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My favorite scene from “With Good Intentions” by @anirrahn PLEASE go read and give many kudos and comments on it! :))

(Sorry if its hard to see some of the panels, there is NO way I’d post each one individually lol)

Syriannas, completely fascinated by Dorian’s sleeping face in the early hours at Skyhold.

I wonder how many exclusives (probably 5/5) Dan Wattpad must have before some people realise that no one is stupid enough to give interview after interview to somebody who bashes them constantly. Self respect is still a thing.

Murder on the Orient Express promo pic from October ‘17 issue of Empire
(Scanned by me)

college boyfriend!joshua

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a/n: special thanks to @choco-seventeen for giving me the idea of barista!josh which ended up being the best idea ever,,, get rdy to die yall

  • here it is, our long awaited gentleman of seventeen!! requested by this darling~
  • i’ve never written anything for josh (which is appalling) and seeing as he’s now,,, like a bias,, i mean i kinda have to don’t i
  • i’m going to pretend that a straight week of searching for joshua scenarios did not help encourage this

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Sorry in advance for the douche-like shirtless pic. I’m actually starting to see some small gains and I’m quite proud of that. It’s been a very slow progression.

This week has been pretty exhausting between a lot of (fun) stuff going on at work, trying to recover from pride with @mylullabyedelwiess, and keeping up with everything else.

I can’t wait for the weekend. Anyone have any fun plans?

I added a bunch more beautiful pictures to my queue! That way I don’t bombard y’all with like 20 posts all at once like I tend to do.