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[29/31]: the fresh prince of bel-air

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock. Jingle bells swing and jingle bells ring

i love ks but the fandom is a fucking disaster

Musing about being a POC and queer individual in the TMNT fandom:

I think the hardest part of being in the TMNT fandom for me is the fact that I am not white, am not straight, am not cis, or even neurotypical, and… I identify fairly hard with the turtles because of those things. 

But then… they’re drawn or written as all of those things probably 90% of the time when people are humanizing them, and its just. so hard. to let that go, even though those people have no idea they’re affecting some random person across the internet. Compared to the hundreds of others who don’t feel this way, my personal opinion doesn’t really matter.

I don’t hold it against anyone for their headcanons, and I have never a day in my life sent hate to a person for having those headcanons, since I know those depend almost entirely on the personal life and experiences of those individuals.

They still bother me though, since I feel like it erases a large part of what the turtles’ identities are, which is being a minority among minorities.

They’re the only four of their kind, and pretty much utterly isolated from the rest of the world. They’ve never fit in, and never will, because they are inherently different from the rest of society. They are, in a phrase, freaks of nature.

My circumstances aren’t as extreme, not even close, but I know that feeling on a personal level regardless. Having them portrayed as the socially acceptable norm, it erases a large part of what makes them so interesting; which would be their sheer alien-ness from the rest of us. By making them ordinary cis white straight etc etc in humanized headcanons, I feel it takes away from their original characterization as a minority.

And it just really bothers me, as a single individual in the fandom, to have characters I identify with so strongly become pretty much the complete opposite of who and what I am, and thusly become no longer relatable. It’s just a difficult thing to deal with sometimes, especially since I have no power to change it other than ignoring the content I don’t like.

I hope no one takes this as an insult to their personal headcanons about the series; its just the words from someone who’s never fit correctly to any box, and found a strong connection to four characters who I felt were similar to me in that sense.

anonymous asked:

Wait you actually did that?? Can you explain the story behind it lol


i was at the ilight,,, place,,,, thingy,,,,, with my friend and her boyfriend. it’s a carnival in case yall were wondering lol so they were doing that thing where they rub my single(ness? hood?) in my face by being cute and holding hands and shit

so 20 minutes in the carnival i give up and put a picture of jaemin on my phone and just walk around holding it beside my face lmao

my friend was like “wtf vi what’re you doing” and i told her i was spending time with my boyfriend too honestly who am i

here’s pics:

the picture in case yall wanted to appreciate the beauty 

i look like SHIT in this one so


I wanted to draw Grimmjow with long hair. Also Ichihime as soldiers… or rather a princess that can protect the soldier back. Took a lot of liberties with the armour please don’t try to make sense of them!  (ichihime only version of this post)

I have some personal notes for Grimm’s Alternative Versions under the ReadMore, but as far as the other pics go, there’s not much to say. Hope you like it anyway.

Keep reading Hey yo remember this really old unfisnished fanfiction you did like years ago? Yeah well someone added your story to their favorites. :)
Me: -deep sigh- fuck

You tell me it’s summer, you tell me that there are skies so blue it hurts to look at them. Here it seems like winter still, despite all the annoying blossoms. I feel out of place, I want to rip whatever beat there is left out of my chest. Take it, I don’t need it no more.


In case you were wondering what happened to Alex’s backbone in season eleven, 
apparently he left it somewhere in season ten.

Alex Day still thinks he’s a victim even though his ex (whom he cheated on by way of victimizing other girls) came forward about how she still struggles with the fallout on a daily basis three goddamn years after the fact

I’m going to vomit, honestly

Hello everyone and happy new year! I know this is a bit late (fifteen days to be exact) but better late than never, I guess.

Anyways, this ff is special to me because it’s only my second one since I’ve had this account (which is running on almost five years.) I just wanted to say: thank you to everyone who managed to make my 2016 a lot less sucky.

Now, below is a few of my favorite people and I wanted to do something a little different and write them some personal notes to kick off the new year. Also, to show how much I appreciate them. love you!

@encodednotes mary katherine: where do I even begin, honestly? mkay, you are my best friend. you are so beautiful, charming, funny, witty, and incredibly stunning with words and music. you’ve smiled with me, laughed with me, and even cried with me. I thank you for your random messages and for your handwritten pen-pal letters with hand drawn memes. I thank you for being there for me through everything, even though you’re a few thousand miles away. thank you for telling me about your happy days and sad days, your crushes and hardships. thank you for trusting me enough to pour out your very soul. and lastly, thank you for just being my friend through it all. ily — rachel.

@gemffusion fahad: I know we haven’t spoken in awhile and that’s just fine; but I want you to know I think about you a lot. remembering our deep conversations with each other, and then laughing with the “clique” makes me smile. anyways, I hope all is well with you and that you had a lovely new year beginning. your friend, rachel.

@brooklymbaby sofie: I miss our conversations a lot, hun. and though it’s been awhile, I think about you and the “clique” a lot. although, i hope all is well for you and that you’ve been having a wonderful start to the new year. — rachel.

@allfishswim lauren: it feels like it’s been ages since we’ve spoke but I still consider you one of my closest friends. thank you for the long conversations about life and for helping me power through dark times. hope all is well. ily — rachel.


continuing on.
below is a combination of all sorts of lovely blogs I follow: aesthetic, celebrity, book, and even edit blogs. thank you for posting what you do and being all kind people!


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🎉 for anyone who wanted a new year’s eve smooch tonight but didn’t get one:
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