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All of you who were being SO sweet and sending positive supportive messages last night because of that little thing I posted, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! That was so kind and beautiful of you all! I wasn’t really going through too much, I just have these moments that flare up from time to time, and it was a tiny baby one last night, but you all are just some of the sweetest, kindest people, and I am SO FREAKING LUCKY to be given the support you all give each and every day!!! I hope ALL of you have people like you in your corner when you need it!!! If you don’t think you do, reach out, don’t think you’re alone, cause I assure you, someone will be there to offer a helping hand!! There’s a bunch of sweet and lovely people here!

Secret Project Hype Is GO!

April 17th, 1:13AM EDT

Words: 5022 / ??,???

Chapters: 2 / 20ish

Random Quote:

Whatever this means to John is lost on Scott, but he doesn’t miss the way his brother’s eyes widen slightly. John takes the tablet and starts to skim through its contents. Scott watches as his brother sits back in his chair, lapsing into what seems like a fairly troubled silence as he reads the provided report. For lack of another likely opportunity, Scott takes advantage of the distraction to steal his brother’s pastry. Penelope takes another sip of tea. And a long minute of silence creeps by, as John does what he does best.

April 18th, 12:54AM EDT

Words: 5971 / ??,???

Chapters: 2 / 20ish

Random Quote:

“I don’t think we should do this.”

Scott scoffs and just about rolls his eyes clean out of his head. “Really? Funny, that hasn’t been even remotely evident in the way you’re carrying on. Not at all. Nope. Would not have guessed.”

April 19th, 8:24AM EDT

Words: 7500/ ??,???

Chapters: 3 / 20ish

Random Quote:

It’s probably for the best they’re not dependent on Penelope for a ride out to the manor. Scott can only imagine it would be an awkward tableau, the three of them in the back of FAB1. And he misses driving, to the point that landing TB1 at Heathrow and renting last year’s Aston Martin—in a gleaming cobalt blue, with a leather interior and the sort of horsepower that feels comparable to a jet engine, even if he knows better—had seemed like an entirely justifiable luxury. It lies in wait, one of Scott’s only natural predators, by the curb outside the tearoom. Raindrops glisten on its jewel-toned paint job and despite everything, the sight of it is enough to pick Scott’s spirits up, just a little.

“This is all mine and you don’t get to drive it,” he informs his brother, as is required by the time-honoured tradition of elder siblings lording their possessions over their younger.

April 19th, 2:33AM EDT

Words: 8814/ ??,???

Chapters: 4 / 20ish

Random Quote:

It’s an ugly enough thought that it makes him feel a little bit sick inside, almost dizzy, like a sudden attack of vertigo. Although, in fairness, it’s hard to say how much of that is down to the gravity of the situation—and not just plain old, actual gravity, up to its usual malicious tricks. He’s only been down for a couple days. The nausea might just be some latent jet lag, the result of jumping halfway across the world from the island, when Scott insisted they should to pay a visit to Penelope. Well, now he knows what that had been about, at least. Theoretically, he shouldn’t be jet-lagged. TB5 runs on the same timezone as England, GMT, Coordinated Universal Time. Theoretically this is his own timezone. Practically, he’s been awake for something like a full twenty-four hours, and hasn’t eaten much more than a chicken salad sandwich in the past eight of those. Realistically, there are plenty of reasons for the way he feels ill.

April 20th, 3:09AM EDT

Words: 10101/ ??,???

Chapters: 4 / 20ish

Random Quote: 

Eventually, playing the courteous host in Penelope’s stead, Parker returns to ask if John would perhaps care for a drink. When the answer is a wearily affirmative “Yes, please” Parker seems to take it as an indication that this should be a double, and comes back bearing a highball glass filled with ice, vodka, and just enough tonic water to suggest that the latter was an afterthought. And a wedge of lime.

This is probably unwise.

April 23rd, 12:25AM EDT

Words: 11299/ ??,???

Chapters: 4 / 20ish

Random Quote:

John glowers at his brother, and if Scott got their father’s voice, then John has echoes of their mother’s, that don’t-make-me-come-up-there, you’re-pushing-it-buster, put-your-brother-DOWN type of tone that warns away from the danger zone. “You really have to fucking stop that.”

Scott shrugs. It’s that same flippancy again, the sort that the eldest employs when he wants to get under John’s skin in particular. Gordon does it too, but Scott’s definitively the expert. “Whistling in the dark, John.”

Glaringly offensive disregard for the gravity of the situation, Scott.”

April 30th, 2:35AM EDT

Words: 13,321/ ??,???

Chapters: 5 / 20ish

Random Quote:

John’s never gone so far as to call Scott stupid, exactly. It’s possibly a little bit telling that he hasn’t, actually. Ever. That he’s always been very, very deliberate about never actually putting the words in that specific order.

Instead it’s always, “Don’t do anything stupid, Scott” or “Abort your landing or crash your Thunderbird, Scott, up to you” or the ever popular “Just making absolutely sure you’re aware of the mountain you’re about to fly into, Scott.”

Of course you’re not stupid, Scott.

But then—

You sure do a lot of really fucking stupid things, though, is what it is, Scott.

May 1st, 2:20AM EDT

Words: 14,847/ ??,???

Chapters: 6 / 20ish

Random Quote:

Scott yawns in answer, though after only nine hours in flight after a full night’s sleep, John imagines this is boredom and not tiredness. “Nothing to report. Nine hours of auto pilot. Alan’s lucky I know he can actually fly, or I’d be really, really unimpressed with him right about now. His ‘bird does most of the work.”

“Well, so does mine,” John comments, making an idle defense of his little brother and feeling a prickle of homesickness for his station. “And so does yours, for that matter. Al’s only seventeen, it’s still pretty impressive that he flies a rocketship in the first place.”

Scott scoffs at this and folds his arms across his chest. “I’m only twenty-eight, no one’s ever impressed with me.”

Because it’s an opportunity he’s rarely ever afforded, John’s not gentle as he cuffs his big brother in the back of the head. He pushes nimbly out of range as Scott automatically reaches back to swat at him. “Right, nobody. Never. No one’s ever the least bit impressed by Scott Tracy, fourth richest billionaire in the world, and the richest under thirty; leader of International Rescue, pilot of Thunderbird One, and heir apparent to Tracy Industries.”

May 2nd, 3:53AM EDT

Words: 16,628/ ??,???

Chapters: 6 / 20ish

Random Quote:

Scott’s still drifting lazily nearby as John wonders aloud, “Have you ever figured out if he’s just fucking with us? With the names thing?”

Scott scoffs. “I’ve given the old bastard a list of our names every single time we’ve seen him, it just doesn’t stick.”

John’s not convinced. “I mean…we’re named after the Mercury Seven, though. I don’t know how he could fail to parse that, the man’s a career astronaut.”

“He called me Virgil the last time I saw him. Consistently.”

The notion of anyone mixing up Scott and Virgil is a pretty compelling point in favour of John’s argument, in John’s opinion.

May 3rd, 3:43AM EDT

Words: 17,444/ ??,???

Chapters: 7 / 20ish

Random Quote:

Sometimes, and these past few days especially, Scott wonders if John Tracy might not get a little bit lost in Thunderbird Five. Thunderbird Five is unfailingly cool and detached and professional, hard to surprise and harder still to unsettle. Thunderbird Five has the entire Earth at his fingertips, takes it in and understands it at the barest glance, can reach down out of the heavens themselves and changes the course of the world beneath him. Sometimes even Scott manages to forget that there’s a person behind that persona, and that that person is his nerdy, introverted little brother, who’s allergic to penicillin and who freckles within five minutes when exposed to sunlight; who built his first telescope when he was fourteen, and has a bookshelf full of dog-eared, vintage sci-fi, gathering dust in the bedroom he almost never occupies.

Angel In Disguise (Steve x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys!! To the anon who sent this, I hope you feel better, sweetheart!! This is actually quite long but I had a lot of fun writing the last part. I hope you guys don’t mind though, I just got so carried away writing it and yeah…I didn’t really know if you wanted Steve to end up with the reader so I kinda left it out in the open so yeah. Anyways, enjoy!!😊

Request: Hello doll :) Would you mind doing a Steve Rogers imagine where he’s like your best friend (just like a big brother) and during one Mission you get shot but the Jet is destroyed and the avengers have to take care of you on their own. Steve is Holding your Hand while you’re unconscious and Bruce gets the bullet out. You then get a fever and it Looks back but they can bring you back and Steve keeps taking care of you all the time ? :) I just feel sad and thought I could send in a request like that

“Did you bring your guns?”

You sighed as you looked at Steve. “You can see the guns strapped to the side of my thighs, Cap. They are very visible.”

“I was just making sure,” Cap said.

“And besides I have pyrokineses, I only brought the guns because you insisted.” You gave him a look.

Steve sighed as he stood up. “I just want you to be careful.”

“I know, I know,” you said as Steve gave you a smile before walking to where Clint and Nat were flying the quinjet.

You took a deep breath in before leaning your head back, closing your eyes. The team was sent on a mission as apparently, one of the enhance that HYDRA was working on escaped and was wreaking havoc at some small town. The team had already shut that HYDRA operation before going to find the enhance.

The worst part of going on the mission so far was Steve just nagging at you, making sure that you didn’t forget anything and making sure that you were prepared, all that stuff. You knew he didn’t mean any harm by doing all that but he was like a brother that you never wanted, you still loved him though. The two of you were like two peas in a pot, he was so carefree around you that when you see him interact with other people, it’s weird as he gets so much more serious.

“We’re reaching,” Clint called out but the jet started to shake, the shaking getting worse and worse as time passes.

“What the hell is happening,” Tony asked as you stood up shakily, making your way to the front to look out of the window. You held on to Steve’s shoulder as you saw the grey clouds ahead, before lightning flashed directly in front of the jet.

“That’s not a good sign,” you muttered.

“Thor, can you find a way to stop the storm?” Cap asked as he glanced back at the god who nodded and opened the ramp before swinging his hammer and flying out.

You raised a hand to cover your eyes as the strong wind blew into the jet, Tony trudging forward in his Iron Man suit and shutting the ramp. You let out a breath as he closed the door.

Suddenly everything stopped, the jet stopped shaking and you thought that maybe Thor already solved it but you were wrong. Thunder boomed as lightning strike again, this time hitting one of the jet’s wings.

“Hold on!” Nat shouted as the whole jet tilted to one side. You almost fell and lost your balance but Steve caught you and held onto you as Clint tried to regain stability while Nat checked how damaged the wing was. “Um, you guys aren’t going to be happy about this.”

“What happened?” Bruce asked, looking at Nat.

Nat glanced at Bruce with a stressed look. “The wing isn’t just damaged, the wing was completely ripped off by the lightning.”

“You guys better hold on tight, it’s not going to be a smooth landing,” Clint warned as the whole jet started spinning, the archer trying his best to control it.

You held on tight to Steve as the jet hit the ground, jerking all of you forward. When the quinjet stopped skidding, all of you just stayed there, taking a deep breath it before preparing yourselves and walking out.

Well, now all of you have no way back to the tower. The communicators doesn’t seem to be working as well, it’s probably because of the stupid storm.

As all of you headed out of the jet, Thor landed in front of all of you, worry in his gaze. “The storm is not natural.”

You frowned as you looked at him. “The lightning completely ripped off the wing of the quinjet, so I would say, yes, it’s not natural.”

The god shook his head, Cap walking out beside you. “What’s going on, Thor?”

“The storm doesn’t seem to be created by nature, it seems as if it’s being controlled by something,” Thor said.

“Or someone,” Tony interjected, looking as if he found out something important. “I think I might know what the powers of the enhanced we’re dealing with have.”

“Weather manipulation,” Bruce said, coming to stand beside Tony as he nodded.

“Exactly,” Tony replied.

“Okay, so we have to go find that person, but where? We’re stuck in the middle of some forest,” you said, crossing your arms over your chest.

“I think we might have landed near the edge of the forest, from what I remembered from the map.” Clint looked around before pointing straight ahead.

“Let’s go,” Cap said, his voice commanding as everyone started heading to where Clint pointed to.

Soon enough, a town came into view. Buildings, shops, diners. However, some of the buildings looked destroyed.

“This person really seemed to be having fun,” Nat commented as she surveyed the area.

“Tony, Thor, both of you fly around to see if there’s anybody injured, the rest of you, we’ll look around here,” Cap ordered.

All of you were about to do what he said when lightning strike directly in front of all of you, causing all of you to jump back.

“I’m not going to let all of you ruin my fun.”

You looked to the side to see a man around your age looking at the team, an evil smirk on his face. His hair was pure white, contrasting with his dark colored eyes.

Stepping forward, you glanced back at the rest of the team. “Tony, Thor, go. The rest of you go as well. I think I can handle it.”

“You? Handle me?” The enhanced sneered, you turn back to face him, flicking both of your hands lightly, fire bursting out from your arms.

The enhanced looked surprised before he raised his hands, his eyes turning greyish white, thunder booming again.

“Shit,” you muttered. “Dodge!”

All of you managed to jump out of the way in time, the lightning hitting where you were. You straightened up as you aimed your arm at him, shooting out a fireball, knocking him back.

He flew back, groaning. When the enhanced slowly got up, he looked down to see that you had burned a hold in his shirt, burning a bit of his skin as well. He growled as he glared at you.

You took this chance to throw another fireball at him but the moment your fireball hit him, you felt a sharp pain in your side, making you gasp as you fell on your knees, everything going dark.

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I don’t know the source of this but my sister sent me this the other day and told me it reminded her of me. She said it would help, I’ve repeated this so many times and each time I do I feel better. Breaks up are hard and sometimes earth shattering but I have some really amazing and beautiful people in my life and I’m so lucky for that. @earthyglow I love you thank you.

(If anyone has the source please tell me)

Best Distraction. (Peter Parker.)

Requested – No.

Prompt – Peter Parker breaks up with you because Tony Stark thinks you are a distraction.

Warning – Cursing.

Words – 1,328.


Everyone has a distraction in his or her life and some people can easily remove it, but others are not so lucky. It can be so hard to cut an important person from your life such as a significant other, but some individuals think that they are better off without them. That leads to them completely cutting the valuable person off from their lives. However, sometimes distractions are our only hold of reality.

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In dark night’s sky, and out of every star, you saw me, and made me yours. There are 7 billion some people on this planet, yet I am so lucky to be here, right now, in this moment with you. Our paths crossed early this year, and it wasn’t just a bump, it was a collision.. and the collision was spectacular. They say the way a star is born, is like a collision, and the spark forms something so spectacular the world has to gaze in wonder. Thank you for sharing this moment in time with me, and here’s to many more to come.

Luck (With Chanyeol, pt 3)

Originally posted by untouchabyeolman

genre: its just not happy
2402 words

summary: haha jk, coffee shop was definitely not the last time you saw chanyeol bc he shows up n’importe où et n’importe quand to ruin your life.

pt 1 2 4

Meeting Hyojung made you so happy, she is so bubbly and fun to be around. Her humour matches yours. She is exactly what you look for in a friend.

You were beginning to understand why Chanyeol chose her over you. You were probably a little too serious for him.

They’ve been skydiving and bungee jumping at least twice in their lives. They go hiking a lot more than the average person. They did everything you disagreed to when you and Chanyeol were together.

That’s why he chose her.

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Like he spends so much time on each one and like its he is so precious and proud of them and honestly me too son

Like the first time he shared Kags birthday with him Kags was not prepared. Like they had a nice little shindig and it was chill but when he got to school the next day and all these people were surrounding him talkin bout some






And Kags is like wut

So he hop skips on the Twitter that he never opens and sure enough he sees the video and watches it in the class he has before lunch with hinata and this man is shook

Like the song hinata used was Colors by Halsey (the stripped version) and it goes so well like. Every time she sings “blue” it flips to a clip of Kags looking into hinatas phone camera and hina got that good iPhone 7 camera but like he hadn’t realized why or when he had all these videos and pictures of him like he didn’t think twice about it but it’s all here. And at the end it’s a video selfie of them smiling after their big win at the prelims on the bus and then it flips to black with the words “HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU ANGRY DORK” complimented with the tweet caption “HAPPY BIRTH KAGS 😁”

His teacher calls on him while he’s having a INTERDIMENTIONAL breakdown and he honestly can’t even talk because like

He’s just in disbelief how blessed he is like its ineffable

anonymous asked:

Hi! Could you please write about the band having a s/o who's coming home from being in the army? Thank you in advance! Ps: I love this blog soooooooo much! XD

We love you too!!! Thank you! :3

Murdoc Niccals: 

  • He’d pretend it wasn’t a big deal, just like he pretended not to miss you a painful amount while you were gone. He’d hug you and kiss you and say how proud he was of you, and try not to make such a big deal in public. 
  • You catch a tear slip out of his eyes though and you know on his heart how much you mean to him and how much he cared and worried for your safety. He’d never be able to put into words how he’d feel if he lost you.

Stu Pot (2D):

  • He’d cry openly and loudly the second he sees you. He’d kiss you all over and remind you how scared he was for you and how happy he is that you’re home safe. 
  • He’d hold you for hours and say how brave you are to him and how much he missed you. He’d look up to you for being so strong and brave, knowing some people aren’t lucky enough to come back.

Russel Hobbs: 

  • He would cry quietly to you, embracing you tightly and holding on for an extra long time. You can tell he’s crying into your shoulders. 
  • The thought of losing you, especially to such violence as war, makes him sad and angry, having lost so many friends to violence. He is beyond happy you’re back and can’t seem to hold the tears in. You’ve never seen him so emotional.


  • She’d try to keep it casual, giving you a hug and some off color jokes about war and coming home. Deep down she’s been terrified since the day you left and coped through humor, and you know that. 
  • In the privacy of her bedroom she cries a lot, and now that you’re back it’s tears of joy. Her fear is only comforted by your presence, and she can rest easy knowing you’re home safe and sound. She cuddles you extra tightly in her sleep, and her nightmares about you finally fade into sweet dreams.

I just had to straight up turn a guy down for the first time in my life and it was such a conflicting experience. like as a girl who isn’t conventionally beautiful I don’t get a lot of attention from guys, I feel like I should appreciate anything that comes my way so I let some people treat me like shit because I’m lucky to have the attention and it just fucks me up so. much. And this guy was being nice but he was being way too nice that it was making me super uncomfortable and I almost just went along with it because I hate the look some people give when I say I don’t have a boyfriend. I don’t hate being alone at 18 years old, I’m not looking for a relationship. I hate the way society looks at me for being alone at 18. this guy was giving me the attention that I should want but I don’t. so I worded the text so very carefully because he was a nice guy but who’s to say he would stay a nice guy? tldr I hate 99.999999% of guys

I’m in such shock right now, I seriously can’t explain! I’ve told this story probably a million times by now, but when I first made this blog, I was so nervous about my portrayal. I adore Zen so much as a character, and I was terrified that I wouldn’t do him justice. The fact that I’m still here six months later and with all of you wonderful people following me blows my mind. I want to say thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I’ve written with some incredibly talented people, admired others from afar, and just felt grateful in general for all of the support I’ve received here. There are just a few people I want to give special shout-outs to for supporting me, and a bunch of people I want to appreciate for being so wonderful to see on my dash!

@lizziethethird: Mykie — Zenzabeth has taken over my life, and I’m honestly ridiculously happy about it. You are a beautiful writer, a great person, and someone I’m so lucky to call my friend. Every day, you make me smile, whether it’s through our rps or talking on skype. You mean so much to me, and I hope you know that. <3 

@thislovelylady: ALANNA. I still remember when you popped into my IMs and asked me if I wanted to plot, and now the rest is history. Your kind words about my portrayal always make me feel confident, and seeing the work, thought, and love that you have put into Lenora every day on my dash amazes me. Thank you for writing Zenora with me!

@xlikeidontevenexist: I didn’t know I needed Jack to be Zen’s cousin until I started writing with you, and it all fell into place. You have an incredible handle on Jack as a character, you’re so kind, and we get to write ridiculously long threads together! I wasn’t sure if I would ever get the chance to explore Zen’s relationship with family, and thank you so much for allowing me to do so!

@threadheir: I have so much fun writing Zen and Jumin bickering, Emmy! It always makes me laugh when I read your replies, and talking about how ridiculous they are in IMs. It makes me hope that we get to have more and more threads, because I can never get enough of these two!

Some of the wonderful people I’m so lucky to write with or admire from afar!

@ofmanymuscs @undecoded @bornwithfireintheirveins @partycoordinator @emotionallyflawed @lovsickening @sxpphire-sky @blackfiire @aboylikethat @pirateshou @sprctiix @er7r07r @keycursed @kkochmal-redux @kxnstlerischbegabt @lecataclysme @seijoki @mckenziblack @haekeosin @cinderella-esque @quiestmemoria @moonlended @namcbrand @ladywindvestal @daimcnas @exploited–innocence @guiltesque @purple-sadist @celestial–hcart @samurai-esquire @stckhlmr @willbeshot @maskedpride @manypcths @box-of-characters @abandnment @moonlitmxlody @textbounded @undesiredcrown @scrappu @snappshot @oblitusxxpuella @agapebled @sugarkss @saltyprotector @shxujobrave @pixcldream @bornknight @nekoka @moanaialiki @awadatsu @dohoshu @agentcatman @nakaula @outjinxed @shimotomaii @swcnsung @lysandi @hcnorcoded @seacrowned @stxllaris @rooskiisms @bcyfrnd @webswung @inkuqu @tiempora @petitewidow @nanpoghan @sereprin @thornvd @likcthestar @irradiancies 

Thank you so much!

The Road to Heaven is in the Arms of a Winchester

Characters: Reader Insert, Sam, Dean, Castiel

Wordcount: 1500

Warnings: Death, angst

Summary: The reader gets hurt on a hunt. Will she get help in time?

A/N: @trexrambling  requested, “Option A: He knew she was safe, and that was the only thing that mattered. OR Option B: All the words had been said, and now there was only a deep, aching silence.” I hope this does the trick :)

Originally posted by princesscas

The hunt was never supposed to end this way.

The world around you felt muted—you were barely aware of the light, warm trickle from your nostril, the cold wind coming in from the broken window, your various bruises and lacerations from the fight, or the splintered wood floor upon which you’d fallen to your knees.

You always got back up from being thrown, even when you hit your head so hard you saw stars in your eyes, or momentarily lost the ability to hear. No matter what, you always stood back up and didn’t fall back down.

Not this time.

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some people that made me smile today, for one reason or another, who deserve ALL the love: @spacelogics, @dctrian / @pueraqua, @ichorcrowncd, @orscn, @disciipled, @lightscalls <3 <3

I’m probably going to continue posting dumb class head canons for Miraculous Ladybug forever, but just think about this: Adrien is very popular with all the girls at school, as mentioned in some supplementary materials as well as seen in the Dark Cupid episode… except everyone in the class but Marinette and Chloe seems pretty chill about him.

Just imagine if there ends up being a group chat with some people outside the class, and some people from the class. Invariably, someone sighs, “You’re so lucky you get to be in the same class as Adrien Agreste,” and Rose (or anyone really, but most likely her) just sighs wistfully and smiles, “Yeah, I can’t wait to see when Adrien and Marinette finally get together…”

Then she notices everyone outside of their class is staring at her. Her classmates are just nodding along like they’ve heard this all before and totally agree, but the other students? STARE.

Someone blurts, “Wait, don’t you want to date Adrien?”

Rose looks baffled at the very idea. “…No? Why would I?”

“Because he’s Adrien Agreste,” someone else exclaims, before they look around and see the same general non-reaction. “…Doesn’t anyone in your class want to go out with him?”

Alix shrugs. “I mean, there’s Chloe, but that’s not going to happen unless he gets brainwashed or blackmailed. And Juleka likes doing his makeup, I guess.”

Julika is normally pretty reserved when it comes to larger groups, but she adds, “Well, yeah, he has a nice face and he doesn’t fuss. But I don’t need to date him to do that.” 

“Why isn’t anyone else in your class interested in dating him?!”

“Um, because we’re waiting for him to get together with Marinette?” Alix rolls her eyes, and the tone of her voice tacks on an obvious why else? where her words never did. “Seriously, everyone can see it, and they’re going to be kind of adorable once they get off their dense butts and actually start dating.”

Then she spots movement out of the corner of her eye. Marinette, who is on the other side of the quad and doodling in her sketchbook, doesn’t see Adrien approaching, but Alix does - and she points it out silently to the group with a flick of her fingers. 

They watch as Alya, grinning brightly enough to be seen even from here, nudges Marinette and makes excuses to leave just as Adrien arrives - then makes it about as far as the nearest corner with her phone out to record.

Marinette takes no notice until he asks her something, then she jumps and blushes. They end up talking though, and Adrien sits down next to her, leaning in to get a closer look at her drawings. Marinette in turn leans in and points things out, and before the group knows it, the two of them are chatting easily and completely lost in their own world.

Several other people in the school are converted to the ship that day.

Contributor’s spotlight: ZacharyBosch

Example: Bootblacking

How did you become a Fannibal?

i first started watching the show in july 2013, and i think the first thing i posted about hannibal was a screenshot of will and i said something like “he’s so pretty and i can already tell this isn’t going to end well”, which is amusing. watching s2 one episode a week was torture, and i still vividly remember seeing mizumono for the first time (it was 6am and i was butt naked and yelling. it’s a great story), but oddly enough while i was waiting between seasons i wasn’t particularly bothered about engaging with the fandom or anything. i thought the show was great, but i didn’t really consider myself a fannibal or anything and i didn’t really spend much time engaging outside of watching the show. when s3 finally happened i actually got a bit lost in it and was finding it hard to follow during the italy arc. i liked the red dragon arc better but still felt a bit apathetic about it all, and incredibly by the time TWOTL aired i nearly forgot to watch it at all. a few months later, around november 2015, i just suddenly got really really into hannibal again and kind of rediscovered it anew, this time going full-blown fannibal and writing fanfic for the first time in about 10 years. which is nice :D

What do you love about the Hannibal fandom?

it’s just full of so many smart, talented, funny, generous people, some of whom i’m lucky enough to have made friends with. it’s so vigorous and full of life, which is kind of funny considering it’s a fandom for a cancelled show about murder….. but for real, i’ve been involved in fandoms since i was about 13 and nothing has ever matched what the fannibals produce in terms of high-quality fanworks and fandom activities and things. and for personal reasons, i love the hannibal fandom because it’s given my own creativity a new lease of life and got me making things that i’m actually proud of, which i previously hadn’t done in years

How would you like to spend a day with Will Graham?

tbh i would probably just want to go with him to a therapy session with hannibal and wail “now KISS” from the corner of the office. or i dunno, something involving him being sweaty and topless

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Hi, I know you say you answer every anon, but you've also said at times that you hold onto asks for a bit before answering them, so how long should a person wait before assuming that tumblr ate the ask? Cause I'd hate to bother you with the same question over and over if you were just waiting for the right time to answer.

Oh this gets a bit complicated but:

Asks that are just like…really nice and generally praise focused, but not worldbuilding focused or don’t really ask a question? They can take up to 2 weeks. (Not because I don’t like them, but because I get shy! Lol). Rarely, it can be longer, because I’ll be going through a period where I just hate myself too much to stomach posting something where someone has been kind. *thumbs up* People sharing personal stories also goes into this category? Sometimes it’s really hard to know how to reply to something that is a complete stranger sharing something deeply personal about their lives often with very little context or framework, that is obviously intended to be responded to publically. It’s both very humbling that people feel they can share here, but sometimes also very hard to know how to approach these. Esp. since some involve sexuality or mental health. I don’t like to rush those ever.

Asks that are worldbuilding focused or story focused tend to get answered the fastest, and they take about a week at most. (Sometimes it’s a tad longer than one or two days mostly because I need time to think about how to phrase my response).

I also tend to ‘batch respond’ to asks, so I don’t always reply in general until I’ve got about three or four to reply to, and then I sit down and make time for everything and queue it up.

The only asks I’ve sometimes not answered are: ones that seem like trolling (I don’t answer these on principle), when I literally get four separate asks that ask the same thing in different ways - I’ll pick one and give an answer that covers all four asks lol, anon fic recs and anon music recs (this is not a ‘things I haven’t read or listened’ rec blog - if recs happen off anon I’ll reply privately, and I rarely respond to anons, but usually to either say ‘this is not an anon rec blog’ or ‘I know the thing, isn’t it awesome.’

And the one real exception to the ‘I answer pretty much all anons’ rule which hasn’t happened for like a year or so, is when someone just goes: ‘omg Pia, re: Game Theory, is Gwyn X???’ and ‘X’ happens to be a HUGE FUCKING SPOILER that the whole story hinges around and if I just post the thing, everyone else will suddenly go ‘OMG HE IS’ no matter what I say.

They don’t get posted until the spoiler has been revealed, or I’m confident I can deflect the spoiler, or I’m happy to reveal the spoiler under a read more. If it helps, that’s only happened like three times.

Conversely, for people who worry, I reply to like 99% of non-anonymous asks privately, and don’t tend to publish them. The only ones I can/will publish are ones that only concern worldbuilding, reveal nothing personal, where I feel the information will be helpful to others and the question hasn’t been asked before or in that manner. Or meme prompts, cuz you know, they’re meant to be responded to publically.

ETA: If you want to send an ask again that I haven’t responded to - send it! I’ll just pick one of them and delete the other one (in the case where I received both), and I won’t be annoyed or bothered at all. Ask box glitches happen ALL the time, and I’m only human, sometimes I think I’ve responded to an ask when I haven’t (I have a bad habit of starting a response, walking away from the computer, walking back and refreshing my inbox, and like…then somehow forgetting that ask is even there. It’s one of my worst habits, lol). <3

some nerd: we need male gems bc having all female gems is boring boo hoo whine whine

steven: *is literally a male gem and the main character*