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Magi 334 Spoilers

Warning: As usual, please note that my level of Japanese is basic at most, and this is just a translation of text summaries available online, so I cannot guarantee that the following snippets are accurate. In other words, these can be just rumors or misinterpretations, and I might have left some parts out because I didn’t understand them. Feel free to share the link, but please DO NOT REPOST, and don’t forget to support the official releases!!

In which a glimpse of the future is shown.

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Midnight Masquerade - Part 4

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Genre: Vampire! AU | Angst | Fluff

Synopsis: Your best friend drags you into attending a masquerade ball with her, only to abandon you in the middle of the strange dance. Standing alone in the midst of a flurry of people, you’ll soon meet seven mysterious guys, only to leave you wondering; who is under the mask? And why is there something so… off about the place?

Pairing: Reader X BTS

Word count: 1442

Warnings: Some swearing from time to time.

Series: Pt 1 | Pt 2 | Pt 3 | Pt 4

(A/N: So, this is a liiiitle bit of a filler chapter, but there are some important hints! I only had a limited amount of time to write this, but I didn’t want to keep you guys waiting, so I hope you still enjoy! c:

The rhythmic beeping of an ECG monitor woke you from your deep sleep, your eyes fluttering open as you woke to the sight of a bland white ceiling. “Ugh…” you groaned, clutching your head as you tried to sit up, your hand self-consciously flying to your neck, fingers brushing over the tightly wound bandage. “What happened…? What am I doing here exactly?” You mumbled to yourself, attempting to recall something, anything.

Your eyes frantically scanned the room, for any signs, any hints to as how you’d ended up in a hospital room, your thoughts casting back to the strange ball you’d attended, shivering as you recalled the mysterious man, your fingers once again brushing against the bandage around your neck.

You attempted to climb out of bed, pushing the linen sheets off, only to set off the machine in a frantic beeping, realising you’d accidentally pulled off the wire. You cursed under your breath, sitting back down as a nurse rushed into the room, her once worried expression cooling down to one of slight annoyance. With a seemingly fake smile plastered onto her face, she re-adjusted the machine, the beeping finally calming down to its usual rhythmic sound.

“Next time, please don’t try to stand up or climb out of bed without informing us first,” she warned with a sickly sweet tone, causing you to scowl slightly, settling back down, still as confused as ever.

“Uh… Nurse?” You called out as the blonde woman strode off, her head turning in response. You - strangely - heard her muttering under her breath as she reversed, her lips once again curling upwards in a phony smile. “Could you maybe tell me what I’m doing here?” You inquired, your arms crossed, eyebrows raised, clearly annoyed by her nonchalant attitude.

“Someone dropped you here, stating they had seen you collapse on the side of the road,” she replied dismissively, already making her way out once again. “We managed to get hold of your mother, although we did have to go through your belongings to find her contact details,” she called out over her shoulder, flipping his hair behind her as she walked out, not even giving you a second glance.

“Bitch,” you muttered, your head hitting the soft pillow as you leaned back down, staring up at the ceiling. Scrunching up your eyes, you wondered how you were going to explain anything to your parents, groaning in frustration. Your heart dropped a little as you thought about Mina, reduced to nothing but a lifeless body, tears beginning to build up in your eyes as you punched the soft mattress in anger and sadness.

“Why the fuck did we go to that place? The host could’ve been some deranged psychopath for all I know…” You rolled over in the bed, staring towards the door as you heard the shuffling of footsteps. Your eyes widened as you spotted your mother standing by the door, her hair looking like it had been tied up in a rush, her face bare of any makeup.

“Mum?” You asked, your voice coming out as more of a whimper as she scrambled towards you, pulling you into a tight embrace, as you took in the familiar scent of your mother’s fragrance, your tears staining the soft material of her blouse.

“Shh, it’s okay honey, I’m here now,” she cooed into your ear, your arms wrapped tightly around her neck. You felt like a small child again, the warmth of your mother’s embrace comforting you, and making you feel safe again, despite the events that had taken place just hours earlier. As you finally pulled away, your face still moist with tears, lips curled up in a grateful smile, your mother’s eyes trailed to your neck, her expression contorting into one of concern as she noticed the bandage.

“Honey? What happened to your neck?” She said slowly, the tone of her voice sounding slightly alarmed.

“Ah… that… uh…” You stuttered as you desperately tried to come up with an excuse, rubbing your head sheepishly.

“Did… something happen at that ball you went to?” She asked, her eyes flitting back up to meet yours, clear worry in her eyes. The strange thing was, her expression wasn’t that of ordinary motherly worry, it seemed more like she knew something, something that you didn’t, judging by the way she looked away from your eyes with a guilty expression.

You narrowed your eyes at her, wondering why her expression had changed so suddenly. “No, that wasn’t it. I… uh, think a wild animal bit me or something,” you lied feebly. “It must have been when I passed out by the forest, I… uh, wasn’t feeling too good…” You bit your lip, and this time it was your turn to look away guiltily.

“Can I take a look?” She questioned nervously, her hand raised up, fingers hooking onto the bandage still wrapped around your neck.

You gulped, allowing her to slowly undo the knot, a lump forming on your throat as her eyes widened slightly as the bandage fell to the bed.

“Oh no…” She shook her head, her hands shaking slightly as she continued to stare at the healing bite wound in your neck, the two distinct indents of fangs standing out. “I should’ve known… I shouldn’t have let you to that ball…”

“Mum? Mum, what is it?” You questioned her, the pitch of your voice rising out of nerves and worry. “What do you mean?”

Her eyes flashed with fear for a second as she made eye contact with you once again, before she attempted a limp smile, clearly trying to reassure you. “It’s nothing, (Y/N), don’t worry, I was just worried that the animal bite would leave a scar,” she said, her speech speeding up with every word, emphasis on the word “animal”.

Her behaviour was beginning to creep you out, leaving your head swimming with thoughts once again as she stepped out to talk to the nurse. “What did she mean, ‘I should’ve known’?” You asked yourself slowly, your lip beginning to bleed as you anxiously chewed on it, a feeling of fear settling at the pit of your stomach.

“(Y/N), honey?” Your mother called out from the other room, her enthusiastic sounding voice wavering slightly. “The doctor says it’s okay for you to be discharged!”

The same nurse from before re-entered the room as you scowled at her, causing her to give you a look of disdain. She pulled off the pads off your skin, particularly harshly, causing you to let out a low growl, your eyes - unknowingly - darkening in colour. The nurse looked at you with a bewildered expression, continuing to mutter something along the lines of ‘freak’ under her breath. You gave her a threatening death stare, having heard every word that had come out of that big mouth of hers.

Climbing off the bed, your mother re-entered the room, holding up a bag. “I brought you some clothes to change into before we leave…” She said, her eyes looking up and down your hospital gown.

“Thanks mum… “ You mumbled, padding over to take the bag from her, rummaging through it. You sighed, as you stepped off into the bathroom to change, taking one last glance at your mother’s face, her once enthusiastic expression becoming one of fatigue and worry.


Sitting cross-legged on your bed, safely in the comfort of your own home, you stared down at your phone’s lock screen, a picture of Mina and you, huge grins on your faces as she wrapped her arms around your neck, her head leaning on your shoulder. You refused to let the tears escape, instead sighing as your hand once again flew to your neck, running your hands over the slight indents in your neck. You were about to get up, before hearing murmuring coming from the other room, your curiosity piquing. Padding over to stand by your mother’s room, you pushed your hair behind your ear, hearing every word that your mother said.

“This wasn’t an ordinary ball, I’m telling you…” You heard your mother frantically mumbling down the phone, as you heard the distinct sound of footsteps pacing the room. “It was one of their… feasts… I’m worried that the bite is going to activate the dormant side of her…”

Your eyes widened at the mention of the ball, your head suddenly swimming. “Shit,” was the last thing you heard, before the sound of fast approaching footsteps. You scrambled back to your room, heart suddenly quickened in pace. Thinking over, you recalled the pale skin, the fangs, the clear blood-lust in their eyes, confirming your suspicions.


I regret to say there might not be a text post today because I spent the better part of the night/early morning trying to draw.

It’s rather terrible, but I’m happy with my first try. :)

And if for some reason you found this interesting, there’s more where that came from; this is only part of a bigger project I’m working on. While that happens, we resume with our usual programming tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day everyone! :D

taeyong; mafia pt.2

part one

summary; you left home because of your parents criminal history, from there you were completely broke; barely managing to buy a cup of coffee in the morning. After a little dispute on the street with some strange guy, suddenly you were being offered a cleaning job by the mafia. But you didn’t know that.

genre; angst, fluff

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BTSxReader: Miss Right

Text in between some screenshots

PART 3 <<                                                              >>PART 5 (Soon)

The bell rung in your ears, letting everyone know it was lunch break. Students shuffling with their books and chairs, hurrying to arrive at the cafeteria before there would be a long queue. Sighing, you walked out of the classroom, with your shoulder bag. The number of books and material in that sack of a bag, almost dislocated your shoulder.

“I really need to get a locker..damn…” You wondered, holding onto the bag’s straps.

Walking further out in the hallway, you never stopped admiring the architecting that was made for this school. Big windows along the hallway, exposing the sun and students. Most classrooms were made out of glass, than bricks. This place, was not for anyone with secrets. Walking along the wide hallway, your eye caught onto something. Golden locks and brown eyes, with a smile so warm it could burn. That’s right, Wonho was only a few feet away from you. Starring upon his perfection, his uniform looked way too casual than what it was supposed to. He was standing with someone, not just anyone, but Mina. Her light brown wavy hair, that was pushed behind her ear to show off, the perfect skin she was blessed with. The two students, you knew were too good. A-students were idealised on this school everyone strived to be around, or be them. They were practically idols, but without the actual job. Snapping out of your thoughts, you knew it was time to make a move. Not for your own sake, or so you believed in. Mr. Unknown had been making you practice for a few days in talking to your crush and believed, it was now time to go for the bait.

“Right, I can do this!” You cheered for yourself.

Letting your hand slide down in your pocket, you clutched onto your phone. It was like Mr. Unknown said, holding hands, even though he wasn’t there. Oddly enough, for someone you haven’t even met, you trusted him. Even for his ‘spiritual’ self, he seemed convincing. You didn’t have that many friends either, so just one person you could text every day, was a nice thing happening. Taking in deep breaths and courage, more people gathered around the two A-students.

“It has to be now Y/N.” You whispered, clutching harder to the phone. If this was Mr. Unknown hands, you had to go to the infirmary with him afterwards.

Heavy steps and back, you were finally in front of Wonho. People talking turning into a muffling, as his dazzling smile was pointed at you.

“Hello?” He spoke, with a voice so angelic it made your ears orgasm. His facial features created by god and his eyes by the devil, it made you speechless. He was, perfection. His eyes turning to doubt, and his smile faltering. Unsure what is going on, you realised it was just him waiting for a response. Panicking over what to say, the crowd around him started noticing the shadow in front of Wonho.

“Hey, who’s this?” a female voice spoke and another following along with the same phrase.

Stuttering and on the edge of fainting, you cursed yourself. Wonho didn’t seem to understand what was going on and neither did you help him on the way, by turning your body towards Mina. Her face just as puzzled like Wonho, your only word that managed to escape;

“M-M-Mr. Unknown…” You stuttered having your cheeks burn from the scene, your eyes twenty times bigger. Mina’s smile grew larger, but it wasn’t the kind of smile that would assure you a great spot, because all you did, was make them uncomfortable. Facepalming, you retreated from the group by walking away. Furious steps towards the women’s bathroom, locking yourself in the women stall. Seated on the toilet, you threw your bag against the door. Face into your right palm and trying not to scream, convincing yourself why you shouldn’t leave this bathroom for the rest of the day.

“’Mr. Unknown’ is that really the best you can do Y/N??” You whispered to yourself, feeling the embarrassment cover you like a blanket. Heated cheeks that didn’t seem to go away the next hour, you decided to skip next class.

“Great, my reputation was unknown. Now I’m the ‘weird girl who talks nonsense’” You sighed, feeling a buzzing in your left hand. Taking it out, it was your phone getting messages from Mr. Unknown. Even for the thing that happened, you really didn’t let go of your phone. Chuckling to yourself, if your phone was the actual Mr. Unknown, he would be shocked to be dragged into the women’s bathroom.


I hate Wizards’s new style of reminder text for cost reduction. “Your artifacts / creatures can help cast this spell,” means nothing in terms of the rules for how Improvise or Convoke actually work as card abilities. To me, starting off that reminder text like that sounds so condescending. I just want to say, “well duh!”

The actually meaningful rules text of that ability says how it works. You telling me that it helps doesn’t help. Are you going to put reminder text on all other cards without these abilities that tells me “Your lands can help cast this spell”? Or are you implying that there are some abilities that will make it harder for me to cast spells?

It’s an irrelevant line of text devoid of any meaning or usefulness that irks me to no end. If you’re wondering why I’m so worked up about this, this is the editor / proofreader part of my brain speaking and it wants to tell the world to keep your writing straightforward and don’t waste words. I’m curious to know, how do you feel about this reminder text?

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hello!! ok so i was wondering if u could help me - I'm trying to understand the relationship that anglo-saxon literature/time period has with medieval times - like is it just that one part isn't medieval or is there some overlap? idk i saw ur know ur englishes post and thought maybe you could help!! if u have any book recommendations also that would b v helpful! also do u have any fave anglo saxon texts? i hope u and juno r doing well!!! <3 <3

so THE GLOBAL MIDDLE AGES are typically divided up as follows:

  • early middle ages: 500-900 (ish)
  • high middle ages: 1000-1300 (ish)
  • late middle ages: 1300-1500 (ish)

in england, though, this tends to look a little different. my brain puts anything before 1066 in the “early” category and anything after it in the “late” category, because i work mostly within england and 1066 is the norman conquest.

the simplified historical progression looks something like this: 

  • romans pull out of england around 400
  • england is comprised of a bunch of different, often warring, kingdoms - the big seven are mercia, wessex, sussex, essex, northumbria, east anglia, and ummmm KENT. got it. this is a good memory test. 
  • this is the anglo-saxon period! it’s not called england yet.
  • further shenanigans occur (viking invasions, mercenaries, etc.) and around 900, aethelstan manages to unite/conquer just about all of the kingdoms, and that’s what becomes known as england (even though it’s  a big hodgepodge of norse and celtic and danish folks)
  • then in 1066 william the conqueror shows up from normandy and does what he’s named after. this has a really interesting linguistic fallout in which england becomes trilingual – french for the nobility, english for the peasantry, and latin for the church & the university. it’s still around in our english today, in which the fancier synonym is typically french; “drink” is anglo-saxon, “beverage” is french. “napkin”? english. “serviette”? french. “meat” & “cow”? english. “beef” is french. 

anyway ok the tl;dr of this is that the AS period is generally considered 500-1066, and it’s the early part of the middle ages. 

some of my favorite anglo saxon (aka old english) primaries, although i’m definitely underread here:

  • exeter book riddles
  • “the wanderer”
  • “the seafarer”
  • beowulf obviously
  • “the ruin”

we don’t have a lot of OE primaries in part because it was a culture very much based on oral recitation rather than written communication, and also because a lot of manuscripts were destroyed when their monasteries were attacked for various reasons. 

Translation of “Are You Happy” jweb mail (part 2)

So @jiimama has been the fabulously powerful force of nature to be so kind to this silly alien’s request.  Thanks to her, here is that elusive second half of Japanese jweb post that English jweb and email did not provide (I just helped with some editing).

Without further ado, click here for the original japanese jweb text and please give thanks (and rainbows~) to beloved Mii for the following effort.

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Hello, I just read your post about Bum's self care (I loved it) and the last part when you talked about the four years between high school and college left me wondering: how old are Bum and Sanwoo? Did they finish college? And also, do you know anything about the military service Korean men do? Is it mandatory? I hope you can answer :)

Hey anon! That’s an interesting question and I did some research before. Sangwoo and Bum’s age are still a mystery, but there are some hints.

1) In ch 1 Bum says that he entered college 4 years late. So we can assume that the age difference between them is roughly the same.
2) Officer Park said in ch 2 that it’s been 3 years ago that Sangwoo’s parents were killed. He also says that Sangwoo was still in highschool when it happened. According to Wikipedia students graduate between 17 and 19.
3) Bum and Sangwoo were both in their first year at college and were in the same class in the second semester. Around that time Bum was invited to the physical examination of the military and assigned to active duty. (I’m surprised he was assigned to military duty because he’s not just underweight but also mentally unstable.) Sangwoo started his military duty probably at the same time. I’m honestly not sure if they had to take a break from college or if they were able to postpone it until graduation. Though it looks like they went back to college, so I guess they took a break.
4) Military duty is mandatory and goes for 2 years, depending on which branch you join. 21 months for the army or Marines, 23 months in the Navy, 24 months in the Air Force (according to Wikipedia).
5) Bum stalked Sangwoo and tried to get into his house for several months. (Though I’m suprised it took him so long. He assumed it’s a four digit code. Based on this he would’ve have covered all possibilities after 24 tries.)
6) In ch 14 Sangwoo claims to be 20. But that was most likely a lie because he also said that he didn’t go through military training yet.

So it’s 12 months (college) + 21 months (military duty) + ? months (stalking after military) = 33+x months. These are already 3 years. If Sangwoo is indeed 20 he must have been close to graduation (and 17 years old) when his parents died. This looks a little bit impossible and might be a small mistake from Koogi’s side. Who could have guessed that the fandom goes into in depth analyses of the characters’ ages? My guess would be that he’s 22-24. I base that on his lie when he said that he’s 20 and added 2 years of military service that he already completed, but didn’t mention to Bum’s landlady. The landlady also mentions that her daughter is 24 and that she thinks Sangwoo could be around that age. I think her intuition isn’t far off. According to this Bum would be 26-28. In ch 2 Sangwoo calls Bum “middle aged” and in ch 14 his reaction to Bum’s ID is “woah so old”, but I guess this is exaggerated and he’s just degrading Bum. He probably just didn’t expect Bum to be older than him because let’s be honest Bum looks like 12, and Sangwoo probably didn’t consider that Bum entered college 4 years late.

I hope this wasn’t too confusing. Thanks for your ask :)

Interview (just a part of it) translation

I was asked to translate a part of the interview of the scriptwriter of Tales of Zestiria, and especially the romance part. Here’s a reminder of what was asked (thanks a lot to lookiamnotcreative who helped me explaining some parts):

“Hello. I was wondering if I could ask you a favor? Would you mind transcribing the text sections that confirm no m/f romance with Sorey and the one(s) that confirm the Soremik romance? I would really appreciate it because I want to reconfirm it with a friend who translates to make the whole thing ironclad so if anyone questions me when I say it’s canon I could point them to multiple unconnected translators who say the same thing. If you can’t transcribe it could you at least circle the parts?”

Spoilers under the cut ! Read until the very end please.

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Being best friends with Taehyung lead you to meet Jimin, and fall in love with him. You confessed, but he rejected you… How are things gonna go from there? 

| Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Three.Five | Part Four | …. | Masterlist |

A/N: This part is necessary, kind of boring right? Just wondering… how do you think this will go on? What will happen? Much love, xx & remember you can always tell me what you think

Sorry if there are some mistakes.

Chanyeol Scenario: Hiding from fans at Your House pt. 2

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  Part 1 Here

         I went to my room after shutting off the tv and laid in bed for what seemed like hours. I’m not going to be able to see my best friend for a long time again. I thought to myself. Maybe drinking some water would calm me down. I walked out of my room and into the dark living room, I could hear Chanyeol lightly snoring and I laughed to myself, it’s a wonder that any of the other members get decent sleep at the dorm with the noise he makes. I crept into the kitchen and opened my fridge to be greeted with the light of the sun coming from the fridge light, I squinted. I heard a groan from the couch.

               “Jagiyaaa… can you just turn off the light?” Chanyeol said, still most of the way asleep. Wait. Jagiya? … He’s still asleep don’t think about it too much. I turned my attention back to the fridge and grabbed a water bottle and closed the fridge quietly.

               “Goodnight,” I whispered. I didn’t expect an answer.

               “Hey—where are you going?” Chanyeol mumbled.

               “To bed, where do you think?” I said, chuckling lightly. “Now go to sleep.”

               “No.” He pouted tiredly, “I won’t go to sleep unless you are out here with me.”

               Did he really just say that? Where was this coming from all the sudden? I knew he was tired but now he just sounds delusional. I shook my head trying to slow my mind but as if that would actually help. I could hardly focus on my own breathing, let alone the words he was saying.

               “Stop talking nonsense.” I said quietly, “you don’t know what you are saying right now because you are tired.” I said this more for myself than to him in order to keep myself relatively calm and to try to keep my heart from speeding up.  He sat up on the couch and rubbed eyes then stretched.

               “(Y/n)…” His tone suddenly got serious. “I’m not that tired—I do know what I am saying.” I went silent, how was he expecting me to respond.

               “We’re not kids anymore Chanyeol, I hardly think that it would be appropriate for friends to slee-“

               “Do you really not understand what I’m trying to tell you?” Chanyeol sounded slightly frustrated. I didn’t respond. “(Y/n), we’ve know each other since we were babies practically, you should know by now what I’m trying to say.”

               “Well you could be saying a number of things.” I said my heart just about in my throat.

               “I know you can be stupid sometimes but I didn’t think you could be this stupid.” He teased and got up from his spot on the couch and walked over in front of me. “I have a confession to make.”

               “…About what?” I asked nervously, and Chanyeol chuckled.

               “Don’t worry it’s nothing bad. I just maayyyy have been lying about my car not starting. I mean, at first it didn’t want to start, but then it did, but I had already called you—and the fact that you were going to allow me to stay with you made really happy. Like I said earlier, I’ve missed you like crazy.” He said and bit his lip.

               “…You’re joking right?” I squeaked out. Chanyeol sighed. “But—you have things you have to get back to, you’re a very busy person now. Why would you want to risk getting in trouble with your manager, and run the risk of rumors starting about meeting up with a girlfriend? I mean, what you did earlier could be considered a little bit shady.”

               “They aren’t rumors if they become true.” Chanyeol said simply.

               “What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked dumbly.

               “Salanghae.” He said bluntly and pulled me into a hug. “I always have.” He pet my hair and I began to calm down, something about his touch was soothing and I couldn’t resist, I laid my head against his chest and heard his heart racing. So he was actually nervous about this, glad I’m not the only one. My lips curled into a small smile. “So, what do you think?” He said after sometime.

               “I feel the same…” I mumbled lightly. “But I don’t want to be the downfall of your career.”

               “Jagi-I mean, (y/n), if anything, you’re what made my career. You always encouraged me to do my best when we were younger. You were my rock when I needed someone the most.  You were the one to tell me to follow my dreams and to not take no for an answer. You supported me and have always been happy for me. You are very important to me and I cannot stand not being able to see you very much anymore. That’s why from now on I’m going to make a lot more time for you. The company will just have to accept it, and if they don’t like it—well, that’s going to suck for them.” He said and let go of me. I looked down not knowing what to say next. He tilted my face up so I looked him in the eyes.

               “Are you sure you know what you are saying?” I asked and he laughed lightly, nodding.

               “Please, (y/n), will you be my girlfriend?” He asked nervously.

               “Yes.” I said, smiling. He pulled me into another hug and kissed the top of my head. Finally.


It’s finally up guys! I hope you liked part 2!

~BangtanBunnie <3

I got my Suit & Tie || Open

  For some time, Tanner wasn’t sure what his life would be like. Much had changed over the last few months. He CARMA, he went into hiding as he was unsure how Sal’s fury might scorch him, his parents were murdered (still unknown by whom), his mother left him part of her company as well as the knowledge of a new relative; a brother named Zed Avery. 

  Now, it truly seemed like a new dawn. His wonderful sister, Kara, had helped him when he needed a place to lay low. Recently, he learned that Sal wasn’t as interested in finding Tanner as Tanner had feared, which brought multiple advantages with them. He could openly reclaim his own name again and take it to his company Warzone to get settled in the business. ‘Warzone’ was his mother’s weapon and tech facility which she built from scratch that was now in his custody, at least a third of it. 

  Tanner, fully equipped in a dapper looking suit, confidently walked out of the tall, modern looking building that was in his name and took a moment to appreciate the turn that life had taken. Someone started talking to him about something he didn’t pay attention to. He turned to them, looked at them, smiled and said: “I’m celebrating and you’re coming drinking with me. My treat.”

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Helpless Part 2: Breathe Again

Part 1 is here

Thank you to the most wonderful beta @widowshulk and my inspiration fuel @blackbeak for helping me through this. 

Title: Helpless Part 2: Breathe Again 

Summary:  Set post ACOMAF. Cassian and Nesta first time scenario. The two work out the secrets that have been poisoning their souls for some time now and surrender themselves entirely to one another. Very angsty chapter ahead. 

Teaser:  Her throat clenches at that, at the thought of him not being here with her. He could have been killed in some battle centuries ago. In a place she’s never seen by a faceless monster before she was born, before she was even thought of. It rattles a part of her she never knew existed. Somehow she knows as their eyes meet again, without understanding why, that she would rip this world to shreds and shatter its very bones to keep him safe.

Link: AO3 

Cassian looks into her wild, storm tossed eyes and finds fire blazing in them. For a few heartbeats Cassian is sure she’s going to strike him for that. Maybe he deserves it, for crossing that line when she was already so close to the edge. But she had needed to hear it. He had needed to find some way to get through to her before she seriously hurt someone – most likely herself.

Whatever the consequences he’s prepared to take them. So he braces himself for the blow he’s sure is coming. Either with fists or with words she’ll hit where it hurts him the most and he’s ready to take it. As punishment for going too far or just for the sake of the release she so desperately needs. He’s ready.

Only it never comes.

Instead he watches her utterly shatter right in front of him.

The thrill of wariness that had shot through him in response to the fire he had sparked in her eyes is nothing compared to this. As he watches it flicker and die an odd sense of defeat sweeps through him. He would rather she had hit him. He would rather that fire destroy him, reducing him to ash; than the cold wasteland before him that leaves them both desolate. 

Her head hangs down between her violently shaking shoulders. She seems to suddenly cave in on herself, crumpling before him. It's as though the weight of the world has become too heavy for her to carry on her steel shoulders any more.

 Cassian manages to make her out when she chokes out hoarsely, “I failed her.” The way her voice is muffled by the thick emotions that obviously clog her throat and the way she directed those words at her knees makes something in him ache. 

Cassian stills, guided by a deeply rooted instinct born of his time as an army commander. Speaking with his men, empathising with them, helping them talk through their trauma gave him an instinct for this. That combined with something deeper… Something stronger and more insistent even than those instincts coaxes him into staying quiet. He gives her space and time, lets her explain in her own time and her own way.


Cassian says nothing. He doesn’t question or urge more from her after that blunt, harsh statement. The damning words had been so vague, almost begging him to seek further explanation from her. But in spite of that he doesn’t push her on it. Through the haze of guilt and fear and pain and grief she registers a faint, near silent pulsing of…gratitude towards him tugging on the fringes of her consciousness.

But the cursed emotions tearing her apart smother that in a heartbeat, making her wonder if it was ever there at all. She’s pitched back into that abyss once more – one she doesn’t think even Cassian can pull her out of.

“I didn’t protect her,” she spits out, self disgust in every syllable. “I didn’t stop them hurting her. I didn’t stop them from shoving her into that Cauldron and holding her down-“ She gags reflexively at the memories that swell inside her head, blotting out everything else.

Elain screaming and fighting helplessly against the inhumanly strong Fae bastards who had her. Elain being forced into the Cauldron and held down. Nesta screaming and screaming and screaming for her sister, her sweet, gentle sister. Who they had turned into the monster of her childhood right in front of her eyes.

The depthless black fathoms are swallowing her up again. They stuff themselves into her mouth and nose, suffocating her, drowning her in pitch, killing her. Then they spark. And the fire bursts through her entire body reducing her to nothing. Only ash and dust and screaming silence are left of her. And from the ashes of her former self the Cauldron had forced something else- something worse- to rise.

“They hurt her,” she whispers. Her hands curl into fists, nails biting deep into her palms. “They destroyed her. My sister. My little sister. And I- I let them.”

“Nesta-“ Cassian murmurs, deep voice incredibly gentle.

She ignores him. All the rage and pain and disgust and guilt she’s kept locked up behind iron walls for so long are slowly filling her up. It had been stretching every fraying seam within her past breaking point. And  it has finally found an outlet, now it’s begun to release she can’t stop it and she doesn’t want to. It’s like a poison in her and she needs to get it out, all of it, before it kills her.

So she refuses to let him quiet her or soothe her the way she knows he wants to, the way she knows he can. Instead she stumbles blindly on. All the while she hopes that he’ll manage to catch her when she inevitably slips over the looming cliff edge she’s dancing so dangerously close to.

“I always protected her,” she tells him, the words spilling from her in a tangled mess. “I always took care of her. Always. I always did that. I stopped her getting hurt. I looked after her, that’s what I did.”

Her words ring hollow, even in her ears. They sound childish; repetitive and oddly blank but it seems important to tell him, to make sure he understands. It was the only thing she had ever done in that cottage, looking after Elain. Not Feyre, Feyre had always been capable of taking care of herself – of all of them.

Secretly,  Nesta had always resented her for that. For doing what she never could. So she had focused instead on Elain. She had tried to shield her from whatever she could. She had encouraged her hope and her quiet strength. She had tried to make sure that her light – the only light any of them had had in that hovel – had never gone out.

It was the only thing she had ever done. The only thing she had ever done right.

“I would have done anything for her,” she whispers.

Her whole body is shaking uncontrollably. But she knows that Cassian will understand that. If anyone in this world could understand the lengths she would have gone to to keep Elain alive and safe it’s him. For her she would have fought, stolen, killed for, sold herself, died. For her she would have allowed them to tear her wings from her back just as long as it would have helped her sister.

“But when she needed me – when she really needed me to be there for her, to save her-“

 When she had been sobbing and fighting and screaming- The way she had screamed… The sound is something Nesta knows she’ll never forget no matter how long she lives in this immortal body. It still haunts her. It echoes through her dreams. It’s become the horrifying backdrop to the nightmares she now expects. They visit her every night. And the cacophony of her sister’s screams torment her over and over and over again.

“I failed her,” she breathes again. Her eyes are wide, staring at the same spot on the ground without looking away, or truly seeing anything. “I did nothing.”

She had roared and raged and howled and fought with absolutely everything she was, everything she had, but it hadn’t done a damn thing. The world hadn’t listened or cared or bowed to her will. It had been utterly indifferent as it had idly torn away everything she had. Unconcerned as it wrecked everything she loved.  Uncaring as it finally obliterated everything she had been.

She might as well have thrown stones at an empty sky to try and get the attention of an ignorant god for all she’d been able to do. Useless. A burden. As she’d been all her life.

“I didn’t protect her. I couldn’t protect her. I failed her,” she chokes out.

The words trip off of her tongue without conscious thought, tumbling over each other in their haste to leave her. Those same things have repeated over and over again in her mind. As though she’s still in shock over something that happened months ago and all she can do is replay it again and again.

Tears spill from her eyes before she can call them back and stop him seeing the extent of her grief and horror. She hates allowing anyone being around her when she feels this vulnerable and out of control. And yet some part of her wants to move closer to him, wants to beg him not to leave her, wants him to comfort her even if she doesn’t deserve it.

Slowly, tentatively, Cassian’s large, rough, callused hand lifts and reaches out to her with an air that suggests it's responding somehow to her silent plea. Nesta looks up at him in time to meet his eyes as he tenderly cups her cheek. The softness in the gesture would have been startling coming from a muscled, warrior male as strong as he had she not known him.

With aching care he lightly swipes her tears away with the ball of his thumb. He had done the same thing for her months ago when she had still been mortal. He had wiped her tears away when they had both fought together to convince the queens to help Rhys and Feyre. As it had been then the gesture connects her to him more strongly than she’s ever been bonded to anyone else in her life.

The world dissolves again to contain nothing but his rich, smooth hazel eyes and the space from them to hers. Only he exists to her as everything else drains away leaving only them there. Her lungs slowly expand at his touch, at his tenderness for the first time since she was Made she can breathe. Her trembling body slumps with the flooding release that accompanies the sense of relief that sweeps through her like a cool breeze rippling over a scorched, parched desert.

Unconsciously, on some unknown instinct she somehow trusts, Nesta finds herself leaning in to him. She finds herself wanting him, accepting him, thanking him for the measure of calm and quiet he manages to infuse her with. Gentle feeling seeps through her fractured, stricken nerves that have long since been deadened to everything around her.

“I understand,” Cassian murmurs softly to her. His thumb is still lightly stroking her cheek with an almost absent air that suggests he doesn’t quite realise that he’s doing it.

 Nesta raises her eyes from her knees and looks at him, really looks at him. Past the battered Illyrian warrior who has survived everything the world has thrown at him. She sees through that to the still warm and tender heart that beats beneath his fighting leathers. All the decades of pain he’s endured he’s never let harden him or turn him bitter and cold. It had only taken a few short years to corrupt her own now icy heart, though.

Somehow she can feel the empathy and compassion radiating through her from him. And with that she understands. She understands why he’s still here, why he hasn’t walked away from her despite her cruelty and her spite.

Because when he looks at her he sees her too. And he understands her in a way no-one else has ever even bothered to try and do.


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Fresh Start - Home Alone

A/N: Part 8 (EIGHT??) of my Fresh Start series. As promised you will have three parts this week. I’m trying to cue this for wednesday since I’ll be busy, but I have no clue what i’m doing so you might get it today (tuesday). Shout out to my beautiful beta @thorne93. Hope ya’ll enjoy reading. Feedback is always appreciated.

Characters: Dean, Reader.

Pairing: Getting closer to Dean x Reader

Warnings: Some alcohol, some language.  

Wordcount: 2509


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Hey! I was wondering if you were busy tonight? I have the house to myself and I have stocked up on apology beer.  -(YN)

Dean read the text a couple of times, and then one more time before he answered. He didn’t quite know what to think, if there was something hidden between the words or if it was just a beer and an apology. He really didn’t think you had anything to apologize for though, he figured he crossed a line with you, messed up if you will, and you asked him to leave, he understood that. He decided to not read anything into the text and typed up a reply.

Hey! Apology beer sounds awesome! Mind if I bring an apology pizza?

An hour went by without any answer from you, Dean would never admit it to anyone, but he was getting more nervous by the minute. He checked his phone for what seemed like the hundredth time and was just as disappointed when there was no answer. Dean decided he had to busy himself with something while he waited, as to not go insane, so he decided to go grab a shower. The warm water didn’t do what he hoped it would, it didn’t calm him down in the slightest. Instead he was worrying that he had pushed his luck, that you might think he had another agenda. He tried to push you out of his mind completely as he dried off and went to his bedroom to find some clothes. Dean never put much thought into what he wore, he always wore either a henley or an old band shirt paired with flannel and a pair of jeans. Today he went with an all black henley with a grey flannel over and the only pair of jeans that didn’t have holes or oil stains on them. Just as he was buckling his belt he heard his phone buzz on the kitchen table downstairs and he all but ran out of his room and down to where his phone was. He didn’t quite understand why he felt the need to brace himself before opening the text, but he did.

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Wow this is great. Just some text from the original caption and go to the video.

Vindur is a non-narrative short film shoot with drone in different parts of Iceland.
Vindur means wind in Icelandic which is relevant to the way its shoot. So for 3 minutes you will get to enjoy amazing drone footage portraying Icelandic unbelievable landscapes. Beautiful waterfalls, endless valleys, unusual mountain ranges, out of this world landscapes, oceanic cliffs, old glacier, fantastic canyon and many other wonders that makes Iceland so unique and such a blast to shoot using DJI Phantom 3 professional.
I really hope you enjoy watching it.

anonymous asked:

*curtsies timidly* Hello, I was wondering if you could give some advice. I usually love English class and see textual analysis/essay writing as fun challenges. But recently my confidence in writing plummeted. Part of it might the pessimistic moods of the texts (they're all plays criticizing society or questioning life's purpose). Still, I've become so hesitant and unsure that I rarely engage in class. It's scary. Have you experienced this? If so what did you do? Thanks so much for your time!!

*Curtsies* I think this is something every student struggles with at some point or another. First things first: just because you love English doesn’t mean you have to love every text that’s assigned. That doesn’t make you any less of an reader or a bad student or anything else. Taste is a huge part of reading. Know  who I can’t stand? Mark motherfucking Twain. Hate him. Can’t do it. But because I went to high school and undergrad in the Good Ol’ American South, I had Hucklberry Finn assigned six different times. Honestly I’m annoyed just thinking about it. And that’s okay. If you like everything you read you’re probably not giving it enough thought. However, you are going to have to learn to deal with texts you’re not exactly enthused about, because you will have to read a lot of them. Know what else I had to read for my English major? Freud. And not just like a few pages, I had to read a fucking lot of Freud. Here’s tht thing about that: Freud is gross. But Freud is important. Because even if you don’t agree with a word of what he has to say, you can’t deny that he’s had a huge impact on literary criticism, and that in order to be a well-informed reader you have to understand what an author or critic means when they start throwing out terms like id, ego, and superego. Sometimes we read for enjoyment, sometimes for clarity/literary awareness. In an ideal world it would be both, but alas, the world ain’t ideal. 

Here’s what I’d suggest when you’re struggling with a text:

  1. Orient yourself. When and where was this text written? It might be because I’m a product of my new historicist environment, but I find that knowing what literary movement a piece of work belongs to helps me figure out (1) what I should be looking for, and (2) why I need to read it. School assignments are a lot less difficult when you understand the So what? behind it. Why is this piece of work important? 
  2. Listen to your classmates. How are they reacting to it? Which parts are they excited/frustrated/confused about? If you don’t understand what someone means, ask. Don’t do it in an antagonistic way, but it’s totally fair to say, “Wait. I don’t understand what you mean by [blank]. Can you help me?” That’s still engaging in the discussion, and hearing your classmates talk about the book might help you figure out what you’re missing. Know what else you can do? If one of your classmates sounds like they really get it, talk to them after class. Pluck them by the sleeve and say, “Hey, I really loved the point you made about [blank]. I’ve been struggling with this other thing and wonder what you think.” Because not only might they be able to help you, but you might find a new friend/study buddy. 
  3. Talk to your teacher. I tell people this literally all the time. Talk to your teacher. If you’re struggling, hang after class for a minute or go to their office hours (I can’t tell if you’re in college or high school) and just say, “Hey, I’m having a hard time with [blank] and I really want to understand it better. Can you help?” That’s literally why they’re there. They’re not going to be upset that you didn’t get it right away. They’re going to be glad that you want to figure it out and asked for their help. Seriously. I can’t emphasize this enough. Learning to talk to your teachers will makes your academic experience a hundred times better. 

Good luck! Hope this helps.

a smol celebration is at hand today~

Oculus the eye-nerdie turned 6 months today~ ;u;
And here’s a little growth-collage to go with it, because yes, I have basically drawn this lil’ dude every day for 6 months~
(so, the first pic of him, something from about the middle & the latest ‘bigger’ pic~)

Now…here’s some more text under the cut to go with this~ 
tl; dr: this blog has given me so much, thank you everyone who has been part of it so far, thank you so much  ♡ ♡ ♡
but in longer words:

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honesty is a beautiful thing. it’s the most wonderful part of anyone you meet. when you first wake up and your voice is so scratchy and your hairs a mess, there’s nothing but honesty there. when your favorite soccer team scores a goal and you get so excited you accidentally hit me in the nose. when you’re watching your favorite drama on Netflix and you start shouting about some shit I have no clue about. that’s honesty. honesty is pure. honesty is beautiful. and i honestly wouldn’t want to be in this with anyone else.