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Some things in Death Note that I can’t stop thinking about.

  • The fact that Misa Amane, while having no idea why she was tied up and blindfolded, was very calm. Compare her, in confinement, without her memories, calmly talking to a man she doesn’t know–that she believes to be a crazed fan–to Light in confinement, without his memories. He screams at L, begs him, pleads with him, and generally loses his cool. What was Misa’s life like that she was able to remain so collected in that situation.
  • The fact that while Near’s life was in danger, he made it a point to save all his toys.
  • The fact that when he plays with his toys, nine times out of ten, he’s using them to construct a barrier around himself.
  • Does Near buy blank puppets and paint them, or does he have them specially made? (This goes for his L mask, too.)
  • The fact that there was only a single existing picture of Mello, and none of Near.
  • The fact that Mello apparently paints his fingernails.
  • The fact that Matsuda was the only one who believed wholeheartedly in Light’s innocence at the end, and the fact that Matsuda was the one who shot him.
  • The fact that Matsuda is apparently a stellar marksman.
  • The fact that Matsuda, no matter how much he’s put down or belittled by the people he works with, always gives everything he has, even if it’s a seemingly minor or useless task.
  • The fact that Soichiro Yagami died happy, believing in his son’s innocence.
  • The fact that he, a trained policeman who probably has shot his fair share of people, couldn’t use the Death Note, even in self defense.
  • The fact that there are characters named Beyond Birthday and JustinArmonia Beyondormason and that no one ever seems to do anything with this.
    • The fact that there’s apparently a shinigami named fucking Justin.
  • The fact that Misa is apparently less than five feet tall what the hell.
  • The fact that we don’t know the origins of L and B’s eccentricities. Was B copying L? Was he trying to hide his own identity in case things went badly (did he ever consider that they might?), or was he trying to make a mockery of the person he’d been forced to be? Or did L copy B, taking his detective handle–one chosen to mock him in the first place–the way he took the names of Coil and Deneuve? Did he do it to honor someone he failed, or was it just another way of protecting his identity?
  • The fact that B’s alias was literally “Backup”.
  • The fact that Ryuk is shy around girls.
  • The fact that the apple really… has no symbolism at all. You could read into it, sure–forbidden fruit, eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, man’s expulsion from Eden–but really, it was just to “look cool” and fit in with Ryuk’s design.
  • Ryuk’s single heart earring.
  • Aizawa’s afro.
  • Ide’s lack of eyebrows.

Some anti-Tony: Tony was trying to kill Steve and Bucky at the end of civil war

Me, looking at the iron man movies where in iron man 2 Tony literally decimates everything around him in five seconds with a laser: whatever you wanna say sweetie.


I finally got around to setting up my death note case file #02 nendoroid petits so I took some pictures!


You can’t rush art


They don’t care where they’re headed as long as they’re together~ (with that said, they’re probably going home)

I had an Interesting dream where I got lost in Japan and had to use my limited Japanese to explain what happened. At first I didn’t want to say anything but then I was like “散歩する!” and the people I was talking to were genuinely happy I could communicate with them. Sure I sounded like a two year old and had to go a roundabout way for explaining some things but…I knew the language. I could talk to people and people could understand me. Some were frustrated and some were patient. It was very real. I even took a step back and had to think about how to conjugate a word. I was so astonished when I woke up. I mean, for any language, sounding like a kid is an important step. I learned that. And as embarrassing or demotivating as it can be, I’m not going to be silent until I’m “fluent”. Nobody should.

Make mistakes, gain experience, and learn. You’ll master any language before you know it.


i made some achievement hunter pins to decorate my new backpack! i won’t be selling these, but if you meet me at a con you can get one of these bad boys for free!


Whether you’re going to bronycon or a-kon. Comic con or animefest. Any convention you’re going to, ya know those (usually fake) stories about kids being kidnapped, stalked, predators, etc?

I just wanted to let you know that if you are in a situation where a child says they are unsafe…

Contact hotel staff, convention staff, etc. contact the police and the child’s parents. This is NONNEGOTIABLE

Refusal to do so is basically allowing a potential child predator to get away for notes on Tumblr or attention. Refusal or not contacting authorities or reporting it is also often breaking a FEDERAL LAW because it is often required to report situations of child endangerment, and that isn’t just for teachers, doctors, etc. it goes for you too.

If you want to post about it on Tumblr to bring attention to it, go for it. However, don’t you fucking dare post about it on Tumblr or other website like you’re a hero for not reporting a child predator and supposedly protecting a child.



Tonight was a realization of the journey we’ve been watching since the very beginning and I feel sad for people who are belittling it, who can’t see how powerful it really was, not just for Oliver, but for the entire show.

anonymous asked:

As someone who's autistic, what advice could you give to someone who itsn't autistic, attempting to write one?

a hobby of mine is looking at other people and trying to guess their life. the breakdown is usually as follows: routine, personal appearance, mannerisms, and interpersonal interactions. since autism is a spectrum, they can place all over the board, so maybe compare my answers to a few others so you can find what best suits the character and storyline.

routine - change is hard, okay? like…. really hard. so most auties have some semblance of a routine bc it keeps things simple and it’s calming. sometimes the whole day is planned (breakfast, work, stop at the park, home) and sometimes there’s a lot of variables so only One Thing is constant (only This for lunch)

a simple “as usual” when describing an action is gr8 at the start, and if The Plot wrecks this character’s routine, make it clear they’re anxious. some auties have serious meltdowns, and some will just be slightly on edge.

personal appearance - this can be part of the routine (wearing a specific “uniform” of sorts), but this can also hint towards sensory stimming or a special interest. a lot of auties prefer soft and heavy clothing (sweatshirts are gr8) and simplistic hairstyles that don’t require a lot of maintenance (braids and messy buns are common) and younger ones tend to have hair that’s down and slightly unkempt.

fidgeting is v common, so if your character has hoodie strings or loose garments, they’re probably messing with them. chewing on clothes is also common! ik it’s gross but I never see that in fiction.

mannerisms - this is really where a lot people will decide “yep that’s autism”. do they touch or avoid everything? are they really loud or really quiet? nervous ball of energy or completely stoic like a statue? what about hand gestures (flapping, flicking, heck even sign language)? vocal stims (humming, singing, repeating words/phrases to themself)? auties tend to be one extreme or the other, but keep in mind stims are mainly for coping so they might escalate when stress is high.

a lot of these ~quirks~ aren’t pretty so please be mindful when presenting them. I’d appreciate knowing the character’s stims are seen as lovable rather than annoying. also keep in mind that auties are often self-conscious so we may try not to stim in front of certain ppl, which can lead to Sensory Hell (everything is A Lot, too bright, too loud, too much touching me, aaaaaaaaaaaa). a shutdown (quiet and internalised) or meltdown (there’s usually crying) quickly follows.

interpersonal interactions - auties tend to have 0-2 friends, but usually they’re really close. while auties are more literal, some do understand jokes and a lot are really good with puns. in new scenarios, we have “scripts”, which are taken from what we’ve seen in movies or other people, that we try to match. sometimes this works great, sometimes not. facial cues aren’t our strong point, so eye contact is either hit or miss and we may smile at the wrong times or not know another person is being sarcastic or mean.

a common trope is that autistics are distant and cold, which is sometimes true but it’s overused and a negative stereotype, so maybe have a different character be the moody one. instead of distant and cold, maybe your character infodumps about their special interest as a way of bonding. also note that depending on where this character falls on the spectrum, they may not “act autistic” or they may be “highly autistic”. avoid saying stuff like that, as well as “mild autism”. sometimes ppl need a little more help!! and there’s nothing wrong with that!!

writing an autistic character shouldn’t be that different from writing an allistic one. it’s okay to mold your character after a couple auties you personally know, and it’s okay to have a few stereotypical behaviours (like trains as a special interest) so long as they aren’t exaggerated or the focal point. as auties are marginalised, keep from comparing them to aliens or robots or animals or otherwise Other (if your story is about anthropomorphic space robots, please disregard). endear the character to at least some other characters in the story and to the reader, but don’t present them as acting younger than they are (grown men with fidget toys are still adults, not kiddies!).

check out the #actuallyautistic tag for some more ideas and you can always read works written abt auties by auties online (searching ”autistic” on ao3 for example). hope this was some help nonny!


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well it’s been a while hasn’t it (;•͈́༚•͈̀) sorry about that! as you can see from my packing list here, i went to the bts concert in anaheim! it was such a surreal experience and i’m still lowkey suffering from pcd … so it was hard to keep up to date. but now i’m back!

anyway, this is my taehyung layout from the second-to-last week of march (i blurred out some personal notes lol)! taehyung and jungkook are my bts biases :3

(the quote is from Silv3rT3ar’s beautiful acoustic english cover of ‘spring day’, check it out here!)

A Humorous Overview of the Weaknesses of Various Theories of Counseling

I am in an exceptionally salty mood for no real reason, so while studying for my Theories exam, I came up with these.

These vignettes in no way represent actual therapy with someone of the specified theoretical orientation.  I’m just being excessively mean and snarky, and you get to enjoy it.

Psychoanalytic therapy:

Client: I’m genderfluid.  I sometimes am male, and sometimes am female.

The therapist’s head literally explodes.

Existential therapy:

Therapist: Why are we so afraid of death?  Is it because we fear not fulfilling our life’s work?  CAN THERE TRULY BE ANY MEANING TO LIFE WHEN DEATH IS COMING FOR US ALL?

Client: You’re right. Life’s not worth living.  

Therapist: I didn’t mean that in the literal sense.  I meant it in the philosophical sense.  Because at heart, I’m a philosopher.  But you can’t find a job in philosophy for love nor money, so HERE I FUCKING AM.  And you get to sit and talk philosophy with me AND IT WILL FIX YOUR MENTAL ILLNESS.

Person-centered therapy:

Client: I need to figure out some skills so I stop doing the thing.  Can you teach me skills to not do the thing?

Therapist: It seems like it’s very important to you that this problem be solved.

Client: … are you going to fucking help me or not?

Therapist: It must be so frustrating.


Therapist: How does that make you feel?

Gestalt therapy:

Therapist: Let’s try an experiment.  See this empty chair?  Pretend that’s your wife.  Say what you want to say, then switch chairs and reply as your wife.

Client:… ahem.  Jill, I think this idea is pretty fucking stupid.

Client moves chairs.

Client, as Jill: I agree, honey.  What the fuck is this shit even?

Client moves back to original chair.

Client, as self: Not helpful, that’s what it is.

Behavior therapy:

Therapist: Don’t do this thing.

Client: But how do I stop myself from thinking about it?

Therapist: No one cares. Just don’t do the thing.

Client: But–

Therapist plays extremely loud and unpleasant noise.

Client: Ow, what the fuck!

Therapist: Don’t do the thing or that will happen again.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Therapist: Here you go, it is now week 5 so do this assignment and turn it in next week.

Client: I thought this was therapy, not school?

Therapist: This has worked for literally everyone ever who has had your condition.  So shut up and do the work.

Client: But I am an individual—


Feminist Therapy

Therapist: …and thus concludes my 1,000 slide power point about how our shitty cultural norms and intersectional oppression causes literally every mental problem that exists ever.

Client with schizophrenia: Seriously?

Client with bipolar: Really?

Client with autism: Uh.

Therapist: FEMINISM WILL FIX YOU ALL!!  Group hug!!!

Family Systems

Therapist: Wait, where is your family?

Client, sobbing: They all died in a car crash last week!  I’m such a mess, doc, you gotta help me!

Therapist: Um. Well.  LOOK OVER THERE!!!

Therapist tries to climb out of the nearest window rather than face a client without any family relationships. Hey yo remember this really old unfisnished fanfiction you did like years ago? Yeah well someone added your story to their favorites. :)
Me: -deep sigh- fuck

Today a student asked if I had an iPhone charger, and I held up my frayed, shitty one that I keep in my classroom as a back up for my own phone. It only works about half the time so I just told her that it doesn’t work, sorry.

Without missing a beat, another student looked at my frayed, shitty iPhone charger and said, “Teacher salary be like” and I fucking lost it.

Well played, kid.

You tell me it’s summer, you tell me that there are skies so blue it hurts to look at them. Here it seems like winter still, despite all the annoying blossoms. I feel out of place, I want to rip whatever beat there is left out of my chest. Take it, I don’t need it no more.

me: people dont like me bc im annoying and boring and a bad friend and theyre just pitying me when i bother them

some of my friends: i like you and enjoy talking to you and like being your friend :)


Okay so from a first glance TMNT 2012 might seem to have good POC representation, but I’ve been looking at it again and again and I’ve come to realize

It kind of really doesn’t.

My point being, we’ve got lots of POC characters in the show, but… most of them aren’t exactly set in a positive light. My examples of that are:

  • Shredder - Asian, but the main villain. And by the time of his death, he wasn’t human anymore either.
  • Hun - Asian, a vaguely respectable villain, but still a villain.
  • The Purple Dragons - Also all Asian, also all villains. Incompetent villains at that.
  • Doctor Stockman - Black man, evil scientist. Was then mutated into a giant fly, and only recently un-mutated.
  • Xever - The lone Hispanic character in the show, not only a villain and inhuman, but also portrayed as a sexual predator at times.
  • Tigerclaw - Giant tiger. Asian, but not human anymore. Definitely villainous.
  • Irma - Could have been read as being Asian descent, turned out to not be human and be evil.
  • Bebop - Black man, mutated into a pig, also a villain.
  • Ho Chan - Incredibly racist portrayal of an Asian man, also a villain.

With the reoccurring villains here, excluding Ho Chan, I’m beginning to sense a pattern. As for characters that could be put into the category for ‘the good guys’

  • Splinter/Hamato Yoshi - Japanese, but a giant rat for majority of the show and now also dead.
  • Tang Shen - Chinese woman, dead from the beginning of the show.
  • Karai - Japanese, villain originally, now morally ambiguous, but now also a mutant.
  • Shinigami - Likely Japanese, also a very morally ambiguous character, but she’s amazing as is and perfect.
  • Mr. Murakami - Chef, likely Japanese, possibly the only pure character in the show.

….kind of a short list, honestly. And four out of that list are either reformed villains or dead. Added to that, two of those individuals were both mutated; Karai to the point where she’s a snake for a good season and a half, and Splinter being purely a rat for the whole show.

Apparently people of color aren’t allowed to be alive and heroes in the show. They can be one or the other, but not both. Curious.

Point here is that it sort of really bothers me how little actually positive representation there is over all. In the main cast, Casey and April are the only humans portrayed as heroes- though April’s humanity is debatable- and they’re both white. The only heroes who are also humans are white. No other race to be seen.

Other than Mr. Murakami, who we haven’t seen or mentioned in a number of seasons, pretty much everyone of a race or ethnicity other European/white is dead or a villain or not human at all.

Hm. Not exactly the diversity I want to see on screen.

And while we don’t see much of the background characters, but I’m betting the diversity there isn’t exactly strong either. 

It’s not a lot to ask for, adding some racial diversity to a show. Seriously. It’s 2017 now. It’s time to make the change we’ve needed for a long time now. I know it’d mean the world to a lot of kids, to see characters with skin colors like theirs, being heroes and saving the day with their favorite iconic characters.

It’s time to stop being afraid to make the heroic characters something other than purely white. Give a kid the chance to see a hero of color.

tl;dr TMNT 2012 kind of sucked with representation in general.Here’s to hoping the next reboot will do better.