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Killua hates assorted chocolate because all the different flavors usually suck but eats all the assorted boxes of chocolate Gone gives him. Not because he loves Gon but because "any chocolate given to me cannot, will not and SHALL not be wasted"

I can totally see this happening haha XD Killua would probably like ‘plain’ chocolate the best bc that’s the flavor he’s interested in, not the weird strawberry or orange filling in some of the assorted chocolate stuff. Like, if he wanted strawberries or oranges he would get some but when he wants chocolate he wants chocolate chocolate.

But like you said, Killua would never waste chocolate. No way. He would rather get sick from eating too much chocolate then to throw it away- not that he could get sick from doing that but you get the point.

…imagine Gon getting the assorted chocolate boxes on purpose just to see the weird faces Killua pulls whenever eating a bizarre flavor of chocolate like coconut or peach hahahaha XD

“But, Killua I thought you like allllll kinds of chocolate.”

“I do, okay! This is just…weird, though. Are you sure there wasn’t any plain chocolate in the hotel lobby? Like, not even a normal chocolate bar or something?”

*cue innocent blinking* “No, I don’t think so! But I figured you would still like chocolate anyway, so I got it. You don’t like it?”

“Well, yeah, of course I like it. Chocolate is chocolate, but- oh, c’mon!”

“What is it?”

“This one is ‘goat cheese flavored’! What the hell?! Who came up with this crap?!”

And then Gon falls over from laughing so hard XD

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Hey, Lottie. Sorry to bug you but earlier your blog was acting real weird. Like, it said you had no posts on mobile and when I tried to check via laptop, it had some weird authentication thing with a password

Yeah, I’ve had my blog on private for the last 24 hours, where you need a password to access it. Sorry. I didn’t want to delete but I wanted to keep people away from my blog. I’ve turned that off now and just settled for turning anonymous off. I was stupid and didn’t realise that it meant I couldn’t access my own chats either, but I’ve been offline for most of the day anyway. I got anonymous hate this morning and then had a panic attack this afternoon where my Mum told me to ‘stop being silly’ in the middle of it. I’m sorry if I worried you.

So, tumblr’s 10 years old today. instead of doin the usual routine and jokin about what an apocalyptic sci-fi hellscape it is and roast its management, I just wanna say; I appreciate this odd old place. I’ve had some great times here. some bad times, and some legitimately surreal times too. But I can sincerely say I don’t think I’d be the same person or met as many wonderful people if I’d never signed up for this weird, weird, weird, absolute nightmare of a blogging site. I… love you tumblr, somehow, and if I can’t say it today then I never will. Thanks tumbl. Please fix your site

they’re on a picnic date and lance is singing enrique’s hero or something cheesy like that 

~Legend says a Goddess watches over each clan. The Healing Goddess, Sakura, in charge of the Hatake clan was once disguised as the koi the Hatake clan has taken care of way back when Konoha was founded. Being the last of the Hatake, Sakura must take care of Kakashi in order to make sure his line continues [wink wonk]. But he has to prove himself worthy of her presence; else she becomes another clan’s Goddess.~

I also don’t know why a Goddess would hold a scalpel but I love the idea of her threatening people (Kakashi) with it when she’s pissed

I swear this fanfiction gives me so much life. 

Fic- I’ll Protect You link:

flashback to chapter 1! I love this story @lattemika, I hope you update soon!

@piierogi​ Realizing She Isn’t Making Any F***ing Sense Because She’s Been Awake So Long: A Verbal Memoir

“I just got a weird tickle in my throat. I think it was ghosts. I don’t like that Jasper can sense ghosts, they’re too–” [20 second pause] “What the f was I just talking about”

“I just had a daydream where you were being trolled by gamegrumps and there was a handpuppet nomming on your scalp and you’re like ‘why this’ “

“My wrist really itches, and my thumb, I wish it would stop. Have you considered this: stop. Just stop. #stopwristitch2k14 . Wait, no. Yes. Stop the itch two years ago.”

“Anywho here’s bupperball. Y’know, like, [to the final fantasy fanfare tune] BUP BUP BA BAA BUP BA BUP BUP BAAAAAA.”

wait what-

tbh i found this fascinating lol bcs a non-fan almost believed that theyre actually together, THUS PROVING that im not being delusional😂

BTS as things my friends have said

Namjoon: “Nothing happened. You didn’t see anything. I didn’t just drop my drink, and the lamp is not broken. Stop looking at me.”

Jungkook: “You should come to the gym with me some time! I go at 8 every morning… Why are you looking at me like that? What? Don’t most people?!”

Seokjin: “I’m making dinner, and no, I don’t need your help. Last time was a bit… Tell you what. How about you sit waaay over there and grate the cheese.”

Hoseok: “Those people just gave us a weird look but like?? What’s weird about skipping through six flags? The real question is why aren’t they skipping too?”

Taehyung: “You guys all know that I’m secretly a furry, right?”

Yoongi: “How about everyone else goes for a walk and leaves me alone to sleep on the couch.” *Is asleep in 0.2 seconds*

Jimin: “I’m not cute!! I’m SCARY! Fear me! … Can I have a cookie please?”

A/N Obviously this is just for fun. I’ve seen some of these floating around tumblr and I thought “my friends say all kinds of weird things” and decided to do one of my own (it took like 2 minutes but it was fun). <3

(Un)lucky Numbers

Humans are weird right? We have weird diets, we don’t know how to let the environment kill us, and we believe the oddest things. Like a day can be unlucky because of a number, or saying something makes it more likely to happen, or certain things bring bad luck. I just don’t see some of these things passing as we go into space.

Alien: Human friend, why have you locked yourself in your room?

Human: Because it’s Friday the 13th.

Alien: What does that have to do with anything?

Human: Bad luck, something always happens. I’m just going to sleep, see you tomorrow.

Alien: I… okay? *walks away perturbed and confused*

Alien: Human friend, have you made contact with your, ah, “Parents” recently?

Human: Shhhhh, don’t say it.

Alien: Say… what?

Human: Nothing, just… nothing.

Alien: … Do you mean, refer to your “pa-”


Alien: But… why?

Human: They’ll call and then I have to deal with them and explain why I ran away to another space ship.

*comm rings*

Human: I’M NOT HERE!

Vent art

I’m sorry if the imagery is disturbing…. I rarely publish things like these,ms paint kind of gave me chance to try turn the negative into actual (VERY)quick clean artform, to rely some message or emotion. Vent art is a great tool, it is personal and might be criptic, so people can find what they want in it, maybe bringing them some delight from their own pain? I don’t like to publish gore for the sake of it, nor spread sads, so whenever I do publish these for you to see - it’s only because I like how the art turned out and I want to share it with you. So hopefully I didn’t make anyone sad or worry, it’s simply artwork, part of me (maybe not that nice part but I’m also only human >.< ). So hope you can enjoy it without disgust or feeling bad from it or for me - no need to! I like this kind of aesthetic too! *EDIT* venting is great on paper! It works much better to release pressure.

Gifts (Reader x The Talon Crew)

A/N: whaddya mean i’ve been gone awhile lol


Originally posted by xmas-present

Christmas time at Talon was always weird. Somehow some of the holiday cheer would always creep into the headquarters. There might not have been decorations everywhere or trees put up, but there might have been some eggnog or one or two hats around. This year you decided to snag a few gifts for some of the agents you worked with. There was a weird camaraderie in Talon, not that people were friends, but maybe between some people you were. Begrudgingly.

“Ooh, you shouldn’t have.” Sombra purred as you handed her a gift. It wasn’t anything big, just a stylish black mug with heat-activated purple decals. It seemed to fit her aesthetic and she had been drinking a lot of caffeine or whatever was in her borrowed cups and mugs lately. She booped you on the nose with a small kiss as thanks.

Widowmaker was a little harder to shop for, but you managed to find a stylish dark lipstick that might have suited her tastes. The sniper crinkled her nose at the sight of the tiny wrapped gift, but you figured it was because she found it strange you had even thought of getting her a present. The woman gingerly unwrapped it and her gaze softened slightly at the cosmetic. “Merci.” Her thanks was curt, but soft and she pressed a quick kiss to your temple.

The hardest person to buy a gift for was also the hardest to track down in the base. Reaper didn’t exactly hover around to socialise during downtime and he seemed to isolate himself a little more during holiday seasons, so when you spotted his back disappear around a corner you quickly ran to catch up with him. “Reaper! Hold up.”

The wraith’s shoulders visibly sagged as you called his name, but he stopped and turned to face you. “What now?” He growled. Clearly Reaper wasn’t in the mood for any shenanigans. You weren’t a particularly bad agent to work with, but the holidays always had him on edge; more so than usual.

“Here.” You held out a small rectangular shaped present. It would have fit in Reaper’s palm and it was wrapped in plain brown paper rather than something bright and festive. “For you. Everyone else has got theirs.”

Reaper let out a low growl and waved a hand before starting to turn away. “Don’t want it.”

You rolled your eyes and dared to reach out and pull him back by the elbow. He might have lashed out at you, but before he could, you dropped his present into his hand and backed away. “Seriously? You’re a pain in the ass to buy a present for and to track down. I want that out of my room, so toss it if you really don’t want to, I don’t care.” You turned around and waved a hand. “Seeya later.”

Reaper clutched the present and considered crushing it, but something stayed his hand as he watched you disappear around the corner. No one really cared about his presence during the holiday period and he supposed he didn’t particularly care for the cheer, but sometimes he missed it. He missed being able to celebrate with friends and family. Reaper didn’t have friends and family.

Or so he thought.

The mercenary heaved a sigh and unwrapped your gift. It was a small black box and when he opened it he almost wanted to laugh. It was a gunmetal grey shotgun shell, clearly ornamental. Engraved in the sleek surface was ‘Reaper’. He picked the shell between his claws before tossing the box and paper in a nearby trash can.


In the weeks after you gave everyone their gifts, you were surprised to get a few back; honestly you didn’t expect any at all. Sombra had gifted you with a lovely pair of headphones and Widowmaker had surprised you with a fancy ring which she said she had no use for.

There was one gift which was left in your room with no note, but you had an inkling who might have left it for you. The box was plain, but nestled inside was a lovely black knitted scarf, soft and warm with a matching beanie. Embroidered at the end of the scarf and beanie was your call sign in simple script. “Hah~ Really?” You picked up the gifts and smirked, putting them on without a second thought.

When you marched to the mess hall and saw Reaper you twirled past him with flourish. “Thanks.”

The wraith scoffed at your silly antics. You did look nice in the scarf and beanie, though.

YOU GUYS I think I’ve put my finger on why I love the feel of the whole EU thing so much - basically it’s university gothic, except there’s a Why for all the weird stuff, and the why is fairies.

But there’s this, also -  a good fair story is just a step back and few angles off from horror, but it also leaves you feeling like maybe there’s more in the world. There’s wonder in it. And god the stories you guys keep submitting are doing such a phenomenal job of walking that line between the beautiful and the genuinely chilling. I am psyched beyond reason that this is kinda becoming a Thing. 

And - I’m gonna draw some weird-ass ungodly abomination fairies who are more or less known around campus if you’re any kind of Involved. who’s with me

(lastly - i have literally never been this swamped with asks in my upsettingly large number of years on this hell-site, and i’m doing my best to work through them all! but it’s gonna take a while, so if you don’t see yours yet don’t worry)

like, some people don’t know what it’s like to be ugly

like its the worst shit, knowing that no one may actually end up loving you because you’re too weird or you just don’t look appeasing. You wake up every morning wishing you would somehow magically become prettier and wish to be someone else entirely. Avoiding the mirror because you already know you look like shit.. like that’s so weird how some people don’t know how that feels

These are just some modern,kinda weird ways to do quick witchcraft and keep it hidden.

-enchant bandaids with positive energies(protection,confidence,peace) and keep them on you if you’re feeling sad,angry,etc. Visualize your emotions as a cut somewhere and put the bandaid over it to try and heal it.

-make your entire room your altar. you don’t have to have one specific place for tools if it’ll look suspicious.

-use hygiene magic such as different hairstyles,bath products,colored hair ties,scented perfumes,flavored toothpaste

-if you’re an artist,clean your brushes on your by painting sigils on your skin when you’re painting

-if your phone is being watched,or your parents are really strict/Christians,use👏your👏school👏library👏check out books on astrology,history of witchcraft,divination,dreams. Also use the computers to search up spells and copy them onto paper/your BoS

-keep tarot cards under your pillow or in the case. this is not only a good hiding spot but good bonding with them. they can also be moonlight charged if your bed is by a window.

-your BoS can be notes scribbled in a regular book,whether on small pieces of different paper or blank space. Careful not to lose the pieces or let anyone else read it!

-create bookmarks of correspondences or whatever you want to memorize and put them in the book you’re reading

-regularly go for walks. unless your parents/people you’re living with are super strict,this is an easy way to bond with nature. bring your pets along for the journey too! talk to the animals,plants and sun/moon/stars. they love you💞

-create a playlist for a spell and as you’re listening,dance or hum along to charge it.

-paint your nails with your intent! green= money,red= courage and so forth

-if your pet is your familiar,play with them and get to know them more

-if asked about sigils ,say it’s for a writing project and they’re a made up language.

Feel free to add on more!

We had Space Malls. Now I want Space Casinos.

  • Run by the former space pirates Coran warned us about and they’ll take you for every gak you have
  • They won’t let Pidge in because she’s underage and she’s pissed until one of the other paladins says no, she’s totally An Adult, humans just age weird, it’s all good
  • All different kinds of alien gambling games, nobody has any idea what they’re doing and when Coran and Allura try to explain it it just makes it worse
  • Somebody picks up surprisingly fast and does fairly decently though
  • Somebody else *cough*LANCE*cough* spends most of the time just hitting on the cocktail waitresses
  • They go to some of the shows. It’s really weird. Alien entertainment is weird.
  • Somebody manages to wander back into the high roller area. This ends about as well as one might expect
  • Somebody bets and loses all their funds, the Castle, the Lions, and the clothes off their backs. The most unlikely team member wins it all back. They do so by just straight up bullshitting their way through it and getting really REALLY lucky
  • Somebody gets drunk off their ass at all the free booze handed out
  • Somebody gets escorted out by security. Bonus: It’s the person causing the least conventional amount of trouble but they’re suspicious because of some entirely alien reason.
  • It’s got Space Mob connections and somehow they get in over their heads with that
  • BONUS: They drag Slav along because he can calculate the probability of winning on any of the machines or games. This works really well until security catches on and then it doesn’t.

A dream that you wish will come true ?

idk, i think it wasn’t obvious what i wanted to convey with the first one… so i made a .. ?? thing.