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i think it's really cool&interesting that katie mcgrath never actually trained to be an actress, but she turned out to be really good anyways! do you know of any interviews where she talks about learning to act or stuff like that?

Hey anon! Sorry for the delay!

I am always really excited to see when fans realize how far she has come as an actress, especially without training. I have a couple sources here where she mentions her experiences and how she got started and started to come into her own.

I’ve got my tea so I could sit back and do a little digging from some old ones I have saved. Most of these were from her time on Merlin.

From the wardrobe assistant to superstar: How Merlin actress Katie McGrath stole the show - In the first half, she explains how she became and actress and jokes about being a nightmare for those in wardrobe (2009).

Katie McGrath Talks Merlin - Katie briefly discusses the exciting yet daunting task of playing Morgana, what drew her to the role/series, working with Madonna, and the biggest challenge of being an actor (2011).

Katie McGrath, Merlin - Katie talks a little about her talent in playing good vs. evil, and scenes that are the most challenging for her (2012).

‘Merlin’ Katie McGrath Q&A: ‘I’ve been privileged to be part of this’ - Katie discusses gaining confidence as an actress while playing Morgana, learning from actors such as C. Morgan, A. Head and C. Dance, and working with prosthetic make-up for the first time (2012).

Slasher’s Latest Suspect/Victim: Katie McGrath’s Sarah Bennett - Katie talks playing a female character in horror, how she got the role, the challenges of not reading as Morgana, and a future where she may no longer be able to rely on her eyebrows and jawline for work! (2016).

@ that last one… she knows… and she tortures us anyway!

Hope these help! Happy reading!


                 What A Horrible Day / Sisterly Arguments!

Today couldn’t have been any worse. The washing machine broke, and bills are stacking up. I seriously can’t have this shit happening at this moment. I haven’t been able to find any work and Latoya (my twin sister) has been trying to hold us over with some savings she’s gotten from one of her last video shoots…which was over a few months ago.

With all this stress on the table, we seriously haven’t been getting along. She needs to get off my back and understand I’ve been looking for work. Thankfully, I got some sponsorship emails from blogging coming in so I’m hoping that’ll hush her up for the meantime.

Its just not my day. Majority of my clothes are all destroyed from the washing machine accident, I’m stressed the hell out and broke.

xo Latasha

i’m so mad that after kara broke up with that shit stain HE was the one who brought her to barrys world with j’onn and HE was the one who saved her with his ‘love’ .

like this would have been am absolutely perfect opportunity for a danvers sisters ep (which have been non-existent). if alex was the one who went with j’onn and went into the dream sequence to save kara because they love each other so much. i feel fuckin robbed that some dude who doesn’t even respect kara was the one who ‘saved’ her. like we need another show about shitty men saving amazing women fuck right off.

dont demonize someones ship to make yours seem better

thats like saying “oh well i murdered two people but timothy over there murdered three