some of these blogs i havent talked to and wish i was brave enough to :o

To celebrate reaching 7000 Followers Thought I would make A post with some of the many great blogs I follow! I’m so happy how far my blog has come, I have had this blog since 2011, But it wasn’t even a pokemon blog? Well just a reblog anything blog. Only since 2013 I started making content. Reciveing Great feedback encouraged me to make content daily. Just want to give a Shout out to some great blog’s :3*Bold text is my favourite* but you guys are all awesome though c:

pokemon-global-academy it-started-to-rain xerneas-the-fairy kantotrainerkasumi thepokepage west-sea-gastrodon alwaysalightinthedarkness latiox shinycaterpie  zwampert modestaudino scolipede kate-hylians-posts  fruit-of-the-breloom sableye-and-a-chill-delibird cutexlovexchibi moon-ball pokemon-tumblr-version reuniclus pokescans solos1s pokemonscrap isodelphox pokemon-photography toasty-coconut meteor-falls larvitarr

alternative-pokemon-art delphoxxy  unfesant pokemonpalooza charmeleons pelipper vivyllon cheekrub de-dennes eevee-ray aoroen kittastica neogohann blaze-chime sylveon-princess sakunyu sammurott mudkip pipulp pokepositivityproject pokemoncap pokemon-millennium ap-pokemon tysplosion ash-fuckingketchum bubblejetpokemon nintooner  flaming-moltres yellowfur joltoen littleroot-town mega-gardevoir iwamfhmartiboxmitty manaphy silverlucario sketch-wolf tatsu14

All of you guys blog’s are awesome! and keep up the great work ^.^