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Happy Steven Moffat appreciation day!

‘Heroes are important. History books tell us who we used to be, documentaries tell us who we are now, but heroes tell us who we want to be and a lot of our heroes depress me. But you know when they made this particular hero (The Doctor), they didn’t give him a gun, they gave him a screwdriver to fix things. And not a tank or warship or X-wing fighter. They gave him a call box from which you can call for help. And they didn’t give him a superpower or pointy ears or a heat ray. They gave him an extra heart. They give him two hearts and that’s an extraordinary thing because I don’t think there will ever be a time when we don’t need a hero like the Doctor.’

Birth names

Imagine that, for as long as you can remember, people have been calling you “Paper.” Sounds silly, right? You are not Paper. You do not want to be called Paper. It’s seems ridiculous to you.

But everyone insists on calling you Paper. “It’s who you are” they say. You find it annoying, but after a while, you grow used to it. “Maybe I really am Paper” you think to yourself.

You are reading a book, with a character named Taylor. You think “that’s a nice name. I wish I was named Taylor.” But still everyone insists that, no, you will always be Paper. But still, you are not paper. It gets more and more frustrating.

You are with your friends. They keep calling you Paper. You get annoyed. You finally tell them about the name you really like: Taylor. They ask if you would rather be called Taylor. Something about that feels right to you. You tell them yes. They call you Taylor now, and it feels right.

But everyone else keeps insisting that, no, you are Paper. The more they tell you, the more ridiculous it sounds. You are not paper, you are Taylor. But they don’t listen.

But, maybe someday, they will.

A big shout out to people in the fandom doing their part.

To those seeing the positivity in the current season, and making the best out of it.

To those who might not be enjoying it, but are sticking to their lanes and aren’t deliberately subjecting others to their less than positive perspective.

To those who actually stuck to their guns when they said they were done and made a clean break and aren’t being petty about a show they have no interest in watching anymore.

To those bringing back older posts, keeping Captain Swan relevant even if their story in the canon narrative has come to a close.

To the edit makers and artists creating content, whether it be of Captain Swan, or KnightRook, or Rogers, or Emma, or Killian - those continuing to provide the fandom with gorgeousness to reblog.

That definitely goes for the fanfiction writers as well.

To everyone doing their thing in this fandom, trying their best to just… not spoil the experience for others, regardless of what their feelings are, thank you. 

Fandom isn’t a shining place of goodness at all times, but despite the BAs that like to try and bring others down, it’s still someplace I’m happy to call ‘home’.

So yeah, shout out to everybody doing their part, whatever it may be.

making OC ref sheets is ha r d

anyway hello this probably isn’t really a really what one does when they hit a milestone considering this is a porn blog lmao but in honour of finally hitting 1k I’ve decided to do a follow forever~ these bloggos (and the people behind them) are precious and great and I hope they have (and keep having) a amazing day

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     Well this is honestly a surprise and I was by no means expecting this to happen - ! Honestly I was super hecking scared coming back to writing in this fandom, but everyone so far has accepted me and my version of Ruby super well and from the bottom of our hearts, thank you so so much - !
     I just wanna make this post just as a few shout outs to those that has made all of this super freaking possible and just … frick, thank you so much - !


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watching Destiny raid “cinematics” made by players and it occurs to me there’s nothing that says actual Guardians wouldn’t compile badass videos of their exploits with their fireteams in-universe for civilians to watch

i mean, it’s already canon that people, Guardians and civilians alike, watch and bet on the Crucible with victors being akin to superstars, why wouldn’t that extend outside said ‘sporting event’ to the more eccentric or popular guardians and their ghosts outside of the crucible? esp if strikes tend to have live feeds going anyway

Oh Death

2466 words of Kevaaron. Enjoy. <3

Kevin’s been playing professionally for ten years now. He still lives and breathes exy, but he also found other things that bring him joy. History. Documentaries. Cooking. Aaron.

Aaron is a chief physician in his hospital. It’s a stressful job, but very rewarding.
Both of this means, though, that they have trouble meeting up. When Kevin is off, Aaron sometimes has to do a double shift at the hospital. But as long as they have each other, they don’t mind. Especially in the offseason when Aaron also takes a vacation.

It’s shortly before Christmas and they are both home. Kevin is in the kitchen, preparing dinner while Aaron sets the table up. It’s weirdly domestic and Aaron still has trouble to believe that all of this is real.

In the background the TV is on. It’s some history documentary that Kevin chose. They already watched it ten times, but Aaron doesn’t mind. He likes to see Kevin smile. While they eat, they hold hands, caressing each other’s skin. This is when the call comes.

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“Does Battlefront 2 reveal Rey’s parents?!?!?!”

No because Lucasfilm isn’t as stupid as y’all

souvlakimememes  asked:

Would you write some Kolivunk angst???? Like Hunk being suuper scared of Kolivan not returning from a mission, or getting captured but the galra. But then the exact opposite happens, and Hunk is taken, and Kolivan moves earth and sky to get him back...

Not quite what you asked for, but close enough? This is from an au I’ve been tossing around for ages in which Hunk and Kolivan are stranded on an uninhabited planet together, and no one knows that they’re there and their pod was destroyed, so they have little to no hope for contacting anyone.

Kolivan dodged clumsily to the left, only just avoiding another swipe from the beast’s whip-like tail. He stumbled, almost losing his balance, and clutched his arm where the creature had sliced its claws through his flesh.

Neurotoxins, he thought, clenching his teeth in frustration. Of course.

Usually, he’d be able to handle such a beast on his own easily, but he’d left his knife with the yellow paladin so he could skin their dinner and the beast was standing directly in front of where it’d knocked his sword out of his hand.

He studied the beast across from him, looking for some kind of weakness he could exploit before he lost control of his body and became its dinner. He didn’t want to think about what would happen to the yellow paladin if he wasn’t there to protect him. 

The Blade could go on without Kolivan. He wasn’t sure if Voltron could recover from losing Hunk.

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