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Harry Potter Preferences - Part 7: Valentine’s Day

Draco: You would basically already wake up under a pile of presents. It’s not that Draco wouldn’t spoil you anyways, but on days like this he would go *slightly* over the top. Jewelry, flowers, chocolate and dinner at a fancy restaurant. You would’ve tried to tell him that this wasn’t necessary, but you knew he only ment good, wanting to show you that you deserve everything this world has to offer.

Sirius: Since he wouldn’t be that much into cheesy traditions, Sirius soon developed his own way to make this day special for the both of you. Every year he’d take you on a road trip, never telling you where you’d be going this year, but it would always be some kind of place that you wanted to visit for quite some time now.

Remus: Considering that Remus already had a thing for chocolate, you were the one that decided to visit a chocolate factory that offered guided tours. You loved the look on his face when his expression changed from surprise over confusion to basically sugar sweet excitement.

Neville: With Neville you would practically drown in flowers. He would not only give them to you as soon as you woke up, but it also became a tadition for the two of you to visit the zoo. It might seem childish to some people, but years ago you thought it would be a funny idea since both of you loved animals, which is why you just stuck to it.

Cedric: Both of you would enjoy classic, more simple activities that would allow you to focus on each other. Which is why Cedric would take you to a cozy little restaurant, with some prive space to dance afterwards. You two would spend the whole night talking, dancing and in the end just curling against each other when you arrived back home, not really needing a special day to show the other one how much you love them.

Fred: Fred would take you to a Quidditch game every year. Both of you were huge Quidditch fans and visiting those games on special occasions would remind both of you of the day you met. You would grab something to eat as well, but the bigger part of the evening would be spent laughing and cheering with thousands of other people.

George: Cheesy romance wouldn’t really fit with the two of you, which is why you developed a rather unconventional Valentie’s Day tadition. Every year the two of you would go to an ‘Escape Room’. Getting locked somewhere and having to solve all kinds of riddles to get out wouldn’t only be fun for both of you, it would also once again show what a great team you guys are.

Harry: Neither of you would really enjoy going out on Valentine’s Day, because the thing you enjoyed most would be each others company. This is why you would usually stay inside, cook together and afterwards some cuddling in front of the fire place.

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Could you do some class 1-B romantic headcanons please!!! specifically Kuroiro, Honenuki and Monoma. Thank you either way and I just wanted to say how much I love your writing!

Oh boi is this a hard one. I hope they’re alright.


  • Surprisingly good at wooing people. Not in a try hard way either. He just has a natural gift for making a person feel special. He puts it all on his good listening skills.
  • The type of guy that functions really well when he’s in a group and talking with his crush but the second it’s one on one he forgets how to human.
  • Makes you laugh with his puns.
  • Forgets when the last date you two had so you could either get 5 in a month or 2 in one month.
  • Genuinely tries to get involved in the things you like.
  • It’s hard to read him seen as he has a slight resting bitch face but oh lord does that smile shine like the sun when it comes out. 


  • Soft boy with a soft heart.
  • Looks terrifying but he picked you some flowers and got chocolate because that’s what romance is right????
  • Even if you ain’t a thing he picks out a really sweet birthday present for you.
  • Rather quiet until he feels like being chatty but it’s never an uncomfortable sort of silence. He’d rather listen to you talking all day.
  • Gets nervous that people find him scary because of his face.
  • Kiss his cheeks! He likes that!
  • He’s got this jealous streak in him, there’s nothing actually harmful about it, but he tends to get competitive when he sees other people making you happy and wants to make sure he’s living up to his title as boyfriend.


  • Thinks he’s a casanova but he sexts like a straight white boy and calls it romance.
  • Uses the word thrussy.
  • A certain someone has to smack him around the head when they find out about his awful misadventures in flirting.
  • But when he stops trying to be something he’s not he’s quite irresistibly charming. Smug in the way where you don’t know if you want to kiss him or punch him.
  • Goes to great lengths to convince you that the three course meal he just made you was no biggie. He totally didn’t spend hours sneaking around after you to try and pick up on any types of food you hate. Ofc not.
  • Sends you selfies nearly everyday. 
  • Sends you selfies pulling silly faces when he thinks your texts sound weird.

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How would the team celebrate tendou's birthday

- Tendou’s the kind of person to stay up the night before his birthday till midnight. He doesn’t know what to actually do during this time but he’s playing games to pass the time. His friends in different time zones all wish him happy birthday when they know it hits midnight for him.
- Yamagata is first to wish him happy birthday at school with birthday beats (punching the heck out of someone x amount of times for the age they turn). Everyone allows it because Tendou did the same thing on Yamagata’s birthday; Yamagata hits hard though. They have to stop him before he does a “one for good luck”.
- He’s not too popular with people at school so nobody really focuses on him for his birthday but the nodding comment of happy birthday in the halls is as much as he gets from the people he isn’t close to. He gets a lot of congratulatory words though, despite his bad reputation.
- People who do get him gifts but don’t know him well enough get him chocolate and manga because this is literally all that people know about him. He doesn’t mind because these guys ask his friends what he’s reading and he ends up getting the copies for his collection he doesn’t have. Somehow he doesn’t have any duplicates
- Everyone always looks forward to Reon’s cake. This cake however is the highlight of the entire year; sure it’s chocolates but he’s got fancy designs and little edible flowers. Nobody has any idea how he got it into the cafeteria but Tendou is beyond grateful. (Semi helped out this time with the decoration)
- He didn’t want to skip practice. But it happened because some kids in the orchestra whisked him away. Tendou’s surprisingly well liked by them so they play some anime music for him. It’s a nice break from practice and he appreciates their efforts.
- When the team actually find him, they don’t mind that he wasn’t there and they made an excuse so Washijou wouldn’t grill him later. Though, they aren’t gonna let him get away so easily and they decide to drag him away to eat out.
- They’ve all been saving up to go to a great buffet place. Though, people do give them looks since a bunch of teenagers are out of place in this hotel restaurant but it’s not like they care. Tendou’s the one telling them to ignore them since he’s just so used to it anyways.
- After this, when they get home or back to their rooms, everyone’s logged onto a game of Tendou’s choosing. No ranked games though; it’s all just the team against each other. Tendou and Yamagata aren’t allowed on the same team because they’re an absolute bullshit team. Though, Ushijima’s actually been practicing because he wants to give Tendou a good match.
- What everyone actually regrets is staying up until 3am. None of them actually sleep properly as it is but they’re pretty competitive against each other so after the rounds upon rounds of different games, it ends in conclusively with even wins and losses on the teams. (Tendou, Reon, Goshiki and Kawanishi against Yamagata, Ushijima, Shirabu and Semi if you were wondering.)

valentines day is tomorrow, and for me, and like many others im sure, this can be a kind of bummer time of year for single people. whether you have never been in a relationship, or had a relationship end, i want you all to know that you are loved this valentines day! no matter what anyone tells you. you deserve to feel loved, and to treat yourself on this day! if you can, buy yourself some chocolates or flowers, or light some scented candles and have a relaxing bath. valentines day is a day of love, and what a better day to love yourself!! have a wonderful valentines day, i love you all!!

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Stafou of course 😍 But I'll always believe lefou is the ticklish one

Ahhhh my pure, beautiful sons! Yes, of course! Two people asked for this pairing, so here ya go :)

who wakes up first in the morning: LeFou. He was used to getting up early to go on hunting trips with Gaston, and to get his things prepared for the day ahead, and he never really got out of the habit. These days, though, he looks forward to being able to get up earlier than his darling Stan, making him breakfast before waking him up with soft kisses. 

who’s the first to fall asleep at night: Stanley. LeFou finds it adorable. Stan’s always bragging about how long he can stay up, that he’s spent days without sleep, but in all honesty he gets sleepy as soon as the sun has set, though he tries to hide his yawns, and tends to use the “I was just resting my eyes,” line whenever LeFou catches him drifting off and shakes him gently awake.   

what they playfully tease each other over: LeFou teases Stanley about how much effort he puts into his appearance, carefully curling his hair and straightening the creases from his shirts. Stanley knows he loves it, though. Stan tends to giggle a bit at the amount of bows LeFou has, but also thinks it’s one of the cutest things he’s ever seen. 

what they do when the other’s having a bad day: They put everything else on hold to comfort their love, cuddling up to them on the couch. They don’t even need to say anything, just the mere presence of the other usually does the trick and they feel better almost instantly. If they’re at home they’ll usually bake some form of sweet treat to help lift the other’s spirits. 

how they say ‘i’m sorry’ after arguments: They don’t argue much at all, but when they do it involves a lot of gloomy sulking. Stanley, having seen LeFou upset for so many years previously, finds it to be unbearable. And LeFou can’t stand to see his bright, joyous Stanley feeling down. LeFou will usually bring Stanley some freshly-picked flowers and apologize profusely to the point that Stan can’t help but smile at his persistence. If Stanley is the one to apologize, he walks up behind LeFou and envelopes him in a hug, placing soft kisses everywhere he can reach until LeFou starts giggling. He then refuses to do anything for the rest of the day without some form of contact with LeFou, whether it’s an arm around his waist, leaning his chin on top of his shoulder, or even just simply their fingertips brushing as they walk. 

which one’s more ticklish: Lefou. Good lord, that man is ticklish! Sometimes when Stan is nuzzling up against him, he’ll “accidentally” brush against LeFou’s neck, which he knows is a very sensitive spot. LeFou will dissolve into giggles, which instantly brings a smile to Stanley’s face. He’s ticklish pretty much everywhere, but the most effective spots are his neck, behind his knees, and his sides, and Stanley knows about all of them. He doesn’t mind using this knowledge to drag LeFou out of bed, or to bribe him into doing something 

their favourite rainy day activities: Stanley loves to read to LeFou. They’ll sit by the fireplace with drinks and snacks, under a beautifully knit blanket, and LeFou will just watch Stan with adoration, smiling at the expressions and tones Stanley uses as he reads. They also like to bake together, whether it’s cookies, cake, or some exotic treat. As long as it’s sweet, it’s good in their books

how they surprise each other: They each like to buy little gifts on occasion. Nothing much, just some chocolates, a few flowers, but it means the world to the both of them when they spot the items laying on their dining table after a long day 

their most sickening shows of public affection: Despite wanting to seem tough and “manly” in front of his friends and the people of the village, Stanley loves to cuddle, and will do it at any time, in any place. He starts off with just an arm around LeFou, but by the end of it he’ll have nestled in nicely against the other man, nuzzling gently against his neck, which causes LeFou to laugh, being as ticklish as he is, and draw attention to them. The villagers have gotten quite used to it, just rolling their eyes and sighing a little at the pair before going back to their work. LeFou, on the other hand, loves to shower Stanley with compliments and words of love. He’s not afraid to use sticky sweet terms of endearment, either, opting for the frequent use of “darling” and “sweetheart” (among other things) even when they’re surrounded by others. It makes Stan blush, but he absolutely loves it  


Since the day at the coffee shop, you and Jimin had become practically inseparable. If you weren’t together, talking about everything under the sun, you were texting each other. BTS seemed to stare at the cheery dancer in awe and confusion.

Who is this girl? Jin asked as he watched Jimin text at the table. Jimin seemed to be so engrossed in his phone, he didn’t realize that Tae was slowly stealing all of his food right off his plate. Because she must clearly be amazing or the Queen of fucking England if she’s distracting Jimin that much. Jin mumbled to Yoongi and Namjoon, who chuckled and shrugged almost simultaneously.

Jimin said he met her when he was getting coffee that one day. Jungkook replied to his elder as he continued to shovel food into his mouth. Jin quickly looked over at the maknae and narrowed his eyes.

Who is she? He asked, Jin was always incredibly protective of all of the guys. He felt that since he was the oldest, he had to be the one to know what was going on with each of the guys. Jungkook shrugged.

Just some girl. He said as he shoved more food into his face. Jin tsked and looked at Yoongi who shrugged.

You know how Jimin gets with girls he likes. Yoongi mentioned and Jin nodded.

That’s what I’m worried about. Remember the last one? He fell hard for her, just to have her leave when she tried to get with Kai at a party for EXO’s comeback. Jin sighed. I just don’t want her to be another one of those girls. Jin spoke out his concerns and the guys nodded.

Hobi snatched the phone out of Jimin’s hands and Jimin looked at the older member with anger.

Hyung! What the hell? He asked, but it was too late, Hobi was scrolling through the messages.

So her name is Y/N, she works as a teacher, and she has awesome taste in music. Hobi said to the group as they all chuckled, watching Jimin’s face get more and more red with anger. Jimin didn’t want to share you with the guys just yet, he was still getting to know you, so he had tried to hide his conversations with you as much as possible. Hobi laughed when he saw the anger on Jimin’s face. C’mon Jiminie, don’t be so mad. We are all trying to talk to you, but you’re more preoccupied with this girl! Hobi explained and Jimin looked around at the six guys that sat around him. They were all staring at him, Jin tapping his fingers on the table like a mother angry that her son came in past curfew.

I want to meet her. Jin demanded. That was one thing about Jin’s protective nature, he would always try to intervene and meet any of the guys’ girlfriends or crushes.

Hyung. Yoongi said in a stern tone, and Jin whipped his head to look at Yoongi. Don’t. Yoongi continued and Jin huffed.

DON’T! HOW ABOUT DON’T SPEAK TO ME THAT WAY?! HUH?! Jin screamed in his usual appalled tone and Yoongi stayed completely calm, taking a breath.

Do we all have to relive the Jungkook and IU ordeal? Yoongi asked and Jungkook’s eyes went wide.

NO! Jin hyung! Don’t do that to Jimin! Jungkook exclaimed as he looked at Jin.

It was not that bad. Jin said quietly and Yoongi shook his head.

You interrogated the poor girl. Namjoon replied and Jin crossed his arms.

I did not interrogate. He responded and Tae’s jaw dropped.

You asked her why she hasn’t married Jungkook and when she wanted children. THEY AREN’T EVEN DATING! Hobi exclaimed with laughter in his voice as Jungkook put his forehead on the table.

I can never look her in the eye again. Jungkook mumbled into the table as Jimin looked from him to Jin.

Hyung, please don’t. I really like Y/N, so can I get to know her better before she meets you? He plead with his elder as Jin sighed.

Fine, but she does something stupid and I am going after her. Jin said confidently and Jimin bowed as he stood up and snatched his phone from Hobi’s hands. Letting himself sigh in relief, Jimin walked away from the dinner table and smiled as he saw you had texted him back.

The guys all watched Jimin leave and Jin grabbed Hobi’s collar.

DID YOU GET HER NUMBER?! He yelled at Hobi, who laughed.

Yes, hyung, I got her number. He said as Jin let go of his collar. Jin handed Hobi his phone as Hobi quickly typed in the number.

Jungkook rolled his eyes as he watched the hyung line huddle around Jin’s phone as they began drafting text messages. As he watched the group of guys relay back and forth about different ways to ask invasive questions, Jungkook just hoped that everything would work out for Jimin and you. He saw how happy Jimin had been in the past few days and didn’t want something like Jin being overprotective to ruin that. Tae tapped the youngest member on the shoulder and held up some game controllers and Jungkook nodded, following Tae into the other room to play video games.

You sat, scrolling through your phone at pictures of Jimin on stage. It was weird to think the guy you were talking to was also an international idol, because he seemed so normal. He wasn’t a diva or condescending, if anything he was just a humble and genuine guy. He was honestly interested in your day and the conversations the two of you had were amazing. Elena sipped her tea at your kitchen counter as you showed her the texts.

I’m just so confused, how is he so perfect? You asked her and she laughed infectiously.

That’s what I said about John and you didn’t believe me! She replied and you rolled your eyes.

John is still going through my vetting process. You told her and she chuckled again.

So now do you think it’s weird that people might like to stick with one person for life? She asked and you sat back on your chair. You hadn’t thought about it like that. You were incredibly cynical when it came to love, you saw it as some made up feeling that companies preyed upon to sell chocolate and flowers. Sighing, you looked at her.

I don’t know if love is real. You murmured and Elena, in her true friend way, sighed and shook her head sadly. She was always looking for Prince Charming, she believed that any guy that walked passed her could be The One, and she wanted you to feel the same. Recently she had gotten into a relationship with a guy named John and although he wasn’t perfect, she wanted it to work out with him. Elena wanted to share her happiness with you, but you seemed to be wary of John.

Love is real, but you seriously need to let your guard down a little. She said, before standing up and going over to the sink to wash out her mug. Jimin seems like a great guy, and add that he’s an idol, and I would say he’s the complete package. So, instead of pushing him away, just continue to talk to him, see where it goes. I’m meeting up with John, so I’ll head out. Love you. She said and gave you a hug before leaving. You sighed and looked at your phone.

Why can’t I just let my guard down? You asked yourself, but you knew the answer. Something that Elena didn’t know was that you used to be like her, you used to believe that love was all around you, but then you started to teach. You loved your students and how they grew up before your own eyes, but there were students that came from bad homes, divorce, abuse, custody battles, you saw it all and you saw it happening to the children. Love can’t exist if someone can be so cruel to their own flesh and blood. You murmured as you thought back on the horror stories. You knew it was wrong to condemn love so easily, but you also couldn’t stop yourself from seeing parents coming in for conferences with you and the meeting ending with them screaming at each other.

You put your phone down and tried to shake the idea of Jimin screaming at you like so many parents screamed at one another. Shaking your head to regain hold of your thoughts, you pulled up your lesson plans before your phone started buzzing like crazy.

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Im too ahy to come off anon but i love your head cannond and view of him 😭 Okay, well if we can't go full blown nsfw how about some romantic head cannons for Ed? Like, how would he persue someone he was interested in? What are his ways of expressing interest and flirting?

If you want full blown nsfw @conuxdrum is a 18+ blog that is more orientated to answer those kinds of questions. As for romantic headcanons, 

- Riddler’s sugar daddy material. He’ll never call himself a sugar daddy but dude has billions of dollars to waste and if someone is the affection of his eyes he’ll shower them with gifts. (warning: not all the gifts his gives are useless or relevant to their interests)

- His flirting style changes from different people. With stand offish people like Harvey, Jon, or Bruce he’s more bold and in your face “Hey look at me. Notice me. Date me.” His flirting is tangled in a web of riddles but the intention is clear.

Then you got people like Oz, Tommy, Harley, and his girls, where the lines between friendship/business partners and bed partners blur and Riddler just assumes they’re in a sort of open relationship. So he’s more discrete with his advances. A lot of subtle touches and hinting towards their perceive relationship.

- Riddler’s really old fashion in that he likes to go to a restaurant or movie or something for a date. The idea of just hanging out at home watching Netflix doesn’t count as a legit date for him.

- Will usually have flowers or chocolates as a gift for his partner depending on their tastes. 

- Not boring?? Like he doesn’t just spend the whole time talking about riddles. This should be obvious but some people don’t get this. He’s a genius with a photographic memory and a wide knowledge of trivia facts. Anything his partner wants to talk about, there’s a good chance he can talk about it with them at length. Doesn’t mean he finds it interesting but he knows how to hold a conversation.

- Usually follows the three dates rule but again, depends on who he’s with. 

- Kisses hands. Male, female, nonbinary, it doesn’t matter. He’ll do it.

Fanfic Update!

This is Gorillaz fanficition written by @all-gorillaz-imagines

Noodle x Reader

Contains so much fluff

“You know I love you, right?” You heard Noodle mumble. You quickly turned around to look at your girlfriend. “What was that?” You whispered. Noodle laughed and held your heart against her chest. “Can you feel my heart beat?” You blushed a bit and nodded. Noodle’s face suddenly got serious. “This heart beats the way it does because I can see you. When I don’t see you, my heart beat creates a song. A song to let the rest of my body know how sad I am when you aren’t around.” “Noodle…” She kept your hand on her chest. “Shhh, let me finish. The song it sings is for you and only for you. No one can make my heart sing like you can. I’m falling in love with you.” You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. You felt your lip twitch and tears slowly rolled down your cheeks. You suddenly felt rain drip onto your head. It slowly gained speed and started to dance all around you and Noodle. But still, there you were. In the middle of the rain storm with your hand still on her chest. You could no longer tell if your tears were falling or it if was just the rain. “Please say you love me too.” Noodle whispered. You removed your hand from her chest and placed it against her cheek. “How could I not love you?” You kissed her passionately. You two listening to the rain tap against the world around you. Noodle wrapped her arms around you while you placed your other hand on her other cheek. This moment was just about you and Noodle. Nothing else seemed to matter to you.

You broke the kiss for only a second to breathe. Noodle rested her forehead against yours, panting. “We’re getting soaked.” She giggled. “It feels good.” You said. Noodle started to hum a tune and swayed her hips. You laughed a bit, “What are you doing?” Noodle took her head away from yours and smiled, “Dance with me.” You chuckled and kissed her cheek sweetly. Noodle continued to hum and move her hips with the music she was making. You joined in and giggled. “People must think we’re crazy.” You whispered in her ear. “Love makes you do crazy things.” She whispered back.

You continued to dance with your girlfriend until you felt her shivering. “We should go someplace warm, I don’t want you to catch a cold.” You kissed her freezing hand walked her towards some shops on the other side of the road. You waited for the cars driving on the street to come to a complete stop before running across. When you approached a shop, you looked up at the sign. “Pawn Shop” read the sign. You smiled and opened the door for Noodle. She walked in first and you were behind her. You brushed some extra raindrops off of your clothes and looked up at Noodle who was in complete amazement. “Have you never been in here before?” You chuckled and held her hands to try and warm them a bit. Noodle continued to look around as you rubbed her hands. “No, I didn’t know this was even here…” You looked up at her face. Her jaw hung open and her eyes were wide. She looked so pure like this. You couldn’t help but kiss her again. Your hand found its way to her hip and you kissed her pale lips so sweetly. Noodle was caught a bit off guard but giggled into the kiss regardless. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself. You looked so perfect, like virgin snow. I had to make sure you were real.” Noodle started to blush, warming her face.

You let her go so she could explore the shop. You watched as she moved from aisle to aisle. You decided to look around yourself. You walked over to the clear, glass case full of jewelry. You placed your hands on the counter and inspected everything. Your eyes drifted over to the rings. A certain ring stood out to you, it was rather simple. It had a gold band with three stones in the center. A larger, circular diamond was in the very center while two smaller diamonds laid on either side of the bigger one. “Lookin’ for something?” An older man come out from the back room. You glanced up at him and shook your head. He looked down at the ring that had caught your attention. He grinned and you looked back to make sure Noodle hadn’t gotten completely lost. “She with you?” the man asked. You laughed slightly and said, “Yeah. She’s never been to a pawn shop before.” The man laughed and said, “I hope my shop was a good first impression.” You smiled back at Noodle. “Oh definitely.”

The man pulled out the ring you had been looking at. “Ya know, this ring came from an old, British lady that came in one day. It was her wedding ring, but she told me that he husband had passed so long ago and the ring started to bring her nothing but pain. So I gave her some cash for it, it was worth quite a bit. Her man had taste, I’ll give her that.” You stared at the ring and sighed. “It certainly is beautiful.” The man looked up at you, “Why don’t you buy it for her? I’ve had all kinds of people come in and out of here, but there’s something about you two that makes me want to run back to my ex-wife with flowers and the most expensive chocolates a man could find.” You laughed, “I’m hoping that’s a compliment.” “Oh it is.” The man chuckled a bit. You looked back at the ring, “She would love it.” You thought about it for a second and turned to watch Noodle. She was taking a look at an old Polaroid camera. She was an angel. You loved everything about her. Thinking about life without Noodle sent you into a frenzy. “I’ll take it.” You whisper as you slip the man some cash. “It’s free of charge, love.” You looked up, confused. “You just make me one promise, you make that girl over there the happiest girl in the world. You marry her, ya hear me?” You chuckled and nodded. “That’s the plan. He wrapped up the ring and handed it to you. You stuffed in into your pocket. “I can’t thank you enough.” You said as you waved goodbye. The man winked at you and you went to find Noodle.

“You ready to go?” You asked her. Noodle looked up with a frown. “We have to go already?” You laughed and grabbed her hand. “It’s getting really late and we’re still in these cold, wet clothes. I promise I’ll bring you back someday soon.” You smiled at her and she sighed. “I guess you’re right.” You held the door open for her as she stepped out of the store. “Hey! The rain stopped.” Noodle giggled. “Yeah, it has.” You breathed in the fresh scent of the wet earth as you wrapped your arm arounds Noodle’s shoulders, “Let’s get home. I’ve got quite the surprise.”

I Won’t Say I’m in Love - CS Secret Valentine 2K16

Hello to @msgenevieve447!  I’m your Secret Valentine.  Name’s Hollie. Nice to meetcha!  

This piece grew from your prompt:  “I guess I’m just not a fan of any holiday that someone feels that they’re obligated to tell me that they love me.”

…and it turned into a big ol’ ball of fluff from there! Set in canon universe, vaguely post-Underworld, and Emma and Killian live together in the former Dark Swan’s old Victorian house.

This story itself is smut-free, but for funsies I infused it with some commonly used “smut words”. Call it a Smutty Word Search, if you will. So there you go - a story and a game (sort of).

Smutty Word Search terms: snatch, pussy, cock, breast, orgasmic, thigh, hard, sheath, heat, bliss, grind, tongue, fuck, oral, come [There are probably more that I didn’t even realize I used] **Readers - if any of these are “yuck” words for you, just know that NONE of them are used in an actual smut context**

That said, please read along and play along, and here’s hoping you enjoy!  Happy Valentine’s Day! [Find it on AO3 here]

“I haven’t told him about it.” Emma reached over from her perch on a barstool to snatch a foil wrapped chocolate heart from the cut glass bowl on Snow’s counter top and braced herself for the impending argument.

“Why not? Emma, that pirate of yours has an old romantic soul and a flare for the dramatic. Valentine’s Day has his name written all over it,” her mother commented.

Emma scowled, picking at the red and silver wrapper before shoving the chocolate in her mouth. She could hardly contradict that point, so she tried another tack. “I guess I’m just not a fan of any holiday that someone feels that they’re obligated to tell me that they love me,” she mumbled through her mouthful.

From the corner of her eye, she caught sight of David making his way into the kitchen, and decided to bring him into this mess, too. Distract, divide, conquer, right? “Besides, I’m surprised you’re into the whole Valentine’s Day thing after that year that David bought cards for both you and Katherine.”

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Favorite season: Spring and winter. Summer makes me feel like dying and autumn depresses me

Favorite book: Blood & Chocolate, Twisted Minds (by Hillary Norman), Sword of Truth series, Lightning (!!)

Favorite flower: Daffodils, orchids, dahlias, cherry blossoms, roses (Can I just say all flowers ?!)

Favorite scent: Bookstores, the smell of rain and wet grass, fire, fresh bakeries

Favorite color: Auburn, royal garnet, azure, black

Favorite animal: CATS. Snakes, crows, ducks, wolves 

Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: Coffee.

Average sleep hours: 4 to 5 hours

Cat or dog person: D-d-do-CATS (I hate this question.)

Number of blankets you sleep with: I slept with only 1 blanket :$$$

Dream trip: I wanna travel everywhere. Scotland, Ireland and the whole British isles, Australia..

Blog created: January 2011. Why am I still here on this website..

Number of followers: 710

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Name: Mary

Nicknames: some call me pear or sometimes may to annoy me

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Height: idek im small

Orientation: ace and gayyyy

Nationality: England

Favourite fruit: Who knows

Favourite season: summer

Favourite book: Please don’t make me choose

Favourite flower: erm 

Favourite scent: i mean flowers are kinda nice idk

Favourite color: rainbow 

Favourite animal: cats… they have small faces

Coffee | tea | hot cocoa: hot chocolate the word cocoa makes we want to puke tbh

Average sleep hours: 7? idk

Cat or dog person: catcatcatcatctatcatcat

Favourite fictional character: Ginny Weasley (book version) 

Number of blankets you sleep with: 1 or 2

Dream trip: jjapannn

Blog created: may 2015

Number of followers: 190 IM 10 OFF 200

Random fact: I really need to go now or i am going to be late for the bus lol

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Want to sacrifice Orlando Jones at the altar of Bryan Fuller, two birds one stone. But really, every time GA works with Fuller, I just want to sent BF flowers, chocolates, and whatever he desires.

Bryan Fuller is GENIUS.

Also, it’s really sad Orlando can’t just embrace the fact that people adored his part and acting and interact with them in this way than cut up Gillian’s performance with clearly some trolling to get a few excited.

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Nicknames:  Beans , mouse 🐭 (cus i love cheese) 

Zodiac Sign:  Cancer ♋︎

Height:  162.052cm (5″3.8 inches)

Birthday: July 19th 

Favorite fruit: I’d sell my soul for some strawberries 🍓

Favorite season: FALL (love it so much) 🍂

Favorite book: I like fantasy and LGT romances (a bit over crime/mystery atm)

Favorite flowers: I’m not a flower person but…camellias are nice 

Favorite scent: Fruity and/or  the smell of clean laundry

Favorite animals:  cats, cats, CATS 🐈

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: Hot chocolate (coffee gives me a headache) ☕

Average amount of sleep: 6-7hrs 😴

Cat or Dog: CAT (but I also like dogs) 😻

Favorite fictional character: too many to know

Number of blankets you sleep with: Duvet and 2 blankets

Dream trip: I’m dying to visit Ireland atm 🇮🇪

Blog created: I’ve had account since 2011 (but I just started this one)

Favorite colors: dark red, dark green, brown, white, and grey

Name: 🙊

Orientation: undefined 

Nationality: 🇨🇦

Number of followers: 2004 ♡

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Name: fiona technically

Nickname: anything that starts with an f apparently

Zodiac sign: aries

Height: 5'11"

Orientation: grey-romantic uhh smth sexual

Nationality: im half italian and american

Favorite Fruit: all???? except tomatoes

Favorite Season: all of them

Favorite Book: probably some silly philosophy book

Favorite flower: this: 🌺

Favorite Scent: the smell after it rains

Favorite Animal: doggies i think!!

Favorite Color: orange

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?: all of them

Average amount of sleep: anywhere from 2 to 12

Cat or Dog: dog

Favorite fictional character: most of them

Number or blankets you sleep with: like 4

Dream Trip: italy

Blog created: july 2013?? i think? maybe 2014?

Number of followers: 1,390

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name: whitley
nicknames: omg so many, some from misspellings or people calling me the wrong name or mE CALLinG ME The WROng NAME
zodiac:scorpio afffffff
sexual orientation: pansexual/grey-romantic
ethnicity: white…just…saltine cracker white
favourite fruit: STRAWBS
favourite season: autumn
favourite flower: calla lily
favourite scent: i like smelling random people’s cologne when they walk/run by and smell nice?
favourite animal: lion
coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: iced sweet tea lORd
cat or dog: cat ? neither, really, but i feel more kinship with cats
dream trip: greece. also disney/universal again
number of followers: idfk
what do i post about: my salt, and angsty smut
do i get asks on a regular basis: only with memes, really
favourite band: eh idr like music like that
aesthetic: dark coven leader chic
fictional character i’d date: i mean like half the chars my friends write

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H, Jeffmads.

Changing to prompt Q: One missed call

One missed call

One unopened voicemail

Thomas stares down at the words on his phone screen, but does nothing about them. He already knows both things are from James. But that’s why he doesn’t want to look at them.

They had gotten into a huge fight the other day, probably the biggest fight of their two year relationship; They had been sitting on the couch, Thomas resting his head on James’s shoulder as they watched TV. Then James had pressed a kiss to Thomas’s head and said that he loved him.  And Thomas had just stared back at him before blurting out that he loved the TV show.

Then James had just looked at him with his stupid perfect eyes and said those three words again. Thomas still isn’t sure what had made him do what he did next, but he had stood up, knees knocking against the coffee table, and had shouted that he was going to go to bed. That’s when everything started to fall apart.

James had jumped up as well, grabbing Thomas’s arm and asking him what was wrong, and then Thomas had just started shouting, saying that words that he can’t even remember now. But he does remember the way James’s face had fallen, and then he started shouting too, yelling that if him saying I love you was that awful to Thomas, then why are they even dating?

So instead of just continuing to stand there and listen to James yell at him, Thomas had grabbed a few things and slammed the door in James’s face before climbing into his car and driving to stay at a hotel for the night. 

But of course he hadn’t slept at all, a migraine hitting him almost as soon as he stepped into the dimly lit hotel room. He had ordered room service and watched hours and hours of crappy tv until the sun shone through the curtains.

And now he’s just sitting cross-legged on his bed, staring down at his cell phone. He fiddles with it, debating whether or not he should listen to the voicemail.  It could be James apologizing and begging him to come back, but more likely it’s James telling him that it’s over, their relationship, and that Thomas should just stay in the hotel.

The possibility of that second option makes Thomas unlock his phone and delete the voicemail without listening, and then he stands up, shoving his phone in his pocket as he grabs his car keys. 

As he drives back to his and James’s place, the fight plays over and over in his head. He had just been so shocked by James saying he loves him. Thomas has never had someone say those words to him, and had never said them to anyone else. 

And of course Thomas loves James. Hell, he had loved him after two weeks of dating. He had just imagined that the moment they both said it to each other would be different; they’d be out at a restaurant, drinking wine and there would be candles. There would be time for Thomas to prepare. It was such a big moment, and he had just been caught off guard. 

He pulls into their driveway and takes a deep breath before stepping out of the car. He’s ready now. Ready to apologize and ready to talk. He takes another deep breath before unlocking the door and stepping inside. 

“James?” Thomas calls out, furrowing his eyebrows when there’s no response. James always stays home on Saturdays. It’s one of his few days off and he always spends it catching up on reading or a show on Netflix. “James?”

Thomas steps into their bedroom, and then freezes.

Their closet doors are open, a few hangers on the floor. Thomas steps over to it quickly to see most of James’s close gone, and feels his heart start to pound in his chest. He moves to the bathroom, gripping the edge of the sink tightly when he sees that James’s toothbrush is gone as well. 

Thomas pulls out his phone and dials James’s number quickly, his hands shaking. There’s no way he just up and left. He’s not gone. He can’t have left, can’t have decided already that he’s done with Thomas, there’s no way.

“Thomas, hey, you-”

“James!” Thomas practically yells. “James, I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry, please come back!”

“What are y-”

“I know I was stupid but please don’t break up with me! I do love you, I do! I love you so much but I just got freaked out and I don’t know, I acted stupid, you know I act stupid sometimes but I’m sorry! Please come back James, please! I love you so much, I love you, I love y-”

“THOMAS!” James’s voice is loud on the other end, and Thomas clamps his mouth shut. “Thomas, calm down. Did you listen to my voicemail?”

“I….no.” Thomas says, more quietly this time, and he hears James let out a small sigh accompanied by a chuckle.

“Thomas, my friend Dolley got into an accident and broke both of her legs. It was kind of an emergency so I drove down last night to pick her up from the hospital, and I’m staying with her for a week or so until her mom can get down here.”

“Oh.” Thomas picks at the fabric of his shirt and licks his lips. “So…so you didn’t…you aren’t breaking up with me?”

“No. No, I’m not.”

“Well good, that’s good.” Thomas lets out a shaky laugh. “Cause I lo-”

“Love me?” James finishes with another chuckle. “Yeah, I heard that part.”

“James, I’m really sorry about last night. It just caught me off guard, I…I’ve never said it to anyone and wanted the first time to be special, like a romantic dinner or with flowers and chocolate or something cause I thought that’s what people do so I just-”

“Thomas, it’s okay! I’m sorry for springing it on you, but I thought you knew already. I…I know I’ve never said it explicitly, but I’ve loved you for a while, you know that right?”

“Yeah.” Thomas breathes out, his lips curving into a smile. “I’ve loved you for a while too.”

“Saying it doesn’t have to be some big thing. I felt like saying it while we were curled up on the couch, so I did. And you felt like shouting it to me over the phone. But we can go out to a fancy restaurant when I get back and say it all over again and pretend it’s the first time if you want to.”

Thomas laughs and sits down on the bed, feeling his stomach start to flutter. 

“I would like that.” Thomas admits, still smiling. “But I don’t want to forget the first time, either. It was a good first time, if you ignore the second half.” He grins even wider as James laughs on the other end. “And James?”


“I really do love you.”

“I really love you too, Thomas.”

niamh-the-imposter said: ● my muse catches yours snooping through their belongings.

Adrian had spent most of the day with some other volunteers putting together care packages for the people who had been poisoned so they could have a pleasant surprise when they awoke. They weren’t large or fancy gifts, just small packages of chocolates, flowers and other sundries, but each basket had been catered to the individual who would receive it. Needless to say, Adrian just wanted to spend a quiet evening in his chambers, and he hadn’t expected to walk in and find Lady Niamh going through his things. At the sight of the disarray, his eyes immediately flicked to the trunk his father had left him in his will, but its padlock was still securely in place and he breathed a sigh of relief before clearing his throat to get her attention. 



Sonia leaves a bit earlier than usual to pick up Angus from school, telling Apollo that she has some errands to run. She wants to buy some flowers or chocolate for Gen, she was too shell-shocked to think about buying anything for her yesterday. She will leave them at the nurse’s station. This morning after breakfast she rang the hospital and was told that Gen is still not able to receive visitors but she is improving slowly and is in a stable condition. She does not ring Tom, and asked Tom yesterday not to ring her. His energies must be focused on Genevieve and Lilah, and no one else!

Of course, one of the first people she sees when she arrives on Genevieve’s floor is Tom, keeping vigil on the hard plastic seats in the waiting room. It is almost as if he is waiting for her. 

things to do when you're bored

I just sent this to my dear friend @udontbescared (idk why it won’t tag?) but I think a lot of people would like this so here it is! I added a few things that I just thought of now, hope this helps!

you could:
-light a candle
-have some tea
-take a bath or shower
-take off all your sheets, wash them and then make your bed (this sounds silly, but it always makes me feel better because after the sheets smell nice, and I cuddle up in them with hot chocolate and watch movies)
-watch movies
-draw what you see from all the windows in your house
-take the bus or the train somewhere and look at the people (draw them too, if you want)
-make lists of your favourite things
-help your family out by doing the dishes or folding clothes (be sure to put on some nice music that you like to make it fun!)
-look for new music (spotify, 8tracks and YouTube playlists are good for this)
-watch YouTube videos
-go out for a little walk (you can pick flowers and take pictures if you like)
-press flowers and leaves
-read a book
-write in a journal or write some poetry
-write nice reminders on paper and go out and tape them around town
-sit on your front step
-watch the clouds
-make a cool healthy snack
-look up recipes
-make a collage
-decorate a notebook
-sing your favourite songs out loud (even if you can’t sing well)
-practice an instrument
-go to a library or coffee shop
-make plans with friends
-make a list of things you want to do before you die, or even just a list of things you want to do in each season (bucketlists essentially)
-plan out which clothes you want and which ones you need
-plan and start a monthly budget so that you can save money
-find some trivia games online and play them
-go in your yard and document the cool bugs and plants that you find
-cut the grass (put on music to make it fun)
-design clothes
-look up your favourite artist online and save your favourite artwork from them on your computer or phone
-trace the bark on the trees (to do this, you put your paper up against the bark on the tree, them scribble over it with your pencil)
-make a list of things you want
-look at a globe and decide where you’d like to visit in the world
-watch cat videos
-do yoga
-go out for a run
-kick a soccer ball
-make a letter for yourself to open and read when you’re older
-write a letter to a random address
-go on a bike ride
-make a YouTube video (even if it’s silly)
-walk to the corner store and treat yourself
-jam out to music
-listen to music, close your eyes, and draw what it makes you feel
-make a list of nice reminders to take care of yourself
-make a list all about why you’re a great person (you are, don’t deny it)

Valentine's Day Series: Preference #11 Valentine's Day With Harry

The Preferences in the Valentine’s Day Series that I have done will go with this. I’ll post the individual pictures in case you didn’t look at them!  

The boys just so happened to be having a show in Paris around Valentine’s Day, so Harry used that to his advantage. Usually, you both didn’t really care for the whole Valentine’s thing because you shouldn’t just use that one day to tell someone that you love them, but since you two were never together before on Valentine’s Day and it was one of the last few days that you were going to be on tour with him, he wanted to make to it special. You told him that he didn’t have to do anything, you were fine with just a nice dinner or just spending time walking the city or even just hanging out in the room, but your boyfriend insisted. He had made reservations at another hotel then the one the boys were staying at for the night because he didn’t want people surrounding the hotel. He wanted to make sure that you two had your privacy.

The morning of Valentine’s, you woke up in the hotel room, with a card, some flowers, and your favorite chocolate in the place of Harry. You giggle and open the card and shake your head.

“Of course.” You say to yourself smiling. You look at the time and see that it’s only 9 in the morning, but you couldn’t help but steal a few of the chocolates already. You hear the door open and in walks your boyfriend carrying a tray of breakfast. He smiles. “Happy Valentine’s Day baby.” He smiles and leans over to kiss you. You giggle and kiss him back. “What’s this?” You ask pointing to the tray. He smirks. “All your favorites in heart shapes.” He smirks. You laugh and shake your head at him. “Hey! I’m doing all the cheesy Valentine’s things today.” He smirks. “Like with the card?” You smirk. “Well, about that, see I was looking at them and I was going to get a really cute romantic one, but then I saw that and it was better.” He smirks at you. You laugh. “Well, I got you a card too.” You smirk handing it to him. He laughs and takes it from you and opens it.

He smirks and leans over to kiss you. “So, you love me all the time then?” He smirks.  You smirk and nod. He laughs and kisses you again before you both start eating. “I’d figured, we could walk around the city a bit today, then head over to the other hotel.” He says. You nod. “That’s perfectly okay.” You smile. After you both eat, you get ready and head out. “I already sent over our bags to the room.” He tells you in the elevator. You nod and take his hand. “So, what plans do you have for tonight? I mean other than burning off the chocolate I’m eating today.” You giggle.  He smirks. “Trust me. You’ll love it.” He smiles. “I worked really hard.” He says. You smile. “I’m sure I will. I’m spending time with you in a beautiful city.” You say kissing his cheek. He smiles and you both walk out of the hotel. You both take a few pictures with the fans out there before walking the city.

Later that day, you both head to the other hotel and you walk in the room. You smile widely at the beauty of it. “Wow.” You say looking around. “This place is amazing.” You say.

He smiles and wraps his arms around your waist. “I had to get the best.” He whispers .You smile and turn around to kiss him. He smiles and holds you close to him taking your face in his hands as he kisses you. A few hours later, you both get ready for dinner. You finish your hair and make up, before putting on your jewelry and your outfit.

When you walk out of the bathroom, Harry smiles when he sees you. “You look really beautiful.” He smiles walking toward you.  “Well, you look really good tonight too,” You smile looking down at his outfit.

He smirks and kisses you before you both head out. You two walk very little, not even leaving the hotel really, just to another part of it. He puts his hands over your eyes and leads you to an outside location. You giggle. ”What are you doing?” You ask.  He doesn’t answer and just removes his hands and shows you the beautiful balcony with dinner table set up and an amazing view of Paris. 

You can’t help but smile and you turn around to look at him. “I can’t believe this.” You smile. “This is incredible. How did you do this?” you ask. “Well, I rented this balcony out just for us to have a private dinner. I don’t want to share you with anyone tonight. “ He says. You smile and he takes your hand and leads you to the table. He holds out your chair for you and you sit down. He smiles and kisses you quickly before sitting down in front of you.  After you both are halfway through your dinner, you notice Harry is a little nervous. “You okay?” You ask taking his hand. “Yeah, I’m fine.” He says. “It’s just I want to give you your gift, but I’m afraid you won’t like it.” He says. “I always love your gifts, Harry.” You smile. “Don’t be nervous.” You say. He smiles a bit, and takes out a small box of his jacket pocket. He clears his throat and looks at you. “We’ve been friends for a while and we’ve been together as more than friends for a while too. Over the past few months, we’ have been through a lot of things. We’ve fought and rumors have had happened and we even broke up for a short amount of time. I just I wanted to find a way to show you and to show everyone just how important you are to me.  This might be completely cheesy, but it was the only way that I could think of.” He says opening the box to reveal this.

 You gasp when you see it and look up at him. “I want this to represent that I promise to always be there for you and that I always love you. When we’re apart and if you ever have doubts, just look down at this and know that I love you and I plan on being with you for a long time. This is my promise ring to you, and I hope that you’ll accept it.” He says nervously. You smile widely and walk over to him and sit in his lap. “Of course I’ll accept it.” You whisper. “I love you.” You whisper. He smiles and leans into kiss you. You smile and kiss him back and wrap your arms around his neck. He smiles and pulls away and puts his forehead on yours. “I love you too.” He whispers before taking the ring out of the box and putting it on your finger. You smile and look at it. “You did a good job.” You giggle at him. “I love it.” You say kissing his cheek. “I’m glad.” He smiles. “I was afraid that you wouldn’t like it or you would think that this was a little much too soon.” He says. You shake your head and lay your head on his shoulder. He smiles and you both just sit there looking out at the view for a bit.

 Once it starts getting a bit cold, you both head back to the room. Again, he puts his hands over your eyes and walks you in. You giggle and soon you both stop and he takes his hands from your eyes and you see the tub in the bathroom filled with rose petals and candles.

He smiles and takes off your jacket and kisses up and down your neck before unzipping your dress. You giggle and slip out of it and turn around to face him.  You wrap your arms around his neck and kiss him before pushing his jacket off and unbuttoning the rest of his shirt and taking it off. You both finish undressing before getting in the tub and he pulls you to him and wraps his arms around you. “When did you do all this? I mean how? It wasn’t like this when we left.” You say. “I made some arrangements.” He smiles. You giggle and he takes your hand in his and starts playing with it. “Oh, shoot. I still haven’t given you your present yet.” You tell him. “One, you didn’t have to get me anything, and two, I’ll get it later. I don’t want you going anywhere right now.” He smiles. You giggle and nod and lean back against. He smirks and pulls your head up towards him and he leans down to kiss you. You smile against his lips and you put your hand on the side of his cheek before deepening it. He then turns you around so that you face him and pulls you close to him. He then starts kissing down your neck before moving down to your chest, where he spends a lot of time kissing, sucking, and leaving little bites. You bite your lip and run your hands over his chest and through his hair as he does this. He smirks and looks up at you. You giggle and lean down to kiss him. He smiles and deepens the kiss and runs his hands all over you. Soon, the water begins to get cold and you both get out. He hands you a towel and wraps it around you. You smile. “You need to go out there now.” You giggle. “I have a surprise for you.” You say to him. He groans and wraps his arms around you. “But… I don’t want to leave you.” He smirks. “Too bad.” You say. “You’ll like it I promise.” You say. He rolls his eyes and kisses you quickly before walking out to the bedroom. You giggle and grab the lingerie you bought. After drying off and changing into it, you take down your hair and peek out the door. “I’m coming out.” You giggle. “Finally!” He says. You laugh and walk out into the room.

“Oh, wow.” He says smirking. “I do like it, actually I love that.” He smiles walking over to you. “You look really sexy.” He whispers wrapping his arms around your waist. “It’s a shame that I’ll be taking it off it a bit.” He whispers. “However, I want to enjoy some of this.” He smirks and picks you up. You laugh and wrap your legs around his waist and his hands are on your bum.He walks over to the bed and you giggle when you see it. “You really are doing all the cheesy things aren’t you.” You say.

He smirks and nods before laying you on the bed.  He then gets the rose petals and moves them around the bed. He smirks and leans over you and kisses you as he runs his hands up and down your bare legs. “You’re so beautiful.” He whispers against your lips. You smile run your hand down his chest as you kiss him and soon you both are undressed.  He smiles and takes one of the rose petals and slowly moves it down your neck, chest, stomach, and legs. He then starts kissing up your legs and stops right before getting to where you need him causing you to groan in frustration. He smirks and then kisses up your other leg, and then he kisses around on your stomach before going to your chest again. He then kisses up your neck before kissing your lips. As he kisses you, he runs his hands all over you, before he gets right where you want him to touch. He traces his finger up and down before giving you want you want. You gasp and he uses that opportunity to deepen the kiss as he slowly moves his fingers. You can’t help but moan against his lips and that causes him to smirk a bit, before moving down and adding his mouth with his fingers. You let out a loud moan and then reach down to run your fingers through his hair and soon you let go. He continues until you’re finished and then he kisses his way back up to your lips. You smirk and then flip over and do the same to him. You kiss down his neck, chest, and stomach and completely miss the one place he wants you. “Sucks doesn’t it.” You smirk. He sticks his tongue out at you and you giggle before placing your hand and getting a moan from him. You lean up and kiss him as you go at a slow pace. After a few minutes, he can’t take it anymore and he flips you both over and grabs a condom from the side table. “Someone impatient are we?” You giggle.  “Yes!” He says putting on the condom quickly. He smiles and leans down to kiss you before sliding into you. You both go at a slow pace, holding each other close and leave occasional kisses as you both move.

 After a while, he sits up and pulls you with him and wrap you legs around his waist and he sits you on top of him. You lean down and kiss him wrapping your arms around his neck as you both continue.

When you both can’t take it anymore, and you both know that each other is close, he lays you back down on the bed and he moves at a quicker pace, while you run your hands through his hair, gripping it as well. 

As you both come come closer, you can’t help but run your fingers over his back.

Which then causes you both to soon finish saying each other’s name and I love you’s. After you both caught your breath, he rolls off of you and lays beside you pulling you close to him. You both wrap your arms around one another and he starts to run his fingers over your back.

 He smiles at you and kisses your nose. “I love you.” He whispers. You smile. “I love you too. Tonight was amazing. “ You whisper. “Thank you for everything.” You say. He smiles. “Anything for my girl.” He whispers. “I’d do anything for you.” He says moving hair out of your face. You smile and lean over to kiss him. He smiles and kisses you back. “Nap before round 2?” He smirks. You giggle and nod. You both then cuddle up together and he sets his phone for 30 minutes. After that nap, you both have some more rounds before falling asleep for the night.

The next morning, you wake up to him still sleeping. You smile and kiss his head before ordering breakfast for the two of you and then you grab his present. Once, the food comes, you bring it over to the bed and you see your boyfriend is awake. “Hello, sleepy head.” You giggle. “Breakfast and present time.” You say. He laugh. “I thought I got my present all night last night.” He smirks. You laugh rolling your eyes and kiss him. “I made this for you.” You smile. “It’s really cheesy, but I know you don’t like when I buy you things, so I thought this was much more heartfelt.” You say handing him a box. He looks at you curiously before opening the box and seeing what you got him.

“It’s a scrapbook of our entire relationship. There’s pictures from when we first met, when we were still friends, and just random other pictures. I also printed out some of our texts that I thought were funny or cute.” You smile. “I wanted you to have this so when we’re apart, you can always know how much I love you and how much you make me happy.” You say. He smiles widely and pulls you in his lap. “You’re amazing and I love you so much.” He says. You smile and kiss him. “I love you too and you’re just as amazing. I mean what you did last night and the ring. It really was. I just can’t believe you did all that.” You say. “I told you. You’re my girlfriend and I just wanted us to have a special night.” He smiles. You smile and cuddle up with him. “It was special.” You whisper. He smiles and you both eat breakfast before getting your things and heading back to the real world.