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The Importance of The Unlikable Heroine

I’ve always had this tendency to apologize for everything—even things that aren’t my fault, things that actually hurt me or were wrongs against me.

It’s become automatic, a compulsion I am constantly fighting. Even more disturbingly, I’ve discovered in conversations with my female friends that I’m not alone in feeling this impulse to be pleasant, to apologize needlessly, to resist showing anger.

After all, if you’re a woman and you demonstrate anger, you’re a bitch, a harpy, a shrew. You’re told to smile more because you will look prettier; you’re told to calm down even when whatever anger or otherwise “unseemly” emotion you’re experiencing is perfectly justified.

If you don’t, no one will like you, and certainly no one will love you.

I’m not sure when this apologetic tendency of mine emerged. Maybe it began during childhood; maybe the influence of social gender expectations had already begun to affect me on a subconscious level. But if I had to guess, I would assume it emerged later, when I became aware through advertisements, media, and various unquantifiable social pressures of what a girl should be—how to act, how to dress, what to say, what emotions are okay and what emotions are not.

Essentially, I became aware of what I should do, as a girl, to be liked, and of how desperate I should be to achieve that state.

Being liked would be the pinnacle of my personal achievement. I could accomplish things, sure—make good grades, go to a good school, have a stellar career. But would I be liked during all of this? That was the important thing.

It angers me that I still struggle with this. It angers me that even though I’m an intelligent, accomplished adult woman, I still experience automatic pangs of inadequacy and shame when I perceive myself to have somehow disappointed these unfair expectations. I can’t always seem to get my emotions under control, and yet I must—because sometimes those emotions are angry or unpleasant or, God forbid, unattractive, and therefore will inconvenience someone or make someone uncomfortable.

Maybe that’s why, in my fiction—both the stories I read and the stories I write—I’ve always gravitated toward what some might call “unlikable” heroines.

It’s difficult to define “unlikability”; the term itself is nebulous. If you asked ten different people to define unlikability, you would probably receive ten different answers. In fact, I hesitated to write this piece simply because art is not a thing that should be quantified, or shoved into “likable” and “unlikable” components.

But then there are those pangs of mine, that urge to apologize for not being the right kind of woman. Insidious expectations lurk out there for our girls—both real and fictional—to be demure and pleasant, to wilt instead of rally, to smile and apologize and hide their anger so they don’t upset the social construct—even when such anger would be expected, excused, even applauded, in their male counterparts.

So for my purposes here, I’ll define a “likable heroine” as one who is unobjectionable. She doesn’t provoke us or challenge our expectations. She is flawed, but not offensively. She doesn’t make us question whether or not we should like her, or what it says about us that we do.

Let me be clear: There is nothing wrong with these “likable” heroines. I can think of plenty such literary heroines whom I adore:

Fire in Kristin Cashore’s Fire. Karou in Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone series. Jo March in Little Women. Lizzie Bennet in Pride and Prejudice. The Penderwick sisters in Jeanne Birdsall’s delightful Penderwicks series. Arya (at least, in the early books) in A Song of Ice and Fire. Sarah from A Little Princess. Meg Murry from A Wrinkle in Time. Matilda in Roald Dahl’s classic book of the same name.

These heroines are easy to love and root for. They have our loyalty on the first page, and that never wavers. We expect to like them, for them to be pleasant, and they are. Even their occasional unpleasantness, as in the case of temperamental Jo March, is endearing.

What, then, about the “unlikable” heroines?

These are the “difficult” characters. They demand our love but they won’t make it easy. The unlikable heroine provokes us. She is murky and muddled. We don’t always understand her. She may not flaunt her flaws but she won’t deny them. She experiences moral dilemmas, and most of the time recognizes when she has done something wrong, but in the meantime she will let herself be angry, and it isn’t endearing, cute, or fleeting. It is mighty and it is terrifying. It puts her at odds with her surroundings, and it isn’t always easy for readers to swallow.

She isn’t always courageous. She may not be conventionally strong; her strength may be difficult to see. She doesn’t always stand up for herself, or for what is right. She is not always nice. She is a hellion, a harpy, a bitch, a shrew, a whiner, a crybaby, a coward. She lies even to herself.

In other words, she fails to walk the fine line we have drawn for our heroines, the narrow parameters in which a heroine must exist to achieve that elusive “likability”:

Nice, but not too nice.

Badass, but not too badass, because that’s threatening.

Strong, but ultimately pliable.

(And, I would add, these parameters seldom exist for heroes, who enjoy the limitless freedoms of full personhood, flaws and all, for which they are seldom deemed “unlikable” but rather lauded.)

Who is this “unlikable” heroine?

She is Amy March from Little Women. She is Briony from Ian McEwan’s Atonement. Katsa from Kristin Cashore’s Graceling. Jane Austen’s Emma Woodhouse. Sansa from A Song of Ice and Fire. Mary from The Secret Garden. She is Philip Pullman’s Lyra, and C. S. Lewis’s Susan, and Rowling’s first-year Hermione Granger. She is Katniss Everdeen. She is Scarlett O’Hara.

These characters fascinate me. They are arrogant and violent, reckless and selfish. They are liars and they are resentful and they are brash. They are shallow, not always kind. They may be aggressive, or not aggressive enough; the parameters in which a female character can acceptably display strength are broadening, but still dishearteningly narrow. I admire how the above characters embrace such “unbecoming” traits (traits, I must point out, that would not be noteworthy in a man; they would simply be accepted as part of who he is, no questions asked).

These characters learn from their mistakes, and they grow and change, but at the end of the day, they can look at themselves in the mirror and proclaim, “Here I am. This is me. You may not always like me—I may not always like me—but I will not be someone else because you say I should be. I will not lose myself to your expectations. I will not become someone else just to be liked.”

When I wrote my first novel, The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls, I knew some readers would have a hard time stomaching the character of Victoria. She is selfish, arrogant, judgmental, rigid, and sometimes cruel. Even at the end of the novel, by which point she has evolved tremendously, she isn’t particularly likable, if we go with the above definition.

I had similar concerns about the heroine of my second novel, The Year of Shadows. Olivia Stellatella is a moody twelve-year-old who isolates herself from her peers at school, from her father, from everything that could hurt her. Her circumstances at the beginning of the novel are inarguably terrible: Her mother abandoned their family several months prior, with no explanation. Her father conducts the city orchestra, which is on the verge of bankruptcy. He neglects his daughter in favor of saving his livelihood. He sells their house and moves them into the symphony hall’s storage rooms, where Olivia sleeps on a cot and lives out of a suitcase. She calls him The Maestro, refusing to call him Dad. She hates him. She blames him for her mother leaving.

Olivia is angry and confused. She is sarcastic, disrespectful, and she tells her father exactly what she thinks of him. She lashes out at everyone, even the people who want to help her. Sometimes her anger blinds her, and she must learn how to recognize that.

I knew Olivia’s anger would be hard for some readers to understand, or that they would understand but still not like her.

This frightened me.

As a new author, the prospect of writing these heroines—these selfish, angry, difficult heroines—was a daunting one. What if no one liked them? What if, by extension, no one liked me?

But I’ve allowed the desire to be liked thwart me too many times. The fact that I nearly let my fear discourage me from telling the stories of these two “unlikable” girls showed me just how important it was to tell their stories.

I know my friends and I aren’t the only women who feel that constant urge to apologize, to demur, to rein in anger and mutate it into something more socially acceptable.

I know there are girls out there who, like me at age twelve—like Olivia, like Victoria—are angry or arrogant or confused, and don’t know how to handle it. They see likable girls everywhere—on the television, in movies, in books—and they accordingly paste on strained smiles and feel ashamed of their unladylike grumpiness and ambition, their unseemly aggression.

I want these girls to read about Victoria and Olivia—and Scarlett, Amy, Lyra, Briony—and realize there is more to being a girl than being liked. There is more to womanhood than smiling and apologizing and hiding those darker emotions.

I want them to sift through the vast sea of likable heroines in their libraries and find more heroines who are not always happy, not always pleasant, not always good. Heroines who make terrible decisions. Heroines who are hungry and ambitious, petty and vengeful, cowardly and callous and selfish and gullible and unabashedly sensual and hateful and cunning. Heroines who don’t always act particularly heroic, and don’t feel the need to, and still accept themselves at the end of the day regardless.

Maybe the more we write about heroines like this, the less susceptible our girl readers will be to the culture of apology that surrounds them.

Maybe they will grow up to be stronger than we are, more confident than we are. Maybe they will grow up in a world brimming with increasingly complex ideas about what it means to be a heroine, a woman, a person.

Maybe they will be “unlikable” and never even think of apologizing for it.

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Venus in Aries people flirt by being up-front, direct, and even daring. They try to win you over by expressing how enterprising and independent they are. Their style of expressing love can be maddeningly “me”-centered, but the right person for them will find this approach charming. People get turned on by Venus in Aries’ aura of innocent charm, even when they are being childish and impatient.

Venus in Aries men and women behave in a childlike, fun-loving manner in love. They are turned on by energy and activity. Turn-offs include a relationship that is considered stuffy or too “mature”, vagueness, and beating around the bush. In love, Venus in Aries people are hopelessly addicted to the conquest. In order for a relationship to remain fresh and new for them, they require plenty of stimulation.

Pleasing Venus in Aries involves fueling their need for action. Be direct, open, and honest with them – they won’t much like game-playing or evasiveness, unless it is in the complete spirit of fun. Feed their need for spontaneity, and appreciate their playfulness. Understand their desire for the relationship to remain young and fresh. Aries likes to take the lead in love (even if their Sun Sign is gentle Pisces) – let them, at least most of the time. Indulge them their many whims, and understand that they thrive on competition, even when they’re competing with you!

My Personal Ad Bio: “I have a strong sense of adventure. I will win you over. I’m self-taught and self-sufficient.”

Venus in Aries people don’t necessarily take control but they do instinctively take the lead in matters of the heart. They don’t easily adapt to others’ feelings and moods.

Can be demanding in love, addicted to the chase or the intense passions of the moment. Loves spontaneous expressions of affection and sexuality. Very enthusiastic and attractive. Innocent charm. Attracts by being direct and not beating around the bush - gets to the point. Hard to resist. Quick attractions.

With money, Venus in Aries may be impulse buyers. They are attracted to new and innovative products, but would do well to wait a few days before buying because the desire can pass quite quickly. Art that appeals to them is bold and active in tone.


Love for Venus in Taurus centers on the physical world and creature comforts – they revel in sensual surroundings. These people project themselves as solid and comfortable. In fact, something about their manner promises they will be satisfying lovers and partners. They need a certain measure of predictability and dependability in their relationships, even if their Sun is in the more spontaneous signs of Aries or Gemini.

Venus in Taurus men and women can be possessive in love, and they are threatened by fast-paced, high-energy situations in the context of relationships and love. These are sensual partners who require lots of “hands-on” expressions of love. Their lovers may complain that Venus in Taurus can get a little too comfortable and settled. It’s true that they resist change in their relationships, but even when they seem stuck in a groove, you can always reassure yourself by remembering that they are constant partners.

Pleasing Venus in Taurus involves emphasizing your loyalty, and their worth to you. You may need to give in to them in love matters, because they won’t readily give in to you! Get physical with them; do comfortable things. Avoid pushing them in love – give them plenty of time. You will probably need to cultivate patience if you are in a relationship with Venus in Taurus. Remember to be simple and natural – Taurus will appreciate it. Promise them a comfortable, cozy time.

My Personal Ad Bio: “I am a dependable guy/gal. My ideal date consists of good food, fine wine, and cuddling up with each other at home.”

Venus in Taurus people are very physical lovers, with a great appreciation for scents, sounds, feels, and pleasing form. Can be very patient in love. Their charm is natural and earthy.

They can be possessive in love and with objects. Venus in Taurus people are attracted to products of high quality and durability. They can be good with their money, spending lavishly only on objects of beauty, long-lasting objects, and food. They are not usually especially generous people and are typically quite practical and patient when it comes to saving and spending money. Harmony and peace are important factors in the art and music they are attracted to. They abhor gaudy, cheap, tacky, or excessively loud/bold art, clothing, and possessions.


Venus in Gemini people will try to win over the object of their affection with witty conversation, displaying just how much they “know”, and demonstrating their diverse interests. These lovers are playful – some might even call them a tease. They are hard to pin down, and they resist relationships that promise to become too “comfortable”.  Even those with their Sun in Taurus or Cancer, whose outward demeanor may suggest some reserve and caution, will want their relationships to be stimulating and full of conversation with Venus in Gemini.

Venus in Gemini men and women don’t want to be tied or bogged down in their relationships. They appreciate lightheartedness in love. Although they are willing to talk (perhaps endlessly) about the relationship, you may get the feeling that they gloss over some of the deeper issues. In love, their tastes change often, and it can be hard to know what to expect from one day to the next (or, sometimes, from one hour to the next!).

Pleasing Venus in Gemini involves supporting their need for fun and variety, showing interest in their brainpower and knowledge, and giving them space for friends and activities outside of the relationship. Let them know just how much fun you have with them. Try not to get overly miffed by Venus in Gemini’s changeable, fickle ways. Remember that time spent with your lover will be exciting and invigorating.

My Personal Ad Bio: “I am fun-loving. My ideal date consists of going to a cafe, taking in a movie, and talking about it.”

Venus in Gemini sometimes get involved in relationships solely out of curiosity. They are intellectually curious about people, and are eternally fascinated by social interactions. Although they usually enjoy flirting, they may remain somewhat aloof when it comes to matters of the heart.

Curiosity motivates them on romantic and social levels. “Variety is the spice of life” is their attitude in love, in social relationships, and with personal possessions. They are sociable, communicative, and interested. They can be animated and fun but may also keep their distance on an emotional level. Attractions often begin with words, as they tend to bond more readily on a mental level. The shadow side of Venus in Gemini is fickleness.

Venus in Gemini people spend money on books, information, social events. They are somewhat fickle when it comes to their attachment to objects and personal possessions, and they seek variety in the things that they own. Some enjoy the thought that can go behind making purchases, weighing various options. They are attracted to art that is expressive, verbal and social in tone, light, and happy.


Love for Venus in Cancer is best when it is committed and rather predictable. These people are sensitive in love, even if their Sun sign is the more playful and outgoing signs of Gemini or Leo. You may even say their egos are a little underdeveloped when it comes to love, but they have a lot to give in return: namely, security, comfort, and care.

Venus in Cancer men and women show their love by caring for you. They pay more attention to your feelings than your words, and observe you rather carefully. They want a safe, solid relationship. They can be a little moody in love, and some go so far as giving silent treatments and engaging in pouting routines to get attention from their mate. They are turned off by anything impersonal, and too much rationalizing leaves them cold. They are not afraid of emotional confrontations (even if they have a Gemini Sun and appear flighty in other areas of life). Still, these lovers are always worried they’ll be left high and dry. If you’ve hurt them, they’ll have a hard time forgetting. Every so often, they’ll retreat into themselves (not unlike a Crab), and it can be difficult to pull them out. This is when they use their extraordinary “nursing” abilities on themselves, instead of you…and you simply don’t want that!

Pleasing Venus in Cancer involves lots of snuggling and sentimentality. Recognize their attachments to their family and home. Help them to feel confident with you – when they are fearful of being rejected, they can resort to some frustrating tactics to find out just how loved they are. Think about how a crab (the symbol of Cancer) moves towards its goal, and you will get a fair idea of Venus in Cancer’s approach. Do your best to make them feel secure and cared for, and you will be rewarded with a patient, dependable, and loving mate.

My Personal Ad Bio: “I’m just a regular guy/gal. I’ve built a solid foundation. I’m comfortable and comforting. I care. I stick around. My ideal date consists of eating in, and snuggling up to each other.”

Venus in Cancer people are sensitive, sentimental, and caring. They can be possessive and clannish. They will generally bend over backwards for someone they love, but might keep too much to themselves and eventually feel resentful if affection is not returned in a similar manner. Venus in Cancer people are nurturing, protective and self-protective, cautious, and fertile. They may experience many emotional ups and downs in love due to sensitivity and impressionability. They are tender, romantic, and attached. Cancer love is dedicated, warm, and devoted. They show their love through devotion, care, and concern. They are affectionate and cuddly, and are at their best when they feel safe and secure.

Too much attachment to the past can prevent Venus in Cancer people from enjoying the moment. In fact, the past may be glorified with Venus in Cancer to the point that the present is not appreciated, even though it will one day be the past!

Venus in Cancer people generally save for a rainy day and can be quite frugal with their money. They will spend the most on their family and close friends, as well as on building their homes. They are attracted to art that is traditional, homey, and romantic.


When Venus in Leo people are in love, they are proud, even boastful. This position of Venus can turn humble Virgo Suns or retiring Cancer Suns into somewhat demanding lovers. Venus in Leo loves to court and be courted, and they need to feel very special. They are warm, generous, and even grand. Though really quite loyal to their partners (remember that love is THE most important thing in Leo’s life), they thrive on romantic attention. Be prepared for their displays: they will tell you about any romantic advances made on them. Remember, they’re just showing off toyou, and it’s likely harmless. It’s a different story if you do the same, however. That’s when you’ll hear the lion roar…and, no doubt, you’ll want to keep these cats purring. Venus in Leo wants to appear experienced in love, even if they have little or no experience whatsoever!

Venus in Leo men and women have high expectations, but once you know that these expectations revolve only around how much attention you are giving them, you’ll see that they are really quite big-hearted about most everything else. They are threatened by a relationship that appears to have settled too much, or one that’s lost its spark. They are also threatened by indifferent or impersonal behavior on your part.

Although their needs for physical expression through sex are generally quite strong, their need for love is perhaps even stronger. It is hard for Venus in Leo people to separate love and sex, and even their most erotic fantasies are infused with love and affection. For this reason, few Venus in Leo folk would last long in a relationship that is mostly sexual. On the flip side, they may last longer in a love-only relationship in the absence of satisfying sex, but they are unlikely to feel very satisfied.

Pleasing Venus in Leo involves paying loads of attention to them. If you’re willing to make only one adjustment in your ways, it should be to remind Leo how wonderful they are. Respect and appreciate them, always. Put up with their childlike moments and their tall tales. They want to be seen as attractive by you, so avoid (at all costs!) putting them down in this area. They actually lose interest when they perceive the slightest loss of interest in their partner, and you can expect that any letdown will be acted out in a dramatic fashion. Remind them, in a gentle way, that your emotions count too. If you are feeling a little jealous, let them know. Remember, to Venus in Leo, your small jealousies are affirmations that you find them attractive and expect the rest of the world to as well. Let them decide where to go on a date, and let them pay too. When Venus in Leo feels loved and appreciated, they reward you with loyalty, a big sense of fun, and plenty of physical expressions of their love.

My Personal Ad Bio: “I’m warm-hearted and fun. I’m funny, and experienced. Let me show you a good time.”

Love is magnificent and grand to Venus in Leo people. They take pride in love and their love relationships, and they are typically generous with their money. This is a warmhearted, teasing, expressive, proud, and extravagant placement for Venus. Love is a bit of a game–a game that is perpetual, as Venus in Leo is forever stuck in the romance stage of a relationship. They feed on attention, acknowledgement, validation, and adoration. Venus in Leo loves to be adored, pampered, and admired. They have a strong ego investment in their love lives. The negative expression of this placement is overstating of feelings simply for the effect, as well as extravagance.

Venus in Leo people may spend a lot on entertainment or sometimes just to show off! They generally are big tippers and give special and generous gifts. They are attracted to art, furnishings, clothing, and music that is bold and passionate, renaissance, lush or opulent, lavishly comfortable, and romantic.


Venus in Virgo people are not the flirtatious sort. Instead, their appeal lies in their dedication, their willingness to work on the relationship, and to make the relationship work in real terms. Unlike Venus in Leo, they won’t try to impress you with grand gifts or promises. Their gifts are less showy, but perhaps far more generous – gifts of devotion and attention to details about you.  

Venus in Virgo men and women quietly (and often slowly) make their way into your heart. They are quite sensitive in love – even insecure – and this reserved, loner-like quality is part of their appeal. They prefer to play it safe in their relationships, and they need to be confident that you like them before they make a move. They are great listeners and they make it a habit to observe and learn all of your ins and outs. Their love can be of the Kindergarten variety – they show they care by nagging or criticizing. Remember, though, that they are not trying to hurt you when they are pointing out the flaws in your thinking, plans, or even character. They truly are trying to help! Venus in Virgo is attracted to nondescript people who have largely gone unnoticed. Show-offs and know-it-alls turn them off.

Pleasing Venus in Virgo involves showing you appreciate them for all the little things they do – and they do a lot. The problem is, they do these things so quietly that you may not always notice or credit them for all these kind gestures. They do need some space (after all, they’re generally quite busy making everything work), so give it to them. Be genuine, not ostentatious. They are really not difficult to please after you have taken care of these basic needs. Avoid pushing your friends or family on them too fast – remember they are a little shy. They aim to please, and are easily intimidated by your experiences. Let them know how much you value them, and they will reward you with devotion and a charming willingness to talk things out.

My Personal Ad Bio: “I will care for you, and do lots of little things for you. I will help you.”

Venus in Virgo people express their love through practical means and gestures–running errands, doing detail work, or just being there for their lovers. Love needs to make sense and have a purpose with Venus in Virgo. Virgo is an Earth sign, which is sensual but also quite practical. What they buy and the types of entertainment they enjoy are ruled by whether or not things make sense. They could easily feel guilty if they are too self-indulgent. Rendering services to others can fill a need, and can be an expression of love. The shadow side of this position is being overly critical of partners, picky, or worrisome. They might over-analyze their lovers, their lovers’ reactions and words chosen, and their love lives in general.

Venus in Virgo people often spend their money with care, and usually on practical items instead of frivolous ones.


Venus in Libra people will try to impress you with their kindness, evenhandedness, and willingness to make your relationship work. They have a polished manner in love, which sometimes makes them appear insincere or superficial. They are gentle lovers who hate to be offended. They are threatened by bad manners and direct or abrasive expression of feelings. They not only prefer to choose the middle road, they seek the middle ground in their relationships. You can expect to be treated fairly, and you may be turned on by Venus in Libra’s willingness to concede and adjust their lives to fully accommodate you.

Venus in Libra men and women have idealized images of their relationships, even to the point where the relationship becomes bigger than life, taking on a life of its own. They can become quietly resentful if they feel they are being taken advantage of – and they make it easy for more aggressive types to bully them around.

Pleasing Venus in Libra involves treating them kindly and fairly. They love to share everything with you, so let them. Foreplay for them can be mental – they love to communicate with you about the relationship. Sharing turns them on, and tactless or uncouth behavior is a turn-off. Although they seem to put up with a lot, be fair with them. Over time, imbalance in their relationship is sure to make them unhappy, and when it comes to this, they may try to even the score in subtle, roundabout ways. Don’t let it come to that, and you will be rewarded with a lover who puts themselves in your shoes and treats you exactly how they would like to be treated.

My Personal Ad Bio: “I’m just a nice guy/gal – some say I’m too nice. I’m romantic and love good conversations. I will please you. All I ask for is fairness.”

Venus in Libra people tend to employ charm rather than aggressive behavior in order to get what they want. Although Venus in Libra people virtually live for relationships, there can be an air of cool detachment to their demeanor. They are very obliging with others–quite willing to negotiate and compromise.

Venus in Libra people can be especially idealistic about love. They prefer things be done the “right” way, and are turned off by aggressive or uncouth behavior. The shadow side of this position is dependency, inconsistency, and superficiality. In an attempt to avoid unpleasant situations, they could easily gloss over deeper issues at play in their relationships. It’s probably best to avoid the trap of acquiescing to their partners but privately resenting the fact or thinking themselves martyrs for doing so! They can be quite artistically inclined. They tend to seek balance in their personal environment, and can be quite picky or choosy when it comes to aesthetics–balanced, harmonious, classical art is preferred. They abhor gaudy, tacky, or overly “noisy” art, clothing, furnishings, and music.


Venus in Scorpio people attract others with their intensity and willingness to commit. They have a strong and concentrated manner which suggests their feelings run deep. Their actions in love tend to promise deep commitment and sexual pleasure, even if they are not telling you this directly. Their appeal lies in their focus on you, and their dedication. Venus in Scorpio seems fearless when it comes to intimacy. Potential lovers get the feeling that Venus in Scorpio will never stray, that they are intensely loyal to the one they love. They possess you, and somehow make it seem attractive to be possessed.

Venus in Scorpio men and women give you their complete attention. These people are very focused on their partners. Depending on your personality, you may find this unnerving or entirely flattering. They have a strong need to control their partner, although this won’t be immediately apparent, and they may not ever admit to this. Their body-and-soul love and commitment can be so intense that it eclipses fun and makes loving them a very heavy experience. Their emotion and intensity may seem overdone to those looking for a more lighthearted relationship. These people take things to extremes, and can be very provocative. Although they want to explore all of your nooks and crannies, they won’t always be forthcoming with their own. When you’ve upset these lovers, you’ll know it. Depending on the moment, Venus in Scorpio will shoot you one of the most piercing glares around, or totally blow up. Whichever style they choose, a slighted Scorpio lover is not a pretty sight. These people can be jealous of all of your attachments, but few will admit it. They’re not afraid of being underhanded in matters of the heart, and they are experts at cutting through all the fluff and seeing you for what you are. Still, you may find their conclusions about you seem skewed and mistrustful.

Pleasing Venus in Scorpio involves demonstrating your complete commitment and loyalty to them. Appreciate their guts when it comes to love and intimacy – they’re proud of their courage in these matters. If you can, and they’re deserving, relinquish some of the control in the relationship. Let them feel they own you, without taking it to extremes. Remember, though, that some Venus in Scorpio lovers can and will take advantage of you on a subtle level, if only to keep you all to themselves. Let them have their secrets and their silences.

My Personal Ad Bio: “I’m emotional and deep. I’ll be very loyal too, forever. I’m looking for commitment. I’ll make you happy in bed.”

Deeply passionate relations are desired with Venus in Scorpio. Superficial flirtations and contacts do not satisfy, as they yearn for “body and soul” contact with someone special–contact that breaks the taboos, that is extreme and intense, and that is unforgettable. This is a highly emotional position for Venus. It is a passionate, sensual, and intense energy. Their relationships are immensely important to them, and they may even feel that relationships consume them. In fact, they tend to want to be consumed by them! Although the basic drive is toward intense closeness, blind faith in their partners is extremely hard. Fears of being too vulnerable or of giving up their own power to others is strong. Scorpio is an “all or nothing” energy, and relationships tend to be somewhat of a rollercoaster ride as a result. Disdain for mediocrity and superficiality can compel them to create crises in order to feel alive and vital.

They can be hard to figure out or to get close to because they can go from one extreme of emotion to the next quite quickly. They sometimes appear very sensitive and yielding, and other times completely closed off, for example.

Their tastes in art, clothing, furnishings, and music tend to be dark, surreal, Gothic, passionate. Most of their true character lies beneath the surface, and what they choose to put on display may even be deceptive. Fashion trends mean little to them.


When Venus in Sagittarius people are in love, they need to feel they can grow and expand their horizons through their relationship. They want to learn new things, and experience everything together. These are idealistic lovers who want you to appreciate their beliefs, visions, and ideals. They can be a confusing mix of the lighthearted and serious. They are roamers and seekers, and don’t commit in their relationships as easily as others.

Venus in Sagittarius men and women turn others on with their big smiles and laughs, their jokes, their grand schemes, their dreams, and their friendly, flirtatious behavior. They pride themselves on their open minds, but you may notice they can be judgmental too. They are threatened by inhibitions on the part of their lover, dullness, and emotional overkill. They are restless, and won’t put up with lovers who dwell on any one thing. When the going gets tough in their relationship, they have an overwhelming need to run away. Usually this only means getting out and experiencing something new before they come back, but sometimes it can be for good. They are attracted to people in love with life. You don’t need to be refined, polished, or graceful to win their favor.

Pleasing Venus in Sagittarius involves allowing them lots of room in the relationship to grow. Avoid getting stuck in a rut, and understand their need to move on. Learn to laugh, but take their rants and raves seriously. Avoid criticising their beliefs, join them in debates, and philosophise along with them. When they feel the need for more experience, join them! Learn to look past their clumsiness with you and your feelings, and avoid cornering them or forcing them to commit.  

My Personal Ad Bio: “I am fun and funny. I have joie de vivre and I love to laugh. I am open to experience.”

Romantic adventures, as well as a straightforward–even blunt–approach to love, are themes with Venus in Sagittarius. Truth and higher meaning are things that take priority with Sagittarius. There can be some inconstancy and possibly a tendency to escape or flee when love is too complex, intricate, or needy.

They are usually sincere, upright, and straightforward about what they want. They enjoy getting to know a lover on a philosophical level, exchanging ideas, and experiencing things together.

Venus in Sagittarius people are not always especially attached to personal possessions. They are not known to be especially frugal, although some of them equate money with freedom, and will gladly put money aside for travel.


Venus in Capricorn people will try to win your heart by displaying self-control, presence of mind, and responsible behavior. These lovers want you to know they are goal-oriented, witty, savvy, and controlled. Nobody can get the best of them. They want you to see just how competent they are. They like some measure of predictability in their relationships as they are cautious in love.

Venus in Capricorn men and women project an aura of competency and their loner-like behavior can be attractive, in a cool way. They don’t go gaa-gaa over love, or at least they don’t express as much. Their lovers may complain that Venus in Capricorns are a little toopractical and deliberate. Certainly, they can come across as lacking in warmth and spontaneity. Truth is, they can be rather romantic souls who yearn for a partner to share their lives with. Others’ image of their relationship matters to them. They are conservative and willing to commit. Venus in Capricorn people are attracted to serious, goal-oriented lovers. They are a little shy in matters of the heart, but they don’t want you to know it. If you like knowing where your relationship is headed, you’ll be mighty pleased with Venus in Capricorn. These people plan ahead in love, and, unlike Venus in Pisces, they will let you know exactly where they (and the relationship) are headed.

Pleasing Venus in Capricorn involves showing them you are practical and realistic. They want to impress you with the things they do. Appreciate their “saving for a rainy day” attitude, and be aware that they want to show you off in a quiet way.  

My Personal Ad Bio: “I have a good job, I invest wisely. I will give you security. Marriage and family are important to me.”

Venus in Capricorn people are generally serious about their finances. They are talented at creating artistic structure and form. They value enduring connections, reliability, and faithfulness in their love and social relationships. They take expressing their feelings seriously, and they definitely take their time to warm up to others. They generally keep their “cool” in relationships. Some may want to be financially stable before marrying, as this is an expression of their commitment. However, they fear instability, and they usually have a deep fear of rejection and of not measuring up, which can also be a motivator behind a strong drive to provide for a partner. Living up to others’ expectations can also be a problem for some, and can prevent them from truly appreciating the moment.

While not the most spontaneous of partners, they are generally quite constant and true in love. They instinctively value effort and the long-term, and won’t run away from responsibility or difficulties. This is largely because their visions of love are not especially idealistic, and they accept realistic and practical concerns as a healthy part of any love relationship.

With money, Venus in Capricorn people are generally frugal and often save for a rainy day (they worry about stability and the future). They are rather discriminating in taste when it comes to entertainment, art, furnishings, music, and clothing. They are attracted to high quality, high status, and professional objects of art, furnishing, and clothing.


Venus in Aquarius people try to impress you with their open-minded, future-thinking spirit. They want you to see them as unique, rebellious, and a little provocative. They are attractive when they are acting a little aloof. They want you to acknowledge and appreciate that they don’t follow the beaten track in matters of the heart.

Venus in Aquarius men and women are attracted to unusual or unconventional relationships. They don’t want to follow all the rules, although they may make quite a few of their own. They can appear quite standoffish at times, and are threatened by restrictions of any kind. Emotional types may be put off by their detached manner in love. Venus in Aquarius wants you to love them for their intellect, and to admire their visions. They value lovers who are also good friends, and they avoid emotional displays or confrontations like the plague. Venus in Aquarius will delight in shocking you with their unusual ways and their forward-looking thinking.

Pleasing Venus in Aquarius involves letting them know just how interesting they are. Put up with their occasional need to act superior on an intellectual level – they are very proud of their unique ideas and visions. Dream along with them, and don’t fence them in. They need space and will happily return the favor, giving you lots of room to breathe and to be yourself.

My Personal Ad Bio: “I’m liberal. I’m not possessive. I’m looking for a friend in a lover. I’m unique. Let’s talk and have some fun.”

Venus in Aquarius people are attracted to unconventionality, independence, and freedom as themes in their social relationships. Experimental relationships are intriguing to them. Being friends as well as lovers is important to Venus in Aquarius.

They like to choose their terms when involved in a relationship, and this can be challenging for a partner, as their terms can be changeable! They may be reacting to a condition or situation of the moment, for example. With the exception of this quality, Venus in Aquarius people are some of the most unselfish people in love. They allow you freedom to be yourself, and are rarely clinging or controlling. They are easygoing in this manner because a partner can appeal to their sense of reason, and they always strive to be exceptionally fair and impartial. They are often attracted to art, furnishings, clothing, and music from ancient times as well as modern, abstract, and futuristic.


Venus in Pisces people project themselves as dreamy, soft-hearted partners. Everything about the way they flirt promises a lovely time. Theirs is an elusive charm – they are sweetly playful, a little moody, and perhaps a little irregular. They appreciate romance and poetry, and they prefer to “feel out” both you and the relationship you share, so don’t expect too much planning ahead. Their sensitivity can be a little misleading at times. Yes, they are sensitive folk, but lovers may find it maddening that this sensitivity is not only directed at them, but towards all of mankind.

Venus in Pisces men and women want you to know that their love is unconditional. They are unimpressed by your status, and love and accept you for all that you are inside. They love the underdog and are attracted to wayward folks, or those in need of a little help. With their romantic view of the world, they can be unreasonably attracted to states of suffering and martyrdom, so they easily get into the role of saving someone, or being saved. Unlike Venus in Libra, which thrives on equality, Venus in Pisces is actually turned on by inequality! They can be rather confusing and hard to pin down as they feel their way through their relationships. As much as they may want to, they find it hard to commit. Many do end up committing, however, at least on the surface.

Pleasing Venus in Pisces involves enjoying tender moments and romantic times with them. You won’t always be able to count on them. In fact, you can be sure they will stretch the truth every once in a while. But remember they do this because they fear they might hurt you, and they can’t bear to cause you any heartache. Try to understand them, although that’s never an easy task considering the fact that they don’t always know themselves. And, truth is, some Venus in Pisces privately have a love affair going with the idea of being misunderstood. Try to put up with their apparent lack of direction in the relationship – they are so receptive and open to all possibilities that it is hard for them to commit to any one thing, idea, or even person. These intriguing partners will reward you with a love that is accepting and comes as close to unconditional as humans can get.

My Personal Ad Bio: “I will love you for you. I will accept you. Even if the rest of the world thinks you are unlovable, I will see you for what you really are.”

Pisces never sees the world in black-and-white terms. Rather, Pisces sees all the colors of the rainbow. With the goddess of love in Pisces, love is all-embracing, they are able to forgive and understand, they are seducible and seductive, and they show tremendous compassion to their partners. Venus in Pisces is tender and affectionate, although hard to reach nevertheless, as there is a longing for something that is hard to define and hard to satisfy. Borders and boundaries blur under Venus in Pisces. The shadow side of this position is allowing themselves to be victimized or deluded, as well as evasiveness.

Venus in Pisces people are attracted to situations of giving, martyrdom, and mercy. They want very much to forgive, allow, and give unselfishly. Because this is not always possible – they are only human after all! – there can be problems with seeing a lover or a relationship accurately and with resentments for being put upon or used.

In love, Venus in Pisces gives a lot, but not everything. Most important to remember is this: it’s a mistake to assume a Venus in Pisces person is weak, but it’s also a mistake to assume Pisces is strong. They are both. The message is: don’t push them beyond their limits, because although it might appear that they have none, they do draw the line at some point. Avoid taking advantage of their good nature and willingness to make sacrifices. They see their willingness to forgive and understand as a strength, and you should too.

anonymous asked:

post some gay/bi/pan/whatever yoongi receipts bc I love yoongi for who he is and TBH I need to see his ass being gay/bi/pan/whatever pls

fam…this Q came in about 3 mnths ago. you shouldn’t have been an anon, so i could now tag you and we could be at peace because of the art that is yoongi’s existence.

anyway here are ur receipts with original sources — along with my love & dedication:

1. you knew this one was coming!!

source: yoongi’s iconic lyric from 2014′s cypher pt.3: KILLER, which has until now, been open for all kinds of interpretation

2. y’all straights will find a way to twist even this into some heterosexual agenda 

source: the 2014 oricon style interview

3. some of you might call this a “stretch” but you must understand that this is the lingo of us pan-sexual/romantic people — we keep gender out of these things. and to note: all the other members used the words “girl” or “wife” which narrows their interests down to traditionally feminine attributes unlike yoongi here.

source: i only found this forum thread from 2016 where someone compiled the members’ ideal types

4. just a guy talking about what he likes

source: c-radio idol true colors interview from 2015

5. and finally, here’s an interview (i may have included this because i am yoonseok trash but am i ashamed? no) is this a receipt per se of yoongi’s orientation? maybe not. you can also call their relationship whatever you want; bandmates, housemates, friends, lovers, soulmates. in the end, you cannot deny this is real love. enjoy!

source: hanryupia 2014 issue; trans by kimmy-trans

all in all, my final words are to not say things like “it’s your fantasy” “you’re just twisting his words” “stop assuming things abt his sexuality” which means you cannot assume he’s straight with no basis either, and understand that this is the best that a queer idol can do in the media of a close-minded country which will even take his career away if he comes out. so develop a deeper understanding of what you’re saying, and most importantly, chill. 

Stefán has another surgery on Tuesday. Right now is a difficult time for him and for his family. Would y’all be interested in doing something to show them all support? 

I was thinking something like an art bomb, but call it a “Meme Bomb” (because some people might want to contribute in ways other than art, and also Stefán loves the concept of memes) where we make stuff in support of/celebrating Stefán, and we use a common tag when we post stuff here/on instagram, and we send him the link to the tag to look at when he feels up to it?

If anyone has other ideas on how to make this better (or if you have an idea for a tag we could all use!) please add to the post bc I’ve never done something like this before but I really want to support him & his family right now. 

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Surely you've alredy answered to this question before but I just received as a christmas gift a graphic tablet so I was wondering if you had any advice for a new beginner?? Thankss <3

sure, I’ll come up with a few!;)

• don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t get it right away, for some people it’s easy to adjust to the differences, to some it takes a bit of time, it’s normal!

• layers are your friends and not enemies. I think especially for a beginner, they can make drawing process less stressful;

• you might end up wishing you could call on your pen.. where is the pen? you never know;

• even art you might consider shitty is great because you made it with your own two hands and it might still inspire someone even though you don’t see why;

• save your drawings all the time. Ctrl+s your best friend. After all, you never know when the electricity will go down, or when your computer shuts off all the sudden. The more you save the less progress you lose if anything happens;

• try not to cry and get too frustrated IF you get too involved drawing and forget to save AND something happens. You can make it even better!

• save your drawings in PNG format, this way it will not lose the original colours once you post it on the internet, if you choose to do so;

• enjoy the process! if you can’t enjoy it today, don’t get too upset, it will come eventually again!

• if you draw too much digital art don’t be surprised if you try to CTRL+Z your table once you draw traditionally, happens to the best of us:”D

• don’t be afraid to experiment with colouring, but don’t force it out of yourself either, if all you’re getting from this experiment is frustration;

• if you’re confused with the program you choose, look for tutorials on the internet, they are your friends!

• you can draw in all known Adobe Photoshop, Paint Tool SAI, Open Canvas etc..try as many to figure what works best for you!

• carry on and keep on rolling!~


Ok so there’s a story behind this one: until like 2 hours ago, I thought everyone sees colors when they hear music but??? Apparently only some people do and it’s one aspect of this thing called Synesthesia.

So, here’s Cas in the song that caused me to discover my useless superpower: “Synesthesia” by Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

(Also grayscale version added because the original might make your eyes bleed lmao)


This skeleton is quite shy and not that sociable. He only have 4 amount of friends, and they are; Fell, reaper, nightmare, and Cross. The 5 of them are really close. 

He loves to read novels and fictions. He also loves to write stories about his past or what is happening to him. He always have this big note book in his backpack , just to write his entries. He also like to call it his “Personal DR note book” 

Ban! Error’s personal Bio

  • Age: 15
  • Height: “5`4
  • nerd
  • not that sociable
  • 9th grader 
  • Cry baby 
  • falls in love fast 


This skeleton is known as the bully of his school. A lot of humans and monsters’ adore him (lies). 

He also have his crew; blueberry and Dream sans. The three of them is the most famous bullies. They wont give mercy to anyone, but what if they’ll meet their soulmates? would their dull heart ignite with love and compassion???  

he also despise nerds. His main targets are nerds.

 ban! Ink’s personal Bio

  • Age: 16
  • height: ``5`9
  • Dislikes nerds 
  • flirty
  • very calm
  • secretly loves to draw and paint. 


Hey guys I am back!! also the BAN! AU (

supposedly I was going to post this yesterday, but I did said ‘tomorrow’ so I sticked to that. so yeah. 

You guys can ask me anything! (it can be related to this!)

I will draw some characters later. like blueberry and fell

also meaning of BAN! is Bully and nerd. 

(just saying, cause people might be confuse what BAN means) 

So in this AU or what I like to call version. Every submissive one are now the Dominant ones, and the Dominant ones became the submissive one. 

Also, this Au is all about ship. sooooo yeah.


Fam, we know Vincent made a mistake with the fanfiction thing and he already apologized for his error but can some stop attacking him and making things worse? I’ve seen some people calling him out even after he accepted his mistake. Those that have been here like me since Dec 15 know reylo was subtle in TFA and saw it. I remember the first metas, fan art and theories that came after the movie and not just fanfiction. I’m thankful many of these youtubers, especially those who credited others unlike Zeroh, are supporting us with their theories. I’m eager for part II now.

keldinisonethiccbih  asked:

I'm an artist who wants to spread my Super Left (tm) values in a zine, but idk where to start. Do you have any suggestions as to how to get a small production team together? I can do online stuff too.

The great thing about zines is that you have a lot of options so let me try to break down how you can do this. 

What’s the Zine About?

Figure out what you’re going to focus on. You seem to know what you want to do on this front but think about what medium you’d like to see in your zine. Is it going to be a general leftist zine with whatever topics you/volunteers send in or are you going to do themes. Are you strictly asking for writing or can people send in poetry, art, comics, photography, etc.?

Maybe you want to do a whole zine dedicated to community work? Then you make a “call for submissions” and let everyone know the theme of your zine and what they can contribute by a certain deadline. Let them know what mediums you’re looking for and whatever other details you think people need to know. In my experience, the really specific zines can either work or not - some people really want to express themselves on certain topics while others might require you to do most of the work. 

Oh and don’t forget to name your zine! Maybe make a logo or have someone make one that you can put on your zine, the call for submissions posts, and maybe stickers, magnets, shirts, patches, buttons, etc. 

Finding Artists and Writers

As far as getting the word out, I’d suggest posting on your social media. Maybe even create a page for your zine alone and tag it so it gets seen. The main zine I work on has a twitter, tumblr, facebook, instagram, and it’s own website. The last or first page in your zine can have this information or other ways of contacting you (like email) if people want to send stuff in for future issues (if you plan on doing multiple). 

You’ll probably have to do a lot of work for the first zine or two unless you have friends that want to work on this with you or you have a big social media following. It’s okay if you don’t any submissions for a while, make this a personal project for now or you can even push deadlines dates back until you get enough submissions.

You can even ask writers and artists online if you can use some of their work that fits the theme of your zine but MAKE! SURE! TO! CREDIT! THEM!  

Zine Layout

Figure out what size your zine is going to be and how you’re going to lay it out. I see a lot of different ways people do this so you’re going to have to figure out what you’re best at here. Try looking up some templates, here’s a page that has Microsoft templates for zines from 4 pages to 40 and you can find more online just like it. It’s already laid out and numbered you just have to fill it in. This link shows how to make mini-zines with one sheet of paper, which is very easy. 

The zine community is very accessible to those who aren’t that great with this kind stuff (like me lol). But if you have an easier or more preferable way of doing it then go ahead because there’s no one way to make zines. 

Printing & Binding

Okay so printing is the hardest part, in my opinion. I personally don’t have a great printer and I’m totally jealous of people that don’t have issues with this part but let’s be real most people don’t have high end printers. So if you have a normal printer you totally can print your zines on it, I’d suggest black and white so you don’t waste a ton of money but that’s up to you and your budget. (And trust me, no zinester cares if it’s B&W.) If you have access to a high end printer that’s even better and it’ll be easy for you. 

If you don’t have either of these options you can easily just go to an Office Max-type place and print your pages out there. Find places that can do this in your area and compare prices because you might find some that are 10 cents a copy or 50 cents a copy and obviously you don’t want to spend a ton of money on this part. Also, look for deals on printing costs. And if you don’t have access to one of these places then you can upload the pages online and have it mailed to you. 

Binding is also something you need to consider. Some people just do mini-zines which don’t require binding at all, some staple the pages, some sew them, some just hold the zine together with a thin ribbon. Again, do whatever is easiest for you. Most of these are pretty easy but sewing requires a bit of work, if you’d like to see how that’s done then here’s a guide

Selling Your Zine

Okay hard part is done, now you want to sell your zine? First, figure out the cost. I’m just telling you now, you’re probably not going to make an enormous amount of money doing this but you’ll probably be able to make enough to keep the zine going if those are your plans. Or you can hand them out for free and just ask for donations. Whatever you want. 

Look for zine events in your area, or events that you think would benefit from you tabling there (not necessarily zine related). Most big cities will have a zine fest every year and I’d definitely suggest signing up. If you’re far from one then I’d still suggest talking to the organizers because they might be able to get you there. (For example, the zine fest in my town puts funds aside when their fundraising to fly people out or house them.) You can put them in your local coffee shop for free, if you’d like. I’d also suggest looking for a zine distro in your area to try to sell them there. Some libraries will also hold zines from around the country and you can send them there (the San Diego Central Library is one and they accept them from all over).

(If you do end up making your zine please contact me again and I can give you the address to my local zine distro that I help out with. They will sell your zines or you can donate one or two to the distro’s zine library. If you talk to the owner you can also let them know if you’d like all the money made to go to you or if you’d like to split it to support the shop. Anyone else interested can also message me.) 


Okay so if you’re able to there is also the option to make your zine readable online. You can do this along with your printed zine or just do it completely online. You can make this as a website or in PDF form and again, you can decide how you want this to go. The PDF can be free or you can charge x-amount and then send it through email. I’m not very good at this but if you know how to do all the stuff that this type of zine needs then go for it.

Okay I think that’s it. Hope this helped. 

“The FO are meant to parallel Nazis. If you like Kylo Ren/Hux/etc you are ok with fascism, etc. etc. blah blah blah”

Fun fact: the original Star Wars was written as a response to the Vietnam War. So I think the Empire was not so much representative of ONE regime… but of Western colonial aggression against those who oppose its dogma.

Vietnam was a war where the largest military in the world attacked a smaller country that seemingly had no chance, with a superpower country who used brutal methods and killed civilians almost indiscriminately - and drafted its own citizens in droves to throw them into the fire (sound like Stormtroopers to you, too?)

So, who are the Empire then? Nazis? Sure, that’s ONE comparison. But most metaphors are not so simple, and I believe this one isn’t either.

Maybe look at that parallel, see it for what it is and ask yourself: are the Empire and FO *only* reminiscent of Nazis? Or is there more to it? Do you think it’s possible you should reflect on your own SUPERPOWER country’s effects on the world? Think for a minute - does your OWN country’s dogma violently shove its ideals and morality into other parts of the world? If the answer is yes…. perhaps you and people like Kylo Ren are not as different as you may think.

You keep calling Kylo Ren a fascist for supporting the FO. But if the Empire is perhaps an allegory of Western colonial interest, then what is the FO? It’s an echo of that colonial, hungry nature of superpowers.

This is not your basic allegory, SW fans. I keep saying antis reduce things, and it’s true.

I had an anti tell me that because I DAINED to criticize America I should stop watching Star Wars. I kid you not, she said to me, “If you hate America so much, why are you watching Star Wars?”

As if being critical of the biggest superpower means I am banned from enjoying its art and stories.

Do y'all OWN a fandom? Do y'all OWN Daisy Ridley and John Boyega? Pretty sure they’re not American.

It’s interesting we have these themes of colonialism, and some of the most accusatory people happen to be from the biggest, baddest superpower country of them all.

No, it doesn’t make you a bad person to be American - most of my family lives in America.

But maybe reflect a bit on how y'all going around calling Reylos and Kylo Ren fans Nazis… when in all actuality the Empire and the FO? Well… they might be repping YOU…

With this in mind, can it not become a bit clearer to you that there is moral ambiguity to be read into this story? How easy it is to fall into this trap of “right” vs “wrong,” and see your own views as RIGHT? Isn’t that the point of all this? To see how we explore these themes deeper, intimately, and not flatly and simplistically? Just a thought.

listen up, ladies and gents, because i’ve done a thing and i decided that it was time to share it with you.

we all know that the one direction fandom (and larries in particular) has dealt with a certain stigma that was thrown upon us. especially from a critical standpoint, there has been extreme backlash on what we all share here. which, as all of us know, isn’t fair to us or what we have collectively built since this community is much more than a billion screaming girls on the internet.

all i’ve wanted is for people to start looking at this fandom and see what has been happening beyond the hysteria, whether it’s in articles, academic papers or books. we as a group are a fascinating subject to study, if you ask me.

cut to february this year. i’m a media student, almost due to graduate at this point, and it was time to write my thesis. suddenly it came to me: if i wanted people to start seeing us differently, i should start the movement myself! so, that’s what i did. i graduated by studying my own fandom and tried to portray us/you guys in a way that has a lot more background knowledge, but is still critical of the bigger picture. my thesis supervisor, a professor in fan studies, absolutely loved it. 

since multiple people have already expressed interest in reading it, i decided to post it online and share it with you guys as soon as i graduated and got the green light. which is where we’re at now! i’m officially a bachelor of arts and am allowed to share the final product with you guys :-)

you can read the finished paper right here. it’s called Hyping slash to a new hyper text: One Direction fans blurring the lines of reality. a mouthfull, but that’s academics for you!

keep in mind that it’s an academic research so some parts might be a bit dry, but i’ve tried to keep it as entertaining and close to this fandom as possible without making it too personal or violating anyone’s privacy. also, as much as i am a larrie, the point was not to prove whether or not larry is real, but to objectively analyze what’s happening here.

if we’re lucky, it inspires more scholars to write stuff on us in an objective way. let’s hope it does :-)

Oeuvre: “I Admire Your Spontaneity“

Summary: An English Literature Major crosses paths with an Arts Major. They can‘t help but instantly get captured by each other‘s auras. 

(A/N): Hello party people, the following official chapters might have the word count of 2k at the bare minimum, meaning the writing process will extend. That means, if this appeals to you all, enjoy x

Word Count: 3,4k

Every Saturday you return to the library to avoid witnessing the uncomfortable sexual affection between your roommate and some random stranger she has stumbled upon. Some people would call her a so-called ‘crowd pleaser‘, but she justifies herself with the female equivalent of a philanderer. 

Nonetheless, to cherish the time at the Bibliotheca sounds more like a treat to you. The serene atmosphere and the sense of satisfaction of neatly lined up books on row after row are two of the things, that make savouring a novel even more delightful. Perhaps, even the puncturing noise of a page being turned appears pleasant inside these four walls. On weekdays, this place is usually crammed with undergraduates doing researches and collecting information, tutors and students and occasional club gatherings. Then again, not everyone enjoys the library as much as you do, to spend half of their weekend here.  

A fair amount of the earth‘s population connects any kind of books repository with spider webs weaving loosely around dirtied furniture, entwined wires that were embedded into the cracked ceiling, a littered ground and dust collected everywhere as well as floating leisurely in the air. Clearly, you cannot comprehend each person‘s encounters. On the other hand, Kate Angell used to say, ‘Outer beauty attracts, but inner beauty captivates.‘ A book might appeal to you by the alluring design of its cover, yet the story is what mesmerise you. At this point, your love for literature may urge you to read between the lines and interpret things on a more accelerated level. 

Setting one foot into the familiar room, you immediately stop in your tracks as your eyes land on a guy at your regular seat. He‘s sitting with his back towards you, so it seems impossible to catch a glimpse of his face. Not one single conspicuous feature is visible for you to unmask the stranger. You curl your fingers up into a ball and take a deep breath, in such a way that prompts you to take further steps towards the table. Slowly, you commence acknowledging the painting supplies, which are carelessly scattered on the wooden surface. The unknown person appears to be intensively preoccupied with whatever he is working on since he hasn‘t noticed your presence. 

Suddenly, his hand sloppily reaches out to a cup filled with dirty water and simultaneously knocks over a water bottle, whose lid has already been removed. However, the man is obviously not paying any attention to the mishap, which is about to occur in just a fraction of a second. You follow your first instinct and rapidly get a hold of the beverage to prevent it from falling on the spur of the moment. 

Your sudden act instantly captures the guy‘s attention and causes him to nearly fall off the chair. After putting the lid on the bottle, to avoid futuristic wet incidents, you turn around to the anonymous person. 

Your heart stops and the air gets caught in your throat the moment your eyes meet. He‘s breathtaking. There‘s doubtlessly a chance that you‘ve crossed paths before. 

Resisting the temptation of questioning the presumption your mind has made up, you spot the paint water cup, which is still being held dangerously close to his mouth. “I‘d suggest you not consuming that“ you indicate. 

Noticing his water bottle in your tight grip, you quickly set it on the table. “Sorry, I didn‘t intend to impose.“ 

His deer in the headlights look swiftly vanishes and a smile plasters on his face. “No need to apologise. I believe that you just saved me from drinking out of my dirty water cup and wet the library‘s carpet“ the guy tells you while rubbing a hand against his forehead. His sleep deprived eyes and slouching posture gives you the impression that he has spent the whole night here. 

“Wait! I didn‘t mean it like that!“ he quickly adds, after realising what just came out of his mouth. 

You stifle a giggle and pull out a chair to take a seat. “You‘re welcome.“ While opening your beloved book, you could feel his gaze following every move of yours. The second you lay eyes on the page in front of you, the nameless person starts talking. 

“(Y/N) is it, right?“ he asks nonchalantly. 

Amazed by the fact that he actually recognises you, a feeling of guilt arises in you for not knowing his name. A hint of glee comes within since it also implies that the both of you have indeed bumped into each other in the past, like you suspected. Letting go of the thought, you give him a steady nod in response. 

“I knew you look familiar, my name is Josh“, he introduces himself and musters up a toothy grin, “I‘m going to head to the coffee machine, you want something?“

“No, thank you for asking.“ you politely decline the kind offer. That being said, your focus returns to the novel, which you have not been able to read a single word out of. Thereupon, a wave of relief washed over you the moment he excuses himself to leave, even if it‘s only for five minutes. 

“Please let me redeem myself. See it as a kind gesture for saving me from poisoning myself earlier“ he compromises.

Exhaling loudly, you involuntarily give in. No human being has ever died from two cups of caffeine in the morning, right? “Black with one sugar would be great.“

“Your request is my command, your highness“ Josh dramatically bows in front of you and hurries into the halls. You shake your head and let out a soft chuckle at his childish manner. 

Unexpectedly, an unparalleled water painting on the table captures your interest. Standing on your feet, you wander around to your usual seat to have a better look at the canvas. You jaw slightly drops as your eyes slowly take in every brushstroke. You‘re no longer sceptical about his drained state. Your mind is now overflowing with questions concerning the process of creating such an art piece. Not wanting to be intrusive, you restrain yourself and aim your attention at your book, for the hundredth time today.

Minutes passed and before you know it, the guy is approaching the table with two cups of coffee in both of his hands. Doubting that you will be capable of concentrating on any chapter further with your new companion, you put the novel aside.

“There you go“, he says while handing over your cup. For just a brief second, you two make physical contact, but it was enough for you to notice the small dried paint stains covering his fingers. 

Wrapping your hands around the hot beverage you let a sigh of satisfactory escape your lips. “Thank you.“

“No problem, what are you reading?“, he asks and plops down in his chair, “The Great Gatsby“ he continues before you had the chance to respond, answering his own question after throwing a look at the title.

“It‘s a classic.“ you smile, taking a sip of your drink. 

The man leans back in his seat and brings the cup of coffee to his mouth. “I‘ve never heard of it before.“

His statement causes you to stare at him in utter disbelief. “Are you joking?“ you exclaim, louder than intended. You could not hide your astonishment. People may have not read the famous novel voluntarily, but is it mandatory to read at some high schools. 

“I‘m serious!“ he admits, also raising his voice.

Just before you could reply, the librarian interrupts your conversation due to the outrageous volume coming from your table. Dodging any type of argumentation, the guy sitting across from you cleverly changes the topic.  

“Moving on, what‘s your major?“ he whispers, knowing that you guys are temporarily being watched. 

“English literature“ you respond, keeping your voice down. 

Josh lets out a short laugh before replying to your answer. “Should have seen that coming. Your-“, he stops swiftly in the middle of his sentence, “Let‘s say, your way of talking is more sophisticated than others“

“I assume the word you‘re searching for is ‘vernacular‘“

“See? You just proved my point“

You roll your eyes at his remark, it is certainly not the first time someone has pointed that out to you. “It‘s pretty predictable, I‘m aware“, you tell him, “And you‘re majoring in Arts, is that right?“

Instead of giving you an answer, he nods his head hesitantly and darts an uptight glance at the canvas while biting his lip. His reacting gives you the impression that he is not overly confident with his choice of career path. He appears to be doubting himself, which you could not understand. In your eyes, that boy is obviously gifted. His potential is more than seeable.  

“It‘s a phenomenal painting.“ you say, offering him a smile. 

He doesn‘t respond but dozes off for good five seconds and opens his mouth to speak again. “Listen (Y/N), this may sound pretty odd considering that we‘ve just met, but I got this assignment the other day. God this is awkward, it sounded better in my head“, he stammers, “Basically, I have to paint a portrait of someone and I was wondering if you would be willing to be that person?“ he asks anxiously, stressing the vocals of his very last words. 

He has caught you completely off guard with that question. He is right, indeed. it does sound pretty odd coming from a guy that you‘ve known for less than thirty minutes. “You want to paint a portrait of me?“ you question, requiring a clarification. 

“Sorry, it was a bad idea. I shouldn‘t have asked that-“

“It‘d be an honour.“ You get struck by a twinge of concussion as those words escape your mouth. You mentally cursed at yourself for agreeing to such commitment. “But only under one condition, promise me to read this book“ you challenge, pushing your own copy of ‘The Great Gatsby‘ towards him.

He goes back to biting his lips reluctantly while examining the object in his hand. “Fine, I promise. If it takes reading novel to work with you, it will might be worth it.“

Josh offers you his hand and you gladly shake it. 

“Would you mind if we start next week right away?“

“That can be arranged.“ 

The classroom is hollow. Not one single human being, apart from yourself. You enjoy being excessively punctual. Partially to mentally prepare yourself for the following lesson. This applies to primary school as well as secondary school and you intend to pursue this ambition at the university.

“University“ is a cultural shorthand for “what follows high school” when children emerge as adults. That is an educational institution, where students supposedly establish the intellectual foundations for their prospective careers; more or less. Some people attend university because it‘s one of their parent‘s great aspirations for them. Others see it simply as a bad investment. 

For you? University is for high school graduates to decide what and how they want to contribute to society, to the economy, to their communities, and to the well-being of their families. Therefore, you are glad that people‘s talents and interests are not being matched to national needs. Students with a clear life map already in hand are rare to come across. You liked being apart of that 1%. Just to clarify, you do believe that it is beneficial to stay flexible about career plans. 

You enter the empty hall and approach your usual seat. Though the classroom doesn‘t possess any windows, the temperature is frequently fairly low. Nonetheless, this place is your salvation. To be present in this room gives your brain the capability to function on a more sophisticated standard. This is where you have the opportunity to learn, to explore and expand your knowledge.

Suddenly, you notice a neatly folded piece of paper on the table after placing your bag onto the wooden surface. Without hesitation, you take opening it to consideration. You have found it at your table after all. In addition, you have been sitting in the same chair for the past twelve months. To please the staggering curiosity lingering in your mind, you gently unfold the note. One single sentence has been written on it, sloppy and barely readable 

I‘m waiting for you at the library after school.“ - Your Arts Major

Your breath hitches your throat as you read those words. Now you are confident that this paper belongs to you. Trying to rationalise what has occurred yesterday seems futile at this point. Out of the blue, this man nonchalantly invades your personal bubble and steals time out of your daily routine with his gorgeous looks and gifted talent. On the other hand, using exaggerated wording to conclude your encounter doesn‘t make you less at fault for being in this situation.

For the first time, you‘re wishing for the time to pass by faster to see a certain face again. Once the professor ends her lesson, you are quickly on your heels and headed to the library. To get to the building, you had to sidestep numerous students, standing mannerless in the middle of the halls. Approaching the entrance, you overhear an interesting conversation.

“Dude, your headphones are really loud. I can make out most of Drake‘s lyrics and I’m sitting at the other end the room!“ a guy shouts, clearly bothered. He sounds rather familiar to your ears. Yet the complaint puts you in confusion since the librarian is known to be extremely bad-tempered when it comes to undergraduates disturbing her peace.

As you push against the glass door, the music abruptly stops. “Sorry man, my friends told me that bad music is more bearable if you listen to it at a deafening volume“ another voice explains. “You know when a little kid is talking and you have to look to the parents to figure out what was actually said?“, it continues, “I need to find Drake‘s mum.“

As soon as the sentence is spoken, a fit of laughter erupts. Walking further into the hall, you find two male students at the long table. You manage to identify one of them, but the other stays unrecognisable. He has a buzz cut. The light coming from the window makes his hair shine to a shade of melting dark chocolate. A yellow hoodie is hanging loosely around his broad frame. The vibrant colour reminds you of delicate golden leaves floating in the air in autumn.

“Hi“ you chime in on the conversation, greeting the two fairly amused gentlemen.

In an instant, the both of them turn in your direction. A toothy grin breaks upon the familiar face the second your gazes meet. “(Y/N), hi!“ he echoes, while nonchalantly running his fingers through his soft and coloured hair. He is wearing a black knitted jumper, which precisely reveals his refined upper body. The sleep deprived expression has not left his face. That doesn‘t mean he appeals to you any less. 

“Am I interrupting?“ you ask unassumingly, darting a glance at each of them.

“No! I was actually about to leave“ the brunette claims. His lips are tugged up to a smirk as he makes eye contact with the other fellow. Swiftly grabbing his laptop and the pair of blue headphones, the man stands up from his seat. “By the way, there are two people obviously having sex in the stacks. Good luck with that“ he adds, giving Josh a firm pat on the back and exits the hall. 

“You wanna go outside in the meantime?“

Though you have not perceive any suspicious sound ever since setting a foot into this building, the thought of being present in the same room as two hormonal post-teenagers, who are intimately having intercourse, rouses the urgency to regurgitate the granola bar you munched on earlier today. “I‘d be extremely grateful for that“ you respond in relief, accepting the suggestion.  

The both of you leave the library and wander outside to the limited piece of land your university could offer. You don‘t remember the last time the grass has been mown to the point where the ground shows through. It is shaggy and unkempt, waving and rustling in the breeze. Additionally, springy too; as well as it is damp from the morning dew.

“Do you have anything planned today?“ the young man starts the conversation after you have chosen a spot to settle.

Contemplating whether or not entering the worlds of your favourite novels would count, you finally give him an answer. “No, not to my knowledge“

“So technically I‘ve got you all to myself“ he concludes playfully.

As predicted, your blush sears through your cheeks the moment the sentence leaves his mouth. You immediately look at the ground, as an attempt to hide your rosy features. “That‘s one way to phrase it.“ 

As your eyes search for a distraction, you catch a glimpse of a plain white canvas laying between various types of textbooks peeking out of his bag, reminding you of the reason why you came here in first place. “Shall we begin with your assignment?“, you prod causing him to perk up his posture, “This is my first time being portrayed. Please enlighten me as to how we‘re approaching this, Mr Arts Major“

From there on the two of you commence making progress on the portrait. After him implying that there are no particular instructions for you to follow, you retreat from the project and decide to do a homework due on next week‘s Tuesday. It is an old habit of yours to tick off every task that has been given as soon as you can. 

Every now and then your eyes involuntarily flit to Josh‘s direction. You would either find him rhythmically tapping his pencil on the surface of the hard canvas, concentrating on perfecting every stroke he makes or catches him in the middle of examining your features. In that case, as soon as his eyes meet yours, they grow wide and his whole body stiffens. Every time you would crack a smile and instantly gnaw on your bottom lip in order to hide it.

Suddenly, a voice captures your attention. “I got you this“ you look up from the folder on your thigh and take in the sight in front of you. The coloured haired boy is holding out a leaf between his fingers with a joyous smile on his lips.  

“I’m positive that‘s a weed“ you concede upon realising that he has probably found it on this with weeds and meadow flowers inserted property.

“Fine, don‘t appreciate my present then“ he huffs. His grin automatically turns into a heartbreaking frown and you get hit by a twinge of guilt. 

“No! I like it“ you quickly retort, gently taking the leaf out of his hand. 

In just mere seconds, his face lit up again as you accept the friendly gesture. Simultaneously, your stare flickers towards the barely finished artwork in his lap. Even though the only thing visible on the blank canvas is light pencil lines, it still mesmerises you.

All of sudden you feel wet icy drops pierce your skin. The thick blackened clouds are dragged down by the heavy rain, which it held in its delicate frame, sprawl across the sky. The air grows heavy and the humidity presses down, suffocating. For a moment, everything stops. Even the wind holds its breath. A streak of hot silver splits the sky, and the downpour begins. In a blink of an eye the two of you have grasped your supplies and run across the slippery path, your postures weakened to protect the stuff you did not get to throw into your bags.

The sound of emptiness has been disrupted by the loud gregarious boom of thunder and pattering of raindrops, as you practically rush inside the library.

“I don‘t think we can leave this place anytime soon“ the guy next to you states and simultaneously shuts the glass door.

You watch as the heavy rainfall hits the window in a thick sheet of droplets and let a huff escape your lips. “No, it wouldn’t be smart of us to go outside by this dangerous weather“ you add, assenting to his conclusion. 

“Do you think they’d deliver pizza here?“ Josh casually asks, breaking the silence. 

His question makes you arch an eyebrow at him in consternation. “I doubt so. On the other hand, I admire your spontaneity“

“Just add that to the list of my other amazing features“, he tells you with a charming wink.

“Of course. Right under humble“

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anothergaypeach replied to your post “you can’t take prose and put random line breaks in it and call it…”

Isnt that kind of elitist thinking? I mean, most of the poetry written like that is written by teenagers finding themselves or letting out steam or just as thoughts non-poets have and some people find comfort in this arrangement of words and think they sound pretty. It might be formless and stuff but people enjoy it enough for them to consider it art and isnt that the point of it?


The truth can’t hurt us now

Summary: “Fortunately, he is the master of hiding his true feelings somewhere deep, which makes him the reigning champion of pretending that he is not in love with Simon Lewis.”

Simon asks Jace to be his fake boyfriend for a family dinner. Jace suffers.

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So I commissioned the absolutely wonderful @kinggalahad to draw some fluff of one of my OTPs. That was all the commission was and it turned out to be the most wonderful piece of Jethin fan art I’ve seen. I absolutely adore it and I couldn’t wait to share it with the world. Full credit to Andrew. Thank you so much! 

Tagging some people who might find this interesting @lilbasthet, @dwagunfwoo @probably-pride-related, @fxckyeahmarkashton, @sierra-cymraeg, @god-i-miss-disco, @mvran, @do-not-call-it-art. (I can’t think of anyone else off the top of my head. I know I’m forgetting someone!)