some people didn't get that opportunity you know

I love the look in your eye when you’re about to pull another dad joke. I absolutely adore the way your laugh brings out the glow in your face. I can’t get enough of the way you work so hard and have achieved so much and yet manage to be some of the most humble people I had the opportunity to know.

not trying to be rude, but anyone who ever asks me where to read killing stalking, I will ALWAYS refer them to the official lezhin site. I get some people can’t afford to read it, and that’s fine, but I will never point someone in the wrong direction when I have the opportunity to show someone how to support koogi and her work. surprisingly, there are still people who have no clue what lezhin is (heck, I didn’t know lezhin even existed when I first started reading ks) but if you have the chance to show someone how to support the official release, please, INFORM THEM. I’m sure koogi would appreciate it, old and new fans alike.

ditrysia  asked:

Hi. You don't have to answer this, I just wanted to say thank you for your response to the anxiety ask the other day. I really didn't expect such a long and deep response. (For what it's worth, I *am* getting therapy, but some days it's just a little too much). People in the comments have been great too, and now we all feel a little less alone. Just - thank you. You're a good man, Wil Wheaton.

I’m so happy to know that it was helpful to you. Thank you for asking it, and giving me an opportunity to reflect on what works for me. Your question has ended up helping a lot of people, and that’s awesome. We’re all in this together.

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I didn't know you worked at CN! What is it like? I've always wanted to have my own cartoon on the CN channel tbh, and I'm really curious as to how it works irl!

I really like working at CN! I’ve had so so so many opportunities spring up as a result of it, and I’ve gotten to become friends with some awesome people. Can’t wait to get back to work at the office in January, but until then I am loving that I’ve gotten the chance to work on social media stuff while I’m taking classes.

Advice for the Signs
  • Aries: Chill out a bit - taking charge so much can get tiring, and others' ideas might be just as good, if not better.
  • Taurus: Be as positive as you can - you aren't cool for trying to be edgy, and you're easier to be around when you're being real.
  • Gemini: Keep looking forward! Your history is something you have to own, but you can still move past it.
  • Cancer: Learn to take criticism, especially when it comes from someone who cares about you.
  • Leo: Listen more. You'll earn your friends' trust a lot faster if you can show that you're an attentive friend.
  • Virgo: Perfection isn't everything. Learn to let things go.
  • Libra: 'No' is not a bad word. If something makes you uncomfortable, speak up, even if it's to your friends.
  • Scorpio: Not everyone is out to get you, and you should start to look at new acquaintances as opportunities, not opposition.
  • Sagittarius: Don't worry about trying to make people see how smart you are - they know, and you don't come across better for bragging (or hinting).
  • Capricorn: Be a little more spontaneous! Evaluating and reevaluating every decision leads to missed opportunities.
  • Aquarius: Take responsibility for your past. You may have some regret for something you said or did, but pretending it didn't happen isn't considerate to those around you.
  • Pisces: Start listening to those around you and pay attention - don't disregard your friends' issues as unimportant.