some photoshop for effect

Mairon “Sauron” Aulëndil


Modern Supernatural Mafia kind of AU I suppose? Who am I even fooling - I just wanted an excuse to draw Mai in a fancy outfit smoking a cigarette XD I got to explore some new effects in photoshop and I can’t say I’m displeased with how it turned out *for now*


“Carry On My Wayward Son” - Digital Oil Painting

He has such a gorgeous profile, just look at those eyelashes. I combined this painting with some Photoshop effects for the glowy-shiny mirror.

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thechelseydee  asked:

Oh my gOD your art is AMAZING. I want my walls covered in it. What program and supplies do you use out of curiosity?

Thank you so much!! I’m flattered…/// Primarily I paint with Paint Tool SAI, it feels like drawing on paper because it’s so handy! (I use an intuos wacom pen tablet) I like to add cheep effects with the free software, I really like the effects it has to offer and they are very easy to use… because I can’t tame photoshop, haha. Photoshop is only used to add some brushes and unique blending effects if I feel like it; or more likely to finally understand this thing…
 ( º言º) *mumbles*

So apparently some ‘artist’ on the Internet thought it would be very much okay to just STEAL this artwork of mine, put some terrible Photoshop effects on it and upload it as their own, taking all the credit for it. They’ve NEVER ASKED for my permission to use my work and they haven’t even mentioned my name in the description. Instead, they removed my signature and applied their own on top.

I would like to take this amazing opportunity to remind such great ‘artists’ that it is NOT OKAY TO STEAL other people’s artwork and take credit for it man, NOT OKAY. 

If you want to take someone’s artwork and take a huge massive sh*t on it with your mad photoshop skillz then please, at least ASK for their permission first. 

We work hard and put enormous amounts of time, effort and struggle into doing these artworks. It’s only fair that you respect that. 

I actually usually use “Illust Studio”(It’s Manga studio in western side) for drawing my lineart, before I actually use Photoshop and its really getting out of control even if I turned off the pressure or with pressure. So I don’t recommend it much to use it as drawing. But for beginners, and you only have Photoshop, you can bear with it ww

But hopefully you’ll buy or get a new drawing program that is really good at making lines. You can only use Photoshop for some effects you want to apply on your drawing. It’s what I do! :^)

For doing the lineart, I’m pretty bad at teaching and explain how I did it since it’s how my hand moves when drawing ^^; In other words, its how I’m used to.

First, of course don’t forget to sketch up your drawings first. If you are unsure what you’re going to draw. Better go sketch first so you’ll know how you’ll draw them in proper way without sweat!  


Also don’t forget to experiment different brushes!! You might even find a kind of brush that fits your favorite way of drawing, because I do too before until I become dedicated to no pressure brush! (^∀^`;) Well don’t question me why all of the brush I love no pressure pen most…

Ah!! Before I forget it― The thinner the line the better too! Like this

Especially when drawing a robot/character in detailed and realistic way. Because thickening the brush will end up making your drawing look cartoonish… chibish― or simply looking like it’s not pretty fit for giant-detailed-looking-robots with thick lines;; ><

I hope my little tutorial will be quite helpful..! Even a bit;; I’m not really good at teaching my style but I tried! I wish you good luck on your progress in drawing!!  


Tried using photoshop to do some aesthetic effects but it turned out as if phil had Hella lots of freckles or some possible skin disease.

I tried kk :“) i’ll try better next time tho hahahaha

Praise Allah for the ability i’ve been given,NOT The artwork!
~ ayuka

parallelpie  asked:

Hey would you be kinda enough to maybe share the settings you did on that beautiful miss pauling picture u did? Also wb

Post for reference: LINK

Ok so I had to go back to sai and do this over but basically goes like this:

(1st Pic) : Have a quick sketch or basic idea down. Most of the time I use the marker tool because usually I’ll be using the sketch for the actual drawing. Use different strokes and pressure sensitivity.

(2nd and 3rd Pic): Make a separate layer under the sketch and create a base color the outline of the drawing. Doesn’t have to be perfect, just necessary to give you a basic idea of the overall shading. One the base layer, start coloring in other colors (hair, shirt, face, etc) but make sure to know where your lighting will come from.

(4th, 5th, 6th Pic): Start the detailing. Use darker color for refining, lighter shades for the light source.

(7th and 8th Pic): Moving on to the hair, first settings are for the bigger strands/folds.

This one is for the finer hairs. Use different brush sizes.

(Last Pics): I like to add sharp lighting effects, so usually a white outline works great. Also use different brush sizes.

As for the last effects, do some editing in photoshop (color balance, saturation, levels, pattern) and a orange glow, and you’re done:)


This got pretty long but I hope this what helpful!