some one save her


U S E L E S S, it’s what he meant.

*Damian’s favorite animal is the bat, he and Bruce keep track of all the bats and take care of them, Tim does it too but decided to keep from telling Damian so that he doesn’t get jealous and try to keep the away from him.
Damian’s favorite part of the bat-bathing day of the month is feeding the bats, they’re always so hungry and cuddly, it’s adorable.

*Damian is a sleep-cuddler, he will stick to the nearest object and cuddle them to death.

*Damian has an interest in gadgets, he was surprised to know his father didn’t make or design the majority of the batweapons. When he found out it was Lucius Fox he searched for him at a gala, instead of Lucius he found his son, Luke, the one and only batwing. His armor was impressive enough to give Luke the pleasure of designing your robin weapons for Damian, with a bit of his help. It was a bonding experience, he was surprised to know how competent Luke was unlike most of his brothers, so he accepted him as a brother before he even accepted his real brothers. The fact that Luke agreed with most everything he said didn’t hurt either.

*Damian has a soft spot for otters, when the batfam goes to the zoo he will stare at them for hours even if they’re not doing anything, the fluffy floofballs.

*Damian has a duck family. A hoard of duckling’s mother has been missing for days, he took them in when he noticed them taking their daily path to the lake across the manor by themselves, looking lost and unsure. It took a while, but eventually they warmed up to him enough to accept him as their new mother.
Alfred was the only one not surprised when they noticed a bunch of ducklings waddling behind Damian everywhere he went. He cleaned them up, made them a little bed, kept them safe from Alfred the cat, and accepted his role as their mother until the could save their real one from her trap in some trash in the lake. He still visits them and quacks back whenever they say hi to him from across the manor grounds. When they grew up they all would fly over to him annually to visit. (Daisy had babies!)
“I am the night, Todd. The son of batman. I don’t need to go on patrol with anyone. I work alone. ” Damian says, the ducklings following his every step as he walks away.


Anie Cupcake’s learns that no good deed goes unpunished. Join us as we learn the origins of the lovely little toon.

Story and art by @idolaelyartist


Anie Cupcake - @somecleverrhuze

Narrator - James Dijit


Song 1
Cid’s Theme (A Melancholy Tribute) - TPR…

Song 2
Nightmares - Myuuji…

Song 3
You - Myuuji…

Song 4
Home - Myuuji…


This is actually a gift for Idol Aely Artist as thanks for creating such an adorable character. I planned to get this done soon after all the drama happened a while back but ended up taking a lot of time on this.

This took quite a bit longer to get together even though it was mostly narration. Seeing as I don’t speak Spanish and all I had to go on was google’s translator, it was definitely a challenge to have things make sense and sound good from a story telling point of view. With much thanks to Rhuze’s help, we were able to fully translate (with a few very minor edits to the wording) Idol’s history of Anie.

Some of the art you see in this video are from the Idol’s post telling Anie’s story. Some are from one of her comics where she was saved by Marlen and another one showing off her TV show. I just used some of those so that we weren’t staring at the same picture for such a long time.

That’s all for now. Halloween is coming up and a good friend and I have a little something coming up on Monday so stay tuned for that!

I think it’s interesting that so many male superheroes have some tragic backstory for why they decided to save people.  Batman’s parents were murdered, so he decided he would stop murderers.  Spider-Man’s uncle was murdered, so he decided he would stop murderers.  Superman’s entire planet exploded.  Barry Allen’s mom was killed.

But Wonder Woman wants to save people just because she wants to save people.  No other reason.  She’s not doing it as some symbolic vicarious saving of her own loved ones.  She saves people because she wants to save people. And that’s it.  She is inherently good.

She saves people not because Uncle Ben was gunned down in a robbery she could have stopped.  She saves people simply because it is the right thing to do.

Post Eri-Rescue Idea:

Eri is rescued in some action filled traumatizing way, and Deku is the one that saves her. His line?

“It’s okay! Why? Because I am here!”

Eri is just, she’s seen him before and so she knows he’s got her best intentions at heart so she’s not scared. Nope, she clings to his strength and the hope he gives her like the only lifeline she has (and in some ways it is)

Once they’re in a safe place again, it’s time for Eri to go to the social workers because she’s a tiny child who needs caregivers who know what she needs and they need to have LOTS OF EXPERIENCE with traumatized kids. She’s not having any of it. It’s either Deku or everyone in the surrounding vicinity loses their quirks. So, well, they reach a compromise:

Eri and Deku stay together in a secure location with a child therapist and a pro hero that Deku trusts implicitly. The therapist is government issued, but Aizawa as their pro-hero sure isn’t. 

Eri and Deku bond, as close as brother and sister in the coming days. Eri is getting almost nowhere with the therapist, she doesn’t trust them at all, but she has a wary trust with Aizawa because of Deku’s influence. He’s awkward and cranky but he’s always kind and gentle with her, and he’ll teach her self-defense moves when she asks as he’s teaching her Izu-nii all the stuff he’s missing at school. Things even get fun when All Might visits to talk with them, and with him she sees someone that makes Izu-nii happy and someone everyone respects and cares for, even if he still tries to care for them with his breaking body. She recognizes a lot of Izu-nii in him, and a lot of All Might in her big brother.

When things are finally cleared enough that Eri doesn’t have to be constantly supervised anymore, Deku, All Might, and Aizawa go back to Yuuei while Eri is sent to elementary school for the first time because it’s time for her to be integrated back into society. They promise to go and visit Eri often, because being in elementary school is tough, and everything seems fine for about a week or so.

That is, until Eri runs away in the middle of the school day. She’s already snuck into Aizawa’s classroom by the time anyone even notices she’s gone. 

“She’s quiet!” “She’s such a good girl we never thought-” “I just never noticed-”

excuses excuses and more excuses. Aizawa’s still pissed tho and proclaims right then and there that if they can’t take care of Eri then he will. It might’ve been impulsive, but, well, no buts it was just impulsive. So Aizawa has a daughter who won’t leave his classroom, a naive impulsive student of his own who his daughter attaches herself too, and the epitome of publicity porn running down his neck any hour of the day. That’s the only part he hates (besides the fact that he actually has to keep his house tidy now). Even All Might, with all his annoying pep, keeps bugging him everyday. It doesn’t help that his adorable new daughter keeps distracting his students who love her dearly (Tsuyu especially takes a liking to her) and who all SHOULD be studying but he can’t even blame them for giving her affection when she’s had so little of it so far in her life. Even he will turn away when Satou gives her sweets before she eats or when she suddenly has a new toy after passing by Momo’s desk, or she’ll sit inside Shouji’s wing or squeeze into the same seat at Midoriya to watch him teach together. She even makes Bakugou stop his loud outbursts and reflect on his behavior (the sudden anger and violence in his actions make Eri cry and it truly makes Bakugou sit and reflect how he presents himself to victims of violence. A hero can’t make victims afraid to be rescued)

Anyways, Eri becomes Class 1-A’s mascot, Aizawa’s accidental impulse daughter, Deku’s little sister, and All Might becomes a kinda weird uncle 


theeternallyfangirlingauthor  asked:

We need a proper backstory on how hisana and Byakuya met, how they fell in love, etc, etc.

You have opened an unholy can of worms here, my friend. You have started me on discussion of my OTP, and so I have given. This is fucking long.

I have given A Lot. I broke my own heart writing this.

  • Okay, so first of all i feel like i should admit straight out that one of my favorite headcanons is that Hisana had some kind of spiritual pressure
  • She was struggling enough to abandon Rukia, and i doubt she’d have done it unless she thought she was going to die otherwise
  • So she was weak, and small, and female, with just enough spiritual pressure to starve, and alone with a baby. She leaves Rukia in an alley and runs

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i think it's really cool&interesting that katie mcgrath never actually trained to be an actress, but she turned out to be really good anyways! do you know of any interviews where she talks about learning to act or stuff like that?

Hey anon! Sorry for the delay!

I am always really excited to see when fans realize how far she has come as an actress, especially without training. I have a couple sources here where she mentions her experiences and how she got started and started to come into her own.

I’ve got my tea so I could sit back and do a little digging from some old ones I have saved. Most of these were from her time on Merlin.

From the wardrobe assistant to superstar: How Merlin actress Katie McGrath stole the show - In the first half, she explains how she became and actress and jokes about being a nightmare for those in wardrobe (2009).

Katie McGrath Talks Merlin - Katie briefly discusses the exciting yet daunting task of playing Morgana, what drew her to the role/series, working with Madonna, and the biggest challenge of being an actor (2011).

Katie McGrath, Merlin - Katie talks a little about her talent in playing good vs. evil, and scenes that are the most challenging for her (2012).

‘Merlin’ Katie McGrath Q&A: ‘I’ve been privileged to be part of this’ - Katie discusses gaining confidence as an actress while playing Morgana, learning from actors such as C. Morgan, A. Head and C. Dance, and working with prosthetic make-up for the first time (2012).

Slasher’s Latest Suspect/Victim: Katie McGrath’s Sarah Bennett - Katie talks playing a female character in horror, how she got the role, the challenges of not reading as Morgana, and a future where she may no longer be able to rely on her eyebrows and jawline for work! (2016).

@ that last one… she knows… and she tortures us anyway!

Hope these help! Happy reading!


A movie where animal liberation activists are the heroes and people who want to exploit animals because they taste good are the villains? Fuck. Yeah.

Also that girl is a badass and I love her already. Go save some animals, little one.

—who cares | 10 (m)

pairing— kim taehyung x oc / kim seokjin x oc
genre/warnings angst, adultery, mature themes
words— 5,368

:: summary— what happens when Taehyung falls for someone who’s already taken? Can he control his feelings or will they take over and render him powerless? In the end is it all her fault or his…?

note— inspired by Dean’s album 130: trbl.

» 01 :: 02 :: 03 :: 04 ::05 :: 06 :: 07 :: 08 :: 09 :: 10 :: 11

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Hidden Feelings - Coming Out

Are you okay?
Please talk to us!
We’re your friends, we’ll understand.

The girl sighed heavily, rereading all of the comments her online friends were sending her. She had been distant with them lately, afraid they’d judge her for her secret. It wouldn’t be the first time someone did. Shaking her head, she clicked on the comment box. To hell with it all. They’re my friends, they’ll understand.

Guys, it’s really hard to say this…I’ve been hiding who I really am. I’m so afraid of rejection and hate that I’ve been lying to you.

What is it? You don’t have to hide from us, we’re your best friends! :) Her friend replied. With a deep breath as similar answers started popping up, she went back to typing.

Alright, guys. Just know I love you all, and I really hope this doesn’t change anything… She sighed shakily, before adding that last, chilling bit. …I’m a Conservative.

The website went silent, and for a minute the girl thought her screen froze. But after a chilling sixty seconds, the notifications popped up.

You’re a what?

So what, you support Trump?

Please tell me this is a joke.

The girl was shocked at what her friends had said. She didn’t know how to respond, this was certainly not a laughing matter.

Yes, I do support my president, and no, this isn’t a joke.

It didn’t take long for their responses to come through.

I can’t believe this! Trump is a racist, misogynistic, transphobic, pig!

I thought you were better than that. I’m so triggered right now.

I think it’d be best if you just went and drank some bleach, save us from doing it.

Seconds later, one by one her “friends” started unfollowing her. She didn’t have the strength to fight back, to try and defend herself. So she watched as more comments flooded her post, from people she didn’t even follow. All she could think was, when did having a different opinion become such a bad thing?


this…isn’t even every inquisitor i’ve made…and nearly a third of them have romanced/will romance Dorian omg


-So Malec talked about Alec’s attempt at suicide: THANK YOU!!

-Jace keeps interrupting EVERYTHING: get a life Wayland~

-Jace is officially: Jace “Cockblocker” Wayland or The Cockblocker Master™

-Climon was on point~ I don’t ship them but it’s working so good for them (for now…)

-Valentine the asshole as always.. CHECK

-Aldertree has me so fucking pissed: YOU ASKING IZZY OUT??? Was that FOR REAL???

-Izzy and Raphael cooking tamales.. like.. can we get more stereotypical plz(???) XDDD

-BUT super sad about Raphael’s sister tho… every time I know more about Raphael it kills me~ mi pobre bebe vampiro~ 💜

-Malec fighting wasn’t as bad as I had thought it would be: KUDOS ‘CAUSE I WAS DYING OVER HERE~

-Alec’s level of violence WASN’T GOOD AT ALL… period.

-I’m glad Magnus stopped Alec, and called Raphael for his BS… he got back to being an addict… feelings my ass…

-I still HOPE that his “feelings” for Izzy is his addiction talking… I mean they look GOOD, but that “relationship” is nothing but trouble!!


-Maia guys… MAIA BROKE ME….

-Izzy asking Raphael to feed of her has no excuse.

-Raphael feeding off of Izzy, has no excuse.

-Alec beating Raphael up, has no excuse.

-Izzy being shitty towards Alec, has no excuse.

-Magnus stopping Alec and calling Raphael on his shit, HAS ALL THE EXCUSE OF THE WORLD.

-Magnus is a precious babe that doesn’t need this shit from his adoptive son nor from Alec.

-Precious little Madzie needs to be saved from Valentine ASAFP

-ALDERTREE 👏 FINALLY 👏 GOT 👏 WHAT 👏 HE 👏 DESERVED 👏. And I hope there’s more coming his way…

-Alec being BADASS and taking CONTROL of the institute was EPIC and it’s my new aesthetic~



-Valentine taking Simon away… I knew this was coming but still.. MY PRECIOUS LITTLE VAMP BOY ;0; 💔💔💔

Did I cover everything?

Did I mention this episode freaking broke me??? No? Well it freaking did… again…

What did you think guys? I’m still so shook… I can still feel my gut going crazy from worry and sadness and hurt and a bit of disappointment….

I don’t know what I’ll do when the season finale comes next week… the wait for 2b WILL KILL ME..

underrated ladies in Ghostbusters


Patty Tolan

*History Buff

*is actually strong enough to lift you and your spirits (pun intended)

*Calls Holtzmann ‘baby’ and ‘Holtzy’

*an actual sunshine

*actually has a really cute fashion sense. like Floral patterns with hightops?? that’s adorable

*this scene:

Originally posted by sirenkeeper

Abby Yates

*Likes books with Long titles

*honest to god, does not give a damn if people say no. She’s gonna do the thing anyways

*Can taste when somethings off (according to ghostbusters 101)

*Punches ghosts

*Don’t Fight her, you’ll loose.

*Seriously, don’t

Melanie Ortiz

*Not into Peter

*She’s from the FBI AND she Works for the Ghostbusters

*punched Ron Alexander in the face

*and it was awesome

*Joined Ghostbusters because the regular guys went missing and some one needed to kick ghost ass and save the day.

*That some one is her. Because she’s awesome.

Kylee Griffin

*Originally from the Extreme Ghostbusters cartoon and then got adapted into the comics

*Has a way better memory than i do

*Also has like 4 dad-figures, 2 mom-figures (3 Counting Jenny), one older brother figure and Ron is that asshole cousin that just stops by and says shit.

*she’s like a gothic version of belle except she likes chinese food, cats and books more than a prince.

*also has a really cute fashion sense.

*For some reason, is heavily sexualized by fans?????? she’s like 18??????? please stop?????

Jenny Moran

*A sweet girl!!!!!

*is in a relationship with Ray

*what a lucky duck

*died from being left behind in hell

*she’s still dating Ray though.

*used to work with Ron but she quit so she can work with nicer people (go, jenny)

Janine Melintz

*Picked up a proton pack more than once and kicked a god’s ass once in the cartoon

*even goes on busts in the comics

*the original receptionist for the original flavor busters

*has a crush on Egon (me too, janine)

*Called out people for their bullshit

*Egon, you better put a ring on it before I do

(feel free to add on if you want)

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♞ [ask-monsieur-deception] (I just wanted to interact im so r r y-)

“What in the world—!!”


((A+ introduction, in my opinion~! @ask-monsieur-deception)) 


Had fun speed-doodling with brushes and experimenting with the tablet.