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Can you please give me some cute : GrantairexEnjolras headcanons? (I don't know the ship name, please help me with that :)))

the ship name is enjoltaire, and i’ll do my very best 

  • grantaire and enjolras are that one couple who’re always casually touching
  • grantaire’s sketchbook is absolutely stuffed with drawings of enjolras
  • they have a little system for running their flat- whoever gets up first makes breakfast, and the other one feeds the cats- and they spin around each other and toss things to one another like you always see in the cliche movies because they’re so used to it 
  • sometimes they slip into baby talk around each other which is just as gross and disturbing as you can imagine, bahorel covers jehan’s ears
  • both of them stay up way too late and neither of them want to get up in the morning so usually they just stay in bed until past noon
  • they have a bulletin board for ‘important things’ which is covered in french flags, notes to each other, and doodles that enjolras loves
  • they both catnap in the sun along with their actual cats, it’s a big messy pile
  • grantaire sticks his hair up with pencils and usually when it’s falling out he forgets there’s already one in there so he ends up with, like, ten pencils sticking out of his hair and he looks like a studious hedgehog
  • the flat’s usually pretty silent- they’re both totally happy with not talking, they don’t need to
  • grantaire borrows enjolras’s red hoodie all the time- Enjolras points out that it’s too big for him and he sniffs that that’s entirely the point 
  • pet names………..
  • their inside joke is that they always get each other fuzzy socks- not even for a holiday or anything, they just toss a new pack at each other at any random meeting. why 
Nightmares - Perrentes Imagine

Anonymous – 

Cam you do a perrentes where mikke gets texts fom tont at like 3 am sometimes becuz he has nightmares and this time mike goes over to tonys house to comfort him and flufffffff btw LUV UR BLOG 


Mike P.O.V. 


“Ughh…” I groaned, reaching to the nightstand for my phone. I brought it up close, turning to bright screen on. I groaned again.

“too….damn…muthufriggin,,,,bright ass… ugh” I mumbled different profanities under my breath, while struggling to lower the brightness.

Obviously, I was tired.

‘Tony Turtle – 3:04 a.m.’

“Shit.” I opened the text, anticipating the worst.

'I’m sorry i wkoke you. Reallyy. i just wanted to be…distracted. uh, anyways, I had a nightmare again. That’s why I’m textig you. So, I was eating pizza with the you, Vic, and Jaime, and hen you guys started yellling at me for mssing up. Andf I didn’t know what I did, so I starrted crying because you hated me. And you yelled at me more. I’m such a baby babyyd. Sorry sorry please don’t wake up. Forget I eveer sent this.’

I ran a hand through my hair, letting out a slow sad sigh. I brought my feet to the floor, sitting up to stretch my back. I hit reply.

'Tony. Never be sorry for texting me when you have nightmares. I’m always here for you. I want to help. So, are you okay? Are you freaking out again? Panic attack? What is it, Turtle? :)’

I pushed the send button, eagerly waiting for a reply.

'Tony Turtle – 3:07 a.m.’

I hastily clicked the open button, breathing out a quick breath, searching through the text for any words of urgency.

'I judst always fell like “i’m bothering you, and you’re reallly good at lying so what if this whole time, you were   actuaflly bored of me. Asnd I thought you guys LIKEdD me. I always knew I was annoying and I don’t want to bother more so maybe I should djust avoid you. Sorrryy for gettin g your way.Jaime   was alwaysv funnier, wasn’t he?’

When Tony was having a panic attack, he always let out every thought and misspelled a lot of words because of his shaking hands, and flustered thoughts. 

Tony was having a panic attack.

"I’m on my way.’

I threw on some Vans and skinny jeans, stuffed my phone in my back pocket, and quietly (but very quickly) slid my window open. 

It’s times like this when I’m thankful for our one-story,' I thought as I stretched my long legs out the window, hopping out.

The night was darkly mysterious and cold, as always.

I started sprinting through short cuts and alleyways I had learned about from the many other occasions when I snuck out.


I pulled my phone out again.

'Tony Turtle – 3:15 a.m.’

'Please don’t. I know you guys hatue me. I’m so quiet and boring. I can;t even stiand myself. I bet wJaime and Vic and you always talk about how uglys I am.  I knoow I’m ugly, why doy uo talk about it behing my back? I hate myself and I hate you personality, anvd you guys are sow cool and iom n.ot.'v

I stopped a few streets from his house, and leaned forward, catching my breath again.

He needs a hug.' I thought, getting back up and starting off again. 

I eventually reached his house, panting heavily, My hand knocked cautiously on his window. I saw a light flicker on through his blinds.

The window slowly started to slide. I helped, bringing it across the hinges. I climbed through the blinds, only to see a short Tony shaking amd blinking rapidly. He was gasping for breath as his knees buckled and he started to fall.

I reached for waist, pulling him onto my lap as I slid to the carpet. He was struggling to speak.

"Y-you shou-shouldn’t….I hate……quiet….b-boring….I’m so-so pathet-tic.” he cried put barely audible whispers, his shoulders slumping.

I brought my hand to his, connecting our fingers as I calmed him down.

“Tony, you’re perfect. Nobody hates you. You’re not boring. Jaime loves you. Vic loves you. I love you. You’re safe. You’re safe. You’re safe.” I said into his ear.

He was still shaking.

“That’s what yo-you want m-me to thin-ink.” He stuttered out.

“No, Tony. It’s the voices again. Ignore them. Focus on me. I’m right here. Right now. And I love you.” I squeezed his hand and gripped his waist tighter.

“You h-hate me.”

After minutes of talking him down, his head laid back lazily on my shoulder. He was always exhausted after a panic attack.

“You’re safe. WIth me. You’re safe….” I continuously repeated, hoping it finally got to him. 

I kissed the back of his neck softly. I played with his soft hands. I rocked him back and forth. I knew what calmed him down. I knew him.

That night, Tony fell asleep in my lap. His breath slow and steady, his hands relaxed, his lips slightly parted. How I wanted to kiss them.


My eyes peeled open, and as my vision cleared, I saw Tony still rested in my arms, exactly like he was before.

I revealed my phone, checking the time.

'10:38 a.m.’

School had already started. I shrugged. Oh well, I wasn’t going to make him go anyways. 

I watched his eyes move around behind his eyelids. His hand would twitch sometimes, as did his feet. My little turtle finally looked calm.

“I want to kiss you so much right now.” I mumbled under my breath,.

“Th-then do it.” I looked up, wide-eyed, to see Tony looking into my eyes with his big, innocent eyes. 

I stared at his lips. So pink, and anxious, and Tony,

I joined our lips, his heavy breath swirled in with mine. I gradually moved our lips more, tightening my hands around his waist. He nagged at my hair. I confidently brought my tongue to his lip, licking his soft skin.

He moaned softly, and I could feel the warmth of his cheeks through his skin to the inside of his mouth, We stayed connected.

I messed with his mouth, getting more soft moans and fast breaths. He was always so nervous.

We pulled apart, my lips were throbbing with want and love. He was so perfect.

Tony was blushing at the ground, being his insecure self.

I kissed his nose, then his forehead, and his cheeks, and his nose again.

Tony blushed even more (if that was even possible), and glanced at me. I kept his face up with my fingers, slowly taking in his perfections.

“We all love you, Tony. But I love you the most." 

If I take the Bears’ message at face value from last nights show (and I apply my dark Larrie reasoning skills) I would assume the following:
-the Bears represent Larry (Larry Grayson)
-the Bears are together (holding hands) and possibly even engaged (bride-to-be)
-they’re closeted (Larry Grayson)

Further interpretation: they’re closeted. As such, they have to deal with certain aspects of their closet. One of those is B. The Bears were meant to send a message of reassurance. (Love, Larry)
We always said things might get uglier bts before they got better. I think it’s about to be very ugly. This was their reassurance.
I know some people are in panic mode, but I am strangely calm because there is literally no other way to interpret the Bears from yesterday. They’re gonna be okay.

It looks like the site for the Japanese isos crashed so I’ll have to wait on the Utena game.



First she has all the dudes aka literal garbage STAY AWAY FROM THEM ALL OH MY GOD especially akio

Then she has Juri, who will be too hung on a girl who delights in seeing her suffer to pay any attention to some other girl

Then there’s Utena will literally interrupt all their makeout sessions with “I WANNA REMIND YOU I’M A PERFECTLY NORMAL GIRL WHO WANTS A PERFECTLY NORMAL BOY” before going back to stuffing her tongue down her throat. Also will be condescending. Also will talk about Anthy constantly.


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Hi momma.. I haven't eaten much since stuffing day and tonight my family made pizzas and they ate all of it before I got home from my night class.. I'm starting to feel nauseous and really depressed and I don't know what to do..

Sweetheart, you need to eat something. It doesn’t have to be big, but your body’s not going to react well to being out of fuel. Also make sure to drink some water: it can help quell hunger pangs and it generally feels better to be hydrated. On the other hand, maybe avoid milk, because it can make an upset stomach feel worse. If you’re really low on food, maybe go to a gas station nearby, as they tend to at least sell travel snacks, which can help. Also, you might want to talk to your family about the pizza thing, as that was a bit inconsiderate of them to not at least save you a slice.

-the Selkie