some photoshop for effect


process “shots” of dancing rat guy. Made in TVpaint, but the BG and some composition were done in photoshop/After Effects.

He can dance to the beat of “No One to Depend on” by Black Santana and “Light My Fire” by The Doors. He probably can dance to the beat of other things, but those just happened to be the songs that popped up on shuffle at the time.

animation study - NCT U

So apparently some ‘artist’ on the Internet thought it would be very much okay to just STEAL this artwork of mine, put some terrible Photoshop effects on it and upload it as their own, taking all the credit for it. They’ve NEVER ASKED for my permission to use my work and they haven’t even mentioned my name in the description. Instead, they removed my signature and applied their own on top.

I would like to take this amazing opportunity to remind such great ‘artists’ that it is NOT OKAY TO STEAL other people’s artwork and take credit for it man, NOT OKAY. 

If you want to take someone’s artwork and take a huge massive sh*t on it with your mad photoshop skillz then please, at least ASK for their permission first. 

We work hard and put enormous amounts of time, effort and struggle into doing these artworks. It’s only fair that you respect that. 


Wanted to practice with some new software/effects/techniques/editing and this was the end product.

There are imperfections especially with size and the smoothness of the transitions.

Being the first one I attempted, Zig seems to be the worse. Sean and Jake didn’t turn out as well as the others either. Also looping, I need to practice on it repeating much more smoothly.

Aside from that, please enjoy some smiling men of Choices.


I think most of my time was spent messing with the frames just so I could find some lazy Photoshop effect to avoid drawing them in the first place. In the end they still look like awkward cutouts but screw it, I’m throwing in the towel.

Lovall Malovitch and Maza’am Ardis, Mordesh scientist and engineer pre- and post-Contagion. Space zombie is a good look for you two, you should consider making it permanent.

Oh wait …

Backgrounds, frames, and patterns are all stock images.

I actually usually use “Illust Studio”(It’s Manga studio in western side) for drawing my lineart, before I actually use Photoshop and its really getting out of control even if I turned off the pressure or with pressure. So I don’t recommend it much to use it as drawing. But for beginners, and you only have Photoshop, you can bear with it ww

But hopefully you’ll buy or get a new drawing program that is really good at making lines. You can only use Photoshop for some effects you want to apply on your drawing. It’s what I do! :^)

For doing the lineart, I’m pretty bad at teaching and explain how I did it since it’s how my hand moves when drawing ^^; In other words, its how I’m used to.

First, of course don’t forget to sketch up your drawings first. If you are unsure what you’re going to draw. Better go sketch first so you’ll know how you’ll draw them in proper way without sweat!  


Also don’t forget to experiment different brushes!! You might even find a kind of brush that fits your favorite way of drawing, because I do too before until I become dedicated to no pressure brush! (^∀^`;) Well don’t question me why all of the brush I love no pressure pen most…

Ah!! Before I forget it― The thinner the line the better too! Like this

Especially when drawing a robot/character in detailed and realistic way. Because thickening the brush will end up making your drawing look cartoonish… chibish― or simply looking like it’s not pretty fit for giant-detailed-looking-robots with thick lines;; ><

I hope my little tutorial will be quite helpful..! Even a bit;; I’m not really good at teaching my style but I tried! I wish you good luck on your progress in drawing!!  




The last episode of Star VS The Forces of Evil, Just Friends, a sad episode (Poor Star)
I won’t say spoliers, but this episode inspired me to make this fanart.

To make the desing of the T-shirt, I used an screenshot (Of a video of Youtube)
And some effects in Photoshop (I don’t know how to use it good yet)


El último episodio de Star VS Las Fuerzas del Mal, Just Friends (Solo amigos), un episodio triste (Pobre Star) No diré Spoliers, pero este episodio me inspiró para hacer este fanart.Para hacer el diseño del polo, usé un screenshot (De un video de Youtube). Y algunos efectos en Photoshop (Aún no sé cómo usarlo bien)

bunnionthemoon  asked:

I'm sorry if you've answered this question before but I only just stumbled across your blog recently, but which program do you use for your art? :)

I use Paint Tool SAI to do the artsy things! and Photoshop (cs6) to add some nice effects to do my stuff looks more decent c: