some photoshop for effect


My shot for @tazanimated !!!! I don’t animate very often at all lately so I’m especially glad I got this extra motivation to get something done and cleaned up. So excited to see the finished project all together!

Process of Mr. King Anti

This was tough to make, cause i’m usually never that good at drawing. But in order to make this, I did reference off a couple pictures, but some things I changed up and made myself. I did handdraw this and then I scanned it and went on to Adobe Photoshop to clean it up and add some effects that I can’t normally draw. The cleaning it up part of it was definetly painstakingly long. (Esp. The gosh dern hair). This image is not perfect, but I am very impressed with myself. I have merch for it coming out later today! (Around 3pm EST?) Merch link will be in my bio! :)


my Shepard, during her years in the 10th street reds, and cuddling her turian husband (being the savior of the galaxy comes second) also I can’t draw Garrus I cry

“Carry On My Wayward Son” - Digital Oil Painting

He has such a gorgeous profile, just look at those eyelashes. I combined this painting with some Photoshop effects for the glowy-shiny mirror.

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Some overwatch characters. 

I’ve got requests to draw these characters together. I just fell in love with the diversity of Overwatch female characters.


Hello. I usually don’t write a long comment on my own post, but I have to say something.

First, I got the point that Sombra and Pharah look brighter than they should be. However, my intention was ’not’ to them look more like ’white’. As you can see, I made Zarya’s skin tone comparatively brighter than Pharah, also Widowmaker vs Sombra.

I don’t play this game. And when I drew them, I simply used few images as references to figure out overall colors. With the photoshop, I put some effect to look them in the light, as a result, they kinda went bit brighter than I originally painted.

After I read a comment, I searched for images that all Overwatch characters standing together to see the comparison. And I realized they are actually darker than I thought; especially Pharah.

I don’t want an argument over this. You can get your own opinion over things you saw on the internet, but I have to give you some explanation since I drew them.

It’s kinda sad to see someone call my stuff out as ’white washing’.

Also, the waist. As you can see, I didn’t draw Zarya’s waist so small with Pharah. And yes, I drew her waist tiny at the one on the top.

I really appreciate of the diversity Overwatch characters have on their body shapes, age differences and ethnicities especially, female characters.

Bottom two pieces, I was focusing on showing the differences between characters like their faces, height, body types….

The one on the top was more freely drawing. I never drew Zarya before this request, and I simply wanted to draw her for my own. She seems like a super strong badass fighter type kinda woman, and I loved it.

Thing is, I love to draw ridiculously tiny waist either for men or women. I like it because it makes curves and contrast of shapes. It is fun to draw. If you check my other stuff, you can see I draw tiny waists a lot. It’s just my style. I honestly was more focusing to make her arm and back look strong and big….

@sujimoon89 This is my twitter and I have more stuff here. You’ll see my point. I am guilty drawing specific body types over and over. But I’m also aware that many artists deliver a certain type of body shapes when they draw female characters and it should be changed. So I admit I have a habit and I think I should show more diversity on my drawings.

However, I’m also saying I made her body looks like that not because I think female body only supposed to look like that nor only small waist with big boob and hips are attractive. Thanks. -Please, be understanding about grammar. My first language is not English.

Wip - Picnic stuff and this *craptastic* Blanket

Still need to tweak the baskets closed geostate. I forgot that the hinges are on the closed basket. *head slap*

And…… Yes! I got the recolorable blanket to work BUT it’s not super user friendly yet. If ever. 

Venture forth down below if you want to see wip images and listen to me ramble.

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here’s the finished version! all backgrounds were done in photoshop, some colour correction, lighting and reflections were added in after effects.

I call the darkness unto me, From deepest depths of Earth and Sea… 

Practicing some photoshop magic/effects with my Moon Butterfly cosplay and I’m…. pretty darn terrible at it. xD If anyone has any pointers or advice on photoshopping magic I would love to hear it! :’D