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He Cheats on You (cashton/4)

If people like this I could post 4/4 or a second part???


It was unexpected, something that slapped you hard in the face, a dash of reality topping the cake of your life. Ashton treated you perfectly, paying just enough attention, making you dinner after a hard day, sending you flowers while away on tour. Little did you know each silky petal was just an apology, a cover-up for each woman he bedded besides you. Calum told you. He was an honest man, he couldn’t keep it from you. They were on tour, and Calum called you up when he had a break. It was impossible; you refused to believe it. “He would never,” you had said to him, more for yourself than anyone else. With some convincing proof and a heartfelt apology, you both hung up, immediately going to Ashton’s contact. Hesitating briefly, you blocked his number. Typing out a quick tweet, you closed your Twitter app.

“the single life is doing me well”


You had sensed something wrong with Calum recently. He didn’t treat you the same. It was hardly noticeable, but you knew him well enough. Instead of flashing you with his silent laughter like normal, he would only pay a small grin in your direction. Instead of finding a way to be as close to you as possible, he would slowly edge way, as if he moved too quickly you would duck away like a deer. One day, while doing laundry, you lifted one of Calum’s band shirts up from the basket. Very faintly, on the neck of the shirt, you noticed a smear of lipstick. Frowning, you wondered. You hadn’t warn lipstick in a few weeks, so you weren’t sure where it had come from. Then, like a bucket of ice water washing over you, you realized, “He’s cheating on me.”