some people dont get it

Can I talk about one line I especially appreciate in Undertale?

On it’s own, this line is a huge wham line of feelings on its own. It’s one of the pinnacles of the Pacifist run. It’s a single sentence basically summing up the morals used through said run, and it’s pretty heavy. But it also has a personal meaning to me, and I’d like to talk about the way the lowercase ‘love’ is used. 

Throughout the game of Undertale there is no direct romance involving Frisk. (They’re a child, first of all, and that’s just not the focus of the game in general), yet, this term is used.

‘Love’. In media you never really hear that outside of sexual and/or romantic relationships. You only hear the term ‘love’ when kisses or romantic partners are being described. And as an Aromantic it’s almost alienating to me. You can’t ‘love’ your friends in media. You’re ‘best friends’. Or you ‘Care about each other’. And in familial relationships only young children tend to say they ‘love’ each other. It’s never used like that. It’s as if media treats those two types of love as somehow less real. 

But they’re not. They’re just as, if not more, important as romantic ‘love’. And frankly I love that this one line throws that idea down the drain. 

Because this is love

This is love

This is love

This is love

This is love

This is love

And this is love

And Undertale isn’t afraid to admit that.

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Imagine Person A of your OTP hearing Person B screaming in horror from another room. Completely terrified about why B would be screaming, A rushes into the room only to find B crouched in the corner in a defense stance, staring wide eyed at a spider.

Alternative: Person A receives several texts from Person B, telling them to come back as soon as possible, to hurry and go home, and that they need someone to protect them. A immediately leaves where/whatever they were doing to rush home, only to.. [top]

BONUS:’s not a spider.

People are like “ew lancelot is abusive and gross, fuck you if you ship it”

Like bruh. Lotor isn’t even in the show yet. VLD isnt the exact replica of the old show, clearly they’ve made a lot of changes. What if Lotor is a good guy in this version? What if Lotor wants to destroy his father’s empire but Haggar & Zarkon have yet to know? If i recall, Lotor hates his dad in the original show anyway, why not turn him into a rebel?

In any case, Lotor hasn’t even gotten a second of screen time so like ??? How are you making these assumptions ??? Chill.

shoutout to heroes who are:
- mentally ill
- abuse victims
- lgbt+
- poc
- disabled
- muslim
- jewish
- all of the above or any combination of the above

you all deserve so many good things and i hope you’re all having an absolutely wonderful day!!!

People who try to play a game of “Not All Muslims” or “Not Real Muslims” in order to spare themselves the discomfort of realizing that an extremist organization like Daesh rose from groups of muslims who felt like they were inherently superior to other human beings by virtue of their faith, do nothing but spit in the face of persecuted religious and ethnic minorities in MENA who have faced persecution long before groups such as these existed.

These groups were able to come into existence in part because there is a culture of persecution within MENA that unfairly targets minorities while privileging the muslim majority, particularly in the case of sunni muslims, which encourages this kind of behavior.

Militant radicals can take things to extremes because it is for the most part already an institutionalized form of bigotry in MENA and there is no point in denying this. All you would be doing is wasting your time when you could be doing something to try and correct the situation by dismantling the institutions that allow this persecution to happen in the first place.

Basically, when people make statements like “Daesh aren’t muslims, no real muslim would do that” you sound like a white denying their white privilege in the face of institutionalized racism by saying “not all white people, i’m not like that,” or a man denying his role in rape culture by saying “not all men, not real men, only boys do that,” or a christian of any background denying the white christian origins of the kkk by saying “not all christians, not real christians,” for the sake of preserving your own comfort with the minimal amount of work. 

daesh doesn’t represent islam, but daesh is muslim.
If you don’t like that reality and want to be an ally to persecuted minorities in MENA, then you got to work at dismantling the institutions and personal prejudices that allows this persecution to happen.
if you don’t like that but don’t want to be an ally to persecuted minorities in MENA, then you are the problem.

why moana isn’t just “another quirky princess”

so ive seen far to many posts complaining that Moana is just like “all the other princesses and that shes “just another quirky princess” and i disagree with that

i mean for one, being quirky is a main character trait 101. and while i get some people find it annoying, dont diss all the disney princess for the very same trait that every male character has as well

also a very distictive difference between moana and most (not all) disney princesses is that she’s NOT inexperienced or unqualified for leadership. in the very beginning we see her constantly stepping up the plate and demonstrating her intellegence, forsight, and quick thinking to big problems. SPOILER: such as when she immediately thought of a solution to the diseased coconuts or thought of several solutions for the fishing issue until every established route possible was used up and then she started thinking outside of the box. or just simple things such as being able to fix a roof.

but i think the most stand out quality of her leadership is her willingness to give up her asperations of explorations for the sake of the prosperity of her people. like she does push the envolope a bit as a kid but as she gets ready to become chief, she puts her wants of sailing behind her for the sake of her people, without needing to be instructed by anyone else because she is a leader. it is only until SPOILER all the fish have gone that she finally has to consider going beyond the reef but she only does this for the sake of her peoples survival and not for her own rebellious reasons. and when she finds that it infact wont work, she immediatly gives that small hope of her dream up and is ready to become chief, because THAT is what her people need, even if she would want otherwise. its not until her grandmother shows her that in order to save her people she MUST leave is when she finally goes. not for a rebellious adventure or a way to act out. but as a leader to brave the unknown for her peoples survival. 

moana acts as a selfless hero right from the get go, and NOT as some fanciful rebellious teenager acting out for the sake of adventure who later learns to be a hero. 

moana is quirky, but her defining traits are her leadership and bravery. shes not just some girl whos quirky and wants adventure and has literally no idea what she is doing and just wants to have fun and do what she wants, against her parental figures wishes. moana is a leader, a hero, and a chief.

  • person: shows me basic human decency and bare-minimum levels of respect
  • me: omg they're so nice 😄 and lovely ☺ and kind 😊 and wonderful 🤗 and just completely unproblematic ❤ you'll love them they're a ray of sunshine 💛 that brightens up my day 💜
  • some abled people: *calls disabled people every term in the book, even if it makes a disabled person uncomfortable or is considered a slur*
  • me: cant you just say disabled? seriously, thats what i am, thats what i want to be called.
  • some abled people: stop overreacting, they all mean the same thing anyway, and thats just what you are right?
  • me: god, some abled people just dont get it-
  • some abled people: ????? what???!!1 how dare u, cant you just say normal,,, theres no need for labels ya know!!!!1

Do you know whose books I loved reading as a kid?

Shel Silverstein

Now as some people may be aware he wrote a little book called

The Giving Tree

Now a lot of people have wondered about what this little story is about.

Whether its philisophical, religious, satrie, etc.


I always thought the story had a pretty simple message.

And to me the story is about the true nature of giving.

Everyone pays attention to how the boy in the story seems to “take advantage” of the tree and gives nothing in return. Which is technically true, but the tree gives itself freely and of its own free will.

But ya see, I think thats what some people dont seem to get. Because that’s what giving IS. 

The tree gives itself to help out the boy while expecting nothing in return. it doesnt expect to be repayed. It doesnt expect to be thanked, to be rewarded, not even through karma or through some cosmic reward system.

It just gives because it wants to. And becuase its the right thing to do as far as the tree is concerned. The tree spends its whole life giving, but never asks for anything in return. Even when its just a stump.

This is an ideal to strive towards. A kind of person to become.

I can’t help but feel people needlesly complicated it.

You have appeared to my life,
Feel like I’ll never be the same


step one: allow yourself some semblance of a smile. your grief is not an iron cage and you are not trapped. you are allowed to mourn your own innocence, even if you barely remember how it felt. 

step two: hold his hand. you want to, even if you won’t admit it outloud. you want to take him and keep him so close to your chest that the world never has another chance to lash out, but if it did you’d be stood like a shield, like a guardian angel even the devil would avoid. it’s okay. it’s okay. hold his hand. 

step three: you don’t have to say the words for them to be true; at this point the “i love you"s are as natural as breathing, noiseless and soft. when you look at the stars you see the same light you find in his eyes everyday. 

step four: give yourself a chance to heal. it might take a while. it might take years. your past is a minefield no one taught you to navigate before now, but you are strong and you are loved and that’s enough (it has to be enough). 

step five: you gave him a key, a home, a reason to wake up with a smile and he gave you a reason to look forward to what was once a grey-scale future, now bathed in a shade of blue even the ocean would envy.

meropebadkid  asked:

Does she she cry when scolded and i'm not saying that cuz I do

Nettle cries for almost everything that doesn’t go her way so, yeah! She would totally start to cry if she got scolded by the other members of the group. 

That time of the year ey Sansy?

I do not mean this in a mean way but something ive noticed is..

Like sometimes witchcraft can be very heavy on the consumerism.. like you can buy another’s person spells.. like theyll premake them for you..

How dose that work i genuinely do not understand how they could work for the person who bought them… you did nothing.. you didnt change any energy.. you spent money and bought a spell..

Like runes.. i dont understand why you would buy fancy rose quartz gold engraved ruins.. like older witches didnt have this like this.. they made their own out if river rocks.. they went out and searched for things.. they changed the energy..

Dont get me wrong, i see the appeal.. some people make breathtakingly beautiful items.. its a little insane.. but maybe im just like this because ive been learning about consumerism as well..

Thats an entire other post tho yall, consumerism will kill us, but.. nbd.


Thanks a lot to the people who support arts even if it is not fanarts (not art related to any fandom) just ocs or original arts ! Because supporting something you are not into it but to help the artist is the real care! So thank you guys ! ×3