some of which i have no skills at

When you’re bored and try to doodle. Then you listen to music from Undertale then you think of the show svtfoe and fits with who, then you remember a hot headed character acting like another hot headed, also who are both very skilled with their powers, can be expressive when it comes to or opinions people they really cared about, theyre shipped with nerdy and insecure people (on which it depends on you e w e I’ll leave it to your opinion) they have lived or are in a specific element undyne=water tom=fire, they’re both hard balls heat (both have some anger issue) but both have soft sides

But then again Star is a rebellious warrior, but also Marco can be the knight and have his insecurities, and Jackie is considered the “cool” person, and Janna is also rebellious…YOU KNOW WHAT, THIS IS MY PARALLEL!!! SO SCREW WHAT OTHERS MAY THINK OF IT!?


Also these two fight for the people they REALLY care about and think they can be seen different. (THEY BOTH HAVE DETERMINATION AND DEDICATION!!!

*o*) (this is why they’re both my favorite characters XD). I don’t know what’s going on with my life, maybe I’m overworking myself or is it because I’m to stressed with college work…? or maybe I’m finally loosing my sanity and need to stop thinking so much of a show and a game that I really love…NAH :P

and I guess I’m over seeing this, but still I want to see this XD

Art by me

Tom the hot Demon belongs to Disney

Undyne the badass Fish belong to TobyFox

God bless you :3

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Okay guys, for writing/general reference, a bit about what a ‘blacksmith’ is and isn’t:

A blacksmith is a generalist, a person who uses tools and fire to work iron.  Some blacksmiths work more specifically, so you get, say, an architectural blacksmith, who focuses more or less exclusively on things like gates, rails, fences, or an artist blacksmith, who makes wacky sculptures or what have you.  These days, though, that’s a pretty blurry line.  ‘Blacksmith’ is a pretty damn broad term, but it’s nowhere near broad enough to cover everything encompassed in ‘metalworker’, which is how I often see it used.  There are a LOT of different skills for working metal, and no one knows them all.  Some other terms:

A farrier shoes horses.  They may make the shoes, or they may buy them and then size them, but they actually do the shoeing.  Unless the blacksmith is also a farrier, they don’t know shit about horses’ hooves and are not qualified to deal with them and probably don’t want to.

A blacksmith works IRON (or steel), usually almost exclusively.  They might work with bronze or do a bit of brazing, but those are really separate skillsets.  If you work, say, tin and/or pewter, you are in fact a whitesmith.  You could also be a silversmith or a coppersmith, and so on.

Knifemakers and swordsmiths have their own highly specialized and fairly complex specialties, and usually a blacksmith wouldn’t mess with that unless they want to pick up a new skillset or if they’re really the only game going for a long way around.  By the same token, a swordsmith might never have learned the more general blacksmithing skills.  They’re not the same thing is what I’m trying to say here.  Likewise armorers.  There’s overlap but it’s not the same thing.

If you make metal items via molds and casting, you work at a foundry and are a foundryman.

Look, when metalworkers and individual shops and masters were the height of industry, this shit got REALLY specific.  There were people who spent their whole lives making pins.  Just pins.  Foundries specialized and made only bells, only cannon, only cauldrons, etc.  This is scratching the surface, I just wanted to make the point that ‘blacksmith’ is not the same thing as ‘magical muscly person who knows how to do everything related to metal’.

PSA: Disabled people’s vulnerabilities are not here for your entertainment.

As an autistic person, I spend a lot of time with social skills. I’d like to start off with some social skills that you may have learned in childhood. I’m betting that these are fairly non-controversial statements:

  • Do not pull a cat’s tail. That’s mean.
  • Do not kick dogs.
  • Do not slam the door on your pet’s tail.
  • Do not blow a high-pitched dog whistle loudly into a dog’s ear.
  • Always treat animals with kindness.

Now I’m going to say another social skill, which is apparently less important to some people:

  • You should treat disabled people with kindness.

Along the way, sometimes it gets forgotten or ignored that people like me also have thoughts and feelings. And people will treat actual humans far, far worse than they would treat an animal.

Hurting people is always wrong. Even if something doesn’t hurt you, if someone says it is painful to them, you need to stop it.

In praxis, this means:

  • Do not grab an autistic person from behind to make them wail. That’s mean.
  • Do not try to trigger unreality in a psychotic person. That’s mean.
  • Do not tell your dog to jump on someone with zoophobia, do not throw fake spiders at someone with arachnophobia, and do not show a graphic injury to someone who is terrified of blood. That’s mean.
  • Do not slam doors or fire guns to make someone with PTSD jump. That’s mean.
  • Do not show triggering pictures to someone with a mental illness, without warning them first, to make them cry or “get over it already.” That’s mean.
  • Do not mimic someone’s ticcing or try to make them do it more for your entertainment. That’s mean.
  • Do not upset someone on purpose, whether they are obviously disabled, secretly disabled, or not disabled. That’s mean.
  • Do respect other people’s pain. If they say that hurts, believe them. Don’t do it more to watch their reaction.

Some might say that this is the Thought Police trying to control you. It’s not illegal to think that it is fun to hurt people. You won’t be carted off to jail for intentionally making someone cry.

But people won’t trust you, any more than I’d trust an adult who pulls cats’ tails for fun. Because it’s a sure sign that you aren’t a decent human being.

And to the people who don’t do this: if you see someone else doing it, please ask them to knock it off. Bullies might not listen to disabled people, because they might not care what disabled people say. But they may listen to someone else. Please don’t let them keep tormenting their victim.

Please consider sharing this with your friends, to remind them how important it is to stand up to bullying, no matter what it looks like.

Introducing Language Printables

My boyfriend and I are trying to save up so we can rent a new place and get married, so we have been working hard on a new project: Japanese Learning Printables, which we’re selling on Etsy. He’s a professional graphic designer and I have been teaching languages since 2003, so we decided to put our professional skills together and design some products that we hope Japanese learners will find useful.

Here’s a brief overview of what we’ve made so far:
Language Study Printables Pack 1

This bundle contains eight different printables in PDF format, both in A4 and letter size. Colour and black and white versions are included.

There are New Kanji blank sheets for you to practice kanji, with spaces for mnemonics, stroke order, on’yomi and kun’yomi, example sentences and more. Language Exchange sheets allow you to document new vocabulary and phrases, as well as cultural points as you participate in language exchange, meaning you get more out of your experience and can review afterwards. There’s also space for feedback for your partner and goal tracking. 

To increase productivity you can track your reading and study hours with these Reading Log and Study Log pages.

To keep track of new words or compounds you can use our New Vocabulary sheet, with space for readings, example sentences, so you can lean in context, and review tracking included.
Learning in real-life context is particularly difficult for self-studiers, so with this in mind we designed  this Grocery List printable, which you prepare at home, as you would a normal list, then take shopping so that you can use Japanese in context, even if you’re in a non-Japanese environment. 
Also included in the Language Study Printables Pack 1 are Anime Log and Drama Log trackers, where you can note down examples of words in context you encounter when watching Japanese TV, track where and when you heard them and monitor your reviews.

Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Journal Prompt Printables
There are three different levels available individually, or you can buy the bundle and get all three at a discount.  Again the printables come in PDF format, including both A4 and letter size versions.

Designed with self-studiers in mind, these packs cover basic to advanced Japanese, including topics on your interests, memories, goals, as well as your opinions on a variety of current events, cultural points and social issues.

Each pack contains 31 unique language prompts, one for every day of the month.

  • Beginners Journal Prompts should be good for self-studiers who are at around JLPT N5/N4 level, or who are working through Genki I and II. Topics include writing about your environment and interests, whilst giving you opportunities to use beginner level grammar and vocabulary. An English translation cheat sheet is included to help you if you get lost. 
  • Intermediate Journal Prompts would best suit those at about JLPT N3/N2, or working through a textbook like Tobira.  Topics include writing for different purposes, talking about culture, re-telling anecdotes and expressing your opinions. An English translation cheat sheet is included to help you if you get lost.
  • Advanced Journal Prompts are designed for those at N2/N1 JLPT level, or beyond. They are written by a native Japanese speaker and are designed to help you create independent texts on engaging and relevant topics, whilst using advanced language skills such as persuasion, criticism, and expressing nuanced opinions that often appears at this level.

We really hope that you will take a look at LanguagePrintables on Etsy and favourite our store. We put a lot of thought into making these as useful as possible, and so we would very much appreciate your support through buying or simply reblogging this post.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. If you have a request for a language learning printable you’d like to see on our store in the future, then please let us know!

11.3.16 Back studying now my new sketchbook finally arrived! Looking at old projects just seeing how much I have developed in skill right now. Also, I bought this vintage filofax and I think I’m going to use it next year! Currently reading Glass Sword, and listening to some Black Sabbath which is surprisingly good to work to! xxx emily

Okay so I keep seeing terrible PPTs at university -we have to make a lot of them-, which is why I made a PPT to give some advice on good PPTs! :)

Of course you can still do your PPTs however you want, these are just some tips. Hope this helps some of you, though! If you need help with a presentation, feel free to ask.

May you all have a happy and productice week ♡

In case you are wondering about whether you should watch A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix (because say, you are a fan of the books and you don’t want to get burned the way you did with the movie), I have only watched the first two episodes and can assure that this is quality shit:

  • It starts out with a dedication to Beatrice
  • Lemony Snicket is a character, narrating onscreen, which is good because a) in hindsight, how was that movie franchise planning on doing that when it became important? it’s much better to do it from the beginning and b) it means some of the best literary devices can be easily reproduced
  • There is a good amount of subtle references to future events and certain initials
  • They really doubled down on the whole mixed-up time period thing to hilarious effect, including a self-referential Netflix joke that I had to pause after because I was laughing so hard
  • Same with every single time Count Olaf says “theatre” or “actor” NPH is a great Count Olaf
  • He has a musical number and it is awful in the best way
  • The Beaudelaires are perfectly cast and also the perfect mixture of charmingly tragic and cleverly witty
  • Especially Sunny she is a GIFT
  • There is stuff that isn’t in the books, not in a “deviating from the plot” sense but in an “adding vital information about what was going on elsewhere that I am VERY FREAKING DANG EXCITED ABOUT” sense

In conclusion this is exactly what you would expect given that Daniel Handler played a major role in it, it’s everything I wanted it to be, please watch.


We have a restore from the show plot to a rep plot, and so far this season most of our restores to rep have had a number of difficulties, part of which includes technician skill levels (by which I mean some of the staff at the roadhouse and some of the overhires the PM has hired leave much to be desired.)

So we figured in addition to more thorough plots and instructions (and hand holding where necessary), we decided to try Lightwright 6′s new Label making software. After working with the Venue ME to figure out what information was needed on the labels, I got to work deciphering and understanding how to make these labels really work well. Some of the challenges are that LW6 allows conditional formatting, so the column on the left changes color to match the color of the paint on our instrument barrels (So all our 26s have pink paint, 50s yellow, 36s white, etc), the symbol changes to match the symbol on the plot, and the gels and gobos autopopulate accordingly.

The biggest obstacle is that LW6 has a very narrow list of images it can produce, and VW symbols or instrument symbols is not one of them.
To work around this, it does allow for the presenting of focus charts. So in the focus chart editor for each light I uploaded a picture of each instrument symbol. It means we can’t use that aspect of focus charts, but we’re not likely to, and if we do want to, we can just make a separate LW file.

The second biggest obstacle is that the column on the left is actually a stack of columns that are transparent in their default state, and change to a color based on what instrument the label is for.

Our goal is to make this as idiotproof as possible, so there’s going to be a 2″ by 4″ label to the left of where every rep unit lives that indicates all the vital information an electrician will need to make the light fully functional and ready to focus, and leave little room for mistakes.

But as Douglas Adams once aptly stated “ A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.

So we’ll see where we get with strike on Monday.

The RFA/V and Saeran: Love Letters

o boi


  • …Let’s be honest this guy is probably great at writing love letters
  • I mean he gets so many from all of his fans
  • He’s probably read so many that he just sort of
  • Gained incredible Love Letter Writing Skill via osmosis
  • What I wouldn’t give for that tbh
  • There are a few awkward situations where he remembers, after writing a sentence, he remembers that you don’t have “pearlescent locks of silver as bright as the moon”
  • …Sweetheart, that’s you again
  • “…Well I mean who can blame me”
  • …Anyways
  • At some point he looks over his work with pride
  • …But then he realized that basically the only thing he talked about was how you looked
  • Which was well written and definitely heartfelt, but you’re so much more than your body to him and the fact that this is the only thing he wrote about is upsetting to him
  • So he sets it aside for future reference
  • And gets to work again
  • …Unfortunately very few of his fans ever wrote about his personality, so he doesn’t have as much skill in that department
  • But you can tell when you actually end up reading the letter 
  • that this part about your kindness and generosity overflowing from your heart to warm the people around you
  • It definitely has a different style than the flowery, delicate language the rest of the letter has
  • It feels sort of…. warm, and touches you more than anything else in that letter
  • Yeah
  • That’s all Zen, none of the purple prose his fans like to send, and straight from the heart


  • Oh God please no
  • Okay so he’s always dreamed of having someone to send love letters to
  • And it’s Valentine’s Day
  • All the couples at his school are curled up on benches together
  • Exchanging their pink and red envelopes
  • Now is his chance
  • So he sits down to write one to you and
  • …I don’t know if any of you have ever actually written a love letter, but it is…. very hard
  • How do people do this
  • Fifteen minutes in
  • “Dear MC,
    I ”
  • No, that’s seriously it
  • He has so much he wants to put in the letter, don’t misunderstand, just
  • He’s a Veterinary Science major, not a Creative Writing major
  • He went to  Creative Writing club once and never again
  • (It’s okay bby I understand your pain)
  • He’s still at it when you get home
  • But he’s so focused on what one says in a love letter that he doesn’t hear you come in
  • You realize what he’s trying to do pretty quickly and sit on the other side of the room so that he has some privacy
  • He has his back turned to you so it’s pretty easy
  • “…Like… What would the layout of a love letter be? Is there a specific flow to this?”
  • “IDK hon, maybe you should look it up”
  • He falls out of the chair
  • He’s honestly so ashamed that he doesn’t know how to write you a love letter, tbh he feels sort of second rate, and he tells you so
  • “No- No, it’s more than okay, I don’t need love letters, I love you with or without them, besides, I can’t write love letters either(literally no one finds this easy, you’re lying if you say otherwise), and I know you don’t think I’m second rate”
  • He’s so relieved tbh
  • “Does… Does that mean I can stop?”
  • “Of course, just tell me what you like about me to my face if you really want to get that sentiment across, I promise it’s easier”
  • “…I really, really like your face.”
  • “…”
  • “…?”
  • “…I really like your face too. ^^’”


  • “Some of the best poetry I’ve ever seen is from Zen’s musicals-”
  • BABE
  • “So maybe if I go off of that-”
  • STOP
  • Okay but let’s be serious here, Jaehee is probably decent at love letters
  • She’s so serious all the time, it would bleed into her writing so
  • For one, it’s very obvious that everything is heartfelt, but…
  • …She reads over it, and it seems so robotic to her
  • Love letters are supposed to be poetic, and sweet, and while she means everything she said
  • It’s just so straightforward, she feels like there’s no romance
  • So she puts away her original letter in her drawer, and asks for help
  • Guess who she goes to
  • Guess
  • “Well, Jaehee, see, the problem here is that you have too many sharp edges here–you can read through some of my fan letters for idea, if you want! ;)”
  • Oh boy
  • here we go
  • It takes her a while, but eventually she finds a set of sweet things to put in the letter and goes from there
  • She brings it back, proud as can be, and sets it in the drawer next to hers
  • …And then, on Valentine’s day
  • She goes to give it to you and
  • She picks up the wrong envelope
  • She realizes her mistake when she sees you open it, and she realizes that this letter is considerably shorter than the other one
  • She sort of panics, and is about to stop you, and goes to grab the other one when
  • …She hears a sniffle
  • “Oh my God… Jaehee, this is the most heartfelt thing I’ve ever read… Thank you so much…”
  • ….What
  • She’s genuinely shocked
  • “But… But that’s the one I wrote without Zen’s help”
  • “Are you kidding me? You didn’t need  Zen’s help, this is incredible on its own. I love you so much.”
  • …The other letter finds its way into the trash where it belongs


  • Tbh the man probably writes you love letters on a near daily basis
  • Probably not like long, extensive love letters, just like
  • “Take care of yourself today. I’ll see you when I get home from work, my goddess” or something like that
  • Short and sweet
  • It kind of comes naturally I mean he grew up in a rich family that could afford expensive tutors I do not doubt that he took some kind of expensive creative writing classes
  • And probably hated it but
  • Considering how he talks about Elizabeth it obviously stuck
  • But when Valentine’s day comes up, he’s torn because
  • for one, he wants to get you everything because you’re worth it but
  • You don’t care for the material things, all you really want is for him to be there with you
  • And while he can definitely do that
  • C’mon, he has to get you something, that’s what couples do
  • He’s kind of at his wit’s end a week before Valentine’s Day
  • If he were to plan something big, now would be the time to start
  • Then he comes to the awkward conclusion of “Oh, Jaehee’s a woman, and what’s more, she’s a friend of MC, surely she’ll have some idea of what she might want”
  • Why would you ask this of her
  • But after watching so many of Zen’s more romantic musicals, she has a few ideas
  • “No, Assistant Kang, I’m not standing outside her window and serenading her–we live on the top floor, she wouldn’t be able to hear me even if I screamed, and I don’t intend on risking my life by standing on the windowsill.”
  • “…That’s fair”
  • Eventually, she suggests a love letter, and he loves the idea
  • Okay,  I lied, writing love letters is easy for one person
  • It’s just… written and done in about 15 minutes
  • He almost feels like it was way too easy
  • …Well, it wouldn’t hurt to have a calligrapher write it out to make it pretty
  • …In gold ink
  • …With rose petals pressed into the stationary
  • …and gilded
  • …Maybe it would be neat to press a few itsy bitsy diamonds into the paper to look like dewdrops? 
  • Jumin stop
  • Okay but seriously you’re both happy with this
  • You get something sentimental and heartfelt
  • And Jumin gets to spend a ton of money on you–but in an extremely subtle manner so you’re not all 
  • *cue Jumin’s mocky falsetto voice* “Jumin I don’t need you to buy me a ton of stuff mkay” “Yeah whatever dear it’s not like that’s how I express my affection or anything nope”
  • Jumin is definitely not bitter that you don’t want him to buy you the world
  • not
  • at
  • all
  • :)))


  • Ooh my God
  • We kind of saw this in the Valentine’s After Ending but
  • He probably doesn’t write a singular love letter
  • He probably writes several little notes and leaves them all over the house where he knows you’ll find them
  • What can he say
  • Go big or go home amirite
  • First and foremost: Soooooo much cheesiness
  • ur boi is gonna turn you lactose intolerant with the sheer amount of cheese that letter’s forcing on you 
  • Second: pUNS
  • You open up the silverware drawer
  • “All this silverware, and you’re still the best little spoon”
  • You go to get in the car and on the gear shift is a note
  • “I’ll never BRAKE your heart, valentine… lolol”
  • You go to open up the spice cupboard, and sitting on top of the cornstarch
  • “Daisies are white, and roses are thorny, and when I think of you, I get kind of…. you guessed it, corny, lololololol ;)”
  • Why
  • Make sure you have a wall to hit your head against nearby
  • You’re scared to look in your underwear drawer
  • Third: You do find a few that are…. very very serious actually
  • Like, you open your wallet to get out your credit card for an online purchase and
  • Out falls another note
  • “MC, in my darkest moments, you’ve been my light–you saved my life, turned it around, and changed me forever. I’ll never even consider forgetting about that. I want to spend every waking moment with you, reminding you how much you mean to me. Even if that means spending every breath I have in me professing my love, it still won’t be enough, my beautiful angel.″
  • …That’s probably the one that made you cry tbh
  • What? Crying? No, definitely not
  • You collect all of them and put them in a box to look at forever
  • You may or may not have used a few of those cheesy pick up lines on him from time to time
  • And he can’t even groan because he used them first


  • Okay so he my be blind but
  • he’s not completely blind
  • But he can only write for a little while before he needs to stop
  • as evidenced by his time in the chatrooms
  • So he starts months in advance
  • Like, it’s November and he decides it might be time to get that paper out so he can make sure there’s time to edit, make it pretty, etc.
  • …It’s probably a good thing that he does because this thing is less a letter
  • and more a novella
  • it’s just that
  • there’s so much he wants to say
  • At one point he finally breaks down and asks Jumin for help though when he realizes his handwriting is really only legible to him
  • And of course, Jumin has immaculate handwriting for whatever reason
  • …He’s not entirely comfortable transcribing the whole thing
  • Especially the more… ah…
  • Personal parts…
  • “…Do… Do you really need me to write this particular part about…”
  • “Yes.”
  • “…Are you sure?”
  • “Absolutely.”
  • “…All… Right…” *continues transcribing, face scarlet*
  • Poor Jumin
  • He can’t look at you the same way for a month and you have no idea why
  • When you finally read it, you’re almost knocked off your feet
  • That’s…. that is a lot of love
  • This is probably the most incredibly sentimental thing you’ve ever read
  • You’re probably in tears by the end
  • ….Although you do recognize Jumin’s handwriting
  • And
  • Considering some of the more explicit parts
  • …You now understand why he’s been uncomfortable around you
  • You… definitely understand
  • And truthfully while you feel bad for him
  • You are also just so incredibly happy that your Jihyun has someone in his life that’s willing to transcribe the more 
  • explicit 
  • parts of his love life in abstract detail onto paper for him
  • …Sorry, Jumin


  • What
  • “You… write letters to people to tell them you love them?”
  • “Isn’t…. Isn’t that supposed to be what talking to them is for?”
  • “I don’t… I don’t understand… I didn’t mean to make you feel like I don’t love you… Oh God, I do, I’m sorry I don’t say it as much as I could, I’ll try-”
  • NO
  • Let’s be honest he’s not going to write a love letter as a first resort
  • “Okay, they don’t want anything as a gift, They want to stay in, ah… I’m completely out of ideas.”
  • It’s Saeyoung that suggests it and
  • At first he laughs so hard
  • “Yeah……….. no”
  • But after crossing out every other option
  • “…………….Am I really going to…….”
  • The answer is yes, yes he is
  • He’s blushing furiously the entire time he’s writing it
  • It takes a few days to finish, because he keeps getting so flustered that he has to take breaks
  • Like, he’ll have to have a milk jug full of ice water he’s chugging it so fast
  • He hopes to God that you never walk in while he’s writing it
  • He’s so embarrassed the cutie omg
  • He never edits/proofreads it, he just shoves it in a drawer so that he’ll never have to look at it again
  • At least until he gives it to you
  • He’s still blushing and it’s the cutest thing
  • This is probably the best Valentine’s Day gift you could get
  • Not the letter, although that’s cute as hell and just as tsundere as your boyfriend
  • Just
  • Tomato face
  • OMG You’re so cute
  • If you had known this is all it would take to turn your boyfriend into a blushing mess you would have demanded one yourself ;)

AU MecaArm!Kylo in which Rey is the scavenger who mend broken things.

“He took advantage of my scars and injuries to turn me into a machine. So that I could be controlled, to do his biddings. So it’s all thanks to you! Your blows are the ones which hurt the most."  Kylo looked at Rey with enraged eyes. She stepped back.

"I only reacted to you. By instinct. I just knew what I could do, how I could do it. The movements. I just knew.” What Rey has been able to do is to drain from Kylo’s knowledge from his mind. Like a survival skill only awaken when in need.

“It’s true I could have killed you. Ended this for good. Something in me couldn’t commit. I don’t know the ways of the Jedi so it’s not just some moral codes that restrained me.” Now Kylo stood up at her and listened intently. What was it?

The fear. 


Sometimes getting angrier at your art means getting better.

For the past few months I had to work with water colours which I’m not very experienced in. Every singe illustration made me so angry…

… mostly because after every mistake I had a new idea on how I could have avoided that mistake. And while I learnt to avoid some of them, I kept making new mistakes that I hadn’t made before… and which I also only figured out after they were done.

But in the end, all those mistakes and ideas add up to some very nice new skills. Level up!!

So, be angry as much as you want. Just don’t stop drawing!

You can look at Tumblr or my Twitter likes and see some art that you guys have done, which I appreciate. There are many of you out there that are super talented and if any of you spend some time making art being inspired by anything I’ve done, I think that’s really good and nice and I appreciate it. So thank you. And if you’re like me and you have no artistic skill and the only thing you can do is offer sarcastic comments - I relate that and that’s okay. It’s a form of art that I value too.

@danisnotonfire during his live show on the 14th of February 2017

Quotes from Dan (32/?)

Shoutout to all lovely and talented artists and to all people, who make sarcastic comments. You all make this community a beautiful, funny and nice place to be.



as before, click through to see the dirtier jokes I chose not to use because I have Some Control but not enough to avoid sharing them entirely 

also as before, much thanks to @amarguerite  for some of the jokes, especially the Flautist thing! which would work better if I could draw a flute but OH WELL

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i couldn’t last long

the 1 thing about... Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

Platform: Wii U

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Like its extremely convoluted name, conceptually Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE (#FE) is not a game that should exist on many counts. 

Given the task of blending elements from the Fire Emblem series with the Shin Megami Tensei (SMT) series - the design team definitely had their work cut out for them to create anything that would fit together somewhat coherent, and was faced with a great degree of skepticism over dev time. And yet, after the dust has settled, I personally feel that the team at Atlus managed to do all that and then some, and created one of the most enjoyable (and probably understated) games of 2016.

Adding the weapon triangle to the Press Turn / weakness system of the SMT games was an ingenious fit, and building on that with the sessions mechanic - in which exploited-weaknesses can be followed up with attacks from other team members who have the right follow skills (e.g. Fire -> Blizzard) - the battles of the game actually ended up being really enjoyable and makes efficient use of having over 10 different weakness types that makes good design sense. 

However, more so than making a battle system that really works with elements from both series, the ONE thing about Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is despite how ludicrous the setting is… it actually works.

In typical tradition of being based on an impending-apocalypse Tokyo setting, #FE follows suit, but wraps it in a glossy, saccharine layer of J-pop, where saving the world is almost directly tied to guiding a group of aspiring idols through their road to stardom, with a page borrowed from the Persona series to account for the Fire Emblem characters thrown in for good measure - the whole premise is as ludicrous as it sounds!

However, what was really impressive was how committed the team was in running with this almost-impossible premise. Not wanting to half-ass it at all, the dev team actually consulted with a J-pop industry expert to really understand the inner workings of the industry to better base their scenarios on, and they managed to pull this off with a great degree of conviction. Collaborating with Avex Trax on just made it all the more authentic, as the soundtrack in the game is something that you could believably imagine being churned out of the J-pop factory.    

Growing up with a J-pop phase, I personally felt that the scenarios through the different chapters of #FE really felt authentic in depicting the rise of a group of aspiring idols which was easy to invest in. Couple this with some awesome character work featuring multi-dimensional characters, the characters development reaches just a notch below that of the excellent Persona series, which I think primarily comes down to just having lesser (sub)plot points per character than in Persona. 

The theme carries through in almost all aspects of presentation for the game as well, with examples such as menu headers being renamed “Casting” and “Wardrobe” for the typical Party or Equip options, actor calling cards to depict character stats, and full-on anime song-and-dance concert cutscenes (that would not be too out of place in the world of J-pop, really) - #FE game really commits to the setting.

And even when game often wanders close enough to the 4th-wall in its own realization of how ludicrous it all is, it perhaps manages to get away all over-the-top ad-lib attacks based on cooking shows and Music concerts and whatnot, without even batting an eyelid perhaps precisely because the suspension of disbelief is moved so far up the curve that the whole premise still plays by its own rules but leaves enough space to also realize more heartfelt moments and the character development without compromise.

In the end, for me, the biggest takeaway of what #FE shows is how far you can sell a premise - no matter how absurd it sounds - as long as you put enough heart and soul into it.

anonymous asked:

Do you have or know if there is a tutorial with the "best" of each type(archer, mage...)? I got curious

(Putting these two together because they’re similar)

Well, there are a ton of “tier lists” for the units in FE Heroes, which is basically fans listing which characters are the best. So if you want alternative opinions, I’d look some up!

Most of them tend to agree that Takumi(bow) and Hector(axe) are two of the BEST characters because of their skills that enable them to counter your attacks no matter what the distance is. Takumi also tends to have a higher speed than his enemies because of his “Vengeance” skill that lowers speed, letting him attack multiple times. His special attack also allows him to deal more damage as he takes more damage. And his class is neutral, making him have no attack penalties without his enemy having the “Bowbreaker” skill or a weapon that gives weapon advantage against colorless units. Hector automatically performs a double attack when he’s at high HP because of his weapon, Armads. He is one of the strongest tanks in the game with his excellent stats. Even though he’s an armored unit and can only move 1 space, his counter ability forces his enemies to trade damage with him no matter what. His special skill, “Pavise”, also allows him to half damage from adjacent foes.

Ryoma(sword) is also a great unit when he has Raijinto, because that also allows him to counter regardless of distance. He has high attack and deals even more damage below half HP because of his skill, ”Defiant Atk”. Lucina (sword) is also good because of her Falchion + “Aether” skill letting her heal herself. She also tends to have high attack and speed stats, allowing her to deal a TON of damage, and “Aether” boosts that significantly. Lyn (sword) has a skill called “Galeforce”, which allows her to do another action after initiating an attack and her Passive skill “Defiant Atk” grants a significant attack boost if her HP is below 50%.

Kagero (shuriken/dagger) is highly effective against the most common foe type, infantry units, because of her Poison Dagger+, which deals extra damage AND lowers their Res/Def after combat. Her “Warding Blow” makes her a good opponent for mages, boosting her Res. She also has the “Daggerbreaker” skill, which makes her great against other dagger users by giving her a follow-up attack.

Effie (lance) is also surprisingly very good due to her extremely high attack stat and her “Wary Fighter” skill, which prevents her from being attacked more than once by an enemy, preventing her from being one-shotted. Her “Smite” ability is also useful in positioning your allies by pushing them 2 spaces away and it can even push them over trees and mountains.

Elise (staff) is great to have because she’s able to move 3 spaces and also because of her “Live to Serve” passive skill, which lets her heal herself the same amount as the target was healed. Her stats are also really good, and her attack is pretty high for a healer, surprisingly.

Male!Robin (Blue Tome) has a wide coverage with his weapon, Blárraven, which grants him advantage not only over red units, but colorless as well. He has a high defense stat for a mage and decent speed stats, which is also boosted by 7 when he’s below 50% HP.

Leo (Red Tome) can do a double-attack when attacked when he has high HP due to his skill "Quick Riposte” and he reduces the movement of units he attacks to 1 with his special weapon, Brynhildr. His “Savage Blow” skill also allows him to deal 7 damage to all foes within 2 spaces after combat. He has very good movement due to being cavalry unit and his magic gives him quite a reach. “Blazing Light” also allows him to do a very powerful area of effect attack that does damage equal to 1.5x the amount of his attack minus the foe’s defense/resistance.

Cecila (Green Tome), being a mounted mage just like Leo, receives a wide reach of attack. Her weapon, Gronnraven,also gives her an advantage against colorless units as well as blue units. Her skill “Escape Route” also allows her to teleport to any ally on the map when her HP is below 50%. Merric (Green Tome) also has a weapon that widens his range of weapon effectiveness, Excalibur, which grants him an advantage over flying units and blue units. His special skill, “Growing Wind”, damages all foes in a wide area before combat by his attack minus their defense or resistance.

….aaaand that’s my opinion on the best units of each type of weapon in game! I didn’t include any dragons because there’s only 5 of them, and they don’t even have the same color types….(other than double red Tikis and then Female!Corrin and Nowi)

onthebanksoftheriverstupid  asked:

I want to thank you for all of the encouragement you give people who ask you about art. That being said, where have you found the bulk of your encouragement when you are doubting yourself or your skills?

it’s my pleasure!! young or beginner artists deserve to know that other artists have all been in the same place at some point or another.

and i had to think about this for a while, but i think i’ve always been encouraged by other artists indirectly. looking at it, i’ve always had a natural curiosity when looking at another’s work and thinking “how did they do that??” which made me look past my doubt and focus on something fresh

i also once followed an artist who had an awesome style, but they were asked “could you tell us what you learned in this [art college course]? i’m really interested in that” and they gave the response “no, and if you want to know, afford the tuition yourself. i’m not giving away this knowledge for free” and i found that to be………..MASSIVELY discouraging, and i promised myself i would never withhold the knowledge i’ve gained, if only in effort to help encourage artists to push forward themselves.

sometimes all it takes is hearing the words from the person whose work you enjoy to push you most 

Anonymous said:

Your art is pretty amazing! (I’m not an English speaker, so I hope it doesn’t make it not amazing or something^^“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“” I love your art very much!!

looks great!! i appreciate your efforts! thank you so much ♥♥♥♥


Pjaca’s Skills vs Palermo | 17.02.17 

Art Help: Figures

Because you asked, let’s talk about bodies now. I know some cartoonists like to just throw anatomy out the window altogether, which can be fun and creative, but I prefer to know what’s inside and behind the things I’m drawing, I like to know what constructs a body, including the human figure, so #1 advice would be to just do a lot of figure drawing when you can:

 It doesn’t even have to be 100% realistic all the time, just learn to do it properly. After a while, you’ll be able to whip up a body in whatever pose you want without references. I drew these two tutorial pages without checking references or anything, these are just blind doodles, which shows that practice and the knowledge of structure work wonders! (And that I probably should’ve checked out some muscle references afterall but ehh close enough.)

And now, onto how you can get creative with what you’ve learned.

As it is always, just the sheer shape of a character’s body can be an instant visual indicator of their personality. Use this wisely and strategically. Unconventionality can add to this too. (Toothpick arms on a round-bellied character can look quite comical. Or sometimes it’s just a nice change.) However, though that kind of stuff is a long way from realistic anatomy, I still prefer to always make up a core structure to a given character, however impossible their body may be biologically. This way you won’t have ill-proportioned characters, you won’t lose control over them, and you can pinpoint where their centre of gravity is, and so on. Learn to find the possibilities of breaking free from realism but limit this freedom so that your character still makes sense and doesn’t lose form like a melting pudding. Know how far they can bend, stretch, etc. This would be vital if you were to make the character move. Take this jumping sack, for example:

This was just some weight practice from a few of months ago, I only posted it on my other blog just because it wasn’t anything interesting, really. (Look at it go “woouummmpfh”. ^^) That’s why structure, joints and weights and centres of gravity matter. You can get creative and simplify bodies to whatever extent you feel like but I personally prefer to keep characters make sense - it’s a bit harder to make work but it pays off so much when they can be shaped more dynamically when the need arises!

That’s all, you can find tons of anatomy tutorials and references around the internet and, if you can’t get a chance to go to a firgure drawing class, I’d even suggest doing favours for your friends/family/boyfriends/girlfriends/mysterious neighbours in exchange for them posing for a couple of hours for you. (Or blackmail your crush into it and write in about how it went. Or, don’t take life advice from me and you’ll probably be fine…)

Hope this is helpful and, as always, have fun drawing!

I’ve kinda being saying this through all my posts about YOI Episode 3 today, but

Let me just gather my thoughts about Yuuri here. 

  1. Here’s a guy, with incredible skill, not confident in himself, and not hiding that behind any false bravado of any kind.
  2. The character, his interactions, and the plot all do nothing to hide the fact that he was depressed. 
  3. Not only is it not stigmatized, some of the other common effects of depression are presented quite realistically, which is a first.
  4. He has no shame (that most anime male characters are depicted to have) about being the “woman to seduce the playboy”. This is important because it implies something really crucial: being or behaving in “feminine” ways (as the show puts it) is NOT a bad thing, and does not “emasculate” men. It just is what it is. Everyone should do whatever they want.
  5. He says this matches up more with his own emotions, thus he is not afraid to reveal his feelings and does not consider this to be a weakness. Instead, he embraces it and turns it into a strength that wins him the contest. 
  6. Like, this kid is literally so badass through all this, and I haven’t even talked about the seductive look he gave Viktor yet. 

This is the kind of message current and future generations need and deserve to hear. In a single episode, this show has tried to dismantle so many norms society tries to push down people’s throats: about mental health, body image, gender roles and stereotypes, emotions, art, etc. 

I for one, am so glad this show exists.