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To the fans who are complaining about how lame the fight between Obi-wan and Maul was: Here is the reason behind it in Rebels Recon:
  • (Star Wars Correspondent) Andi Gutierrez: The actual duel between the two Masters is very short. Like a samurai film. How did you come to the conclusion that it had to be done this way?
  • (Producer) Carrie Beck: We never entered into this story trying to think about how satisfying that battle should be. It really became about what was the general intention of this moment? And knowing where these two men are at this point in their lives, I think it's important for us —even though on the timeline, we aren't to a New Hope yet— to think about what we know of Obi-wan in that movie and to work backwards in some way to make sure that the characters progression charts appropriately.
  • (Co-Producer) Henry Gilroy: When you've fought someone many times, or face off you kind of know each other's moves. So if you think about it, the build up to this confrontation and the actual Lightsabers hitting each other is actually longer, cause their basically playing it out in their heads and the amazing thing is the move that Maul tries after the initial exchange he actually attempts the move that killed Qui Gon Jinn. He tried to basically bash him with the hilt.
  • (Executive Producer) Dave Filoni: If you talk to a lot of people that sword fight, they'll tell you that people that are very good don't have long fights, it's very quick. And so that scene, it's an homage to the Seven Samurai. I think on one level people would be excited to see another prolonged Lightsaber fight but I just never really saw the confrontation that way because to do that is to say that the characters don't have growth. Yes, it's exciting as an audience member but it's not really a believable thing. The storytelling has to evolve.
  • (People need to take a moment and listen to what Dave said about Mauls death and the fight in general. It WASN'T meant to be a prolonged fight as he said otherwise the meaning of the fight itself would be completely lost.)
The Signs (from a Virgo POV)
  • Aries: you're either super sweet and intelligent or way hardcore, i haven't met an in between yet. you're usually so YOU that people get intimidated by you. some people think you're too hot headed or insensitive, but you're really soft and sensitive deep down. you don't deal with stress so well, but honestly, who does.
  • Taurus: the ones that wear it, wear makeup well. you have a very cool style, and people can be jealous of it. sometimes you don't really get why people get upset at you, and that makes you upset, too. people call you lazy, but when you put your mind to something, you don't give up, and that's really cool!
  • Gemini: even though you're surrounded by people who adore you, you can feel pretty lonely. you fight with yourself about whether you want to be grounded with close relationships or fly away freely, doing whatever you want without "consequences." you're all a bunch of smartie pants, and you tell the best jokes, even though sometimes you laugh so hard you don't always finish them.
  • Cancer: the ease you have with being in touch with your emotions is somewhat intimidating to some other signs. they're afraid of hurting your feelings. getting past that though, you're always a delight to talk to, when you want to talk. so nice and gentle, funny, and i haven't met one yet that hasn't pulled the silliest puns or hasn't said YOLO or swag often.
  • Leo: your sense of staying true to yourself can scare away some people, but also cause many others to flock to you. people are often envious of you for one reason or another. your confidence, whether it be faked or not, is something to be admired. you have awesome senses of humor, and you make your friends laugh so hard they choke on their own spit.
  • Virgo: even though you want to stop most of the time, you're trying so hard. easier said than done, but you guys need to take a day off to relax and have some time to yourself. even when you look like you aren't paying attention, you hear everything, which makes some people wary of you. but when you're over-stressed, your elephant-like memory disappears.
  • Libra: the ones i've met have always been what i can't describe anything other than pure. not in the sense that they don't have a dirty side to them, but in the sense that everything they do is so genuine. if they don't like you, you'll know it right off the bad, and visa versa. they're creative and imaginative and are always impressing someone.
  • Scorpio: you guys are hilarious and usually you know it. your smile is beautiful because your whole face lights up too. people get intimidated by your aura, and although you like watching behind the scenes, you can get really lonely. you're mysterious without really even trying, but others always feel like you're keeping something from them.
  • Saggitarius: not everyone really gets you, so when you find someone who does, you tend to be glued to them at the hip, whether you realize that or not. you have one of the most memorable laughs out of your friend groups. your feelings can be pretty set in stone, so people might think you're a little stubborn or be afraid of you, but don't worry. you can feel however you see fit.
  • Capricorn: people wouldn't think it from first glance, but you guys are beyond funny. you make your good friends laugh all the time, and sometimes you didn't even do it on purpose. it comes naturally to you somehow. you're not as motivated as you let on, but you're always doing your best or trying as hard as you can manage. people envy this of you. most of you are pretty insecure, so you try to hide how you're feeling a lot.
  • Aquarius: not many people really get you. and most of the time, neither do you. all you know if you want to be as different as possible from everyone else so you can have a sense of self. people think it's weird, and you take that as a complement. you notice more things than you let on to everyone else. you have a hard time making connections with others, but when you do, you're sooooo loyal.
  • Pisces: you're all cute in some way. people really like your sense of humor, if you'll let them hear it. sometimes you're insecure to share your thoughts, but as great as your imagination is, you should never hold back. some of you have a way with words, and without meaning to, attract people to you. you're all really in touch with how you feel, and sometimes that makes others nervous of you.
Hey Team CFVY, what's it like when Coco goes on a shopping spree? (Asked by lanee-11-15-96)
  • Velvet: I actually kinda like it! Coco brings me out with her, i get to see her try on all these cute clothes, and she even gets me some! Although they aren't really my style, she likes it when i wear them for her though!
  • Coco, finger guns: You got it babe~
  • Yatsuhashi, rubs the back of his head: does put our lien in shambles. Coco spends too much sometimes.
  • Coco, taken aback: Whaaaat!?! I do not!
  • Fox, shaking his head and signs out: Yes you do. Our cash is almost always gone after your infamous shopping trips.
  • Yatsuhashi, trying to calm a boiling Coco: A-ah! But we enjoy very much your kindess Coco, it is just...sometimes too much.
  • Coco, shrugs, pouts a little: I suppose...
  • Velvet, gripping onto Coco, crying: Does this mean no more cute outfits!?!?

Since Kaede means “Maple”, and it’s fall, I thought I’d try to draw some colorful trees. And Kaede. 

But mostly this was an attempt at figuring out how to draw leaves (how???????)

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Say Luna, when you aren't rocking out or giving soulful advice to your sibs, what's usually on your weekend agenda?

Luna: this is gonna sound really sappy, my dude, but I spent like 80% of my free time playing and chillin with Lils! Truth be told mom and dad already have their hands full with 11 kids, bro! And we barley get any attention from the rents as it is (even though i know mom and dad are trying their way hardest) so I help them out by spending some quality time with the lil dudette. It’s the least I can do for mom and dad.


I LOVE spending time with my rockin Lilian! 

  • 4chan: oooh I hate those tumblr feminists they overreact to everything!!!
  • 4chan: oh someone on tumblr made a joke about posting "feminist" pictures on 4chan? let's try and make the site unusable for everyone even though the vast majority have never even heard of whatever we're talking about!
  • 4chan: what, they continued blogging while covering up our shit? THOSE MONSTERS LET'S TRY AND DESTROY THEIR LIVES
What if Gray confessed to Juvia
  • Gray: Hey, Juvia...
  • Juvia: What is it Gray-sama?~
  • Gray: I'm sorry for all the times I've hurt you.
  • Juvia: Gray-sama is so thoughtful! Gray-sama shouldn't worry, Juvia loves Gray-sama even when he scolds her.
  • Gray: Well, you see, the thing is we've been together for quite some time now, doing missions and fighting dark guilds, and even though I said I don't like you, I think I'm starting to actually like you...
  • Juvia: Gray-sama likes Juvia?!!!
  • Gray: Well yeah, I'm trying to say that...
  • Juvia: This is so sudden! Juvia is flustered.
  • Gray: Ehh?! This isn't the reaction I was expecting at all!
  • Juvia: What dress will Juvia wear to the wedding? How many kids does Gray-sama want? What would be their names? Juvia didn't think of any of that yet!
  • Gray: Aren't you getting worried a bit too early?
  • *Gray holds Juvia's hand*
  • Juvia: Gray-sama!
  • Gray: Lets take things a bit slower.
  • Juvia: Juvia is so happy!
  • Gray: I'm happy too. You can let go of my hand now..
  • Juvia: Never!
  • Gray: Not again...
  • Person: "Hey"
  • Person: "Hello"
  • Person: "Wanna come over and have some fun? ;)"
  • Person: "Wanna have sex??"
  • Person: "Don't be a douche, reply to my messages or tell me you aren't interested but don't leave me hanging"
  • Me: "Oh, alright, I'm not interested, good luck though"

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Headcannon: Chara has difficulty expressing emotion, and whenever they're around people they aren't super familiar with, they have to fake the "appropriate" response and they feel constantly terrified that someone will call them out for it. Sometimes they wonder if it means they're just a fundamentally broken person, but Frisk and Asriel (especially Asriel) try to assure Chara that it's all okay.

Chara prefers to not be around other people at all. Feelings are hard. They often say things that are offensive to some people without meaning to. They like pranks even though most pranks aren’t very nice.

Yes, Chara would send you the link to a screamer on april fools day because they think it’s really funny and they don’t understand why do people get so upset because of such a small joke.