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My Lazytown/Sportarobbie headcanons pt. 1

Yeah k so like I know probably none of these are original but I never claimed them to be so enjoy

-sportacus is an elf

-his little pointy elf ears are hella sensitive

-im totally into the “sportacus involuntarily purrs when he’s happy and Robbie is obsessed” thing going on in fics???

-also I’m def on board with either sport getting drunk on small amounts of sugar or getting drunk on alcohol and just being freaking cute (like cuter than he normally is)

-sportacus can totally see through Robbies disguises but he’s too nice to let Robbie know and he just plays along with it

-robbie is actually really fit despite eating all of that junk food because have you seen him??? Hes so extra when he’s coming up with plans and stuff like you cannot convince me that he doesn’t burn off most of the calories

-sport and Robbie are stephs dads and they are loving and supportive

-steph is also the #1 sportarobbie shipper

-im totes on board with the whole ithro and glanni being either they’re dad’s or brothers or however other way fics make them related

out of spite i decided to read killing stalking and my assumptions were both right and wrong about it…

right in that sangwoo really IS a fuckin’ Douche who i hate but wrong in that i assumed the story would centre around yoonbum’s suffering / mental deterioration rather than sangwoo’s so what i mean to say is,

that’s it officer, that’s the puppetmaster manhwa that cursed my dick

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Don’t worry anon, i understand! :) I’ll see if i can sometime, thank you soo much for the longtime support :D


Aaron + wiping away tears (requested by @mylove4robron)