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Keeping Yourself Protected

Ways to provide protection from spiritual and physical beings:

  • Make a witches bottle: They provide you with protection against curses, hexes, and spells sent your way as well as to protect your property and possessions.  
  • Salt circle: A salt circle provides the person inside with protection from negative entities and demons. Line your window sills and door way entrances with salt to create an impenetrable barrier.      
  • Iron: Repels evil.Three iron nails driven into a doorway or window sill will block negativity from entering your home. Note: Iron repels Fae!
  • Plants: Some plants have protective properties. 
  • Ask your deity for protection
  • Mint leaves in your shoes protects you from curses
  • Put pepper in protection sachets to protect against magickal attacks.
  • Burn bay leaves to reverse curses
  • Scrawl your home and clothes with protective sigils
  • Quartz Crystals: Provides protection.
  • Visualization
  • Paint your front porch blue to ward off ghosts:They fear water so this may confuse them.
  • Hang an upside down horse shoe above your door: to ward off evil spirits.
  • Hang wind chimes around your home: To scare off bad spirits
  • Nazar or evil eye: Protects your home from bad luck.   
  • Rowan: Two branches from rowan trees bound together with red thread in the shape of a cross. It provides protection when hung above doorways, according to celtic traditions.
  • Arrowheads: Placed above your door will help keep burglars and unwanted guests out.
  • Cinnamon Sticks: Tied over the door will protect your home.
  • Rosemary wreath: A wreath of rosemary bound with green thread can provide your home with protection. Add other plants that correspond with protection as well. 
  • Ivy: Grown up your house provides protection,
  • Mistletoe: Hung in the house protects it from thunder and lightning.
  • Acorn: According to Norse mythology, placing an acorn on the window sill protects the home from being struck by lightning. 
  • Pine branch: Where it for protection.
  • Create your own protection amulet
  • Place mirrors around your home to deflect the evil eye  


Stay safe and have a Happy New Year!

==Moonlight Academy==    

legends of tomorrow sentence starters ;

i’m no one’s lapdog. 
you’re a special kind of crazy, i like it. 
so why don’t i get to play bad guy? ‘
can i burn some stuff now? ‘
you screwed up pretty good. 
your plan sucks, you know that right? ‘
i’m coming with you. 
i already got a partner. 
you just knocked me out! ‘
this ain’t over. 
i guess i dodged a bullet. 
you think i wanna be like you? ‘
thinking like that is what makes you a criminal. 
i take it back ( name ), you’re not completely useless after all. 
as many lifetimes as it takes, i know you’re worth the wait. ‘
your conceptions of romance need some work. ‘
i’m grateful for another opportunity to kill you. 
please just save your strength. ‘
i didn’t give you much of a choice the first time. 
i say we kick ( name )’s ass. 
i pay attention. 
simple don’t mean easy. 
you’re not as thick as people say. 
thick — doesn’t that mean stupid? ‘
if you can’t kill your enemy, weaken him/her/them. ‘ 
you should have let me punch him/her/them. 
i thought i specifically said no weapons! 
i’m a monster.
i’m not exactly asking, ( name ).
is there anything you think about other than yourself?
can i shoot him?
you got a pair on you kid, i respect that.
so no shooting?
you can’t tell me you don’t wanna see what this baby can do. ‘
you sure have a lot of personal observations to make.
fine, don’t talk to me.
killing is never easy, especially for a good man.
killing doesn’t make you a monster.
history screwed me first.
that’s a very pointed observation.
don’t ever let anyone hurt you.
no matter what you always have to look out for yourself.
for a monster, you dance quite graceful. 
what the hell are parachute pants? ‘
i always wanted to be a spy. 
instead of dwelling on what’s wrong, let’s focus on the positive. 
are you quoting top gun? ‘
now you’re annoying in another language. 
i’m not a fan of feelings. 
you said i’d get to use my gun. 
i see we can add eavesdropping onto your criminal resume. 
oh, i love the cold. 
what a wuss. 
no, this is a dictatorship where you get to call all the shots & i get to take all the shots. 
when are you gonna learn that you are not my father. 
tried being the operative word. 
i think your problem is the opposite of mine. 
come on, are you scared? ‘
us criminals have a code; never leave one of your own behind

little pre war america things

okay, let’s face it - fallout 4 did a shit job of showing us exactly what pre war america was like. and a lot of people have come into this series on this game and seem to have gotten the wrong impression of 2077 (understandably!) so settle down, kiddos, i’m gonna give you some of the highlights of pre war america (and feel free to add to the list)

  • so mexico gets hit with some pretty bad earthquakes around 2044. the us starts selling mister handy units there to aid the country, then realizes ‘holy shit, there’s a lotta oil here and we’re running out!’ so they send in the fucking military and drain the country for all it’s worth
  • new plague starts to hit (guess who unleashed that?). people die in droves. quarantine areas are set up but do jack shit cause it keeps spreading and the only thing that stops it is the bomb
  • i mean in denver people burn down half the city when the plague hits because they’re so scared 
  • resource wars start in 2052, smaller countries go bankrupt left and right and the UN throws up it’s hands and says ‘fuck it we’re done’ 
  • there were constant riots, food shortages, bad fucking times
  • canada, along with mexico, gets occupied by the us military and sucked dry. 
  • (so nate, which part of that did you wanna talk about at the veteran’s hall?) 
  • gas prices were around  $7450.99 to $8500.99 so good luck driving anywhere ever
  • the government’s like, you know what would be good? if we put agents in popular media to push propaganda 
  • the country went full totalitarian near the end. 
  • the military would just fucking nab people off the street for dissenting 
  • chinese americans get rounded up and put in concentration camps
  • (nora what was that law degree for?? why did you need that? people weren’t given trials. nora??)
  • it was shit
  • bethesda why didn’t you show or mention any of this 
  • todd. todd answer me. why did you do this 

Centralia, Pennsylvania is the real-life version of Silent Hill. It’s population has dwindled since the devastating underground mine fire of 1962. Now only 10 people are classed as official residents of this dilapidated ghost town, and that might be because it’s so eerie… and dangerous- The roads are prone to collapsing due to the fire damage which makes it extremely difficult to live a normal life. The fire, which was most likely started by hot ashes irresponsibly thrown into the underground garbage heap, still burns today. The top picture shows a collapsed road with smoke billowing out, fresh from the fire. Nobody really has any definitive theories as to why the fire is still burning, and it’s unknown if it will ever go out. Some people believe it’s one of many portals to hell, while others believe it’s simple bad luck. Whatever the case, it sure is creepy.


Lin Manuel x Reader
Words: 1132
Request: could you maybe do a lin x reader, where reader plays eliza and performs burn the night after they found out their s/o cheated on them and actually cries on stage and lin comforts them bc he’s in love with the reader and hates to see them hurt and it’s really super fluffy,,, bc whenever i hear burn i start crying and i need some lin fluff

i’m sorry i’m so mopey i’m just sick of losing all my friends, especially the ones who i thought i meant something to. 
I’m staying up for a while tonight. I’m quite tired, but my friend really wants anthony to notice her letter so i’m staying up for her. i’m going to do quite a bit of writing to pass the time, because i haven’t posted in a while and i feel bad for not doing so. I’m going to get back to normal hopefully. I just have one more week of school and then i’ll have time to myself.

thankyou all for sticking with me even if i’m super whiny and boring. requests are open, take care of yourselves friends x


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Everyone seemed to sense that something was off when you walked into the Richard Rodgers. Your earphones fitted securely over your ears, cutting you off from the rest of the cast. Your usually vibrant eyes were puffy, and slightly red. The smile that usually appeared when you got to work was nowhere to be found. You tried your best to act normal, but it was hard. You felt terrible, alone and betrayed. You were hurt, and you had no one.

When you found out that your partner had cheated on you, the world around you collapsed. The light in your life was gone. You were living out of a suitcase on your friend’s couch, and the couch was as hard as stone. You hadn’t slept since you found out. You were running on coffee and the knowledge that you had a show to complete.

You flinched when you felt someone tap you on your shoulder. You slowly pulled off your headphones, turning. You smiled weakly at Lin, putting your bag down.

“Are you okay?” Lin asked. You nodded slowly.

“Yeah, things are just a bit rough at the moment. I’m fine, honestly,” You croaked, ignoring his concerned gaze. His eyes studied your movements carefully, he gently pulled you into a hug.

“Just remember, we’re a family. If there’s anything going on and we can help, let us know,” Lin said, rubbing your back. You shivered at his touch.

“I… I will. Thank you,” You whispered, pulling away from the hug. “Ready for tonight, Hamilton?”

“Of course, best of wives and best of women,” Lin said, smiling. “I’ll see you soon?”

“Yeah,” You replied quietly, picking up your bag again and heading into the dressing rooms.

The show that night was hard. In Helpless, you weren’t even half as lively as usual. You found it hard to feel something for Alexander as Eliza when you felt nothing. In That Would Be Enough, you were flat. You had dreams with your partner, you had planned to have children. You had planned for the future…

Say No To This ruined your night. You had to leave side stage and hide until the song was over. You couldn’t bare to watch. You knew Jasmine was an angel and would never cheat on anyone, but… it hurt. You saw your partner in them. You saw the betrayl. You saw the pain that you had been feeling. For the first time, you saw history through Eliza’s eyes.

You watched from the wings as The Reynolds Pamphlet slowly finished. You grabbed your lantern and paper, smiling weakly at Anthony who had just come offstage. He gave you a supportive smile, standing back and letting you enter the stage.

It was then that for the realisation hit again. There were so many reasons that your partner could’ve cheated, which one was it? You recalled the conversations in your head, the words of hatred towards you. The love that you thought you had shared…

The tears slowly started to slip out of your eyes as you sang. You felt vulnerable, sitting in the middle of a theatre filled with people. You were sharing your experience with them, but they had no idea. You took a deep breath, trying to snap out of it. The tears kept flowing down your cheeks.

“I hope that you burn,” You sang quietly at the end of the song, grabbing the lantern and exiting the stage.

You began to sob once your mic was turned off, trying to compose yourself. Renee and Jasmine came running, pulling you into a group hug.

“That was the best I’ve ever heard you sing that song. We all had goosebumps,” Renee whispered, wiping the mascara from under your eyes. “We need to fix your makeup before you go back on.”

You nodded slowly, clinging to Renee weakly. “I… I’m sorry. I should’ve told someone. I…”

“Told someone what?” Renee whispered, rubbing your back. Jasmine pulled away from the hug, running to get some powder.

“They… they cheated. I have nowhere to stay, I haven’t slept in so long…. I’m hurt,” You whispered. You jumped when you heard the shotgun sound effect at the end of Blow Us All Away.

“We need to talk about this after,” Renee whispered, grabbing the powder from Jasmine and quickly applying it over your tear tracks. “Right now, you need to go witness your son dying.”

You laughed quietly, looking down at your dress. Your eyes widened. “Crap!” You exclaimed, quickly stripping your dress off and stepping into the other one. “Zip me up quick quick quick.”

Jasmine zipped up the dress, pushing you onto the stage. You wrapped your arm around Anthony, letting out your remaining tears.

Once the show finished, you found that almost everyone was hugging you and offering you a place to stay. After removing your makeup and costume, you headed for the stage door, only to have Lin stop you.

“That was the best I’ve ever heard you sing (Y/N). That was incredible,” Lin said, opening the door for you. You smiled politely, stepping out into the streets of New York.

“I was just doing my best. Some of tonight wasn’t that great, I’ll be honest with you. But it’s moments like these when you realise how loving the theatre community really is. I don’t think I’ve ever received that many hugs in my life!” You stated, smiling at the thought of the massive group hug the cast had a few moments before.

“I love the theatre. I truly do. And I love everyone in it. Tell me, where are you staying at the moment? I know you were living with your partner…” Lin asked, shutting the stage door and walking along beside you.

“Friend’s couch. It’s not much, but it’s enough. I don’t have any other choice,” You said, shrugging.

“I think you have plenty of choices. You know, I have a friend with a bed that I’m sure he’d be willing to lend to you until you’re back on your feet. I bet he’d even take the couch instead of you,” Lin stated, avoiding your eyes. He looked at his feet, smiling.

“Your friend sounds amazing. Do I know them?” You asked.

“Well, yeah. You definitely do…” Lin started, trailing off. He hesitated, before adding, “It’s me! I’m the friend!”

You laughed quietly. “That would be incredible Lin. But only if you wanted to deal with my lack of sleep and happiness,” You said.

“Oh trust me, you don’t even know what a lack of sleep is yet. When I was writing the show…”

You continued to walk home with Lin, happily listening to his stories. The week that had started off roughly was ending well, and you sure couldn’t wait to sleep in a real bed again.

Littles and Caregivers on a Budget

As a little, theres also material things that we want, whether it’s a new stuffie or some diapers. For Mommies, Daddies, and Caregivers would love to be able to treat the little one, but lets face it, that stuff can get pretty expensive, espcially if you are in school.

*In deeper voice*


Here are some tips to help you save some mula

1) Diapers:

   There are some littles that are in to wearing diapers and we want to wear good brands that a comfortable and cute, like DC Amor or Bambino. Well those brands will start burning a whole in wallet. For a cheaper alernative, try Always Discreet Underwear. They are really comfortable, hold a good amount of liquid and is half the price of what the other brand are. Also the design of them aren’t too bad, so they’re pretty gender neutral. (Every thing a found came form amazon, so just click each brand for the link)

2) Stuffies 

    Yes stuffies. The kryptonite for littles. We love them to death, but some can start to make their way to the $30 range. To avoid that, go check out local dollar store. I have a family dollar near me and they are selling Webkins for like 2 dollars. Most of them might be small, but aye it’s something.

3) Reward/Chore Charts: ( More for the Caregivers)

   Being a student,you know that you have no time on your hand and can barely afford a pack of noodles. So how can I have are reward/chore for my little? Well, use an app! They tons of these apps! A really cute one that I like is ChoreMonster.

So I know this is not a lot, but this is just some of the things that I deal with. If you have anything you want to add, feel freet to do so. Or you can just message me and I’ll add it for you.

Hope this helped

Stay little my friends.

I Can’t Wait to Hear You Scream PT. 16

Summary: Negan warned you about teasing him, so he shows you that he’s still in charge.

Warnings: some tamed smut this time, but still smut. FUCKING cursing.


Negan led you into the small building where there were candles burning around the room to give off some light.
The store didn’t seem to be suffering too badly, there were a lot of canned goods on a couple shelves and from what you could see a decent amount of guns.
It seemed as if the group wasn’t suffering as bad as they wanted to make it seem, it looked as if they had been scavenging and stealing from others as well.

“Looks like they have plenty of supplies.” You said looking around the room at everything else they had.

You were beginning to think like one of the Saviors, you were looking around picking out - mentally - all the things that would be useful to take back.

Negan walked up behind you throwing his jacket onto a nearby chair and setting Lucille down carefully as he always did.
He would violently crack her over someone’s head, but would set her down with the utmost care of a newborn baby.
It made you shake your head in amusement everytime you saw it.
It was just one of several reasons why you liked Negan so much.

At this point you knew that your feelings were starting to get stronger, the word love sometimes crept into your mind and while you often tried to shun it away, you knew that living in denial wasn’t an option anymore.
You’d love to spill your heart out to Negan and tell him, but that was a scary thought.
Negan liked you, but you doubted that he felt stronger than about you.

“Yeah, I’ll fuckin’ have the men come in and get all this shit when we’re finished here, but that’s not the reason my fuckin’ dick is hard right now.” He said in a smooth tone as he grabbed your shoulder and spun you around.

He quickly bent down to grab you by your thighs, lifting you up and setting you onto a counter where a cash register had once been.
He kept his grip on your thighs and pulled you closer to him.

You wrapped your legs tightly around him as you could feel his erection rubbing into you again.
You bit your lip, looking up to him.
He kissed you roughly, grabbing the back of your hair again.
He pulled your head back and moved his mouth down to your neck, you could feel his warm breathe on you as he bit and sucked at the tender flesh of your neck and left marks.

He always wanted to leave marks so everyone would see who you belonged to. Everyone already knew you were Negan’s, but he wanted them to be reminded over and over.
But you definitely had no complaints, because you loved every single minute of it.

You reached over gripping at his shirt to pull it off, but he stopped you, “I don’t fuckin’ think so, darlin’. I told you I’m in fuckin’ charge.”

He reached up, unbutting your shirt, but soon became annoyed by how many buttons there were.

“Fuck this.” He growled as he ripped the shirt open.

You could hear think CLINK of the buttons as they fell to the floor.
He ripped your bra down fast and grabbed ahold of your breasts with his hands.
He worked his mouth down your chest until he got to them and ran his tongue over you, taking turns to licked at your nipples.
you clenched your legs tighter around him as he took a nipple into his mouth, nibbling at it.
A soft moan escaped your lips as you grabbed his hair.

“What the fuck did I just tell you, babydoll?” He growled seductively and stood up, undoing his belt.

You blinked and felt that burst of fear and excitement like you usually did when he took off his belt.
He pulled it quickly from his pant loops.
You started to get up and turn your backside to him, to assume the usual position when it was time for punishment.

“Don’t fuckin’ move. Stay there.” He ordered.

You did what you were told and didn’t move.
You sat there and looked up at him with a furrowed brow in confusion.
So far when he had taken his belt off that meant you were going to get spanked by him.

“Hold your fuckin’ arms out. Now.” He ordered again, as he licked his lips sexily.

You quickly stuck your arms out, not wanting to make him wait and he took his belt and wrapped it around your wrists, securing them tightly.
This was the first time you had ever been restrained by him.
It excited you even more.
He took your bound wrists and put them over his shoulders, so you were hanging onto his neck.

“Who’s in fuckin’ charge?” He asked as he looked into your eyes with a wicked smile.

You smirked a bit, “You are, Negan.”

“You are such a good fuckin’ girl sometimes.” He growled as he unbuttoned your pants and swiftly yanked them off.

You shivered as you could feel the cold counter on your bare backside, but you could still feel the heat raging in your core as you waited for him to have his way with you.
You craved it as you always did.
Negan quickly unbuttoned his own pants as he pulled out his throbbing cock.
You bit your lip anxiously waiting.
He rubbed himself on the outside of your wet folds.
you let out another soft moan as he began rubbing the head of his cock in circles around your clit.

“Fuck..” You moaned softly.

You could feel yourself dripping wet now as he continued teasing you with his cock.
Negan chuckled and took a free hand to grab onto one of your hips, and without warning, quickly shoved himself into you.
you gasped a bit, you were starting to think you’d never get used to his size.
But that was not at all a bad thing to you.
And apparently Negan thought the same.

“Goddamnit, fuck.. Darlin’, I can barely ever get my dick in this sweet ass pussy.” He smiled, biting his lip as he shoved himself deeper into you.

You let out a yelp and wrapped a leg around him again, he pulled out halfway and shoved himself back into you, and you moaned louder as you could feel your wetness now beginning to slick his thick cock.
He began to thrust into you hard as he then grabbed you by your throat.
your moans began growing louder and you didn’t give a shit if anyone outside heard either of you, he grinded himself into you hard and grunted at how tight you were.

“This pussy was fuckin’ made for me.” He growled and tightened his grip on your neck.

“It’s all yours.” You moaned back to him as you buried your head into his neck.

“You’re damn fucking right it is, babydoll.” Negan groaned back as he picked up the pace of his thrusts.

You moaned as you could feel the intensity of your oncoming orgasm beginning to build up.

You struggled against your restraints.
You wanted to run your hands all over him, but your wrists were secured and you knew there was no getting out until Negan released you.

He grunted as he thrust even harder into you, and you could feel his cock going as deep as it could.
Your walls began to tighten around him.
You moaned louder as you threw your head back.

Negan growled in pleasure as he watched you.
He took his hand from your throat to grab your hair and pull your head back to go at your neck again with his mouth.

He began sucking at the the sweet spot that drove you crazy, heightening the feeling of pleasure that was already coursing through you.

You began to get louder with your moans as a scream began to escape your lips.

Negan bit your neck hard one last time, leaving some teeth marks before he ran his tongue back up to your jawline and slipping it into your mouth, hungrily.

He pulled back with his eyes full of lust as they burned into yours, “Fuckin’ cum for me, darlin’.” He grunted heavily as he continued his pace.

You bit your lip hard, “Yes.. Daddy.” You moaned back to him.

You could see his trademark smirk spread across his face as he heard you call him daddy.
He let out a small chuckle as he rammed himself into you even harder, keeping up his perfect rhythm and you let out a scream this time.

“Goddamn, that’s what I fuckin’ love to hear.” He growled back as he watched you cry out in pleasure.

You balled your hands into fists as he continued, and you could feel your climax welling up inside you now.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum.” You whimpered as you dug your nails into his back, pulling him closer to you.

“Fuckin’ do it, babydoll.” He demanded, burying his cock deep inside you.
His face scrunched in pleasure as he moaned, “Oh fuck baby, please cum for me.”

That was it, that was enough to send you over the edge and as you gripped him tighter.

“Negan!” You cried out as you felt the bliss of your orgasm washing over you in waves as the intensity grew and you wrapped yourself tightly around him as you grinded onto his cock.

“Fuck, baby.” He grunted, gritting his teeth as he thrust into you once more and you could feel him cum inside you.

He let out another groan as he gripped your hair tightly.
He slowed his pace into you as you could feel him spilling out of your wetness now.
You both were dripping at this point.

You breathed heavily, trying to catch your breathe.
Negan smiled and pulled your head towards him.

“Goddamn, I can never fuckin’ get enough of this shit.” He breathed out and bit your lip.

“Trust me, I know the feeling.” You said back.

He chuckled and pulled himself out of you.
He buttoned his pants and you sat there and watched him, enjoying every move he made.
He removed your arms from his shoulders, and undid the belt that was restraining your wrists, it had made red indents in your skin from where it had been.

“I guess that’s use number two for the belt.” You chucked, rubbing the red marks on your wrists.

Negan licked his lips, “It’s not gonna be a fuckin’ problem, now is it, darlin’?”

You blinked and shook your head back at him with a smile.

You both gathered up your stuff and you hopped off the counter, slipping your pants back on.
This time Negan watched as you got dressed as he usually did, with Lucille now propped on his shoulder in her usual place. His eyes still filled with lust as he watched you.

You tried to rebutton your shirt as best you could, there were a few left, but you were gonna have to hold it closed.

“Uhh, I think this shirt is totalled.” You said, pulling it closed as you looked over to him.

“Fuck it. It was fuckin’ worth it, best fuckin’ quickie I’ve had in a long time.” He said, eyeing you up and down.
“But-” he said, setting Lucille down and slipping off his leather jacket, “I don’t want anyone else seeing that fine fuckin’ ass body, so here.” He said, holding out his jacket to you.

You smiled back to him and took it, slipping your arms into it.
You were more excited than you should have been about wearing his jacket, but you couldn’t help it.
It was a bit big for you, but was still perfect.
You could smell Negan’s intoxicating scent on it.

Negan put Lucille back onto his shoulder and smirked at you in it, “You look pretty hot, babydoll. But don’t fall too much in love with it. I do want it the fuck back.”

You nodded, “I know, I know.”

You both walked out of the store.
Some of the crew had already left to take some of the prisoners back, but Dwight, Simon and some of the others were still outside, waiting in the vehicles.

Negan walked up to the truck that Simon and Dwight were in and banged on the door hard.
Simon opened the passenger door.

“Yeah, boss?” He asked.

Negan pointed to the building with Lucille, “You and Dwight get in there and get the shit they have left. They have a lot of food and some guns. Get fuckin’ all of it.”

“Right on.” Simon said with a nod.

He and Dwight got out and disappeared inside the building.

You looked around to see all the bodies still laying on the ground.

“So, are we just gonna leave them there?” You asked, looking to Negan, then back to the bodies.

“Well, we’re not wasting time moving those dead fucks. I don’t plan on coming back to this fucker after they empty it.” He said, shifting his eyes to you.

You nodded and glanced back to them one more time.

“Let’s get the hell out of here.” He said, walking back over to the truck you had come in.

You followed as both of you got in and began to make your way back to the sanctuary.

You were still tired, so you laid your head back onto the seat and closed your eyes.

Negan looked over you, “Tired or something, darlin’?”

You opened your eyes back up and looked over to him with a nod, “Just a little.. You kinda wore me out back there.”

He bit his lip and chuckled, “I warned you, darlin’. And I thought you slept at the fuckin’ sanctuary earlier?”

You let out a breathe remembering the nightmare, “It wasn’t that great.”

“Why not?” He asked, cutting his eyes to you.

You shrugged and glanced to the floor.
You didn’t know whether to tell him about the nightmare or not, but you didn’t want him to see you as weak, so you decided against it.

“I don’t know.” You said in a dull tone.

He looked over to you as his mouth stretched into a thin line, “When are you gonna stop with that lying bullshit, darlin’? It’s way too goddamn easy for me to see through that fuckin’ shit and you fuckin’ sucks at it.”

“Look, it just wasn’t good.” You said, with a hint of an attitude in your voice.

He squinted his eyes at you as he caught on to it.

“Watch your tone, darlin’. I can still take my fuckin’ belt off, you know.” He said giving you a stern look.

You rolled your eyes at him.

He gritted his teeth and glared at you, “Are you about to be on the goddamn rag or something?”

“No.” You snapped back at him.

Negan slammed on the breaks as the truck fishtailed on the road before coming to a violent stop.
you both were jerked forward in your seats, but the seatbelts kept either of you from slamming into the dashboard.

He put the truck in park and grabbed you by the face, which was still some what bruised from the Amber situation.

“Darlin’, I don’t know what the fuck your goddamn problem is all of a sudden. But you need to get it fixed real fuckin’ quick.” He growled roughly at you, his eyes burning into yours.

Even you didn’t know why you had an attitude so suddenly.
You guessed it was for the fact that you were and exhausted and embarrassed about the nightmare and the fact that you now realized that you loved Negan and he probably didn’t feel the same.
You didn’t even know how to tell him that you loved him.
Nor did you feel like you could express your growing hatred for his other wives or any new wives that might eventually show up, because he would only tell you to get the fuck over it.
The thought of him being with another women, besides you, drove you crazy.
But to put it plainly, you were mainly scared.
You were scared of something happening to him because of everything going on and scared of going a day without him.
You had all of these emotions running around at once and it was coming out in this sudden attitude.
You were scared of losing him now, but you were also angry at the fact that he had you wrapped around his finger, so much so that you were willing to kill for him.
You huffed and averted your gaze from his as you thought about it.

He pulled your face closer to him, “Babydoll, throwing a goddamn tantrum ain’t gonna get you your fuckin’ way, take my fuckin’ word for that one.”

You bit the inside of your cheek and looked back to him, “I’m sorry.”

He gave a nod back and released your face from his grip.
He leaned back into his own seat and put the truck in drive again and you continued back to the sanctuary.

When you finally got back, it was a quick exit for you.
You got out of the truck and began walking up to the building.

Negan didn’t say anything else to you, he glanced towards you as you walked away and shook his head, letting you go so you could cool off.

You made your way up the stairs and walked down the hallway towards your room.
Your anger had subsided and now all you felt was a bit of annoyance.
It wasn’t easy adjusting to everything, so you didn’t feel that bad for getting angry.
You had almost made it to your room when a female voice called after you.

You turned around to see a tall, skinny, dirty blonde walking towards you.
You recognized her as one of the other wives.

Just great.

She walked up to you, but she didn’t have a look of anger on her face the way Amber used to have everytime she saw you.
But you definitely didn’t consider her a friend.

“Yeah?” You said back in a confused tone.

She looked to you in surprise.

“Is that Negan’s?” She asked, pointing to the jacket.

You looked down and realized you were still wearing it.

You rolled your eyes, “Yeah, it is. Can I help you.. Uh, fuck I don’t even remember your name.”

“Sherry.” She said blunty, with her mouth in a thin line.

You remembered her now, she used to be Dwight’s wife.

“Well, what do you want? It’s not the best time.” You said with some annoyance in your voice.

“I was wondering if you were going to spend the night with Negan… Again. Because I’d like to have some time.” She said, looking back to you.

“I kinda doubt it. But if you want me to be blunt, Sherry. He and I just fucked, so I’m pretty sure he’s good.” You said with a sneer.

Attitude or not, you’d be damned if you’d give him up to one of the other wives.

Sherry was taken aback by that and parted her lips as if to say something, but she didn’t.

“Need anything else?” You said, throwing a hand up.

She shook her head, “No. Do you know where he is?”

You gritted your teeth as bit and cleared your throat, “He’s downstairs somewhere.”

She nodded and walked away without another word.
you rolled your eyes again and you turned and opened the door to your room and walked inside.
You threw your gun down onto the desk in its usual resting spot and walked to the bathroom to take a shower, wondering what Negan would say to Sherry if she found him.
You hoped that he’d tell her to fuck off, but that wasn’t likely.

You turned the faucet to the shower on and let the water run so it could warm up as much as possible.
You walked over to the mirror that hung over sink, looking at your reflection.
Your face was beginning to heal up pretty well.

The black that was around your eye was now a light purple color mixed with yellow and wasn’t swollen anymore.
You slipped Negan’s jacket off your shoulders and laid it across the sink.
Since your shirt was already fucked, you ripped through the rest of the buttons, letting them fall to the floor.
You also let the shirt slip fall to the ground and looked at your stab wound in the mirror.
It was healing up nicely as well.
It didn’t hurt anymore, but the stitches were still in it, so at some point you knew you’d need to go see the doctor to have them removed.

You took in a deep breathe and slipped the rest of your clothes off and got into the luke warm shower.
You’d give anything to have an incredibly hot shower again, but it was one of those luxuries that were nonexistent now.
You let the water run over you as you got lost in your own thoughts.

When you were done, you pulled a towel off the rack beside the shower and wrapped it around yourself.
You grabbed Negan’s jacket and walked back out into the room, and threw it onto the bed and went over to the dresser to pull out some clothes.
You weren’t so tired anymore, and didn’t much feel like going to bed at the moment, especially after earlier.

You put on the fresh clothes and headed back downstairs, you weren’t even sure where you were going.
Half of you hoped to not see Negan for now and the other half desperatley wanted you to run into him.
You didn’t like making him displeased with you, but sometimes it was unavoidable when you were frustrated.
But you pushed the thought from your mind.

The place was pretty quiet, everyone had gotten their work done for the day and headed back to their own rooms.
You walked outside to see that Dwight and the others had finally gotten back, they were unloading more supplies that they had gotten from the group, you saw Arat carrying a box of guns.

You walked over to her, “Need any help?”

She looked back to as she was carrying them inside, “Sure, I could use some help getting these inventoried.”

You nodded and followed her inside to the rec room.
She sat the box on a table and pulled out a chair, you both sat down and she began laying some pistols out onto the table.

“This was another good find.” She said, looking over all the new weapons.

You could see her eyes light up as she looked over all the guns.

“Yeah, it’s a good thing we went into the store.” You said, pulling a pistol out of the box.

Arat chuckled as grabbed a notebook from the box and began writing something down, “Well, everyone knows you didn’t go in there looking for guns. You guys are pretty loud.”

You smirked and shook your head, “Yeah, in the moment and everything, you know.”

She nodded, “So, what was it like being in charge of the lineup?”

“It was intense. I mean, I don’t know. It was weird.” You said, biting your lip.

“You must not be used to this sort of thing.” She said, pulling the magazine off a gun to check for leftover rounds.

“No, I’m really not.” You shook your head.

“It’s survival of the fittest now. It gets easier, keep your loyalty to Negan and things will be fine.” She said bluntly.

“Trust me, I have loyalty.” You answered back, looking over to her.

She glanced back to you and shook her head, “Yeah, you have something for him alright.”

“What does that mean?” You asked as you picked up another gun and took out it’s magazine.

“It means that I’ve never seen any of the wives take out any of the others before.” She smiled, cutting her eyes to you.

“Well, Amber had it coming and Negan was gonna take out the two tonight regardless, and I’m loyal to him.” You protested.

Arat looked around the room to make sure no one was there and she leaned over to you and whispered, “Of course they had it coming to them. And you are loyal, there’s no doubt. But c'mon (Y/N), I’m a woman myself. I know what love looks like when I see it.”

Your eyes widened in surprise as she said the word ‘love’.

“How did you know?” You said nervously.

“I could see it everytime you looked at him.” She said, leaning back up.

“It just sucks that there are other wives, you know.” You sighed.

“Well, that’s just the cards you’re dealt with. Maybe you’ll get used to that too, with time.” She said back.

“You’re not gonna tell him are you?” You asked.

She chuckled, “Really, what am I gonna do? Be like, hey boss, what’s the word for today and by the way, one of your wives is in love with you?”

You smirked and nodded back and you both went back to work.
For the rest of the time it was mostly silence, with an exchange if words here and there as you both worked on getting the gun types written down.
After an hour you had finished with all of them.

Arat leaned back into the chair and cracked her knuckles, “Jesus, we have enough ammo and guns to supply an Army.”

“That’s not a bad thing.” You said leaning back in your chair too.

“Fuck no, it’s not.” She smiled and stood up, grabbing the box, “Well, let’s get these put up in storage. I’m calling it a night after this.”

“Sounds good to me.” You said back.

You followed her outside as she went around the building to a smaller one where all the weapons were kept.
When you got around a corner you could see Negan and Dwight as they were coming out of an adjacent building.
You could hear him speaking to Dwight.

“We’ll get some fuckin’ answers out of him tomorrow.” He said in a confident tone.

He was swinging Lucille in one had, and you could see his muscles flex everytime he moved them.
No matter how you felt, seeing him always mad you feel weak in your knees.
But it was odd seeing him walking around without his jacket.
You really had to give it back to him.

You an Arat approached them and you began getting nervous, you hadn’t spoke since your disagreement on the way back.
Negan saw the both of you and smirked meeting you halfway.

“The guns are inventoried.” Arat said, holding the box out to him.

Negan took the notebook that was laying on top of it and looked it over, propping Lucille onto his sholder.
The blood that was on her barbed end was now dried and brown.

He nodded as he looked it over, “Good. Get that shit put up.”

She nodded and headed back for the armory, you began to follow her, but Negan held out his arm to stop you from going any further.
Arat looked back to the both of you.

“I’m gonna be fuckin’ taking, (Y/N).” He said back in a firm tone.

She gave one last nod and left you alone with him. Dwight also disappeared back into the building he and Negan had just come out of.

You looked to the ground, not saying anything.
Negan then reached out and put a finger under your chin and lifted your head to make you look at him.

“Are you done with the fuckin’ attitude yet?” He asked, giving you a stern look.

“Yes.” You said in a calm tone.

He bit his lip and eyed you, “Good. It’s been a long fuckin’ day, and I’m not in the mood for it.”

“Sherry was looking for you.” You said, biting the inside of your cheek.

“Yeah, she found me. I told her I didn’t want her fuckin’ company right now.” He smirked.

“Why not?” You asked curiously.

He rolled his eyes, “Because darlin’, she’s not my fuckin’ favorite, and I assumed you’d be coming the fuck with me upstairs as soon as you stopped acting all pissy.”

You bit your lip to hold back a smirk, “Yeah, I will. She asked me where you were and I just told her that we fucked already, so..”

Negan chuckled and bit his lip, “That sounds pretty fuckin’ crude, babydoll.”

You pursed your lips and gazed up at him, “Yeah, I wonder where I get that from?”

“Fuck. I have no goddamn clue.” He smirked sexily at you.

You smiled and nodded back to him and you both headed back into the building to go upstairs.

His way of asking you back up to his room wasn’t the most romantic thing, but it was better than nothing and he had even turned down Sherry down.
You didn’t know if it was because you had already had sex with him earlier or if he genuinely wanted you with him, but either way you didn’t care.
For now you were gonna take this as a win.

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I saw a post earlier about Liam/Vax’s post-Syngorn line, “There’s no question how much it affected you when Percival made his offer in that room,“ and I mean obviously just on its own it’s fantastic, and Laura/Vex’s face made it even more so, but it got me thinking, and like

How is marriage-of-convenience fic not singlehandedly carrying the Perc’ahlia fandom economy??  I’ve come across quite a few AUs about Vex getting married off by her father, lots of Cinderella-esque meeting at balls and arranged marriages and the like, and that is all GREAT.  I am ABOUT THAT.  But I hunger for some good old-fashioned “we’re friends and we got married to get you out of a bad situation but now oops we’re falling in love and desperately pining over each other,” slow-burn, will-they-or-won’t-they-jk-we-all-know-they-will fics.

Like, I keep having these thoughts in my head that Vex’s impending political marriage was what drove the twins out of the city to begin with, because Vex was equal measures infuriated by and terrified of the prospect, and like hell was Vax going to just let it happen.  We’ll leave, he whispers to her one night.  Just fucking–leave.  You and me, right now.  What’s stopping us?  Nothing.  And so they do; they run fast and far and they never look back, avoid their mother’s home in case their father goes looking for them there (and maybe, just a little, because they haven’t quite forgiven her for giving them up yet).  Years later they meet their father again in Emon, and they’re there and gone again before he can get in more than a half-dozen cutting remarks about the position that Vex left him in, the professional embarrassment, the shame she brought upon him.  He’s an asshole, and they don’t expect any better by now.  They have a new family, and together they’re in the wind, far away from any old ties.

But then it’s been years more on top of that, and the threat of the Chroma Conclave hangs like a pall over the entire world.  Syngorn has an army, and frankly it seems like the lesser of two evils.  Only their father didn’t get to the position he holds by giving something for nothing, and an advantageous marriage still has its value.

And Percy still drops the title bomb, makes it clear that the proposed matches–each one making Vex’s face and Vax’s knuckles grow whiter by the moment–would not possibly be befitting someone of her station.  Their eyes meet for half a second, just long enough to communicate please let me help, and also if you could keep your brother from murdering me where I sit it would be very much appreciated, before he says that, respectfully, he would like to submit his name for consideration.

Please, please just imagine with me: a quick ceremony and then off on their quest as though nothing unusual has happened.  Traveling and adventuring together, and nothing has really changed, except for rather more sly remarks from Scanlan about ~the marriage bed~ and disappearing rooms in the mansion because hey, you two are married anyway right, and an increase in pointed comments from Vax.  The two of them slowly, slowly drifting closer together, starting to drop casual references to each other as their wife or husband without even really realizing they’re doing it.  And then just sort of looking up one day, feeling a long-familiar surge of warmth and fondness when they see each other, and realizing …

Oh, shit.

make a man go doot doot

this got so long I can’t believe myself why did I do this

also debating going through and deleting my old posts and redoing them or just let them die because I’m so unhappy with most of them but eh some of them have like 500+ notes and I don’t wanna burn that along with my bad writing you feel me

- the reason he’s so awful at driving is because he plays grand theft auto s o much

- it’s canon that he has a “ gray station ” ( play station ) so i mean boi why not

- so he tries to use of those dynamics when he’s driving and o h my god driving with him is hell

- he has gotten in car wrecks before and injured

- not too badly usually just cuts and bruises but he did break his arm once

- he didn’t know which hurt more, his arm or the fact his dad didn’t show up at the hospital when he heard his son was in a car accident

- he just told him that Jumin would brush it off and be back in the office in no time

- Jumin didn’t know how to react to that so ,, he kind just accepted that’s the way it’s supposed to be regardless of how he feels

- ok let’s get off of sad stuff my heart

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reasons I don’t fuck with the  voltron fandom
  • dirty laundry discourse 
  • the fact that ppl actually bullied the dl author so much that they lost their passion for writing (at least on ao3)
  • white ppl calling dl “racist” and speaking over the poc that are trying to say its not
  • the whitewashing in some art
  • the fact that people could watch this incredible show with realistically great characters and all they care about is shipping
  • ^^^ this applies to about 90% of all fandoms
  • anti shaladins being so e x t r a
  • antis misusing the term “pedophile” to justify themselves
  • its not actually pedophilia unless its shidge
  • shidge can burn in a fire btw
  • anti shaladins calling non antis “bad people” (yes ive seen this happen)
  • bullying and harassing shaladins for the sake of their argument
  • how they don’t stay in their lane like a lot of the shaladins do
  • the fact that some ppl cant acknowledge that in the end, its just pixels
  • I used to be an anti but the way y’all are made me severely reconsider
  • the fact that some antis are incapable of keeping their opinions to themselves
  • also I almost forgot anyone who draws hunk as skinny


  • that gut wrenching, disgusting fanfic (the preschool one)
  • shaladins, neutrals (like me), and antis: anyone who is okay with that fic needs to delete internet and reconsider their life choices

Gramander Cute Nerd/Bad Boy AU

Right so, thinking of who would fill the position of the cute nerd, I bet some of you think Newt would be perfect for the role. Well, he is. But seriously, please consider Percival Graves as the cute nerd. He’s smart, hard-working, sharp, fully dedicated to his role as the prefect of the wampus house. He’s a bit hardcore at times, a pain in the ass in others and a terror 24/7 but he’s a total sweetie on the inside. He checks on the kids who come from a bad home life, make sure nobody touches his ‘kittens’ and can be counted to boost morale when the wampus house is doing bad in inter-house competitions. 

He’s not particularly thrilled with having Newt Scamander transfer to Ilvermony after being expelled from Hogwarts but he does highly recommended by Albus Dumbledore so there’s that. Except, he’s been trouble since his first day. Bringing in stray creatures, breaking rules, causing magical accidents where thankfully nobody has been hurt. Newt Scamander is an adorable accidental bad boy. Graves is grateful not to have the boy sorted into his house, the boy being sorted into Thunderbird, but he’s a headache for prefects of any house.

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strange magic fandom, plz talk headcanons with me u_u??? here, ill go first:

i feel like marianne is bad at housework, as implied thru her inability to craft a boutennaire (spelling? idk) cooking shes especially bad at, she probably burns everything she tries to make

on the flipside, now that bog is done being Bitter and Evil, he takes up the domestic work in the relationship and is scarily good at it?? i imagine marianne coming home to him in a frilly pink apron baking a delicious pie or something?? maybe hes good at the domestic stuff cuz he was, at some point, ready to just Die Alone so he was like “ok, might as well learn this” and considering that he lives with his mom he probably learned quite a bit of it from her, maybe out of boredom or s/t

It is so cold in the D and frosty as this Gorilla Glue 313

Detroits’ long cabin bound winters have led to some extraordinary hybrids. Gorilla Glue has been the top of the top strains for a while; so this was bound to happen. The guys in the cut broke back and cropped up on that colorado seed, working with some mad science from the D and came up with a hybrid; that only colorados’ original stock could provide strong genetics for.

Fat Dense Buds, flavorful and dank. Sweet musky perfume like smoke fills the air as soon as you put it near fire. it burns like perfumed incense. 

The taste is easy to settle in to, because again it’s sweet pungent notes lend itself to a slow relaxing smoke.

There is nothing we can say bad about this strain except its extremely limited in availability. We trap hard and we shop harder so we have just a lil bit for those seeking the ultimate experience, from the Gorilla Glue genes. 

This hybrid is for connoisours - holla @thefourtwentytimes ya mama on the dashboard for only the finest; Shipped Daily - Fresh From The D

Deadpool 2.0

(A/N): God I suck at titles XD

Request: Hiya! Can you write a Nat x Fem! reader imagine where (Y/N) is Deadpool’s younger sister, who is a badass ninja assassin with a regenerative healing factor mutation and she’s also Nat’s girlfriend and Deadpool stops by at the Avengers Tower and finds out his sister is dating Nat?

Warnings: some swearing

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   Nat’s lips gently caressed over (Y/N)’s scars, the burn/ boil like things that covered their body from head to toe. It wasn’t as drastic as their brother’s, Wade Wilson, they had managed to retain some of their hair and some of their skin intact but it was still pretty bad. And just like their brother (Y/N) had the tendency to hide behind a mask, too scared to show themselves to the real word so whenever Nat even caught a glimpse of their skin you can bet your ass she was gonna cherish it, just like she was doing now. 

   Her lips had started at (Y/N)’s fingertips and were now slowly making a pathway up their neck, making sure to cover each little scar that (Y/N) had. 

   "You’re an idiot,“ Nat mutters, her fingers gliding over (Y/N)’s missing finger. 

   "I was just tryna make you some food…” (Y/N) mutters, pouting as they do. It was true (Y/N) had just been trying to make a nice meal for Nat when they accidentally chopped off their own finger, needless to say Nat was more than a little freaked when she walked into their apartment to see (Y/N) spurting blood from their finger. “Plus, it’ll heal up in a few,” 

   “You’re still an idiot,” Nat mutters once again, nuzzling her nose against (Y/N)’s once she was done kissing (Y/N)’s neck. “I really like you like this…”


   “No you idiot,” Nat chuckles, pressing a quick kiss to their lips, which were covered in the same burn like scars. “Without the suit and mask, just you…without any of that fake stuff,” (Y/N) bites their lip, casting their gaze down towards their lap. 

   “I hate myself like this…I’m so ugly,” 

   “Hey,” Nat quickly wraps her arms around them, pulling them even closer than they already were. “You’re not ugly, you’re beautiful,” She whispers, pressing kisses along (Y/N)’s scarred face. 

   “Nat, you don’t have to lie-” (Y/N) is suddenly cut short when Nat flips them over, pinning them to the couch below the two, smirking down at (Y/N) just a bit. (Y/N) squeals unexpectedly, laughing loudly when Nat huffed a bit of air out at the movement. 

   “I’m not lying, I am telling the truth, I think you are the most beautiful human being I’ve ever seen-” Nat gives them a small smile as she leans down, ghosting her lips along their collarbone. “So beautiful,” She murmurs, gently running her tongue along the bone causing (Y/N) to whimper and shift just a tiny bit. “My sweet beautiful baby-” 

   “Hey (Y/N), I brought that DVD you asked for-” Wade stops in his tracks as he walks in, his eyes glued to Nat and (Y/N). Nat immediately perks up, glaring at Wade just a bit, after all he did just totally interrupt their moment. (Y/N) however kept squirming, desperate to cover the blush that would be dusting their cheeks if it could. “Um…What’s going on?” Wade asks, his tone more than confused. 

   “U-Um Wade, this is Nat…my girlfriend,” Nat smirks at Wade, giving him a rather intimidating look. 

   “Oh um…congrats?” He chuckles awkwardly, scratching at the back of his head. Suddenly he seems to remember the DVD as he quickly sets it down before retreating back to the door. “So um, yeah, I just brought that over for you two and- oh god, I’m just gonna leave,” He whispers, turning around and closing the door behind him. (Y/N) groans in embarrassment but Nat pays the noise no mind, rather she directs her attention back to (Y/N), that damn smirk still on her face. 

   “Where were we?”  

I’m an horrible person, so here the YOI and Hamilton crossover filk no one asked for. Yeah, I’ll burn in hell. English isn’t my first language, so I more or less guessed the rhymes. Victor as Eliza and Yuuri as Hamilton. I got tired at the end. 

I was tired to be the type in the spot light

we were at a banquet with some skater on a hot night

laughing at Yurio as he muttered in the room

then you walk in and my heart went boom

Try to catch your eyes from the side of the ballroom

everybody chatting and the band’s top volume

Chat with the sponsors, as we wine and dine

Skip a heartbeat as you whisper “Please be mine”

A dance-battle is all we have to do

This may be the time of my life, bless you

Surely I am already in love, it’s true

and when you turn back at me smiling I feel


Look into your eyes

And the sky’s the limit



Down for the count

And I’m drownin’ in ‘em

Two months later I’m buying a plane ticket at nightly

I’ll make you win the Grand Prix final, just trust me

Then there’s Christophe and his idea to form an harem

“I’m just saying that if you really love me you would share him”


Six months later in the kiss and cry stressing

for the score now we can just guessing

I’m dying inside, ‘cuz you want to retire

and I’m trying not to cry

This world would be nothing without you

The judges now are ready, there’s no further ado

my record’s broken, you still have no clue

So I shake you hand and say “I knew”

And then you look back at me smiling


Look into your eyes

And the sky’s the limit



Down for the count

And I’m drownin’ in ‘em

This boy, this boy’ll be mine


I don’t have a gold medal to my name

you say you won’t kiss this

but I promise next time will be different

For now I’ve my honour

low tolerance for stress

some quads, high stamina

and my top notch steps

Insane, you brought out a different side of me

even if Yurio beated me

and Chris tried to take a bite of me

No stress, my love for you was never in doubt

You can skate and coach me at the same time

we’ll figure it out

I’ve loved your skating since I was a child

I tried your program and it inspired you

this year’s been wild

You never failed to surprise me, it’s real

as long as I’m alive I swear you’ll never feels so


Oh, look at those eyes and  the sky is the limit

I’m Helpless.

Down for the count and I’m drowing in them

Chorus: Next season you’ll be a new man (x3)

Valentines's Day

Draco Malfoy X Reader

(A/N: My first time posting an original fic on my own blog! Give me all your thoughts and feedback, good or bad! Y/N: Your Name Y/H: Your Hogwarts House) 

Warnings: None? (Valentine’s Day hate?)

Originally posted by nellaey

“So, have any plans for Valentine’s Day yet?” Your friend Ian asked you across the Y/H table. His eyebrows were raised in what some would think is a mocking way, but you knew he wasn’t being mean. He was just giving you a hard time, like he always did. 

“Oh pretty much the same as always,” you responded airily. “Burning stuffed bears and ranting about what an awful greeting card holiday Valentine’s Day is.” You saw Ian grin, but then your gaze drifted to a certain Platinum blond Slytherin boy who always seemed to catch your eye. 

Draco Malfoy was sitting at the end of the Slytherin table, looking deathly bored as Pansy Parkinson tittered on about something in her shrill voice. Ian’s eyes followed yours then rolled back to you, a smirk twisting his lips. 

“How about, instead of purposely isolating yourself on one of the most loving holidays of the year you ask someone out. Maybe a certain Slytherin with ‘enchanting grey eyes and a killer body’?” Ian recalled the way you described Draco when you got tipsy two months ago late night in the Y/H common room. It was the first time you told anyone about your infatuation with Draco, and Ian had kept pretty quiet about it until now. “Listen, Y/N, jokes aside you should really give it a shot with him.” 

“He’s not just another random though, he’s Draco Mal-” you began but were waved off by an exasperated Ian. 

“I know, I know. Draco Malfoy. Sole air of the Malfoy bloodline. Slytherin prince. Gag.” Ian made a vomiting face that made you giggle, a sound that echoed through the emptying Great Hall. Out of the corner of your eye you saw Draco Malfoy look your way, but you quickly turned back to Ian to avoid making it obvious you were looking at him. “He’s not really all that stuff, Y/N. He’s a normal person who probably enjoys letting all that go when he gets to. You should just approach him like he’s anybody else, because he is.” 

The Great Hall had mostly cleared out, only a handful of stragglers left at each table. You were surprised to see Draco still hanging around, he was usually extremely punctual but today he seemed to be waiting for something. 

You noticed Ian collecting his things to head off to Herbology, “Just think about it, okay? I’d hate to go to Madame Puddifoot’s with Katie alone.” Ian tossed you a conspiratorial wink, then strode out of the Great Hall. 

Sighing you collected your things and made to follow Ian toward the exit. You were looking around to see if Draco had departed yet when you nearly collided with someone lurking in the doorway. 

“Oh gosh, I’m so sorry. I-” you cut yourself when your eyes connected with the cool grey eyes you day dreamed about constantly. 

“Don’t be sorry, I was standing in your way, it’s my fault,” Draco looked at you in a soft way that wasn’t quite a smile but made your insides melt all the same. “Y/N, correct?” 

You suddenly forgot how to speak English, you were so flustered by Draco’d casual demeanor. So you just nodded, hoping you didn’t look as stupid as you felt.

“I’ve seen you around at the Qudditch matches, you enjoy playing?” Draco inquires, seeming genuinely interested.

You realized he was actually asking you a question and tried to compose yourself to form a coherent response, “Oh uh, no. I’m awful at playing, but I love watching Quidditch. It’s so high energy, and it really inspires house comradery.” 

Merlin’s beard. What the hell did you just say? If he didn’t think you were ridiculous before, he would now. You just hoped this would end soon so you wouldn’t say something completely awful. 

But Draco actually chuckled after considering your response, “Yeah, I suppose it does. So you don’t fly then?” He questioned and began to walk down the corridor. You assumed he meant you to follow so you kept pace with him, captivated by his striking side portfolio. 

“Ah, yeah I do fly. I may not have any talent on the pitch, but flying is still the most invigorating feeling ever. Just you and a broom in the air, the wind pushing against you, the breathtaking views, it makes me feel alive. I know that probably sounded a little cheesy,” you shifted your gaze sheepishly to the ground. 

You were embarrassed about going on so openly about your passion for flying, but you suddenly felt a light pressure on your arm. You looked up quickly and saw Draco trying to catch your eye. The two of you stopped in the middle of an empty corridor. The emotion on Draco’s face was so open and raw, you were stunned. 

“I don’t think it’s cheesy at all,” he started. “I know exactly what you mean, when you’re up in the air it’s a feeling like no other. Like anything is possible.” 

Suddenly the stoic, confident Draco Malfoy you were used to dropped away, revealing someone more real, more vulnerable. 

“I know this is going to seem sudden, but would you like to fly a few laps around the pitch with me sometime?” Draco looked at you with a face full of expectation. Your breath caught in your throat as the weight of his words registered, and you realized that the Draco Malfoy had asked you out on a date. 

Unsure of what else to say, you squeaked out: “When were you thinking?” 

The corners of Draco’s mouth tilted up. “Tuesday? If that works for you.” He was grinning in earnest, his eyes wide and almost sparkling you thought. 

“Valentine’s Day? You want to fly brooms on Valentine’s Day instead of going to Madame Puddifoots?” You questioned Draco, but scolded yourself for sounding like you were turning him down. 

“Roses, tea, and candy hearts? Not really my thing but if you prefer-” 

“No!” You nearly shouted. “Um, no. I’d much rather have a lap around the pitch than have a half naked baby throw dead rose petals in my food.” 

Draco chuckled and began to walk away. “It’s a date then, see you Tuesday, Y/N.” 

You were in utter disbelief at what had happened, but before you could be too swept away, something occurred to you. 

“Draco, wait,” Draco turned, mild concern painting his face. “I don’t have my broom,” you informed him. You expected him to be frustrated, but instead he broke into another genuine grin. 

 “Don’t worry,” he said. “There’s plenty of room for the both of us on mine.” He grinned mischievously and continued to walk away, while you stood there stunned at the morning you had had.

You know what I decided I was just going to leave the snapchats alone unless/until it became clear what’s going on but I need to say this anyway. I can maybe accept that Jane never got the memo that mind control is bad period, no matter who you’re using it on. Her upbringing was a little skewed. Maybe Crockerpop is a little fucked up himself. Or maybe Jane’s gotten really blase about doing bad things in the last few years, who knows! But considering how epically she got burned before, I am skeptical about her routinely wearing [the receiving end of] a mind control device as a fashion accessory, what the hell.

That’s just… that’s beyond incautious, that’s beyond reckless. So not only have we seen Jane do something morally reprehensible, we see she has been unnecessarily flirting with disaster for some time. What the hell.

dating advice from Yurio
  • Victor: Yurio, do you think Yuri would like it if I carpeted the room in rose petals for our date?
  • Yurio: he would like it more if you covered the walls with posters of you
  • Victor: what about candles? should i put them around the tables?
  • Yurio: he'd probably trip and burn his face off so bad idea
  • Victor: a bottle of champagne then. i have dozens of them from fans. oh and i should probably practice some pickup lines
  • Yurio: unless you want the date to end with a nude dance on the street. lay off the cheese, will you?
  • Victor: should i jump him then? he seemed to like that a lot the last-