie whimpers trying to push herself onto the toy. “okay okay ill stop.” i laugh ramming the 9inch inside her tight wet pussy. “god yes !! selena fuck!!” perrie yells out grabbing the bed head bar. i go at a steady pace, “selena please faster, harder.” perrie pants rubbing her breast. “okay baby whatev-” iam cut off by her phone ringing. i slow down as she reaches for it. “its zayn.” she moans as i keep fucking her. i take the phone from her “hey zayn whats up?” i say answering it.  perrie wraps her legs around my waist and i ram hard into her. “umm perrie is in the shower she needed to cool off.” i smile looking down at her. i pick up my pace ramming the dildo into her harder. “yes!” she moans slapping her mouth closed with her hand. i smirk holding her hips down with my free hand. “sure ill let her know.” i say quickly ending the call. “now thats done.” i smile grabbing her waist. “make me cum selena please!” she begs reaching up for my breast. “beg baby beg.” i smile rolling my hips. “please selena make me cum baby please.” she begs squeezing my breast. “mmm.” i hum going harder into her. “yes baby right there.” she whispers grabbing my breast. i grab her hand and pull her on top of me i sit up helping her down onto the toy. “OH FUCK YES DAMNIT!!” perrie screams out taking the full 9 inches. i smile watching her bounce up and down on me. “FUCK FUCK YESSSS!” she moans as i strike my hips upwards as she goes down. we move together making her feel amazing i can tell by the way she moans my name and the movement of her hips. “damn perrie.” i say grabbing her hips helping her move up and down. i feel her wetness all over my lap.  she smiles looking up to the ceiling “all for y-you baby all for you.” she whimpers wrapping her arms around my neck. i smile kissing her. “lets make you squirt.” i smirk moving upward. i throw her back down ramming into her making her scream my name. “yes there you go baby come for me.” i mumble spreading her legs out. “fuck god right there selena yes!” she moans rubbing her clit. “iam gunna cum.” she breaths out. “then cum.” i whisper rubbing her clit for her. “FUCK YES UHHHH FUCKKKK!” she screams and i remove the 9inch but still rubbing her clit letting her squirt all over my blanket. she lays back against the pillows catching her breath. “fuck.” i mumble removing the dildo from myself and licking up all her beautiful cum.  she hums. “fuck selena that felt so fucking good.” perrie moans rubbing her legs together. “yeah? better then zayn?” i smirk laying next to her. “umm yeah better then zayn.” she smiles straddling my waist kissing me. 

heres another story hope you all like it & i have some news for you guys! tell me what you think :) 

fic: tonight i need to hold you

title: tonight i need to hold you 

genre: fluff/reality| rating: pg-13 | warnings: swearing

word count: 1700

description: an insight into dan and phil’s relationship as of late in the form of conversations on a tour bus and getting used to waking up in new city every day.

“being on tour with you isn’t much different to being home with you, except we’re on a bus that’s constantly moving and it’s the bumpiest sex i’ve ever had.”

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5x1: Mycroft Dies, Lord Moran Returns, Reichenbach Revisited

Things that have to happen in 5x1:

1) Lord Moran returns.

2) Mycroft’s reputation is going to be ruined to MI6/the government.

3) Mycroft needs more information about Jim’s Secret Project.

4) Mycroft will set up a meeting with Jim to try to catch Jim.

5) Jim kills Mycroft (in front of Sherlock).

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Is There Somewhere?~Ashton Irwin

*Based off Is There Somewhere by Halsey*

You and Ashton had decided to spend the weekend away, in some random hotel that Ashton had stumbled upon. He got the key and lead you to the room where he dropped his bags. He smiled at you while he shut the door and pulled a cigarette out of the pack that he pulled from his jeans pocket. 

He pulled out the lighter, lighting it before taking a long drag, passing it to you. He checked the room before plopping down on the bed and laying back. You handed the cigarette back to him, you never really smoked that much. He sat up as you sat on the bed and he leaned his head on your shoulder. 

You smiled while looking at him. He turned and kissed your neck knowing that you just wanted to feel his lips on your skin. You slowly moved your head to the side to give him more room. 

“This is right where it begins.” He whispered as he moved over you, pushing you back on the bed, kissing you. His hand slide up you thigh that was no longer covered by your dress. His hand slipped to your panties making you moan. 

He smirked at you, lifting you to lay back on the white pillows. You pulled him by the back of his neck to kiss you. his soft lips on yours. He found the zip to your dress, unzipping it and pulling it off your body. You lifted your body to help him get it off. Once your dress was off, he pulled his short over his head before hovering over you again. 

You smiled up at him. This feeling of love over coming you as you looked at him. You never wanted him to complete you. You clutched his arm, digging your nails into him. He pulled your panties down, moving his pointer finger between your folds getting a rise out of you. 

You moaned, arching your back gripping the white sheets. You watched as he pulling his fingers away from you and licked them. He leaned over to grab his shorts, pulling a condom out of the front pocket, pulling his underwear off and slipping the condom on. 

He hovered over you kissing you, any area of skin that he could possibly reach while he slowly thrust into you. You arched your back moaning. You scratched his back, his groans filling the room. 

You watched where your bodies were connected while he rested his forehead on yours, watching you breath. Your breath came in short breaths the sweat running down the area between your boobs. 

Ashton’s thrusts became sloppy as you both reached your orgasms. His grunts became louder while nothing came out of your mouth although the pleasure was something you’ve never felt before. 

You clenched around him bringing him closer to the edge. He came in the condom, laying beside you. You looked at him with so much love and he looked back at you with the same look. You couldn’t help but not want to let this go. He was stuck in your brain.  

He sat up, pulling his boxers on before grabbing a notebook as he sat in the chair that faced the bed, looking at you, often writing down words. You covered your bottom half with the blanket watching him. 

“What are you writing?” You asked. All he did was smirk. 

“Can we pretend that we’re in love?” You didn’t mean to fall in love. He looked like he fell in love. But you’re gonna pretend that you’re in love. 

Make A Wish

This is for the Girl In Every Port Project which was created by winchestersinthedrift and deansdirtylittlesecretsblog.  My prompt was “delivery girl at a pizza joint”.  Here’s the masterlist for the other GIEPP pieces, I suggest that you give them all a read!  For this prompt, I decided to do a hs!au and it is a Dean fic.  Enjoy!

If you were being honest, you’d say that this pizza delivery thing sucked.  It was just a summer job that you had picked up to make some spending money for senior year.  Being a pizza delivery lady had sounded like such a good idea, but in reality it meant a bunch of creepy guys hitting on you and the tantalizing smell of warm pizza that you weren’t allowed to eat.  It all sucked.  Royally.

“I’m gonna take these last 3 orders and then head home, Mindy,” you wave at the owner of Paisano’s Pizza, backing out of the front door.

“Thanks Y/N, see you tomorrow!” she smiles, looking up from wiping down the counter.

“Bye!” you call before letting the door swing shut behind you.  Outside is cool in that summer night kind of way and you slide into the front seat of your car, sighing happily.  You put the pizza down in the passenger seat and check your list for the night.  The first two are normal Saturday night regulars, but the last one reads “Room Number 106, Four Leaf Hotel”.  That’s weird and a little bit sketchy, you’re not going to lie, but it’s all part of the job.  Plus, it’s not like you really have a choice.

The regulars go easy and you’ve made a solid $10 in tips by the time you pull up to the hotel.  It’s an old looking place with a flickering sign the reads “Four Leaf” in the front.  You walk anxiously up to the door of room 106 and knock lightly on the door.

“DEAN,” you hear a young voice through the thin hotel room door, “PIZZA’S HERE!”

“I’m getting it,” another voice says.

The sounds of a bed creaking signal the owner of the second voice rising to greet you.  “Hey,” a boy who looks around your age swings open the door, leaning languidly on the doorframe.

“H-hi,” you blush, glancing down.  This kid undeniably was attractive.  Like really hot.  Like forget-how-to-breathe hot.  You swallow hard.  “Pizza’s here.”

He nods before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a couple one dollar bills.  The boy counts them quickly, grimacing as all of his confidence drains from his stance.  “How much is it again?”

“Five dollars,” you glance down at the money in his hand and notice that it’s not going to be enough.

“I’ve only got four,” he says.

“I don’t know what t-,” you begin, but are cut off from the whines of a little boy inside the hotel room.

“Dean hurry up, I’m starving!”  The boy, Dean, looks at you pleadingly.

“Please,” he whispers softly so that the other boy can’t hear, “cop me a dollar.”

“I don’t know if I can,” you stare back, shifting from foot to foot nervously.

“Please?  You can come in,” he offers, “eat pizza, watch some bad hotel tv.”  Your eyes widen at his proposition.  “I’ll make it worth your while,” Dean gives you a wink that even you can tell overcompensates for the weak side he just showed you.

You purse your lips.  It’s only 9 o’clock and your curfew isn’t until 11.  You have time, but is it safe to go into some random kid’s hotel room and hang out for a night?  Probably not.  But something just seems right about this.  You don’t know why, but you feel like you can trust this cocky boy who can’t find 5 dollars for a plain pizza.  “Ok,” you agree, “I’ll cover the change, but you owe me at least two slices.”

“Deal,” he beams in a way that lights up his whole face, complete with crinkles at the corners of his eyes.  It’s probably the cutest smile you’ve ever seen.  Dean ushers you into the hotel room and you hand him the box of pizza, closing the door behind you.

“I’m Dean,” he grins before nodding towards the boy sitting on one of the two double beds, “that’s my little brother Sammy.”

The boy makes a face, “it’s Sam.”

“Nice to meet you,” you giggle, “I’m Y/N.”

“Y/N, huh?  Pretty name for a pretty girl,” you and Dean meet each other’s eyes, faint smiles ghosting across your faces.

“Deee-eean,” Sam whines, “cut it out.”

He shakes his head, laughing softly, “yeah, right.  Let’s eat!”  Dean drops the box down on a small table in the corner.

“You got plates?” you ask.

Dean looks up and you think you catch fleeting embarrassment dance across his face, but it’s gone quickly.  “Come on Y/N, where’s the fun in that?”  He hands you a piece of pizza and you plop down on the empty bed, sliding back to lead against the headboard.  Dean gives a slice to Sam too before getting one for himself and sitting next to you.  He grabs the tv remote, flicking through the channels before finding Disney channel and leaving it on.  At first you wonder why he chose a kids show, but your question is answered by Sam’s exclamation of “this one’s my favorite!”

You munch happily on the pizza, feeling surprisingly comfortable.  The tv is bad but at least the company is good.  2 half an hour shows later and the pizza is completely gone and Sam’s eyelids are drooping.  Somewhere along the way, Dean slid closer to you and you’re now resting your head on his shoulder, his arm wrapped around you lightly and chin resting on the top of your head.

“Let’s go outside so Sammy can get to sleep,” he mutters into your hair and you nod.  “Sam?”

“Mmhmm,” the younger boy hums sleepily.

“Get into bed, Y/N and I are going to be right outside,” Dean pulls back the covers and Sam crawls underneath.  He snuggles into the pillows as Dean presses a soft kiss to the top of his head.

“Night Sammy,” he whispers, beckoning at you to follow him as he opens the door and flicks off the light.

“Goodnight Dean.”

You follow Dean into the cool summer air and he shuts the door behind him before sliding to the ground and patting the concrete beside him.  You slump to the ground, leaning onto his shoulder.  It seems like forever and no time at all at the same time as you talk about everything under the sun, or should you say the moon.  You talk about high school and home life, but never anything that really matters.  Eventually, the two of you reach a comfortable silence, just listening to the sound of each other’s even breaths and the cicadas in the grass.  If for nothing other than this moment right now, you’re glad you took this pizza delivery job.

“I’ve always loved the stars,” he stares up into the night, tightening the arm around your shoulders to pull you in close, “wherever you go, you’re always looking at the same stars.”

You hum in agreement.  Suddenly Dean gasps, pointing to the sky with the arm that’s not around you.  “Look!”

You follow his finger to see a shooting star soar through the night.  “Quick, make a wish,” he smiles and you turn to look at him, noticing the way his eyes glimmer with the light of the twinkling stars.

“I wish to stay right here, forever.”

“Silly,” he shakes his head, turning to look at you.  You’re close enough to feel his warm breath on your slightly parted lips.  “If you tell me your wish it won’t come true.”

“Oops,” you shrug slightly, getting lost in his sparkling green eyes.  He leans in just a tiny amount so that the tips of your noses brush together.

“But I wished that too,” he smiles softly, closing his eyes and leaning in just a little bit more.

All of a sudden, an uncomfortable vibrating plays from your pocket, snapping you out of your Dean-induced trance.

“Shit it’s 11:30,” you murmur as you pull out your phone, seeing your mother’s contact lighting up the screen.  “Hey?  Mom?” you hit answer and put the phone up to your ear.  “Yeah, work ran really late.  You know Saturdays can be a little busy.  Yeah, I’ll be home as soon as I can.”  Dean runs lazy circles around your hip with his fingers and you try not to let your breath become shallow.  Your mom will figure it out.  You don’t know how, but she will.  She can always tell when something’s up.

“Ok I’m on my way home now.  10 minutes.  I promise.  Ok bye mom.  Yeah, bye.  Bye.”  You hang up.

Dean looks at you with wide eyes.  “You have to go, don’t you?”

You stare down at the ground, “yeah.”

“Ok,” he murmurs, but neither of you move.

“Next time you’re in town, you better give me a call,” you reach into your pocket to pull out a pen and then grab the hand that isn’t holding your waist.  You write your number on his palm before pressing a kiss to where the digits are.

He sighs.  “What?” you ask as you begin to stand up.

“I told you that if you told me your wish it wouldn’t come true,” Dean explains as he rises to stand next to you.

You smile sadly before looping your arms around his neck and pulling him towards you.  “Come here,” you whisper and he closes the distance between the two of you, pressing your lips together and resting his hands on your hips.

It’s a slow, sweet kiss, not like anything you’ve ever experienced before.  It’s something special, something uniquely Dean.  He pulls away reluctantly after a few minutes.  “You should get going,” he whispers in the small space between the two of you.

“Yeah,” you sigh, “I know.”  You drop your arms to your sides, pulling his hands off of you, knowing you won’t be able to walk away if he continues to hold on.  “Really call me, ok?  Let me know when you’re back in town.”

“Ok,” he nods, but you both know that it’s unlikely you’ll ever see each other again.

“Goodbye Dean,” you say, backing up towards your car.

“Bye Y/N,” he draws in a deep breath that fills his whole chest before letting it out with a heavy sigh.  Dean watches you get into your car and drive away completely before he goes back inside.

“I liked her,” Sam whispers as Dean closes the door with a certain finality.

“Yeah,” he smiles faintly before crawling into bed, “me too.”

In the meantime…

We’re gonna put robes on, um, and feel our manliness.

Or I should say feel up our manhood - who are we kidding here?

Um, we’re alone in this big yellow room.

—  Jared Joseph Leto to 1200 people on Meerkat regarding his and Stevie’s plans for the rest of the night. Tucked away together in some random hotel in Russia.