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More about the 10 Things I Hate About You AU:

- Shiro is Keith’s brother. Allura has a massive crush on him but Shiro isn’t allowed to date because his father wants him to focus on getting a football scholarship. 

- He makes a deal with Shiro that he can go to the dance with Allura if Keith gets a date, but Keith has been extremely antisocial since Shiro lost his arm in an accident.

- Allura and Coran make plans to find someone to seduce Keith into going to the dance with them, but everyone is too scared to talk to him. Then finally they ask Lance, who is a self-proclaimed dating expert and claims he can woo anyone. 

- Allura and Coran trick Lotor into paying Lance money to ask Keith out by having Allura flirt with him. 


a dirkjake playlist

[ with focus on The Break Up and reconciliation ]

i’m currently blocked on the piece i’m working on, so i whipped together a quick cover to share a dirkjake-ish song list

tracklist under the cut (with lyrics)

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Did you know about Ramsay?

Let Keith display anger, frustration and/or irritation at Shiro 2k17

Ten Years, Ten Goals Tag

Thank you @niftynotes​ and @athrimancy​ for tagging me!

Rules: List 10 goals you have for the next 10 years, write it down or save it somewhere you can find it again, then tag 10 people :)

In ten years, I will be… ageless, because I will never grow up. 

1. Finish undergraduate degree

2. Write a book

3. Get into an MFA program in Creative Writing

4. Work for a nonprofit, humanitarian, or media organization 

5. Become a published / professional poet.

6. Publish a book

7. See at least five new countries

8. Live in NYC, Boston, or Seattle

9. Get my art skills up to snuff.

10. Create something that will have a lasting positive impact on the world. 

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Florent according to tumblr tags (insp)

What happens when @its-me-lsp leads the dance? THIS! Hnnnn touching!.. We talked about this! )^F<

( My GOD this was supposed to be a small doodle but oooh I just love these two so much I couldn’t stop there! <’D )

( I wonder when is she going to notice he can’t hear any of the music 8l… )


“Why won’t you let me do this for you, Rose?”|”Just let me do this for you, Steven!”

transparent fullbodies that aren’t supposed to go together but do anyway because tumblr formatting sucks [audience roars]

If S1 is the birth of a love, S2 is the acceptance of that love. Ten is born with Rose in mind, she literally imprints onto him like a chick–his accent is intended to be based on Rose’s. Ten is emotionally volatile in ways that Nine never was because of his passion for Rose being writ in his DNA, and so if anything, his love for her blinds him even more than it did Nine.

Throughout early S2, the Doctor refuses to accept Rose’s mortality. He goes all Oncoming Storm whenever she is compromised–from TCI in which he wakes from his restorative nap at her quiet plea for help; to NE and his incensed threatening of Cassandra; to when, in T&C, the Doctor belatedly realizes Rose is in danger and shouts furiously at the monk. It’s only when Rose meets Sarah Jane and questions him that the Doctor finally acknowledges the biggest obstacle in their relationship–lifespan. At the turn of the series, Rose shows more independence, stubbornly refusing to do as she’s told in RotC/AoS and denying the Doctor a chance to argue about her decision to go with Pete into the factory. And it’s clear that, from what Mickey says and how the series goes on, this is a breaking point for them–that their relationship shifts fundamentally after AoS because Rose is essentially an equal and the Doctor truly begins to treat her as such.

—  @orbitingasupernova (source in response to this)

Things I wish people understood: in some places, certain foods are cheaper, and in different places, other foods are cheaper.

Sometimes meat is cheap. Sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes plant-based foods are cheap. Sometimes it isn’t. You’re all right and you’re all wrong it is just contextual???? There’s no blanket rule for the entire world.

It’s literally such an easy concept. Some places are different to other places. Have none of you moved out of your own suburb?? I don’t understand how people are still confused by “some places are different to other places”? ? ??!


some mina redesign notes, redesigning characters and stuff is so fun :D




“This node is caught in a loop trying to access something it’s calling ‘the Domain’, an offworld data repository of some kind, though I’m only able to extract bits and pieces of the complete exchange…”

Any book is a cry in the wilderness.. It says ‘this is the world I recognise. Do you recognise it too?
—  Patrick Ness speaking at the Siobhan Dowd Trust Memorial Lecture at the Edinburgh Book Festival, 2014