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Some tips to writing gay sex when you aren’t a gay guy:

When your characters are cis men:

  • Preparation can be key. If your character didn’t expect to have sex that night, then he probably isn’t prepared. If there is penetration going to be happening, some men prefer to get themselves ready… y’know… clean up. Otherwise bad stuff can sometimes happen and it’s not pleasant for either person.
  • LUBE. Not spit. LUBE. Spit dries up really easily and it can pull on that sensitive flesh and that’s not a pleasant experience for most people. There are also different types of lube which you can choose from depending on the type of situation!
  • There are other ways of having sex then putting dick in butt. Many other ways. Explore them! This also applies to every other gender.
  • Stretching before penetration is important, it can REALLY hurt otherwise. Your character needs to be relaxed, but don’t overstretch them (that can hurt too). That ain’t fun buddy, don’t put your character through that.
  • Don’t just… have your guy who is on top slam his dick into the other? That’s not fun, put some speed differences in there, have him pay attention to the other’s responses.

When the characters are trans men:

  • All trans men are different, much like all cis men are different, and all girls are different, and all other-gendered-folk are different as well. Each has their own experience with their lives, these notes are just things that I’ve personally learned along the way, so they may not be applicable to everyone!
  • After going on HRT (hormone replacement therapy), men can grow facial hair and get a deeper voice.
  • If your character shows signs of having hormones, he may not be able to produce natural lubrication anymore in his parts. Much like cismen, he also needs lube.
  • Some trans men prefer anal, just cause gender dysphoria can suck sometimes.
  • Try to stray away from calling your trans character terms like ‘tranny’ or other terms that can be hurtful. (Some older generations may find power in the term, so this can change.)
  • Some trans men feel uncomfortable when people start talking about their ‘pussy’, calling them ‘woman’, or wanting to ‘impregnate them’ (which for some people -not all though- is impossible once you’ve been on HRT for a while). You might trigger the aforementioned gender dysphoria again in your readers, but also in your character.
  • It’s not a good feeling, so maybe stray away from that! :)
  • Be kind to your trans man, (and your other characters of course), so give him things that make him feel validated as the man he truly is. Use he/him/his pronouns, be obvious about it.

Feel free to add more! This is not an all-encompassing list!
It’s also good to note that everything changes from person to person, so feel free to do some research and talk to trans and cis men alike, go out and write what you like, what makes you happy!

So I can’t be the only one who noticed right? Dan being smol in baking vids 😉

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Y'all realize you can dislike something/someone just cause it doesn’t vibe with you, right? Like doing 726382847282377 hours of research to make things look problematic and telling other people that they’re bad for liking it isn’t necessary at all

Aquarius Debunked: Myth #2

People keep calling Aquarians “humanitarian.”

It’s true, in a way. 

Aquarians do charity work. They’ll feed the poor, help build shelters, and give a homeless person a dollar.

But they’ll make sure someone’s taking pictures, put it on their resume, casually mention how they helped make the world a better place, in every single conversation with everyone they meet. 

If you ask what they’d do if they won the lottery, they’ll say, “I’ll use the money to make the world a better place” (build a hospital, donate to PETA, whatever). They’ll say it while they watch you carry an armload groceries into your house, without offering to help. 

There’s no glory in helping with the little things. You can’t put small acts of genuine kindness on a resume. Where are the cameras? Pfft.

They’ll offer to travel the world with you- because they need someone to take pictures of them to put on Instagram. They need to appear popular and well-traveled, but they have no genuine interest in taking in the sights, making connections, or having fun. 

It’s always about appearances.

An Aquarius would rather project an image of being happy and fulfilled via their facebook profile, than experience actual happiness and fulfilment. They’d rather appear to be humanitarian than actually help people from the heart. They’d rather appear popular than have any real friends. They’d rather appear to have a perfect relationship than find true love. 

It takes less time and effort to construct a pretty lie than to build something beautiful and true. So, I get it. (I don’t respect it.) But I get it.

We are currently in the age of Aquarius. One glance around shows that everyone displays the behavior described here to some extent. People are allies because it’s the cool thing to do, not because they care. People stay in friend groups just to fit in and appear well-adjusted, not because they’re actually friends. Etc.

Those with prominent Aquarius in their birth chart (esp. rising) just do this more than the rest of us.

The evolved Aquarius is a true rebel and revolutionary. The evolved Aquarius does things for only one reason: because they want to. Not to help others, and not to help themselves, but from pure, genuine, internal motivation. This form of Aquarius is exceptionally rare. You’re more likely to come across the sheep than the lone wolf manifestation of this sign.

So… For the love of god, stop calling Aquarians ‘humanitarian’ when they honestly couldn’t give a fuck, unless it makes them look good.

[Myth #1]

In some kind of AU… 🍃



If you’re a privileged person trying to combat your unconsciously prejudiced views of the world, absolutely congratulate yourself when you notice you’ve made progress–but don’t expect other people to put their energy into giving you a pat on the back. You are working on being a better person because you owe that to other people.

Radical concept, but…Dex…  loves Nursey and being with him enriches his life. Nursey is one of his best friends and they both love and respect each other. Idk why some people act like their romantic relationship would be Dex constantly annoyed and upset and Nursey pining. 

I love the new chapter’s title 「手から手へ」 (From hands to hands), because as soon as I read it, putting aside the more basic, obvious meanings, it made me think of a letter. 

“Letter” in Japanese is written 手紙 and it uses the kanji for “hand” 手. Also, the format から~へ~ is used in letters (from~to~). And then we got the actual letter, with “the curtain raises” (it can also mean “a new story begins”) written at the end.

reminder that its never okay to be abusive or toxic to someone, regardless of who you are or what you have to deal with.

game difficulty & accessibility

sometime tho can we have a Real conversation about games and accessibility? 

like, some of the big questions i have are:

  • what level of difficulty do different players desire when playing a game? sure, some gamers want to be pushed to the edge of their limits while playing, but others just want a fun way to decompress after a hard day - is it possible to design games for both audiences? 
  • I know ppl will go on and on about the ideal balance being a state of “flow” but like… is the optimal “flow” state different for different people? do some gamers require more challenge to acheive a full sense of blissful productivity, while other gamers want a more relaxed and punishment-free environment?
  • for gamers that do want more of a chellenge, what makes good “difficult” games feel fair rather than just frustrating? how do we balance challenges so that players don’t just give up in annoyance, but rather feel like success is within their grasp?
  • how can game challenges be created to scale for a variety of skill and interest levels? are there better ways to do this than an arbitrary difficulty selection screen? mechanically, is the best way to accomplish this merely to scale the stats and variables involved, or to actually alter the nature of the challenge / puzzle?
  • what are the different types of challenges that games use to create difficulty? are there pros and cons to the different challenge types (reaction-time/reflex, pattern memorization, logic puzzle, etc.)? i’ve heard people talk about challenges in execution (i.e. how well you can hit certain buttons with a certain timing) vs challenges that require more thought and planning.
  • when designing for players who struggle with certain physical skills, how do you still make challenges in the game fun? if a player is physically unable to quickly and accurately press the right button, how do you still design a reaction-based challenge that doesn’t feel impossible? are there other types of challenges you could implement? 
  • what about designing for players with bad memories, or short attention spans, or difficulty with spatial reasoning, or difficulty processing multiple simultaneous sources of information? can one mechanic even be designed to accomidate every possible type of player that will encouter your game?
  • does every player need to have the same experience with a game? if players are fundamentally different, and have different skills and limits, how can you design a set of mechanics that allows each player to utilize their own strengths? how can you make it so that a player who is bad at a certain challenge is still able to have fun - maybe by making it so that there are several possible ways to advance past any particular roadblock?
  • and, lastly, if different players are going to experience the game differently, are there parts of your plot that you want every player to experience? are these parts of the plot hidden behind challenges that some players, no matter how hard they try, won’t ever be able to complete? 

yeah idk hopefully people have some thoughts other than “blah blah git gud only hardcore players deserve to enjoy games” bc that shit is disgusting as fuck

I need to learn to understand that just because therapy is hard for me and just because I struggle with recovery does not mean I will never get better.

It’s really hard to convince myself that it’s true, but that’s something I’m working on.