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Sweet infant baby Jesus, what am I doing?

This is what happens when you hit a writer’s block and your friends start filling your head with crazy ideas … like a young!Will AU with lollipop spanking. Originally this was a prompt set in a candy store … then there were truckers involved … and now candy is stuck in his hair and all over his body.

All I know is that I’ve been awake for almost 25 hours, and I put a peppermint on Will’s nipple. Take it or leave it.

I was sitting around the other day and thinking about how lots of fandoms have challenges that fic writers can participate in and lamenting that quiobi does not. So I got off my butt and decided to announce a challenge. I’ll repost this every few weeks as a reminder for those who might not have seen it the first time.

This challenge is open to writers, artists and everyone in between. Art, poetry, photo manips, videos, gifsets, poetry, it’s all welcome. There’s no theme except it has to be Obi-Wan Kenobi/Qui-Gon Jinn. It can be set during the prequels, the originals or an AU, it’s up to you. For fic writers there’s no limit on how long or short your fic is. You can of course submit multiple entries (such as a fic, some photo manips, artwork etc.), if you’re interested.

The challenge will run from October 1 – October 28, 2017. Any Jinnobi work you submit must be complete and it must be submitted during the month of October. However, you can start working on your work at anytime over the next eight months, just don’t post it publicly until the challenge is officially open.

Before October:
If you see this post and think you are going to write, draw, or make something for the Jinnobi challenge, please let me know. Send me a message on tumblr letting me know you intend to participate. If you need a beta, I’ll be glad to put a call out for those who are searching for betas. If you are willing to beta for someone who is looking for a beta, let that person know. At this present time, I’m not able to beta for others, but please message me if you have any questions about the challenge.

Once October 1st comes around you’re welcome to post whatever you have, please tag your work with the tag Jinnobi Challenge, whether it’s a fic, art, or a tumblr post. To guarantee that I know you posted your work, message me again with a link to your work (or links, if you submit more than one work). By the first week of November, I’ll put up a master post with a list of all the amazing stuff everyone has created.

1. No underage jinnobi slash.
2. If you’re working on anything triggering please tag it with the appropriate warnings
3. Your fic must have a rating on it (the challenge is open to all ratings)
4. If you’re posting a WIP, the first chapter must be posted on or after October 1, and the last chapter has to be posted before October 28, so I don’t recommend it unless you know you can get it done in that time.

If at anytime you don’t think you’re going to be able to participate in the challenge after all, just let me know. Life gets busy, so I completely understand if you don’t have the time. Remember that this challenge is for fun, I don’t want anyone to worry that their contributions aren’t going to be as good as others, or stress over whether they’re going to reach the deadline, the important thing is to enjoy shipping Jinnobi. If you do have concerns, feel free to let me know and I’ll see if I can tweak the challenge so that the following year will be easier. That’s right, I plan to make this an annual challenge! So who’s interested in participating?


In honor of Peter filming Doctor Who Series 10 and Jenna promoting Victoria today, I’m putting up some photo manips of them together. Hope they look okay, and that they don’t offend anyone. This was just for fun as well as a ‘what if’ to the Doctor going to the 19th century and finding a young Queen Victoria has a striking resemblance to his beloved Clara. ♥ Manips by me.

Because pasting parts of pictures onto other pictures is apparently what I like to do in my free time, I decided to do some cracky brollylock photo manips. 

Well, it started out as brollylock anyway. (Brollylock stars in Sherlock in the Rain.) 

It quickly devolved into… whatever crack ship this is…

Brolly Hooper in Molly Poppins.

And then this happened…

Mycroft Brolmes in… I don’t know what the hell to name this nightmare. Iceman Returns?

And no, I’m not even a little bit sorry.