some people buy shoes

Behind-the-scenes with Joe Decie

Welcome to the studio of Joe Decie…

Pots of pens - I live in constant fear that my favourite tools will be discontinued. I stockpile for the winter.

Mechanical pencils - nobody needs this many pencils, I just like em. Some people buy nice new shoes, or pay for haircuts… I buy pencils instead.

Leads - I have more chargers than I have electrical items.

Paperwork - I keep paperwork loose on my desk, less important items get filed to the back until they eventually fall off and get lost for ever.

Notes - Bits and pieces get clipped up on a string. Size guides for various projects, drawings by my boy. Gathering dust.

Drawers - I just cram everything in. I dream of having muji level organisation, but I’m just too messy.

Notebooks - I buy the cheap pocket ones. I draw in them and take notes, also shopping lists, I’m not precious. I usually have a few on the go at a time. 

Desk - I don’t know why there’s a nit comb there, we’re a nit free household.

Collecting Sticks by Joe Decie is published by Jonathan Cape on 13th April.

Labor of love

So this one day I went to the laundry mat with my parents to do laundry .. I noticed that the same lady that sells tamales is there again.. So of course my siblings were saying Dinah can you buy me some tamales? And being that there’s SOOO many of us we bought out all the tamales in her cart .. Yes we are her number one customers! Bt while I was standing there making small talk with this lady who barely speaks any English as she’s preparing our tamale plates she begins to tells me she’s got 4 kids and some of her kids attend the same school as my brothers .. And as our conversation went on .. in the back of my mind I realize that this woman isn’t just the tamales lady that I see all the time .. And from what I understood she’s the sole provider for her family .. And if she’s got kids who are the same age as my brothers I can only imagine what their school shopping was like .. And then I glanced down at her feet I noticed that not only were her feet hurting from standing all day but the soles of her shoes were worn out and she had holes at the bottom of her shoes .. So after which I paid for our food and went home .. That night I couldnt stop thinking of this woman the next morning I asked my dad to take me back to the laundry mat and there she was again standing there wearing the same shoes, standing in the same spot selling her tamales and serving people with a smile I walked up to her and gave her everything I had in my wallet and said I know this money can’t buy you a new house or a new car but I pray that with this money it will help you with your situation.. I hugged her and told her I loved her and that I appreciate people like her and asked her to buy herself some shoes .. With tears in her eyes she said thank you .. So the point im trying to say is .. People who sells flowers on the side of the road or people who ask to clean your windows for $1 or $2 or it could be that little lady who sells tamales at the laundry mat please have some compassion and give them a little extra because there’s no greater feeling than helping someone who needs it more than you

—  Dinah Jane

I noted on Twitter that I couldn’t bring myself to do a top ten songs of ‘13 list because I seemed to have bought 899 tracks in 2013 and couldn’t choose. Twitter asked for the list in its entirety.

I’m not sure how useful this really is to any human.

Here is the Flickr set with screenshots of the lot of them. They’re organized by number of plays, which means they are very heavily skewed toward the book I wrote on my big computer (Sinner). And some of them are weird because they are digital purchases to replace a stack of old CDs I melted chocolate on in my Mitsubishi.

Please do not ask.

Also, if you like any of these, remember, support the artist and buy a legal copy.

Also also: I apologize for none of these. None.

anonymous asked:

today my friend told me my partner is ugly and it made me sad. then when we were alone together I cried a lil and he tried everything to make me forgive him, he felt so bad. he said he didn't meant it like tht, etc. but I can't stop thinking abt it

this is actually so sad :( if this happened to me it would really break my heart so i understand, it’s hard to hear harsh words about the person you care about or any kind of negative feedback. and it really isn’t their place to say anything like that, even if it was an accident.

but i mean, you have to look at it this way. beauty really is relative. it’s the same kind of way you would look at a pair of shoes, not everyone is going to have the same taste as you? some people would never buy your shoes but should never say they don’t like them! and chances are that in that case, you’ll look down at their feet and not particularly like their shoes either. but they make you happy, they go with your outfit, and that’s all that matters.

it doesn’t mean your shoes aren’t cute! you picked them out and one person’s opinion doesn’t mean a thing. plus if everyone wanted your shoes and tried to steal them off your feet all the time it’d be such a hassle, right? world’s set up like that for a reason and i have no doubt you and your partner are adorable together. :)