some one send help

hi friends, does any one wanna help me out and send me some critiques/criticisms/advice on my poetry? I feel too much in my own head on this, thank you (hearts)

my friends and I were joking around on Instagram and out of the blue one of us was like “what if I added Taylor swift to our group chat” and I was like oh shit that’d be so funny so I did and now we can’t get her off the chat so now we have a group chat named “pray the tay away” and I don’t know what to do

      “I just asked if you’d teach me how to swim. God damn,” How is he suppose to save damsels in distress if he flails around in the water like a fish out of water? Which is ironic. 

She couldnt help but laugh now, “ okay okay fine, if it means that much to you." 


My sister has actual nick names nicknames for some of them now

I was drinking tea when she informed me that

That yukihina guy is now “Ice queen”.

After I had recovered a few minutes later and we are a page or two further along she said Heike was “Super-Star”

I cannot even guys




O lor my mum’s boyfriend is walking around the house starkers

Someone get me the eye bleach

I mean seriously its not enough I’m constantly walking in on them tounging in the middle of the kitchen or living room. Or the fact that because mum’s bedroom is about a metre away directly across the corridor from mine I have to go to bed uncomfortably wearing headphones or risk being even more uncomfortable.

Now there’s this, I though I was supposed to be the hormonal teenager. Can not wait til I go back to uni in 2 weeks.


i don’t understand anything anymore