some people is so ghetto

  • sasha: armiiiin help me write my essaaaayyysss
  • armin: ...weren't your essays due like two weeks ago?
  • sasha: well, yes, but the teacher's really lenient about deadlines. pleaaaase you only have to do two of them; i'll buy you ice cream!
  • armin: *sighs and snatches essay prompts away from sasha* i can't believe you sometimes.

anonymous asked:

Dude that water bong is so fucking ghetto ha you probably arent stoned hahaha god my stomach is hurting with laughter. Like dude pipes and bongs are like 20 bucks mabye cheaper. Id invest in something better you try really reallly hard to be a stoner

Haha dude I don’t even remember the last time I posted something of my own on here, everything I post are submissions from other blogs. And even so, some people don’t have the luxury and can’t afford to buy even a $10 piece because all their money goes to other things so some people DO have to make bongs that may be “ghetto” but they fucking work.
Also, I’ve never even made one of my own because I have like 12 different pieces to choose from. Gladly fuck off anon