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A theory has been brewing in my head the past few days that I’m going to do my best to put out there, even though my thoughts are kind of jumbled now lol. I just can’t shake the shadiness of Ezra and Aria’s relationship and now the mysteriousness behind Arias file. As we all know the story began with the Montgomery family in the pilot. The story has always seemed to revolve around them for some unknown reason. We even know now that immediately after Alison’s disappearance the Montgomery family moved to Iceland for a year. We also know that Alison was seen talking to Byron the night of her disappearance and was blackmailing him. We also know Aria has, multiple times throughout the show, acted strangely or appeared to have some sort of A involvement. We also know that Aria and Ezra’s relationship began in the pilot but we don’t know much more of what went on previous to that. We do know now that he has been writing a true crime novel on Alison’s disappearance. I have all this time been rooting for him to actually be a private investigator because of his spy equipment however I firmly believe now that he really is just writing a book. With all of this said, I will get to my point.

The true crime novel “In Cold Blood” was written by Truman Capote. While not credited for her portion of the research, author Harper Lee assisted Truman in all of his research and some of his writing for this novel. If you don’t know who Truman Capote and Harper Lee are or what the book “In Cold Blood” is about, you might want to read into it a little bit further. In short, the book in Cold Blood was about a true crime that happened on a farm in Kansas. Truman, also being famous as the author of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, went down to the crime scene and interviewed multiple people and did his own research to create this nonfiction crime novel. Harper Lee, also famous for her book “To Kill a Mockingbird” was best friends with Capote and, as stated before, helped him write this novel.

If you don’t see where I’m starting to get out with this, I am associating Aria with Harper Lee and Ezra with Truman Capote. Both are authors and have assisted each other in writing a book. And as previously stated, Ezra was working on a novel for the true crime of Alison’s disappearance/murder. There have been numerous “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” innuendos throughout the show. It was even stated that Alison reminded Ezra of Holly Golightly and she used it as an alias on one of her IDs. Now, in regards to the “To Kill a Mockingbird” references, this is where it starts to get very twisted and you almost have to read between the lines. It starts with Ezra teaching the class about the book To Kill a Mockingbird. I’ve always realized there was some sort of hidden meaning behind all of this but I’m just starting to put it into perspective. If you go back to episode 3 season 1 “To Kill a Mocking Girl”, listen to the conversation between Byron, Aria and Ella very carefully. Byron is asking her a lot of questions about whether or not she likes her new English teacher. He goes on to tell her to read Harper Lee’s biography if she likes the book “To Kill a Mockingbird” so much. He says reading the biography might inspire her to write a book (wow if that’s not foreshadowing). Ella even chimes in a comment at one point about “it will make the father worship a little more clear”. Did Aria idolize Byron until she found out about the affair with Meredith? We all know the affair was hard on her but maybe there’s even more to it than we realized? Anywho back to the point. In the book “To Kill a Mockingbird” Boo Radley kills the man that is after the kids but Jem, being the lawyer’s son, ends up taking the blame as his father would probably be able to get him off the charge easier than Boo, who has appeared to have some problems. Now this brings up the next piece of information I thought of. On Detective Wilden’s board, a note was written in regards to the fact that Spencer would do anything to protect Aria. Now who do we know has a lawyer for a father? That’s right, Spencer. Who also was once accused of Alison’s murder and keeps having reoccuring dreams or hallucinations of blood splatters and holding a shovel? That’s right, Spencer again! Now this might be far-fetched but based on the book references and clues that I am seeing I’m coming to the conclusion that there is a very good possibility that Aria is actually the one who killed the person in that grave that night and that Spencer is just protecting her but has repressed memories. Sound crazy? I kind of wondered too but who was seen talking to Byron that night? Alison right? Now with all of this, if Aria was already bothered by the fact of the affair and then overheard Alison blackmailing her father for money over it, what are the chances that Aria was completely enraged? Not only that but Aria also was holding a pink cup in the barn that night that was later found outside of the house that Jason picks up and drinks out of. This leads me to believe that Aria had left the barn whether it was shown or not. We already know Spencer had left the barn, but was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Maybe Aria saw this conversation between Alison and Byron go down and then tried to chase Alison down and ended up getting the wrong girl? Maybe Spencer was there and that’s why Melissa was confused and assumed Spencer did it and buried the body?

“Miss Aria you’re a killer not Ezra’s wife”… Guys, there has got to be more to this than just the Shana Fring murder. Mona said this in Radley before Aria killed Shana. While I know Mona is one amazing bitch, I really doubt that she was premeditating this. I firmly believe that she knew something about Aria that had already happened. Like I said in my previous theory about Aria’s file, I really do believe that Aria murdered the person in the grave, but Ezra doesn’t know yet. Seriously, if you think about it, what better twist to the story than Ezra writing a true crime novel (with Aria’s help even), just like Truman Capote (and Harper Lee), only to find out the cold-blooded murderer was his fiancee, true love and wife-to-be….Aria.

hey friends!

There is a NEW FRIEND! Her name is Helen @jhelenoftrek and she was lured over from AO3, where she has been posting awesome fics and leaving kind comments, by the promise of a functioning PM system. She is also on and VAMB so I know some of you know her ( @cheile !) Oh, and she is a JCer, which I know will ingratiate her to a lot of y’all nerds ;)

I wanted to make introductions, as it were, and ask if there is anything she should know about the Voyager scene on Tumblr that I missed…I told her about JC Monday, Janeway Tuesday, Chakotay Wednesday/ChakoDAY, and Torres Thursday ^_^

Also–more generally, can anyone find one of those Guide to Tumblr type posts that tell you everything that isn’t super obvious, but important to the general Tumblr experience? Like, ask memes, fyeah/confession/etc blogs, when to tag your posts, all that jazz. I ~know~ there are some floating around!

Hmmm so. @emmikamikatze you might know?? from VAMB and is a wonderful goofball with a great since of humor (and a fantastic writer, as khurst)! @joyful-voyager is also a fantastic writer and a passionate JCer who has been shipping it since the show aired. @danakatherinejaneway lives with Boo-Boo, The World’s Most Beautiful Cat, and writes lovely JC (and occasional JT?) hurt/comfort, fluff, and humor. @mylittleredgirl (who has a Chief Canine Officer) has been in the fandom 5ever and knows everything; her long tag essays and general hilariousness are not to be missed.

@supernovacoffee is a kind and sparkly person who will be excited with u about all things Voyager. @fbismostunwanted1158 writes wonderful JC fics (I love her medical drama stories ;) @rawkfemme just started writing fics yay!!! and is a v cool person with a “Parenting Is…” blog feature (see you’re not the only Real Adult)! @justhere4coffee isn’t solely a Voyager blog but they’re a fantastically kind person with a drolly amusing tagging system, and reblog lots of pictures of cute rats. @capt-nyc writes the. darkest. angstiest. JC. fics. sweet holy mother of deanna. prepare to  w e e p (as LittleObsessions on AO3) and is a lovely friendly person!

@relentless-fire reblogs an awesome stream of Janeway content; if you like KJ her blog is the place for you. @the-bookwyrm is very much multifandom but also the nicest person ever so I can’t not include them. ;) @crisisenvy does UNBELIEVABLY amazing Janeway and Voyager digital art. @cxionbonan is a sweetheart and has an amazing puppy named Delta Hillary. @ersosandor writes amazing, AMAZING Voyager meta. @captainandhercorgi (as you might guess from her url) reblogs an exquisite mixture of Star Trek, memes, and corgis. @roslin makes the BEST gifs (lots of Battlestar Galactica content, also probably clear by url ;) @risiansunrise (the mastermind behind @tomparisalbum ) is laid-back and funny and has great tags!

I’m UNDOUBTEDLY forgetting wonderful people I know who are into Voyager–nothing personal and please reply and say hi if I missed u  ♥

And finally, ds9vgrconfessions is where people submit anonymous confessions. @pixiedane does HILARIOUS irreverent (but actually secretly very reverent) photo episode recaps of Voyager. And, @tomparisalbum is Tom Paris’s photo album (worth a look trust me).


Seventeen: Crazy kids (and very talented)

Short description: They’re pretty nice guys, all of them are in the “Pledis” classroom. Everyone wants to talk with them and they’re know in every classroom because the teachers always bring them up. They are a bit noisy but they have good grades, they’re always together or in small groups. If you ever want help, you can ask them.


Choi Seungcheol (aka. S.Coups)
Has a strong leader feeling, actually the leader of the “group” they called ‘Seventeen’. Is very good at sports and literally can do anything, has a really soft heart even if he can be a little flirty. Has strong arms so he’s usually the one called to help teachers -or even girls- to move notebooks here and there. The one who usually leads the “Pledis” classroom when they need to do any event.

Yoon Jeonghan (alias “Angel *1004*”)
His beauty features would kill every girl, and his giggles can even make the teachers have a heart attack. He had long hair but some bad guys put gum in it so he had to cut it off. He’s the “angel” of the group, but he can be a bit lazy too. He makes the girls feel comfortable around him so they always come to ask for anything for him. Actually it’s pretty manly, and it’s considered the mom of the group.

Hong Jisoo (aka. Joshua)
Has a really soft voice, he’s a transfer student and his English skills would kill everyone. He’s the “gentleman” of the classroom, but actually is a bit shy. He can be dorky though, he’s one of the first people to reach the music classroom always, so when no one see him he plays his guitar. The teachers love him so much and so do the girls. Is usually following Jeonghan everywhere.

Wen Junhui (Aka. Jun)
He’s from china but his Korean is pretty good. Actually everyone was a bit scared of him at first because he looked like he could kill you, but then when everyone tried to talk with him he was like: “I’m scared, I’m new, I don’t know what to do” with such a puppy eyes and being really cute. He can be a little sassy and he appeared in a film when he was a kid, everyone thinks he’s very cool. He can dance and he’s very sweet with the girls.

Kwon Soonyoung (aka. Hoshi)
The one who is always smiling and is very energetic. It isn’t easy to follow Hoshi, he’s always moving around and even changing his seat. He can be slightly shy at first but after that prepare yourself. In the lunch time he can be seen in the dance room, dancing is soul out. He’s really funny so even if the teachers get mad at him for not doing homework he just need to say something and they’re laughing automatically forgiving him.

Jeon Wonwoo (Alias “sweater paws”)
He’s the book guy, always reading and visiting the library in the free times. He, like Jun, has a cold gaze so sometimes he’s misunderstand as someone mean but he’s just a cute cotton candy. He likes to look after the school’s garden, taking care of the little flowers and watering them, putting fertilizer, etc. Puberty hit is voice really hard so he has a really low voice, sometimes you can hear him sing and even rap when he’s taking care of the garden.

Lee Jihoon (aka. Woozi)
Cute face, scary af. That’s what their classmates think of him. In reality he’s a really hardworking kid. Someone made a bet with him and he lose so he has his hair orange now. He’s always hearing music in his seat, but because he always do his homework the teachers don’t say anything to him. Everyone was surprised when they found out that he could write songs and sing, no one believe him until they hear him playing the piano and singing in the music room. Is too shy with girls.

Lee Seokmin (aka. DK/Dokyeom)
He’s the sunshine of the classroom. Always smiling, helping people out and he helps the teachers when they need it. He has a really good voice, so every time they need help in festivals they ask him and Seungkwan to sing for the people. He’s very funny, he’s one of the “three dorks” with Hoshi and Seungkwan. He can be a little sensitive too, when he stepped in the garden of Wonwoo one time by accident he cried all the day.

Kim Mingyu (Alias “Big handsome tree”)
Tries to be sassy, but he can’t. He seems like someone ultra cool with a lot of confidence but in reality he’s just a dork puppy with a kind heart. He’s totally a kid, even if he’s the most tall guy in his classroom. He knows he’s handsome and all, but he doesn’t know how much it affects girls. Everyone likes him, he’s the one in charge to carry Jihoon around the school. He’s really close with Wonwoo. Actually he’s pretty caring, and he knows how to cook.

Xu Minghao (aka. The8)
Pretty quiet. He’s Chinese and he was a transfer student like Junhui, he has a really cute face but he has some temper too. Tries hard to learn Korean but he’s still struggling with it. He’s that one guy who is always in the file on the cafeteria and everyone passes him leaving him at the end. Misses Chinese food a lot so he and Jun go sometimes to Chinese restaurants. He’s always following the “seventeen” group and doesn’t say much. He participated one day in a festival and everyone was surprised by his b-boying skills.

Boo Seungkwan (Alias “Boo Diva”)
LOUD & SASSY AF. This guy can talk with everyone and be totally normal about it, he has a great sense of humor too. Because of that, he’s always the one who represents school in festivals. He with Hoshi and Dokyeom can have all the group smiling and laughing. Some people heard him sing with Wonwoo to the flowers and everyone freaked out because; hey, he was SO GOOD. He pretends to be confident but he isn’t. People said that they’ve seen him talking in the phone with his mom in lunch time.

Hansol Vernon Chwe (Alias “Di Caprio”)
Half Korean, Half American; this guy is pretty popular with the female students but in reality he’s really awkward. In music class he showed his singing skills and when everyone didn’t say anything he just starting rapping and everyone was so surprised. He has a lot of swag, like everything he does is very hip-hop. The “theater club” always wants him because they want to make a realistic version of the “titanic”.

Lee Chan (aka. Dino)
He’s a young kid but he’s really good at dancing. He’s a really good student and all the female teachers go all: “awww” with him. A fanboy of Michael Jackson, has notebooks with his face in the cover. He’s pretty funny too, he’s Jeonghan’s baby. He convinced all the guys to participate one day in the festival and everyone loved their performance of “dangerous”, leaving the whole school waiting for more.

So after some time I continued these again! It was seventeen turn now :) Remember guys that request are open ^^ (We haven’t receive anything :c) 

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some kiddie!sos thoughts
  • Michael: the loud™ one; that kid with the 64 pack of crayons who everyone is jealous of; always wears a Pokemon shirt to school and probably has Pokemon cards as well; makes 2347839459 knock knock/fart jokes a day; always looks forward to snack time; jumps off the swings and hurts himself but laughs at the pain and also shows off his boo-boo; very possessive of his best friend Calum and holds his hand wherever they go
  • Calum: the tiny quiet one; only person allowed to use Michael's crayons; always looks forward to recess but usually plays alone; that kid who already knows his ABC's and writes on a 3rd grade level; that kid who gets lost during field trips and is found petting a random dog; doesn't have a lot to say but is surprisingly sassy when he actually does speak
  • Luke: the Smolest; trips over his feet a lot; used to be a cry baby in preschool but refers to himself as a Big Boy™ in kindergarten; the kid who always brings the best lunch and reluctantly shares his oreo cookies; his mom is best friends with the teacher so he always gets unwanted attention from said teacher; never ties his shoes and probably eats glue
  • Ashton: the big kid who is always trying his best; acts as a leader but sometimes comes off as bossy; hair is messy 100% of the time and smiles a lot to show off his missing teeth; can't go anywhere without the smaller kids (RE: Luke) tugging on his shirt and following him around; that kid who carries people for no reason other than to show off his Strength; is forced by his mom to give gifts to the teacher and always says "yes ma'am"

My name is Benjamin Linus and I’ve lived on this island all my life.

i went to the family birthday party of my cousin’s little 3 year old girl, where she filled me in about her imaginary friend named Mr. Booblue (or was it Mr. Blueboo?) 

anyway, some of the info i got is that he has a blue balloon face, pink hair, a big eye, throws stuff into the sky (wtf?), and is always smiling and if one gets a boo-boo he kisses it to make it all better.

this is the same little girl who at the age of 2 randomly said “once upon a time i was a witch”

anonymous asked:

i'm highkey annoyed as fuck that all these white fans are doing the most using racism as a reason to try to validate why they dislike Sid/the Pens. Like, stop. Ovi gets the same treatment whenever he's in Pittsburgh, booed mercilessly. Niskanen was booed every time he touched the puck after he concussed Sid. It's simple- PK is the biggest star on the Preds, one of the biggest stars in the League, of course he'll get booed! Not to mention he has ALWAYS given Sid fits when he plays him, even (1/3)

before this series. The fans know that. Anyone who is rough on Sid is disliked. I won’t deny that there are likely some boos because he’s black (it’s hockey after all) but the grand majority is because he’s a major star who gets in Sid’s face + sometimes manages to shut him down. Automatic villain status in Pittsburgh. They’re treating PK like they would any other star. Just say you don’t like Sid because you don’t like the way he plays the game. no further reasoning is required. Ppl try (2/3)

to justify their hate instead of owning that you dislike someone. Using racism as an excuse is so shitty & trivializing & disgusting. Like pls point out where? PK has been an agitator and an annoyance to Sid all series (PK said as much), and it’s been very effective at times. Sid finally snapped. Even after last night’s game both were quoted as saying none of this is personal & it’s just hockey. Ppl forget they’re friends outside of this. Folks need to leave my ppl out of their pettiness. 3/3

I don’t know if they are friends. I think they are associates. People use the word “friend” way too fast.

Anyway, PK puts himself out there to be the star of the Preds. He wants all of the attention. That will come with the good and bad. The star of every team gets this attention. People really need to stop making it into something that it’s not

Is there racism? Sure. Is ALL of it racism (like they claim?) no. 

Reading some of these opinions about Greg/Rebecca and Crazy ExGirlfriend and yikes. How can people misunderstand the show so much????
First off:
When Greg said they were going to ruin each other “and not emotionally” he wasn’t trying to hint that he didn’t want to get emotionally involved with Rebecca. like???? wat??? It was just a euphemism for basically saying “we’re gonna have sex so hard I’m gonna ruin you down there” (which lo and behold: Rebecca actually references AGAIN in next week’s song.) It was just a sexual innuendo for laughs. Not that deep, y'all. Like jeeze Louise how did that go completely over your head??

The musical numbers take place in Rebecca’s head. Remember that. Settle For Me was Rebecca IMAGINING that Greg was asking her for a pity date. in REALITY, Greg never wanted to be in second place or be someone she settles for. HE TELLS HER THAT.
So now, the UTI song is something we don’t have context for as of right now. It COULD be something Rebecca is imagining or it could be (like What’ll It Be) a musical number in Greg’s imagination. Now I’m gonna be totally extra and actually fucking dissect and analyze a song about urinary tract infections because I guess some people just don’t get it.
Greg seems to think that giving someone a UTI means the sex was good. Rebecca then explains that it “isn’t a comment on the quality of the sex” but on the quantity. So Greg isn’t laughing at her burning pee, he’s misinformed. which Rachel has said a lot of men: men that work for CBS and The fucking CW didn’t even know what a UTI was when Rachel and Aline proposed the song. They had to have a mini health lesson with television producers while pitching their episode. The show and especially the songs are satire and meant to comment on a reality in our society that makes us uncomfortable. It’s safe to assume Greg is misinformed about women’s health because a lot of men ARE. Rachel is trying to make a comment about that.
Now, if you’re trying to use that to drag Greg and try to say that he’s being an insensitive jerk I guess you do you, but if you’re trying to build up Josh in the same breath, I’d like to remind you that: Josh’s song is called “angry mad” and THAT is a completely accurate summary of his emotional complexity and intelligence so if you think he has ANY idea what a UTI even IS, much less how you get one or how painful they are, I got some news for you boo boo.
It’s fine if you want to demonize Greg for being selfish, for pining over someone who doesn’t love him back, for having a substance abuse problem (although I would hardly call it that), for being depressed, for being self loathing and self sabotaging and being his own worst enemy. No really, ITS FINE. Just remember that those are the exact same issues Rebecca has and because we’ve taken the time to explore her past and her motivations, we sympathize with her and understand her.
You’re allowed to ship whoever the fuck you want. I’m over here in a Valencia/Hector rowboat and no one can stop me. But if you’re gonna try and drag Greg (who is supposed to be a MIRROR for Rebecca), at least understand the context of the show first.
(Also Santino is literally a Disney Prince with a magical voice so I mean, there’s that.)

Pretty Little Clown

Clowns have been hidden in scenes throughout Pretty Little Liars. The clowns always make me think of Boo Boo’s Ice Cream, whose logo was a clown.

In Season 5, the tracking symbol on Mona’s laptop lead the girls to Boo Boo’s Ice Cream Factory. A locked Aria and Spencer in a freezer. Emily eventually rescued them, but not before they left their fingerprints all over the factory.

We then see  A walking around the factory with a flashlight. 

Emily was obsessed with eating these Freeze-Dried Almonds, which were Boo Boo’s

A screw driver with the name Boo Boo’s Ice Cream was found in Mona’s house after her murder. It was shown being analyzed by the police in the picture below.

The name reminds me of Boo Radley, from To Kill a Mockingbird.  They have used names from this book before, i.e. Radley Sanitarium. Which made me think the ice cream place could be linked to him as well. So what does this mean?

For those of you haven’t read To Kill a Mockingbird, Boo Radley is a man who lives in an old house in the neighborhood. He never comes out and no one has seen him for years. He has a horrible reputation in the community, due to rumors being spread about him. The children of the town view the house as ‘haunted’ and that Boo is a dangerous monster. In reality, he is just a lonely man that had been through some bad things in his life. He inevitably saves the two main characters in the book from someone trying to kill them. The children come to understand Boo’s choice of staying inside alone all the time, because the world and the people in it are vicious.

Makes me wonder if this is a clue about A’s identity. Is he/she a person that has secluded themselves from society due to something bad happening in their past?

It is kind of hard to see, but the logo for Boo Boo’s is a CLOWN. 

Clowns have been shown so many times on this show, usually linked to A.

When Ezra’s son Malcolm was kidnapped by A, Aria later finds him sitting eating an ice cream cone. 

There have been many clowns in A’s lair:

The Great Charlemagne was a clown.

And we can’t forget the infamous episode where the clown turns towards Aria.

And then in this weeks episode, I noticed a clown in Dr. Cochran’s room.

It looks like there may be a whiskey bottle in there. It is interesting to note that Dr Cochran’s daughter said the way to get in to see him would be to bring him whiskey, and we have seen A with whiskey bottles on multiple occasions.

We also know that whiskey is Ezra’s drink

And Mr. Hastings has been seen drinking it.

And Wren orders it for Spencer.

And all these bottles of whiskey were put on Jason’s front porch by A:

I have always thought that A is someone with a deformity, maybe they feel like a clown and that’s why they hide under masks and hoods, and feels like they cannot live in society like everyone else, so he/she tortures the girls for living a life he/she never could.  This could potentially link back to Boo Radley living in isolation.

I think all the clowns shown are a representation of the real CHARLES (I don’t think CeCe is Charles). He/she sees themselves as a freak.

This mask is similar to a clown, with the red and white face.

So is the Queen of Hearts costume (which we know is relevant because Mona was holding the QoH card in Radley) 

It’s possible that the Qoh is the real A, Mona’s leader.

Had to throw the next picture in, just because I would love it if Aria was A.

All the clowns made me think of the book IT by Steven King. 

IT by Stephen King is a novel about friendship and the magic of childhood. The novel centers around seven core characters, friends who bonded as children during a summer of darkness. Twenty-seven years later, they reunite to fulfill a promise made that terrible summer. Evil lives under their hometown and, for some reason they do not understand, these seven have been destined to bring an end to the terrible cycle of death and destruction. These friends fought It once before, but now It is back, and they must end the evil for good. 

  • PLL is also about friendship and being tortured by an unknown entity for years.

IT is a unknown mythical creature in the book, but he is usually shown as a CLOWN. When the group of friends were kids, they were tortured by IT and IT killed people in the town. The book begins with Mike, who is a head librarian, calling all his friends from that summer, and asking them to come back to town, Derry, to try to fight this evil that has started up again. The book goes back and forth from the friends returning in present day, and flashbacks from that summer IT tortured them as kids.

  • In PLL, five years have passed since CeCe was put in Welby, and no one has bothered them since. They have all moved out of Rosewood. But then Ali calls them all to come back, and the game starts again.

One of the characters, Stan, in the book is found dead in a BATH TUB before he can go back to Derry.

When the group of friends come together 27 years later to try to fight the evil that has been terrorizing Derry, hardly any of them can remember things from that summer. 

  •  The liars couldn’t remember parts of THAT night when Ali went missing but started to have flashbacks over time.

One of the friends, Ben, walks into a bar in Nebraska and drinks whiskey when he notices a scar on his belly he had forgotten he had. Ben is afraid to go back to Derry.

  • The first time we ever see Ezra, he is in a bar drinking whiskey
  • Remember the Scar on Ezra’s belly from being shot by Shana?
  • This also reminds me of the scar on Ali’s leg. I don’t believe the story she used as an explanation was true.

Eddie, a hypochondriac, is packing every drug in his medicine cabinet to bring to Derry. Mike’s call has left Eddie confused and scared, but he knows he must return to Derry.

Beverly is awakened in the middle of the night by Mike’s call. Beverly begins to pack while still on the phone. Tom, Beverly’s husband, beats her.

Bill is a popular novelist. Bill is in England when he gets the call. Bill tries to explain things to his wife, but cannot remember enough to explain why he needs to go back to Derry. Bill has begun to stutter, something he has not done since he was a child, and this frightens his wife, Audra.

  • Bill being a novelist of course makes me think of Ezra. Also his wife’s name is Audra, which is similar to Aria.
  • He lives in England and there is some sort of unexplained connection to France/London in PLL.

When they were kids, Ben, Eddie and Bill built a dam that was highly advanced for their age and experience thanks to Ben’s eye for construction. 

Mr. Nell, a local beat cop, tells the boys they have to dismantle the dam.

The friends start to have flashbacks from that summer (just like the PLL girls started having flashbacks of that night). Bill tells them that when looking through his brother Georgie’s photo album, he sees a picture wink at him. 

Eddie tells them a story about how he went to the train yards, as he often did, one weekend that summer. 

  • We have seen trains around Aria multiple times
  • It was on the Halloween train that she wrote her name on the window with the letter A like ‘A’ does.
  • Aria & Ezra played with the train set with Malcolm 
  • There is a train set in Charles playroom in the Dollhouse

Eddie said he was walking past a house on Neibolt Street, and saw a leper. A few days later, Eddie returned to the house and went under the porch to peek inside the cellar windows. A leper climbed out of the windows and began to chase him. Eddie knew there was something alien about the leper as he saw orange pom poms, like a clown would wear, on its clothes.

  • We know A used to hide under the DiLaruentis’ porch.
  • And that Jessica had a lair in a storm cellar.

Ben has a similar story. Ben was walking home from school late one winter day. When Ben was crossing the canal, he saw the mummy from a movie he had seen recently walking on the ice. The mummy was holding a bouquet of balloons that appeared to float against the wind. 

  • A red balloon was tied to the letter Charles sent Jason

When they were young, the boys were bullied by a kid named Henry Bowers. 

  • I think its interesting that the story surrounds a bully, since Ali was the school bully…

Days later, Bill tells Richie he wants to investigate the house on Neibolt Street. . Bill and Richie crawl under the porch and enter the cellar. Richie sees a werewolf come down the stairs. The werewolf chases the boys into the coal chute where Bill lifts Richie up to try to escape through the window. As Richie is trying to get the window open, he can hear Bill screaming at the werewolf and firing his father’s gun. Richie climbs out the window and reaches back to help Bill. Just as Bill is about to come out the window, the werewolf grabs his leg. Richie manages to get Bill out, but the werewolf is not far behind. 

  • This is similar to the Halloween episode where Ali plans the pretend attack on the girls in the house.

Richie blows sneezing power at the werewolf, which gives him and Bill enough time to reach Silver, Bill’s bike. The werewolf comes after Bill and Richie as Bill attempts to get the enormous bike moving. The werewolf manages to grab Richie once, but somehow the two boys make it to a populated area without being injured.

  • This reminds me of all the times A has tried to kill the girls and they have barely gotten away with their lives.
  • The mention of the bike makes me think of Ezra because they always show a bike in his apartment
    • From now on when your watching PLL, look for a bike in Ezra’s apartment; its always there
  • Watch this GIF carefully, you’ll see a bike in the left corner

Maybe this is silly, but seeing Ezra on a bike always makes me think of…

The Wicked Witch of the West! Anyway back to the story..

One of their friends, Beverly, is in her bathroom preparing for bed when she hears voices coming from the sink drain. Beverly bends over and speaks to the voice, thinking it must be a child playing in the building’s basement. Suddenly, blood erupts from the drain, splattering the bathroom. Beverly screams, bringing her father into the room. However, Beverly’s father cannot see the blood. The next morning, the blood is still there, but Beverly’s mother cannot see it either. When both her parents have gone to work, Beverly goes and finds Richie, Ben and Stan. Beverly takes them to her apartment and shows them the blood. They can see it. Richie, Ben and Stan help Beverly clean up the bathroom. Afterward, Richie, Ben, Stan and Beverly go to a Laundromat to clean the rags. While they are waiting, Stan tells them how he was bird watching in Memorial Park and was nearly attacked by two dead teenagers in the Standpipe.

  • This entire scene reminds me of a few things in PLL
  • The girls find Ian’s dead body hanging in the bell tower, but when they return he is gone.

  • Remember when Spencer was in the Dollhouse and she saw blood on her hands? In the coming attraction for tomorrows episode (8/23/16), it looks like A has sent Spencer video of herself in the Dollhouse and it doesn’t look like their is blood on her. Was she imagining it just like Beverley?

  • And then there was the blood incident in her bag… 

Mike takes the group of friends out to lunch and tells them that the murders have started again. In a message found near the body of the last victim, the words ‘come home’ are written over and over in the victim’s blood. 

  • Anytime the girls tried to leave Rosewood, A would threaten them

Everyone agrees that it has begun again even though they cannot really remember what it might be. The waitress comes in with fortune cookies for dessert. When they begin to crack open the cookies, strange things come out. Ben’s has teeth, Eddie’s a cricket, Richie’s an eyeball. However, they are the only ones who can see these things.

  • The teeth reminds me of the A note that said “Dead Girls Cant Smile”

After lunch, Mike suggests that everyone take a walk around Derry alone and then meet at the library after closing for another discussion. Ben goes to the library during his walk, a place where he spent a great deal of time as a child. He runs into the clown, Pennywise, there.

  • This makes me think of the BREW 

Eddie goes to the field where a group of kids always played ball when he was a child. Eddie is nearly killed by the walking corpse of an old acquaintance. 

Richie walks downtown to Bassey Park and is pounced upon by the giant statue of Paul Bunyan. Beverly returns to the apartment where she and her parents lived only to find Pennywise waiting for her in the form of an old woman. 

The group of friends call themselves The Losers Club. 

  • This reminds me of the group of people -lead by Mona and Melissa- that wanted to torture Ali because she bullied them in school. They were literally the ‘losers’ in school- The Loser Club.

A few days later, the Losers began planning and building a clubhouse in the Barrens. They had wanted to build a treehouse, but Ben came up with the idea of digging a clubhouse out of the soft ground, creating a place hidden from outsiders. 

  • A built a Dollhouse underground…

While Mike is cleaning up, Henry Bowers (the bully) enters the library and attacks him with a knife. Mike is mortally wounded, but manages to wound Bowers, as well. Bowers leaves the library and goes to the hotel where the Losers are staying. Bowers goes to Eddie’s room and attacks him. Eddie manages to fight back and gets the better of Bowers, stabbing him in the belly with a broken Perrier bottle. Eddie calls Bill, and he makes the decision that they must return to the underground tunnels immediately.

The friends eventually kill IT once and for all by working together. When everything is over, all of them begin to lose their memories of the event. 

Bill stays in Derry with his wife, who is in a catatonic state as a result of seeing IT. The story ends with Bill taking her for a ride on Silver (the bike). Somehow, this ride brings his wife- Audra (really similar to Aria) out of her catatonic state.

I know many of these connections are a stretch, but it has always been something I thought about when I see a clown on PLL, so I thought it would be fun to get it all down in a post.

Hope you all enjoyed! Thanks so much for reading :)

Just imagine Shepard and Kaidan as parents after the war…

Taking their little one to Spectre meetings, letting them doodle on a data pad while the councilors talk, only to then push the pad around the table to show off what their kid has done, even if it’s just a doodle of a pretty colored fish in the Presidium lakes.

Going into battle mode when their kid falls and gets a scrape, being horribly overdramatic in public, shouting “OH NO SOLDIER DOWN” and Kaidan swoops in with some pretend medi-gel to put on the boo-boo, and instead of crying about it, their baby is too busy laughing because mommy and daddy are silly and ridiculous.

Them ditching out on Spectre meetings early because their kid is in a play at school and need to get the best seats, and then being losers and waving while they’re on stage, dressed as a scientist Salarian, and Kaidan tapes the entire thing on his Omni-tool, both of them tearing up a little even if it’s the worst play they’ve ever seen.

Busting into parent-teacher conferences when their munchkin is being picked on at school in their uniforms, maybe a gun slung along their side, and Shepard giving the glare that scares even the biggest Krogan and making sure nobody messes with them again.

Just… ugh…


My Ranking of Inmates From Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black arguably has the greatest TV ensemble of all time. And it’s only natural that we all have our favorites. Here is my ranking of my top 20 inmates of Linchfield Correctional Facility. 

20. Soso (Kimiko Glenn)

Introduced as Season Two’s fish-out-of-water, Soso at first comes off as a chatty chipmunk. I’m sure many of you were thinking, “Will this bitch ever shut up?”. Yes, I was thinking that too at one point, but she soon settled herself in and found her true calling- leading a hunger strike. Although she doesn’t make the wisest decisions, Soso means well and wears her heart on her sleeve. Plus, I can’t wait to see what crazy hippy shit she did in her flashback episode that will likely happen next season. 

Most Memorable Quote: “Were you trying to pimp me out?”

19. Norma (Annie Golden)

Although Norma never talks, her face still says a thousand words. She managed to keep her job in the kitchen when her pal Red was dethroned as Head Chef. She even tried to use her ins in the kitchen to try to knock off Vee. She’s totally with it. 

Most Memorable Quote: “Just like a blind man I wandered along, Worries and fears I claimed for my own, Then like the blind man that God gave back his sight, Praise the Lord I saw the light.”

18. Sister Ingalls (Beth Fowler)

Sister Ingalls is the one to turn to for advice. With religious morals and elderly wisdom, many of the inmates look up to her. We got to know her a lot better in Season Two, where we discovered she was a nun gone wild before being incarcerated. She became the face of Soso’s hunger strike for change of inmate treatment. There was MLK, Gandhi, Harvey Milk, and then there’s Sister Ingalls.  

Most Memorable Quote: “I’ve masturbated." 

17. Yoga Jones (Constance Shulman)

If you ever need to physically unwind, company at lunch, or just someone to talk to, you turn to Yoga Jones. Kindhearted, gentle, and humble, she seems to be one of the very few genuine people in the prison. 

Most Memorable Quote: "Sometimes you just wanna feel something.”

16. Black Cindy (Andrienne C. Moore)

Black Cindy is the queen of sass in Linchfield. Her laughs are iconic and her dance moves are infectious. She may have been one of those luggage-robbing TSA agents that we all hate, but we sure do love her in prison. 

Most Memorable Quote: ”Bitch! If grateful paid the bills we’d all be Bill Gates.

15. Tricia (Madeline Brewer)

In Season One, we were introduced to Tricia, the sick pup of the inmates. As shown via flashbacks, she lived off the streets and stole, or in her words “pay her debts”. Tricia was Linchfield’s most lovable and fragile inmates. She unfortunately passed away of a drug overdose, one of the show’s saddest moment.  

Most Memorable Quote: “Reflect, yo.”

14. Gloria Mendoza (Selenis Levya)

Tensions were high when Mendoza took over as Head Chef of the kitchen. Whether you liked this job promotion or not, she knows how to lay down the law. She does her best to hold her own against Red’s and Vee’s partnerships/manipulations. Don’t cross Mendoza or she may chop something off. 

Most Memorable Quote: ”I don’t trust any of you crazy bitches. You both fuckin’ scorpions.”

13. Big Boo (Lea DeLaria)

Raunchy, mouthy, and horny, Big Boo the lone wolf. She looks after herself and herself only. She has no solid alliances whether she attempts to form them or not. Perhaps she needs some TLC, but nevertheless, she is OITNB’s most colorful characters. By the way, have you seen her dance?

Most Memorable Quote: “Ain’t no party like a Big Boo party.”

12. Nicky (Natasha Lyonne)

Got to talk your problems out? Come to Nicky. Want to hear the truth about how the system works? Come to Nicky. Need someone to fuck? Come to Nicky. Nicky is everybody’s pal. She’s one of the few people in prison that has no enemies. 

Most Memorable Quote: “It’s like the Hamptons, only fuckin’ horrible.”

11. Sophia Burset (Laverne Cox)

Sophia always looks fabulous and that’s because she is fabulous. On top of being the inmates’ go-to hair stylist, she’s a good listener and gives good advice. And her heart is as golden as her hair. 

Most Memorable Quote: “I don’t do sausage on my breakfast sandwich.”

10. Poussey (Samira Wiley)

Poussey is definitely one of the most developed characters of the prisoners. Beginning as Taystee’s soft-spoken partner in crime, she became her own person in Season Two when Vee started stirring trouble. She’s levelheaded, reliable, and trustworthy. You can’t ask for much more in an inmate. Plus, she’s got a pee funnel.  

Most Memorable Quote: I want the kind of job where I could just chill, you know.“ 

9. Morello (Yael Stone)

The romantically optimistic Morello is a happy-go-lucky inmate. Emotionally vulnerable planning her dream wedding in prison, she makes the best out of prison by landing the job as a driver. Heartwarming and heartbreaking, Morello is the sweetest thing. 

Most Memorable Quote: ”You don’t go Jessica Simpson when you’ve got Rihanna.

8. Pennsatucky (Taryn Manning)

You may hate her or love to hate her for that matter, but you’ve got to admit that Pennsatucky is one hell of a television character. Psycho-religious Pennsatucky is a self-proclaimed almighty attempting to spiritually enlighten her fellow inmates to the point of threatening their lives, specifically Piper Chapman. No one can ever forget their brawl in the snow that capped off Season One. What a cliffhanger! In Season Two, we found out she’s still alive (with new teeth!) and appears to have turned a new leaf since the smackdown. Actually, she was sort of pleasant. Either way, Pennsatucky is bat-shit crazy and she’s wonderful for it.

Most Memorable Quote: ”I’m an angel of God. I mean, look at my dress.

7. Taystee (Danielle Brooks)

Taystee was an early-on favorite when entering Linchfield. She’s down-to-earth, nice, and pretty hysterical. We get to know her a lot better in Season Two, with her complicated backstory with Vee and how that takes affect on her life in prison. One of the most conflicted inmates this season, Taystee eventually sees the light and rekindles her wounded relationship with her best pal Poussey. 

Most Memorable Quote: ”So I’m sitting there, barbecue sauce on my titties, and I’m like ‘What the fuck? Again?

6. Miss Rosa (Barbara Rosenblat)

Miss Rosa was definitely one of the more downplayed inmates during Season One, but we’re glad she had much more of a presence in Season Two. A former bank robber, a cancer-battling Rosa gives her tricks of the trade with a young cancer patient as they form an unlikely friendship. Her screen time may have been relatively brief, but Miss Rosa is truly a touching person. 

Most Memorable Quote: ”Always so rude, that one.

5. Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren (Uzo Adub)

Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren was definitely our first WTF inmate we were introduced to. She claimed Piper as her prison wife and with that marked her territory by pissing on the floor of Piper’s cell. But soon, we realize that she’s more than looney. She has feelings and her heart is always in the right place. Just goes to show that even some of the best people are misunderstood.

Most Memorable Quote: ”Chocolate and vanilla swirl!” 

4. Vee (Lorraine Toussaint)

Just because you’re not a nice person, that doesn’t stop you from being great. Vee is truly one of the best TV villains in recent memory. Intimidating, manipulative, and monstrous, she makes her big debut in Season Two as a returning inmate who calls the shots. She makes Pennsatucky look like Elmo. 

Most Memorable Quote: ”I’m an adult. It gives me the right to make bad choices.

3, Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling)

Piper Chapman is our guide to Linchfield Correctional Facility. She’s more than the privileged white girl that her fellow inmates initially thought of her. She evolves from playing the victim to being the survivor.   She’ll overcome anyone who stands in her way (Red, Pennsatucky, Alex, Healy, Figueroa, etc.). Piper may be on the brink of sanity, but she’s still our hero. 

Most Memorable Quote: "I’m scared that I’m not myself in here and I’m scared that I am.”

2. Miss Claudette (Michelle Hurst)

She may run a tight ship and may be difficult to share a bunk with, but Miss Claudette is the unsung inmate at Linchfield. She did not welcome Piper with open arms. Eventually, they get along and soon form a unique bond. Violent behavior sends Miss Claudette to maximum security towards the end of Season One and we haven’t seen her since. It’s a shame because she truly is a lovable gem.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she’ll make a return for Season Three. 

Most Memorable Quote: “Hope is a dangerous thing.”

1. Red (Kate Mulgrew)

No one can compare to Red. Introduced as the angry Russian that ran the kitchen, we soon discover that she’s a mother figure to many of the inmates. Once dethroned from the kitchen, she starts a new side gig as a smuggler. But her business and life are threatened when Vee returns to Linchfield and we immediately stand behind Red. She is tough, smart, caring, and affectionate. Every time she speaks, I just want to give her a hug. Now how many times can that be said about a convict?

Most Memorable Quote: “2 strikes, that’s all she gets. Russians don’t play baseball.”

Honorable Mention

The Senior Pack (Dale Soules, Yvette Freeman, Judith Roberts, & Patricia Squire)

The Senior Pack, made up of Frieda, Irma, Taslitz, and Jimmy, welcomed Red into their group when she had no one else to turn to. Made up of years of experience and wisdom, they form the prison’s one true sisterhood. They soon assist Red in operating the green house, the heart of her smuggling operation. Introduced in Season Two, Jimmy was sadly released for reasons of insanity and Taslitz was transfered after attempting to kill Vee (she should have worn her glasses). They are quiet, they are loyal, they are great.  

Most Memorable Quote: ”How about I kill the bitch?”

You can read my review of Season Two at the link below.

Who’s your favorite inmate?

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What chapter did Percy and Annabeth make out in? In BOO

I think that was the only Percakiss in BoO? But what a kiss it was, I literally needed to take a break from reading, like some 30 minutes because I was fangirling so bad.

Annabeth was literally out of breath and speechless. Good job, Perseus.

My hero

Summary: in which your’s and bucky’s son grant shows not only bucky but others that he’s his hero without a doubt

Word Count: 1416

Warnings: none because this hella fluffy because i’ve been in a good mood lately and love writing bucky fluff

Originally posted by natpekis

You were extremely proud and there was no denying the fact as you smiled widely as you watched your son from afar. He was holding the piece of the paper that would make everyone see what he saw, you also knew that there would be tears because when your son read you the speech you cried to the point you were sure you could cry no more tears. Bucky would be an emotional wreck just like the day he was when Grant was born. Grant had wrote the speech with Bucky in mind considering the class topic was heroes and role models and naturally Grant chose his father. To Grant Bucky was even better than the likes of Steve and more, he was a hero to Grant and nothing would change that fact. Grant loved Bucky’s arm, he loved it when Bucky let him stick his drawings on his arms with magnets or when Bucky let him cover his whole arm in magnets spelling out the words ‘I Love you daddy’. They had an incredibly close relationship and you were thankful for it.

Bucky didn’t know that Grant’s speech was about him he assumed it was about Steve considering grant asked him to come too. Bucky never thought that Grant saw him as a hero even though Grant’s drawings were always of Bucky saving the day and doing other superhero things. Bucky sat next to you with Steve next to him, you were smiling from ear to ear as you looked at your son who looked incredibly nervous but you could tell he was excited for Bucky to hear all of the great things he had to say about him. Your son like you had nothing but glowing reviews for Bucky, he knew only a little about his past but your son didn’t care much because to him his dad was the most amazing person in the world (joint first with you of course.)

“You look like you’re about to cry doll what’s wrong?” Bucky asked staring at your glossy eyes that were bound to shed tears the moment your son stood up in front of his class and perfectly recited his speech.

“Nothing I’m just so proud of Grant.” You said looking towards your son who was only seconds away from making you even more proud of him then you already were. Bucky said nothing in response because you could tell he was bitter because he assumed Grant’s speech was about Steve.

“Are you jealous because it’s about Steve?” You asked teasingly making Steve chuckle as Bucky scoffed feigning being fine even though it crushed him a little that Grant didn’t look up to him.

“Me? No.” Bucky said with a scoff making both you and Steve chuckled simultaneously. You looked at Steve and he was smirking, he knew that the speech was about Bucky because alongside you he had helped Grant write the speech.

You eyes flickered from your boyfriend to your son who was walking over to the podium in at the front of the small class,“Whatever  it’s Grant’s turn just be nice, trust me you’ll love it.” You said as you kept your eyes glued to your son who was staring out into the crowd searching for you. You waved your hand at him and upon seeing you his smile grew wide and he sent Bucky and Steve a large smile too before you gave him a thumbs up reassuring him what you knew - that he would do good.

“Next up is Grant Barnes with his hero.” Grant’s teacher Mrs.Jones announced and you couldn’t have clapped any louder as your son’s cheeks went rosy pink with a small blush.

“My hero is my daddy.” At Grant’s opening sentence Bucky’s eyes widened and he nearly choked on what looked like tears. Watching his reaction was priceless and made the tears that were already in your eyes cascade down your cheek. “My daddy’s name is bucky and he’s a superhero, he saves people all the time with his super cool metal arm.” Grant said and you chuckled through tears. Bucky’s flesh hand came to yours and he pulled you flush against him. Your head leaned on his chest as Steve watched you two gaze lovingly at your son who was making both of your hearts swell with pride.

“He’s friends with Captain America but he’s not as cool as my daddy no one is.” Bucky sent a smirk in Steve’s direction as Grant said this making Steve shake his head whilst letting out a low chuckle. “There were some bad people who hurt my daddy before I was born but my daddy is the strongest person in the world. He used his awesome metal arm to stop them from giving him boo boos and showed them whose boss.” Tears were falling rapidly from both Bucky and you but you couldn’t help but laugh at your son.

“My daddy is my hero because no matter what daddy always does the right thing. He has a metal arm perfect for defeating the bad guys and he has really cool hair which is perfect for saving the girl.” Grant looked at you as he said this making heat rise to his cheeks and Bucky kiss your forehead. “My daddy is my hero even though he always forces me to eat plums. And no matter what happens I will love my daddy and he will always be my hero forever until him and my mummy give me a baby sister then he won’t be because girls are yucky except my mummy she’s the best too.” Grant concluded and you didn’t know he wrote that bit, he must have wrote it with Steve.

You looked over to him and he sent a wink in your direction. You clapped as loud as possible and so did Bucky and Steve as you son’s speech was over. You untucked your head from Bucky’s shoulder and looked up at him he was crying, tears falling rapidly down his cheeks with no regret because he had never felt happier than hearing his son’s positive words. “I told you, you would like it.” You said and Bucky looked down at you his lips twitching you into a smile.

“You little minx.” Bucky said as he pulled back a strand of hair out of your face and tucked it back behind your ear.

“It wasn’t me it was Grant he wanted to surprise you.” You said and Bucky smiled even wider before pressing a kiss to your lips.

Steve and you watched as Bucky looked over at your son clearly wanting to go over to him and scoop Grant into his arms and spread the love Bucky always had to give.

“If you don’t go get our son in a second so I can give him the biggest hug ever then I think I might kill you.” You said to Bucky and didn’t take him much convincing for him to quickly get up from his seat and grab your son’s hand and bring him over to you and Steve.

“They’re so cute don’t you think?” You asked Steve gazing intently at your son and boyfriend sharing a tender moment. Bucky was hoisting Grant up and hugging him tightly which you were going to do as well as shower your with plenty of kisses.

“Yeah they are, I haven’t seen Bucky as happy as he is with you and Grant. It’s nice.” Steve said with a wide smile as Bucky brought your son over to you. He put Grant down and immediately ran to you and your arms were open wide waiting for him. You hugged Grant as some unshed tears fell down your cheek, you pulled pinching his cheeks and smiling widely.

“I’m so proud of you baby you did so good.” You said as Grant pressed little boys kisses to your thumbs pinching his cheeks.

“Really mummy?” He asked and you nodded.

“Of course you even made daddy cry.” You said making Grant laugh as Bucky shook his head acting as if he hadn’t shed more tears than you.

“Good because even heroes cry.” Grant said and you smiled even wider nodding at him.

“Yes they do and you’re daddy is the greatest hero of them all.” You said and Grant nodded in agreement as you beckoned Bucky over to you. You pulled both Bucky and Steve in for a big group hug having another a sweet and tender family moment with two great heroes.

Let's play: Where is Katara on the ATLA OGN covers!

The Promise - Part One

Alright, that’s a fairly prominent and appropriate placement.

The Promise - Part Two

It’s awesome that Toph takes up so much space, but Katara and Sokka look majorly tacked on in this composition.

The Promise - Part Three

Not only is Katara very tiny here, the blue background makes it a lot harder to spot her. Which is confusing, considering Toph’s and Sokka’s rather prominent position.

The Promise - Library Edition

…Yeah whatevs all the important doodz.

The Search - Part 1

This cover is suggesting who the major characters in this arc are going to be: Ursa, Zuko and Azula. But then, what is Aang really doing there? The Search is not about him, all he provides is main character status. …And it’s telling enough that a whole OGN is focused so much on the second protagonist’s struggles that the actual main character actually is pretty obsolete.

The Search - Part Two

Scared maiden shriek

The Search - Part Three

Why is Aang even there, the whole story is literally all about Zuko and his mommy-issues.

The Search - Library Edition

See, this is. Kinda fair. I still think it’s weird to drag along the whole gaang on an adventure that does not concern them in any way, and also  HEY we added Azula, no need to include Toph, rait u guise? …I mean if you didn’t wanna have so many characters, alright. But then why drag along Sokka on every single goddamn adventure…??

The Rift - Part One

Again with one of these Toph-centric covers that shove Katara into the background, albeit this one is better organized.

The Rift  - Part Two

more scared maiden shrieks

The Rift - Part Three


The Rift - Library Edition

Alright they tried to shove Toph and Aang into this whole contrived “rift” metaphor. So Toph and Aang it is. Also, Toph getting development, so she is very important. Yay for that. So now that we got an arc about Aang and Zuko trying to deal with the whole peace-thing, one about Zuko, and one that was KIND of about Toph, can have one about Katara now?

Smoke and Shadow - Part One


Smoke and Shadow - Part Two

Hooray for Mai, honestly now! But. Yeah uhm from the summary we got on Smoke And Shadow, it doesn’t look like Aang is gonna play an important role in this arc either. So. Why do you keep putting him on the cover even though everything is all about nothing but Zuko again? Oh right. Main character. And to cover up the fact that everything is all about nothing but Zuko YET AGAIN. You don’t even WANT to write Aang. That’s why in the OGNs he’s ALWAYS the same character with EXACTLY THE SAME ISSUE over and over and over again. All you REALLY wanna write about is Zuko. Might as well drop the pretenses.

Alright before you start yelling at me that Toph always takes up a more important place on the covers than Katara, especially throughout The Rift, because the comics also focus on her development: That’s alright. I think it’s cool that Toph finally gets closure with her parents. Oh wait no I mean with her father. Cuz as so often in the Avatar world, her mother is miraculously absent. I am willing to bet any money that the same is going to be true for Mai’s mother in the upcoming Smoke And Shadow.

What I don’t get is why we get the third arc revolving all around Zuko and his various boo-boos, while Katara continuously takes the backseat, has to implement her development en passant, and generally is not very much involved in the progress of the plot. She is allowed to give Aang a few supportive speeches, sometimes she may kick some ass with water bending. But that’s it. In his most recent interview, Gene Yang talked about how he would like to explore the Water Tribe, its characters and its culture one day. I’ll believe it when I see it. Right now, all we are getting are more stories about Zuko.

No, what I notice here, and tbh in LOK too, is… well. Katara is getting more and more unimportant. It’s as if now that she is Aang’s girlfriend, the writers feel there is nothing more to tell about her, no more development for her, no more stories for her. That’s why she keeps taking up so little space in the OGNs, why we have not seen a single flashback of her in Korra, why she is the only member of the Gaang who does not have a statue dedicated to her.

…Even the frickin Cabbage Merchant has one.

Interestingly enough, Toph has even two statues in her honour, despite her dangerous status as a mother. And now (after a long time of unexplained absence) she will finally take action and bail her family out of danger. (Though I’m pretty sure that if Lin and Suyin had an on-screen father, he would take up this quest as well). Zuko got to help Korra on her quest. The show even went so far as to claim that he was the one who knew Aang best. Which I think is still a dubious statement at best. Who is this Katara person you keep mentioning?

No anyway what I mean is: If Toph can get mentioned, if Toph can get out of the Swamp to actively contribute to the plot, then why can the same not be the case for Katara?

Imho, Katara is one of the most interesting and fleshed out female characters in recent children’s media. And that is because she has always been more than just the protagonist’s love interest. She has always been her own person with her own agenda. She had her own conflicts, development, strengths and weaknesses. The reason her and Aang’s relationship worked so well was that she was not just his appendage, or a prize for him to be won, but her own person.

But now, slowly, Katara is turning into one of Avatar’s infamous absent mothers. And I’m not exactly happy about it.

Ok lucky ones going to the Agents of Shield Comic Con panel if Brett Dalton gets booed I need you scream 10x louder and keep doing it until you have drowned out everyone else. Do it for all of us who cant be there to scream with you.

((Small JB rant))

People are making fun of him for crying but here’s the thing… He hasn’t been on stage in a couple years without getting booed. Doesn’t matter if he’s performing or presenting or accepting and award, he would get booed. And tonight- HIS FIRST TIME PERFORMING ON AN AWARD SHOW IN TWO YEARS- he got nothing but praise.
For the last 2 years, this kid has had nothing but bad things said about him and to him and he’s done some shitty things… But he rising above it all. He is trying to become a better person. And I am here for it.

(Also, this is one of his first times performing at all in the last what, 1 or 2 years? I think… So he was a bit out of breath when singing and dancing)

In conclusion: I’m super proud of him and everything he’s doing right now and I certainly cannot wait to see him again live.

Halloween Starters
  • Boo! Some starter sentences for you to spookily send into your partners' a ghost. A ninja ghost. Per usual, feel free to change words/pronouns!
  • “How does my costume look?”
  • “Well...this is awkward. One of us is going to have to change.”
  • “I can't believe they wore the same costume to the party.”
  • “Trick or treat!”
  • “Hey, look at this costume... 'Sexy Minion'.”
  • “Maybe she wore a Sexy Corn costume because she has a food kink?”
  • “Boo! Did I scare you?”
  • “Whoa, let's go through that haunted house. Or are you scared?”
  • “Scared? Me? O-Of course not!”
  • “Look at our haunted house reaction photo -- we look so stupid!”
  • “Are you gonna stay at home and hand out candy?”
  • “Where'd the candy go?”
  • “Hypothetical question, but would you be mad if I told you that I ate all of the candy?”
  • “Wh-What's that behind you?”
  • “So like, if we were in a horror movie, which one of us would die first?”
  • "...What are you supposed to be?"
  • "I'm a candy corn vampire princess! I couldn't decide on just one thing. So I went as everything."
  • "Hey, let's throw toilet paper at _______'s house!"
all my happy stories begin and end with you
Here’s the first prompt that I have ever filled! Please be patient with me as you send in your prompts. I am like the slowest writer probably ever. I’ll try to get to everyone’s as time allows. This one is pure family fluff, so I hope I did it justice!  ————————-> Anonymous said: Prompt: Olicity takes their kids on vacation.


It was not the vacation she had had in mind, but it was hard to complain as she watched Oliver chase their girls around the park. 

When he jumped out from behind the nearby oak tree, their peels of laughter as they dashed away on their tiny legs filled her with a familiar warmth that enveloped her entire being.  Five-year-old Adalyn held tight to her little sister’s hand, patiently shortening her steps to match 3-year-old Charlotte’s strides.  Oliver gave them a bit of a head start, hunching over dramatically with his hands on his knees to “catch his breath”, just enough time for the girls to get a few yards away from him. 

Nothing could stop the grin that tugged at Felicity’s lips.

Oliver started after them again, only managing a few steps before “tripping” on the ground.  He face-planted, arms and legs flailing theatrically before hitting the ground with a loud “OOMPH”.  He laid there, one cheek pressed into the grass and arms at his sides.  Felicity felt the bubble of laughter forming in her chest and had to cover her mouth to tramp it down.

Their sweet girls, of course, raced back to check on their dad.

Charlie plopped down next to him and patted his hair affectionately. “Daddy has boo-boo?” she asked.

Even from her spot under the shade tree, Felicity noticed his whole face soften at the question, and the butterflies fluttered away in her chest, overwhelmed with love for her husband, for their family.  She should be used to this by now.  Moments like these kept catching her off-guard, and she was surprised that the novelty hadn’t worn off yet.

“It’s just a little boo-boo.  Some kisses from my favorite girls should make it better,” Oliver replied with the gentle smile that he only ever wore when he looked at their daughters.

We’re your favorite girls!” Addie exclaimed, eyes lighting up with excitement as she sat down next to her sister. “You tell us that all the time, Daddy!”

“I sure do. Now give Daddy some kisses!” He tapped at his cheek.  Felicity watched as the girls peppered his face with kisses, making dramatic “muah!” sounds with every kiss, and she still could not believe that this was her life.  Laughter and happy tears spilled out of her all at once. Stupid hormones.  She swiped at her eyes quickly. 

Oliver sat up cross-legged in the grass and pulled the girls into his lap. 

Charlie stood on his thigh as he held her up.  She patted one stubbly cheek with her tiny hand and asked, “More kiss, Daddy?”

He kissed her tiny palm and pulled Addie closer.  He leaned in, the three of them huddling together conspiratorially as he whispered something to them.

She had a pretty good idea of what was said when not a second later:

Addie said in a rush of words that was distinctly her mother, as Oliver liked to call it. “Momma gives the best kisses! I get boo-boos sometimes and she kisses it and then all better and if I’m extra good, she gives me mint chip ice scream, Daddy maybe if you’re really good you can have some too, I’ll go get Momma.” She leapt out of her dad’s lap, stopping to say, “Sissy, watch Daddy, okay?”

“Otay,” Charlie responded with a determined nod, eyes watching Oliver intently, taking her sister’s instructions very seriously.

“That’s my cue,” Felicity muttered to herself, only struggling slightly as she pulled herself out of the lawn chair.  One hand came to rest on her swollen belly instinctively.  Addie raced to her and tugged on her other hand, eagerly explaining the situation: “Daddy was chasing us and he fell and now he has a boo-boo, me and Charlie gave him kisses but he still needs you to give him kisses too, your kisses are the best, Momma, I told Daddy and he…” She paused to think, halting their steps and throwing Felicity a perplexed look. “What’s that word, Momma?”

“Um, agreed, sweetie?”

“Yes!”  They resumed their pace. “He a-greed with me, so now you have to give him kisses too and then we can get ice scream!”

Felicity’s smile was so wide, her cheeks were starting to hurt. “Okay, baby.”

Oliver had maneuvered Charlie to sit on his shoulders.  She was holding on by his hair. “Ahh, there’s my other favorite girl,” he said once he spotted her, his eyes dancing with mirth as they met hers.

“What’s this I hear about boo-boo kisses and ice cream?” Felicity questioned playfully.

Charlie clapped enthusiastically at the sound of ice cream. “I scream, I scream! Momma, I like I scream!” 

Felicity’s laugh rang out as she bent to run a hand through Charlie’s light brown curls. 

“Yup. Your daughters here tell me you give the best kisses ever.  It might just be the thing to make my boo-boo all better,” he explained with a wink.

“Well then, you better get up here,” she instructed on a laugh and added, “You know if I sit down, I won’t be able to get back up,” 

“Hold on tight, Charlie-bear!” Oliver stood effortlessly, barely jostling their 3-year-old who squealed with delight regardless.

Felicity reached up on her tiptoes as Oliver leaned down.  She intended to give him a peck on the lips but ended up lingering for a beat longer (typical), an extra beat that was not nearly long enough (typical).  

“Better?” she asked quietly, pulling back to look at him.  There was a smudge of her bright pink lipstick on the corner of his mouth.  She swiped at it with her thumb.

“The best,” he uttered breathlessly.

Addie tugged on both their hands, breaking the spell. “Can we get ice scream now?”

“Yay! I scream! I want I scream!” Charlie chanted, bouncing up and down on her dad’s shoulders, no fear of falling with her daddy there to catch her.

Laughing heartily, Oliver said, “Yes, but first, we have to pack everything up, okay?”

The girls were agreeable, too excited about the prospect of ice cream to complain. 

They headed back to the shade tree, Adalyn holding both her parents’ hands while Charlotte perched securely on her father’s shoulders.

“I’m sorry we had to spend our time off here.  I know you really wanted to get away,” Oliver voiced regretfully.

“No. Oliver, this is wonderful.  I’m just happy we got to sneak away from the retreat and spend some quality time together. It’s… it’s everything,” Felicity stated, breathless and all blissed-out on love and adoration and every other good feeling associated with the life they had built together. 

Sneaking a glance at their daughters, Oliver said, “Yeah.”  His eyes were drawn back to Felicity’s. “It is.”


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