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hi I was wondering which of your mutuals you associate/ship with the svt members? I need some more blogs to follow!!

thank you for the feedback on the role reverse!pricefield fanfic idea <3 here's the summary on what im planning to do:

After 13-year-old Max Caulfield unavoidably leaves her best friend, Chloe Price, to move to Seattle shortly after William Price’s inevitable death, her and her father’s relationship went nowhere but spiraling downhill when she decided to rebel against him for forcing them to move away from Arcadia Bay.
Working her way back into Chloe’s life one step at a time, she finally breaks her father into striking a bargain with her that if she could manage to stabilize herself into a job at Arcadia Bay, she would get to stay. Max was thrilled to say the least, the possibilty of seeing her best friend again, closer that sver before…but it’s been 5 years.
5 years without a call or even a text towards Chloe.
Those 5 years took a toll on Max’s shy and kindhearted persona. Alone to battle with anger, alone to deal with grief, and alone to face self-blaming and hatred, she had to change who she was in order to keep on fighting.
In order to see Chloe.
Has she changed too much for Chloe’s liking? Is their friendship too broken to be repaired?
Even so, Max would challenge fate itself in order to save their friendship. She didn’t fight to get nothing for so long; she won’t accept that.
Max may have lost herself in the process of getting Chloe back, but God forbid that she’d lose her again.

Okay but real talk here.

I know people have been complaining we get too many beach city resident centric episodes, but this is WHY it’s important we DO have them! It’s important to show Steven’s bonds with his more human side, his relationship with the people of beach city, who he loves. the population there is so small, they all become like a big extended family to him in some way, and that’s!!!! important!!!

Considering people in beach city are going missing, it kind of highlights it? Like, it’s not just some weird event where people he doesn’t know are going missing (though, steven would still be concerned, because… well, he’s steven.) i’s people he cares for, people he loves… people we’ve seen Steven develop with over countless ‘slice of life’ episodes. 

The crystal gems aren’t his only family, and if someone is kidnapping the humans of beach city? the people he loves? it’s more than a case of being a job for the crystal gems to investigate.

it’s personal, and steven will fight with everything inside of him to protect them and bring them home.
A Man from U.N.C.L.E. Sequel Is in the Works
Star Armie Hammer breaks the news.
By Joanna Robinson

Don’t tease me! You better write it AND make it!

So I recently hit 15k followers, a huge goal of mine and I wanted to thank all of you! I never thought I’d hit even 1k followers so this is incredible! Under the cut are the blogs that have made this blog possible! Ignore the crappy minimalist banner and thank you again! <3

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Tbh... Frances and Madam Red let a traumatized 12 y/o orphan live alone with a complete stranger, it's not that strange that they didn't ask about the twin, if he's real. It's not the first forced situation we have in this manga but oc the fandom will bash Yana only for this bc they don't like the 2CT.

Yeah, that’s a good point. I guess it was either one big plot convenience (which isn’t that unusual in fiction) OR there was some drama between Sebastian and Frances (considering her personality I don’t think either she’d just let a complete stranger like Sebastian become her beloved nephew’s butler without any background check), but it all happened off-screen, i.e. Yana didn’t show us those scenes (yet).

There were a lot of flashback scenes in the story so far (Madam Red’s Cinematic Record in ch10, Kelvin’s flashback in ch31-32, Lizzy’s flashback in ch58, Sebastian’s Cinematic Record in ch61-63) which make us believe we already know quite everything about Ciel’s past, when in fact, we actually know very little about him and his family, and there still are a lot of things that have yet to be explained/shown. We have to keep in mind that we have never seen a “complete” flashback/Cinematic Record, but only “fragments” of it. So maybe some important scenes were missing on purpose (e.g. people asking about Ciel’s twin or about Sebastian’s past before he became Ciel’s butler).

Anyway, I really think we should just wait and see. Maybe there’ll be an explanation for everything and we’ll see a complete version of Sebastian’s Cinematic Record or someone else’s flashback with all those missing scenes someday!! :D

About the bashing though, some people “bash” Yana for every trivial thing they don’t like/agree with anyway^^; I remember that one user in the old BB forum once accused her of being racist™ for giving 2CT hints that are only understandable to Japanese readers, which is, of course, totally ridiculous… (I mean if Yana is racist™ for including verbal hints that only work in Japanese language, then so is J. K. Rowling for the “Tom Marvolo Riddle/I am Lord Voldemort” anagram which btw doesn’t work in Japanese at all lol)
So yeah, basically what I wanted to tell you is to not take those bashings of some people too seriously, it’s just waste of time xD

Unexpected Surprises

Feysand Modern AU where Feyre and Rhys are roommates which was requested by an anon a while back! As always, this got way longer than I ever intended it to be, but I’m actually really happy with it so thank you anon! I plan on writing a smutty Part 2 once I get the smutty EOS fics out of my system Please feel free to send me feedback and/or fic prompts!!

Part 2

“I can’t believe you’re leaving me.” Feyre stood in the threshold, blocking Mor’s exit from their two bedroom/one bathroom apartment.

“Come on, Feyre, you know I don’t want to leave! But I have to take this internship. And it’ll just be one summer. That’s not long at all when you think about it.” Mor’s arms and hands were full of bags, the culmination of her last minute packing before she left for the airport to take her halfway across the country for the entire summer.

“If I don’t move from the doorway, does that mean that you can’t leave?” Mor pouted in return and slumped her bags to the ground, tired of holding the weight for so long. “Alright, alright, I’ll let you leave.” Feyre stepped forward to hug her quickly but tightly and picked up half of Mor’s bags so she didn’t have to carry them down four flights of stairs by herself.

Almost no one could resist Mor, especially when she fluttered her eyelashes and pouted. Usually, it was a trick she used on her boyfriend Azriel, but Feyre had been known to do Mor an extra favor or two occasionally.

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Alice Madness Returns Wallpaper // Halloween Edits ( 2 / 31 )

#blacklistappreciationweek starts tomorrow!!!! [themes]

(if it’s the 19th for you right now, feel free to post! (it’s not the 19th for me for another 22 minutes lol))

remember to put the tag in the first five or i’ll miss it. send me a link via ask or submission if i missed something! 

Somewhere Close To You (Part 5) - Thomas Imagine

(not my gif)

Pairing: Thomas x Reader
Note: It´s time for a party.
Info about the series, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
Warning: Cursing, kissing and touching. 
Word count: 1245 

“Y/N! Wait!” She turned around at the school entrance to face me, she seemed to hesitate at first.

“Are you ignoring me?” I asked with a smirk, fully aware of the answer.

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Sitting outside the special exhibit at work taking tickets for it. The name of it is above my head in five foot tall letters. A family walk up the line to me.

Lady: Do we go here for this? Or upstairs?

Me: Uh…[special exhibit] is here.

Lady: Where?

Me: Here, that’s the entrance. *points at the entrance door, which is automatic and painted in a similar way to the wall, resulting in some people missing it even though it’s set half a foot back*

Lady: What door?

Me: That door. It’s automatic, it opens.

Lady: It’s an elevator?

Me: No, it’s a door.

Lady: So…what’s there?

Me: It’s just - a door. There’s an exhibit hall there *gestures at the wall in general*

Lady: Okay…so we give you our tickets?

Me: Yes.

I scan the tickets, family inches forward.

Lady: So um…here?

Here’s just a little appreciation for some of my favs (even though I’m sure I accidentally missed people). Thank you to everyone who follows me, says hi, and reblogs my posts. Here’s hoping this is the start to wonderful year for all of us!

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Reader in Wonderland - Part 8

Summary: Gabriel x Reader - The reader tumbles down the rabbit hole and into a wonderland of Gabriel’s making after the trickster decides to help he unwind with a book.

Triggers: None

Word Count: 2684

Y/N = Your name  

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 9  Part 10

The snap of Gabe’s fingers was still ringing in your ears when your surroundings changed. Gone was the dark room and plush carpets. Gone were the wooden throne and the flickering candlewicks. You were no longer in what Crowley so wrongfully had called his part of Wonderland. No, you were in a courtroom, and in this court, Gabriel was the king. Though calling this strange assortment of furniture a court was probably a bit of a stretch in most cases. Had he not announced what he was doing it might have taken you a bit longer to put the pieces together.

Glancing around, you took in the sights. You were seated in what you guessed was a witness box that looked kind of like one of the booths in your favourite diner down town. The table in front of you held the same type of papery place mat you’d often doodled on whilst waiting for your food to arrive. And the plastic seat you normally relaxed in with a burger after a hard case was uncomfortable now after having rested on velvet in a luxurious throne. It was easy to see why some people craved power. The seats were a hell of a lot better.

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Sorry, This isn’t a follow forever post, I was just shocked that I woke up one day and wow, wth 3k and  it was an accident to name this a follow forever post lolIt’s more about appreciating several people who made me feel special here in tumblr AND ALSO FOR ALL THOSE WONDERFUL POSTS I SEE ON MY DASHBOARD EVERYDAY. I’m not very good with talking to other people via the internet so I apologize for replying late most of the time I am a weaboo thrash and I suck. Although, I appreciate all of you even though I didn’t talk to some of you very well but thank you so much for making me feel special and posting all your wonderful contributions to the fandoms I love. I hope you feel special with this small post secretly stalked by me to make your icon your favorite character hopefully… I guessed on some though. I might have missed some people to add here but go message me and I will make sure we party freestyle next time. IF I EVER SPELLED YOUR URL WRONG… I AM SO SORRY. BUT I STILL LOVE YOU, OK!  [Blogroll]


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