some people just ruin your life with their cute

Looking for a snail mail friend

Hey!! My name is Meaghan and Ive submitted twice before but I didn’t get as many snail mail pen pals as I would have liked so here I am again.

But as the title says I’m looking for some who wants to send letters. If you have somewhat bad hand writing like me we’d me great pen pals!! So if you feel the need to write on basic lined paper because you know you’ll ruin 10+ sheets of fancy paper due to typos/ or any mistakes I’m on the same boat.

Most people want some fancy Pinterest worthy letter but I don’t mind what it looks likes as long as you take the time to write it out and make it unique. You could type it if your had writing is that bad. I don’t want a pen pal only for the letter,I want to know about you and your life,your experiences.
I would like to send small things on 2-3 holidays.
Or just when ever,I’m always trifling and finding cute little things.
I’ll always send a letter back if I get one too. It may take me a bit because procrastination but it will come. I am looking for something long term so I mean 5+ letters.

I like cats,emo music,Dan and Phil+9163920 other youtubers, so many band,shameless,orange is the new black,the office,Malcom in the middle,Steven U, Hamilton,Dear Evan Hansen

My perfect penpal would be someone who is open minded,not homophobic,racist,or transphobic etc.

Pros and cons of being my penpal

💖I’ll send you cute things!!
💖I have these pastel envelopes. They are super gr8
💖I have lots of sticker. Because you can never have enough and you’ll probably get a sticker or 2 in each letter
💖I’ll find a way to include cats
💖I’m supportive and open minded
💖 Will be your gay friend
💖Will recommend you some sick emo tunes to listen to
💖I travel all the time so I’ll send you cool postcards and other things
⭐️Has some what bad handwriting
⭐️Hardcore procrastinator
⭐️I am emo trash
⭐️My hand writing is a 6/10
⭐️I like in missiouri so no where interesting
💖 But if you also live in MO we could be friends and meet?!

Sorry this is long but thanks for reading!!

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Here is this week’s Fic Rec!! 

1. And They Lived Happily Ever After      
     by PumpkinspiceLou 

    Words: 45k
    Tumblr: @c-e-d-dreamer

Prince Louis is betrothed to the Princess Eleanor to ensure the peace between their two kingdoms, but while visiting her land, he meets Harry, a knight.

2. (I Didn’t Mean to) Fall in Love Tonight by zouisclimax

    Words: 35k
    Tumblr: @zouisclimax 

Harry texts him back a thumbs up emoji before leaning forward and throwing up again. He groans, but stands after he’s done, wiping his mouth with toilet paper, and flushing the toilet.

He washes his mouth out as best as he can before steeling himself and heading back to class, trying his best not to cry. He tells himself that there is no point in worrying when he doesn’t even know if there is anything to worry about yet.

He still feels sick.

[or, the American boarding school AU where Harry’s infatuated with Louis and one night flips his whole world upside-down]

3. Falling into Your Gravity by larriebane

    Words: 28k
    Tumblr: @larriebane

The Doncaster tribe has suffered from the increasing attacks of the rogue werewolves for months now and finally their pleas have been answered. The Government has sent them enforcements in the form of a family of high standing, the Styles, whose babelicious son turns a certain omega’s world upside down. Poor Louis is just trying to get people believe he’s a beta as his family’s life depends on it.

‘I’m not gonna let some hot, spoiled rich brat ruin my life. No matter how cute his dimples are.’

4. Outside Is Just A Blur by daggerandtherose 

    Words: 18k
    Tumblr: @thestagandship

Louis’ son might just be a technology genius as he has quite a knack for calling strangers up on Louis’ phone. Repeatedly.

5. Animal by SS98

    Words: 323k

 ***Please Check Tags 

Harry has a condition that disallows him to feel physical pain. For a man thriving on fear and resistance from his victims - his prey - Harry is not prepared for the affections of a witty and ignorant Louis.

“Are you afraid?”

“You won’t hurt me.”

“Yes I will.”

Harry loses himself to the darkness that swallows his brutality and rigid anger, but he needs Louis to be his anchor. His sanity.

“There is no one else now. You can only love me, feel for me as I do for you. What I am is too lost, too disturbed to retrieve. Do you understand? You’ve done something to me and I don’t want it to stop, so you can never leave me again. You are just mine now. Mine.”

6. King of Wishful Thinking by Star_Henderson

   Words: 38k
   Tumblr: @tommosgun

“Don’t umm don’t get on the bus, come inside.” Louis blurted the words out, speaking quickly.

Harry looked startled.

“Just. Look I don’t know if I want..” Louis scrubbed his face with his hand. “I’ll pay for your time. Just come in.”

Harry stepped away from the bus stop and the bus sailed straight past.

“What’s umm what do you guys make these days?”

Harry shuffled his feet. “Depends. Like two hundred an hour.”

Louis hummed. “Reasonable.” He gestured towards the hotel. “Come up for a drink or some room service or something.”

Harry scraped the toe of his already scuffed boots on the floor. “You don’t have to do this, I feel like… like you’re a nice person who feels bad but it’s fine. I get it. You don’t have to make it up to me.”

Louis stared at Harry. It’d been so long since he’d even spoken to a guy let alone hung out with one. He’d enjoyed the banter and the flirting.

“Come up.” Louis’ voice was soft.

Harry’s face bloomed into a smile. “Ok.”

7. Underdog by thesoulsailor

    Words: 36
    Tumblr: @mikeykink

Due to an incident at his old school, sixteen-year-old Louis is sent away by his parents to live with his cousin Liam. Glad to escape his past, Louis accepts the prospect of spending his summer holidays and near future with his overly perfect cousin. Things get complicated however when he meets infamous Harry Styles, captain of the local football team, who just so happens to be Liam’s archnemesis.

Features: Punk!Louis, (Soccer) Footballer!Harry, Zayn as an ancient sex god, Liam as carrier of the Louis-sphere and Niall as TheCraic.

8. The Lion Man by iwillpaintasongforlou

    Words: 12k
    Tumblr: @canonlarry

Louis is a vampire who loves tattoos and piercings as much as he loves a good feed. Harry is a biology student who gets dragged to a vampire bar (really, of all places) by his friends and happens to have blood that tastes like maraschino cherries. They’re both a bit addicted and they’re neither a bit ashamed.

9. With Your Love We Could Breathe Underwater
    by luminescents

    Words: 28k
    Tumblr: @peterpansflight  

Harry’s brow furrows, a look of confusion spreading over his face. “But I am real. I exist, see,” he says, raising a hand out of the water and wiggling his fingers at Louis.

Louis finds himself relaxing a bit. Harry seems harmless really. And he’s quite cute, for something that’s not supposed to exist. If Louis is indeed having a hallucination right now, at least it’s a cute one.

AU where Harry is a mermaid, Louis is a human, and they both discover a lot more than they anticipated.

10. Heroes of the Orange Skies by queenmcgonagall

      Words: 30k

Louis likes bathroom walls and Sharpies, Harry likes metal, Zayn likes Liam and Liam likes Zayn, Niall is wise, and they all go to the zoo.


People who made rude remarks about plus size people really piss me off.

Everyone deserves the right to be able to walk into a store and find clothes in their size. Why shouldn’t someone who’s in a 5x be able to find clothes?! What is so wrong with them having that basic right?! Why are people SO DAMN HATEFUL that they take it SO personally that people request that their size be available?

Is it really that hard of a concept to understand?!

Even with me losing the weight I am, when I’m smaller sized, I will never EVER be rude/mean towards plus size people. Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE STILL FUCKING PEOPLE AND DESERVE FUCKING RESPECT.

You never know someone’s story. You never know why they are the way they are. And it’s not up to you to decide who’s worthy of what, no matter what their size. EVERYONE IS WORTHY.

And if you seriously take issue with this, maybe you need to reevaluate your life. Are fat people really ruining your life? Are they affecting you at all? NOPE. So MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS AND IF YOU DONT HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY, DONT SAY IT AT ALL.

cause hey, some people are happy with their plus sized body and DESERVE TO WEAR CUTE CLOTHES, JUST LIKE A SMALL SIZED PERSON.