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What could have possibly sparked so much discourse? A person's sexuality and gender seems like an extremely personal thing to pretend to know more about than they do.

I ate some potato skins at a gay bar a few days ago and mentioned it briefly in a “this has been a pleasant day socializing with my friends” post. Some folks took that as an excuse to vomit nonsense about how I was invading a safe space I don’t belong in and that’s… that’s pretty much it.

Apart from the constant harassment to publicly disclose my own sexual orientation to justify my doing business at a gay bar, I’m baffled by the suggestion that straight people should be forbidden from entering gay bars for any reason. Firstly… it’s a business, guys. Businesses need patronage, or else they shut like the other gay bar in the city (this is a red state, btw). 

Bars are not support groups, and they’re definitely not “safe spaces”. They’re community centers, yes, and they can provide refuge to lots of people, but they’re… they’re bars. People get drunk at bars, start fights, end fights, get roofied, get pressured into things they don’t want to do, and are subject to racism, ableism, transphobia, body-shaming, and more - and that’s from within the community. 

Of course straight people shouldn’t go to gay bars “ironically” or be annoyed if someone flirts with them (unless they’re pushy and obnoxious about it, obviously). “Don’t be an asshole” common sense applies, as ever. I’m always surprised by the short-sightedness of vehement “allies GTFO” sentiments in real life spaces, because that also excludes closeted and questioning people. I see that #discourse applied to shit like high school GSAs, full of minors, and it blows my mind. 

It’s especially absurd for bars - people were mad that I went with my gay friends because it should be a “strictly gay only” space, and had the audacity to lecture me on why I didn’t belong there. I really doubt that these anons are old enough to go to bars if they don’t understand the value of bringing along someone you trust when you’re going to be drinking. Having a designated driver and someone to watch your back is a good and important thing. I cannot stand the taste of alcohol and am bad at socializing, so my presence at any bar is mostly as support for friends, or to get food. The suggestion that “keeping out the straighties” is more important than safety and enjoying yourself is patently absurd.


Sweet potatoes: before and after.

They were a touch too oily and spicy, but hot damn do I love me some breakfast sweet potatoes with scrambled eggs and cheese.

Plus, after a long needed rest day yesterday, back at the gym this morning, with some wimpy arm flexing. Also, I always feel really good in this top! Despite being slightly see through it makes me feel really slim.

Now, D&D, some planned snacks, and beer!

Spending Thanksgiving with the Weasley family would include:
  • Spending the entire morning helping Molly cook alongside with Ginny since it’s her first Thanksgiving actually making the food from scratch with no magic
  • “Oh get out of here you two and go have some fun! I’m quite sure I can handle whipping up some stuffing and potatoes. I’ve already started on the cranberries- oh see dear, it’s in the oven and the turkey is in the freezer ready for dinner.”
    “With all due respect Mrs. Weasley… you’re not suppose to put cranberries in the oven, they’ll melt, and the turkey has to thaw and then we put it in the oven to be cooked.”
    “Oh bloody hell!”
  • Going around the table and everyone saying what they’re grateful for
  • “I’m grateful for having Y/n here or otherwise I’m sure our lovely mother would have poisoned us dead.”
  • Molly swatting Fred in the head for that one
  • Fighting with Fred and George over who gets to break the wishbone
  • Forcing the Weasley family to watch Muggle American football 
  • Carrying on the Weasley tradition of a rough game of Quidditch
  • Laying on the couch with Ginny waiting for your food coma to pass
  • Ron and you eating all the pumpkin pie
  • Trying to explain what the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is to Arthur 
  • “So just a massive collection of big huge air machines roam around the city- that could possible crush someone- and these Muggles enjoy it? That’s absurd, we must go at once!”
  • Molly insisting that you didn’t eat enough, despite the fact that you already had three plates, and piling more food up for you
  • Pulling out all the Christmas decorations the second everyone’s done eating
  • Everyone picking out a tree together in the backyard and Arthur chopping it down
  • Setting up the tree inside and getting sap all over your fingers
  • Singing loudly to Christmas music with Ginny and dancing around the house 
  • George, Ron, and Bill would most likely get all the lights tangled up outside while you, Ginny, and Molly worked on the tree inside
  • Percy would stand to the side and make snide remarks to his brothers and laugh at them for creating a big mess on tangled up lights
  • The boys giving up and using magic instead
  • George would sit next to you on the ground while you take out all the ornaments from the holder and explain the meaning behind each and every one
  • “Oh, Bill made that over the summer. And this one grandma gave to Ginny. This is my favorite!”
    “Georgie… why do you have a pickle ornament?”
  • George being absolutely astonished that despite being aware of Muggle customs, you had no idea what the pickle ornament meant
  • “You mean to say you’ve never hidden a pickle in the tree before?”
    “That sounds quite dirty, George.”
  • Molly and Arthur standing to the side watching in adoration as the whole family worked together and joked around
  • Percy would fill everyone in on the background of Thanksgiving and why it is celebrated
  • Fred taking you up on his shoulders so you can put the star on top of the tree
  • Thousands of stories from the past would be shared
  • Feeling miles past full of food
  • Listening to Ginny gush about Harry Potter to you and sharing how she wished he could’ve made it to which you would roll your eyes and smile because she is absolutely smitten by the boy
  • Messing around with Ron and pranking his older brother’s together
  • Taking cat naps with Fred and George
  • Before you leave, Molly would give you the warm hat she had spent the whole week knitting for you
  • “There you go, love. Don’t want you catching a cold out there. Fred and George make sure you watch out for this one! Do not let her leave the castle unless she’s all bundled up. It’s suppose to get awfully cold my dear.”
    “We won’t, mum.”
  • Going out Black Friday shopping with Ginny and introducing her to Muggle concepts
  • “Now be careful, it can get pretty vicious. Watch out for carts, I got jabbed in the side last year with one and almost didn’t make it up in time to beat the crowd.”
    “Uh, Y/n are you sure this is safe?”
  • After break, Molly would send you back to Hogwarts with plenty of leftovers

-Daizy xx

Had a chickpea and red lentil curry for lunch today with some white rice and popadoms 😋  I cooked some zucchini, onion, sweet potato, carrot, red lentils, red and yellow capsicum and chickpeas over medium heat in some coconut milk and curry powder for about 25 minutes-really high in protein, delicious and really quick to make 🙌  instagram:@veganzoejessica

Final was OK, one of the questions was ideal so I think I nearly aced that, but the other two were a bit shitty. Still, by far not the most shitty, so I think it balances out ok. I felt really ill after, I think I was dehydrated so I had a headache, my wrist was really aching (I had hurt it a couple of weeks earlier when I fell ice skating lol) and my lower back is in bits cause the the exams were in a lab so the seats were high and I was bending over the whole time, for 3 hours and 20 mins, and I am also currently inflicted by a certain organ that tears itself apart on a monthly basis. Also it is fucking freezing outside and I couldn’t warm up at all afterwards in the pub for post exam celebrations so I left after one drink and oh my god I should have gone sooner, I felt like I was going to throw up on the tube home, AND I had forgotten my headphones so I couldn’t even listen to music to distract myself. Anyway, I’m back now in bed with a hot water bottle and a lemon ginger tea, and finally I can get back to sun and moon. I am just so relieved that’s it’s over, January exams are the worst thing ever invented ever

Soz babes and babettes i needed to vent lol

Last dinner before I move out to go to college 🚕  🚕  I think I’m still in a stage of denial 😂  If any of you are at uni and have any advice please message me! I had some nourishing buddha bowls tonight because I’m trying to use up all of my food before I leave-brown rice, lentils, quinoa, baked crispy eggplant with maple syrup drizzle (you need to try this-finely slice your eggplant and bake it until crispy and golden and drizzle that sugar onnnnn) I also baked some sweet potato, sweet corn and portobello mushrooms with garlic and oml the mushrooms they burst with liquid when you bake them and they taste heavenly) bok choy, sprouts, tomato, radish, beetroot (I feel like this list is going on forever) baked vegetable patties I made with chickpeas, indian spices, quinoa, spinach, pumpkin and a tbsp of wholemeal flour aaaand some bread w hummus because nothing can beat a good piece of fresh market bread with that heavenly chickpea concoction 😍😏😋   Probably exceeded my daily protein requirements with just this meal alone ahaha 😎 

instagram: @veganzoejessica