some people need saving


“Once upon a time..”

Some broken people need to be helped, saved, but some don’t. Some broken people don’t need to hear “everything will be ok” because they sure as hell know it won’t, and they’re ok with that. Some broken people like to walk all over themselves and burn and cry and break each night a little more. Some broken people want to stay broken and live in their own,numb,little worlds. Some broken people know they can be fixed, repaired, mended, improved, but still, those broken people live to be broken.
—  L.M.

The guild decides to take a break after gaming for several hours, and everyone scurries off to tend to their needs. INTP doesn’t mute himself. 30 minutes later people are slowly returning to voice chat, and experience something highly unusual.

INTP: You have been through so much. But look at you… so resilient, even after all this you’re so full of life.

Chat: *dead silent*

INTP: You’re… beautiful. I promise, I’ll take care of you.

INFP: Who is he talking to omg

ISFP: Shh! I don’t want to miss a thing.

INTP: I’ll have to admit I’m new to this and… I will probably make a lot of mistakes. But, I care, ok? So forgive me in advance if I do anything stupid.

INFJ: I am so proud of him. Look at him go, expressing his emotions and his nurturing side.

ENFP: Our little nerd is growing up so fast! He is human. This right here is proof of it!

INTP: I’ll dedicate time to make sure I understand you and your needs. I will learn.

ISFP: I need someone who talks to me like this.


ENTJ, unmuting himself: Keep it down or he’ll notice we’re back.

INTP: Alright, I’m gonna get back to my dungeons, but rest assured I won’t neglect you.

INTP, getting back into chat: Alright guys, so I was thinking maybe we do some battlegrounds before getting back into the grind and-


INTP: What

INFP: It was so cute omg

INTP: Huh? OH! While I was away ENTP’s mom stopped by to drop off his orchid that he apparently can’t be trusted with.

ISFP: Wait-



More of the weekend’s puppers.

Grow up big and strong for your families, little ones 💪


Whether you’re going to bronycon or a-kon. Comic con or animefest. Any convention you’re going to, ya know those (usually fake) stories about kids being kidnapped, stalked, predators, etc?

I just wanted to let you know that if you are in a situation where a child says they are unsafe…

Contact hotel staff, convention staff, etc. contact the police and the child’s parents. This is NONNEGOTIABLE

Refusal to do so is basically allowing a potential child predator to get away for notes on Tumblr or attention. Refusal or not contacting authorities or reporting it is also often breaking a FEDERAL LAW because it is often required to report situations of child endangerment, and that isn’t just for teachers, doctors, etc. it goes for you too.

If you want to post about it on Tumblr to bring attention to it, go for it. However, don’t you fucking dare post about it on Tumblr or other website like you’re a hero for not reporting a child predator and supposedly protecting a child.



Pinned Down*

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Rating: Mature - 18+ only
Summary: Steve and Reader train together until things get heated between them and for the sake of every member of the Avengers team.
Word Count: 2.4k
Warnings: what you can expect in a softcore smutty fic, but safe: sexual tension, swearing, dry humping and safe sex.
Author’s Note: The beginning is a rewriting of a training scene in AoS, season 3.

“Steve, I’m not gonna fight you… again.” You panted heavily in the late evening as you finished thirty minutes of hard training with the super soldier, after a quick workout session with the rest of the team.

“It’s not fighting, it’s training.” He ran a hand through his hair, brushing the locks out of his forehead.

“The last time we trained alone, I had to stop my powers because you were too sweet,” you made your best puppy eyes, and he chuckled as he drank some water.

“You won’t hurt me, Y/N because you won’t use your abilities,” he came back to the mats, ready to fight. “And I can be dark sometimes.”

“We finally found a night off in three weeks, and this is what you want to do?” You threw your hands in the air dramatically as you exposed your annoyance. “We could be lounging or binge watching some show. Or…”

“I need to blow off some steam, and you said training was the core of a partnership when you worked with S.H.I.E.L.D. So, that’s what we are doing.”

“You’re such a workaholic, you know that?”

“I miss you too,” he smiled and you mimicked. “I know, a friend shouldn’t be away for this long, so you can hit me,” he quipped, yet he wished it wasn’t true and you were his girlfriend.

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The first bit of fanart I draw for @markiplier and it’s Dark - I mean, go figure, the guy really outdid himself this time. I haven’t stopped thinking about the ending since it got released. Dark has a backstory and I am absolutely floored by it.

Hats off to you, Mark - you’ve really inspired me recently. When you said “I want to make something I’m proud of” it hit me hard that my art and stories felt a bit lacking. Some day, I’m gonna make something spectacular. I can feel it.

Fire Emblem Husbando Headcanons

-Sometimes he just takes your hand and kisses it so tenderly because he’s just so glad he’s there with you and that you remember him.
-he has restless nights sometimes when he thinks about all orders he had to follow, the people he had to kill. It means that Avatar usually wakes up and comforts him and they both have a good cry about the people they’ve lost along the way
-he’s so afraid that he is going to wake up one day alone in the barracks again, he loves waking up and glancing down to see avatar sleeping soundly on his chest, the light shining on their face. He can’t help himself, he kisses you awake
-everytime avatar smiles at him and they smile a lot his heart skips a beat and he smiles back and he’s just so happy that you’re still able to smile and that you two can even smile together again
-he still has the picnic basket from the adventure he took you on. It’s a prized possession and its old and on its last legs but when he was training it always reminded him of who he was doing it for
-absolutely loves it when avatar plays with his hair, it’s already a mess anyway and he is always just putty in your hands whenever you stroke your hand through his hair
-one day he offers his hand to avatar and they take it only to be sweeper away into a waltz as Silas grins at them. Avatar has had training from Jakob obviously but is still surprised and taken back. Silas admits that he’s always dreamed of dancing with you even when you two were just kids.
-at their wedding after the war (it’s war they’re not throwing a party now) Avatar offers Silas their hand and Silas grins at them with tears in his eyes as he accepts and dances the night away with you. The wedding party grounds his entire reality that the war is over and he’s married to the avatar. Avatar loves him back. The war isn’t stopping them from taking it easy. Silas cries like a big baby and avatar kisses his tears away even though tears are forming in their own eyes.

-long cold nights of dedication to ryoma means that he is a cactus of prickly emotion who is not used to avatars affectionate displays of love
-flat out refuses to commit public displays of affection when people are watching but will always sneak a kiss/maybe more when he absolutely knows that no one is around but them
-will pull a kaze and supply avatar with whatever they need around the day, hear they want an apple? Boom apple right on their desk. Avatar finds the thoughtfulness endearing but also calls him out on it as saizo tries to play it cool
-when he first took off all his armor and avatar was able to see all the scars he’s accumulated (and there are many) he was nervous about what avatar would say. Avatar just smiled sadly and kissed every scar on him, and assured him that they love him. Every bit of him. Even his dumb prickly personality. (That snide remark ruins the mood)
-he stills gets nervous being with the avatar whenever ryoma is around until ryoma confronts him about it. Ryoma assures him that he is okay with it and couldn’t have imagined anyone better at taking care of his little sister than saizo. Saizo cries.
-after the war it’s hard for saizo to settle into normal household life for the avatar and they notice
-he stills goes on missions for ryoma which he is grateful for
-one mission he notices someone is following him and confronts them only to find its avatar
-he’s is incredibly angry and asks why they’re not back at home where it’s safe and protected. Tries to force them to head back but avatar is stubborn and wants to help saizo and he knowing that he will not win this battle sourly says only for this mission
-avatar saves his ass more times than he would ever admit and saizo realizes he misses this. The two of them back to back against the world. And begrudgingly invites them on his missions. Avatar rolls their eyes and yells finally before kissing him and calling him an idiot for leaving them alone at home
-avatar has only managed to tickle saizo once ever since he revealed his weakness. Avatar swears that they will tickle him again one day. Saizo takes it as a challenge. And he can get very heated during a challenge.

-the little cheese of hoshido is a suave guy and avatar wonders where he even learned to act like this
-ryoma once he noticed that avatar and his son were getting close just sorta sighs and takes it upon himself to tell both the avatar and his son that they are luckily not related. Shiro is over joyed and his loud whoop was commented on for days to come
-ryoma jokes around about how he is surprised avatar didn’t fall for him when his sons good looks obviously came from the original. Shiro always feels slightly threatened and challenges his father to sparring matches. They usually end with the two of them laughing it off
-as shiro calls it, “avatar time” usually means cuddling together and talking about how the day has been, what they’ve been up too, what’s in the plans for tomorrow and etc. it is also an excuse for shiro to watch avatar talk excitedly about all the things they have to say and he loves watching their face brighten up as they talk. He admits that sometimes he has no idea what they’re talking about and just wanted to watch them. Avatar gets flustered and stops talking, shiro laughs and kisses them and things go from there

@therealjacksepticeye whenever you worry that people will forget you once you stop uploading, I want you to remember something.

There are people out there, myself included, that simply wouldn’t be here if not for you and your friends. And new people are discovering the channel all the time, some of which need saving. And you help them every single day.

Ten years down the line or so, those people you saved might have children. And then there might be grandchildren. All because you were able to help this generation.

I know it sounds a bit scary to think of it this way, but it’s true. People will never forget you. 💚

Time for a giveaway, isn’t it?


Send three kind messages on anon (or not) and like this post. That’s it. Send some kindness to the people you care about. Or just the people you think might need some cheering up. It might save someone’s day!

I’ll find a winner on the 1st of December.

Have fun sprinkling kindness everywhere 💛

  • Writers: So what do you want from season 2 of Agent Carter?
  • Viewers: Well we loved the female friendship
  • Writers: Remove Angie, got it
  • Viewers: We also loved the fact that the focus wasn't on boring heterosexual romances
  • Writers: Unnecessary love triangle coming your way! Also, just for fun, we'll have Angie make a short appearance in a song about her struggling about choosing a man, but no other scene
  • Viewers: The complex female villain was also great
  • Writers: Okay, we'll do that again (to be fair, interesting villain)
  • Viewers: Most IMPORANTLY, we want more diversity. Give us some people of color, preferably women of color since this is a show about badass women
  • Writers: So you're saying we'll add one black man, put him through literal hell where he straight-up becomes invisible at some point and needs to be saved by white people, have him included in the forced love triangle and ultimately lose the girl to a white guy (because of course he can't get the girl), AND we'll have women of color who are servants/maids and show up for like one line each, and then you'll all be happy right?
  • Viewers: ...
  • Viewers: And you wonder why you were cancelled

Confession:  A lot of my Shepards have a close relationship with Hackett ( space grandpa), but my headcanon for one of my favorites it’s that they are always in a careful play for power. As an Earth-born that survived dealing with gangs in her youth, she spends the series jugling both the Alliance and Cerberus, making sure to gain what she needs to save people and maintain some level of power as she knows she constantly is being manipulated and used by both.


A couple years before your incident, Jungkook stood in the middle of Namjoon’s office and looked at the assignment. Your name accompanied a small file folder of information that would be necessary for the guys to get to you and the basics of what was happening in your life.

What the hell? He asked Namjoon, who chuckled. I thought we were supposed to be protecting people who actually had lives to protect. The infuriated tone just made Namjoon shake his head, while Jungkook stood there, a look of disbelief and anger glazed over his features.

Just because YOU don’t know her name doesn’t mean that everyone doesn’t know her name. Just read up on the assignment and we will go over the logistics in the meeting. Namjoon said as he passed the maknae and patted him on the shoulder. Jungkook turned around on his heels and walked out of the leader’s office. Their headquarters was broken up by teams, with each team getting their own area to work and research. Jungkook walked out of the large glass doors of Namjoon’s office into the main area where a large conference table sat, then near it was a group of desks, all huddled together with desktop computers and file folders strewn throughout. The desks is where the six other guys on the team sat throughout their days, usually passing along information and helping each other with various research points.

Jungkook had been working with the team for a few months now and they were only given temporary assignments. As bodyguards, they were forced to put their lives on the line for so many different kinds of people. Diplomats, politicians, and celebrities, all of them who came but then they were also given various other people to protect that Jungkook really didn’t want to vow to save. People who just needed protection for some reason or another. This was Jungkook’s first permanent assignment, which meant that the team would be working with you for more than a year, and he was being put on as the main guard. But as he read your name over and over, he drew a blank as to who you were. Finally, scooting into his desk, he pulled up google.

Alright, Y/N. He mumbled to himself as he slowly typed the name into the search engine and suddenly a large search sprouted up on his screen. Articles, photos, and speculation seemed to emanate from you and Jungkook was suddenly intrigued.

Huh? He murmured. From the articles, Jungkook was able to infer that you were a scientist who had been working with a team of four other scientists on a secret international project. His eyebrows scrunched up as he looked at the various articles that all speculated why each scientist was turning up dead. Dr. Axel Müller was found dead in his Berlin apartment. It looks as though it was linked to the death of his cohort, Dr. Elissa Rossi. She was found dead in her home in Turin. Jungkook read aloud as he started to see that you were the only remaining member of the group. Dr. Lucas Silva was found dead in his home in Manaus. The latest member to be found dead is Dr. Marceau Laurent in his Paris apartment. The only person that remains from this team is Y/N, she is currently in hiding after all of the scientists were slain in their various homes. The link between all of them is this top secret project that has still been kept under wraps. The four scientists were found in their respective homes which has caused for even more speculation as to who the killer is and if it is one person or a group of many.

Jungkook continued to read various articles that chronicled the events. So all of these people are just showing up dead and no one is wondering what this project is? He asked the empty room, but that was the exact question on everyone’s lips. This project was obviously causing for many to end up dead, so who was trying to stop these scientists and why. The intercom came on as Namjoon called for the group to convene at the conference table. Jungkook quickly printed out a spread of the articles and brought them to the mahogany table that stood next to the floor to ceiling windows. Their floor was one of the top floors and allowed for them to look down at the city of Seoul and see the people like ants running around the streets.

So have you heard about this new assignment? She’s definitely on someone’s hit list. Jimin mumbled to Tae as they sat down. Jungkook sat next to the two younger members and listened in on their conversation.

Namjoon told me that she’s not talking much. Tae responded and Jungkook looked down at the articles.

Why wouldn’t she be talking? He asked and the two guys looked at him, shaking their heads sadly.

I’m guessing it’s a case of fear and shock. When everyone you’re working with suddenly dies, no one can be trusted. We are trying to get information about this project, but she’s kept herself holed up in her room. Jin said in his usual professional manner, but Jungkook could see a tinge of sadness in the elder’s eyes. Before he could ask why, Namjoon was standing at the head of the table, looking at the group of men with a determined gaze.

So, let’s talk teams. Tae and Jimin, as per usual, you two are going to work as the friends. Yoongi and Jin, you two handle tech. Finally, me and Hobi will work on management. Jungkook, you are lead on this, you do not leave her side unless you have it approved by me and there is someone to replace you. She’s scared and we know there is someone out there looking for her. I don’t want any fuck ups. Got it? Namjoon said in his commanding tone and the guys all nodded.

Each assignment brought a similar role that each guy would play. Tae and Jimin were known as friends, which meant that they would pretend to be a friend of the client, talking to people in the client’s building, work, etcetera, this would allow them to gain incite into the client’s world. Both Jimin and Tae had a way of buttering up even the most closed off person. Jimin had a way of smiling and flirting his way, which in turn gave people a reason to trust him. Tae had an innocence that people trusted almost right off the bat.

Yoongi and Jin both had ways of understanding technology, they spent most of their days working alongside one another and infiltrating various systems to better protect the client’s work. Yoongi was the type to spend days not lifting his head from his computer, he would hack into system, build firewalls, and formulate encryptions to better protect the client in the digital realm. While Jin was more comfortable with making all of the calls and communicating with the team.

Finally, Hobi and Namjoon worked as a team to guide the men. Hobi had an amazing, charismatic nature that people fell in love with and he used it to get the client’s to talk to him. Namjoon was more of the natural born leader, he could command a room by standing up and used it on many occasions to get what he wanted. Jungkook being the newest member had been shadowing each of the guys to find out which area he was best at, but Namjoon had realized early on that Jungkook was their chameleon, he seemed to thrive in any situation, so Namjoon hoped that you would entrust more information with Jungkook and lean on the youngest member.  

All seven guys were trained to physically be able to fight off anyone that tried to endanger their client. Each of their physiques was a tad misleading because they were much stronger than they looked. And they all knew how to handle firearms that they carried with them at all times. All of these things combined made their team seem practically unstoppable, but now they were being dealt a difficult hand.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your dog breed posts. So do you have any advice for people who have dogs from breeds that have inherent health risks? I know for dachshunds in particular, it's important to avoid stairs, jumping off of furniture, rough tug of war, and obesity to protect their spines and joints, and feed smaller meals to defend against bloat. But of course, that's just one breed that I'm personally familiar with.

If you take on a breed (or type) of pet with known, inherent health risks then it’s your responsibility as their owner to take appropriate steps to minimize or accommodate their risks. It’s similar to knowing you have a family history of certain medical conditions, and taking appropriate steps to reduce their risks.

Each breed might have particular precautions relevant to their predispositions, but something that should be considered for all breeds with known issues is pet insurance.

I mean, if you adopt a dachshund and know there is a decent to high chance that it will develop intervertebral disc disease in its lifetime and require about $6,000 of surgery to walk again, then you should consider how you’d need to pay for that. Some people chose to start a savings account for the pet, which is great if you can do it. Some people choose pet insurance. I’m sure some people just have 6k lying around with nothing to do, but I’m not one of them.

So broadly speaking, understand your breed and it’s common problems, and plan ahead for them. You may not be able to prevent these things, but if you can facilitate prompt diagnosis and treatment you can minimize the suffering caused by them.

I wanna go home



Prompt: the reader, Spencer’s daughter, goes to a party without his permission.

@overcastmisfitkid @paradiselover-18


You were sitting in that bedroom that you never saw before that night. It belonged to a girl for sure: pink walls, violet bedsheets and things that just a girl would keep in a room.
Those violet bedsheets were soft and you could say that they were just washed because they smelled very good.
As it is already said, you were sitting there, alone in the light that just the moon was giving you, coming in from the opened window.
The music from downstairs was so loud that it was like it was in the room and for a moment you regretted to be there.

You were not the type of person who went to parties but that night you decided to live a bit and go there. At Mike’s house.
Mike was a senior in your high school and be invited by him to his own party was an event you couldn’t miss. Or to be right, you didn’t want it.
You found him handsome, but of course you were more little than him and didn’t think that a type like him would have find you attractive. Maybe because first of all you didn’t find yourself attactive, even if your dad told you the opposite everyday.
Just at the thought of his words you smiled. A sad smile. Because right now, you were in a place he didn’t allow you to go. You were disappointing him and you knew he didn’t deserve that.
Just the evening before you had a huge fight about this party because he didn’t want you to go and take part to a party where would have be a lot of horny young adults. He was not worried about you doing stupid things but he was scared about others. Spencer Reid had seen so many horrible things during his years at the BAU that he couldn’t imagine you being part of them.
You yelled at him that it was just a party and you were old enough to take part at it, but nothing. He was so angry at your childish behaviour that he told you to go to your bedroom and stay there, thinking about the way you just acted.

“Oh, know you punish me like a child?!”

“That’s what a father do to his child.”

And with that, you slammed the door.
But the morning after, you had woken up a hand that was caressing your hair. Your dad’s fingers were into your hair and when he saw you were not still in the mood to open your eyes, he gave you a sweet kiss on your cheek.

“Love, it’s time to wake up.”

When you looked in his eyes you didn’t even remember about the fight you had. Because you loved each other so much that a stupid fight couldn’t take you away for long time.
And that morning, before going to school, you two had breakfast in a coffee shop near your apartment and you enjoyed the presence of your dad until your aunt Penelope called him. You already knew what it was about.

“(Y/n) I am really sorry… we got a case. But Penelope told me that it is here in Quantico, so it means I can spend time at home. Usually the first evenings I stay out late, it is not a problem with you, is it?”

“No dad, not at all. Now go and save some lives. People needs my dad’s brain out there”

And with a kiss he left you sat at that table.

But a thing neither of you knew was that later that morning your friend Helen convinced you to go to the party the same.

“After all your dad said he would be late tonight. You just have to go home a bit early and it is all made. C'mon (y/n), you can’t miss it tonight.”

And now there you were. Alone with a headache in a room, all alone. Well, not anymore.
The white door opened with a light crack and then the light turned on. When you were able to focus who it was, you stood up immediately.

“Mike I’m sorry. I imagine you need the room” you said thinking about the pair of couples who tried to kick you out of it to be alone earlier “I’ll go now.”

But he grabbed you by your elbow smiling at you and closing the door of his sister’s bedroom.

“I don’t need it. I was not seeing you downstairs and I thought you went home.”

“Well, I came here because the music was too loud and now my head hurts. But I think it’s time for me to go home.”

But he convinced to stay a bit longer. You were alone in the bedroom and for some minutes you just smiled at each other and you listened at him while he told you how beautiful he found you. For a moment you thought you were dreaming. It was not possible Mike was complimenting you like that.
But it was happening and by
mistake, you let yourself be too vulnerable.
And he saw it. It was so obvious that slowly he attached his lips to yours and slowly again you moved them i sync. His lips were soft and you let your got lost in that moment.
Your fingers drove their way to his hair, soft as his lips, to be more near to him and he profited to lay his hand on your waist. While his tongue gently pulled against your own caressing it, he found his way under your shirt, touching your bra and when he was about to undo your bra, you pulled away from him pushing his hands away.

“What are you doing Mike?”

“Just enjoying the moment. Didn’t you like it?”

“It was too much for me. Now I have to go, so…”

You were blocked by his own body and for a moment you felt so little that you couldn’t moved. What was happening in that room? You knew it, but you didn’t want to accept the reality.
He was above you and his weight was keeping you still. He was touching you. Touching your body without your permission. You felt violated. He was violating you.
He was gripping your wrists and waist so hard and you bet that some bruises would have came out.

The next thing you remember was that you were sat above the sidewalk with your face in your hands and when Spencer’s hands touched your shoulders, you let out a little scream.

“Love it’s me, it’s dad. You are fine, no one can hurt you anymore now. I am here.”

He sat next to you and took you in his embrace.
When Mike was about to do more than just touching you, a couple opened the door convinced that it was empty and when the guy noticed you were crying, he helped you pushing Mike away.
Then you called Spencer, telling him all through an heavy breath caused by a panic attack and tears.

Spencer was not mad at you for having broke his rule. He was just worried and he was sorry that he was not there to protect you. Because he thought he would have made a terrible father. But now you were there in his arms and nobody could hurt you. He was there to make you feel safe.