some people need saving

Some broken people need to be helped, saved, but some don’t. Some broken people don’t need to hear “everything will be ok” because they sure as hell know it won’t, and they’re ok with that. Some broken people like to walk all over themselves and burn and cry and break each night a little more. Some broken people want to stay broken and live in their own,numb,little worlds. Some broken people know they can be fixed, repaired, mended, improved, but still, those broken people live to be broken.
—  L.M.
Price advice

I wanna do pencil sketch commissions, but im not sure how expensive I should make them.. I was thinking about  €5,- / €10,- , which is more expensive than usual, because I do need the money but I really dont want to overprice them… 

Id appreciate feedback abt the price, if it’s too expensive please say so! They’ll look like this (the bust will be half the price of the full body) and there’ll be a second more cartoony style available!  Im willing to make them detailed, these were just boring poses to show what they’d look like.

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I think it's less that being nice is unpopular and more that dark humor is popular. I've never seen someone put down for complimenting them but what I see a lot is people being rly mad about people being 'negative' (ie kill Dan and stuff) and then ppl react negatively to that. which...i mean there's a difference between "being nice" and calling people out for their posts, I feel like it's a normal reaction to get upset if you're like "hey don't make those jokes be nice!" even if u mean well

I know that dark humour is popular, but thats not what im talking about. I have a dark sense of humour and what I’m seeing is definitely not that. If people think it is they need to seriously reevaluate why because being disrespectful and rude is not funny. What I’m talking about is people bullying others for not shipping phan, telling people to kill themselves and taking the whole dan is a rat/whore/disappointment etc thing seriously and believing it is true. It’s the fact that every time I make a post saying I wish people would be nice I get bombarded with hate messages. It’s the fact that the phandom has this elitist culture where the more followers you have the more you’re allowed to bully others and get praised for it! I hate that this fandom doesn’t see this and instead sees that being kind is something to be attacked. When someone was told to kill themselves because they dont ship phan people were praising the person who said that. what. the. fuck. But when someone says they wish there was more positivity they get sent hate and told to delete their blog, leave the phandom or told their an idiot and don’t understand humour. this is SO backwards

I get that people have dark senses of humour but jokes can go too far and they definitely have in the past. Even if you’ve never seen someone being put down for complimenting them, it still happens. It has happened to me SO many times as well as my friends and a ton of smaller d/p blogs. I get that people might react badly to someone calling out their posts but at the end of the day the things people call out is bullying and people have the right to do that.

what im saying is being nice costs nothing and dan and phil do so much for us that the least we can do for them is be kind, to them and to each other.

I’m really sorry if this comes off as rude but I’m tired of receiving messages like this every time I make a posts asking people to be nice to them and I just needed to put my thoughts out there to clear my mind

Fire Emblem Husbando Headcanons

-Sometimes he just takes your hand and kisses it so tenderly because he’s just so glad he’s there with you and that you remember him.
-he has restless nights sometimes when he thinks about all orders he had to follow, the people he had to kill. It means that Avatar usually wakes up and comforts him and they both have a good cry about the people they’ve lost along the way
-he’s so afraid that he is going to wake up one day alone in the barracks again, he loves waking up and glancing down to see avatar sleeping soundly on his chest, the light shining on their face. He can’t help himself, he kisses you awake
-everytime avatar smiles at him and they smile a lot his heart skips a beat and he smiles back and he’s just so happy that you’re still able to smile and that you two can even smile together again
-he still has the picnic basket from the adventure he took you on. It’s a prized possession and its old and on its last legs but when he was training it always reminded him of who he was doing it for
-absolutely loves it when avatar plays with his hair, it’s already a mess anyway and he is always just putty in your hands whenever you stroke your hand through his hair
-one day he offers his hand to avatar and they take it only to be sweeper away into a waltz as Silas grins at them. Avatar has had training from Jakob obviously but is still surprised and taken back. Silas admits that he’s always dreamed of dancing with you even when you two were just kids.
-at their wedding after the war (it’s war they’re not throwing a party now) Avatar offers Silas their hand and Silas grins at them with tears in his eyes as he accepts and dances the night away with you. The wedding party grounds his entire reality that the war is over and he’s married to the avatar. Avatar loves him back. The war isn’t stopping them from taking it easy. Silas cries like a big baby and avatar kisses his tears away even though tears are forming in their own eyes.

-long cold nights of dedication to ryoma means that he is a cactus of prickly emotion who is not used to avatars affectionate displays of love
-flat out refuses to commit public displays of affection when people are watching but will always sneak a kiss/maybe more when he absolutely knows that no one is around but them
-will pull a kaze and supply avatar with whatever they need around the day, hear they want an apple? Boom apple right on their desk. Avatar finds the thoughtfulness endearing but also calls him out on it as saizo tries to play it cool
-when he first took off all his armor and avatar was able to see all the scars he’s accumulated (and there are many) he was nervous about what avatar would say. Avatar just smiled sadly and kissed every scar on him, and assured him that they love him. Every bit of him. Even his dumb prickly personality. (That snide remark ruins the mood)
-he stills gets nervous being with the avatar whenever ryoma is around until ryoma confronts him about it. Ryoma assures him that he is okay with it and couldn’t have imagined anyone better at taking care of his little sister than saizo. Saizo cries.
-after the war it’s hard for saizo to settle into normal household life for the avatar and they notice
-he stills goes on missions for ryoma which he is grateful for
-one mission he notices someone is following him and confronts them only to find its avatar
-he’s is incredibly angry and asks why they’re not back at home where it’s safe and protected. Tries to force them to head back but avatar is stubborn and wants to help saizo and he knowing that he will not win this battle sourly says only for this mission
-avatar saves his ass more times than he would ever admit and saizo realizes he misses this. The two of them back to back against the world. And begrudgingly invites them on his missions. Avatar rolls their eyes and yells finally before kissing him and calling him an idiot for leaving them alone at home
-avatar has only managed to tickle saizo once ever since he revealed his weakness. Avatar swears that they will tickle him again one day. Saizo takes it as a challenge. And he can get very heated during a challenge.

-the little cheese of hoshido is a suave guy and avatar wonders where he even learned to act like this
-ryoma once he noticed that avatar and his son were getting close just sorta sighs and takes it upon himself to tell both the avatar and his son that they are luckily not related. Shiro is over joyed and his loud whoop was commented on for days to come
-ryoma jokes around about how he is surprised avatar didn’t fall for him when his sons good looks obviously came from the original. Shiro always feels slightly threatened and challenges his father to sparring matches. They usually end with the two of them laughing it off
-as shiro calls it, “avatar time” usually means cuddling together and talking about how the day has been, what they’ve been up too, what’s in the plans for tomorrow and etc. it is also an excuse for shiro to watch avatar talk excitedly about all the things they have to say and he loves watching their face brighten up as they talk. He admits that sometimes he has no idea what they’re talking about and just wanted to watch them. Avatar gets flustered and stops talking, shiro laughs and kisses them and things go from there

I can’t believe how salty both Leckie and I are, we are a really bad match because we just end up coming off as douchebags because we’re so salty and tired.

dont demonize someones ship to make yours seem better

thats like saying “oh well i murdered two people but timothy over there murdered three

Don’t dismiss the little things

Little things are important. Little things matter. Please do not put yourself down for only being able to manage the little things on any given day. Little things, little victories are so important to get you through on rough days.
You made tea! HOORAY! Now you have a warm drink that tastes like comfort.
You took a shower! YES! You’re all squeaky clean and ready for that nice lotion you love so much!
You took out the trash! AWESOME! You got a little bit of a walk in there that you wouldn’t have otherwise.
You blogged on tumblr today! HUZZAH! You spent time in your happy place with people who accept you for you. Where else do you find that?
You managed to watch a whole episode of that new show! YAY! You now know what that inside joke is about and can laugh along with it.
You got out of bed! WOOO! There’s some yummy cereal just waiting for you to eat it. You don’t need milk, just eat that cereal straight out of the box like you did when you were little.

Celebrate the little things, celebrate the little victories! They are worth it and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Some days the little things are all that keep us going and that’s what is most important. 


♡ 2013-2015 ♡

Let’s talk about the fact that Sam, when assaulted by godly visions of torture from hell, did not freak out. 

Take a moment to appreciate the pain he’s been through, the extent to which pain can overtake you and make you mad, and that he is still completely focused on his task: find a cure/ save all the people.

so there’s a petition to save tom. save him from what or who? his 26 year old girlfriend? last i heard the filming of Thor 3 is on delays because of some sets not being finished and the other thing is the fact that some people feel the need to save a 35 year old man, a man we haven’t really gotten to know. meeting him during a meet and greet is way, way different than knowing him. so just stop it. it’s not ok.

and if you still want to tell yourself that this isn’t jealousy then go ahead but we (the sane fans) won’t believe you.

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“Oh so Rumple should have just let Bae DIE then?”

The fact that some people believe that Rumple still did “what needed to be done to save his son” and that Milah should have just “gotten over it” is literally making me sick to my stomach. He wasn’t just “sacrificing a child he doesn’t have” he was once again making a choice that would greatly affect not only his marriage but his wife personally, without even consulting her. To call her selfish for needing some space from Rumple after he delightedly told her that any child she has will be taken from her because of his stupid decision is fucking disgusting.

I don’t even think Milah wanted a second child with Rumple, it’s the fact that Rumple made a choice that specifically affected her body without so much as taking a second to ask her is what shook her. It’s the fact that even if they took every precaution not to get pregnant and she still fell pregnant that baby would be taken from her. It’s the fact that she no longer felt in control of her own body because of Rumple’s stupid choices that made her see that her entire marriage just dissolved in front of her eyes.