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kudos to you if you’re a blessed bean who just wants everyone in this community to be happy and enjoy the show, bUT SOME PUSSIES CANT HANDLE THE FACT THAT THEIR GOOD OL’ SHIP ISN’T LOVED BY EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON EARTH.

and yes, of course I’m goddamn talking about the toxic Klance shippers. (this by no means goes out to every single shipper, as i do ship klance, but you know who you are.)

i am so sick of something as amazing as Voltron to have to suffer with a horrible community. You’re all so CHILDISH! This is a fictional show with fictional characters, made by real people with real lives and real jobs to keep. You have no goddamn right to threaten these people or treat Josh Keaton the way you do. THREATENING A VOICE ACTOR?? WHAT THE EVER LOVING FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU???


it is so goddamn amazing that this team of producers has even mentioned that there will be LGBT representation. It’s so amazing that i cry about it all the time. So no matter what ship happens, i’ll be 100% okay with it because it makes me happy to be represented and that’s all i could ask of them.

but you know what? it’ll never happen if y’all keep trying to stop the show’s production all together. but it’s not like you care right? cause every goddamn toxic klance shipper is a nasty fujoshi who only cares about getting off to two dudes fucking for their own entertainment. news flash: the world doesn’t revolve around you and your sexual desires. 

i don’t ship sheith(or any of the paladins with shiro), as i have never really seen them in that way, but i also see nothing wrong with it. So am not going to hurt people and destroy a show because of it. Just fucking grow a pair and move on with your life, you’re tearing us all apart.

P.S: Josh Keaton is a fucking ANGEL and i will protect him until the day i die.

the interesting and funny thing is that, demographically, lesbians are not any more oversensitive or mean spirited or irrationally dramatic than any other very large and general group of people, u have just been taught 2 see us that way and revel in ur own stubborn discomfort w/ having to hear about our emotions and experiences ever, and because admitting that & admitting that the real reason you cant handle basic human interactions with the Big Ol’ Dyke Conglomerate is because it benefits u to just mentally substitute a very wide and diverse range of real people w/ real thoughts and feelings with that one side character from legally blonde would interfere with ur lifetime of dedicated virtue signalling, u have 2 cover it all up by making up some bullshit about “Discourse” or whatever. its ok though dude like dont feel too bad we all do it 

an abled person who has never heard of your illness, and does not know even the very basics of your illness has more of say in how your illness is handled/treated and believed in your profession/school/hospital/life than you, the disabled person, for the simple fact that they are abled, and society values their opinion more.

whether its because they assume the disabled person cant answer for themselves, which is ableist, or they in general just feel like the opinion of an abled person is more solid, more believable, and for some reason, more educated than the actual person who is actually handling the illness.

it doesnt matter what kind of thought comes out on this subject, because it IS always going to favor the abled person, because we dont value disabled people as much as we do the abled, so we dont value disabled opinions as much as we do the abled ones, even if the disabled person is the only one who actually has any idea what theyre talking about, even if theyre the ones being affected by the result, their say will matter more, no matter what, because they are abled. that

THAT is how bad the ableism is in our society.

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(1) Not for nothing but I dunno how I feel about all of this recent stuff. I mean yeah there are a butt ton of events being planned and released at once, some of them going on for as long as a month, others that are steeped in discourse while others are just responses to each other. I can even understand some content creators feeling overwhelmed. But lets be frank here. No one is forcing content creators like myself to take part in these events. We choose which events to take part in and when.

2) So if a creator is feeling overwhelmed then they need to cut back on the events they’re taking part in and the amount of content they’re creating. Creators dont need a week for that. Trust me I know it sucks to have to pick and choose between events when you dont have the time to do them all, but its a much more reasonable option then expecting everyone with an event idea to put off their ideas until next year just because other stuff is going on.

(3) I mean other fandoms do all this same stuff all the time. Prompt weeks, ship months, challengers, zines, big bangs, etc. They often have these events happening at the same time. But in the end content is still created and everyone in the fandom has more content and a better time because of it. I mean I love this blog but lets be real here. You are not going to be able to put every event on this blog the moment its announced.

4) I mean there have been several instances in the past where I’ve heard of events weeks before they ended up on your blog. This isn’t a criticism, its an acknowledgement that you are only one person who cant be reasonably expected to handle the sheer workload of an entire fandoms event schedule. And inevitably there are going to be times when people do look at the schedule to find a time for an event and think they’ve found one. Except that there is already another event going on at that time-

-that you just haven’t found the time to put in yet. Again, I understand the concerns of writer burnout but this is all getting ridiculous. Is it unfair that content creators will have to miss out on some events in favor of others? Yes. But it also not fair to claim that event planners are “overwhelming” creators. I’M a content creator. I’ve had to deal with multiple event overload. But it was my responsibility to deal with it. Not trying to be mean but if your a content creator and your

and your experienced burnout then you need to cut back on your schedule and TAKE A BREAK. Your health is more important than any event and your self imposed workload is something you have full power over. Only exceptions I can see aside from that would be commissions but thats clearly not what we’re talking about here.

I see where you’re coming from, and having also discussed it with a few other people I’m realizing it may have been misguided to suggest blocking a week as a “rest period.” My role with this blog is supposed to be simply tracking events, and I kinda lost sight of that a bit. Like you say, no one is forced to participate in events, and people are free to drop out of stuff if they need to for their health and peace of mind. 

I think the concern I’ve been hearing from people is that so many of the events are so good and interesting that they want to participate in all of them and get upset/disappointed when they literally physically can’t. Or they do sign up for all the events and then they’re either kept ridiculously busy trying to juggle everything or they’re forced to drop out, which is both upsetting for the participant cause they feel guilty for “failing” and frustrating for the organizer cause they have to readjust their plans. Like you say it’s unfair to organizers to tell them “no you can’t do your event” or “you can only do it after X date” but the flipside of that coin is telling creators “here are (example) 5 events that are super cool and right up your alley but they’re all on top of each other so you can only do max 2 of them. Good luck and choose wisely.” I understand and agree that it’s up to individual people to manage their schedules and their level of participation in fandom according to their other obligations like school and work, as well as their energy levels, and in that vein I’m gonna drop the whole idea of a fandom “rest week.” But I do also understand where people are coming from when they talk about feeling overwhelmed and burning out.

On the subject of months, I have to be honest with you I had never seen a month before in any other fandom, aside from the big general ones like inktober or nanowrimo or femslash February. I’ve since heard from a friend who explained how a month event was successfully organized in the Miraculous Ladybug fandom, but as I understand it the key difference there is they did it where every week had a theme, rather than every day having a prompt. So I’m not saying month events can’t be a viable concept, I’m saying the month events currently being planned in the fandom don’t strike me as a sustainable endeavour, taking into account how they’re set up, the discourse surrounding some of them turning people off, and all the other events already underway.

I don’t know, perhaps it’s because this is the first time I’ve paid such close attention to events in a fandom, but my impression has been that Voltron fandom has an abnormally high number of events. I know that other fandoms also do weeks and big bangs and zines and such, and I’m sure some of them overlap with each other, but do they also suffer from this situation where basically every week between now and March 2018 has anywhere from 2 to 40+ projects going on at once? This is actually a genuine question, I would really appreciate if someone could give me a sense of what the situation is in say the Steven Universe or Yuri on Ice fandoms, etc.

I guess what I’m trying to say is I’ll back off on the whole “imposing a rest week” idea and stick more to simply tracking events like I should’ve been all along, but I do still want to register my concern at the sheer number of events in this fandom.


so Im not gonna lie. I dont get the big deal. As a black person myself I really dont get how this is offensive. His reply to the matter probably couldve been handled differently yes but like him just WEARING the dreads? I really dont understand the nig fuss. I’m not trying to tell people who are offended that they are wrong because I have no right to. I cant be able to tell some one what they can and cant get offended by and in no way am I truly defending him. I just don’t get it. Dreads are something from black culture so does that mean only black people can wear them? I mean isnt it good when some one takes interest? Its not like hes mocking black people with racial slurs. Are only Spanish people allowed to salsa? Are only Japanese people allowed to watch anime? I grew up white basically and maybe thats the reason I dont get it. I just need an explanation. I mean no one freaked out when Got7 dropped R&B music that was like black culture or started off as a hip hop group (and hip hop comes from black folks too) so why are they getting mad at this? I just truly do not understand.

Can I just say this? Can we support people who hate being mentally ill? Yes, theres no reason to be ashamed for being mentally ill but this is a personal thing. 

Living with BPD is a pain day in and day out and i often wish i just suffered from depression only. BPD has ruined my relationships and I cant even handle my favorite people talking to others with out getting upset. I hate it. I would turn it off if i could

Again its 100% okay to love your illness and be proud, but show some love and support for people who are suffering and dont like it

the funny thing abt being homeless is that you can have an income, score temp jobs, make money and still be stuck as fuck in homelessness. its hard to rent an apartment or get consistent income (or a job with health benefits) when you have spotty, erratic work history and big gaping holes in your renter history. they can figure out churches you use for addresses, like. its not that hard to tell on an application that something’s up.

basically, ive found, the whole “work real hard!!!” mindset is too emphasized by people who arent homeless and have no idea how things work. BEING HOMELESS IS YOUR JOB. being homeless is work, yall, i swear to you. finding resources is work and after a couple years you could sell sweatbands to a shoe salesman. its a trauma of powerlessness, you have to read people, you have to lie and you have to know who to be genuine to at the right time when you want to spit back at the world thats shitting and pissing all over you.

it doesnt matter how hard you work- it matters how kind your friends are, the luck you stumble into, and honestly? if you have kids. plenty of homeless people trying to get off the streets and away from the drugs and violence will let themselves get pregnant/start a family with someone even if they dont want to just because there are WAY more options for homeless people with kids, free housing, decent shelter rooms, food, etc. single ppl esp young people in their 20s & 30s are shit out of luck and shelters for us are dangerous, more dangerous than spots you can scout out on your own. 

if you don’t even have a car like. it’s terrifying. it’s literally like fight or die trying? and a lot of fucking people die trying. a lot of people die yall you dont understand. they cant handle it, its really fucking difficult to stay even valuing your own soul when this is your life, theyll sink into some addiction to feel okay. or they get hurt, or they push the wrong buttons, or the cops get to them, or whatever. 

like feeds at churches and shelters and that shit is just like. push the line through, go home and sleep soundly at night because you Fed Some Hungry Folks. but like listen none of that helps. it helps but like in a superficial way, the same way punching someone and then handing them an ice pack and some pills is helping. youre still playing into a system that keeps people there. 

all im saying is like. if youre not worried about your bills and life is good, give that bum a fucking dollar okay. who cares if he’s gonna drink it away, maybe he’s trying to get a bus to another spot, or maybe he’s craving a cheeseburger that will make him feel normal for five seconds and remind him of better times. WHO FUCKING CARES ITS A DOLLAR. if you see someone hitching with their thumb out and they dont look threatening to you (you can tell a stable homeless person by how well-put-together their backpack is, hitchhikers especially since theyre trying to get a ride), pick their ass up, even if they have a dog- that dog is their only protection and true comfort in a cruel world and its probably well behaved and been in a lot of cars very quietly. 

like but please just keep homeless people a topic. keep talking about it. because yes like its a huge privilege i have a laptop and internet and a roof over my head another week, but i have met hundreds and hundreds of homeless people who have nothing or maybe a cheap phone w minute cards. like i cant express, even to my friends, all the people ive met who are totally cut off from society and just trying to die happy? even in pain from chronic illnesses, even suffering, they take care of each other, and no one fucking knows. 

like when i see people talk about homelessness and it wasnt prompted by me i want to cry because its this invisible world of so much suffering and society does everything in its power to keep it off your mind. 

i wish i could find posts about the adventure zone in the tag without having to wade through arguments and discourse and people posting about how bad the show I love and the show that inspires me is and. I’m very autistic and just want some taako and kravitz and lup content that doesnt require mental pathfinding to figure out if its Morally Okay to enjoy it. pl ease.

hello beautiful people! since I just hit 1.4 k followers on here (which is actually insane and i cant believe more than one person follows me tbh haha) i decided to give back to my amazing followers with something more unique than a follow forever or blog rates! basically i will be doing portrait drawings of some of my followers to show you how much i appreciate you guys! click keep reading to see the rules and other information! (ps thank you so much for 1.4 k

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Let’s remake Osoro 1/2

i have two ideas for osoro but this one is wayyyy far from her current character but im just a sucker for this concept so im posting it anyways

  • a more modern approach to sukeban
  • like how you see those delinquent/punk sailor moon drawings
  • so a lot more feminine, heavy ties to feminism
  • those kinds of things are super popular, so i think she’d be a fan favourite if she was that kind of person
  • she has bleach blonde hair, long, slightly curled at the ends, straight bangs
  • maybe a pink streak in her hair? in her bangs perhaps?
  • pastel pink ankle socks, to tie in to the old style sukeban
  • wears converse
  • her gang consists of girls who go out of their way to protect other females
  • thats what theyre known for anyways but dont think they wont go after a girl whos been abusing her boyfriend too
  • theyre cold and stand offish
  • they dont want to make friends and have new girls joining it
  • its a hard life, and their resolve is solid
  • they dont want girls joining their gang because they think its a cool fashion trend or they want to beat up one dude that harassed their friend on the bus
  • they know most girls cant handle the level of violence they go to when dealing with people like that
  • osoro was a lot more tomboyish when younger, her parents were poor and it led to her needing to steal to survive
  • she still commits theft, she’s not automatically a good person because she beats up creeps
  • she doesnt think shes a good person
  • but the world needs bad people to do the dirty work, right?
  • senpai thinks she is a good person, some of her views are just dubious. 
  • osoro falls for him because of this, she’s never been told she’s a good person before.
  • senpai wants to help her solidify her sense of justice, into one thats more socially acceptable. he wants her to abandon the things like stealing
  • she really likes alternative fashion styles
  • shes never spoken to oka but she always admires her fashion sense
  • its not something osoro would wear, but she admires the courage for oka to wear what she likes
  • her mother was an original sukeban, this is where osoro got the idea to become one herself

also another thing ive been seeing is shit like “they arent your true friends if they leave!!” like

yes some people are shitty and yes some people do leave just because they know theyll hurt you and those people are still shitty and are not your true friends


if somebody leaves you for an actual fucking reason dont shit on them for it?? people have their own lives and their own mental issues and their own problems to worry about; you should NOT be blaming them for leaving if they cant handle yours as well!!

dont punish people and shit on them for putting their mental health first its so selfish and i fucking hate it


Really? So you’ve never felt the attraction that comes when someone who’s capable of doing terrible things for some reason cares only about you? I did once, when I thought he was worth it, but it turns out some people can’t be fixed. People who do terrible things are just terrible people.

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My father recently passed away from STAGE 4 LUNG CANCER which was caused from being at Ground Zero 9/11. I can't sleep or EAT and cant stop thinking about him. Any idea how to handle this

I am so, so sorry to hear that. Grief is … it is just a hurricane and it can wash everything else away, and it takes time — way, way more than you’d think — to emerge from it.

Please, please talk to people. Look for grief support groups, especially ones that are for your age group. Also, just reach out to friends. When they ask what they can do, tell them. “Can you come over and just sit with me? Can you please bring over some dinner, then not feel bad if I don’t eat much?”

Tell your dad’s stories. Tell you ones that make you laugh and cry and think about him. Maybe even make voice memos of you telling those stories.

Know that what you’re feeling is very natural but it is still a really good idea to seek professional help — grief therapists are incredibly good at what they do, and they can watch for signs that you’re experiencing complicated grief.

Read books about grief. Sit with your grief, observe it, know that you can sit there with it. You can even respect it, and what it represents: that you lost someone truly wonderful, and that relationship will never be again. And that is heartbreaking.

But please do not forget that your relationship with your father is not past-tense. Nothing changes what y’all have together, even if he’s not here presently. It’s not that you loved your dad, it’s that you love him. 

Death takes people’s bodies and minds away from us but the connection endures.

Imagine Joji// Meeting Joji through Ian and Max For anon <3

“Hi, I’m george, uh you can call me Joji though” he says, reaching his hand out, you shake it lightly with a smile.

“nice to meet you” you say, Ian and Max are in the kitchen when you walk in, and Joji is the first person you see, you’re a bit nervous to introduce yourself all alone.

“Oh hey you’re here, great” Max says, grabbing the movie on the counter, you’re a bit late for the movie but you know they won’t mind that much. You don’t ever seem to get through the movie without laughing too much at Max’s commentary, or throwing shit at Ian for ruining the plot with his excessive knowledge of random facts.

“Hey, yea sorry, there was a bit of traffic” you say, Max rolls his eyes.

“Yea, i think the freeway here might be just as bad as the bumper to bumper shit in new york” joji says, you nod.

“Thats right, you live in New York, Max told me. Why does New York always sound like some glamourous city?” you ask, not really asking him, just asking aloud mostly to yourself.

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it was kind of odd, being in the chimera pack. the dynamic was… off to say the least.

you were a bad ass were jaguar, but certain pack members (Tracy and Theo) coddled you like you were a flower.

“i just dont get it.” you sighed, sitting next to Corey, “its like they think i cant handle myself or something.”

“no. they’re just in love with you.” Corey stated absentmindedly. then he froze, slowly looking at you, “forget i said that. god. Theo is going to kill me… if Tracy doesnt get to me first.”


requested by anon <3

it was specified to be for a bi girl but i think it can be read by pan people as well. i dunno. im going to add some sexuality terms to the tags and maybe it will help people navigate.

hope i get more like this in the future! love you guys <3 <3 <3

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Moms, help. I'm stuck in a really toxic friendship and there's no way out. This "friend" keeps guilt tripping me to come back after every argument and I just. Can't. She's blaming the fact she's on new meds for her new behaviour and GOD out of all people I understand that okay! Everyone in my immediate family has to take medication of some sort and I KNOW how it can make people act. It's just far too much for one thirteen year old girl with a fucked up head to handle. (1/2)

If you can, talk it out. In person or online, doesnt matter, see if you can get her to stop the emotional abuse and if she doesn’t, dont be afraid to cut contact completely and tell the school counselors and principals about the situation. I know the school admins seem like these big scary figures you cant touch, but they care and want to help when they can. It’s better to seek help from people like them who can directly intervene than us. I can relate to what youre goin through, I used to be in something simular at your age and its a helluva lot better to try and get rid of the toxicity than to bottle it up. If you do get to, or are at the point where you have to cut contact for your wellbeing,do it. Im gonna assume you go to the same school as her, if possible make sure you dont end up in the same classes, or lunch period. This helps cut contact, and in general avoid her. Block her on social medias she can contact you with and ignore ANY rumors she might spread . If she does, those are gonna suck big time, and the best way to get rid of those is to ignore them, remember they aren’t true and you are not bad for cutting contact, after that go to the counselor or a person you trust In Real Life. -Nyx

How I Got a 5 on the (hard) AP Euro Exam

One question ive been asked constantly since the 2015 AP Euro scores came out is “How did YOU come out with a 5?” Its not posed as a mean question, but theres this perception that if you are the type of person to get a 5 you have to be super studious, no fun, no boyfriend/girlfriend, loser, no life just hardcore study study study. And…i’m not that kinda student. In fact, i didnt even become a “good” student until maybe the beginning of junior year, to be honest. I had a very small AP Euro class (8 people i mean) and i was one of two people who had a five in the class. The other girl was…kinda what i described about. All her life was all about studying, she took all APs, didnt hang out with people, she even told me once she only went to after school clubs just enough to have them count on her common app for college, not for actual enjoyment… i’m not like that. not by a long shot- so in order to help others in prep for AP Euro, here’s my advice on how I got a 5. (and some advice on what not to do, based on the other people in my class)

Find a motivation

My teacher said he thought i could only score a 3, maybe a four. I wanted to prove him wrong.

Dont listen to haters

My biggest hater was my boyfriend, actually (just for reference we were in the same class). While i was working my ass off everyday, always reading my Crash Course or my Princeton all i would hear from him is “i dont know why you’re studying so hard” “you’re making yourself sick, you need to stop.” “It’s all pointless, its either you know it or you dont.” “Youre studying so much and getting so anxious, here i am playing video games and not giving a shit and im sure im gonna be fine on the test because im not stressed out like you are” Granted, at the time he was going through his parents divorce and i think he was partially taking it out on me- but thats hard to hear from anyone, especially your boyfriend you’ve been dating for years. I was working so hard and studying so hard because i wanted a good score, not even a 5, i just really wanted a 4, at least- and then you hear that discouragement and…it sucks. At the time while it hurt i didnt pay it anymind and still worked as hard as i did and then fast forward to result day… I got the 5. He got a 1. And he cried, i swear to you, he cried. I didnt play the “i told you so game, though i did think so.” To people who work hard, you’ll be rewarded. If you slack and think its all gonna come to you…its not.

Actually read those study books (and heres what i read)

Who wants to hear you actually have to work? do. Even if you have a great teacher, youre gonna need to supplement that class time with actual work. My school gave us 4 books in total: two textbooks- Mckay and Kagan, and two study guides- The Princeton Review (long) and the Crash Course book (short review) I read both of the guides…all the way through. Crazy right? I would just read them in my spare time- bus ride home? Lets read about the War of 1812 cause im kinda fuzzy on it. To me, i like history so it wasnt a complete chore, but if you want a good score its good to know your content. And after reading those two, i KNEW European History. If you arent so lucky to have access to review books, message me in my ask and i will give you my links to the pdf version.

…and watch those study videos

This one i dont think is so bad. Honestly you can just play them in the background while you do other things, and having things explained by a teacher online isnt so bad. I recommend

Tom Richey’s Videos (

annnd Crash Course’s select videos on euro history (

…and even sign up for those tumblr AP Euro guides.

does this seem excessive? maybe a bit, but its good to have people who are going or have gone through the same class- even my studyblr might help. Sometimes its easier to review when you have funny gifs or jokes in the middle of your review session,just to lighten the edge. Here’s a list of AP Euro blogs i followed (not exactly AP euro, but you’ll find some interesting things that might help you on the test.

It helps if you’ve taken an AP before, not gonna lie

Its going to be a lot harder for you if youve never had an ap class before. Thats the hard truth about it, its not going to be easy, and some people cant deal with that. Theres a lot more work and a lot more pressure. Can you handle that? I want to warn you. AP teachers will be up your ass. They will give you huge packets of work and expect it done when they ask you for it. They will not accept regular essays, they will accept AP essays. They will give you twice the work of a regular class, and expect it due on the same time. You actually have to work hard if you want to get a 5. A lot of people get fustrated with the work and get angry, but thats the reality of AP work and also there is a reward at the end of the tunnel, trust me.

An interesting tidbit: during the essay portion of the test, me and alex (the only other girl who got a 5) were the last people to finish

little interesting thing. The essay portion of the test is about 120 minutes. The people who got failed were done the first, within about 40 minutes and were confident. The people that did okay were done at about an hour. But me and alex took the longest to finish (about 115 minutes) and wrote about 12 pages in total for the 3 essays. Coincedence? just take your time and reeaally plan out your essays. Here was my strategy: since for ⅔ essays youre allowed a choice of what to write, for any essay you think you can write about in the margins try to write about 3 examples for it, if you cant do it, find another essay to write.

Come into it with a good attitude….but be aware you’re gonna have some major anxiety

This is a stressful class, but its worth it. Trust me, you’ll learn a lot, i promise you.

I kept my AP schedule manageable

A lot of people i know who take APs go crazy and take a bunch. If you can, try to keep a somewhat managable schedule. For example, in sophmore year i took 1 AP, junior year: 2 APs, senior year: 3 APs. Also, they should be classes you have strength in, like if your good at history take history classes.

dont cheat.

you ever hear cheaters never prosper? Its true. You’re not gonna learn the material, and you’re teacher might find out. Which will make him a whole lot harder on you then others. Trust me. And you want your teacher to like you, he’ll let you off a lot easier when you fuck up.

relax and be a teenager for once

in the end, if you work your ass off for too long a period of time you will burn out. Burnouts not fun, ive seen my friends go through it. One time my friend was doing a presentation where she had a wrong fact that the teacher jokingly pointed out and she ran out of the class into the bathroom to vomit. When you pressure yourself so much you can really hurt yourself.

KNOW YOUR TREATIES. Know em’. Do it.

Theyre the hardest thing to remember so of course theyre tested the hardest. Look in the Crash course book for a helpful list.

Watch out for your physical and emotional health

really. Eat right, try to walk a little, stretch after a long studying session. try to meditate. relax. breathe. love yourself, dearies

And you better not stop after learning WWII history

the test makers know most AP classes will only get up to about post WWII history. Dont slack, read bout the Cold War, read bout the Euro law, dont stop, because they will expect you too.


know about russia, know about women. Its the most frequently tested things on any test.

i just cant believe that there are people whom are going to waste their hard earned american dollars on k*m k*rd*sh**n’s shitty ass “contouring kit” like sis you can see that shit look cheap as hell just save your ass like $40(plus tax, shipping and handling cuz you damn well those heifers aint giving out free shipping) and go to the walgreens and buy some creme sticks from fucking revlon like I’m pretty sure the revlon ones are much much better