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About Last Night // The Preacher’s Daughter Part Two [A Mitch Rapp Smut]

Author: @minhosmeanhoe

Series: Part One

Relationship: Mitch Rapp x Reader / Mitch Rapp x OFC

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Smut, Public Fingering, Public-ish Oral (Female on Male), Sinning, Thigh Riding, and Swearing.

Word Count: 6,283

Song: Slow Hands (Acoustic) by Niall Horan

A/N: Thank you to my favorite @stilinski-jpeg for proofreading and editing this. I love you!

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At one point, I thought I was in love with you. For some reason I could’ve sworn you were the one. But then I met someone else and he held my hand tighter and lent me his t-shirts and paid me back for all the things I did for you. He snuck me in late and sacrificed sleep so I’d feel better next to him all night. He told me he loved me and he didn’t hesitate to show it and I loved that. I love him. And whatever happens now, know I loved you too. I really did. But things change and I changed and he loved me anyways.
—  03.22.17 (via revivee)
Love letter from Noctis

Poor little awkward emo prince. My first piece of writing for FFXV is a thank you to everyone who creates for this fandom! It’s mildly NSFW (suggestive language) and hella awkward and rambly…because it’s from Noct. hah!

I want to do the rest of the bros but we’ll see if I can be creative for more  than five minutes.

Gender neutral reader s/o. Pre timeskip. No spoilers.

Special thanks to @iinkpools @chocobrodreamteam @ladyscientia and @nifwrites, whose works I’ve read over and over again.

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Telling daddy my wet dreams ☺

So we had this really nice condo or house or something I couldn’t tell but anyways we were in bed and you fell asleep and I wasn’t ready for bedtime so I snuck out to the couch and grabbed some candy from the kitchen and was in the living room watching cartoons and out of nowhere you were behind me gripping my neck so tight and I jumped but I knew it was you. You leaned down and whispered in my ear “you’re in so much trouble little girl”. I then shivered and you let go of my neck and walked slowly around to the front of the couch and stood in front of me firmly with your hands in fists and your shirt was off and you were just in boxers, you looked at me and I knew I broke the rules so I wouldn’t look up I was just sitting on the couch with my head down and I’m only wearing my panties. You gripped my chin tightly and pulled it up so I had no choice but to look at your gorgeous daddy eyes and you said “ now little one it’s past your bedtime and you know your not allowed to have candy past 7:00. So why the fuck are you out here and eating candy my pet” I just bit my lip and whimpered “I…I’m sorry daddy” you then said “you’re damn right your sorry little girl, do you know what this gets you..” I nodded quietly and you let go of my chin sat next to me and said over the knee now. I then got up, trembling, and laid across your lap. You looked down and said “are you ready little one” I then didn’t answer just nodded and you tensed up and growled “you speak when spoken to” I whimpered “yes daddy” you then clapped your firm hand down on my ass and said “that’s one baby girl are you ready for the rest?” Moaning I say “yes daddy” you then slap my ass 3 more times and said that you were gunna keep going until my ass is swollen red. Slowly I began moaning and biting down on my lip and gripping the couch and squirming around. You then grabbed my hair and pulled me off your knee and said down babygirl and I said yes sir and got on my knees with my head down. You waited for a minute and said suck now. I then began sucking.. slowly at first and then I got more and more excited, to a point where I began sucking faster and I got freaky about it, it was completely unintentional about it I just got really excited…. you then gripped my hair again and said “fuck babygirl you did so good little one. Go back to your bedroom and lay down on the bed on your back little one and I will be in soon” in reply I just said yes daddy and walked to the bedroom… you made me wait and I began to get antsy and called out for you… again I yelled daddy.. no reply…I then said daddy I can’t help it I want to play with my little parts… at that moment you ran in and said “excuse you.. those are my parts and you do not touch those parts unless I say so” with a look of excitement and fear in my eyes I said yes daddy and I’m sorry daddy. You slowly walked over and began smirking and growled “good girl” finally you were right next to me and sitting over me on your knees. You just said “arms” I then put my wrists together and gestured them to you. You firmly gripped my wrists and pinned them down. With your other hand you slid your hand down my body starting at my chest going over one nipple, stopping to play with it then continuing down my body. Finally you reached my pussy and began playing with my clit, I begin moaning. You start moving faster and faster and my hips begin moving, I’m now moaning your name so loud and just as I’m cumming you shove your fingers so deep in my pussy and swirling them around as the orgasm you just gave me is slowly dripping from my pussy and your fingers inside me are driving me crazy now and I begin screaming and begging you “daddyyyy, god please daddy I can’t take it” and you just look down laughed and growled “ you will take it babygirl, I’m not done with you yet” I begin whimpering and unintentionally I move my hips away to where your fingers aren’t making me feel so unbearably good. You then just stop, you let go of my hands, get off the bed, and stand in front of me. I can tell your not happy that I pulled away. All you said was no cumming this time and you knelt down and dug your face in my pussy and instantly I’m screaming uncontrollably and I’m screaming “GOD DADDY PLEASE, NO MORE DADDY NO MORE” you just grunted and held my legs tightly so I can’t move. My back is fully arched and I begin making sounds that I didn’t even know I could make. I finally said “daddy please can I cum pleaseee daddy” you suddenly just stopped and looked at me. Then you stand up and say are you ready princess and I then nod just staring at you and smiling with one finger in my mouth now. You then grip my throat and say, “you know what that look does to me” and with no warning you shoved your hard cock deep inside my pussy and I let out another shriek, and continuing your sentence you say “ you’re not gunna be able to walk tomorrow” then you begin slamming your throbbing dick in to my wet pussy over and over and I begin begging you to fuck me harder, without hesitation you begin fucking me harder and faster. I scream faster daddy faster. You the put your other hand on my face then the top of my head gripping my hair and you start fucking my pussy even harder. I can’t control it anymore and I shouted daddy I’m cumming. I then let go and as your still slamming into me I can feel the cum now all over your balls which are slapping into my ass. My entire thigh area and princess parts are covered in cum now daddy. Finally you let out a load growl and push in deeper as you cum. Afterwords you collapse on top of me sweating and breathing heavily.

From Shooting to Charming
  • John Laurens x Reader
  • Hamiltime
  • Request: Reader is Charles Lee’s sister and John falls in love with her after she shows up at the camp, punches him in the face, and proceeds to yell at him for twenty minutes for shooting her brother. And everyone (literally everyone) is high-key terrified of her and John is just completely smitten with this amazing woman who just made his nose bleed.
  • Requested by anonymous

A/N: So I feel like this could’ve been five times better but I’m not sure how. I gave this a quick proof read so I probably missed a lot of things. I don’t have a lot of time to write/proof read right now. As an aside, I have ideas for like two other John Laurens stories that no one requested but could be fun. I’ll see if I can work those in sometime. But I wanted to post something, give you guys a fic so here’s this one. It was pretty fun to write though and I think quite a few people were looking forward to it. So I’ll stop prattling one and let you guys read it. Enjoy!

Word Count: 2,503
You gasped as a few men helped your brother into your house. “What happened?” You asked. But none of them spared you a glance. They unceremoniously dropped Charles on his bed. He grunted in pain but none of the men cared. They just walked out, still giving you no explanation. “Charles what happened to you?” You asked him. He had a bandage around his torso. It was getting soaked red.

“A dumb cadet challenged me to a duel.” He grunted. “And I lost…” He muttered.

“What? Who?” You asked. You were pissed. You were more than pissed. Charles was a general, and yet some idiot failed to treat him with respect.

“John Laurens.” He grunted out. You knew Charles lost his position as a general but you didn’t think anyone would try this kind of stunt.

“Who?” You asked him. You needed to know what this stupid idiot looked like.

“It’s not important.” Charles grunted out. “I know what you’re gonna try, so don’t.” Charles warned you.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You protested and crossed your arms in defiance. But your brother knew you well. In fact too well. You knew exactly what he was talking about but you were still gonna do it anyway. So once Charles fell asleep, probably due to the pain, you snuck from the house and out to your stable. You got your horse and rode to the camp. No one knew you, much to your luck.

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Beauty and The Beasts Part III

Summary: A new character appears and he’s rather… odd. A/N: sorry it took so long you guys… it’s long though and I think it’s better than part 2 was. ————————–

Guests were uncommon in Loki’s castle, and most of the time his ‘guests’ were people he tortured because they owed him something and took too long to pay up. Lady Y/N also had the joy of cleaning his torture devices when he was done. Every Wednesday afternoon however, Y/N received an hour of solitude in her bedchamber while Loki visited with what he called a business partner. She usually spent that hour writing her thoughts down and hiding the papers under her mattress.

This week was a bit different, though.

It was Tuesday and Lady Y/N was cleaning dust off of some of Loki’s enchanted items, when all of a sudden the door burst open and a man with messy, brown hair and a big black coat entered the room. He was carrying a velvet looking top hat. Loki, who had been at his spinning wheel in the corner looked up and stood from his spot, striding toward the newcomer.

“You aren’t supposed to be here until tomorrow.” He stated stopping in front of the man. He only grinned and glanced at Lady Y/N.

“Something came up.” He said. “Who’s the help?” She tried to shy away from his gaze, but he only kept watching her, Loki stepped in front of his gaze so he was forced to look back at him.

“She does not matter in this moment.” Loki said. “Do you have what I asked for, James?” The man, James, raised his top hat and reached inside, pulling out a small satchel. Loki took it from his hand and looked inside. “All six of them are here?” James nodded and tried to look back at Lady Y/N. “You may take as much gold as you deem fit.” Loki seemed to not care about anything James did, now that he had what he wanted. James walked over to the pile of gold that Loki had previously made on the floor and began stuffing it into his hat.

“Shall I make some tea, Sir Loki?” Lady Y/N asked. Without glancing back at her Loki answered.

“No, James won’t be staying much longer anyway.”

“Who decided that?” James voice startled Lady Y/N, he had snuck up and was standing directly behind her. He reached for her hand and brought it to his lips, kissing her knuckles. “James Barnes is the name, Portal Jumping’s the game. I also, make hats.” He released her hand and she blushed.

“M-my name is Y/N Rogers.” She said, James’ eyes widened.

“As in the princess, Y/N Rogers?” He turned toward Loki, whose face quickly darkened, for an answer. James quickly returned his gaze to Y/N and she gave a minute nod, he grinned like a cheshire cat.

“Small One,” Loki called to her, pulling her gaze away from the hatter. “Would you please make your way to your quarters.” With only another nod she left the Grand Hall, but stopped outside the doors because she head Loki speak again. She was out of sight but not of earshot. “Listen closely, Hatter, she is not a play thing-”

“Is that why you’ve been hiding her from me?” James’ voice cut him off. “Do you have feelings for the Princess?” James was mocking him. “Has The Dark One gone soft?” James’ laugh rang throughout the hall. “I had heard you won a maiden by saving Rogers’ kingdom, I didn’t care to ask about her, but seeing that you’ve taken the one thing he loved more than his wife, well now I’m interested.”

“You shouldn’t be. She is none of your concern.” Loki seemed upset, almost furious, meanwhile James stayed nonchalant and amused.

“So you do care for her.” It was more of a statement than a question, but Lady Y/N waited anxiously for a response, for some reason she wanted to know if Loki did care for her. Then she heard Loki scoff.

“No, but she is the best… help, I have ever had here.” Y/N, was hurt, and she didn’t know why. “I think it is time you leave Hatter. I will send for you if I need your help again.”

“Don’t worry Dark One, I think we will be seeing each other again very soon.” There was an odd whirring sound, and then silence.

“You can come out now, Small One.” Loki’s voice startled her and Lady Y/N released a small gasp. Not sure of what else she could do, she slowly reentered the grand hall with her head hung low. Like a child caught doing something they shouldn’t have. Looking around she noticed James had disappeared. “You can get back to work now.”

Loki left the hall, leaving Lady Y/N to her duties, but more importantly to her thoughts. Why had she felt hurt when Loki answered the Hatter? She was only his servant, nothing more, and he was The Dark One, why would he care about her anyway? Perhaps she was overthinking….

The next few weeks were odd, Loki had seemed to distance himself from her. Before the incident with the Hatter, they enjoyed pleasant conversation and now he was back to only giving her jobs to do and thanking her for doing them. Lady Y/N started to feel lonely again, and thought of escaping more and more every day. She never left though, for some reason, she felt she couldn’t. It was as though there was something she had to do here.

One evening, while she was consumed with boredom, Lady Y/N lay on her bed and thought of her father and mother. What were they doing right now? Were they even alive? She decided she was tired of the silence between her and The Dark One. Determined, Lady Y/N made her way down to the grand hall where Loki was spinning straw as usual. She slowed her strides and approached him calmly.

“I wish to ask you something.” She stated. He looked up at her with a furrowed brow.

“Then ask, Small One.” Her face seemed to flush, for some reason she had lost confidence, but she brought forth her question.

“I wish to know of my family.” Loki’s eyes went rather wide with surprise. Lady Y/N hadn’t spoken of her family since she had first arrived. “I want to know if they are alive.”

Loki could see something in her eyes, she was lonely, angry, anxious, and she showed not only those but many other emotions in her eyes. And for some reason, he understood them all. He felt them when he thought of the brother he was sure hated him. Loki stood from his spinning stool and went over to one of the many pedestals that held his enchanted items. He picked up a small mirror and brought it to Lady Y/N, who now held a look of confusion. Without a word he held the mirror in front of her showing her reflection. Her gaze went from the mirror to Loki as he moved his free hand slowly over the mirror. Her reflection began to waver and suddenly Lady Y/N was not the one in the mirror, it was now her father.

King Steven was standing over a table looking at a map and giving orders to knights. Loki watched as Lady Y/N’s eyes followed the king’s movements, some small amount of joy filled her irises when she saw her mother stand next to the king. Again the images wavered and faded, showing only the Lady’s reflection.

“You may keep the mirror.” Loki stand placing it in her hands. She smiled, and wiped at her now glistening eyes, murmuring a thank you. “Please make continue on with your duties now.” She nodded and placed the mirror on the table to take care of it later. Loki walked around the room inspecting some of his possessions.

“It’s… It’s very dark in here, may I open the curtains?” She asked. Loki only nodded. She made her way over to the latter used to get books off the higher shelves and pushed it toward the window. Cautiously she climbed up and began pulling on the curtains, but she slipped.

With a yelp, Lady Y/N fell from the latter. She braced for impact - closing her eyes tight - but it never came. When she opened her eyes she was met with Loki’s soft gaze. It was never soft, usually it was icy, but now it was as though she was looking into a softly flowing stream. Her arms rested around his neck and shoulders while he held her close. Gently, he set her down but she did not remove herself from him completely.

“Thank you.” It came out as a whisper, but he understood it. Loki seemed to have something to say, but instead of saying it he cleared his throat.

“That will be all for today. You may retire to your room.” Lady Y/N said nothing and looked toward the floor as she made her way out, grabbing the magic mirror as she left.





Originally posted by captaincentenarian

Properly Acquainted

AKA Will and Hannibal flirt and shamelessly dry-hump in a Halloween store. I’m… almost sorry for this?

This is the first of my giveaway fics, for @captainwingdings, who placed second and requested a fic based on a dream they had:

Young Will encounters Med student Hannibal at a halloween store. I had a dream last night where Will (age 20 in this) was visiting family (or his cousins, just pretend he has them) during Halloween time, and he goes with his little cousins (like age 17 or so, so not that little) to a massive Halloween store. Cue slightly older (Med student?) Hannibal. Because what better time to kill some pigs than when everyone is setting out gory decorations? So basically Hannibal takes a liking to Will and kinda follows him around the shop because Will knows all these bloody facts and keeps telling his cousins. Hannibal is automatically smitten, of course, and goes out of his way to talk to Will and press his body up against his in the tiny aisles.

I took some liberties with plot, but hopefully the spirit of the dream is still there!

Also on Ao3 here.

“I want that big axe! I bet you could cut someone’s hand off with an axe like that!”

Will found himself at the local party outlet, babysitting his niece Abigail for the afternoon. Halloween was coming up, and Uncle Will, a criminal justice student at the local community college, was the ideal choice to help pick out the most gruesome costume.

“Well, um. The axe would be a particularly bad choice for any kind of close-range combat.”

“Close… what?”

“Look, you want to be a scary killer, right?”

“Well yeah. Duh.”

“So, you need an effective weapon. The axe isn’t going to do you much good in a fight. You’re really only going to want it for hacking at things from about arm’s length.”

They were currently in an aisle full of plastic fake weapons, the kind you could carry around spattered with fake blood and spook out all the little kids in the neighborhood – every ten-year-old’s dream.

“Yeah but it’s so BIG! I want that one.”

“How about you try the Bowie knife, that’ll be the most effective.”

“But a knife isn’t as scary as an axe.” 

“But it’s… look, if it were up to me, I’d rather fight someone who had an axe than a Bowie knife. You can see an axe coming and get out of the way pretty quickly. A knife sneaks up on you. And look at the curve on the end – that’s gonna rip out all your guts.”

“Yeah, but the axe is like… so big. I want the axe.” Her well-honed pout gave her the air of a mistreated Bassett Hound, a face that she knew from years of experience was Uncle Will’s kryptonite.

“… fine. We’ll get the axe. But you have to let me mix your fake blood for you, the stuff they sell at these stores doesn’t even congeal right.”

“Uncle Will, you’re so weird.”

“Do you want this costume to be accurate or not?”

“I want to be scary.”

“Accurate is scarier than anything you could come up with, I promise you.”

“Pardon me for overhearing, but I’d have to recommend the butcher knife over the Bowie, if we’re talking close combat. Specifically the Japanese yanagi ba, traditionally used for sashimi.”

“Excuse me?” Will noticed for the first time the man standing to their left in the aisle, perusing a set of generic teen-murder-movie hockey masks. The tall, gorgeous, very well dressed, mysteriously-accented man to their left. Will realized he was gawking and snapped his mouth shut, hoping the man hadn’t noticed.

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Wait Until Christmas! (X-Mas Prompt)

Requested by an anon

Summary: Hiding presents from the batfamily is considered an Olympic sport by batmom and Bruce…and this year they just won gold.

Warning(s): Just Fluff, Really vague NSFW but not really??

Every year it was a challenge to find a new hiding place within the manor in hopes your children wouldn’t find them. Yet year after year you failed, your children either harassing the location out of you, finding it themselves, or in more recent years, hacking the security system. This year you and Bruce made a pact that it would be different and a smirk crept onto your face as you thought about it.

After making sure each of your kids were preoccupied, with much help from Alfred, you and Bruce snuck out of the house to do some shopping. It didn’t take long for the media to go into a frenzy and word to spread that Bruce Wayne and his s/o were outside of the manor. Not soon after the press would show up, a various array of your children would show up as well.

This time it was Cass, Tim, and Damian, a combination that made you raise an eyebrow, but accepted their presence anyways.

“Mom, lemme help you with those,” Tim flaunted his boyish smile and reached for the bags.

“No thanks, Tim, I can handle them,” you responded almost too nicely and returned a smug smile.

You knew exactly what game he was playing, he learned it from “Lemme hold the bags so I can see what Christmas presents you got me”-master Dick Grayson himself. Damian distracted Bruce with business talk while even Cass tried to peak into the bags you both were holding. Holding the bags closer to you, you walked faster and nudged Tim away from you, snapping him out of his shameless looking.

When you got home you both took the bags to your shared rooms and the children thought you two were just giving up playing their game. What they didn’t recognize was you carrying a gym bag to your yoga room every morning so you could stash presents away. That was until one morning Dick saw you carrying the overstuffed bag into your yoga room when it clicked. Of course you noticed him and you simply smirked, knowing your plan was unfolding perfectly.

After your yoga session you entered the kitchen where every other member of your family was, even Jason and Barbra, most of them trying to act normal as you got a bowl of cereal, smirking once again as Bruce read the text message, signaling to him that you’d been found out. Slowly one by one they walked out, most likely meeting at some rendezvous point in the house.

You and Bruce slipped into the room across the hall from your yoga. When you heard the whispers and the desperate attempts to be quiet you gave each other a knowing look. Bruce let you know when they had the door opened and were inside your yoga room so you two could stand up and make your way into the room as well.

“Whatcha doin’?” You looked at your children, who were all spread out, looking around the room.

“We know you hid the presents in here, mom!” Dick said matter-of-factly as they looked through your impeccably cleanroom, slightly confused.

“Well, I don’t see any present, do you?” Bruce looked to you questioningly.

“Nope, none in here! Plus, you have to wait until Christmas anyways!” you shrugged and watched them.

“Yeah, then what’s in this closet?” Jason questioned, ignoring your last comment.

“I think you all should really wait until Christmas,” Bruce added, in hindsight a warning but in the moment simply a challenge.

Jason smirked and opened the door, all his siblings following into the small room behind him. Yes, there were presents in there, most of them wrapped and in the respective child’s pile. They didn’t stay in the room very long, not even caring about the presents that were unwrapped.

“Father! You pervert! You use those things on (Y/N)?!” Damian was authentically disgusted and so were quite a few others.

“Ohmygod,” Jason groaned under his breath, wishing he could pour bleach into his eye sockets.

“Told you you should have waited,” Bruce smirked now and crossed his arms.

Dick and Tim were oddly silent through the whole ordeal, Dick most likely taking notes on everything and Tim trying to figure out what half the things in there were even used for.

You and Bruce had set up a “red room”, if you will, and filled it with the most erotic toys you could find, simply for the sole purpose of keeping your children out of where you kept presents. Barbra and Stephanie were impressed you went to the lengths of setting up a whole room to get them away from presents and Cass, well, Cass was only tagging along, it didn’t really matter to her and she was the first one to file out.

The others followed soon after and you shut the door to the “erotic room.” Bruce chuckled softly under his breath and looked at you. You two fist bumped and walked out of your yoga room together, relishing in the sweet taste of victory. And the complaints of all your children. Needless to say, they didn’t exactly look too hard for presents anymore.

some random mina headcanons

-her phone screen is always cracked
-she eats really aggressively. Like if she can take a big bite out of it she will.
-belly button is pierced. She snuck out of the house her last year of junior high to get it done.
-that’s the most troublesome thing she’s ever done though.
-she gets really hot at night and kicks off all the covers.
-NOT a cuddler. She’s more likely to lay all over you uncomfortably.
-She’s that person who dance-walks wherever they go. You look down the hall and she’s boppin all the way back to her room, humming some rap song under her breath

Two Guardians Walk into a Bar...

Ok so I told myself drabble. Two hours later this is 1.3k.

Dialogue practice with Auburn, and testing out my hand at Cayde’s voice and tone as well as nudging his character towards something more complex and interesting than provided.

Cayde’s a smart ass, but if you listen carefully you can learn a thing or two from the snark.

Auburn wasn’t a drinker, really, not alone, not outside of social nights. But she’d discovered once that as well as being a half decent bar, this particular hole in the wall had an unrivaled green tea, lemonade, and peach brew. She was stewing over it, allowing herself for once to let down the smile, to be moody and just sip something sweet.

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Better Than Words

Originally posted by wonsoks

(In which certain words are hard to say.)

“People say I love you all the time – when they say, ‘take an umbrella, it’s raining,’ or ‘hurry back,’ or even ‘watch out, you’ll break your neck.’ There are hundreds of ways of wording it – you just have to listen for it, my dear.” – John Patrick, The Curious Savage

word count: 4,124

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anonymous asked:

It would be funny if they not know each others culture so well and Keith do something and Lance think he is courting him or something like that 😂

Wow interesting idea!! Maybe one day Lance found there were some cute nice smelling flowers on his nightstand, and swooned after knowing it was Keith who put them there. 
Anyway, the main reason Keith did this was just to get Lance a deeper sleep at night coz he always snuck out in midnight which even led to Keith’s sleep deprivation. And the language of that flower in Galra was actually “DO NOT BOTHER ME”

anonymous asked:

So this has been on my mind for days so I had to share. What if Chuck and Herc had been at the Academy for whatever reason when Knifehead hit? Do you think they would have gone to see Raleigh, since Herc is a fellow Ranger? How do you think little Chuck felt watching his favorite non-relative Rangers fall like that? Do you think Chuck demanded Herc take him to see Raleigh? And if he did, do you think they would've walked in on Raleigh screaming for Yancy?

*rubs hands together*

This is a top-shelf ask, and it’s gonna get the royal treatment. Because I, too, have wondered, and I’ve even been tempted to write about it.

So, to start: “What if Chuck and Herc had been at the Academy for whatever reason when Knifehead hit?”

I think it’s a general fandom consensus that Chuck idolized the Becket brothers during their glory years. I mean, he borderline hated his father (never; he never ever hated Herc for one second, no matter how bitter and angry he was), he was already beyond determined to become a jaeger pilot and get revenge for all the things… and here are these two young, stalwart, unpredictable but HIGHLY EFFECTIVE blokes who are killing kaiju left and right and making all the headlines.

It doesn’t hurt that they’re also pretty to look at. But that’s beside the point.

Young Chuck, too angry and hurt to look up to his own father (we’ll not talk about Scott because that’s a whole ‘nother bag of snakes to lay straight), would’ve been very likely to grasp onto these kids – because Raleigh really was just a kid when they joined the program – who were everything he wanted to be, saving the world and shit. I can’t imagine him NOT idolizing them, frankly.

So maybe he pestered Herc – who had NO idea what to do with his prickly, ball-of-rage-and-gall son he’d saved in a moment’s blind panic when he realized he couldn’t save both of them and Angela would kill him if he’d saved her and left Chuck to die – to take him to the Academy. Not to meet the Beckets, of course not, why would he want to meet those stupid American wankers? But to get a feel for the Academy itself, since he was by-God going there himself as soon as they quit with the bullshit age restrictions and accepted him.

And Herc, guilty and lost and with nothing but the war and his already-dodgy brother and his small, angry, standoffish son who never wanted ANYTHING because he was always so angry… made it happen. Maybe it would lessen some of that anger. Maybe… they could get past it if they could just spend some time together. Fun time, not shatterdome time.

Now: “Do you think they would have gone to see Raleigh, since Herc is a fellow Ranger?”

Oh, my, yes. That would’ve been #1 on the list for Chuck, though he would never have admitted it. Young Chuck would have put it as an after-thought, an “Oi, while we’re here, can I maybe meet that youngest pilot bloke and tell him not to rest on his laurels because I’MA be the youngest pilot any day now?”

And Herc, likely hoping the Beckets’ easy-going manner and friendly smiles would coax back some of the brilliant, happy little boy he’d lost back in Australia, set that shit up like it was nothing.

Then: “How do you think little Chuck felt watching his favorite non-relative Rangers fall like that?”

Okay, Satan. YOU ASKED FOR IT.

Because even so young, Chuck was no stranger to the concept of mortality. Sure, the jaeger program had, up to this point, been a resounding success. That doesn’t mean he’d missed how badly we’d fared against them before the giant robots. How much of our own planet we’d poisoned fighting them off with nukes because… what else could we do?

He was a bright kid. Too bright to NOT know what was happening.

So even though the jaegers hadn’t started falling in earnest yet, he knew there was a distinct possibility of it happening sometime.

But not the Beckets. Not those shining examples of youth and ingenuity overpowering brute strength and terror. Not now. Not YET. Not when he was supposed to meet them TOMORROW, dammit.

They… they were… humanity was WINNING. How could it have gone so wrong?

Herc, of course, got immediately sucked into a strategy meeting because, even then, Stacker Pentecost knew who he did and didn’t trust. Chuck was worried because Herc had made mutterings about how stupid it was to call what happened “disobeying orders” because you don’t bloody get to argue an impossible order when a goddamn kaiju pops up in your bloody face, and it sounded like… maybe the younger Becket was in trouble.

BIG trouble. Get-kicked-out trouble.

If he lived, which wasn’t expected. Because everyone knows that when your Drift partner dies, so do you.

It wasn’t his mother dying all over again. He’d never met the kid, after all. But… he had a Becket brothers poster on his wall in his bunk, and one of those brothers was already gone, and the other one was in critical condition and rumored to be more than half out of his mind in the med bay (understandable, considering how much of him must’ve been yanked out with his brother’s body), and apparently going to be kicked out in disgrace if he DID live, and….

For a while, young Chuck couldn’t do anything but sit on the edge of his bunk and, well… not cry, exactly. Again, it wasn’t grief. It was… a loss. A loss of hope. A blow to his dream of being the youngest jaeger pilot and kicking kaiju ass and saving the world.

He’d always wanted to be Raleigh Becket. Now, Raleigh Becket was damn near a vegetable and might not live out the week.

So: “Do you think Chuck demanded Herc take him to see Raleigh?”

HELL NO. Are you kidding? The little bastard snuck away when Herc was off in yet another meeting about what to do now that the world knew the jaegers might not be enough anymore.

He just needed to KNOW, okay? Maybe… it wasn’t all over before he ever got a chance to prove himself. Maybe… Becket could still be okay. Maybe… and he was rather proud of this one… maybe he could actually be of comfort. Maybe they could be friends.

Hell, if he played his cards right, they might even end up as co-pilots. Him and Raleigh Becket. Kicking kaiju ass and saving the world.

So you bet your ass he snuck away. I won’t divulge whether or not he was humming theme music as he kid-ninja-ed his way to the medical bay (he totally did, and he was blissfully unaware that literally all the shatterdome personnel he passed saw him; they were just too gobsmacked themselves to do anything about some kid running around while the world was falling apart around them).

And finally: “And if he did, do you think they would’ve walked in on Raleigh screaming for Yancy?”

Not exactly. Not screaming, anyway. More… constantly weeping in both physical and mental pain, unable to grasp that the presence in his mind was gone – but sort of wasn’t at the same time, which was worse; like a phantom ache but inside his mind instead of in a missing limb – unable to stop repeating his brother’s name, though his voice was little more than a harsh whisper.

He was strapped to the bed. At first, Chuck was FURIOUS. How DARE they? This was one of the best jaeger pilots in the world, dammit!

But there was blood on the pale blue hospital johnny, a blotchy stain over the right flank, a weirdly tidy patch in a geometric pattern over the left shoulder and chest, and before he could make a right ass of himself, he realized the restraints were an attempt to get Becket to hold still and stop reopening his injuries.

Jesus. This wasn’t… he couldn’t….

Was there anything left in that young, handsome, All-American blonde head but a dead man’s name and unendurable pain?

Chuck lost his nerve. It was only for a moment, but it was long enough for him to turn away from the demoralizing sight on the bed. Long enough for him to take a step toward the door, toward telling himself none of this had happened, because if this had happened to Becket, it could happen to HIM, and he damn well wanted to pilot a jaeger someday, and to do that, he had to get that image out of his head.

That could be HERC, and he had to get away right now because no.

Then, the constant, hoarse litany of broken Yancys stopped, freezing Chuck just inside the door.

A soft, soul-weary sob.


Gritting his teeth, young Chuck turned his stubborn self back around and faced the truth. The truth was Raleigh Becket, strapped to a hospital bed, cheeks wet and almost blistered from the constant stream of tears, lips cracked and voice wrecked and body scarred and broken in a blood-stained hospital johnny.

“Mr. Becket?”

Jesus. He sounded like an idiot.

But the restless would-be thrashing stilled.

“Uh… do you… need anything?” He narrowly avoided facepalming. “I mean, I could… are you thirsty? I can get you–”

Raleigh Becket suddenly screamed, full-throat, his body arching against the restraints, fresh blood staining the pale blue. If Chuck had been even a few years younger, he’d have pissed himself in terror.

It was a near miss, even now.

“Raleigh, stop! Jesus, mate, please stop!”

Because the scream went on, hoarse and throat-tearing and awful, and years later, after he’d picked a fight with the has-been, he’d go back to his bunk in a fury and suddenly remember that scream and how it had seemed to reach down his throat and grip his guts in a frigid clutch until he just wanted to sit down right there on the floor. Until he clapped his hands over his ears because surely his eardrums would burst from the intensity of it.

The sudden memory – how could he have forgotten? it had haunted his nightmares for years, though he would never admit it – would send him into the jaeger bay to work on Striker, and he and Herc would have yet another shitty argument about how Chuck would never be good enough.

And he would again remember that scream and how he’d wanted to maybe be Becket’s friend, his co-pilot, but he had instead damn near pissed himself and, in a panic, had used the kerfuffle of all the running medical personnel to skulk away like a coward, instead.

He never told Herc.

But eventually, after Pitfall and a few tentative, awkward conversations that slowly became easier and full of more laughter than painful silences, he did tell Raleigh.

The second ver of the prompt:  “Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.” with old men and kitten. Ao3 

Hanzo had countless of hair ties (fifteen, to be exact. But Jesse liked to be dramatic, and for a man who owned seven different colors of serapes, Hanzo thought his ribbon collection was only mediocre). When he had woken up that day, Jesse was already gone, and so was his blue and very expensive white hair tie with gold lining. He would have never realized they were gone if the mood of using a different tie hadn’t struck him that morning.

“Athena,” Hanzo said, tying his hair in a low ponytail with a red ribbon. “Can you tell me where McCree is?”

“Agent McCree is currently in conference room 2-B.”

“He’s in a meeting?”

“No, agent.”

Hanzo didn’t know what Jesse was doing, or why he took two of his hair ties (it was most likely him, but Hanzo would give him the benefit of the doubt for now). Hanzo swung by the kitchen first. Only Lena was there after her morning jog. No one except for a few was up this early, the sky was still gray, with the barest rays of sunlight on the horizon.

Hanzo brewed two cups of coffee. Neither of them eats breakfast unless someone already made some. After adding milk and honey to Jesse’s, Hanzo made his way to the conference room on the second floor.

“Jesse,” Hanzo said as he shouldered the door open, “Have you seen my–” and halted when he saw what was happening in front of him.

Like he suspected, Jesse had both of his hair ties. Unlike he suspected (what was he suspecting?), Jesse stared back bashfully, with the blue ribbon tied like a bow on his head. And in his lap, his hat. In his hat, a black kitten with Hanzo’s most expansive ribbon tied around its neck, also a bow.

“Morning, sweetheart,” Jesse said as Hanzo wordlessly kissed him on the cheek and sat down beside him on the floor. Jesse accepted the coffee with a grateful smile. Hanzo rubbed the kitten’s forehead, waiting for an explanation.

“A kitten, Jesse?”

Jesse chuckled. “Heh, well. At three o’clock, I kinda woke up –”

Hanzo’s hard gazed snapped to Jesse, and the gunslinger held the kitten up in front of his face for protection. Looking at the kitten’s glossy eyes, and the weak mewl it (she, Hanzo corrected) let out, he decided to let it slide this time. It wasn’t like he always woke Jesse up whenever he had nightmares either.

Hanzo sighed, and took the kitten from Jesse. Jesse followed forward and pressed a kiss to Hanzo’s lips. “You needed the sleep, and I didn’t feel awful this time. You okay?”

Hanzo leaned into the kiss. The kitten squirmed in his hands when Hanzo’s focus wandered off of her too long. “It’s fine. Continue.”

“I was taking a walk and I heard this little one meowing from the office.” Jesse laughed when the kitten tumbled off Hanzo’s shoulder and into his lap. “She must’ve snuck in when it was raining last night. I dried her and fed her some crackers. When I went back to our room for my hat I kinda thought…wouldn’t this little guy look cute with a bow on?”

“And of course you picked the one that cost a fortune.”

Jesse reeled back, and looked at the kitten in Hanzo’s lap, now dozing off with her head hanging off Hanzo’s leg. “Shoot, really? Sorry, I didn’t–”

“It’s all right,” Hanzo cut him off. “I never use it anyway. And you haven’t explained why you are wearing a bow as well.”

Jesse shrugged. “She fell asleep and I didn’t have anything to do.”

Hanzo snorted, and started imagining it when Jesse leaned forward, and pulled Hanzo’s ribbon loose.

Hanzo didn’t bother asking what Jesse was going to do, chances were Hanzo would let him do it anyways. Jesse combed his fingers through Hanzo’s hair and his skin tingled pleasantly from the feeling. Jesse worked quickly, tying Hanzo’s hair back up and snapped a picture.

“What did you do?” Hanzo sighed when Jesse grinned dopily at his phone. McCree showed him. In the picture, Hanzo had his hair up in a bun, with the red ribbon around it in a bow. A sleeping cat in his lap. Hanzo rolled his eyes as Jesse took back his phone and set it as his wallpaper.

“Just don’t send it to anyone,” Hanzo said. “If it got out, I don’t want my reputation and hiring fee to go down.”

“You don’t assassinate people anymore!”

“It’s the matter of principle.”

Jesse laughed, leaned back on one hand and took the mug in the other. His eyes sliding shut slightly from being near someone he felt safe with, but shook himself awake.

“Reckon we should go and find something more for her to eat?”

Hanzo nodded, his eyes were on the kitten, rubbing her paws between his fingers. “After she eats, she can decide if she wants to stay or not.”

Jesse grinned. “Sounds like a plan.”

Date with a Hidden Weeb

I went on a  date with a hidden weeb. So I asked out a woman from my gym. She’s caucasian and cute and fit and a professional. Professional is really all I’m looking for, the rest is just a bonus and race doesn’t matter to me. So usually you date a white/black/latina or whitewashed api and get the “what are you?” question, right? Well, the hidden weeb got around to it very artfully. It was kind of worked into the “what do your parents do?” part of the date interrogation with a “where are your parents from” snuck in there with some cute tone. It was ok and much appreciated compared to asking my nationality. If you were wondering my passport says U.S.A. under nationality. Anyway, I explained that my father’s from the Netherlands but emigrated from Indonesia as he’s Javanese. Hidden Weeb was visibly disappointed. “Javanese? Wait don’t you mean Japanese?” Nope. Javanese. Java. Its like a different island further south from where you were hoping. “Oh I thought becuase your name contained Nomo you were Japanese” - as if I intentially misled her masquerading as a Japanese person with a fake last name. She was not happy. I tried to keep the rest of the date fun for both of us but she just wasn’t up to it. Thinking she had finally snagged her ultimate prize - a for real Japanese (/American?) guy! - but alas she wasn’t a big enough person to hide her disappointment and resentment towards me. She got out of there as quickly as possible. She’s annoying at the gym now, like I’m a second class citizen or something but whatever, I hold all the cards now possessing the secret of the hiddden weeb!

Hello, it is I, here to bring more Suffering™ to @reverseblackholeofwords’s fics *throws confetti* As interested as I was in the idea of memories being transplanted into someone else’s brain (a la my Wilford drabble), I was even more interested in the idea of memories being stolen, especially when the person is still aware and no doubt actively trying to stop it. So this is my take on what happened when Darkiplier took away Mark’s memories of Amy. I also kind of snuck in a little headcanon about @reverseblackholeofwords’s fic? A headcanon of a fic, that has to be some kind of inception. Anyway, I’m putting this under a readmore again, because this is much longer than my last drabble. Hope you like it!

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Three is the Magic Number

Get off me!

You seem to like the muggle lifestyle so much…

You can heal like a muggle.

Sirius: Rem? You- you’re supposed to be in the hospital wing.

Sirius: How are you feeling? I visited earlier, but you were -

Remi: Asleep, yeah. I’m fine now.

Remi: Hey, you should try and sleep.

The bed lurches suddenly.

Jamie: Getting cosy, are we?

Jamie: You should still be in the hospital wing anyway, missy.

Sirius: Unless it’s the naked kind. Naked fighting is allowed.

Jamie: There’s some definite sexual tension here. Sirius has been giving me the eye all day.


Jamie: G’night ladies.

She settles down against Sirius. Within moments, she’s asleep and snoring softly.

Sirius: You shouldn’t have snuck out. But thanks.

Remi: Those hospital beds are horrible. And it was weird without you.

They lie in silence for a moment.


anonymous asked:

I don't feel very well ;-; can I have smorches?

“Anxiety, it’s time to get up.”

“Ge'out Prince,” Anxiety mumbled from beneath his mountain of blankets.

“Guess again.” The voice giggled.

“Mor'lity go ‘way.”

“Not until you come out of there,” Morality challenged.

“Is he up yet?” Prince poked his head through the door.

Morality sighed, but before he could answer a groan came from under the covers. Anxiety had been up until four am the night before, and he wasn’t about to get up now.

“That’s a no,” Prince answered himself.

“Anxiety,” Morality laid down on the bed beside Anxiety, so he was facing the tired man. Well, the blankets that covered him. “Can I please come in?”

There was silence, and then the blankets were shifting before a corner was lifted. Morality winked at Prince before crawling in with Anxiety. Prince pouted and walked over to sit on the edge of the bed. He heard faint whispering coming from under the blankets, but he couldn’t make out any of it.

“Come on, Anxiety, breakfast will get cold,” Morality was trying to convince breakfast.

“I don’t care,” Anxiety tucked himself into Morality’s warm arms, “It’s nice in here.”

“The blankets or the hug?” Morality teased.

“Do I have to kick you out?”

“No, just tell me what I have to do to get you to come to breakfast.”

Once again, Anxiety stayed silent. Then, he was moving, and soon had a hand behind Morality’s head and was pulling him in for a kiss.

“Convince Prince to come in here to, and we’ll see about breakfast,” Anxiety bargained. Morality was seeing stars in the dark.

“That won’t be hard,” He murmured. He kissed Anxiety once more before scooching back in order to poke his head out from under the blankets.
Prince startled for a moment, but then raised an eyebrow questioningly.

“Come here,” Morality whispered. The smile on his lips had Prince cautious, but he leaned down anyways. Morality snuck a kiss on his cheek and whispered, “He wants you to come under here as well.”

“How will that make him eat breakfast?” Prince questioned in disbelief. Of course, Morality had broken easy.

“I’m sure we can find some way to convince him to come out,” Morality giggled, “Together.”

Prince grinned and crawled under the blanket after Morality. After some shifting, they had Anxiety between the both of them.

“Now, how can we convince you to come have breakfast?” Prince wondered aloud.

“I’m sure you’ll figure something out,” Anxiety yawned, “Until then, I’m going to sleep.” And, in both Morality and Prince’s embrace, Anxiety fell fast asleep.

“Did we-”

“-Just fall for the most obvious trap ever?” Prince finsihed, “Yeah, I think we did.”

“I should have known,” Morality pouted.

“We both fell for it,” Prince agreed.

“Now what?”

Prince looked at Anxiety and pressed a kiss to his head.

“I suppose breakfast can wait a little while longer.”

**I hope you feel better soon 😚😚😚**