some people are just so dumb

Ok let's have a serious talk here: Now I know I'm probably going to be a called a "dumb bitch" or something along those lines but I'm honestly just trying to understand someone just explain it to me.

I’m looking at the comments under the Coldplay and Beyoncé video…..and there’s comments that are saying things like “Bey looks so good and Bey is slaying” and then there’s other comments that are saying “So Bey can dress like this and it’s not Cultural Appropriation” and “Black people aren’t exempt from Cultural Appropriation”

And then some people are like “She’s paying homage” soooo my question is……is it not Cultural Appropriation?? Or is it??

(Now I don’t know thing first thing about the different cultures and I won’t pretend like I do….but I do want people to explain it to me how do you decide if it’s “Paying homage” or “Appropriating”)

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oh my god i just read through some of your fo4 criticism posts and THANK YOU SO MUCH from the bottom of my heart. youve put a lot of the complaints ive had about awkwardness of playing through as a female character into words... i'm glad to see people are talking about it because holy shit like fucking really bethseda


i don’t mind the game honestly, i’m enjoying it a lot, but there’s so much lazy, sloppy, careless horseshit that has to be ignored in order to facilitate that fun and that seems to be the thing that a lot of people are saying. good framework, poor detailing.

i just wanna build houses, tool around the wastes with the world’s most emotionally constipated oc, and not have the game wag its finger at me (or anyone else who isn’t interested in automatically being a straight stubblechin mcclenchjaw sad dad) for not adhering to some dumb invisible corridor of what is and isn’t acceptable to role play in a role playing game.

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My partner and I have one ball python already, and are aiming for another, so we regularly visit the pet store we got ours from, to check what snakes they have in. It always stresses us out, because there's always some shitty parent letting their kids knock on the glass and bother the reptiles but I feel like I can't say anything to stop them because I'm not an employee there. People need to learn the small animals are not their toys!!

Ahh that’s so frustrating! You have my personal pet store employee blessing to tell them off. If you don’t feel comfortable saying something, just let an employee know. We’ll be happy to tell off any kids/dumb parents for you.

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Lifts!!! (Jk-I'm hilarious, I know) I saw a post by somebody that wasn't you referencing Decalexas and it made me laugh that it was just a dumb debate about some little detail, and it's kind of a thing now :p or maybe it was one of your friends or whatever but I'm gonna just assume you're a trendsetter instead, nicely done :)


but haha thanks! yeah the Decalexa™ was me, this will be my legacy :)

Some people don’t realize that Jackson isn’t just a comedian or someone to be laughed at. He shouldn’t just be reblogged onto your dash, because he said something funny/dumb. He’s a great rapper (and vocalist) in a great group. And the reason that Jackson does so much promoting is because he’s trying to promote GOT7. He’s trying to help his group out by going to so many different countries/programs and not once does he complain that he doesn’t get enough sleep or doesn’t get paid enough.

Man, fuck this.

Half of you probably loved Hara before the whole relationship thing got out.

I can’t believe anyone is doing this. God, how old are any of you?

Boo hoo, she’s dating your bias. Big damn deal.

A once, and still, gorgeous girl suddenly has these magical flaws that people just seemed to realize.

I don’t care how cliché this sounds, her “imperfections” make her even more beautiful.

I also don’t care if I sound like some old lady, you should be ashamed of yourselves for attacking an innocent girl for getting a boyfriend. 


so I heard some people saying things like “Alec broke the bond, he’s so dumb!” and “Stupid Alec breaking the bond just because the person he loves the most is his brother.” 


You need to understand that Alec is different. He doesnt love Jace, like a brother would. He loves Jace. And the only person who knows this other than himself is Izzy, Magnus as well. And he thinks that being what he is, is not normal, he’s actually ashamed of himself. He was afraid. He didn’t want the people he loved, the people he trusted to look at him like he’s fish out of water, like he’s an alien. He just wants to belong in somewhere he can be himself

He was afraid of losing Jace. Tell me, if you loved someone and came out with it to them, would you have that same fear? The fear of losing someone, or having that person not look at you again just because you’re different? That’s what Alec felt, at that very moment. 

I mean, he felt so ashamed and guilty for what happened that he couldn’t even touch Jace, touch the person he loves, his parabatai

So no. Alec is not dumb or stupid. He’s just a little archer boy with the bad boy exterior. Who’s just trying to fit into the world he thinks he can’t belong in. 

But if you still think he’s dumb as fuck, you’re welcome to fight me on this

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Aargh so you post some great stuff about myths and history and all that but all the self absorbed photos of your stupid cat or long bad stories or selfies are just so goddamn narcissistic and is there a way to get the wheat without the chaff?

(cont’d) Wait that last one was meant to be anon but oh fuck it, I think this goddamn phone app made it public. But in general: you are good people and I don’t want you feeling bad but, damn, you are self obsessed.

Oh, fuck off. 

You might think that’s a harsh response, given the fact that you cushioned your criticism between compliments about the ‘great stuff’ I post and the fact that I’m ‘good people’. You might think that your unwarranted remarks are somehow justified because you veiled them with flattery. You know what? No. 

Here are a few little bullet points, because I am, quite frankly, not happy with the fact that you chose to message me with this. I only respond to about a quarter of the (thankfully few) rude, harassing or critical messages that I receive, because I don’t enjoy engaging with negativity, and it might seem weird that I chose to respond to this message in particular when I’ve deleted far ruder and far meaner, but there’s a reason for that which I’ll detail later. I’m not going to be writing a cute little poem or a short story for this one. It’s the kind of message that deserves a response.

  • firstly, to get the obvious out of the way, this is a personal blog. I post personal things on it. If you want the cool historical and mythological content but you want to avoid the ‘narcissistic’ selfies or the ‘self absorbed photos of my stupid cat’, then read a goddamn textbook. Follow a history blog. Heck, follow my mythology blog or check my tags if you’re particularly fond of my own content. I’m not expanding on this point any further because I know enough about my own character beyond the small window you get into my life from this blog, and I don’t feel the need to defend myself from someone who doesn’t actually know me, but yes. There is a simple way to ‘get the wheat without the chaff’, and that solution is to stop looking at my narcissistic selfies and the photos of my stupid cat.
  • the fact that you intended to post this question on anon but accidentally attached your blog to it proves that you are very aware that you should not be sending messages like this. If you write out a comment to someone and you realise that you’re not willing to attach your identity to it, you should question yourself. Why do you feel the need to write it? Why do you want your identity to remain anonymous? Is it because you’re aware that you wrote something cruel or uncalled for, and you’re worried that it’ll reflect badly on you? Because if so, then there is a far more simple solution than sending the comment on anon: you don’t send it. Any comment that you send on anon because you’re worried it will reflect badly on you is a comment that should not be sent, because it is a comment designed to upset or hurt. I’m glad that you accidentally sent it with your blog attached, and I have chosen not to censor your identity for this reason. If you’re going to send messages like this, then you can deal with how it reflects on you.
  • the reason I am responding to this message instead of all the other insulting ones I get is because you tried to damn it with faint praise. You tried to convey your criticism as though you were offering constructive criticism as to how I could improve my blog, or my character, or my image. You ignored the fact that I didn’t ask for advice as to how to improve any of this. You ignored the fact that I am using my own personal blog to post the things that I want to post, as I’m entitled to do, and decided that your own personal opinion about how I run my blog is more important than mine. You decided that you had the right and authority to demand that your likes and dislikes, your personal preferences and biases, should dictate how other people behave, even when their behaviour does not directly affect or hurt you. I would argue that this is a far more self-absorbed and narcissistic characteristic than posting a few selfies or photos of my cat. 
  • this is why I think I’m justified in telling you to fuck off. I don’t accept your compliments. I don’t accept your flattery. I did not ask for or solicit your comments about my character. I do not want them. If I ever decide that I’m unhappy with the content I produce or the posts I make, or I get worried that my blog is becoming an echo chamber of selfies with no attempt to engage anyone else, and I decide that this is a bad thing and not the direction I want to go in, then I will ask for help and advice, and I will welcome comments like yours. Until that time, I do not welcome them, and I have no time for anyone who thinks that their own opinions are always and inexorably more important than the happiness and sense of self of someone who is not hurting them in any way by simply not acting in the way that you would like them to act.

Just for you, here is another picture of my stupid cat. He’s looking at you in the same way that I am. 

Before I forget, I had a nice day today. Got complimented on my drawing by someone in a waiting room haha ;//;

It’s kinda nice to hear that kind of thing, even though I can’t agree (I was literally about to draw gay inklings………). Sometimes I think I just suck too hard at drawing and why do I keep drawing when I suck this much wah wahhhh. Being reminded that some people think my drawings are good is nice, but sometimes it’s more reassuring to know that someone thinks this purely by merit of my drawings, not just because they like the series I draw or because they like yuri, or lolis, or whatever. Because they like my drawings for my drawings alone. So today was pretty heartening, since I lately, more than usual, worry about that stuff even if it’s kinda dumb. Whether my drawings have any merit, whether I should just quit (even though I don’t think I ever could haha)…it’s hard to tell myself sometimes that my drawings are worth something when I can’t see it with my own eyes. 

Anyways, weird rant over. I just was really happy that some random stranger happened to see my drawings while I flipped through my sketchbook and thought they were worth enough to say something to me. Made my day.

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tbh i feel like romeo and juliet gets a bad rep. like yeah r+j made some bad choices and were impulsive and dumb but they??? were??? teens??? like who hasn't screwed up at that age??? and i H A T E when people are all "oh they should've listened to their families" because their families WERE THE ONES DRAGGING OUT A MEANINGLESS CYCLE OF HATRED meanwhile r+j wanted to stop the fighting and they just wanted to be together and GOD DAMMIT YES THEY WERE DUMB SOMETIMES BUT THE ADULTS WERE WORSE

exactly!! i love r+j and will defend it always, god forbid teenagers mess up at their age

also there are so many other factors in place that cause all of the destruction around them, it’s not solely their faults. they don’t get off scot-free, but they can;t be blamed fully.

I KNEW it.

Some stalia fans are already saying bullshit like the hand hold and the whole scene was just friendly. Bitch, really? The song in the background is about love, Friends don’t hold hands like that unless they’re playing ring around the Rosies. Even then, NO FRIEND holds hands like that. The way he Was caressing her hand? There’s no way in HELL, that that was a friendly type of scene. That was stiles, seeing the girl he’s had a crush on since elementary school (and still does) in a horrible state. But yeah, its totally a friendly scene. I would understand if he just came to see her with no hand holding, and without the love song in the background, but the hand holding and the background music are two HUGE hints that this is more than a friendly scene. I know Scott, Kira, or malia would never hold her hand like that. Just listen to the lyrics of the song. Just LISTEN. Some people are so dumb, it irritates me. We had to wait 5 FUCKING SEASONS for this to happen, and we had to sit through a whole season of nasty ass stalia. So NO ONE GIVES A DAMN, IF YOU’RE SALTY ABOUT STYDIA HAVING ROMANTIC SCENES. GO AWAY. just wanted to address that. 👌😊 These are my opinions, so don’t argue. if u don’t like my opinion, ignore it.

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