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Are groin attacks on men actually the automatic off-switch we see in movies?


They aren’t universal, and you can, in fact, groin strike a woman to similar effect. What a groin strike is actually targeting is the nerve endings in that region of the body, the very same nerve endings that cause humans to experience sexual pleasure. It hurts a whole hell of a lot, it makes you sick to your stomach, and you bowl over to protect yourself. Nailing a woman with a groin strike is more difficult than a man because the area is smaller and it’s more difficult to hit. It can happen though, it’s happened to me in training with a partner.

Anyone with a strong pain tolerance is going to be resistant to groin strikes, just like with anything else. Some people are more sensitive than others. Other people will recover quicker than others. The rarest find won’t feel it at all, and they’re out there.

And, of course, if you’re opponent is wearing a cup then the groin strike goes right out. That’s why you wear cups when you’re sparring, so it doesn’t hurt when you get hit in the groin. So, if they’re armored, you’re out of luck.

It’s a pretty good stunner if you can land it and they’re not prepared for it, but it’s not a finishing move. When you see groin strikes in martial arts or just as self-defense, they’re part of what we call “combinations” which is a series of strikes performed one after the other. You use the groin strike to stun your attacker, and then follow up while they’re distracted by pain.

So, say you want to use a knee strike to the groin. You’ll grab them and strike the groin, then you grab their head and slam it into your knee again. You may hit them several more times after that if they don’t go down, but the groin strike is the opener or secondary to more effective moves that would be difficult to pull off if they weren’t distracted by pain or were… you know, upright.

The general populace often has a hard time grasping the concept of techniques feeding into each other. “I do this, so I can get over there, to do that”.

Groin strikes are conventional wisdom. Enough people have hit boys in the groin and see them bowl over to know that it’s somewhat effective, and enough boys have been hit in the groin to know it hurts.

You know what else hurts?

Your shin.

Getting hit in the shin hurts a whole hell of a lot too. It’s actually easier hit as it’s a much larger target and you don’t need to be nearly as close.

Anywhere on your body where the bone is near to the surface/isn’t protected by muscle, is direct access to your nervous system and works about as well as a groin shot. So, kick ‘em in the shin. Boxing the ears is another good one, you rattle the inner ear and cause them to lose their sense of equilibrium which makes them dizzy and they… stumble. Hit them in the nose. Their eyes will water, their nose will swell, both of which impact their ability to see.

You can, in fact, chain these together too.

Kick them in the shin. Box their ears. As their head comes forward, hit them in the nose or punch them in the throat. Then, if they’re still coming toward you or you’ve grabbed them by the shoulder or the head, knee them in the groin.

There aren’t a lot of one hit wonders when it comes to fighting, and if you did get one then you’re damn lucky. There is no 100%, no sure shot, no total shut down, no universal technique that will give you perfect accuracy on every human you will ever meet.

The problem with groin strikes in movies is that they’re actually a joke about manhood and dominance. Sometimes, it’s used intentionally and, sometimes, it’s not, but it doesn’t go much further than, “ha, ha, she hit him in the peen” and he goes down because the big, tough guy was really weak after all. It’s become that “Tough Girl Move” and is supposed to convey she’s tough, and brave, and everything that comes with a poorly thought out action girl.

In the movies, the groin shot is about dominance and asserting superiority. Whether it’s a woman doing it to a man, or a man doing it to another man (but it’s usually a woman), that’s what it’s normally about. It’s just a co-opting of the Alpha Male Bullshit Package for an Empowering Moment. It’s telling that these moments revolve entirely around the physical embodiment of manhood, because it’s often treated as the only weakness a man possesses. Given the groin shot is often paired with the threat of sexual assault, you can see all threads weaving themselves together for the underlying themes. The man is brought down by his *ahem* desires, the woman flees, and the scene is still all about sex.

So, you know, fun.


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I’ve seen a couple post claiming the ACLU isn’t a good organization because they’ve defended folks like the KKK and other disgusting organizations and as a lawyer I just can’t let people make these claims and not address them.

First, let me say that as a queer Black woman, some of the folks the ACLU has represented make me absolutely sick. They want me and mine dead. They are terrible. But I am wholeheartedly here for the ACLU representing these people because of the way the law works.

In the law, there’s a thing called precedent. It basically means that decisions that are made in these cases are the law of the land unless they are overturned on appeal. Most questions of law have been settled and when lawyers argue they just refer the judge to how previous, similar cases were decided and the judge usually follows suit because they don’t wanna be overturned on appeal.

When there are new/unique questions of law that haven’t been settled, especially around civil rights, the outcomes are super important because it will essentially impact all of us. So, as shitty and disgusting as it is, if the KKK’s speech is infringed in a way that creates a new legal question as to how the constitution applies, if they have a legit claim and no one defends them and they lose, the rule and reasoning that the judge lays down becomes law. So, later if for example #NoDAPL or BLM folks are marching or demonstrating and have their speech infringed upon in the way the KKK previously did, if they bring it to court the precedent established in the KKK’s case applies and #NoDAPL or BLM lose. Because for better or worse the law in most of these cases doesn’t hinge on “are these people saying things we support and want to spread?” and it doesn’t really matter legally if one group is the KKK and the other is #NoDAPL. In short, those aren’t the facts that legal decisions are made on.

In short, sometimes to protect ALL of our legal rights, the ACLU has to protect the rights of deplorable and disgusting people. And honestly, we should be thankful that there are folks out here willing to do this dirty work. The ACLU is about protecting our constitutional civil rights and sometimes that means protecting those of bad people so that those decisions and resulting laws can’t be used to hurt good people. And more often than not, the ACLU is fighting for good people. Please keep that in mind before claiming the ACLU is awful.

No antibiotics for you.

Things I have been asked to “just call me in some antibiotics, Doc” for in the last month:

  • seasonal allergies
  • acid reflux
  • nausea
  • about a thousand viral runny noses and sore throats
  • swollen uvula
  • allergic rash
  • the flu

Arguments people have made to get antibiotics:

  • I promise I will come in to be checked out if the antibiotics don’t work.
  • It would make me feel better.
  • I might get sick over the weekend and I need them just in case.
  • Last year I had this for weeks and could never get over it (it was a virus last year too!).
  • Zpaks are the only thing that ever work for me.
  • Dr. S would have given it to me.

My answer to all these patients: 

Tips for Nuerotypicals when a borderline they may know experiences a breakdown (edited)

• WE ARE HAVING A BREAKDOWN!!!!- Im so sick of seeing posts were people get angry with mentally ill people for this. It’s so important to understand that people cope differently some of us may need someone to talk to, a hug or if you’re like me you just need some space to recollect. This doesn’t mean we hate you it is just how some people cope.

• Making us feel guilty will not stop negative coping mechanisms but will only further push us to them as a way to seek comfort and ‘safety’.

• You cannot save us. We have an illness just like any other, please don’t become frustrated if your efforts to pull us out of this funk don’t work! (However your efforts are really appreciated) if doctors got frustrated at patients for not feeling better immediately this world would be messy af.

• Sometimes the only explanation for why I’m feeling like this is that I have emotionally unstable disorder. Not everything needs to be assessed Freud style.

• SPLITTING IS NOT A CHOICE!! YOU DONT PICK WHO YOU SPLIT ON!! please don’t be offended if we split most of the time we won’t let you know because must of us beat ourselves up for feeling this way. P.s. We may not actually be splitting because you’ve done something wrong in some cases it could be a projection of how the individual is feeling about themselves.

• If we have split and we tell you about it, please, please refrain from making us feel guilty I really can’t stress this enough!!

• Having borderline personality disorder means that our ability to maintain positive and healthy relationships is very difficult.

• Please respect the coping mechanism of a borderline. Especially borderlines that just need space, however difficult this may be understand that this is someone’s mental health rather than a way to spite you or hurt you.

• Be patient!! I assure you that once we are able
to feel back in control of these feelings we will be able to interact better.

• Do not expect an apology. You wouldn’t expect a person with a broken leg to apologise for cancelling plans due to the leg you’d almost even expect it; so please don’t expect borderlines to have to apologise for the way that they feel. ONCE AGAIN IT IS AN ILLNESS AND WILL BE TREATED AS ONE.

• Some borderlines have no empathy. For example my levels of empathy depend on how I feel at the time. Right now for example
I have no empathy. This doesn’t mean we don’t care about you or about what you’re telling us. Most of the time borderlines switch their empathy off when they have to much on their own plate.

• Most importantly, we still love and value you. And even though we may have difficulty expressing this when our mood is like this please don’t forget. We are working on it and we are trying but please be patient with us, bpd is such an exhausting disorder.

If you have bpd, feel free to add your own these are just some of things I feel like I needed to point out. I am going through a really shitty time and I thought this may help others explain to people around them what they need.

Pro-choice people make me so sick sometimes. I know I’m not the only woman who has ever suffered a miscarriage, and I know I’m not the only woman who may never be able to have her own children without adoption.

But no. You can’t even face a 9 month consequence to your actions and make a childless family feel joy again.

I can’t stand it some days. Some days I see “pro-choice” videos and I cry. That BABY has just as much of a right to life as you.

And God knows I’d gladly take that baby from you if you don’t want it. I love babies, I love children, and I honestly do love people. I get angry sometimes, and I vent about the stupid choices people make, but I still have a love for people that I want to instill into some of the next generation.

And while I’m here, praying every day that when I want to start a family I’ll be able to, there are women having abortions just for the sake of convenience.

I’m just sick of ego, ego, ego. My own and everybody else’s. I’m sick of everybody that wants to get somewhere, do something distinguished and all, be somebody interesting…
I’m not afraid to compete. It’s just the opposite. Don’t you see that? I’m afraid I will compete — that’s what scares me… Just because I’m so horribly conditioned to accept everybody else’s values, and just because I like applause and people to rave about me, doesn’t make it right. I’m ashamed of it. I’m sick of it. I’m sick of not having the courage to be an absolute nobody.
—  J. D. Salinger, Franny and Zooey

Final Testing for my Newt Scamander cosplay

With new and improved bowtie, scarf, pants and the infamous “won’t stay close” suitcase. Really… it won’t. that thing scared me once at night when the clasp just popped open. I keep this whole cosplay under my bed. It’s a nice detail I think <3 

Was getting sick of shitty pictures and made the face in the last one (I always make at least one derpy pic to see what would happen if I do it at cons/shoots)…and apparently I look freakishly similar to Eddie when doing so. 

Let’s confuse the shit out of people once more!

FACTS Spring, bring it on. I’m ready to make some girls faint. Or boys, won’t judge.

I guess I could get alot of creeps with pictures like this (even though I don’t really show shit), but I already get reblogged on porn blogs and shit anyway so I guess it doesn’t really matter what I post.
I just think it’s a nice look and I’ve seen plenty of cis-girls post alot “worse” without anyone caring, it shouldn’t be any different just because I’m transgender.
I shouldn’t need to cover up more than any other girls just because some people can’t keep their damn fetish in check and treats every transperson as a sexual object.

It makes me sick, but it’s not like I can do anything about it except block those people. As I’ve said before it’s fine to have a fetish of course, but hell, don’t bring it on random people.
Go watch some porn or whatever, but act like a normal fucking human being and don’t just assume people like me give a shit about your fetish.

I’m transgender. Not a sissy, faggot, abomination or some damn sexual object.
I’m a woman, that’s it. Just like any cis-girl but with worse luck and I shouldn’t have to be sexualised/a fetish just because of who I am.

The dog world is exhausting. The concept that we should treat these wonderful animals with respect, gentleness, and kindness is one that shouldn’t be a controversy. Manhandling, yanking, choking, pinching, pinning, grabbing, prodding, and hurting dogs in general is NOT fucking okay and there’s no excuse for it. Abuse dressed up as ‘training’ or ‘handling’ makes me sick.


I’m back, only to share this entirely huge screw up that AFASG has done to the artist community. It allowed some third party company to steal @sakimichan’s works, along with Artgerm’s and tons of other artists. When told that they were in violation of IP, the people running AFA SG laughed in these people’s faces and told them to just report to the police. I redacted some stuff because I somehow have a bit of insider information..
Also, all posts regarding this issue were somehow or another taken down, by force, it seems. And this comic shop seems to have bribed AFA into allowing them to steal works and sell it for cheap, entirely disrespecting artists. For example, artgerm’s post has suspiciously disappeared, along with an insta post about this issue. I fear the influence AFA as an organizer has, and the way that it is so untrustworthy about this entire issue just makes me sick, that it disrespects artists. Please share, especially the Overwatch community as it even stole Blizzard’s official art.
Also, the committee is just made of regular people, much like how a jury works in America, except these people aren’t sworn to shit and just in it for the money

My Rant about Septiplier

So lately, I’ve been scrolling through tumblr and I’m seeing some things about this ship and about the charity live stream that honestly disgust me.  There’s people saying septiplier isn’t dead, people making theories about how they weren’t so close during the live stream, how jelix is ruining septiplier. And you know what? I’m sick of it all. I’m sick of the shipping war happening between jelix and septiplier, and I’m definitely tired of people trying to prove septiplier is real and bashing Mark and Jack’s gfs

Enough is enough.

First of all, if you’re just at the live stream for shipping, what the hell is wrong with you? The live stream was to help find a cure for aids, not satisfy your needs for any ship, whether it was jelix or septiplier. Jack,Mark, Felix, Emma, and PJ were trying to donate money for finding that cure, and it was pretty freaking obvious. It’s not wrong to enjoy the live stream at all. But if you’re there for just shipping, something is definitely wrong with you.

And for the people that are mad about jelix, it isn’t jelix that have made Jack and Mark distant. The fandom themselves have driven these two away from each other. They literally cannot be friends in the same way anymore because most of the fandom has gone ape-shit. People are making theories about why they weren’t talking much, as if the answer isn’t obvious, and it’s terrible. There’s still people that can’t accept the fact that these two have girlfriends that have done nothing to make the fandom this way. And honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they themselves are disgusted in this fandom for what they’ve done.

I don’t know if their friendship is ever gonna be the same, but people need to stop. Septiplier was just a joke, but now it’s been made into a monster.

Please just give all three of these guys some space and privacy. It’s the least this fandom can do for basically bashing a friendship and starting ship wars.


A former septiplier Shipper


So my mom just made me take some liquid medicine and I was complaining about it for about four minutes before realizing I literally take shots of vodka that are just as nasty as this medicine, except this medicine will make me feel better and vodka makes me lose control so basically I was complaining about taking something for my own good yet I willingly take countless shots of alcohol that make me sick which as a legal adult now makes me realize how stupid adults are we always want what’s bad for us but what’s good for us we are just like uh no bye

You know I expected better from some people. I’m not naming names because I know when you see this the guilt is going to flash like you through lightning and leave you hot and sick to your core.

Because you know what you said.

You know what you put at the end of one of my posts about someone else. You were needlessly cruel and unkind and I am very disappointed right now. What about me did you think would make it okay to tear someone else down? Hmm? What any single part of this blog made you think I’d appreciate a bully.

Just…think, please. Before you say something cruel. Just think. How would you feel if someone said that about you? And if your answer is “wouldn’t bother me” then I want you to consider this:

You’re not being funny, you’re not being “honest”. You’re just being mean. And if you think “well the world is mean, so what?” congratulations you’re part of the problem. Just because the “World™” can be ugly and cruel doesn’t mean you have to be. Be better than that.

Be kind.

And if you can’t be kind, have the courtesy to remain silent.

it makes me fucking sick how little sympathy some people have just because johannah has a celebrity for a son like she has SIX other fucking children, two of whom are toddlers and will grow up without a mother get the fuck over yourself

Guys I'm going to stop making reaction videos

I might stop because people post them on here for some reason. I’m not mad at that, just at the fact most people don’t fucking credit me and everyone thinks it belongs to whoever posted it on their account. I’m honestly sick of this.

The 100 Positivity: My Statement of Purpose

I’m sick of the antis. On both sides of the fandom. In society in general. I hate the way people tear things down, point out all the awfulness, just to make themselves look and feel superior. 

So I come here, to tumblr and The 100 fandom, to enjoy a show that I think is great. It’s dark and it’s gritty, with great characters and engaging stories and it talks about some of the issues that are most important in my life. 


When I analyze it, I’m not coming at it to pick it apart, look for the flaws, point my finger at how it is “problematic” and therefore unworthy. What I am doing is trying to understand what is on the screen. I want to know how it fits together. I want to figure out why the characters made their choices, and what the writers are trying to say. 

This doesn’t mean I ignore its flaws. But when I see something that is a flaw, I don’t wave it away as “bad writing,” I still try to figure out how it fits in to the story, or if it doesn’t at all. When it fits, then I have to say that it was intentional, even if I didn’t like it. When it doesn’t, I either let it go with suspension of disbelief, since nothing is perfect, or I let it sit and wait and see how they handle the rest of the show. As of yet, the sitting flaws have not damaged the long term story. It was close with 3A, but the writers, because they are actually good writers, pulled it out.

I’m not going brush off my confusion at the plot by saying it’s the writer’s fault, bad writing, racist, OOC, or discount everything that doesn’t fit my reading. I’m going to look at different possibilities, different interpretations, and different ideas to see if any of them make sense. Whenever something DOESN’T make sense, I pay it more attention. I have to work to figure out HOW it makes sense. While doing this, there are a few things that I have discovered about the long term narrative structure and large themes of The 100.

The 100 uses multiple literary, cinematic, mythological, psychological and social references. These can help us understand the story better. Dante’s Divine Comedyl. The Illiad and The Odyssey. Shakespeare. The Matrix. Lord of The Flies. Greek Myths. PTSD. If they mention a book or story, whether visually, in dialogue, or in the titles, I pay attention. If they mention it MORE than once (like Dante) then I am damn well going to start interpreting the story through that lens. And guess what? All of a sudden a lot of those plot holes and OOC characters are no longer plot holes or ooc and MAKE EVEN DEEPER SENSE.

The 100 has as one of it’s main themes that hate, xenophobia, and tribalism is what doomed humanity, and working together is what will save it. (This is why we see so many xenophobes, bigots, colonialists, white saviors, wars, genocides etc) I do NOT think The 100 is racist. I think it is talking about racism in its “post racial” fantasy world. 

The 100 is creating characters based on psychological realism. This world is traumatized. Everyone is suffering from this trauma and their actions are based on real world mental struggles. This means that the characters do ugly things. Things that “a hero” wouldn’t do. But The 100 is also about fighting THROUGH the trauma to become stronger, and this is what a hero WOULD do. In fact, it’s what makes them heroes. So a lot of characters are going through these dark struggles in order to get to the other side and become the heroes we need them to be. 

The 100 absolutely writes about dark stories. Dark love. Obsession. Power. Abuse. Megalomania. Free will. Failure. Destruction. To consider the stories in The 100 to be dark in nature is not at all inconsistent with the show. To consider good characters to be struggling with darkness is not unfair. To consider that a character might fall to their darkness or rise from it is consistent. There are no cupcakes. This is explicit. “Maybe there are no good guys.” All the characters MUST struggle against their  monster and be responsible for it when they let it out. When your favorite character does something wrong, look at how they handle it. This is the true test of character. Not that they did the bad thing, but how they change from it. Much change and growth? Heroic character. Pretend they did nothing wrong at all? Uh oh. Keep an eye on it. They do however allow the dark characters to be redeemed. That is why I don’t write any characters off until I see what they do with their bad choices. 

The science is crap. Do not poke the science. It won’t make sense. Let it go. It’s not actually a show about science. TV science fiction rarely is. 

A lot of the criticism I see about The 100 is actually a misunderstanding of genre. And I get that it’s a crossover, and people who are not familiar with science fiction or post apocalyptic fiction are watching it, and they don’t get the rules that the genre follows, but much of what people are complaining about, (what was the recent accusation I heard? That it was torture porn?) is a failure to understand the type of story. Or the complaints about characters dying or suffering. It is built into the genre that this is going to happen. You don’t get to keep your representation safe from suffering or death, no one does. Also, the way the grounders are developed. There’s a bit of handwaving there, just like there is with the science. But again, it’s based on some accepted tropes of the genre. The loss of civilization, the return to tribalism and war, the mixture of cultures, the scavenging, even the wardrobe. It’s a pretty standard post apocalyptic setting. It’s like complaining because the heroine in a mass market romance is immediately drawn to hero. This is the genre. 

THIS IS MY BIAS. I love this show. I do not think it’s badly written. I don’t think the heroes are villains. I don’t think anyone is out of character (except for Finn, I just can’t see around that.) I don’t think it’s racist. I would not watch it if I did. And I know what racist shows look like. I am simply not going to write anyone or anything off as “BAD” because they’re not perfect. I’m going to look at their flaws and see how it affects the story. I’m going to look at the darkness and see how it affects the meaning. If I come to the conclusion that one character is “good” and one character is “bad,” that is an interpretation. I did not start out that way and refuse to look at any complexity. 

There is no such thing as unproblematic. There is no such thing as perfect. There is no way to please everyone. 

I just want to enjoy this good show. And it is a good show.  I am critical to understand, not to hate. I like the gray morality. I like the complexity. I like the characters. I even like the antagonists, and I’m gonna talk about them. If you’d like to do the same thing, then come along for the ride.

Gradence makes me sick

The mere thought of the Graves and Creedence ship hurts me, because it’s so wrong and so abusive. Creedence was just a kid who wanted someone to care for him and Graves abused that so much, and used him for his own needs.

I realise that some people might be drawn to it, but I cannot and will not agree to the ship ever.

Witch Hunters

After a very long week that smelled thoroughly like cinnamon and cardamom, I’m gonna spend my Saturday night reading essays on misogyny/feminism in witchcraft. Will probably make a video about it (x) and how it rolls into the historical archetype of the male witch hunter. Hopefully I don’t get a bunch of trolls in the comments calling me an SJW. I’m sick of not talking about these issues just because some people (men) get uncomfortable with feminist activism in their faces. 

I was going to write a long rant but honestly all of it can be summarized like this:

stop saying asexual when you mean aromantic stop confusing the two and do some research before you talk about it google is right there it will take you five minutes at most to understand the basic difference

and stop saying ‘well x character is asexual so obviously y pairing can’t happen’ because most of the time you’re using asexuality (and thinking aromanticism) to denigrate a pairing you don’t like and it’s incredibly insulting to have it used like this

neither asexuality or aromanticism should be reduced to being a tool to support your shipping preferences or to attack people who don’t ship the same thing as you

if you prefer a pairing as platonic it’s fine by me but don’t go around misusing words you don’t understand to ‘prove’ it can only be platonic, it won’t make you right, it will just let people know you don’t know what you’re talking about