some one send me to er

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how do you think bell is gonna react when she notices you're gone? it's not like anyone can go tell her you're ok. plus no one knows how long you will be here. well. you and your kid.

She’s gonna tear the ‘partment to ribbons, lookin’ fer me! Ooh, she’s gonna worry herself to pieces, fuckin’ hell…

I jus’ wish there was some way someone could send a message to ‘er fer me…that me and the babe are safe and sound…


“If this is really all happening in some other dimension.. shouldn’t we er- I dunno maybe send something to help them? Ya’know, so you don’t end up having to murder me at the end of all this?”

“Y-you kidding me Lee? You been w-watching this shii-urrrp-shit? I ain’t going anywhere near Rick Q-327!”

It started out as Rick finding a dimension where his life is directed by Quentin Tarantino on the multiverse goggles. Then they found the directors cut on inter-dimensional cable. The rest of the family walks in and out of the room at random intervals, really not wanting to ask why they’re watching and most of the time either laughing or crying over a movie where Rick appears to be killing everyone.

Forge’s opinion on death.

(Pulled From:  Send me a symbol for my muse’s opinion.)

Forge gives the question some thought, eventually starting his reply with a soft sigh. One hand remained at his brow as he spoke, the roegadyn simply holding it there past his pondering.

“Death be one o’ those things that ye can’t escape – though plenty o’ folk try t’do so. Any sailor knows that ye run th’risk o’ not comin’ back whene’er yer out t’sea. But ye don’t jus’ lie down an’ let it happen, aye? Ye fight death as hard as ye can. When some lad’s chargin’ ye, ye sidestep an’ remove his head. When yer gonna set sail, ye bring a black cat on board fer good luck. All me talk o’ luck’s jus’ that, really – th’sailor’s way o’ fightin’ death.” The roegadyn pauses, lowering his hand with a light chuckle.

“Er, sorry. Don’t mean t’get all poetic or nothin’ on ye, if’n y’could even call that poetry. I wouldn’t – don’t got th’mind or th’mouth t’speak all pretty. Much better at swingin’ weapons.” Forge states, a small grin quickly plastering itself on his face.

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Mary/Rita (because heck yes)

send me a pairing and I’ll tell you who:

  • falls asleep on the couch - Rita can take care of Mary for this one
  • makes friends with the neighbors - Together, for friendship and gossip respectively…
  • is the adventurous eater - Mary when they go out, but Rita enthusiastically eats Mary’s cooking, she’s actually eating square meals, fancy that!
  • hogs the covers at night - Rita, who also snores…
  • forgets to do the dishes - Er, Rita
  • tries to surprise their partner more often - Rita, because she’s feeling like she needs to make some sort of gesture of appreciation - maybe she’ll propose with the Weekly horoscopes…
  • leaves dirty laundry on the floor - Neither, Rita is good about keeping clothes at least sort of draped…
  • stays up til 2 AM reading - Both, and if Mary reads Rita’s books Rita will actually become a better person for her
  • sings in the shower - Mary, Rita swoons or stuffs her ears depending on how busy
  • takes the selfies - Mary, Rita takes a few decent professional photos of Mary; is disconcerted but totally touched to realize Mary took photos of her unawares…
  • plans date night - Mary plans, Rita will get sudden desires for dates and eagerly usher Mary to bars they were passing by…