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The first three Ace Attorney games are on sale as a bundle for $16.50, Dual Destinies is $12, Etrian Odyssey Untold is $10, Devil Survivor 1 is $10

Basically if you like 3DS/DS RPGS go check out the eshop!


I made a song and the producer remixed it !
I ship Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy v much so I decided to make a video for them using my song !
I’d appreciate it if you could check it out <3


Simon Pegg attends the Press Conference and Photocall in advance of the Fan Screening of Star Trek Beyond on August 16, 2016 at Grand Intercontinental Hotel in Seoul, South Korea. x


Bubbled had the last part so I thought I should share this
!-This is not my video, all credit to the youtube channel that made this-!

not trying to be rude here but law enforcement in the DC universe is complete shit


scenes with no dialogue
“When you are telling the truth like it’s a lie, or when you lay down all 52 Queens, or when you explode the very notion of a lie so that it covers the entire universe, then that’s the world wearing itself as a mask. It’s called “divination” because you are being reminded of the divinity of all things; it’s just opening up the tiniest crack in reality so you can see how wonderful things are behind the scenes and how much sense it makes. God wearing us. That’s what truth nets you: Everything. And all you have to do is be brave enough to admit how small you always were.” –Jacob Clifton

Some Musical Instruments HCs

Shitty: Started trombone in 4th grade because he wanted to be the loudest and most obnoxious but his mom wouldn’t let him play the tuba. Was decent but mostly dicked around during band and emptied his spit valve over the shoe of the person who had to sit next to him. Took some private lessons but his teacher knew he didn’t ever practice and was always irritated with him. Quit at the end of 8th grade but his parents still have his trombone and if he’s tipsy at their house sometimes he’ll pull it out and play Hot Cross Buns. 

Jack: takes piano lessons as an adult when his and Bitty’s kids start. He’s super easy-going about it and finds it really comforting to have something where he has a teacher and gets to learn a new skill but there’s no pressure for him to do well. His kids pass his skill level when they’re about 11 and he couldn’t be prouder. 

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Honestly whenever I post something that’s relatively ‘unpopular’ about the NCT fandom (whether it’s about a specfic part or it as a whole) I always manage to lose a few followers and I just??? *shrug* Like I’m just trying to be honest with you guys as a whole because I love these boys so much and I love our fandom too but sometimes it can be too much be it with the hypersexualization of Jaehyun since he barely turned 19 this year or with how there’s a large amount of Johnny stans that are way too overbearing, making the idea of Johnny seem almost not worth biasing because of how much people love him which sucks cause it’s neither of those two faults. It’s the fandom’s fault